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17h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 17h
27 Aug [Guide] Level 100 Enhancement Shaman Patch 7.0.3 Hello fellow Shamans. Here is a little guide on some informations a picked up around to bring them out to the general public. The reason was the amount of Topic against the class in general. But let me tell you this Enhanced Shamans are fine not bad class to go with, not the most op neither. But as battlemages i feel versatility enough to have fun in pvp with this class. So let me guide you through those talent choice u should pick above others to make it definitely worth pvp'ing with. This is mainly for prepatch and lvl 100. Talents Tier 15: -Windsong: instant. Free. 45 sec CD. +35% attack speed/20 sec -Hot hand: Passive. Chance for Lava lash to be free of cost and 100% dmg boost. -Boulderfist:Replace Rockbiter. Instant. 4.69sec Recharge. +5% crit, +5%dmg/hit for 10 sec. 22.338 Nature damage per hit. Conclusion: The best talent choice for pvp is Boulderfist. Without gear adding secondary stats your best way to obtain them through legion will be through talents and gives a descent % in crits and dmg. Windsong looks good too if u really want to focus on a heavier burst instead. Hot hand i don't really see usage as I consider Lava Lash as a Maelstrom dumping spell something equivalent to a Heroic Strike of the warrior if you still remember it. Tier 30: -Rainfall: instant. 10 sec CD. Area of effect that heals for 8.990 up to 6 allies for 10 sec. Stormstrike and Lava lash extend the duration by 3 sec to a maximum of 30 sec. -Feral Lunge: instant. 30 sec CD. Lunge Lunge ... FREAKING CHAAAAARG... Lunge. Ok we get it. 11.985 dmg. U chaa.. Lunge towards a target. -Wind Rush Totem: instant. 2 min CD. totem with 10 yard radius that gives a 5 sec speed boost of 60% to all allies. Conclusion: I think it's an obvious choice to make in this tier and u all go for that freaking gap closer and kite tool that feral lunge is. We can all already fall in love with that spell as shamans. Even though it's only 30 sec. It's manageable as we have an active sprint that can follows on it. Wind Rush Totem can be cool in arena's against teams that will train your healer and Rainfall i find it hard to use as u need to kite again like back in BC. Tier 45: -Lightning Surge Totem: instant. 45 sec CD. after 2 sec stun for 5 sec all enemies in 10 yard radius. -Earthgrab Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 20 sec. every 2 sec roots all target in 10 yard radius. 2nd pulse give 50% speed reduction for 5 sec on targets rooted before. -Voodoo Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 10 sec. Hexes all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Conclusion: Very nice talents in this tier. One stun, one root, one hex. I would definitely pick Earthgrap the most i love roots and speed reductions as a shaman on my target so a very strong pick but we can agree that situational in some arena's Voodoo totem or Lightning Surge Totem also viable. Tier 60: -Lightning Shield: instant. 60 min buff. 5.361 damage mg when u deal or take melee damage. -Ancestral Swiftness: passive. +10% haste -Hailstrom: passive. Each of your weapon attacks also deal 2.885 frost damage. Conclusion: Like said at start, any boost in stats are welcome and specially haste so Ancestra Switness is the best talent out of those. The two others are fine but don't compete with the haste buff. Tier 75: -Tempest: Passive. Stormbringer now affects the next two Stormstrike. -Overcharge: Passive. +1500% dmg on Lightning Bolt and add a 7 sec CD on it. -Empowered Stormlash: Passive. 1 additional target and deals 35% additional damage. Conclusion: I would pick Overcharge over Tempest and ES. Although Tempest is ok, Overcharge is a massive boost to the damage of Lightning bolt that cost 60 maelstrom anyways. And becomes your best direct damaging spell with it. Tier 90: -Crashing Storm: Passive. Crash Lightning adds extra Aoe on ground that deals 7.512 Nature damage over 6 sec -Fury of the Air: Instant. 5 Maelstrom + 5/1 sec. Vortex of wind surrounding u and has 8y radius. 2.680 damage every 1 second to all enemies and slow them for 30% for 3 sec. -Sundering: Instant. 60 Maelstrom. 59.927 Physical damage and side knock them for 1 sec. Conclusion: Fury of the Air is a good tool doesn't cost much on Maelstrom can be a long snare of 30% as long as u keep them inside the vortex the 3 sec stays it only count down once they escape it. Is a good way to keep targets close deal aoe dmg every second. But Sundering is to me equally good to Fury of the Air. Having a spell that deals massive damage again for 60 Maelstrom which is not cheap though. But the side knock can be used to have like a 1 sec blanket stun that works wonderful against sticky rogues or even make casters reset their cast with it is very promising. I find both these worth in different situations. Not a rogue or lock in BG that are a pain? go Fury of the Air i would say. If they are present go for Sundering. In arenas both are viable tools. Tier 100: -Ascendance: Instant. 3min CD. 15 sed duration. Generates 10 Maelstrom/1 sec. Auto attacks and Stormstrike bypass armor and has a 30y range. -Landslide: Passive. +8% agility buff for 10 sec when u hit with Boulderfist. -Earthen Spike: Instant. 30 Maelstrom. 20 sec CD. Spike the target dealing 47941 physical damage and increase Nature dmg u deal by 10% for 10 sec. Conclusion: I really like Landslide a passive that gives descent agility boost that can stay constant on you as long as u hit things with Boulderfist. Ascendance looks good but long CD of 3min and Landslide already wins on damage output in that time by a large amount if u can apply those buffs and keep them going on. If u go Sundering no need for another expensive Maelstrom spender. Spell rotation and Burst: Basic Rotation: Open with Feral Lunge if u picked talent. Then go as follow -Boulderfist > Flametongue > Boulderfist -Frostbrand or Purge -If proc Stormstrike at that point use it otherwise use Lightning bolt. -Use Lava Lash only as Maelstrom dumping Boulderfist should be up with almost 2 stacks again. Repeat Burst Rotation: Always be above 60 Maelstrom, have your buffs from Boulderfist and Flametongue up. Use all your offensive CD's and have a proc of Stormstrike. Then do as follow - Stormstrike on proc > Stormstrike > Lightning Bolt.Deadrowz7 27 Aug
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
2m Chain Lightning Lightning Rod Procs 7.1.0 I just noticed that I never see Lightning Rod proccing through CL since 7.1 goes live. Is it just me or may there be some kind of bug?Shiketsu2 2m
18m Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq101 18m
30m Elemental PvP - talents and build Hey guys, I have just switched to ele from enhancement because I am a little bit bored of melee. I know that ele is in a pretty bad spot right now, but I hope the recent changes in 7.1 have made a little progression in PvP( I am doing only PvP). Can you suggest any build - talents, honor talents and artifact traits? ThanksInsaney0 30m
27s Elemental Artifact Weapon Does anyone else get a bit irritated with the fact that the Elemental Artifact is a fist-weapon or is it just myself? I absolutely love Elemental and the way it plays - couldn't care less if it's not in the best state at the moment however I find the fist-weapon kinda dumb and meh. Anyone else feel like this? Even the ability to transmog to a Mace would be decent!Dehkar1 27s
1h Ancestral Swiftness/Hailstorm So i'm up to 34% haste on my shaman now and I'm wondering if I should swap out Ancestral Swiftness for Hailstorm? So far I'm doing well in raids I'm just wondering if I could be doing better.Feirgan1 1h
1h Current state of enhancement shaman How are they doing in pve atm? Aoe and st dmg wise CheersFinaso4 1h
2h Restoration Shamans State Restoration shamans weren't even close to be the best healers in 7.0 PVP yet they got nerfed, nice job blizzard i won't be surprised If holinka plays discipline priest. brainless class no logical explanation for this madness in what world does holinka lives in where shamans are too good that they deserve those nerfs look at priests the game is completly out of control nerf priests .. FeelsbadmanThereatwo0 2h
3h Enhancement Agility reduced by 10% (Big nerf?) Shaman (Enhancement) Agility reduced by 10%. (PvP) Is this a big set back for enhancement shaman or they will continue the insane burst ? Just wondering and interested in what you guys think about it. PeaceFoglakduglaq19 3h
5h Full maelstrom display bug. The cloud that appears in the middle of the screen to let you know that you're at full mana doesn't disappear when you leave combat with Totem Mastery totems on the ground and still at full maelstrom, even after you slam an Earthquake somewhere to lose 50 maelstrom.Rauchzart2 5h
5h Undulation vs Torrent in 7.1 So since the new patch came out I've been testing out Undulation. It seems to have decent yet inconsistent output at the cost of less burst-healing, but I was interested in your guys' experience with it, is it worth switching to it for raiding/mythic+?Dragneel0 5h
5h Elemental artifact path Hey Since my enhancement traits are getting really expensive I was thinking of putting in the 13 cheap ones in my elemental weapon. Which route would you go if you just wanna use it for some casual mythics? Also which would you prefer Lightning Rod or Ascendance in the last talent tier? And which tier 1 talent? ThanksTryhardér2 5h
5h Spectral Raptor Didn't see a thread for it so just thought I'd post, just noticed the ghost raptor glyph has been updated to show a new raptor model instead of the old one, thanks blizz, you did good.Pangram2 5h
6h Elemental 7.1 stat prio Hi! Minor changes from Blizzard to elemental spec but it helped... a little. As elemental I can do God-like aoe burst with SK and insta CL but sustained dmg on single target with movement required ... well ... could be better. Back to topic.. have stats prio changed for elemental or still same ? For me atm its like this: Intellect >crit>haste> mastery=versatility with build TM(t1), AS(t4), PM(t5), EM(t6), ASC(t7) I was thinking about it and I wonder if Int>haste>mastery>=crit would not be better? Mastery makes overload more frequent and haste makes us cast faster, with high enuf stats we would not need that much crit as all guides say we do need. Did some testing in lab enviroment (raider's training dummy lvl 110) buffs: 1300 int flask, personal cooldowns. equal crit and haste gems/enchants time of fight: 2min +/- 5 sec dps counter: recount Crit: overall dps: 235k 1. Lava Burst: x20 5,44m dmg 2. Lightning Burst: x31 4,05m dmg 3. Earth Shock: x6 3,68m dmg 4. Lightning Bolt Overload: x21 2,46m dmg 5. Flame Shock (DoT): x70 2,41m dmg 6. Lava Burst Overload: x6 1,35m dmg 7. Flame Shock initial dmg: 368k Haste overall dps: 253,470 (+ ~8-10% ) 1. Lava Burst: x24 6,53m dmg (+ ~20%) 2. Lightning Burst: x39 5,55m dmg (+ ~25-30%) 3. Earth Shock: x10 5,53m dmg (+ ~45-50%) 4. Lightning Bolt Overload: x22 3,3m dmg (minor increase) 5. Lava Burst Overload: x11 2,58m dmg (+ ~45-55%) 6. Flame Shock (DoT): x83 2,26m dmg (more dots but less dmg - minor decrease) 7. Flame Shock initial dmg: 234k (minor decrease) According to above looks like haste gives you around 10% increased overall dmg.Zoi5 6h
6h Ele in pvp viable! I mean you can pop Stormkeeper, Icefury and then proceed to outright delete a player of your choice when mashing two buttons. Then be useless for remaining 58 seconds. /yay/Moriathiel7 6h
6h Restoration Golden Artifact Traits - Are they too bad? Hey, I was wondering if I am the only one terribly disappointed with restoration shaman's golden artifact traits. So far I have the one on the left and the one on the right, missing the HTT golden trait. In raids those two traits make up for like ~5% of my healing which is literally nothing. I thought this would be the case for all healers and checked the traits of other healers. To my surprise this is actually not even close to the case. All other healers have golden traits that really sound awesome and useful. Druids for example have a chance to apply Reju to 3 targets in total after using Wild Growth. Holy Priests get a bouncing PoM which does not use up a stack when using Hymn of Valor or a flat 20% boost to heals Mistweavers also get a flat 20% increase with a burst heal at the end Paladins have a small cloud burst totem effect for their holy shock And what do we have? We have a hot for our HST that heals literally nothing. We have a 20% chance for Riptide (initial cast, not even the HoT! This would actually make the trait so much better if it could procc on the HoT tick) to place a totem that also heals almost nothing (for me its ~10k per tick atm). Problem here is that it is a stationary totem and the current EM raid is quiet movement heavy, basically negating the entire trait. Arguably the only "good" trait is the HTT totem trait. But even this one is not as good as it actually sounds. So yeah... Idk, wanted to hear the opinion of others regarding this. Personally I was really looking forward to get these traits and then got heavily disappointed by how bad they were (especially the HT HoT trait disappointed me big time. I was really looking forward to this).Hàppy0 6h
7h Trinkets from Karazhan mythic dungeon Trinkets from Karazhan mythis dungeon for Elemental shaman This trinkets is better than Shock batton or Naraxas spiked tongue? Any test this trinkets from this dugeon?Gerantin1 7h
11h Elemental wtf? Blizzard what the hell are you doing to Elemental Shamans? After your "BELOVED" Q&A Developer with Ion and Josh you said that Elemental are undervalued in current patch (hotfixes), and not like they was in the start. So i gave it a sincere try, started the Legion questline and Artifact questline on my 100 shammy. Lists of whats horrible at the moment, unless you actually have played Shammy (elemental) NONE shall even comment when you have no idea how bad it actually is. : 1. The first artifact weapon questline, was like the hardest things ive been through. You deal zero damage, and it takes like 10-14 seconds to kill a 300k mob, and then you see some enhancement dudes at 100 literally oneshotting them. Not to mention when you were supposed to kill 3 bosses with 1 mill hp. The fight took got damn 3 minutes... If it wasn't because i knew how to specc as elemental i the fight would been x2 times longer and i would probably die. Great questline, but very sucky for elemental. 2. Im always gonna question the choice of taking Fist Weapon for shammy artifact, it looks like a joke im sorry, you should have choosen a cool and much more elemental-ish design on a staff instead. Just my opinion though. 3. The artifact ability, it's so awesome but still very very !@#$ty. You should absolutely not change the damage, but instead make all the next charges instantly casted. AND here is the reason why; Lightning bolt is a joke, the cast time is 1,76 seconds and it deals literally NOTHING without this artifact buff, and same goes with chain lightning. And since you removed the beautiful proc that you had before prepatch that could make chain lightning be instant is removed, you made elemental way worse... 4. Lava Burst, great spell but the casting time aswell here is way too long. And since Flame Shock never ticks a instant Lava Burst.. It makes it even harder to pull higher dps. 5. Why did you remove Fire Totem, haha do you even know how it feels now like you have absolutely nothing than yourself as shammy now, that little Totem was everything.... It would help in lvling alot and for the dps. 6. Tier talent 75, "Primal Elementalist" is a DEFAULT choice. But why on earth is the Fire Elemental CD on 5 minutes... It would be better just to have this as your permanent elemental, and its alive till it dies. If it would work like that, yeah then 5 minutes is perfect, but since it last 1 min.. Its %^-* =). 7. Lvl 15 tier talent; "Totem Mastery" i would like to adjust this to a passive thing. This is also a default talent overall, basically whenever you are attacking something these 4 totems shall spawn instantly. Its neither broken or sad, its just very necessary. We have zero mobility, slightly survival skills, the least thing you can do is to make us die as heroes atleast by making us stand still and do dps on our foes got damn it.. Therefore, implement that PASSIVE! -- Think thats all. Fix =)Slashoor29 11h
13h Elemental shaman question talents 7.1 Hello, When patch 7.1 will be active on Legion. Elemental shaman have change on stormkeeper - now cast time 1.5 sec and can cast LB or CL 3x instant for 200 % dmg. My question is what talent will be better for ST on raid? LR or Ascendance. When we can 3x instant cast LB that will be fast chance to active LR effect. So what will be better to ST on dugeons and what better for raid. Ascendane still better for burt dmg on dungeons?Gerantin14 13h
15h Path of Flames redesign idea Path of flames : Lava Burst deals 100% increased damage but no longer generate maelstrom. of course the numbers needs tweaking. Started playing Ele at the end of MoP, always loved how Lava Burst used to hit hard. It's what made me love the spec. Would love to hear your thoughts !Elemenic1 15h
16h Elemental Shaman? Blues, do you know we exist? Hello, I dont even know where to begin...It will most likely be a whine post like all the rest... Im asking our forum moderator/community manager to say hello (atleast in this thread) like his American coleague Ornyx does on the US servers. At least say hello...he did aslo...its polite! Anyway... as one of the '' higher rated'' or ''more skilled'' imo Ele Shams on the Realm of guessing I know a thing or 2 about the class (spec). Sadly, i've havent managed to get more then 1 mythic kill in EN so far, im hoping for 3/7this week...but the fact of the matter is..not many ele shamans on sylvanas did. In fact no ele shaman on sylvanas saw more then 3/7M (wonder why) Its a sad state we are in...its a sad thing its taking so long to ''balance'' this...its even more sad that on the EU forums we dont have anyone spamming the living .... out of the forums like Sham from Precision, Claptrap,etc. Its Sad that on the EU side blues dont even know we exist... I want this thread to be bumped and bumped till it reaches some one! Im asking you fellow shamans to help us make this possible, let you voices be heard! It is our duty to not stay silent and not go quietly into that dark night:) Now..enough RP and drama... 7.1 Buffs SK change-> the way I see it...for ST is a minor gain...if any. Its not worth delaying SK till a movement heavy phase. If its not available during a such phase its a minor buff at best (we gain 2 casts every 1 min) Frostshock-> trying to make icefury more viable. I dont think I like being forced into Icefury... we aren't yet..but if this is the direction they are heading, im dissapointed. Earthshock-> As stated by someone...I feel its not even a buff, its just an emergency fix to not make it look that bad compared to EQ at high haste levels. A slight buff to our ''execute'' that takes so long to build a minor gain at best. Im not going to be writing suggestions on how to fix the class, others have allready done so countless times so far, I am however going to give you a link to those posts! Literally..I feel that there is no point to carry on...its late and im at point repeating the same stuff that has been said over and over again! Pls, shamans bump that you care! Pls, EU com manager! Hello!Mardaan6 16h
16h Earthbindgrab Totem Why do we get 2 totems that are basically doing the same thing, instead of 1 totem with 2 charges?Hassara4 16h
16h Thunderstorm bug Anyone noticed that Thunderstorm is not usable while stuned? And no, i was not silenced. I am using -15 sec cooldown talent.Vixa2 16h
17h Permanent Ascendance I love elemental Ascendants, they look so cool and dangerous. There should be a way to make your appearance that of an Ascendant permanently, purely cosmetic of course.Goldshire4 17h
17h Resto Shaman mastery bug? Hey fellow shammies! Just wanted to ask a question here, cuz it's bugging me and some buddies of mine, is restoration shaman: Deep healing bugged atm? Cuz for example (as I play mainly arenas) I heal for the same amount some1 that is at 20% hp that I heal some1 at 90%, and the person at lower hp is supposed to recieve a lot more of a heal burst due to mastery! Please tell me what you think about it, and if you noticed something about it. Thank you for your time.Bandoléro4 17h
18h Addon Advice Hello, Is there an AddOn which VERY clearly displays how long is left for Frostbrand and Flametongue please? Thank you - Vulc P.S - I have no idea how to use the Artifact trees, I have started speccing in all sorts, will I be able to unlock it all at some point?Vulcan1 18h
18h Enchantment rotation Hi, im pretty new at this spec and wonder a little bit about the rotation for us in pvp?Paltnackee8 18h
20h Spiritual Journey "nerf" after hotfix. I think the boots might have been bugged before and they "fixed" them this patch. Although instead of 30 seconds in ghost wolf you now need 68 seconds in ghost wolf to get the full cooldown off. I think the boots were awesome and our most fun ( fun, not strongest) legendary . After todays fix they just feel extremely underwhelming. If the 300% recovery instead of 75% was that troublesome dps wise ( I still think Eye of the twisting nether and Emalon's are better for st and cleave/aoe) could the boots atleast be buffed to 200% ish? The boots were already extremely niche as they were ( due to chainpulling in m+ and because you want to minimize downtime of dps in raids) but atleast they felt awesome when you could make use of their effect. Now it's very insignificant and dare I say weak compared to it's ring/chest/belt counterpart. Any thoughts on this / what do you guys think? Kind regards, Rulquan of Draenor.Rulquan4 20h
23h Potion of prolonged power sims. I tried simming myself in AMR sims with Potion of the Old war and potion of prolonged power, and the prolonged power comes out about 800 dps above old war, with my current gear and setup. I was wondering if people who used simcraft gets the same results. I wont complain if its better as it is a lot cheaper to make. But i was under the impression that old was was gonna be the most potent one of the two by far, and that the prolonged power was just for the people that didn't want to get completely broke. I mean you get 10 potions for 1 BoS with one, and getting the different herbs and not counting on procs for old war it would cost you 15 BoS (40 foxflower - 4 BoS + 40 fjarnskaggl - 4BoS + 20 starlight rose - 7BoS).Ahriku2 23h
23h Stay subbed to the game Elem One day or another you will be buffed, just don't stop throwing your money at Blizzard, there is still hope for 8.0 or even 9.0.Schmilblik0 23h
1d Hopes for a real talent tree, 7.2 enhancement Let's just share our hopes and ideas on what changes could make enhancement current talents interesting, like a real talent tree should be or tell us if you don't want to because you don't have to buy anything from these silly scribesDraenär3 1d
1d What's required to make fury of air usable? So i really really like how the skill looks and works. whats needed to make it to an usable skill? A straight up dmg buff or something else?Doffyz1 1d
1d Lava lash + vortex compared to wind surge + wote Anyone knows how much is the dps difference between these artifact traits? This is my current build: But been thinking of resetting them to this: How significant is the increase? 5k 10k 15k 20k? o.oVóódòò11 1d
1d WTS Titanforged 870 Six-Feathered Fan WTS Titanforged 870 Six-Feathered Fan Ravencrest-Eu Alliance Joe#21173Joéjoé0 1d
1d Earthbind totem is back? Hey guys in case you didnt notice we got earthbind as baseline again for some reason? I dont want to be that guy, i personally like the change, but since all spec got it as baseline and it was done stealthy i saw it accidentally tbh i bet most of you didnt noticed it aswell, whats the logic behind this? :PGorebash1 1d
1d Ornament npc Shamans dont have an npc in their classhall that gives you ornaments for work order resources? Some classes actually have this. You hand in order resources and get follower items in exchange, like item lvl upgrades for them. Is it because we have a chance on missions for our heros to come back with ornaments?Yashzhyl1 1d
1d Wolf form in Suramar I think I saw a post earlier that in PTR 7.1 we had a illusion rune saber "wolf" form in Suramar. Does anyone know what is up with that idea or has anyone heard about it since?Xymo2 1d
1d Earth Shock critting for the same as non-crits? I might be going crazy, but since the patch my earthshock has been critting for the same amount as non-crits (240k-280k). Anyone else noticed this?Ayblinkin0 1d
1d Dear Blizzard thanks for the kick in the Teeth Hi Blizzard; Just seen the confirmed 7.1 patch notes and as an Elemental Shaman I'd love to tell you that I'm very greatful for the kick in the Teeth. It's amazing how you've completely ignored the community again, however you're fast to jump on the Warlock bandwagon when they were actually performing pretty well. You're a total bunch of useless overpaid special cookies that should really listed to the vast, various well written threads posted on your forums. Whilst the Stormkeeper "buff" saves 3 seconds cast time it's still a total derp with Power of the Maelstrom. You really should have PotM auto apply every time you cast Stormkeeper. Anyway you're not going to read this so I guess anything constructive is pointless to add. Thanks for making ELE Garbage again for another xpac early on, I guess it's to be expected since MOP they were terrible, WOD they were awful (most rerolled boomies) and now in Legion they're total DOG RNG BS.Khaôs4 1d
1d This "Buff" After testing it - I didn't even notice any damage increase. I know it's there - but it's quite small.Molbert2 1d
1d Enhancement Shaman wish list for 7.1 1.) Bring back "Shamanistic Rage" 2.) Ranged slow 3.) Better mobility 4.) Make Lava Lash something usable and useful 5.) Increase aoe damageBilgekhan38 1d
1d 15% es buff Just read the patch notes for 7.1 Ele is getting sk buff (?) And 15% es buff. What do you think will this make us more viable? Patch notes: 1d
1d order advancement tier5 Ascendant: 12 hours to recruit, 50 resources for 1 vitality, and you can only have 1 at a time. Earthcaller: 0,5 hour to recruit, 85 resources for 3 vitality I chose Rise!, but it looks pretty bad to me, what am i missing? It's essentially an Earthcaller in a different skin? Both has 30% success chance, and 15% extra for one counter (talented Earthcaller yes, but other one is pointless anyway). The only benefit i can think of is that it practically gives you 3 Earthcallers in stead of 2? (and ofc you can get hazard and spell counter in stead of just minion like the rest) 2 of 3 guides i googled said to pick Rise! but none explained why...Peed0 1d
1d Ele buff vs REST Elemental - Worst damage spec in legion Earth Shock damage increased by 15%. Frost Shock damage increased by 15%. Stormkeeper now also makes the affected Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning instant. Stormkeeper now has a 1.5 second cast time. Warlock Demon Skin and Demonic Circle have swapped talent locations. Devour Magic has returned for Felhunters. Doomguard’s Doom Bolts damage increased by 13%. Affliction Unstable Affliction now afflicts a target with up to 5 Unstable Afflictions at once. Compounding Horror trait redesigned: its buff causes your next Unstable Affliction to deal (32% Spell Power) Shadow damage instantly, stacking up to 5 times. Soul Effigy is now immune to AOE damage. Agony damage increased by 5%. Unstable Affliction damage increased by 5%. Siphon Life damage increased by 5%. Drain Life damage increased by 5%. Drain Soul damage increased. Phantom Singularity damage increased by 5%. Corruption damage increased by 10%. Demonology Demonwrath now generates Soul Shards more consistently. Demonic Empowerment now increases health by 20% (was 50%). Thal’kiel’s consumption deals damage equal to 8% of pet health (from 6%). Warrior Inspiring Presence now affects party and raid members only. Hamstring is now on the global cooldown, and can once again trigger Tactician. Bladestorm damage increased by 8% for all specs. Fury Raging Blow damage increased by 8%. Rampage damage increased by 8%. Execute damage increased by 8%. Bloodthirst damage increased by 8%. Odyn’s Fury damage increased by 8%. Furious Slash damage increased by 8%. Dragon Roar damage increased by 8%. Ravager damage increased by 8%. Enrage now increases damage taken by 20% (was 30%). Warpaint now modifies the Enrage damage taken increase to 15%. Mage Arcane Arcane Blast damage increased by 17%. Arcane Missles damage increased by 17%. Arcane Orb damage increased by 17%. Arcane Charges now increase mana costs by 125% (was 100%). Fire Pyroblast damage reduced by 6%. Flamestrike damage increased by 15%. Aftershocks damage increased by 15%. Frost Brain Freeze now also increases the damage of your next Flurry by 50%. Waterbolt damage increased by 25%. Water Jet damage increased by 100%. Lonely Winter now increases the damage of affected spells by 25% (was 20%). Flurry damage increased by 5%. Ice Lance damage increased by 5%. Frostbolt damage increased by 5%. Ray of Frost damage increased by 5%. Frost Bomb damage increased by 5%. Comet Storm damage increased by 5%. Ebonbolt damage increased by 5%. Frozen Orb damage increased by 5%. Blizzard damage increased by 10%. Seriously What the actualy fulk!!! Here have 2 damage buffs while the already strong class's get buffs for every spec. I'm sure im not the only one that has returned to wow for legion, and im not the only one to roll and elemental shaman as my main, but for those of us who have, this is pathetic. I'm done getting rejected from every LFG on the basis that im a shaman. kicked from raids so they can bring in a hunter or a mage. You've destroyed a class that was hyped to be the most enjoyableCloudstreet3 1d
1d Ascendance glyph Come back please! Really they made that glyph in WoD and removed it in legion. Kinda a waste to not bring it back after designing the look in WoD. Not sure if it has something to do with ascendance being a talent now but there must be a way to tackle that problem if that is the case right? There are many who prefer the glyph look over the default ascendance. People who want the default ascendance can keep that one. People who want the glyph have the glyph as option. Make it happen please. Let me hear ya'll for the glyph!Yashzhyl1 1d
1d So you wanna play without healer?! Fat chance I cant survive in 2vs2.... dies in seconds even with defensive cd and healing etc. It is very annoying. And i will not further poison the 2v2 racket by bringing a healer. (imo healers dont belong in 2s. Thinking of going for 3v3 only, because this is redicoulous. I clocked 5 games in 2s (4 of them against a assassin rogue... love them fotm xD) and won 2 and lost 3. In those i died the rogues pinned me down and killed me in less than 20 seconds :P 1 in under 10 seconds. (popped astral, tried to kite and spamhealed. I know it is a l2p error though i dont know waht to improve.... but daym should it really be that hard to give me some defensive cds that actually helps me to stay alive.Earthtothe3 1d
1d BLIZZARD devs, please just say it Please just say "we really think elemental shaman is fine and there will be no change about elemental shamans concerning their dps". And then we can forget that we spent our 2 months of time for nothing and concentrate on developing another class or spec. As a 31 year old gamer, I've never seen such an inbalance in any game. I've spent my all nights for two months just to hear that "oh mate your dps is kinda low, can you do better please". And I am sure I am giving more than everyone in the group. I just don't want any buff anymore, I just want to hear officially that elemental shaman will have no change so that I can play MM hunter, fire mage or DH and make more dps with one hand while drinking my tea or washing the dishes.Endieych35 1d