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30 Jun 7.0.3 PTR FAQ Since everyone just asks the same damn questions, here they are all answered! If you can think of any others then please out them in the comments below. Q. Can we level to 110 on this? A. No, we cannot as this is still WoD and the content here will be before Legion's Launch. Q. Can we play Demon hunters? A. No, as Demon Hunters are only being allowed for early use during the Live pre-patch and it would just undermined the need to pre-purchase to play it early if you can do so in the PTR Q. How do I get to the Broken Isles? A. You can't because that is Legion content and the pre-patch is still WoD Q. Do Invasion work? A. Yes, Invasions work. They have become much more stable now than before. It appears you will always start at Phase 1 during the Invasion time so you won't miss anything.. Q. How do we get Honor? A. You cannot get Honor to level up in PVP at this point in the PTR (25/06/2016) Q. How do I get Tokens of Honor? A. These are random drops from Legion PVP caches. Q. How do I do the Broken Shore Scenario? A. You should get the Quest when you log in. If you do not receive but the WoD one instead then try the Quest board else relog and you should hopefully have it. (Possibly disabled for the time being - 26/06/16) Q. How do you become a Dreadlord? A. Another player who is also aiming to be a Dreadlord will use their dark abilities to infect you as well. You need to then infect 9 people yourself to then unlock the ability to become a Dreadlord. (You can also just use your ability to transform into any playermodel and target an already existing Dreadlord model, either a real on or a player who copied a real one. Q. Is "In the Blink of an Eye" broken? A. It has been purposefully disabled as when you would complete it you would be at the Broken isles which is Legion content and you can't get these during pre-patch. Q. How do I get my Artifact weapon? A. You cannot get it as it is Legion content and cannot be accessed during the pre-patch. Q. Where can I see my Glyphs? A. There are some glyphs available in the PTR as they have been remade under the new Legion profession system and thus don't exist yet. All your previous glyphs are gone and glyphs are now one-time consumables which aren't remember forever when removed. Major glyphs no longer exist and glyphs are all minor. Previous minor glyphs which didn't affect spells were made into toys and the like. You can have as many minor glyphs as you want but you may only have 1 per spell. Only a few glyphs have been carried over from WoD e.g. Glyph of the Felguard Q. Where is my Bonus Armor/Multistrike/Spirit? A. Bonus Armor, Multistrike and Spirit have been removed from the game. Any gear that contained these stats have been given a new random stat. The current secondary stats are: Crit, Haste, Mastery and Versatility. Q. How do I zoom more? A. In Legion, Blizzard has restricted the amount people can zoom out now. The maximum you may zoom out is that of which is in the "Interface > Camera" Settings. They have removed the /console command to go beyond that. Q. Why do I feel slower/weaker in PVP? A.All Stats have been normalised in Instanced PVP. This mean that everyone of your spec will be use the same template stat values. Having a higher ilvl than somebody else does give you somewhat of an advantage(+1 ilvl is like 0.1% more damage) but it's mostly down to skill...until it's later into PVP and people start unlocking talents on live. Also Set Bonuses are now disabled in PVP. Everything functions normally in World PVP i.e. duels(Possibly will affect duels in the future) and ganking. Q. Where is X interface option? A. You can see all the commands or changes to interface options in this thread: Q. How do I hide my Helm/Cloak? A. They options have been removed from the Interface>Display UI and are now at the Transmogrifiers. They also allow you to hide your shoulders now as well. You can find a Transmogrifier in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Shrine of the Two Moons, Shrine of the Seven Stars, Warspear, Stormshield, The Garrison, if you have a Level 3 Storage Hut and on the Grand Adventurer's Yak Mount. Wraththelock20 30 Jun
20 May 2015 Blank Server List Greetings! Just dropping by to let everyone know we are aware of the issues with the PTR server lists and it is currently being worked on. The Customer Service team is unable to individually assist with this issue. While we were trying a temporary workaround, we discovered that it may impact our ability to resolve the underlying issue. At this point, we are working on a better resolution. We understand the frustration this may cause and we appreciate your patience while our teams work to resolve the issue.Takralus0 20 May 2015
9h Can't see fist of Ra'den during spellcast if mogged Now, whilst casting spells and having fist of ra'den unsheathed, you can actually see the weapon. But sadly if you transmog the fist into any other fist weapon the effect goes away, and you cannot see the weapon whilst casting anymore. Was this intended? Or is it possible a bug?Vandmand0 9h
19h Make Demon Hunter playable with Orcs & Draenei blizz! I apologise for putting this thread on this topic but i haven't got the Beta version of the Legion expansion so i can't put this thread on the Legion topic I would like the Demon Hunter class to be playable with the Draenai & Orc races as well as the Elven races. I have several reasons why these 2 races will fit in perfectly with the Lore & Gameplay of the Demon Hunter class and why these additions will be greatly appreciated by WoW players 1st reason: Draenei & Orcs were on Outland the same time Illadin was free there so it would make sense for him to recruit them to be Demon Hunters 2nd reason: Draenais' racial ability will be excellent for Vengence specced Demon Hunters 3rd reason: Orcs' racial ability will be excellent for Havoc specced Demon Hunters 4th reason: When Draenai are infused with Fel energies they become Eredar & when Orcs are infused with Fel energies they become Fel Orcs so players will be able to play as Demon Hunters with the character looks of Eredar and Fel OrcsSaekobsujima21 19h
5d Blizzard Maintaince Stop Maintaincing Blizzard! i wanna play now! please begs were given :)Grindsaw0 5d
5d [Bug] Item stats tooltip is wrong [Felshroud Vest] [item:138192] does effectively add intellect when worn at appropriate spec, however the tooltip does not show that it has intellect on it.Бризаг1 5d
23 Aug Shadow priest feedback: Permanent Shadowform problem Hello. The problem I would like to talk about now is as the title says - the new shadowform of shadow priests is permanent, even out of combat. This raises a number of obvious issues. First, and the least important is the feel of it. I'm okay with it, but I'm sure for some people it's not the best thing ever. Obviously in combat, it's kindof a "deal with it" situation, I agree, but throughout the ENTIRE game is a bit much. As far as I know, no other class is locked into something permanently that changes a lot about the feel of the game. It also raises RP issues, which I cannot relate to, but some people might elaborate on it. Second, the shade and transparency ruins (subjective, but it's the case for most) transmogs. Once again, in combat this is okay, but ALL THE TIME, it is outrageous. Imagine being locked into moonkin form from the moment prepatch releases, for the rest of the game. With all the emphasis and catering to transmog and customisability nowadays, it is beyond me how such a decision made it into the game. Now, let's say you convince me or break my will, and tell me "You are a shadow priest. This is how you are supposed to look, this is how you will look, deal with it. Make your transmog with the fact that it is dark and transparent and desaturated in mind." Alright, alright, let me see. OH WAIT! In the dressing room / transmogrifier NPC, shadowform DOES NOT SHOW! So you cannot even design your transmog for that effect without actually buying it! Finally, you could of course always keep respeccing to holy/disc to get out of shadowform, but that is a ridiculous concept. Make. Shadowform. Toggleable. (please) (or I'll unsub) (bruh) (just u watch) (for good this time)Syfogidas10 23 Aug
22 Aug Druid Flight Form Sound I've noticed plenty of new sounds in PTR, and for most part they're good and work well. However, one that is very off for me, is the new sound for switching to Flight Form. As a raven-looking bird, it seems off to hoot like an owl. I understand the new owl appearances coming with glyphs, but as for me, I'm going to keep my raven. So as feedback, I'd say, don't replace the current sound with hooting on flying druids unless they're actually using the owl glyph.Isyali2 22 Aug
22 Aug Legion - The Extinction of Single-Minded Fury? I always prefered SMF over TG, but it never was worth losing those massive extra Stamina from 2h Weapons. Sad but true: Currently there are no 1hand Fury Artifact Weapons available. This leads me to the assumtion that SMF will maybe extinct in Legion! The ability Single-Minded Fury but still exists, learned at lvl 38. Therefore I'm full of hope for my upcoming ideas. IMHO SMF should be a thing in the future, by balancing not only the DPS, like the talent Single-Minded Fury does, but also the survivability difference between SMF and TG. TG gives you about 10% extra healthpool, maybe the SMF Ability could instead make you take 10% less damage from all sources? And of course we would need SMF Artifact Weapons added, with the same artifact power skilltree as the TG version. Or maybe just an option to switch between 3.6sec 2h version and 2.6sec 1h version. This could also be a thing for Unholy and Frost DKs, Swapping between 2hand and Dual Wield. I hope i am not alone out there in the SMF-hostile world , and some ppl like my idea.Choice17 22 Aug
22 Aug Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 22 Aug
22 Aug Problems With Purchase I pre-purchased Legion and I cant access the PTR of Legion all it says is Upgrade even though I can play it on the Live servers. Any help will be appreciated thanks.Joeelsen0 22 Aug
22 Aug Glowing Worgen eyes removed On the PTR, Worgen eyes no longer glow. I've no idea why they would nerf an all ready out of date and neglected model, but they have. Not seen anyone else talking about it, so I thought I'd make a post. Is this even intended, or an oversight?Icalor2 22 Aug
22 Aug [BUG REPORT] Warrior defensive Stance Hello, Reporting a bug. Using defensive stance as an arms warrior(only on the horde side) will remove the Transmog of your weapon. EDIT: Removes transmog for the duration of the stanceVthewar5 22 Aug
21 Aug Glyph of momentum gone Please give us this glyph back or bake it into Blink for Mages. I find Blink to be completely counter-intuitive to use in combat without Momentum. I'm not sure I know any Mage who doesn't take this glyph in live right now. Blink just feels really awkward and sends me directly where I do not want to go without Glyph of Momentum applied to it.Jimmakos4 21 Aug
21 Aug [Bug] Armory shows WoD gems as +200 The armory site shows all WoD gems as +200 stat while these are actually +75 in game. For example:Бризаг0 21 Aug
20 Aug Dalaran Initiate's Pin While i love the item it could somewhat be improved: The icon would look better if it was floating a bit higher. currently half of the emblem intersecting with our characters head and it looks weird. almost as if the middle spike is a sword blade piercing our skull. Make the buff removable (currently there is no way to remove the effect once you have itViviane0 20 Aug
18 Aug Make all the invasion weapons purchaseable. I'm going straight to point here. Add all the invasion weapons to the vendor not just the warglaive, all of them. This RNG madness on a time limited event makes no one happy and only brings frustration. They can be BoP instead of BoA and cost as many nethershards as the ensembles for all that I care just add them, so we, who are many that don't see a single (or few) weapon on any character can atleast farm them.Cornelicus2 18 Aug
17 Aug 3 posts Beta DC Teleport form SW to Dalaran Beta DC Teleport form SW to Dalaran id:47FAD1D5-A3F7-422F-9CC8-D9350E8A2B5D in com in the games get that error id:47FAD1D5-A3F7-422F-9CC8-D9350E8A2B5D every time GrrrrrrThegirlswar0 17 Aug
16 Aug GPU usage increase with Appearance tab. I'm getting a massive GPU usage increase when I have the Appearance tab or the Transmog NPC window open. My graphics card is a Geforce GTX780 and my operating system is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Originally I was using driver version 362.00 but the issue remained even when I updated to 368.81. PTR build is 22248. Graphics quality: 7 No FPS cap: idle: 130 fps (GPU usage 99%) appearance tab: 70 fps (99%) 100 FPS cap: idle: 100 fps (80%) appearance tab: 70 fps (99%) 60 FPS cap: idle: 60 fps (50%) appearance tab: 60 fps (90%) This appears to be unrelated to graphics settings as the same happened when I dropped down to minimum settings. Graphics quality: 1 idle: 190 fps (40%) appearance tab: 120 fps (99%) Edit: The sticky post at the top says non-bug related topics, but there's no forum to report PTR bugs and I don't have beta access.Laureleth2 16 Aug
16 Aug MoP CM Transmogsets Hello With the new transmogsystem we got, players were able to use the MoP CM transmogsets on new characters. The only conditions are: the character has to be level 90 and it has to be the same class as the main/alt character who got the CM achievements. Now my suggestion is: Why not make it able for every class? My thoughts on why it should be for every class: - The achievements are already account-wide, still you are not able to buy the transmog neither use the teleports to the instances (I don't mind the teleports). - The mounts from the silver CM achievements are available for everyone! Not to forget that if you just had 1 mount you got all 4. This is actually a huge factor why the transmogsets should be for every character aswell. If it was for the same principle as the sets, the mounts would be only available on the characters with the achievement. -If it wasn't for this new update on the transmogsystem I wouldn't suggest this. The change of being able to use the sets on same new made class characters is already a big change, so updating this wouldn't be a "gamebreaking"-change. Also a big note: players who successfully did all dungeons on gold automatically got the transmogset in their bag. Now I don't know if this means that you automatically got the set added to the wardrobe, if yes the vendor is very useless now. To make a usage out of him again, players who make a new class would have to buy the transmogset first from that vendor. To make a balance here, the prices could be increased. Since I didn't do WoD CM, I can't really say anything about the weapon transmogs. If it is the same as the armor transmog than it should really get changed aswell. I hope that alot of other players are interested in this. It would be really awesome to be able to use the CM transmogsets on every new made class, and really rewarding for players who did CM on atleast 1 character.Ksé0 16 Aug
15 Aug Hunter auto attack I noticed they removed the option to turn off auto attack? Anyone noticed how many ninja pulls there are at the moment? A lot! Can you please bring back the option to turn off the auto attack?Wolvérinè3 15 Aug
15 Aug Let us play DH on PTR So first of all i wanna say that before this post i had two tickets to Blizzard asking for a beta key , also i entered in like 15+ giveaways, i only wanted to play the classes and give feedback to them and also decide which one i wanted to play for Legion , i was so pissed when all my friends have it and don't give two !@#$s about it , then PTR came , i calmed down altough classes will be different with artitfact and honor talents in PvP you can get a look at the basics and think of what you want to main , altough it's not enough to decide what to play in Legion , i was cool with it , for the moment , until DHS came , a whole new class , which before Legion you can't play if you don't prepurchase , my point is that when Legion starts me as a raider and PvPer i have to rush through the content with my main and 2 alts (one horde one alliance) to get some kind of advantage to the other guys and get ready for raiding and the PvP season , beside that i have to learn another class ? So i can know what i'm dealing with in arenas and what utility they bring to the raid ? Also if i enjoy them i'll have to find out in that very busy period ? Making them playable on PTR would be a solution for the players that are in my spot , there are only 2weeks and a few days left , who wouldn't buy the expansion because they already played DH , not even with full talents? Don't tell me about pre purchase , as i already pre-ordered the collector's edition from a shop in my country , so beside the fact i'm paying more for the game, i have to wait more than others to even test the new class. If you find any reason to get offended by this please just go to another forum where they say Retri is bad .Aevebett1 15 Aug
15 Aug New to PTR Hi. I had never downloaded PTR until recently. I wanted to test a couple of specs I am considering as my second spec in Legion, and didn't want to have to level one to 100 only to find out I didn't like the playstyle. PTR is a great tool for giving players the ability to "try before they buy", as the saying goes. Unfortunately PTR is ruined by the insane levels of toxicity I've seen. In nearly EVERY BG I played there were people flying around the maps, coming down to cap flags, and then flying back into the sky again. I've also seen people hacking into the walls whilst holding flags in Temple of Kotmogu so they couldn't be attacked. I understand you guys not wanting to ban the accounts of people on live servers for "cheating" on PTR, because it affects your income. What I don't understand at all is why you don't at least ban these peoples accounts from using the PTR server. I'm sure you could do this, and it would make PTR more enjoyable for the majority of us who don't enjoy hackers ruining our experience. I asked a couple of people I was in a BG with and they all had the same answer. "Blizzard wont do !@#$ about this. They don't care about PTR and never have done". Whilst I don't know if this is true, because I have only played there for a week or so, I think it would be a real shame to think this way. PTR is part of the service offered to people who pay you monthly for the game, and I feel like keeping on top of the rampant cheating on the PTR and banning those people from the privilege of playing the PTR would be better for everyone. Well, I am sure I am many years too late on this issue, and you aren't likely to change anything for my benefit. I had to voice my opinion though. Thanks for listening.Orbie0 15 Aug
15 Aug Fix World Server is Down bug please IF I leave my Characters in Stormwind or anywhere where phased into somehere. I get this error message on loading screen 90%. Please fix it now. Many characters stuck on Stormwind. And sometimes work sometimes not. Just answer for the forum Blizzard. Just a little answer.Icemanmage4 15 Aug
14 Aug Doom (Tooltip) BUG still ACTIVE! Its has been a bug for a while. I summited a bug report a WHILE back and the Doom (Tooltip) ERROR is still active! Let me show you what i mean: -Doom tooltip says: Deals 66k damage over 16 sec (my tooltip) -Doom damage on mobs/dummys: 46k damage This is just SLOPPY work Blizzard. Please fix it! Make the DAMAGE match the TOOLTIP. Thank you!Zexeor0 14 Aug
13 Aug Wardrobe Appearances: Missing Items Post a list of items you have noticed missing from your Wardrobe. Keep in mind that gear restrictions still apply. Quoting WarcraftDevs@Twitter ... Also make sure the item which has not been collected is Soulbound. Most of my shirts were collected, yet missing a few: Ooze-Soaked Shirt Brucehide Jersey White Tuxedo ShirtI'll add more items to the list if I come across anything missing.Zarian15 13 Aug
12 Aug [Bug] GetSpellCooldown() API returns wrong values Hi, Description On Brewmaster monk, [Blackout Strike] cooldown is not returned when referring by spellID. Steps to reproduce 1. Enter Brewmaster monk. 2. Start fighting dummy. 3. Use [Blackout Strike]. While on cooldown run the following two lines for comparison: /dump GetSpellCooldown(100784) /dump GetSpellCooldown(GetSpellInfo(100784)) Actual result The first line does not return cooldown information, although it should. Expected result The functions shall return same info about the cooldown.Бризаг0 12 Aug
11 Aug [bug?]Original Quel'Serrar and new transmog I did the original Quel'Serrar quest back in vanilla WoW, and it does not show up in the transmog list, even the weapon itself does not show up in list, even if "not collected" filter is ticked. Is this a bug or intentional?Nekrodeath1 11 Aug
11 Aug Invisible demon invasion? Hi, Happens to me time after time - i see invasion on the map, fly there and nothing. no demons, everything as usual around. Is this a bug, or is there something I'm missing? Now it happened in Tanaris, few minutes after the invasion started. (And yes, Im in the ptr).Amnastaria20 11 Aug
10 Aug How does the wardrobe system work? So basically I'm wondering if I get say a weapon on my mage in Legion, will my warlock also be able to transmog to that weapon even if the warlock toon hasn't obtained it? If yes, does the challenge mode weapons from WoD also spread among characters?Riicky2 10 Aug
10 Aug Dalaran over Karazhan. Early in the beta/alpha Dalaran was hanging over Karazhan. I decided to go there and see if it still is there and yes It is. If you fly above Karazhan you will geta Discovered: Dalaran message and you will suddenly get dismounted (as if you were inside a building). Don't forget to fix this, it will be a unpleasant surprise for someone to randomly get dismounted over Karazhan :)Andols1 10 Aug
09 Aug Rogues as we know them! Hey guys, do you noticed that rogues are extremely weak this patch? When i copied my main - rogue from live wow to PTR i was like WTF where are my spells and why my action bars are sooo empty? But first question at all - Where we have that damn Burst of Speed? I fell in love with it and they just decided they'll remove it? omg rlly? Why? Why they do that?! :( Second question is about Blind .. Why we (assa rogues) no longerhave blind and gouge either? I guess rogue is about stuns/CC and this totally messed me up Third question is combo points .. Why i can't see announcement on screen like "2 combo points" when i hit somebody with mutilate and why i have then instead around enemy target as I am used to in the bottom of the screen? It's totally confusing! And in last one i would like to say that rogues are very looow (i mean DPS and survivality in arena). I dont want to play Legion with this weak class, im maining rogue for long 6 years and this pisses me very very much! I hope they will fix rogues or i'll leave before the start of Legion. With wishing a good day Zakernadevka, OutlandZakernadevka7 09 Aug
09 Aug [Bug] Menagerie - level 2 and pet revive cooldown The pet revive cooldown on Draenor is 8min as anywhere else. Even when level 2 menagerie is built. Menagerie tooltip states that the cooldown shall be reduced. So it is either bug that the cooldown is not reduced or the tooltip shall be updated.Перегони0 09 Aug
09 Aug Report BUG: Doom (demo lock) tooltip does NOT match Report BUG report on Doom (demo lock) tooltip. The tooltip does NOT match the damage it displays/deals. When i look at my tooltip, doom says to deal 73k over 17sec when it goos boom it only deals 58k. So please fix the tooltip to match the damageZexeor2 09 Aug
08 Aug Legacy Set: Bonus Inactive Is it supposed to be inactive on a level 60, 70, 80 etc? I can see it makes sense being inactive on a character above the supposed level for the raid tier, but, also for a character which is at the current level? Is this working as intended? I know it's a minority playing at these levels, stopping XP etc to raid and try out the raids and dungeons in that gear level, but it's just sad that it's inactive for the current level imoAkniceness4 08 Aug
07 Aug Blood Elf ears sticking through every single helm. Dear Blizzard, I know this will probably get ignored since it isn't on US forums, but I'll still try. Maybe someone here has an account over there so they will copy/paste this thread. Before 7.0. Blood Elf's ears had the unwritten rule: If a helm covers your face, or at least a big part of it, the ears don't show up. Since 7.0. it seems that this rule has been overseen and not implemented in the current patch. As you can probably see by my profile image (until it gets updated) the ears of my Blood Elf warlock aren't protruding through my Furious Gladiator's Felweave Cowl, for which full set I worked for over year and a half, by farming Vault of Archavon for hard-to-earn belt and boots. I grew with my warlock's appearance over the years and it became my "trademark" and reason why I play him. I always transmogrify to this gear and I was so hyped for 7.0. until I logged on and saw my warlock's appearance utterly destroyed. I don't usually post on these forums and in 99% of the cases I don't cry and whine about changes and progress the developers make. However, I think this is a regress and a step backward. I want to believe that this was an honest mistake, a implementation oversight or simply a bug. I would really hate to stop playing my warlock (which is my main) because that would probably cause me to quit the game altogether. Please, please, please Blizzard, fix this mistake.Daelrion3 07 Aug
07 Aug Is the PTR up right now?? Trying to download it, but it won't let me open the game.Linguster3 07 Aug
06 Aug How to fix ret - long post Dear Devs and fellow players we all agree that Ret spec is broken now. 117 Pages of complains in Ret feedback in Us forum and a lot in EU only confirm that. We suppose to be powerful Holy Avengers not some inefficient warrior wannabe, that we are now. We should be awesome in this Expansion, because when Paladins should shine, if not when we struggle against Legion? ____________________________________________ Issues: I studied may, many pages of feedback, spend hours trying play as a ret and there are issues that are persecute us: 1) Bad talent tree desing: At the moment our Talent tree are realy bad designed, to be honest it is worst talent tree that were ever made since MoP. Many times we got only one talent that is worth of picking or we need chose between - dmg or mobility/whatever. We got many talents that aren’t awesome  2) Lack of Mobility: - Tis is HUDGE issue in pvp, annoing issue in pve. In PvP we just get kited, all the time without any real gap closer – so every ranged character kill us with no struggle when we aren’t even able to reach them, by what we feel hopelessly and frustrated. Even other melee can kite us with no problem, because we got only 1 slow with high CD, and it is dispelable… 3) Lack of utility/off-heals - Most of us play a Pallys because, we want help our friends as well. We decide to play hybrid class because we want have those heals. If we want be a pure DPS we would chose other class, that are better in that. That is why we need off-heals, utility and better Great Bellsing, that arent "great atm" 4) A bit weak DMG, week AoE : We just need a more dps to stay to-to-toe with others. We don’t need be top at dps meters, because we are hybrid, but not at the very bottom. 5) Clunky: rotation – this is hudge issue, haste help here, but new mastery is making it really annoying. 6) Visual of some spell: Most of new paly Animations are really nice but there are still room for improvement: mostly when it comes to talents. This is not huge issue, but it help feel class fantasy, let player feel more Epic, feel more like Holy Warriors. Great example of what cool animations are giving to player is what we got on Fury Warriors. When I cast spell on my Fury I feel brutal, I feel like a barbarian and I want to destroy my enemies with my Rampage. If there are some nice animations you can feel a lot of joy, and that is what Blizzard want to give us with Legion, right? Most of new play Animations are really great but there are few - mostly talents need get a improvement. __________________________________________________ Solutions: If we know what need be done, let’s try come up with ideas hot to fix it: 1)Talent tree: - How talent tree should look in my opinion: LV15 - DMG & Holy power related talents: 1) FInal Verdict talent - it is ok, let some ppl use passives if they like it. 2) Execution Sentence - Basically it is cool talent, for people that want get some fancy finishing move. It only a small issue with that but it should deal 1/2 DMG on dispel an it need a little change on visual upgrade when it land. 3) Reworked Seal of Light: 1) Expect movement speed boost, add bonus Holy DMG when it is active, and lower it maintain time per HP. – This talent will give ppl, that like micro management what they want like. This will help leveling up a bit. LV30 - DMG Boost tier: 1) The Fires of Justice - talent is ok. 2) Virtue Blade – this talent is ok, should be at this tier. 3) Blade of Wrath - like previous should be here, but it need a small boost to stay toe-to-toe with other talent. LV45: CC Tier: 1) Fist of Justice - talent is ok in my opinion. 2) Repentance - is ok too  3) Blinding Light - is cool spell but need have 1 min CD to be worth picking. LV60: AOE DMG TIER: 1) Consecration - talen is almost ok, but need it need flat boost to dmg - or let crusader strike deal aoe dmg when you are in it - like on prot ;) 2) Divine Hammer talent is almost ok but it cant replace Blade of Justice!!! – It should share CD but not be replacement. 3) I have no idea to be honest for third talent maybe Zeal should be here? LV75: OFF-HEAL TIER: 1) “Flames of Divinity” - Basicly Holy shock with 14sec CD, 20ft range and it generate 1 HP 2) “Song of Glory” - It reduces cd of you Word of Glory by 50% and it make deal DMG decent to Enemies at the same time. 3) Justicar’s Vengence talent - cool talent for those who prefer more selfish playstyle. Blizz need to give it new visual - it look like Templar Verdict what is not cool ;/ LV90: UTILITY TIER 1)Divine Intervention - is cool talent, so let it be :) 2)Eye for an Eye - that is some nice talent too so it should be here. Just give it some cooler animation. 3) “Unstopable Wrat” - talet that reduce CD on Shield of Vengence to 1min, and made us immune to root/slows during duration. If we are suppose to be a “Holy Juggernaut”, we should be UNSTOPABLE. LV100: COOL DMG TIER: 1) Divine Purpose - it is fine for those who like a bit RNG and it synergize well with ) Justicar’s Vengence. 2) “Incarnation of Justice” - Adding to wings 20 sec of Seraphism or other similar DMG boost. It should have some awesome visual effect. 3) Holy Wrath - lower it cd to be comparable to 2 other talents – and for god sake give it popper animation. ______________________________________________________ 2) Mobility 1) First off all Divine Steed should be basic ability: 1 min CD last 5 sec and give us immunity to slows/roots - there is nothing so much demoting like summoning Steed of pure light power, that got rooted/slowed to 70% immediately after. 2) Give us some kind of charge - if we are Zealots we should be able to rush enemies. Every melee got some gap closer. Rogues got Shadowstep+sprint, Warriors got charge Heroic Leeps etc. We need at least 1 too. 3) Rework Unbound Freedom (PvP talent) to: Reduce CD of Blessing of Freedom by 50% and let it have 2 stacks. 4) “Unstoppable Wrath” talent that I propose, should help us with being kited/stoped - so it will be nice if something like that would be in game. 5) Lower CD of Hand of Hindrance to 15 Sec and slow on it to 50%. Our only slow get to long CD and can be easy dispelled, because it is magic debuff, shape shifted etc. We cant maintain it on target like other classes… 6) Rework Law and Order (PvP talent) to add 3 sec root to Hand Of Hindrance - and be applied for 5 sec by Judgment or Blade of Justice. 7) Give us Steed of Glory talent (Prot PvP Talent) but without knockback - let prot be unique in that… Maybe add effect when that will stun target for 3sec when it is rooted? That could give use possibility to make some cool plays combined with Reworked Law and Order, and synergize us with some other classes like frost mage for example ;) __________________________________________________ 3) Utility+off-heals: - as I wrote before, we chose paladins to be helpful hybrid, not selfish !@#$%^-s that are trying to be warriors that they are not. We need it We want this. We need a bit better utility to sustain in battle as well. 1) Lower CD of Shield of Vengeance to 1,5 Min – it has to long CD it have to long CD atm. And it should be UNDISPELLABLE. It can be dispellable with Mass Dispell, but that is it… ITS VERY, VERY ANNOING - when you put your great defensive CD and you get instantly Purged, Dispelled or even worse... it is stolen by Mage -.- 2) Buff Greater Blessing by 100%!!! : - Now in live GBoM - give you 3% DMG (10% to aditional 30% dmg) - that isn’t great at all and no one even will care of that. But with buff it to (15% chance to deal 40%) 6% DMG this buff want be op, but we and or blessed friend will feel the difference. - GBoK - Give it more absorb and bring back visual of Sacred Shield! – Thx to that our allies will feel that paladin actually blessed them. -Same goes with GBoW – just make it 1% HP and 1% mana every 7 sec and it will be fine. 3) Word of Glory should be baseline ability - together with healing talent tier it should fix or lack of support issue. 4) Add Healing Talents Tier – that will help a lot with off-heals/sustain problem. _______________________________________ 4) A bit weak DMG - we can tune it with numbers so no big problem to be honest, and with all buff to utility/off-healing maybe want be issue at all – because we will get compensation to lower DPS. __________________________________ 5) Clunky rotation - with those changes it shouldn’t be a issue anymore: 1) Rework our Mastery!!! It is just unfunny. This mastery make rotation annoying as hell without high enough haste to maintain buff 100% of time… And there are a issues with re-targeting. Debuff on Judgment is great idea, it fit Ret fantasy well, but not in this form… because without it our finisher are just *!@# and we need to wait for Judgement CD to use fisniher... Old Mastery was much more funny – it give us stronger holy DMG on ours finisher, that was cool! It was feeling like we actually smite enemies with pure divine power – pretty much Rety for me. 2) Remake Judgment work like Holy Paladin’s version. Debuff should boost DMG of our holy power builder - Crusader strike and Blade of Justice. With that change we will maintain idea of current Judgement, but that want destroy ours rotation. 3)Adding and picking up “Flames of Divinity” talent (Ret Holy Shock version that I propose) or Justicar Vengence+Divine Puropse - combo should add some speed to Ret rotation and make it more smooth ;) QUOTEWhitewolf2 06 Aug
04 Aug Some spell effects = huge fps drops I've experienced that some aoe spells cause huge fps drops(around -40 to -60 fps). For instance frost mage 2p WoD PvP gear set bonus, which causes Cone of Cold to leave an ice patch on the ground that slows. This one in particular literally rips my fps in half.Vîndy5 04 Aug
02 Aug Suggestion: "The Fires of Justice" proc warning I was wondering if I'm missing a special setting or simply pala don't have proc warnings. I'm also playing/testing druids and the difference is staggering. I'd suggest adding at least FoJ as it would help developing and maintaining a correct rotation.Vènere0 02 Aug
02 Aug MAJOR LAG on PTR Ok, so I decided today I was gonna' go onto the PTR to test out some classes to see which one I was gonna' boost with the free boost that comes with Legion but when I came to open it is SOOOOOOOOOOO LAGGY, normal WoW runs fine at the moment, and it's nothing to do with this mornings problems I dont think, any help would be appreciated, THX!Raventomb3 02 Aug
01 Aug Druids can't talk? Is this a bug or something.. cause both me and a friend have had the issue of not being able to type in /say or /party chat AT ALL whenever we are on a druid. Like.. I can't press ENTER whenever I type something at all. When I do nothing happens.Raygamer3 01 Aug
01 Aug Are the old character models gone in legion? I was playing the PTR and noticed that when I deselected the new models option, the only thing that changed was the face of my character. The body of character had the 'new' model and animation. I am personally not a fan of any aspect of the new models/textures and is a huge sticking point for me to buying the expansion. I was perfectly happy to continue playing knowing I had to the option to keep the character I made when i first bought the game. The new models make my human female character look like an angry sex doll! and lets not speak of the noodle-arms spell animation... After looking though the forums I have not found any official response as to whether this will be the case when legion goes live. It seems so strange that they wouldn't keep this as an option, so i'm hoping it is an oversight on the PTR If anyone can point me to any posts by Blizz it would be much appreciatedVizzaer5 01 Aug
01 Aug Memory Leak on the PTR been testing quite a bit since the ptr came out. most of the time, the ptr is using 2.5gb vram and 2gb ram, but then this happened: vram usage kept going up until it hit 8GB which is what my graphics card has. i didn't notice any slow-down when it did. still have not figured out what is causing the leak. specs: EVGA Z170 FTW Core i7 6700K @ 4.8GHz 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 @ 3000MHz CL15 EVGA GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition @ 2126MHz Seagate 600 240GB (OS) Crucial MX100 256GB (WoW) NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 368.39 Windows 10 Pro 64-BitRetier6 01 Aug
31 Jul Item Restrictions (Please don't!) Hello Blizzard, I spent most of my adolecence in this game, aka since the year it released. 90% if that time, I spent roleplaying, it's what's kept me here. With that in mind, I'm sure you can understand I share the same frustrations other roleplayers do when new restrictions on certain things are made, such as gear. I was glad lately that you listened to roleplayers who took issue with the new phasing-mechanisms in city-hubs and so on. That's why I feel there is a chance you might hear me/us this time too. So, this morning I was told that when completeing a quest, the reward is now going to be auto-chosen based on my character's class? REALLY? :( I've taken lots of joy out of the awesome-looking gear you made in Cataclysm, and I go on joyous quest-sprees to reap these rewards, from all gear-classes my character can wear. This is, for me and all my roleplaying friends, very... disheartening. What I've noticed being a trend lately with you is that changes made have been a lot of restrictions. In my opinion, the more restrictions you put in on things like this, the more you also restrict players fun, no matter what kind of player it is. Restrictions are effective killjoys. Shouldn't changes provide more freedoms and possibilities? Please reconsider. :(Lewisia13 31 Jul
31 Jul Demo lock: Does Doom have any use? Heey warlocks, Quick question: Are you happy how Doom (spell) works? I mean i personally do NOT like it. Q: What dont you like about it? A: Well, the thing that bugs me about Doom is that it feels pointless a lot of times. In order for doom to work, ur target needs to be alive for aleast 15-20sec (20 - haste) and alot of times mt targets die within 5-10sec. So i am questing in tannaan, i doom a target, attack it and 8sec later dead and doom was a pointless cast. The ONLY flights where doom is ok, is in Boss flights. I would like Blizzard to change Doom in order to make Doom more usefull in combat. How do you think bliaazrd could make Doom more usefull?Zexeor2 31 Jul
31 Jul Mounts flying animation has hiccups When flying around and moving from one named small area to another, the mount's flying animation is interrupted as if I has suddenly stopped. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a known issue?Mirthy3 31 Jul
30 Jul Wardrobe - List of missing items and issues I've copied over to the PTR my Alliance Night Elf Warrior and checked each item of gear I have on me, in my bags and in the void storage to see which items were added to the appearances and which items weren't. I've compiled a list of items that haven't been added and split them into different categories. Notes: 1. In order for an item to appear for you in your Appearances tab (Wardrobe) it must pass some restrictions. You must possess the item. If it came from a drop/auction house/crafting, It must either be equipped or in your bags/bank/void storage. If it was obtained from a previously completed quest (or achievement?), then it should automatically be added. It must be bound to you – if it’s still Bind on Equip (tradeable) it won’t be added to your collection. You cannot buy from a vendor and sell it back. You must be able to equip the item. If you meet the other requirements but cannot equip it yet because you haven't reached the required level, it will be added to your collection, but you won't be able to transmog to its appearance. For armor items, even if you can equip the item, it must be your (primary) armor type – Cloth: Mage, Priest and Warlock. Leather: Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk and Rogue. Mail: Hunter and Shaman. Plate: Death Knight, Paladin and Warrior. An exemption to the previous rule are Cosmetic items which any class can use. 2. If an item has restrictions then those restrictions apply to the transmog – A Warrior only item won’t be transmogable for a Paladin. An Alliance only item won’t be transmogable for a Horde character. An item with a reputation restriction (Tabards for example), won’t be transmogable for a character that doesn’t have the required reputation. An item with a level restriction won’t be transmogable for a character below that level. 1. Missing items from the Appearances tab 1.1. Sadly, not supported Fishing Poles Old Legendary items (except MoP cloaks) 1.2. Items which follow the current rules, but do not appear in the appearances tab Direbrew's Bloody Shanker Unidentified Cooking Utensil Spider Splatter Mace Dark Iron Tankard Peon's Mining Pick Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick Disciple's Stein Old Crafty (item is classified as Held in Off-hand on the PTR) Old Ironjaw (item is classified as Held in Off-hand on the PTR) White Tuxedo Shirt (item is uncommon (green) quality on the PTR) Prophetic Cane Vile Fumigator's Mask (doesn’t show up all the time) (see comment in section 2.1. for a more accurate fix) Hallowed Helm (see comment in section 2.1. for a more accurate fix) Bouquet of Red Roses Sandrene's Invisible Vest Monk restricted (used to be transmogable pre 7.0): Novice's Handwraps Initiate's Handwraps Grappling Handwraps Handwraps of Pilgrimage Handwraps of Meditation Handwraps of Fallen Blossoms Handwraps of Serenity Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes (item is uncommon (green) quality on the PTR) Buccaneer's Vest Rolling Pin Breastplate of Despair Drape of the Refreshing Winds Sulfuron Hammer Shadow's Edge All the Legion Invasion items 1.3. Vanilla PvP gear - I have the original Field Marshal rank and original Field Marshal gear, but the items did not get added to the appearances tab Field Marshal's Plate Helm Field Marshal's Plate Shoulderguards Field Marshal's Plate Armor Marshal's Plate Gauntlets Marshal's Plate Legguards Marshal's Plate Boots Grand Marshal weapons for players with the original rank - 1.4. Items which follow the current rules, but do not have an armor class or weapon type, and do not appear in the appearances tab Green Winter Hat Red Winter Hat Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater Mist-Piercing Goggles The Fire Extinguisher Blue Brewfest Stein Green Brewfest Stein Yellow Brewfest Stein Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein Forever-Lovely Rose Frying Pan Jeweler's Sapphire Monocle Jeweler's Ruby Monocle Jeweler's Amber Monocle Rhinestone Sunglasses 1.5. Items which can be tracked via quests, but are missing from the appearance tab Dungeon 1 set (Battlegear of Valor) - In case there is an issue with tracking these removed quests, the Dungeon 1 items can also be tracked by the existence of the Dungeon set 2 (Battlegear of Heroism) items in bags, as those items could only be obtained from those quests. Helm of Valor (Quest ID: 9006) Spaulders of Valor (Quest ID: 8959) Breastplate of Valor (Quest ID: 9006) Gauntlets of Valor (Quest ID: 8944) Bracers of Valor (Quest ID: 8912) Belt of Valor (Quest ID: 8944) Legplates of Valor (Quest ID: 8959) Boots of Valor (Quest ID: 8959) Archeus Shadow's Edge (Quest ID: 24743) 1.6. Items which can be tracked via crafting, but are missing from the appearance tab (if you have the final item, you should get credit for previous items) Sulfuron Hammer – is a crafting reagent for Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros 2. Items which should be made available to collect 2.1. Old items which were given the cloth armor type to be wearable by any class, which now prevents access to them to non-cloth classes Note: Possible fix for items like this is to convert the item to the Cosmetic class like Crown of the Fire Festival. Bloodsail Shirt Bloodsail Pants Bloodsail Boots Safety Goggles Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat Hallowed Helm Captain Sanders' Sash Vile Fumigator's Mask 2.2. Vanity common items which should be added to the appearances tab Festive Black Pant Suit Festive Blue Pant Suit Festive Teal Pant Suit Festive Pink Dress Festive Purple Dress Red Dinner Suit Blue Dinner Suit Purple Dinner Suit Pilgrim's Hat Pilgrim's Attire Pilgrim's Boots Brown Brewfest Hat Brewfest Regalia Brewfest Boots Mantle of the Fire Festival Vestment of Summer Sandals of Summer Spring Circlet Spring Robes Gnomeregan Drape Elegant Dress Lovely Black Dress Black Tuxedo Pants Tarnished Crown Noble's Monocle Diamond-Tipped Cane Farmer's Broom Spring Flowers Bouquet of Orange Marigolds Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias Egg Basket Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles Keeshan's Bandana Bloodsail Sash Razor Sharp Fillet Knife Stratholme Lily Ornate Drinking Stein Burglar's Vest Ancient Pandaren Woodcutter Farmer's Shovel Farmer's Hoe Violet Hat Purple Turban Haliscan Brimmed Hat Simple Wildflowers Red Rose Beautiful Wildflowers Black Rose Bouquet of White Roses Bouquet of Black Roses High Society Top Hat Lord Walden's Top Hat Black Spring Circlet Pink Spring Circlet Helm of the Fire Festival 2.3. Items created but never released. WoD missing crafted set items - The thread was too long so I had to split it. It continues here: 30 Jul
30 Jul "Hide Cloak/Helm" option removed...Why? (Feedback) This is a little baffling to me. Why remove a perfectly usable feature that saves time for players and instead change it into a feature you now have to go out of your way to find. I get it's part of the wardrobe re-vamp, but it just feels a little long winded to have to return to your MC transmog vendor to hide/show the helm, cloak and shoulders seeing as not everyone has the travellers Yak mount. Whilst it's free of charge to do, it feels like a step back from being able to do it on the fly.Zhenkali28 30 Jul