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1d [Guide] Level 100 Enhancement Shaman Patch 7.0.3 Hello fellow Shamans. Here is a little guide on some informations a picked up around to bring them out to the general public. The reason was the amount of Topic against the class in general. But let me tell you this Enhanced Shamans are fine not bad class to go with, not the most op neither. But as battlemages i feel versatility enough to have fun in pvp with this class. So let me guide you through those talent choice u should pick above others to make it definitely worth pvp'ing with. This is mainly for prepatch and lvl 100. Talents Tier 15: -Windsong: instant. Free. 45 sec CD. +35% attack speed/20 sec -Hot hand: Passive. Chance for Lava lash to be free of cost and 100% dmg boost. -Boulderfist:Replace Rockbiter. Instant. 4.69sec Recharge. +5% crit, +5%dmg/hit for 10 sec. 22.338 Nature damage per hit. Conclusion: The best talent choice for pvp is Boulderfist. Without gear adding secondary stats your best way to obtain them through legion will be through talents and gives a descent % in crits and dmg. Windsong looks good too if u really want to focus on a heavier burst instead. Hot hand i don't really see usage as I consider Lava Lash as a Maelstrom dumping spell something equivalent to a Heroic Strike of the warrior if you still remember it. Tier 30: -Rainfall: instant. 10 sec CD. Area of effect that heals for 8.990 up to 6 allies for 10 sec. Stormstrike and Lava lash extend the duration by 3 sec to a maximum of 30 sec. -Feral Lunge: instant. 30 sec CD. Lunge Lunge ... FREAKING CHAAAAARG... Lunge. Ok we get it. 11.985 dmg. U chaa.. Lunge towards a target. -Wind Rush Totem: instant. 2 min CD. totem with 10 yard radius that gives a 5 sec speed boost of 60% to all allies. Conclusion: I think it's an obvious choice to make in this tier and u all go for that freaking gap closer and kite tool that feral lunge is. We can all already fall in love with that spell as shamans. Even though it's only 30 sec. It's manageable as we have an active sprint that can follows on it. Wind Rush Totem can be cool in arena's against teams that will train your healer and Rainfall i find it hard to use as u need to kite again like back in BC. Tier 45: -Lightning Surge Totem: instant. 45 sec CD. after 2 sec stun for 5 sec all enemies in 10 yard radius. -Earthgrab Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 20 sec. every 2 sec roots all target in 10 yard radius. 2nd pulse give 50% speed reduction for 5 sec on targets rooted before. -Voodoo Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 10 sec. Hexes all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Conclusion: Very nice talents in this tier. One stun, one root, one hex. I would definitely pick Earthgrap the most i love roots and speed reductions as a shaman on my target so a very strong pick but we can agree that situational in some arena's Voodoo totem or Lightning Surge Totem also viable. Tier 60: -Lightning Shield: instant. 60 min buff. 5.361 damage mg when u deal or take melee damage. -Ancestral Swiftness: passive. +10% haste -Hailstrom: passive. Each of your weapon attacks also deal 2.885 frost damage. Conclusion: Like said at start, any boost in stats are welcome and specially haste so Ancestra Switness is the best talent out of those. The two others are fine but don't compete with the haste buff. Tier 75: -Tempest: Passive. Stormbringer now affects the next two Stormstrike. -Overcharge: Passive. +1500% dmg on Lightning Bolt and add a 7 sec CD on it. -Empowered Stormlash: Passive. 1 additional target and deals 35% additional damage. Conclusion: I would pick Overcharge over Tempest and ES. Although Tempest is ok, Overcharge is a massive boost to the damage of Lightning bolt that cost 60 maelstrom anyways. And becomes your best direct damaging spell with it. Tier 90: -Crashing Storm: Passive. Crash Lightning adds extra Aoe on ground that deals 7.512 Nature damage over 6 sec -Fury of the Air: Instant. 5 Maelstrom + 5/1 sec. Vortex of wind surrounding u and has 8y radius. 2.680 damage every 1 second to all enemies and slow them for 30% for 3 sec. -Sundering: Instant. 60 Maelstrom. 59.927 Physical damage and side knock them for 1 sec. Conclusion: Fury of the Air is a good tool doesn't cost much on Maelstrom can be a long snare of 30% as long as u keep them inside the vortex the 3 sec stays it only count down once they escape it. Is a good way to keep targets close deal aoe dmg every second. But Sundering is to me equally good to Fury of the Air. Having a spell that deals massive damage again for 60 Maelstrom which is not cheap though. But the side knock can be used to have like a 1 sec blanket stun that works wonderful against sticky rogues or even make casters reset their cast with it is very promising. I find both these worth in different situations. Not a rogue or lock in BG that are a pain? go Fury of the Air i would say. If they are present go for Sundering. In arenas both are viable tools. Tier 100: -Ascendance: Instant. 3min CD. 15 sed duration. Generates 10 Maelstrom/1 sec. Auto attacks and Stormstrike bypass armor and has a 30y range. -Landslide: Passive. +8% agility buff for 10 sec when u hit with Boulderfist. -Earthen Spike: Instant. 30 Maelstrom. 20 sec CD. Spike the target dealing 47941 physical damage and increase Nature dmg u deal by 10% for 10 sec. Conclusion: I really like Landslide a passive that gives descent agility boost that can stay constant on you as long as u hit things with Boulderfist. Ascendance looks good but long CD of 3min and Landslide already wins on damage output in that time by a large amount if u can apply those buffs and keep them going on. If u go Sundering no need for another expensive Maelstrom spender. Spell rotation and Burst: Basic Rotation: Open with Feral Lunge if u picked talent. Then go as follow -Boulderfist > Flametongue > Boulderfist -Frostbrand or Purge -If proc Stormstrike at that point use it otherwise use Lightning bolt. -Use Lava Lash only as Maelstrom dumping Boulderfist should be up with almost 2 stacks again. Repeat Burst Rotation: Always be above 60 Maelstrom, have your buffs from Boulderfist and Flametongue up. Use all your offensive CD's and have a proc of Stormstrike. Then do as follow - Stormstrike on proc > Stormstrike > Lightning Bolt.Deadrowz7 1d
19 Aug Elemental Shaman PVP Help and Questions Answering all your elemental pvp questions! 3100 R1 S15, Gladiator S13 (2635) and S14 (2413) Ele. Helping all eles out there that need help in PVP, please leave questions and anything below. Youtube: 19 Aug
7h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Warlords of Draenor Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounge: Therapy Lounge for Healers 7h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
5m The Dream of the Elemental Shaman in PvP I) The main problem Hey! The last few days i've tested the elemental shaman in beta, especially in PvP and he's really fun to play unless you get focused by a enemie. I like the idea/concept behind the new elemental shaman but please show us elemental shamans love because the main problem is the missing mobility and the defensive cooldowns, especially Astral Shift. We have no chance to fight against melees. Astral Shift is too short for a 1.5 minute cooldown and it's not even usable while stunned. I am not a Rank 1 Gladiator, but I think almost all of you elemental shamans are complaining the missing mobility and defensive cd's. So I wish that Blizzard will give us buffs like these: -------------------------------------------------------------------- II) My Suggestion ... ... ... ... ... Changes are underlined. -------------------------------------------------------------------- III) So what can I do now? To support the "Dream of the Elemental Shaman" just like this thread and send Blizzard a suggestion with your opinion of the elemental shaman in pvp. (Ingame > Game Menu > Help > Submit suggestion) If we work together as a community then I am sure that blizzard will hear us! -------------------------------------------------------------------- IV) External Links I've found one interesting YouTube video showing the problems of the elemental shaman: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Länxi - DefiasBrotherhoodLänxi20 5m
47m Enhancement Legion Legendary items are useless. Hello my fellow Enhancement shamans! (and people from other classes/specs) I had a question for you, don't you feel that the all new Legion legendary system screws enha shamans once again? I mean look at the item list of all the Legendary items, most classes have at least ONE spec specific item that is at least useful(or in some cases bordering overpowered) but the enha shamans once again got screwed over.... Look at the items we got! The only useful one "Eye of the Twisting Nether" is not even a Spec exclusive... the rest are either aoe oriented only and thus 100% useless in a single target fight. "Akainu's resolve" demands of you change your fourth tier talent to frostbrand in order get the most our of it(unless you wish to waste maelstrom on a non-dps ability) and the "spiritual journey" is just plain useless....I mean you have to be in Ghost wolf form in order to increase the cd recharge of the Feral'll need to waste tons of dps just to get a cd recharged a tad faster...(and no the Legendary are inactive in PvP instances so you can't reason it would be useful there) So is it just me? or do you people think that once again Enha shamans took the short end of the stick in the Legendary department? (This part is just rant you may skip it) I say so because an alliance enhancement shaman NEVER had a class specific Legendary ever(I mean in the Pre-Oprah way of giving legendaries so everyone can feel warm and fuzzy inside)...heck even in Cataclysm a rich in shaman lore expansion Blizzard decided to give us the finger and give yet another Legendary to the Rogues of all classes....(Rand ends here)Mórmegil4 47m
1h Enhancement mobility issues in PvP The biggest issue with enhancement in PvP is inability to stick to targets which is caused by horrible design of Feral Lunge and Frostbrand. Feral Lunge suffers from the same issue Shadowstep did when it was first added - it's completely useless against moving targets. It doesn't put you in melee range if the target is moving. This is especially noticeable against fast moving targets like sprinting rogues for example. The problem with Frostbrand is that the initial hit from it doesn't slow and it really should. There's a reason why warrior Charge roots and why rogue Shadowstep increases movement speed after it's used. Besides, rogues have low GCD and Hamstring doesn't cause GCD at all. Feral Lunge is on GCD. Frostbrand is on GCD and it requires you to auto-attack to apply a slow. Frostbrand also costs maelstrom which requires either auto-attacking (can't do if you're not in melee range) or Rockbiter/Boulderfist which is another GCD. This is a pretty big issue for enhancement's PvP viability and it won't go away at 110 or with honor talents. It's pretty easy to fix too, make Frostbrand's initial hit apply the slow as well and give something (root, slow, speed boost etc.) to Feral Lunge to allow it to do its job. Removing Frostbrand, Feral Lunge or even Ghost Wolf from the GCD wouldn't hurt either.Sammara5 1h
1h Enhancement shaman rotation guide 7.0 Yo guys, made a short guide for new players to get in shape fast as enhancers :) It's for 7.0, basic dps rotation, single target, aoe, etc. Here is the link: 1h
2h Ele shaman PvP So, I just logged in and did some ele shaman BG's. What's going on? The very SAME problems that have been around are back with a vengeace. I understand that pre-patch is not a time to whine about anything since there's scaling and pvp talents etc. so this whine of mine might be in vain, but for what i've examined the talents comparing them to the !@#$-real problems that I have while playing PvP: they do nothing. - Thunderstorm cd way too long. - No earthbind totem and frost shock eating all the maelstrom when trying to kite. - Why is flame shock eating maelstrom? Piling up maelstrom is difficult enough as it is (when you get targeted). Couldn't it be just zero maelstrom cast with a fixed 18 seconds or something? - Gust of wind. Yeah, sure it's fun and all, but as a goblin veteran I spit on it having the same repulsive problem as rocket jump: if you get stunned mid-air, you drop down. Atleast let it carry us to the end landing stunned or something. - Healing stream totem. Oh come on. I can't even heal myself to full without running out of mana. And hard-casting a heal is stupid anyways since it locks me down COMPLETELY and unlike feral druid I have no way to make the heal instant. Healing stream background heal is needed more than ever before. - Why do druids get 2 x -50% damage shield with 2 min CD when we get the WORST talent ever - used by no one - from the first tier? (Plus they have bear form and blink which can't be interrupted with a stun.) The biggest problem of shaman is still being under stun, so why on earth you gave us this sheit-skill and not Shamanistic rage? I log on to my fire mage and right away I feel that the gameplay is smooth and I have lots of tools for every single situation. What's the (sorry for the language) FVCKING PROBLEM devs? Why can't these problems be addressed finally? Why do I wan't to crush my keyboard everytime I play solo ele PvP? I can't do %^-*. Yeah, I'm not that good of a player, my best arena rating has been around 1600 and I have sheitloads to learn, but still when I'm playing other classes I don't feel as helpless like a little child. If there's hope at level 110 please tell me about it. I'm so furiated and frustrated to see that my main is suffering the same fixable sheitproblems that just don't go away. Forums have been yelling about these same things year after a year. I can't help thinking that the devs don't actually play PvP in any form of it, because even READING ABOUT THE NEW TALENTS MADE ME WONDER THAT "OH GOSH THAT'S GONNA SUCK IN PVP" (like the whole core system of building up maelstrom with skills that are already hard as hell to cast against melee.) Ok, sorry about my bad english and bad language. I'm too drunk and too fvcking tired to go through the same neverending sheit that is thrown at my face expansion after expansion. I won't main ele this expansion for PvP. That's for sure. I'd like to stay faithful to my class but after all these years i'm just so fvcking tired. I can just log on to my mage and enjoy PvP to the max. Wish it'd be the other way around for once. PLEASE DEVS. GO AND PLAY ELE PVP SOLO. NOT WITH A HEALER FRIEND OR GROUP. JUST SOLO. DO IT FOR LIKE FEW DAYS AND COME BACK AT THE FORUMS AND SAY IT'S WORKING AS INTENDED.Snotsy1 2h
2h Addon to track Maelstrom power? I'm not finding any GOOD addons that allow me to very easily see my Maelstrom amount. Tips?Flamefury2 2h
6h Rate the shaman transmog above you part 3 Since last post reached its limit i'm oppening up a new one :) Izilar: Really nice mog it reminds me of the old enhancement shammys with 2 hands hammers and the rest of the mog fits with it. 8/10Tuhmka47 6h
7h Ele Shaman Strengths and Weaknesses ?! Hi i wanted to play ele Shaman but i saw this in icy venis guide and i changed my mind, are these points are true ? Strengths 1-Good single target burst 2-Efficient cleave and AoE 3-Flexible toolkit 4-Good raid utility Weaknesses 1-Deals with movement poorly 2-Significant damage ramp up in most situations 3-Low overall damage output on most fights 4-Scales poorlyTshela10 7h
8h Healing Rain is so tedious Why is Healing Rain so tedious. Could Blizzard not have made it more interesting? You just keep a 100% uptime, drop underneath tanks and melee on cooldown and you're done. You don't think about when to use it or why you have to use it, you just do because its efficient healing and it does most of the hard work for you. The same goes for Healing Stream Totem. Honestly, these 2 should be merged. Dropping a Healing Rain Totem on the targeted location, blankets the surrounding Area in a Healing Rain. 2 charges, 30sec recharge, 15sec duration. Just like current Healing Stream. Makes you think about when to use it effectively. I don't know how other people feel about it, though. It just feels like the same monotonous process everytime i press Healing Rain and Healing Stream, something very counter intuitive to the concept of healing.Mojus1 8h
8h Ele Macros? Howdy my fellow mail wearers o/ Seeing as I will shortly be rerolling an ele shaman I was wondering if there's any helpful macros out there? Well, outside the ones on Icy-veins of course.Aldru0 8h
10h Enh Warrior, sorry Shaman, better at 110? Hi, I've played Enh Shaman through last 3 expansions, mostly raiding but with some pvp, and I've really enjoyed the class as it's had so much to do compared to lots of other classes. Now at lvl 100 with Legion changes it seems really dull in comparison and I'm not happy with fury (sorry maelstrom) resource - if I wanted to play a warrior I'd roll one ;p I'm trying to decide what toon to level to 110 first and was wondering if Enh is any better at 110 than it is at 100 (haven't had time to play beta, so no experience at 110 there). ThanksNailbomb0 10h
10h So how does this work? Hi there, First time posting about a gameplay issue, few points to note, play enha shaman in cata mop and wod, so I've the ups and downs. I'm mainly a pvp player and I dont know how to respond to the current of pvp. Over the last few days i've been pvping and noticing that my dmg is laughable and survivability is quite low once astral shift is gone i'm basically dead unless I wana sacrifice maelstrom to insta heal myself but then my dmg resource will run out and then mana runs out... I was 1v1ing a warlock (me 100% him 60%hp) in SoTA and I popped wolves used a couple cooldowns but that didnt really do much, and this is taking int he warlock shield factor. for about 6 seconds I was spamming lava lash and the damage shocked me and is making me think about rerolling to another class. Is this being addressed at all or has anything published for me to read? I'm fairly new to the forums so not sure where to go or what to read cheers. Also please forgive me if this seems rude but I'm not sure what to do as I like the play style and was prepping for legion but then realise my class isn't effective.Champyonjr4 10h
13h Ancestral Focus in PvP bugged or not? Hi, Ancestral Focus is an Aura that elemental shaman take from summoned elemental (with talent Primal Elementalist) it gives you immunity to interrupt or silence for 15 sec. Prolem is that it doesnt work in PvP env. Do you know guys its bugged or it shouldn't work in BGs and Arenas? thanksDevok0 13h
20h 2x Resto Shamans, good or bad? Hi guys, I'm note sure if I should be posting this here on or the PvE forums, but here goes nothing. In a 10man raiding enviroment is having 2x Restro shamans a good thing? Both our healers have decided that they want to roll Resto Shaman for Legion, rather than Holy Priest and Resto Druid. I woud rather have the diversity of two different classes, but is there any problems to having 2x Resto Shaman? From what I've read Resto is in a good place at the moment, whats your opinion? Thanks!Halbrecht1 20h
22h i'm very mad atm Hello every one , im mad atm cus only monk and dh can transmog fist weapons i thing there are alot of cool fist weapons but no point to colect them if your play shaman warr rogue cus whit the new artifact weapon you will never transog them i thing blizzard need to fix that cus shaman's will use mace (doomhammer) and lest say near futher i wanna transmog it to the bladefist and gues what i can't i thing blizzard need to change that so we can use fist weapons transmog cus this is stupid!!!Devilname3 22h
22h Resto dungeon healing Will resto shaman be stronger at healing 5 mans in legion? Atm im struggling to heal mythics as a resto shaman, even though i have the right talents and good gear. I know shamans are suposed to be experts at raid healing, but I wanna enjoy doing 5 mans. It doesnt help that tanks/dps rush and treat mythics heroics and expect u to keep em up no matter how bad they are. Hope it Will be easier to cover the groups mistakes in legion as a resto shaman.Kcdnighthalk5 22h
1d Grounding talent resto only Grounding totem pvp talent is resto only. Meaning the dps shammies elemental and enhancement dont have it anymore. The dps shammies should have it as well tbh. It is a much needed ability. Its so identical and core to shamans being an anti cc class. Tremor gone. Root/snare removal totems gone. You cant take grounding from 2 of the 3 specs on top. As an anti cc class, shaman need to keep grounding for all specs at least through pvp talents to keep that anti cc flavor. What is your view on this? EDIT: Please support the pvp section thread version too. With additional explanation in there.Yashzhyl2 1d
1d RShamans viable in PvP? I am in doubts in rerolling to a RShaman as I really like the game style and the animations, but my doubts are as I know most of the time are no viable in PvP, I haven't found much information about it, also I will be doing Pve but I seen They always good for raid healing So my question is. Will They be viable for Rbgs, or Arenas? Thanks a lot in advanceWarkyria3 1d
1d Heroism sound Is there an addon that could change visually and the sound of heroism to the horde version of it? I intend to play enhancement for legion and i rather not hear heroism all the time :p. Before you say , make a horde shaman I allready have 1 :pSubterra2 1d
1d Enha shaman pvp is too weak Hello guys, I'm not really here for blaming or crying, I'm just here for telling the truth as it is. I played shaman healer for a long time, always wanted to be enha but why I should play the second weakest class ever(first is retri xD)? Shaman enha has these problems: Damage - is too much RNG, If i proc I oneshot people, if I don't I'm like a training dummy. Healing- is not really the top since you have to sacrifice damage AND mana with the maelstrom insta heal. For that in legion there will be the wolf talent and I think it will be a good thing even if rogues heals more then us,hybrids. CC's-We have the right amount of cc's and I'm finally happy about that. Defensive- the problem is...defensively we suck so hard------> Our only defensive (it sucks compared to other defensives in game) CAN'T be activated in cc's, like people would burst you when you are not in stun .-. I heard that in legion we will have the counterstrike totem to help us with this but even that isn't activable in cc's.......... Please blizzard make this spec good, I love it so much I feel very sad and frustrated playing it in the current state. I think the most important stuff to fix is : 1-If i heal with maelstrom I don't have to use mana 2-good defensives. at least 1 good activable while in cc's. Feel free to tell me what you think about this, no flame please. PS: sorry if my english is bad, I'm Italian.Xhentoras2 1d
1d Elemental Shaman low mana. Why does elemental shaman have low mana? Our gear have intellect so you would assume we have higher mana than that? Its annoying that you can only throw a few purge and a heal before beeing completly oom =/ Like in PVP elemental have a hard time as it is and has have for the past god knows how many years, can we not gimp us further with low mana so that our utlities are not completly useless? 2 purge and 2 heals = oom, give us a break please :DHollyholm1 1d
1d Talents: Path Flame + Echo Ele + Ele Fus (and Artifact) Path of Flame + Echo of the Elements + Elemental Fusion (and Artifact) Hello, I wonder if anyone has tried this combination of talents and if there is synergy between them. Looking at the artifact, I saw that Lava Burst has several interesting enhancements, and this combination of talents (with Ascendance) I think what makes it stand out more. Maybe I'm wrong? Another question. Path of Flame spread Flame Shock at what distance? Latest demand. What artefact’s upgrades is better unlock for first? I was thinking about this sequence: Stormkeeper > Surge of Power > Firestorm > Elementalist > Protection of Element > Moltem Blast > Lava Imbued > Electric Discarge >The Ground Trembles > Earthen Attunement > Vulcanic Inferno > Power of Maelstrom > Call of Thender > Fury of the Storm > Static Overload > Master of Element > Shamanistic Healing.Jeroid8 1d
1d Excited about doomhammer, but what build? With all the new cool traits and abilities we gonna get from doom hammer, I think it is really hard to figure out how to build/specc it from start. I´m looking for a build/specc that is stronk in single target dps - PvE ! If anyone have other cool build/specc please share!Whamy2 1d
2d New at resto So i have 4 lvl 100 and 3 of them are tanks (DK, MONK and DH). Im used to tank and i always lvled as a tank.7 This is my first toon that i lvled outside the tank area. I have boost in the beggining of WoD and i have played until 96 as an enhacment. Now i respeced to resto and lvled to lvl 100 in the invasions. I liked so mutch healing that im serious thinking to make this my main. The question its simple, since we have artifacts now, should i lvl as a resto with my resto artifac or should i lvl elemental with resto artifact? thanks in advance. P.S.: soz for my english.Pombilho4 2d
2d Might be rerolling to Shaman, some questions. Hello, first time posting in here. I am currently trying to decide what class to main in legion since i do not like my old 2 favourite classes in their current condition, pally and rogue. Since i have been a melee for so long i thought it was time for a change and been looking at ranged classes. Right now it stands between mage and shaman. Leaning a bit more towards shamans because of the option of having a healing specc. My only question is how do you think ele shamans will fair in end game content in legion? Will they have a raid spot? Will the dps be ok? I know shamans have historically been pretty weak but i just love how it plays. But gameplay isnät the only factor when i decide on a class. I need to feel that i am actually making a contribution to the raid. So what are your thoughts on this? :)Kirank7 2d
2d Dps shaman wishes (pvp mainly) Some things I would like to see happen for shamans. -Thunderstorm cd lowered by 10-15 sec. Its currently 45 sec without and 30 with pvp talents. It would be 35-30 without pvp talents and 20-15 with. -Shamanistic rage given back to shaman dps specs or astral shift useable while in cc. -Lightning surge totem delay reduced from 2 sec to 1-0.5 sec or at least make the totem more durable. As 2 sec is still quite long. -Frostbrand either cheaper cost or longer duration. -Gust of wind should have a ''cant do that while... message) and not activate while rooted. Sometimes you want to press it and just before you do you get rooted. It goes on cd and you didnt gain distance. So either it shouldnt activate while rooted or it could break roots upon use, rather than not activating while rooted. -And especially grounding totem for shaman dps specs in the pvp talents. What do you think of these changes?Yashzhyl9 2d
2d Shamans are perfect in pvp Dispel the myth Ok ladies and gentlemen I feel that I have to share my experience with the ones that are coming into here QQ about enhancement shamans being weak or lacking in pvp. First up, I'm no hardcore pvp'er but I've played every class pretty much to a high standard in most aspects. 2k RBG rating - arenas didn't really feel the need or have the time after raiding in the week. I have done a fair amount of pvp in the past 2-3 weeks since the release of the new changes and I can confirm to you all now if played right, the way we are suppose to be played with the correct talents you will be fine. Gone of the days where you could be first in a team fight and stay alive - everyone knows how vunerable we now are and thus make us a priority in killing first. I have died so many times thinking the old way... Self healing is still ok but you have to manage it better, dmg is insane - I really mean this - getting top dmg most bgs and killing blows - however this comes at a price - you can die pretty dam fast. Manage your resources correctly and keep yourself topped up and you will out dps and kill the played before they kill you. And you know what gets better? We do when we get our Doomhammer, we get more self healing and more way way more dmg output - Blizzard know this that's why after all the complaining they still haven't changed the spec one bit - not even a hot fix Enhancement Shamans are really good... If you want more survivability with less dmg - go warriorKitbag13 2d
2d rshaman or mw monk! last call! hi guys! i am between my two old mains and cant make my mind whic i main in legion! resto shaman or mw monk?! this is NOT fotm topic cos i just dont know whic one... so i lett you guys make it for me! whic one i main in pvp(3v3 and rbg) in my eyes both are same as good and as bad both have pretty much same pros and cons! so help me out here!Mumma2 2d
2d Ele is terrible now! Can't even solo Throne of Kil'jaeden daily! No heals (no totem and mana runs out) taking way more damage and killing much slower. Horrible at the moment :(Palpatina68 2d
3d Enhancement PVP talents of choice how come talent selection is hardly even discussed for PVP, does anyone have any useful insight to share on the matter? a)for instance is Boulderfist a must in PVP or can a more bursty alternative be considered (windsong maybe?) b)similarly is Hailstorm another must or would the idea to drop Frostbrand weapon in favour of Fury of Air has any merrit? c)Tempest vs Overchargevs Empowered Stormlash? i kinda like Overcharge it's turning into my hardest hitter in armored targets but the maelstorm cost is a bit too high to use in conjuction with stormstrike while being kited d)and finally in our last tier is there any other consideration other than Landslide? or is that 100% uptime +8% agility is too good to pass? i think the latest changes (rockbitter + earthen spike buff) might have us reconsider some choices, thanks in advance for any replyCyanos0 3d
3d resto it's quite interesting now despite the fact earth shield and other spells/totems have been trimmed. Very weird, but we'll get used to it.Derpdash8 3d
3d Make Enhancement Great Again. It only requires a brief check of the Shaman forums on both regions to see that I'm not the only Enhancement main who is very displeased with the direction Enhancement as a spec in PvP is going, thus I decided to point out what I think are the main issues with the spec and the viable solutions that could be put forward. THE PROBLEMS: -Survivability is almost non-existent: In part due to: Ghost wolves no longer healing. Healing surge healing like a wet noodle. Healing surge cast time without maelstrom is almost double. Astral shift cannot be used whilst stunned. -Flametongue and Frostbrand are HORRENDOUSLY bad: I understand they wanted to make Enhancement fit in with its fantasy of enhancing ones weapons, but the way this works is just plain bad. Having to refresh an ability that has naught significant effect on cast feels filthy, nevermind Frostbrand being possibly the worst slow in the game. Comparing it to Frozen Power is like comparing MoP to WoD- sad! -A total lack of totems: I use 2 totems on a regular basis and that's all, not only does this just feel plain wrong, but the totems provided aren't even that good. Maelstrom AKA Blue Rage: I don't know what the point of this even is. Cooldowns were a Enhancements way of limitation, Maelstrom feels far more limiting. Going into ascendance and not being able cast a single Windstrike is actually possible under this system. THE SOLUTIONS: -Bring back old Maelstrom weapon: Right now, as a trade off for Maelstrom the resource letting healing surge be instant, it has almost NAUGHT effect. Old maelstrom weapon forced you to do damage for your heals, which was good as you'd always be in the action. Bringing old maelstrom weapon back and allowing a rare but effective instant heal as opposed to a common and unworthy heal would be a great boost to survivability. -Make flametongue and frostbrand 1 hour enhancements: Just like in MoP when one would enchant their weapons for 1 hour, though annoying it's far better than doing it every 20 seconds. Replace the actual flametongue and firebrand abilities with "Unleash Flametongue" and "Unleash Frostbrand", which are virtually identical to Flame shock and Frost shock with frozen power, just rebranded for Enhancement class fantasy purposes and cannot be cast unless ones weapons are enhanced. -Eliminate Maelstrom as a resource: Make cooldowns Enhancements limitation again and get rid of this pointless resource that serves no purpose other than to annoy. I can't think of anyone who asked for this. I know many people are of the belief that Enhancements problems at solved at Level 110 and we should all just be patient. I played Enhancement vigoriously in the beta and the only difference is that we have great burst, but all the above problems are still status quo, making them a great 2v2 class, but awful in battlegrounds and co. Would like to see feedback.Brodef9 3d
3d Lame Bloodlust atm hey there shaman buddies, I'll most likely couse your blood boil by stating this (at least most of you) but I really do not like the idea behind bloodlust as it is. For me who mostly raid in group of 20, when there is always a mage or other shaman in raid - its like non existant button. I love Warcraft 3 so I was thinking... what do you think about short CD spell used on current target to boost their haste and spell power/attack power for XYZ seconds? It would leave a debuff so you coulndt cast it on one target for over and over again. Its not calculated or anything - just wild thougt while I wait for them to fix my car:) Don't you think its sooooo boring as it is? Im not saying its not powerfull. Its just not interesting at allSharpshady2 3d
3d Warcraft 3 style shaman and The Fist of Ra-Den I wanted to make my character similar to WC3 shaman or Rehgar Earthfury. That's why I used Ench build. Two fist weapons and melee'ing. I think Thrall is much like an Elemental shaman, spellcasting from behind and using his hammer to channel energy. Yes, both WC3 Shaman and Rehgar is left-handed but in order to melee like them, Ench seems like the best build. And with Ten Storms set, you look good enough. OK, not as cool as Durotar's cape or this picture: However, I see that The Doomhammer will be for Ench shamans and The Fist Of Ra-Den will be for Elemental shamans. Wait, what? Doomhammer, weapon of a spellcaster shaman is going for close combat players. And a Fist Weapon is going for spellcaster players. And even description of Ra-Den tells: "Grants the Stormkeeper ability, which massively empowers your Lightning Bolts." so, a fist blade, which has a gladiator-like close combat purpose, is there for just channeling energy? so, why not Doomhammer for this purpose but a fist blade? even Ra-Den's picture here screams "must to have for transmog" I really don't understand the logic behind this decision. Or do I miss something here? I want to look like Rehgar, especially Ra-Den at the left hand and Ursoc at the right hand. But seems people who wants to look like Warcraft 3 style shaman, will be use transmogs with two Doomhammer?Komili4 3d
3d Race? Hey everyone! My probleme is that i can't choose a race for my horde shaman. I think i am going enhancement. I really like the wild aesthetic of the Troll but im afraid that the gear wear bad on them. Beside that Orc look better when geared. What do you think about? And what is the best racial beetween them ? Thanks!Datsacha4 3d
3d resto shaman leveling in legion? hi guys! i am going to main rshaman in legion and how i did understand things i wanna level in my "main" spec cos artifact weapon? so is here any one else who is going to do same or is it even must?Paramet2 3d
3d Enh needs a buff I got kited silly by a stupid arcane mage in BG, couldn't even touch him but twice barely.... WHO DESIGNED THIS UNBALANCE?? I got frostbrand, which won't work unless I melee my target, WHICH I CAN'T REACH! I got 1min spirit walk, 8sec speed boost vs snares, not immune. 30 sec root totem 30 sec hex... The best and smartest way to start is wait for him to cast, silence, hex... that might get me into one hit, then he blinks + slow. Now I have to pop spirit walk, if I get close, frost nova. Now I have to pop trinket 2-3min cd. Oh and during all this time I have to spam purge vs his buffs + frost barriers which keep reappearing all the time. Now I root him, and he blinks out - spamming slow on me so that I simply CAN NOT FREAKING TOUCH HIM.... And if I finally manage to close in, BARRIER is up, or, if we both used all cd's then he ice blocks, and when that is over his frost nova has reset, barrier too, also blink. AND SLOW SPAM AGAIN!!!!!! Can you A) put a god damn CD on slow, so they can't cast it more than every 20-30 sec? Or B) turn frostband weapon into good old frost shock that slows the target? ENH right now has NO CC... I can not keep up with anyone without spirit walk, and the 1min cd is RIDICULOUSLY long keeping in mind mages spam slow with zero CD and hunters too, also rogues.... It is not fun at all to play only for trying to close a gap with 1 vs 10 skills !!!Shamonmon6 3d
3d Ghost wolf working too well.... Cause I'm not seeing it. I only see a shadow on the ground where I'm supposed to be. First I thought it had something to do with loading time, but even after a long period of time, no wolf model to see. I remember I had it glyphed before, maybe that bugs. Ever since 7.0.3 I haven't seen my wolf form again. It kinda bugs me. Is it supposed to be like this? Can't imagine.Shamocoa7 3d
3d Is there a reason to play shaman on prepatch? Hello I came back because I was actually excited about enh shaman in Legion and it looks good but I feel like shaman does no damage as any spec on prepatch. Idk if it's a scaling issue or anything but taking people down takes an ungodly amount of time and usually makes you go all in without options to retreat. So far I'm doing bgs and not really enjoying myself much. Is it me or is shaman just really weak before 110?Felborn7 3d
3d PURGE AND CLEANSE SPIRIT USE hi Shamans! :) im AION veteran, i played a lot of pvp. Now for Legion i want to play my Shaman, but i dont get one thing. Can you tell me friend for what skill working PURGE and CLEAN SPIRIT. I totaly dont get it, im using it when i have some poisons or warlock's dots but its didnt working. Pleas abount some infop or skills names :)Smasher2 3d
3d enhancement help PvE i don't know if it's me (probably) or my gear, i do 33k-37k dps just hitting a single dummy. i checked icy-veins (as you do) and i seem to do the right things my buffs are always up, i run out of maelstrom when i get a bunch of stormbringer procs in a short time.Magharlogosh8 3d
4d New Resto Shaman looking for totem clarification Hello folks! I have only just recently decided to main a resto shaman in Legion and I have a question about Healing Stream Totem and Cloudburst Totem. I know from reading different guides and forums that I ought to use these two totems on cooldown. My question I use them both at once or should I rotate between them both? Any insight (and/or healing tips) would be greatly appreciated! DugladDugald1 4d
4d Frost shock Doesn't seem to be working on any of my shammies on invasion bosses. Not sure if this is intentional or what's going on?Zinra1 4d
4d Elemental Shaman buffs review Nope the bugs are still around, Lava burst tooltip = 19.000, hits for 16.000 Crits for 22-26.000 Still no sign of that passive called Elemental fury And the bug is still active on the base part of damage. Sure give us weaknesses, but at least ffs do not shadownerf our main damage spell so we do not have advantages. Hotfix not fixing bugs good work...... Maybe unemployment for the responsible person or what will Blizzard do with these type of workers that is balancing in this manner?Friea5 4d
4d Enhancement Sham's are finally awesome As for someone who has unsubbed due to my main (enhance shaman) was a boring and a weak class to play 5 months ago (been maining enhance for years) - it feels so god damn good to be able to enjoy the changes that have come from the pre patch to enhancements. The class is finally great again and able to put out extremely high damage in pvp and able to enjoy doing it. The animations, the spells but most of all the insane damage just pleases me and most people I've spoken to about the changes in the class. and it's only going to get better and better with the artifact weapon and honor talents coming out in Legion. In arenas I can dominate 2 rogues solo providing I play offensively due to the damage we can put it out The future is looking very bright for enhancementsGhazaroth4 4d