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01 Nov [Guide] Level 100 Enhancement Shaman Patch 7.0.3 Hello fellow Shamans. Here is a little guide on some informations a picked up around to bring them out to the general public. The reason was the amount of Topic against the class in general. But let me tell you this Enhanced Shamans are fine not bad class to go with, not the most op neither. But as battlemages i feel versatility enough to have fun in pvp with this class. So let me guide you through those talent choice u should pick above others to make it definitely worth pvp'ing with. This is mainly for prepatch and lvl 100. Talents Tier 15: -Windsong: instant. Free. 45 sec CD. +35% attack speed/20 sec -Hot hand: Passive. Chance for Lava lash to be free of cost and 100% dmg boost. -Boulderfist:Replace Rockbiter. Instant. 4.69sec Recharge. +5% crit, +5%dmg/hit for 10 sec. 22.338 Nature damage per hit. Conclusion: The best talent choice for pvp is Boulderfist. Without gear adding secondary stats your best way to obtain them through legion will be through talents and gives a descent % in crits and dmg. Windsong looks good too if u really want to focus on a heavier burst instead. Hot hand i don't really see usage as I consider Lava Lash as a Maelstrom dumping spell something equivalent to a Heroic Strike of the warrior if you still remember it. Tier 30: -Rainfall: instant. 10 sec CD. Area of effect that heals for 8.990 up to 6 allies for 10 sec. Stormstrike and Lava lash extend the duration by 3 sec to a maximum of 30 sec. -Feral Lunge: instant. 30 sec CD. Lunge Lunge ... FREAKING CHAAAAARG... Lunge. Ok we get it. 11.985 dmg. U chaa.. Lunge towards a target. -Wind Rush Totem: instant. 2 min CD. totem with 10 yard radius that gives a 5 sec speed boost of 60% to all allies. Conclusion: I think it's an obvious choice to make in this tier and u all go for that freaking gap closer and kite tool that feral lunge is. We can all already fall in love with that spell as shamans. Even though it's only 30 sec. It's manageable as we have an active sprint that can follows on it. Wind Rush Totem can be cool in arena's against teams that will train your healer and Rainfall i find it hard to use as u need to kite again like back in BC. Tier 45: -Lightning Surge Totem: instant. 45 sec CD. after 2 sec stun for 5 sec all enemies in 10 yard radius. -Earthgrab Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 20 sec. every 2 sec roots all target in 10 yard radius. 2nd pulse give 50% speed reduction for 5 sec on targets rooted before. -Voodoo Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 10 sec. Hexes all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Conclusion: Very nice talents in this tier. One stun, one root, one hex. I would definitely pick Earthgrap the most i love roots and speed reductions as a shaman on my target so a very strong pick but we can agree that situational in some arena's Voodoo totem or Lightning Surge Totem also viable. Tier 60: -Lightning Shield: instant. 60 min buff. 5.361 damage mg when u deal or take melee damage. -Ancestral Swiftness: passive. +10% haste -Hailstrom: passive. Each of your weapon attacks also deal 2.885 frost damage. Conclusion: Like said at start, any boost in stats are welcome and specially haste so Ancestra Switness is the best talent out of those. The two others are fine but don't compete with the haste buff. Tier 75: -Tempest: Passive. Stormbringer now affects the next two Stormstrike. -Overcharge: Passive. +1500% dmg on Lightning Bolt and add a 7 sec CD on it. -Empowered Stormlash: Passive. 1 additional target and deals 35% additional damage. Conclusion: I would pick Overcharge over Tempest and ES. Although Tempest is ok, Overcharge is a massive boost to the damage of Lightning bolt that cost 60 maelstrom anyways. And becomes your best direct damaging spell with it. Tier 90: -Crashing Storm: Passive. Crash Lightning adds extra Aoe on ground that deals 7.512 Nature damage over 6 sec -Fury of the Air: Instant. 5 Maelstrom + 5/1 sec. Vortex of wind surrounding u and has 8y radius. 2.680 damage every 1 second to all enemies and slow them for 30% for 3 sec. -Sundering: Instant. 60 Maelstrom. 59.927 Physical damage and side knock them for 1 sec. Conclusion: Fury of the Air is a good tool doesn't cost much on Maelstrom can be a long snare of 30% as long as u keep them inside the vortex the 3 sec stays it only count down once they escape it. Is a good way to keep targets close deal aoe dmg every second. But Sundering is to me equally good to Fury of the Air. Having a spell that deals massive damage again for 60 Maelstrom which is not cheap though. But the side knock can be used to have like a 1 sec blanket stun that works wonderful against sticky rogues or even make casters reset their cast with it is very promising. I find both these worth in different situations. Not a rogue or lock in BG that are a pain? go Fury of the Air i would say. If they are present go for Sundering. In arenas both are viable tools. Tier 100: -Ascendance: Instant. 3min CD. 15 sed duration. Generates 10 Maelstrom/1 sec. Auto attacks and Stormstrike bypass armor and has a 30y range. -Landslide: Passive. +8% agility buff for 10 sec when u hit with Boulderfist. -Earthen Spike: Instant. 30 Maelstrom. 20 sec CD. Spike the target dealing 47941 physical damage and increase Nature dmg u deal by 10% for 10 sec. Conclusion: I really like Landslide a passive that gives descent agility boost that can stay constant on you as long as u hit things with Boulderfist. Ascendance looks good but long CD of 3min and Landslide already wins on damage output in that time by a large amount if u can apply those buffs and keep them going on. If u go Sundering no need for another expensive Maelstrom spender. Spell rotation and Burst: Basic Rotation: Open with Feral Lunge if u picked talent. Then go as follow -Boulderfist > Flametongue > Boulderfist -Frostbrand or Purge -If proc Stormstrike at that point use it otherwise use Lightning bolt. -Use Lava Lash only as Maelstrom dumping Boulderfist should be up with almost 2 stacks again. Repeat Burst Rotation: Always be above 60 Maelstrom, have your buffs from Boulderfist and Flametongue up. Use all your offensive CD's and have a proc of Stormstrike. Then do as follow - Stormstrike on proc > Stormstrike > Lightning Bolt.Deadrowz8 01 Nov
14h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 14h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
29m elemental so whos switching to ele next patch? I know a lot of you went enhancement from ele and that was most likely a personel decision or your guild masters decision to stay in the raid team. The buffs look amazing and it looks so much fun juggleing all the procs and abilities, thoughts?Derpdash0 29m
2h Resto Shaman - Hidden Artifact Skin Just wanted to know if.... A: Has it dropped for you? B: What difficulty was EoA on Normal, Heroic or Mythic +0? C: Did it drop from a boss or trash? C is the most important question as most groups skip the majority of Hatecoil trash hence why I am interested in your experiences. Thanks in advance for any input.Shammoz2 2h
3h Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq201 3h
3h Shaman skill activity I have question about Encha Shaman. Where other classes seem and feel that you can use your skills more rapidly, for paladin for example I can toss my shield, and keep bashing with enemies all the time, I have no skill cooldown in sense cause I have always atleast one or two skills active to use, for Shaman I have noticed that your skills are always on cooldown, you can use only one of them at a time, I can toss a boulder, then wait for the others to become active, then toss lightning, then again have to wait for them to become active. Am I missing something?Maissileipa4 3h
10h Ele or Enh for pvp? Hey guys just wanna know which one should I level enh or elemental? I mainly do pvp.Grokthal6 10h
12h Rsham s2/7.1.5 advice Hey resto shammy On LIVE, i play this : Undulation / Gust / Lightning / Crashing waves / Earthen Shield Totem / EotE / Ascendance On 7.1.5 : Unleash life / Gust / Lightning / Deluge / Earthen Shield Totem / EotE / Ascendance So Undulation => Unleash to buff Chain Heal Crashing Waves => Deluge buff Chain Heal We must forgot ES and play with Spirit Link. Our heals : Healing surge = 475% spellpower Chain heal = 380% spellpower, +20% with deluge talent Spiritlink double heals of chain heal and Rain(not usefull) => 912% Spell power Chain Heal So we do BIG chain heal and we can buff again with Unleash Life We have a new talent Tidebringer : Every 8s, reduce cast time of Chain Heal by 50%. (2 stacks max / can't be instant) So we can top the team on every Unleash CD it's a 1322% spell power chain heal We must play only with caster ? ( Because of link range)Azuréus8 12h
13h Earthen Spike, Lava Lash bugs ? Earthen Spike says: (...)dealing 225384 physical damage(...) but it does only 158115 damage or 316230 when crits. Lava Lash - according to tooltip it should do 139499 but it does 133850 No buffs no debuffs. I tried it as well without any gear on me. The rest of the spells looks fine Bug or tooltip misleading ?Wshaman0 13h
17h Noob shaman seeks advice! Hello, I am a NOOB! and therefor i seek tip/advice from friendly players! normally i play a warlock. But i am kinda sick of them! So i am looking to tryout a new class. I have a boost token and levelled this shaman from 1-60 for the boost token to boost my proffs. So ya, i would like some advice for 110 elemantal shaman. 1) I enjoy a easy FACEROLL rotation, does the ele shaman offer that? i mean ATM for AoE i spam chain + eurthquake. Can i still do that at 110 for AoE? and for solo i spam: flame, lava, lighting and shock at 100 mal. 2) How is ele at 110? do we deal OK/GOOD damage? 3) Does legion have hybird tax? I mean cuz a shaman can heal, am i being punished by lower dps for that? i am a dps, i dont wanna suffer lower damage just becuz i could/can heal. 4) How mobile are we? I am kinda sick of my slow moving lock, so thats why i want a new class, classes that i like are ele shaman, huntard, maybe bal druid. 5) How good is our defence? Thing i like about the lock is demon skin, self healing. it makes gameplay a lil easier! How is that with ele shaman? Are we good in taking damage or do we die easily?Sarguras3 17h
17h Resto shammy ( what to do better) As it is not I am doing +10 mythic and I was wondering if there something I could do better stats are talent vise? I would like to know you just guys to it and how high you are going with it. Best regard NoemataNoemata1 17h
22h Rshaman pvp state I have a few issues with pvp(mostly 3v3) as a resto shaman this season. I feel like resto shamans are not made for the fast phased PvP we have atm and although we might have lots of utility, we are squishy as !@#$(probably the most squishy healer). The fact that we have nothing to use in a stun to get out of it(except medalion) or some kind of instant 'oh %^-*' button, just makes me sad and frustrated to play. We have nothing off of GCD, no instant cc(except wind shear), a pretty slow phased healing output and so many spells to throw down with an "kind of" low effect let alone. Our mana pool is very limited and we have a hard time recovering in general. What I'm trying to say is that I feel like we need one solid change to make us viable/strong again. I'm very interested in hearing about what you guys think should be changed to make us get up there among the likes of holy pallies MW monks and resto druids. And how do you tackle these obstackles like hard switch high burst and cc heavy comps. Just getting 1 hex off on the enemy healer is a huge challenge for resto shamans alone. Let's get a well mannered and interesting discussion going.Tubberware6 22h
23h Elemental shaman PvP - Worth it? I was thinkin on maining a Elemental Shaman for the future - Mainly PvP (2's, 3's and RBG's) can someone help me, how are they at the moment, and how will they be in 7.1.5? Are they worth playing? Thanks :DValki2 23h
1d 7.1.5.? Enhancement or Elemental for PvP? and for PvE? thxBelenoss0 1d
1d Trinkets for enhancement, swarming plaguehive? Hi! What trinkets would you guys say are BiS for enhancement shamans at the moment? I checked on Icy Veins, where it said that Swarming Plaguehive is currently one of the BiS trinkets, Bloodthirsty Instinct being the second BiS trinket. But isn't Plaguehive for elemental shamans/other caster-classes? Can enhancement shamans use it, and in that case, does it benefit enhancement also? Thank you.Rhena11 1d
1d Sorry but, have 1 gotten elite shoulders yet? i got belt 5x cloak 4x and legs like 6x and all other items 1-2 times but i havent seen a single shaman with elite shoulders. bugged?ßøömßôxgædx4 1d
1d Question about Deluge Hello, When running deluge, If the primary tagret of CH is under HR, do everyone get the increased healing. And similar question, when running Unleash Life, does it increase the first heal or the whole CH? Thanks :)Eigyr1 1d
1d About 7.1.5 PTR Enha Shaman Changes I will talk about our problems. Our strong and weak sides. -Enha shaman single target dps and burst potention acceptable good for now. -2-3 Target dps is also good but with legendaries. CL is not enough to compete many other classes. -4+ target aoe is weak for sure. Especially for burst situations. I know Blizzard trying to balance all dps specs. Like if you are top single target dpser you have to suffer at aoe. If your job is cleave everything you have to accept to stay behind someone at single target and i think it is really acceptable. OFC there are a lot of details like bursts, sustains situations, time , target numbers etc. Lets look at the Enha Shaman little bit at PTR. 1) First you gave us FOA buff to %90. We all jumped to space because we had weakest aoe burst and sustain potential till now. But you took it back to %52 because it was too op with legendaries like chest am i right? There is a solution. Stop nerfing FOA back and nerf Legendary chest. So people without chest can compete with others at cleave. 2) Second i will talk about Boulderfist. If you calculate well you will see Boulderfist maelstorm generation has no benefit for our maximum dps. Our maximum dps coming from our procs and blocking from global cooldown. Boulderfist benefit is passive buffs more then maelstorm. In the other hand looks like we will use Hot Hand with 4 set bonus and wrist legendary. I am okay with that too and actually can't wait to see it. But this rotation is bound to wrist legendary also. Wrist legendary is prio for that rotation and making HUGE differences and pin down itself. There is a solution for that too. Don't give us that much Lava Lash damage with that Legendary but give us more maelstorm with rocbitter. Because when we use Hot Hand we already loosing buffs from boulderfist don't punish enha with maelstorm also. Because hot hand and foa rotation is really makes us maelstorm starve. We have couple more problems but i think people and Blizzard can see the idea of it. A key of making a spec efficent is making it fun to play. If you don't pin us down to legendaries or only 1 talent. Nerfs and buffs will be acceptable. Sometimes if you buff some maelstorm to a little spell like rockbitter it can be more satisfying then buffing wrist Legendary like a hell.Kagitsume12 1d
1d How is shaman? Hey shaman freinds. i have a 110 shaman wich i always played as an alt but i find it consierdbly more fun than spreist right now. (might jsut be a bit burnt out of the one spec but meh) and was thinking of focusing a bit on my shaman since i play troll shaman and evry hidden artifact skin makes me droll Shoutout zul gon rise. So in your opinions how is shamans? its one of the only classes where i enjoy evry spec througly. so it dosent matter whats the best. But how are you in raids? Mythic+s (do you get declined alot when pugging? as im sick of it as a spreist) aoe? ST? Thanks for your time reading and or answering i hope you enjoy your day/nightSalvadoren9 1d
1d My Enhancement problems (not a rant) How do you guys cope with the enhancement tedium? My last contact with shamans was in cataclysm (played them I mean, I see them running around all the time of course) and even back then enhancement was boosted high enough to be a real alternative. I opted to play elemental back then because the whole kit fascinates me but that aside. With my new shaman project which I intended as healer/DPS I was leveling as elemental to 20 or so then switched over to enhancement to "git it a proper go". The first half hour or so was very weird where I had to adjust myself to the different rotation, abilities (I never used before etc). Anyway if I read the skill-set correctly then FLAMETONGUE is a critical factor in the enhancements damage dealing. You cant really afford to let Flametongue drop and if you do then your DPS suffers. WHY oh why is it such a short-living buff then? 16 seconds doesnt sound too bad at the start until you start hitting things and the most noteworthy thing about it is that I notice its off whenever I look at my buffs. Which forces me to keep my eyes GLUED to the buff area to not miss it drop off. Which leads me to re-cast it whenever i can to avoid missing it dropping off. Which brings me to Flametongue every 12 seconds or so. Over and over and over and over....... Why is it not a toggable status? Its just extra work to keep you busy or am I missing something? Anyway.....the above is my initial take on the enhancement shaman. Obviously I dont "click" with it which wouldnt be so bad if the shaman had real alternatives. As far as I can see tho the elemental specc is inferior in almost every aspect. It got ramp-up time which mostly lead to the fight being over by the time I "warm up". Spells feel like taking an eternity when you see enemy healthbars dropping like 1-sec casts. Even in long fights I "maybe" can catch up to an enhancements initial burst but thats a BIG maybe depending on massive luck regarding procs. I know...whining a lot. Sorry. Well I dont want to give up on the shaman. I dislike playing healer 24/7 so I spice up things with the occasional questing solo or queueing as DPS. Obviously whenever I go group I want to contribute not freeload and let the others do the work. Thats exactly how it feels tho when I go elemental so I kinda gave up on it. Being the 10 minute Buffmaster and only running after the kill-wave isnt fun at all. I tried to get into the enhancement for several hours but depending on your talent choices it comes down to having a 100% uptime of flametongue and frostbrand which is even WORSE for me. Do you folks simply DONT MIND clicking 2 buffs every 12 seconds or does things change at higher level? I m 75 now and really in a bad spot motivation-wise so I m looking for help really. I just need clarification if I m doing stuff wrong (ice veins supports my 100% uptime flametongue take on the matter) or if there are ways around this micro-managing because right absolutely KILLS the fun for me. Enhancement is no fun (see reasons above) Elemental is too bad (compared to enhancement) Displaimer...I dont want to be "teh best" by any means but it would be nice to contribute for real if you know what I mean. help a shaman-trainee out, shower me with your knowledgeRhainbow12 1d
1d Artifact lvl 35 bug? does not show correctly? Hello! I finally managed to reach my lvl 35 trait (the one that increases my healing by 5%, as im resto). It seems like it is buggy tho as the next reward (lvl 36) grants me with yet another 5% increased healing? Is this just a tooltip bug or? Anyone else having the same issue?Haglbøsse3 1d
1d Shaman Elemental summoning How come the mage has access to a permanent Elemental when in reality it should be the Elemental Shaman that has that? Give mage a shield which makes more sense and the ability to summon a familiar in a way that Shamans can do now, as in not a permanent one. The Elemental Shaman should definately be the one that have the permanent summon, even a choice between the different ones. It just feels very backwards now.Manderion8 1d
1d Repeat legendary items Ir is possible to drop the same legend what you own? Or always drop others legend?Gerantin1 1d
1d Legendary and talent question. So I have the Eye of the Twisting Nether legendary and can't decide which talent to use. If I use Ancestral Swiftness, I will have better baseline aoe If I use Hailstorm I will have better single target AoE is more important in the type of content that I'm doing which is mythic+ But the legendary is more rewarding if I use Hailstorm because of the buff it provides when I deal frost damage. So should I: -Use Ancestral Swiftness with frostbrand solely for the damage bonus. -Use Hailstorm and maintain frostbrand in all situations. -Use Hailstorm but ignore frostbrand in aoe situations. -Use Ancestral Swiftness and ignore frostbrand.Haoxiong0 1d
1d Totems & HP So how much HP does your totems have? I mean, earthbind/grab, skyfury etc. Cus I remember most of your totems having FIVE (5) hp and apparently I they have..well, 200k hp? Gimme some insight on this shizExemplis0 1d
1d I'am greeting my fellow new friends Hello new friends! I create this topic to say hello to all of my new shaman friends. I've been a player since vanilla. Back in the day i played alliance and we couldnt even play the shaman class! After playing this game with ups and downs i decided to roll a shaman resto next to my main Warlock. I've always been a healer from Classic to WoTLK and i've been missing it. So now i've returned as a shaman, mean green orc :D I get a good vibe from the shaman community and i wanted to introduce myself (: Greetings! /bowGangstergoat0 1d
1d Shamanistic healing trait First i wanna say, 7.1.5 changes are rly good. But there is still problem with survival. Artifact trait Shamanistic healing heals for nothink, boost that trait is simple way how to make ele survi better and make this trait usable.Garythos0 1d
2d Bring Back MOVEMENT While Casting-- Hello Blizzard <3 if you see this, can you please reconsider bringing back movement while casting Lightning Bolt, even if you make it so that our movement speed is reduced by 50% while casting it if you have to! I never understood why you got rid of it, and I'm sure you have your reasons but come on! a little bit of movement while casting is harmless, as long as there's a side effect to it of course. Elemental Shamans are absolutely boring without it.Throdir4 2d
2d Is it just me or Leveling as a ele shammy a pain in the !@#? Im dying pretty often and my damage can be quite low sometimes.. does this change later when I have decent gear or do more ppl have this problem? Cheers!Finaso8 2d
2d Wind shear - resto...? So im curious, why does resto shammies have Wind shear (kick) and no other healer has it? Forgot to remove that !@#$ like among every other healer which had their kick removed? please do elaborateExemplis9 2d
2d Shaman damage taken Hi all, Does the amount of damage a shaman takes improve later on? I level as enhancement mainly but try out elemental on occasion and it seems like I'm forever at 50% or so. Things seem to rip me Down fast, if I pull 3 or more mobs it's like a frantic battle to survive. Is it just how it is?Nayfun3 2d
2d Any working comp for 2s as ele? What can you run and make it work?Puzzle5 2d
2d Bye goldentraits Just leaving this here. Datamined changes. These changes just make no sense. The affected classes should get an artifact power refund. So that you can invest it again while avoiding the gold traits. edit: What would be good is getting an artifact power refund, after a patch with significant changes. As a safetymeasure for how it can influence your spec or class. So that you can invest it differently in your spec, in a different spec or different class.Yashzhyl8 2d
2d Woodoo Totem Woodoo totem is cool talent. I find it good as a resto shaman in bg's. Its good for buying you some breathing room when you are getting focused by melee. I find it espesially good when hunters put their pets on you tho sometimes it does not seem to work on them. Always use it on myself it's pretty much useless for anything else. Only problem i have with this talent is that you can walk out from it to remove the hex . And then walk back in. It only lasts 10 seconds so why not make it so if you walk back in you get hexed again while the totem is up. I would love the 10 seconds of breathing time to set up some totems and heal myself and others. Some people who know this ability just walk out and come in again so the hex is only like 2 seconds duration.Wreckmachine0 2d
3d Best comp for rsham in 2's? Hi guys. I don't put alot of time into this game anymore, but I got to 1800mmr with DH pretty quickly last week but then better players started ccing dh and killing me and stuff. What is a good comp for a rshaman to climb a little higher?Pabooklas7 3d
3d stats piorrity Ele shaman 7.1 Hello. I do scaliing my stats on simcraft a i have results: Gerantin": Intellect=10.19, CritRating=8.61, HasteRating=10.68, MasteryRating=6.60, Versatility=8.86 ) It is possible to my piorrity is: Haste> Intelect> Verssality>=Crit>>Mastery That mean i need use all gems and enchant to haste and gear with haste and verssality?Gerantin1 3d
3d New scalling on PTR 7.1.5 Hello, On new patch scalling on neck, rings will be change that : "Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Jewelry Secondary Stat Increases The latest build increases secondary stats scaling with item level on jewelry. You can see one example below and check out the stats of your items on the PTR site." That mean if you have better ilvl ring or neck you get some precent more stats to get always better ilvl item. Next change is secondary stats rating: " Critical Strike - Now requires 400 rating per 1% Critical Strike, up from 350. Haste - Now requires 375 rating per 1% Haste, up from 325. Mastery - Now requires 400 rating per 1 Mastery, up from 350. Versatility - Now requires 475 rating per 1% damage and healing increase, up from 400. Now requires 950 rating per 1% damage taken reduction, up from 800." For me this change do our primmary stats always the best like Intellect(ele shaman) or Agillity(enh) What do you think about this change. I am happy about this becouse sometimes i drop better item and i need to disenchant becouse have worst stats, but after 7.1.5 patch go live i can use this for my better stats always be intellect.Gerantin2 3d
3d Elemental Shaman hidden artifact torture Anyone managed to get the Elemental Shaman hidden artifact appearance? If so how long did it take you? Been farming for two days and still nothing, farmed roughly 12k eyes in the process. Such a silly idea - forcing arguably the worst PvP spec in game into probably the worst PvP area (for classes like this) - it's just torture. On top of that the mobs don't spawn for long since as soon as the option to take the guard off of duty comes available someone does it and they don't spawn when PvP is enabled there. /rageoverInsomnya9 3d
3d Elemental Weapon and Shield when casting Is it a visual bug that Elemental Shamans have their weapon and shields out when casting? It looks absolutely atrocious. Any idea?Övergiven7 3d
3d Bring back unleash elements Please :(. For ely it was insanely fun to use and your lava b hits for nothing atm. In 7.1.5 you most likely gonna give up icefury for L. Rod so it would be nice.Zelwar11 3d
3d Let's wait and see - can't believe I said that. After reading about the Earth shield nerf, I freaked out. But, after playing with spirit link -- pretty much for the past few weeks, and find it to be Ok. ATM, an undispellable Earth shield probably is generally better, but there are other changes that appear mighty tasty. Namely, they moved some of our talents around and added a new one which puts chain heal at 50% reduced cast time (twice, every 8 seconds), AND move the calming waters into another row. The ramifications of all this, for an average player? It forces us to almost take the spirit link path. Like it or not, Earth shield is just garbage against anyone that can dispell it. 12 second cooldown (is too long imho), but it cripples that talent against any team(s) that have any type of dispeller. Still functions decent against anyone that cannot dispell it, though. Bear in mind, though, it's possible, if you're taking a lot of damage, you will use up all three charges pretty fast, and still be on cooldown -- so yeah the nerf is not to be underestimated. It is harsh. spirit link is quite good if you can always get two people to join you, to split the damage. If you just get one, it's not 'as good.' Because, now two people will be taking hellacious damage. When it's split over 3 people it's more manageable. The benefits are thus: You, or your partner, are not as easy to burst down, since 50% of damage gets redistributed. Big win. Also, any effects like incapacitates, sheeps, etc, that break on damage are effectively null and void. Another big win. Big loss: key word above - redistributed. So, as a consequence, as some cleaves put out a massive amount of damage, you will see your entire teams health drop like flame torch to 3 sticks of butter. So, you have to spam heals. I went back to calming waters (nerf was not nice, but anyway), 70% is 70% reduced time on interrupts. But, this helps when you are spam healing. Second, now that we will get a new talent which reduces cast time of chain heal (I guess they really want us using chain heal), will offset this spirit link limitation of distributed damage. will be interesting to see how it works out. I am a harsh critic, but I guess I will wait and see til 7.1.5 comes out, before I say it's the end. While I won't go out and say it looks promising, I will say that who knows, maybe. I still think Earth shield shouldn't be nerfed so harshly. 6 seconds would have sufficed.Jalisco0 3d
3d Shaman leveling specs Hello guys :). I know that this question might've been asked before but I couldn't find some recent enough post about it. I'm tired of playing rogue, being basically stuck on one spec and gathering Blizzard nerf hammer effects, so I decided to take back my lvl 100 shaman and probably making it my new main. So I would like to know, which one would be the most "powerful" spec for leveling ? Thanks a lot ! (I've been playing Resto on Wotlk and Enhancement on WoD if that helps)Lockhearts2 3d
4d Shaman Ele ptr new build New build on ptr: Nerf EOTE talent- now has only 2 charge :/ Nerf EF by 5% Change our Mastery : You Lighting bolt , Cl. And LB. Have a 18% chance to trigger a second cast on the same target for 75 % of normal dmg, and 75% MAELSTORM GENERATION. IS this new mastery is boost or nerf? What do you think?Gerantin16 4d
4d Haste or crit secondary stats Ele shaman Hello, Today i emulation by simcraft my both tricket on the same itlvl 850 with 1 trinket have value intellect and crit 2 trinket have value intelect and haste(teh same value that crit on first trinket) Teorretically first trinket should do more dps, but when i simulation i see is better dps do second trinket with haste. Mayby our better secondary stats is haste not crit? Or haste= critGerantin14 4d
4d Shamanistic healing trait feedback In my case it would heal for aproximatly 130K. Which is around 6-7% of my health. 1 healing surge heals double of that. I really think this needs to be increased by 200-300% to be even worth taking with a chance to crit perhaps. It feels really underwhelming to get a 130k heal while your are on your way to dying. Imo it should heal for 10-15% minimal. Or make it heal you for 30% and let it deplete 15% of the health gained after 20 seconds or so. What are your thoughts fellow breathren?Drasq23 4d
5d Taking DPS to the next level. I'm just wondering how to further improve my DPS to reach the 95th percentile in raids. I'm quite steadily over the 70th percentile, sometimes over 80th and even 90th at times. And other times i'm ofc far below due to death, getting targeted by literally everything, or just poor play and no stormbringer procs for ages. I'm new to enhancement this expansion after being ele and resto since wrath, so i might have made some gearing mistakes, and i found that having haste food improves my dps atm instead of mastery food. I would like some tips on how much mastery is safe to drop to gain more haste to hopefully improve dps. My rotation is still not perfect, i know i have things to fix there. We have a fury warrior in the guild that is constantly beating me on dps and i would like to claim my rightful spot at the top (yes, i'm very competitive). And several other players seems to be hitting the 95th percentile for their class all the time. Even though i do more dps it just looks bad on the logs if you're one of the few lower than that. Here is my toon on warcraftlogs feel free to check it out and tell me how to "fix it". (PS; dont look at nyth mythic, i'm so ashamed lol)Ahriku8 5d
5d New legendary item replace gloves on7.1.5 Hello, I see on mmo champion that they do new legendary head for Ele shaman is replaced gloves. I think is awesome 100 % buff our BL effect that mean BL for us is will be last 80 seconds! Is very strong Legend on raid bosses.Gerantin2 5d
5d Elemental shaman trinket question So I have 4 trinkets from which I can't really decide which is better.They are: 875 Bough of Corruption 865 Oakheart's Gnarled Root 870 Corrupted Starlight 870 statstick 1486 int 1005 vers I did some sims on mr robot - Ursoc and AoE and the results I've gotten are AoE - 1st place 598k with statstick, 2nd place 590k Oakheat,3rd place 582k Starlight and 574k Bough Ursoc - 371k Oakheart,367 statstick,363 Bough of Corruption and 359k Starlight. This list on the other hand puts Bough of Corruption as the best 1 out of these 4. So any elemental shaman that has researched this can give me some advice here ?Thelanaar3 5d