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5d FEEDBACK: Trial of Valor (Raid Finder) The Trial of Valor raid will be opening very shortly for testing on Raid Finder difficulty, and will remain open through tomorrow. Please use this thread to provide feedback, bug reports, and other relevant commentary.Watcher3 5d
18 Oct FEEDBACK: Guarm (Mythic) Please use this thread to provide feedback, bug reports, and other discussion of the Guarm encounter in Trial of Valor.Watcher5 18 Oct
17 Oct FEEDBACK: Odyn (Mythic) Please use this thread to provide feedback, bug reports, and other discussion of the Odyn encounter in Trial of Valor.Watcher2 17 Oct
20 Sep 7.1 PTR Dungeon/Raid Testing Plans Please read the message from Watcher regarding the testing plans for the 7.1 PTR: This is an unusual PTR, in that we don't typically have fresh dungeon and raid content to test when a new expansion has just launched, but then again, Legion isn't exactly the typical expansion. For testing purposes, we'll be treating Karazhan like a Normal-mode raid, since that's what it resembles in most ways except raid size. That means it'll be closed for the majority of the PTR cycle, but we'll open it up at least a couple of times for a couple of days (without any attunement required, though one will be on live - for testing you'll be able to just zone in) at a time for open-ended testing and feedback. We also have Trial of Valor to test, as well as a few Nighthold bosses we'll want to revisit for numerical tuning. We realize that most raiding guilds are going to have their hands quite full starting next week, but we're going to try to sneak in one raid testing day on Monday (probably around 1pm PDT, 10pm CEDT). We'll update with exact testing details within a day or so, assuming server stability holds up. I sincerely apologize on behalf of the team for all this content, and thank you in advance for any time you take away from the live servers in order to help us test it. Aerythlea9 20 Sep
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5h [Feral] Ironfeather Armor Really, Blizzard? Why would you give us such a useless PvP talent over Shapemender? I don't know if you may or may not have noticed but we FERAL DRUIDS don't have Moonkin Form. Doesnt this also go against your own policy of not making a talent for other talent? No FERAL DRUID in PvP uses the Balance affinity for the Moonkin form, besides it having a 1.5 minute cooldown, which already makes it useless, it a straight up dps loss compared to our own Feral bleeds. The fact that it's ranged is almost irrelevant as well with our mobility. We would use it for the extra range in Cat Form, but we don't pick it because our mobility lets us hit targets just fine and the damage reduction from Guardian affinity is simply too good to pass up. Hell, even Restoration affinity is better then Balance affinity. As I see it, we now have one more dead talent slot in our PvP talents, along with; * Pouncing strikes - extra range is irrelevant, a straight up dead and useless talent now. * Blood Trauma - Does not remove dots, so it will instantly break by your own or other dots and does pitiful damage to boot, competes with an actually strong talent King of the Jungle, simply no contest. * Fresh Wound - basicly makes the initial rake hit a 100% critical strike, but only if you let rake fall off in the first place, this goes against your goal as a Feral Druid completely, as you simply want to keep all dots rolling at all times. Competes with Savage Momentum and Rip and Tear, simply no contest and yet another dead talent slot. * Leader of the Pack - Shows how much you actually know about Feral Druid PvP, shred is simply never used, combo points by the meta Feral Druid are build by moonfire and rake. Shred energy cost is no longer justified after the -35% damage nerf. * Primal Vitality - Prolly one of the worst, not only does casting regrowth take you out of stealth, but it takes you out of Cat Form to boot!!! * Fury Swipes - Did you accidentally copy and paste a PvE talent in here or something? We Feral Druids 'cleave' by multidotting, and there are simply never enough targets in arena to justify using trash, or swipe. Hell, it's not even on my bars. competes with King of the Jungle, so you actually gimp yourself by picking this honor talent.Puretrash1 5h
6h RIP Hunters / warlocks / warriors hiGathaa2 6h
1d Zoom slider missing on PTR So, basically the max camera distance slider has disappeared on the PTR. Unsure if this is a bug or a mistake but regardless it kinda needs fixing ASAP. This is a big problem for anyone who doesn't play at absolute full zoom as we use the slider to lock the max zoom to what we play at, that way when a game effect zooms in the camera it is easy to return to normal simply by zooming out, now you have to spend ages figuring out exactly where you had it (which on a boss fight is a nightmare). TLDR: The idiots at Blizzard have pruned yet another important/used feature in order to make the settings UI look cleaner >.>Kaervek7 1d
1d Destru still sucks, like 75% of specs It is good to rework destru talents, now we deal some damage, and we can't be interrupted with the cremation build because we never cast. However, we are already the most fragile spec of the game, and the talent swap make us even more squishy. (demon skin / circle) I am at 2k best elo this season on warlock, but I just played ~15 skirmishes and I didnt win any, also I never survived more than 10 sec, getting totally rollfaced by mongo melees, even with the 2M absorb on dark pact. There is just nothing to do, no matter what you try, you will just die in few seconds. Again, why are we the most fragile spec of the game ? Devs said they want to make warlocks immobiles but tanky. Even a mage standing still has more healings/absorbs, for the same armor (armor does not matters btw, because nobody deal physical damage for some reasons, nowadays) Also affli is unplayable now, UA backlash deal 67K per stack instead of ~200k. None of the PvP issues were adressed - 75% of the specs are still unplayables, assa are still totally overpowered, casters are still getting rollfaced by melees. There is only Assa/Disc in v2 high elo. When I see 95% of the feedback totally ignored since Legion Alpha... I just go play a random free-to-play, I give up. Won't wait again few months for 7.2 to see balancing has still not started yet.Oksanah0 1d
1d 7.1 Warlock Talent Swap. Dev's wake up. I honestly don't understand what is running through the minds of these developers. do YOU honestly think that cutting our survivability in half and giving us Demonic circle gonna help us? Its gonna detroy the class completely, thats what its gonna do. Warlocks need to be tanky. We are not a mage god dammit. Giving us 1 mobility spell gonna change NOTHING. All melees have so many gap closers that it doesnt matter. Already as it is right now, Warlock is one of least played classes of them all (No wonder) If you really think warlocks have too much survivability, fix it with tuning numbers, not this stupid sh*t you are doing here. You are already nerfing Dark Pact by nerfing Demonic empoverment. WHICH IS WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH. I'm sick of these BS balance changes happening in this game I've never seen a team of Dev's that are worse in balancing classes than WoW dev's. I cant imagin where this stupidity comes from, i honestly don't. If this change goes through, i'm done, gonna UNSUB right away, never coming back. I've played this game since 2005, but this is litterly one of the worst things i've seen, along with paladins getting holy power in Cata.Stfuandheal13 1d
1d Retribution Paladin in 7.1 I took my time and played the PTR a little bit, and I know the changes are not set to stone yet, but I am concerned about the approach here. None of the changes I saw make sense, while our basic design flaws remain untouched. Lets talk about Blade of Wrath first. You are taking away sustained damage from a spec that already has poor sustain. We do not want art of war back. Most rets I talked with like blade of wrath as it is now, and there are still rets that prefer the x3 crit damage talent. A lot of rets were stunned by the fact that you want to remove it. Instead of changing something that works well and has been accepted, why don't you focus your time and energy on things that are more important. Like our design flaws. None of our active damage dealing talents scale well with our artifact traits. Its very early in the expansion, and both execution sentence and justicar's vengeance are a dps loss talents. The only reason most rets use JV is because there is no other choice, and it somewhat helps in 5 mans, but is still very situational, especially if you are running Crusade on live. Another decision I dont understand is the changes to crusade. Even with bloodlust and my trinket proc i barely reached 10 stacks of it. I completely do not understand whats the point of using crusade in 7.1, unless I am missing something significant. Please, reconsider these changes, and please do work on our design flaws. Regards, concerned retribution paladin.Comply85 1d
2d Feral AoE is still too low in 7.1 I just wanted to bring attention to this problem, and the discussion and observations in this thread on is interesting: Observations are: - Feral AoE sucks, and even on higher levels (M+10), Ferals are doing 2/3 of the AoE of better classes, with an AoE build! Simply not competitive. - Feral speccing single target are just on par with other classes, who beat Ferals easily on the AoE. - When Feral is speccing for AoE, holy paladins (!) do 80% of a Feral's single target damage! - If you want to do some competitive game play in Mythic+ as Feral, you should spec Guardian! My conclusions: - The design idea of single target/AoE dps specs is conceptually flawed and it will never work. ALL dps specs have to bring competitive AoE and single target dps. Until that happens, the so called "AoE specs" will rule in Mythic+. - The design idea of "Let's give Ferals a good AoE talent, so they can choose between that and better single target" is therefore also conceptually flawed. So, devs: Eat your pride, admit these design mistakes and get to buffing Feral AoE now. You have just over a week. Get to it.Whitepaw10 2d
2d 7.1 Warlock talent swap. We are saved ! Finally ! Shadowburn, Demonic circle and Shadow Fury are base line again. You can check new talents here : Thanks so much Blizzard for listening feedbacks.Shred3 2d
2d PvP Spell Modifiers still won't fix it DISCLAIMER: 1 - Everything below is my opinion 2 - None of it is buff/nerf requests 3 - Numbers suggested are illustrative - focus on the concepts. Throughout all the changes Blizzard has ever made for the sake of PvP balance, there has been a constant issue that was never addressed: Damage grows at a much faster rate than Defense. Damage growth from Stats is Curve. Stat growth from Gear is also Curve. Apparently disregarded, Armor also causes the balance between Physical and Magical damage to shift in favor of Magical as an expansion progresses. Because of this, Blizzard always has had to buff and nerf classes all the time as an expansion goes on. Sometimes it is a legitimate issue with an ability/mechanic/spec/class, but often it's just the Stats and Scaling at odds with PvP or PvE Balance. In PvP, it's usually in favor of casters and classes with active Healing. In PvE, it's role scaling vs fight mechanics. At the start of every expansion - ignoring grossly unbalanced specs that ended getting hotfixed shortly after - since the dps:health ratio is at its lowest, we have attriction/mana wars, where the teams wear each other down and healers don't have enough healing and/or enough mana efficiency... ...but as gear improves, the dps:health ratio becomes higher, and by the end of an expansion, people are exploding each other in seconds, and a target either dies from insane damage or returns to full health from insane healing. Solutions 1 - Introduce Defensive Secondary Stats as the new Tertiary Stats (replacing them). This is definitely the most important change. 1.1 - Defensive Secondary Stats could include: - Vitality - Increases the effectiveness of received heals and absorbs (including self-cast). - Toughness - Reduces damage taken by X%, with diminishing returns. - Leech - Y% of damage and healing done gained as Health. 1.1.1 - Certain specs might modify the behavior of defensive secondary stats. Leech might shield Paladins instead of healing them. 1.2 - Remove Versatility from the game. Out of all secondary stats, Versatility is the only one that has zero mechanical interaction, and the suggested Defensive Secondary Stats "Vitality" and "Toughness" effectively replace it. 1.3 - Itemization Changes Currently, most pieces of gear have 2 Secondary Stats. With this suggestion, - Head, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Legs and Boots instead have 1 Offensive Secondary Stat and 2 Defensive Secondary Stats. - Main-Hand, Off-Hands, Neck, 2x Rings, Cloak and Belt instead have 2 Offensive Secondary Stats and 1 Defensive Secondary Stat. - Trinkets suffer no change as they are unique enough. This fixes more than one issue... A) On one hand, it makes survivability growth Curve as well, reducing the Damage:Defense ratio growth across seasons, and preventing the burst wars. B) On the other hand, since it splits items into 2 groups - Defensive and Offensive - each individual item upgrade will feel more exciting for its intended role. This means Blizzard has a reduced/no need to make stat jump exponentially between tiers. C) Gear becomes more important in PvE, not less, because even DPSers need enough survivability to withstand damage or amplify healing enough to stay alive. 2 - Armor now also grants Resistance (reducing Magical damage taken) based on Type. On a 1 to 4 scale: Plate has 4 Armor and 1 Resistance. Mail has 3 Armor and 2 Resistance. Leather has 2 Armor and 3 Resistance. Cloth has 1 Armor and 4 Resistance. Note: This maintains the fantasy of magic penetrating Heavy Armor, but adds some anti-magic defense scaling. 3 - Make more Defensive abilities/mechanics scale with offensive Stats In Warlords of Draenor, Die by the Sword (Arms/Fury Warrior) was a good example of a Defensive ability that somewhat scaled from Offensive Stats when combined with the Talent Anger Management. More abilities should follow this example, and not just with Talents. 4 - Make all stats work the same for PvP and PvE Critical Strike should either deal 50% bonus damage in both PvP and PvE, with the necessary adjustments to rating, or deal 100% bonus damage in both PvP and PvE. This is really just cleaning up, and while a year ago it was relevant for Critical Strike and Multistrike, now it only matters for Critical Strike. This measure exists to solve a problem that the above suggestions remove from the equation. Example of Items Offensive ... Defensive ...Avenjielde4 2d
2d Withered army training Can u guys pls do something with withered training when ppl got DC in the middle od that? Otherwise i have some problems with random dc-s, but on withered 4-5 times everything just gone... Let's us start from the beggining or something like that..Lothbruk0 2d
2d Regarding Death knights 7.1 Hi First of all thank you for listening to the feedback posts regarding frost and unholy. I play both specs and they are at live near bottom of all the dps specs. The Changes for 7.1 are very needed however i dont think they are enough. According to logs posted everywhere we seems to be really bottom tier laggin behind 100k dps to the top tier specs. The Changes to both frost and unholy wont change that, will put us low mid tier. The issue seems to be scaling with abilities ex obliterate dont scale with mastery. There are allot of feedback nregarding both specs. We dont need to be highest on the charts but, to feel competative in a raid enviroment would be great. Allot of the talents feel really iffy, for instance wraith walk could use a fix, lower cd and improved speed. And we get stuck on pebbles, roots etc really often. Almost making it not viable at all. For frost most people would like to see Changes to crystaline swords, breath of sindrigosa and last tier talents like obliteration/breath. Im not a DEV but couldnt we get something like 2 ghost deathknights spawned instead of "flying swords" ? If you are going to keep it a passive ability that is. Frostmourne calls forth long forgotten Death Knights to join it in the fray or whatever. Anything except 2 floating swords really =). Breath of sindrigosa needs a change, lower cd for it to work proper and be a talent to rely upon. Obliteration seems useless and a really minor dps increase. Breath actually makes you lose dps since you cant use froststrike simutaniously. The last ability is chosen by almost everyone and its even bugged, not working half the time. That can tell you how bad the other ones are. Ontop of that we need better scaling with secondary stats > obliterate. If you just give it a % buff we will fall behind in 20 IVLs again. Needing more tuning. Unholy are asking for a better scaling mechanism to. Its falling behind quite fast on the logs. Its to much randomness with the wounds, make it a flat amount on strike. Its a fun spec, however a Little clustered with to much RNG. Also for estetics cant you get rid of the 11 year old abomination? Put in something cool or atleast change the model to something more pleasing to the Eye. Reskin or something. Vrykul, long forgotten DK undead.... just something else. Hoping for more changes so that i dont have to leave my one and only love in wow to compte for raidspots.Azazeél24 2d
2d Feedback: eternal struggle (trait) I play a destro lock and i would like to share my feedback on the wep trait eternal struggle about the fact that it is such a useless trait for me, becuz i NEVER use life tap! Why the hell would i wanna use life tab and lose 10% of my HP, when my choas bolt and rain of fire restores mana for free! Yet i am FORCED to take eternal struggle in order to get a good trait. I mean, come on! What where they thinking: adding eternal struggle into our artifact wep and then add a talent: reverse entropy. That completely make that trait useless! Please re-work eternal struggle into something useful and not this crapScourgefury9 2d
2d Redesigning Retribution Paladin Holy power The 0-5 Holy power system means that any 1 point and 2 point "builder" ability has to be designed so that the cooldowns fits in the sequence. This has made some of the abilities clunky and the system feels forced, because of the long cooldown some of them have. Bad synergy thus haveing the player wait for cooldowns while autoattacking. You are esentially locked out of your character and become a passive observer, just waiting for cooldowns. Not fun. The long cooldown talents are avoided in most talent builds. The "spenders" are between 3 and 5 holy power. Makeing the 5 point spender worthless outside of WoA 5 points or a 20% DP proc. The 0-5 system is clunky, it fits better with a fast dualweilding rogue generateing points every global cooldown. It does not fit with a 2hander. My suggestion is to switch to a 0-100 Holy power system. Different talents could generate different amounts of power not limited to the 1 or 2 value. It would make the system have better synergy. Its easier to balance power generation vs damage on a 100 scale. A 1.5 point builder ability is not possible in the current system, neither is a 3.5 point spender ability. But a 15 point builder would be possible in 100 point system. It makes the system alot more reactive. And it makes damage vs cooldowns alot easier to balance. The Paladin has to many "dead" talents that could easier fit in a 100 point system. Slower skills generat more points, faster skills generate less. Ah well TL;DR i guess.Tyrgrim2 2d
2d Arms Dmg is to low compared to other melees arms dmg needs to go up in pvp! classes like monk ferals rets assa and even dh have more dps and they have more up time on targets with dots and alot of uttilitiys and mre presure arms dmg MUST GO UP or they will start leaving pvp or rereoll (ppl like JoneyfernandezBlizz Champ rerolledto monk smexin best us war rerolled to enh ) its just Wrong to leave arms in the cerrect state PLS FIX ITDownbreak8 2d
2d Feedback: Doom (please read) I would like to share my feedback on one of the most useless de-buffs/spells in the game. Ofcause i am talking about Doom! For thise who dont know what doom does, ill tell you! Doom is a spell that deals x amount of damage AFTER 20sec. You saw it right, it deals damage AFTER x seconds, seems like fun eh? a attack that deals damage after 20sec? Well its NOT! Solo pve: Doom is complete waste of a GCD. In solo gameplay, the mobs die within 8sec and even iff you pull a group of mobs and you play correctly they die within 10sec. Doom takes way to long to go off. Making Doom in solo pve gameplay complete garbage! Pvp: same story! Doom takes way to long to take off and any team with a decent dispeller have more then enough time to make Doom useless Trash: Same story! in MOST encouters, if you are we a decent group, most group trash will die well within 10-12sec. Making doom feel like crap! Bosses: yes! here is where Doom is OK. Bosses take more then 20sec to take down, so casting doom on a boss is usefull. All in all, i find Doom a very boring spell, that is USELESS IN MOST ENCOUNTERS/GAMEPLAY. Therefor i would like to share some sugestions to make doom feel less like garbage. 1) Make doom go off way sooner and make it undispellable in pvp. Example: doom deals x amount of damage after 8 sec. Doom is undispellable. 2) Make doom a simple DoT, example: Doom deals x amount of damage every 1 sec for 12sec, Doom is undispellable. This way even if the mob(s) die quicky, Doom did atleast some damage. 3) Make doom interact with felgaurd. Create some player - pet interaction. Example: Curse ur target with Doom for 10sec, causing felgaurd to deal X amount increased damage to all mobs cursed by Doom. Personally i like 3) cuz this seem like the most fun and it buffs our already weak cleave a bit! Hope ya all agree with me? Hope blizzard fixes Doom anytime soon!Ostalius5 2d
2d Prestige System 7.1 Prestige System in 7.1 Since everyone will get to keep their Honor Talents in 7.1 even if they Prestiged, completely destroying the Luster of Prestige, At least make the Prestige Grind harder to achieve by Drastically reducing the Honor Gained from All Sources. People will still keep all their Honor talents, but it will take time & effort to hit Prestige. This change will bring back some Luster to the Prestige System. Please consider it. Thanks, Xaero.Xaero0 2d
3d Defensive Stance: Small request. Please! 2004 shield graphics totally clashing with 99.9% of all designs and mogs of 2016. Just use the currently applied mog of the Scale, will ya? Or let us put an inactive shield in the offhand slot... or just use one from the inventory... or give us a set of different glyphs... or.... ANYTHING really, to get rid of that really REALLY bad shield. (And remove the floating spell-effect while you'r at it? Or again: GLYPH!) [Glyph: Classic Defender] Removes the special effects from defensive stance.Ean1 3d
3d BUG REPORT: channel demonfire Channel Demonfire does NOT always activate after casting immolate. When i am in combat and cast immolate, there is a chance Demonfire wont proc and i need to cast it again in order to make it active and it is REALLY anoying! Fix this crap!Scourgefury3 3d
3d Feedback: demonic empowerment Hello, I have played demo for a while bow and i am getting sick of demonic empowerment. I dont hate the spell, i hate the fact i need to re-cast it over und over again in order to get the most out of mine demons. summon hounds > demonic empowerment. Summon imps > demonic empowerment and repeat over and over again! Please re-work demonic empowerment. My suggestion is: demonic empowerment 30 sec CD Instant cast demonic empowerment empowers ur summoning skills! improving ur current demon(s) and all upcomming demons by increasing the haste and heath by X% and increases there damage done by% via mastery. Last 30sec Something like this i could life with. 30sec mini buff, instant!Scourgefury1 3d
3d Why blizz remove charge ????? wath are wrong with this, they remove charge from warrior really why .....????Mísswarrior3 3d
3d Demonbolt + talent suggestion It feels very out of place for a level 100 talent to give nothing else than replace Shadowbolt. I mean Demonology is all about summoning Demons and our synergy with Demons, shouldn't Demonbolt be baseline for Demonology instead of Shadowbolt? It would fit the class fantasy far better, siphoning power from our demons to empower our attack. And speaking off class fantasy, apparently Warlocks are the immobile but tanky caster type so why not give us a new level 100 talent that works with that? Yes I do indeed have an idea. Replace Shadowbolt with Demonbolt as baseline and make a new level 100 talent something like: Demonic Ritual - Conjure a demonic ritual circle at your feet. While standing within the circle your connection with the Twisting Nether is greatly enhanced allowing you to reach in and pull demons into our reality to temporarily serve you. X% chance with every spell to summon a random demon for 10-15 seconds.(no limit) +X% damage for caster and demons while standing inside the circle. +X% haste for demon summoning spells while standing inside the circle. -X% damage taken while standing inside the circle.Joculari2 3d
3d Arms warrior suggestions. Concern: Only one build. Total cookie cutter locking. Sweepinng strikes situational, but requires a tome every time. Charge-Stun Absolute must have for pvp (and pve). It adds a nice set of assist skill and makes a whole lot of difference between good and mediocre warriors. Defensive Stance baseline, with the DS talent removing the cooldown. Heroic Strike Give back this off GCD ability as a baseline ragedump. Sweeping strikes baseline and activated off the gcd for x seconds at some ragecost. Rend swap to former sweeping strikes spot in the tree, dmage increased *new* Overkill: Overpower benefits from SD charges in the place where rend is now In for the kill: Execute damage increased by 30%(?) if MS debuff is present on target. Trauma: Duration increased to 10 seconds, also applied by Overpower. Titanic Might: Shattered Defenses now has two charges Blademaster: (Replaces Ravager) Bladestorm now makes you immune to all loss of control effects while active and triggers Trauma if specced. oh, and ofc - remove the super-ugly visuals from the defensive stance! Just give us a shield from our inventory, or the Scale (WITH it's mogs)! Or just none at all. Most definately not a 2004 shield with additional floating magic shields around us. Thanks.Ean7 3d
3d Wlocks Nice choasbolt hitting 900k- over 1mil niiiceeeeXelioth18 3d
3d Windwalkers NEED Fist of Fury Stun Ok so, i logged in today to my horror to see Windwalkers have been nerfed in our last tier of PVP Talents. Fist of Fury, has had an increased range and the targets movement speed is reduced instead of stunning them? Ok so lets break this down into 3 aspects. Firstly for offensive pressure we need our fists to stun otherwise our main nuke is easy shut down. Legit if we ever pop FoF we can just be stunned etc and then its gone. Defensively we need the stun to stop pressure on ourselves and in terms of teammates last we cant use it to peel for them. We have had this ability since monk launched, its already bad enough we have to waste a honor talent to make it stun people but now that sacrificed talent is only a slow... Please blizzard try and rethink the depths of this change. Even if the old trade off came back the community would be a lot happier, dont let us move while casting it?? Please dont ruin this class.Trep30 3d
3d Blizzard did something for reverse entropy ? Because Rain of fire is instant since last patch. And talent still amputated.Xanarius1 3d
3d My Retribution Dream DISCLAIMER Everything below is my opinion None of it is buff/nerf requests Numbers suggested are illustrative - focus on the concepts. INDEX 1 - Consecration 2 - Auras 3 - Seals 3.1 - Seal-related Changes 4 - Mobility 5 - Baseline Abilities 6 - Talents 7 - Traits 1 - CONSECRATION The Paladin should be its strongest while standing in holy ground. Protection embraces this concept in Legion, but it should be integral to the class. [Suggestion] Consecration - 15 second cooldown. Consecrates the ground for 6 seconds, granting the Paladin X% increased Damage and Healing while standing in it. Holy Power spenders increase its Duration by 3 sec and its Radius by 1 yd, both up to 15, but only 1 Consecration can be active at any time. --- Meant for 100% uptime in PvE, but requires skill/teamwork in PvP to benefit from as much as 6 seconds. No baseline damage. This would greatly help Blizzard balance Paladins between PvP and PvE, allowing them to make us feel powerful and compete in PvE while having counterplay in PvP. 2 - AURAS Auras are another core concept of Paladins. Legion Holy Paladins have the best iteration of Auras to date, but it should be integral to the class. Unlike Holy, I suggest Retribution's Auras only buff the Paladin, and Aura Mastery empowers & extend their effect(s) to allies. Since my suggestions below are baseline and you can swap at will, they're defensive. If you had to choose one from Talents like Holy, they'd probably be offensive auras. Holy's Devotion Aura should be renamed Sanctuary since it reduces all damage and Devotion Aura has been about armor/physical damage. [Suggestion] Last until cancelled. You can only have one Aura active at a time. Devotion Aura - Reduce physical damage taken by 5% and the duration of physical effects on you by 15%. Aura Mastery: Damage reduction increased to 20%, duration reduction increased to 50%. Sanctity Aura - Magical version of Devotion Aura. Aura Mastery - 2 min cooldown. Empowers your current Aura and extends its effects to allies within 40 yds for 6 seconds. 3 - SEALS Paladins wield the Light while Warriors fight with savagery. We need more than animations to reflect that distinction. Vanilla Seals, despite their various flaws, came the closest to accomplish this. Spending a few GCDs empowering ourselves during combat was the most "Paladin" I ever felt playing the class. [Suggestion] Seals are affected by GCD and share 2 Charges with a 12 second Recharge (reduced by Haste). They provide 2 single-use benefits: Empower your next Judgment Empower your next use of one of a few specific abilities. Different Seals stack. --- Seal of Truth - Causes your next Judgment to also apply Censure to your target, increasing Holy damage taken from you for 30 seconds. Only 1 target can be affected by your Censure at any one time. In addition, you are granted Divine Truth for 6 seconds, empowering the next Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm: Templar's Verdict - Guaranteed critical strike. Damage increased by critical chance. Divine Storm - Damage doubled against the target affected by your Censure and grants Eternal Truth, reducing the cost of your Templar's Verdict by 1 for 20 seconds. Seal of Righteousness - Causes your next Judgment to also hit enemies within X yds of your target. In addition, you are granted Divine Righteousness for 6 seconds, empowering the next Consecration, Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm: Consecration - Also pulses Holy damage. Pulse rate affected by Haste. Templar's Verdict - Hits all targets in front of you and grants Eternal Righteousness, reducing the cost of your Divine Storm by 1 for 20 seconds. Divine Storm - Guaranteed critical strike. Damage increased by critical chance. Seal of Justice - Causes your next Judgment to have an additional 10 yds Range and also supress Movement Speed increasing effects, preventing enemies from moving faster than normal. In addition, you are granted Divine Justice for 6 seconds, empowering the next Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm: Templar's Verdict - 10 yds Range. Cannot be avoided. Damage increased by 75% if you are affected by a slow or daze. Damage increased by 75% if your target is moving. Damage increased by 75% if your target is affected by a temporary Movement Speed increase. Divine Storm - Slows moving enemies by 50% and increases their damage taken by X% for 6 seconds. Consecration - Enemies cannot enter or leave your Consecration for 6 seconds. 3.1 - Seal-related Changes Crusader Strike & Blade of Justice - Cooldown increased to make room for Seals. Judgment - Hits one enemy by default, but AoE with Seal of Righteousness. 4 - MOBILITY Paladin mobility should be more like Death Knights (relentless) and less like Warriors (acrobatic). I don't think Divine Steed makes sense for Paladin, but it's my opinion, so at least it should be an option - a Talent - and not baseline, so those that love the idea still have it available. [Suggestion] Divine Steed becomes a Talent again and is replaced by 2 passives: Long Arm of the Law - Passive. Your Judgment increases your movement speed by 45% and suppresses slows and dazes on you for 3 seconds. Perseverance - Passive. Whenever a movement impairing effect is applied on you, you gain 1 charge of Holy Power. 5 - BASELINE ABILITIES Judgment - 15 sec base cooldown (up from 12). Damage and Mastery effect increased as necessary. Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds if target dies while affected by your Judgment. Note: Our Mastery is meant to be a window of heavy damage. Currently that window is so long with such a short cooldown that some Haste turns it into a boring permanent damage bonus. Word of Glory - 2 Charges. 1 min recharge. Single target. Greater Blessings - Removed. Auras take their place. 6 - TALENTS Level 15 1 - The Fires of Justice - Stacks 15% Chance until it procs. 2 - Execution Sentence - 30 sec (up from 20) base cooldown (reduced by Haste). Benefits from Divine Seal effects without consuming them: Truth - Guaranteed critical strike. Damage increased by critical chance. Righteousness - Hits all enemies within 8 yds of the target. Justice - Daze for 3 sec. 3 - Blade of Wrath - Now deals its full damage in one hit. Critical strikes generate an additional charge of Holy Power. Level 30 1 - Greater Seals - The Divine effects of your Seals last 50% longer and affect 1 additional ability. 2 - Swift Seals - Reduces the cooldown of your Seals by 2 sec and increases their maximum number of charges by 1. 3 - Zeal - Using a Seal makes your next Holy Power spender free, and every point of Holy Power spent reduces the cooldown on your Seals by 0.25 sec. Level 45 1 - Fist of Justice - No Change. 2 - Repentance - No Change. 3 - Blinding Light - No Change. Level 60 1 - Final Verdict - Your Templar's Verdict increases the damage of your next Divine Storm by X%, and your Divine Storm increases the damage of your next Templar's Verdict by Y%. Stacks up to 3 times. 2 - Wrathbringer - 1 min cooldown (reduced by Haste). 5 Holy Power. Instant. Unleashes 8 Holy bolts over 2 seconds on each enemy affected by your Judgment, dealing Holy damage. You then gain 5 charges of Holy Power over 15 seconds (reduced by Haste). 3 - Consecrated Blade - Blade of Justice used on an enemy inside your Consecration hits all enemies inside it and benefits from your Mastery. Level 75 1 - Justicar's Vengeance - No Change. 2 - Divine Intervention - No Change. 3 - Vengeful Light - Passive. Your Word of Glory deals X% of its Healing as damage to enemies affected by your Judgment. Level 90 1 - Fist of the Heavens - 1 min cooldown (reduced by Haste). 3 Holy Power. 40 yd Range. Ascend into the Light, breaking free from movement impairing effects, becoming untargetable and descending on the target 1 second later, wherever he is, dealing Holy damage to enemies affected by your Judgment and refreshing its duration on them. 2 - Divine Steed - Replaces Long Arm of the Law. 2 Charges. 45 sec recharge (reduced by Haste). Summons your Holy mount to ride for 3 sec, increasing movement speed by 100% (120% with Heart of the Crusader) and suppressing slows and dazes on you. Usable while indoors or in combat. 3 - Pursuit of Justice - Passive. Increases your movement speed by 3% and reduces the effectiveness of slows on you by 6% per charge of Holy Power. Level 100 1 - Divine Purpose - 10% Chance (20% on Crit). Stacks 10% (20% on Crit) until it procs. 2 - Crusade - No Change. 3 - Virtue's Blade - Your Blade of Justice critical strikes and the first Holy Power spender critical strike within 6 seconds deal 3 times normal damage. 7 - TRAITS Might of the Templar - Also improves Execution Sentence and Justicar's Vengeance. Echo of the Highlord - Also mimics JV. 10% of the damage from your last Execution Sentence is also added to the next TV or JV echo. Divine Tempest - Every 5 finishers, your next Divine Storm is free, deals double damage and projects forward.Avenjielde0 3d
3d PvP Spell Multipliers : what is the point? The idea about spell multipliers for balancing seems good, but the execution was terrible. I feel like spell multipliers are just increasing the unbalance right now. Overpowered specs are not nerfed by negative multipliers on their spells (most of time), but struggling specs have negative multipliers like : -Frost DK on Sindragosa's Fury (-60%) -Elemental Shaman on Earth Shock (-25%) - Much wtf, it already deals NO DAMAGE but is still reduced -Unholy DK on Apocalypse (-20% damage and also effect halved) and Virulent Plague (-25%) -Fire Mage on Pyroblast (-30% damage) -Warlock demon skin (-50% recharge rate) All these specs are very weak and underplayed in competitives modes. However, there is some useful negative spells multipliers like shadowstrike, strike of the windlord. But removing ALL spells multipliers would actually make the game more balanced than its current state ... So what is the point to create spells multipliers? It is just frustrating when you already play an underperforming class and you also have negative spells multipliers for some reasons...Nyä4 3d
3d Is there Fire Mage spell mechanics changes in 7.1? Is there any changes to how certain fire mage spells are working? For example: - Ignite The spreading is such a pain to deal with in dungeons and outdoors as well. I don't mind the automatic spreading, but don't do it to things that we're not in combat with, should solve the problems. - Cinderstorm I heard that there might be some change to how Cinderstorm works, like it's a targeted ability or something, is there anything like that happening in 7.1? Can't really say if Cinderstorm is worth using over kindling yet, but if it eventually is then not having it pull everything and follow some crazy pathing would be fantastic. It's a 40 yard ability but in dungeons I have to get into melee range and turn around to not risk pulling new packs. - Aftershocks This golden trait is supposed to cast down another pillar of flame, considering how flamestrike is a pillar of flame it's the same thing as saying an additional flamestrike, it does but it seems to only do like 17% of the originals damage? Don't know if this is a bug and is getting fixed? Otherwise the tooltip really needs to change because it's very missleading. I personally believe it's a bug, I mean it's a golden trait and considering how strong Pyretic Incantation and Phoenix Reborn both are I think a 2nd 100% damage pillar of flame is a reasonable damage increase. It's got a 4 second cast and it doesn't proc Hot Streak so you can't get huge chains. -Conjure Refreshment If this gave only 1 type of food, same food you get when you're solo and from your table when you're in a party/raid, it would get a whole lot easier because I don't have any more space for 2 types of food on my action bars and I shouldn't have to create a macro. -Shard of the Exodar I personally think this needs to change a bit. If you have this ring then you want to BL on pull. But the rest of the raid might want to save BL until 30% or something. If you use Time Warp then I'm guessing that everyone else will get it too so you can't just use it for yourself. A good solution to this would be to either have the ring only give you personally a Bloodlust (if ur the only one with BL this would become a problem though) OR have the ring give you a 2nd Time Warp, one that give BL to whole raid the way it does now, and one that only affects you. -Meteor One of the best looking fire mage spells you created, but it's pretty much useless compared to Kindling and Cinderstorm from what I've seen as a PVEer, to make such a cool spell and then not be able to use it is kind of sad, could really use a buff.Malthael6 3d
4d Elemental Shaman I know that tuning is still going on and stuff, but when I was reading through the notes I must say I was rather dissapointed, there are a ton of constructive feedback posts on the shaman forums where people come up with, in my opinion, genious ideas to improve the class both number and astetic wise. And then to only see "Earthquake is no longer a totem" is rather hardbreaking. Are more changes possibly incomming because in its current state, I probably have to reroll to healer or enhancement to get a raidspot cause Ele is just outpreformed by nearly each ranged. The build notes were rather confusing aswell, even though its meant to only be a tooltip change, why did the tooltip of Feral Spirit include an elemental version, Lava burst and Enhance version, Lightning bolt being instant for ele?Maximillius5 4d
4d Pvp balancing is missing After few months of legion release, the pvp balancing has not started yet... Take a look at classes repartition, it is funny. When you see there is only 2 spec played in v2, there is a BIG problem, and 7.1 has nothing to even try to fix it. For those who didnt click the link : v2, 2200+ Disci Priest : 23.8% Assassination Rogue : 18.7% Resto Druid : 7.9% Resto Shaman : 7.5% Holy Paldadin : 5.8% Frost Mage : 5.2% Do you realize playing at decent CR is basically playing Disci Assa vs Disci Assa? Every match? Even at 1950, I did ~10 matches yesterday, I never saw any OTHER comp than Assa Disci... Much fun when you play a 0% played class like affli... Do you think it is normal? Everything is fine like this? When there is only 2 dps spec viables in v2, and assa is 400% more played than frost mage? When Disci is 300% more played than any other healer? Also more than half of the spec in the game (excluding tanks ofc) are less than 0.5% played? lol Wake up, at least try to make the game fun once more. You have the data, and the more you wait, the more PvP players you lose, and they won't come back after leaving, even if balancing starts later. Act now! Nerf these overplayed classes or give us 1 or many bans if you refuse to balance, classes we refuse to get matched against, like MOBAs, where we can ban the overpowered thing of the moment... It is not like Blizz tried to balance but failed... This is so frustrating... Feels like they create new issues instead of adressing real ones (why affli, a 0% played spec get a huge nerf in 7.1???)Oksanah0 4d
4d Surv Hunter BOOST in 7.1 patch Someone told me that Surv will be boost in 7.1 patch so i tried it and i looked these awesome the spec is real fantastic!! 1)Raptor strike boost so and heal done from trait boost.. 2)Carve boost so aoe dps increase 3)Fury of the eagle boost 4)throwing axes skill boost 5) animal insticts talent change to dicrease cooldown from a random skill (harpoon,aspect of the eagle,mongoose bite)also flanking strike CD dicrease if you use this talent.Blazenar0 4d
5d Revive PvP please! guys seriously what have become of the game, dungeon this and raid that i mean what the hell?!?!? World of warcraft was always and will stay a PvP game more then a PvE one. fighting AL mobs is really boring and has no taste. AGREE?Eliptus2 5d
5d Affliction NERFED Why is affliction doing even less dps on ptr than live? Is this deliberate or just a screwup? I'd like to think it;s just a horrible mistake, but the exacting nature of the numbers and changes tell me it's a deliberate policy to keep affliction unplayable as a raid spec. I felt I got fooled by the devs yet again, I wasted huge time putting points into artifact and even got two legendaries I should have taken the path all our other guild locks took and just rolled a mage Blizzard your favourtism has reached new heights of obvious. Go read the US forums and see how aflfiction locks are literally being benched by guilds everywhere. No one wants them. An 850 mage in the 50th percentile will outdps an 870 afflock in the 90thNebiroth1 5d
5d Are trinkets getting balanced/fixed in 7.1? I just got a 875 ilvl Oakhearts trinket on live, thought it would be an upgrade over my current 855 Naraxas trinket but my Naraxas is easily destroying my Oakhearts. Which is kind of annoying, that +20 item levels on TRINKETS, one of the strongest dps increases along with weapons, wouldn't be a dps increase has rarely been the case in previous expansions. And if it did, it's like 1 trinket only, and it's usually not a proc trinket. In Legion I'm pretty sure this is the case with a dozen trinkets. I then compared my 875 Oakhearts with my 835 Devilsaur Baton. For the first 2 mins or so my Baton was ahead of my Oakhearts, and then slowly Oakhearts started getting ahead, but not by much. After fighting a dummy for 11min 53sec there was a 4mil damage difference between the trinkets. And considering that Devilsaur was ahead the first 2 minutes it could very well be some bad rng involved for the baton and good rng for Oakhearts, I don't know. But for a 40 ilevel difference, there definitely shouldn't be only about a 333k dmg difference / minute of fighting. And btw, I'm a fire mage so the crit from baton is far stronger than the much more versatility I'd get from oakhearts, so the dmg difference is even lower for me. Most of the Emerald Nightmare trinkets is complete trash tier, but don't forget that there's still trinkets from the dungeons that needs tuning. I hope it's not overlooked.Malthael3 5d
5d PTR premade char Any ideas on when the premade chars gets to legion PTR for testing and such?Timmyturnerz8 5d
5d 7.1 Pet / Battle Pet items. Cmon Blizzard... I'm going to list something that I saw at a recent MMO-Champ update in terms of some items getting added in patch 7.1 that works for battle pets and Hunter pets: - Machine Fluid: a consumable that makes a pet or battle pet look oil-coated for 60 minutes. - Drudge Fluid: a consumable that makes a pet or battle pet look sallow for 60 minutes. Ew. - Big Red Ray:a new toy that makes your pet or battle pet look big and red for 15 seconds. - Electrified Key: allows Hunters to activate one of three Arachnodrone mechanical spiders. Now I for one am happy to see items added that affects battle pets and Hunter pets - I am a huge fan of both (Although I don't go all Pokemon on the battle pets and minmax them in terms of what "type" they are an so on) But have a read on all the 4 listed items again? Notice something that's been a pattern for years? That Blizzard STILL for unknown and unexplained reasons denies us Hunters to have DECENT sizes pets. Honestly - I was sick of it after 2 expansions of my Devilsaur being close to the size of a Raptor - but when FROST MAGES got a Glyph to INCREASE their pet size by 40% and we Hunters only could glyph the pets smaller - I was kind of mad. I am not sure if Mages can glyph that anymore but my point still stands: I wan't to make my pet BIGGER. Not smaller. Seeing that the 2 first items listed above lasted for ONE HOUR and had a CD on 60 seconds had me super happy as I read trough the third item. Only to see that it lasts for TEN SECONDS. What does Blizzard have against decent sized pets? I know that currently Hati is making a mess with Devilsaurs and Core Hounds but our regular pet still get's the short end of the stick. I know we have the Kibler's Bits - but just like Mages could glyph pets bigger for a time - or we Hunters ONLY could make pets SMALER: I wan't an item that PERMANENTLY allows me to have a larges sized pet. If Blizz was to remove the "red" effect from the third item above and just make it bigger but have it last for 1 hour - i'd be more than happy. I just wan't my Devilsaur to be a Devilsaur and not a Raptor. I wan't my Clefthoof to be a lumbering beast, not a mount. All in favor for the size increase item to last for 1 hour - Say "Aye" PS: I know this thread also exists on the Hunter forums but I just wan't to get my point across.Rexxgrim0 5d
6d Premade needed. Get the pre made characters back please, PTR has no testing abilitys with it off.Eliptus1 6d
6d Can't copy my 110 DH is this a known bug? or a work around available? Everytime I attempt to copy my DH over it says copy failed. My other toons copy, but they're all lower levels, anyone else experiencing similar?Kalibas14 6d
6d 7.1 Suramar City Quests [Feedback & Bugs] Hi, didn't notice a topic on this at all, so I thought I'd make one, as I've been testing and come across a lot of bugs. Thankfully some have been fixed since i first reported, but I keep coming across more. Also I thought it would be a good place to leave feedback on the Suramar experience, feel, even lore which seldom gets talked about. So post away.Kalibas6 6d
6d Cannot connect to the PTR Greetings fellow World of Warcraft community! Lately I've been having some issues connecting to the PTR. I can launch the game properly and I can also login with a character ALMOST properly, but when the loading screen is at 90% I get an error message and the game freezes, which forces me to ALT + F4 and restart. Error Message (copy + pasted): This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion failure! Program: C:\Program Files (x86) World of Warcraft Public Test\WoWT-64.exe ProcessID: 7172 File: WowClientDB2.cpp Line: 1945 Expr: "r.second" , Duplicate 'unique key' 343145 found in patch for DBFilesClient\SpellEffectGroupSize.db2 That happens on whichever character I try to login to and always at 90% of the loading screen. I tried to reinstall the game already. Any ideas on how this can be fixed? Thanks in advance :) - SylieSylíe4 6d
20 Oct Still no reverse on Unholy nerf? Are you !@#$*** kidding me? New PTR build is released and I still see Necrotic Strike on a 45 sec cooldown? All DKs on both EU and US forums explained why it is the worst idea ever to nerf this. Everybody agree about : nerf is stupid and totally injustified. Nobody ever complained about necrotic being too strong. Nobody even complained about DKs... DK is already in a very bad spot in PvP (for the 2 dps specs) on live. I was forced to just level another class because none of the 3 specs was viable for anything else than 1V1, which is not a competitive mode. Revert this bul%^-* nerf and BUFF UNHOLY. There is a reason why there is only 3 DKs in the top 300 ... UH has low survivability, and is penalized for some reasons for using his only defensive cooldown (corpse shield prevent from resummoning pet) UH has low damage. The lowest PvP damage for a melee in the game UH has no mobility, and is the only melee that can be kited (with Frost DK ofc) UH has no CC (the only CC is a 5 sec stun talent but if we take this, we have to use Chains of Ice every 8 sec (if not removed early, which nearly never happens). Chains of Ice costs 1 rune and don't deal any damage, spamming it make our dps even lower... while all melee classes have a passive and/or free perma slow) However, I saw a PTR build where Fists of Fury stun was removed for Windwalkers monks. This nerf was totally justified since WW have TWO AOE stuns (remember DK AOE stun has less duration and you need to stay 5 sec in Remorseless Winter when monks stuns are both instant). Monks players cried on forum, and this nerf was reverted, and WW will still be totally overpowered. And what about DKs? Right now UH is the worst melee in ranked arena and Blizzard is planning to nerf it + not listening constructive feedback. It is easy to fix UH, here is some ideas : -Keep the PTR necrotic strike values, make it cost a festering wound and a rune like live, reduce the CD by 90% (UH will be the best class against heals, and weaker than average against everything else, this is the class fantasy right?) or -Reverse the NS nerf and give UH a 25% reduction healings (classes with this debuff have more damage, more cc and more mobility than us anyways so we really need it) or -Reverse the NS nerf and remove the reduced strenght template, give us same strenght than Frost DKs and remove the 25% reduced damage on Virulent plague because it makes no sense to reduce like that a core ability, which is not even good anyways. Also they refuse to fix the runeforge not working in instancied PvP for Frost since LEGION BETA. (what is the point to even make a beta if bugs are not fixed and feedback ignored?) Feel like I'm playing a random free-to-play MMO with no balancing, and bugs everywhere, right now. This is not the only problem. Affliction warlock is totally underperforming, with no survivability, no damage, no mobility, low CC. Of course, they are also getting heavily nerfed for some reasons. Affli is also very bad in PvE by the way. I got refused many times in mythic+ groups because "We need a real dps, not an affli". Right, why take an underperforming class when you want to do timers and it will be easy to find another dps anyways? Now should we talk about elemental shamans? Survival hunters? + 0 communication from Blizzard about weird nerfs/buffs, not even a thread with spells multipliers and stats templates for PvP... Not even any thread explaining what they are working on for PvP. Also not even a single thread saying why they are doing nothing about actual issues; Sorry but you guys are just incompetents idiots. This is disgusting to pay such an expansive game to see this. There is so little to do to make the game so awesome, and you keep creating new issues instead of adressing the real ones. Even if you guys only care about money, making more customers happy will bring even more money, there is literally no reason to keep doing stupid things like that. It's not like some number tuning would be too expansive for such a huge company... Do you realize that most Free-to-play games are actually better than WoW on every single aspect right now? (except lore, but it is the thing most people don't care about) It is not going to get better until all the Blizzard people taking decisions about balancing are not changed. They need to be replaced. Fast. You need people that love their job. Please make wow enjoyable once more!Nyä10 20 Oct
20 Oct Warlock 7.1 Talent Feedback I understand the idea behind the change and that they desired talents to be more random rather than pre-determined however as they did not adjust the other talents before the move they have may have made yet another blunder... Warlocks have low mobility and to make up for that warlocks have tanky abilities however in 7.1 they are more squishy than mages after the change while still having low mobility. Suggestion: Improve the lvl 45 talents: Shadowfury becomes a cone attack attacking towards the target instantly saving cast & aim time. Demonic Circle should be a default ability... just lazy development that caused it to degrade into a talent, then make a talent that wastly improves upon it.Exoda3 20 Oct
20 Oct My issues with demonology warlock I really like demonology warlock, but i have a few things i would like to see changed for it to be a viable character for me. My only problem with this spec is in the visibility, and that is what i have some suggestions for: First small but important issue is with demonbolt, the animations is great in itself, but it creates a pool under you that looks like most harmful boss mechanics, but it also BLOCKS visibility below your character! meaning that when spamming it for soulshards, i will not be able to see any boss ability spawning under me. This is not currently a major issue, but i imagine it will easily cause problems in later mythic content. My other problem is concerning the warlocks minions, here i also talk about a raid scenario where alot of people are attacking a big monster. During my dps rotation i noticed that whats visually happening on my screen from me is demonbolt and every 12th sec, 2 felhunters jumping away from me. All my demons are usually hidden in melee range spread around the boss. I would love to see my imps standing next to me and casting so i can see the projectiles, instead they are stacked in melee spread around a target. The last problem is concerning the artifact skull, it does NOTHING!, it might as well be a summoned battlepet. (expect 1 aoe golden artifact trait) If only it had a basic attack function, like the old wand attacks, it could be 0 dmg and i would still be happy. I really like the rotation and play-style of this spec in legion, but visually it feels like smite spamming. i imagine that most of these issues can be fixed without need for further balancing, and even just add the possibility through glyphing for a pure ranged warlock, (glyph for imp spawning at the player+ glyphs turning felguard and felhunters into spell casting demons) How do you feel about these issues?Humlem1 20 Oct
19 Oct Karazhan pre-quest Hi guys. I want to ask you if you can give me some info about the prequest that we must do to enter Karazhan. Un our guild we'll go to leave one raid day to do Karazhan, but if the prequest be to long we can't do It on wednesday or thurday. To take the correct decission I need more info to the prequest, and looking un internet I only found that It involves mythic dungeon. Can anyone that Play It say me what are the steps to do the prequest or some info/link about this? Thank you so much guys, and so sorry for my english, I Try to do my best.Tanketeman0 19 Oct
19 Oct Gating Content Behind Follower Missions... Attunement to Karazhan will require follower ilvl of 850. Blizz can make retention mechanics if they want, but with followers thank you very much. Quoting myself so I don't have to type again: ... This also applies to campaign order hall missions. Dear devs, people like Legion, they WILL play for months anyway, please reconsider this.Tzaeroth34 19 Oct