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4m [H] Megalomania is recruiting for Legion! Hello everyone. Megalomania is a mature PvE guild on Stormscale. We intend to keep going and currently clearing raids for the 6th year we're around now. We currently have 11/13 HFC M, but due to unfortunate events, we are now rebuilding our roster again. We are recruiting for our raiding team to start raiding progression and other, mainly PvE, activities. In the following wall of text, I will introduce you to our guild and what we're about, what we have to offer to you, and lastly, how you can join us. Current OPENINGS: I am going to be a bit different here, than what you are used to read about. We are rather looking for PLAYERS, rather then characters, as we want long-term commitment and a trusty community, so we can play with the same people without the hassle of constantly losing and replacing them. We are open to and encourage play different roles, or even alts if there's a need, instead of recruiting new people for the job each time. In the long run, this way you will always have people to raid with good people that you trust and a much better atmosphere to raid with, without the pesky requirements of elitist behaviours. Good people are ALWAYS welcome in our community. We firmly believe that a good organisation is of great importance to a guild. We put a lot of effort in our organisation and ask of our members to abide by the rules that we set up. You can learn Rules and further INFORMATION by contacting Goyim-stormscale ingame for further information. Understanding our values in our community We have rules and other information we need members to agree with, this shows us that you are willing to commit to our guild. People who can't be bothered with this, aren't welcome in our community. This may seem harsh but we want to draw a very clear line here. We don't have a minimum item-level for people to join us; we organize gearing-up raids for the newcomers so they can catch-up with our current progression, and join us in our main raids quickly. How to Join us: Joining our guild is done by contacting an officer currently ingame, this should be Goyim or Dentorro or Pienscute so we can have an understanding who you are, before an invite is made. You can also go to our recruitment forums - and fill in an application, just follow the instructions there. You can also reach me here at btag kidneyxt#2328 or goyim#2965. What can we offer you? As a guild, we can offer you a chance to play in a mature community with an equal treatment, and a safe haven from all the pugging and frustration that it brings. Other than that we've got a few pointers that we intend to complete in the remainder of the Legion expansion (and beyond). PvE progression: As any PvE guild, our main goal is to make progression in raids and clear them at their top difficulty before the release of new content. While we are realistic in this, it will be hard to clear bosses on mythic before next tiers, we do intend to get as far as we can. Right now we are recruiting for Legion, and preparing a new roster for the challenges ahead of us. As of right now there is only a few of us. You need to have the patience and the right attitude The reason for this is that we need to fill the requirements of 20m people. We had many teams come and go, but due to unfortunate events we are slowly building a steady, trusty team for this. Challenge mode dungeons: We've had a lot of fun in the challenge mode dungeons and intend to keep doing them, so that as many of our guildies as possible can get their transmog gear before it retires. THIS WILL NOT BE A BOOST IN ANY WAY. We expect our guildmembers to do their best and it is a nice way for us to know what someone is made off. Achievement runs: We intend to get some achievements from the previous tiers from the expansion. This is, however, the last bulletpoint here so it will be the last thing on our list aswell. About us: Megalomania was formed on the 22nd of august of 2010 on Trollbane. Right now our leader team is based upon two swedish twins, and one very loveable dane. We've raided through the last few months of WotLK and the beginning of cataclysm. When we returned to Trollbane, our lovely server had transformed into a ghost town. A few months fast forward and we're on Stormscale, getting our guild back together. In cataslysm we raided all raids. At the end of cataclysm we were 6/8HC on Dragon Soul. In Mop we have cleared MSV HC, HoF HC, ToES HC, and was working on ToT HC 11/13 and Soo Mythic 8/14. Currently in WoD, we have cleared all the current content here, HM/BRF/HFC on heroic, and all except the last 2 on mythic. Thank you for reading and thank you for considering Megalomania.Pienscute3 4m
2h [A] Legion of Heroes (PvE) - Recruting for Legion About us: We are group of friends that create the Guild at MoP and raiding a lot at SoO and at the start of WoD.We stopped playing WoW for a while and now we are reforming the guild for the upcoming Legion expansion. Recruitment: Currently we need all the classes and roles for the raiding team. Socials are also welcome to guild but they can't come to raids. Raiding Days and Times: Raiding days and times will be arranged when the raiding team complete and after consultation with team. Progress: Our goals are to get as much progress done as possible as efficiently as we can and we aim to work up to 20 man Mythic content. Events: Sometimes we will organize some events like Guild Runs at Old Dungeons and Raids and make Achievements of Legacy Raids. PvP: We are not PvP guild but of course sometimes we will make groups for PvP(Arena/BG etc.) Communication: The base of Guild is from Greece but we speak English at Guild Chat. We are using Curse Client with our Server for communication. Apply: Btag: Retrial#2359 or you can send me in game message char name: Venomax or you can reply here.Venomax1 2h
6h [A]Syndicate Gaming - Recruiting Myth.Raid Legion Syndicate Gaming is a newly formed guild by a couple of friends on Sylvanas-EU. We are recruiting new dedicated and talented players to do progression raiding in Legion. Raid Goal: Mythic progression Team Size: 20-man Times: 19:00 - 22-30 Server Time Days: Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday Loot Rules: Master Looter, Rolls. (may change later on) Mic chat: Discord is required. We are looking for the following classes & roles. Tank positions are filled! Healers: 1 Discipline Priest with off-spec Shadow Priest. Melee: 1 Rogue or Feral. Ranged: 2 Destruction Warlock & Balance Druid. We're trying to keep a balanced (gear type) and well rounded raid. If you're interested in joining, add my battle tag Zethell#2685 or H3ctorX#2583 And we'll discuss your application.Cavalrymaid1 6h
6h [A] <No Honor> is recruiting for Legion! Hello there! <No Honor> is a guild for you if you like to raid but in a casual-friendly atmosphere and as such <No Honor> will only raid twice a week! We're a guild built around a solid core with background in Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk, Cata & Pandaria and getting back together for the madness that is Legion! Raiding Times : Thursday 18.00 - 22.00 Sunday 18.00 - 22.00 On a specific note we're currently in need of dedicated healers! If you are interested, whisper Yodai/Yorocha ingame or add #Kisu1585 for an interview! All socials are welcome.Yodai0 6h
12h Looking for PvE guild! Hey all, I was a big raider in MoP but hated them in WoD so I did PvP for the small part I played, I'm going to main a resto shaman in legion as I've always been a resto Druid but prefer to play shaman now, for a new challenge as well as utility... I'm looking for a guild to raid in legion and hopefully push quite high, I'm not fussed how big the guild is or its progression, just looking for one with active players that can work well together!Qúantium0 12h
20h [A] PVE <Entium> Is now Recruiting for Legion Raiding! Guild name: Entium Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas EU Entium is currently looking for more players dedicated players to add to our Legion Raiding roster. We are currently looking for the following: 1 Mistweaver Monk 1 Holy Paladin Exceptional players of other classes will also be considered and social players are always welcome. For further information, reply here of feel free to add myself: Drakthir#2945 or Emmi2014#2825 We look forward to hearing from you!Karnae0 20h
22h [A] Recurrent (10/13M) Recruiting DPS For Legion! Hello to all inhabitants of Sylvanas! <Recurrent> is a mythic raiding guild looking to progress mythic in legion, and is looking for more members to add to our raid team. We need more active, dedicated players willing to put in the effort that we are. We offer a stable and social raiding environment and possess a strong desire to keep progression going. Openings What we're ultimately after is a stable roster of reliable players - provide us with what we're after, and there's no reason we wouldn't consider you no matter what class or role you play. We value the player, not the class. How to Join Us We like our members to apply on our website: []. We find that the very existence of the application process filters out those who will be unwilling to put in the effort we expect. After all, if a player can't be bothered to spend 5-10 minutes filling in an application, how likely is it that they'll be running mythic dungeons for valor upgrades every week? What Will the Weekly Raiding Schedule Look Like? We raid 2 days a week, 20:00-23:00 Server time, on Wednesday and Sunday. We will be adding 1 more day later on in the expansion. What do we Expect from You? As I stated earlier, we primarily value activity and dedication. If I were to make a list of desirable traits in a raider applying to the guild, gear would be the least important on my list. Prove your reliability, your dedication and your willingness to listen, and we'll happily gear you up. We do, however, expect you to put in your own effort outside of raiding days in order to gear yourself up where you can; for instance, we'd like you to be running as many mythic dungeons as possible every week for valor upgrades. You will, of course, find plenty of people in the guild willing to run these with you. What Happens when I Join the Guild? When your application has been approved, you'll be invited to the guild as a 'trial raider'. During your trial period, you'll be judged on your attendance rate, your attention to boss mechanics, your level of preparation and the effort you put into improving your character outside of raids. Depending on these factors, your trial period may last no longer than 7-10 days. Conversely, we have some members who have never shed their 'trial' status because of poor attendance or poor attitude. For any interested applicants, I will leave my Bnet tag [VarmenBork#2675] and once again our guild website []. You will find practically any information you need on our website, and the application process is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any questions add me and I'll happily have a chat with you.Varmenbork1 22h
1d [A] <Fadge> - Sylvanas - Recruiting for Legion Guild Information: Guild name: Fadge Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas EU We are a group of friends who have years of raiding experience but haven't raided seriously this expansion but we have decided to come back and set up a serious raiding guild focusing on progression while maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the guild and building a community. We are looking to recruit a Boomkin, Rogue, Shadow priest, Warlock and a healer that is either a - Holy Priest, MW Monk, Our raid times: Wednesday:8-11pm Thursday:8-11 pm Sunday:8-11 pm Times could be altered depending on if we are all willing to push a little more on progress but most of the time these will be the times. Our goals are to get as much progress done as possible as efficiently as we can and we aim to work up to 20 man Mythic content. We are looking for 95% attendance on progress runs but we will make exceptions due to things like serious illness/family emergencies, but we are mainly looking for a set of reliable, dedicated raiders that want to progress through the content as fast as we can without adhering to a hardcore schedule How to apply: Add us on Bnet: Jleyland#1915 Mattski#2146 Spikeeleslie#2316 Just send any of us a message and tell us about yourselves and why you are considering joining, thanks.Jleyland0 1d
1d Want to sell Sylvanas Character names Want to sell Sylvanas Characters names ; - Skillerpala - Priestqt - Shamanqt if you are intressed in any of these names please add me on btag ; grumpycat#2725Revieww0 1d
1d 2 Players LF PVE guild Hi, I am looking to join a pve guild with my buddy (resto shaman). We both have experience on hc level but years ago. Our lives have changed so raiding became a viable option again. If u are looking for 2 mature (30+) members who can handle the char they are playing then look no further... Wacko#2988Wackosan3 1d
1d Mythic raiding guild looking recruiting Dps / Healers <Umbraticolus> Is a mythic raiding guild with a serious and mature environment, we are currently looking for DPS and 1 Healer for our mythic team in legion. We're a group of ppl with alot of old/current raid content progression looking to find more players Raid days Wednesday Thursday Sunday. Raid times: 20:00-23:00 Server Time. For any other information You can contact me here or my Btag = Angrypenguin#2183Boozay0 1d
1d [A] <Olympians> Greek Guild Recruitment Greek Guild recruitment follows so sorry for the greek! Olympians, από τα παλαιότερα και καλύτερα ελληνικά raiding guilds και το μοναδικό Ελληνικό guild στον Ravencrest, ψάχνουμε για ενεργούς Έλληνες παίχτες για το Legion! Από το τέλος του Wotlk που δημιουργηθήκαμε μέχρι και το αναμενόμενο Legion προσφέρουμε ένα σταθερό, ώριμο και φιλικό περιβάλλον για progress αλλά και με events και συναντήσεις μέσα στο WoW αλλά και RL. Raiders και socials είναι καλοδεχούμενοι και μπορείτε να μας βρείτε στην σελίδα μας για να μάθετε παραπάνω στοιχεία ----> Επίσης μπορείτε να μας δείτε στο facebook: Olympians Gaming καθώς και στο youtube: Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου για οτιδήποτε θέλετε να μάθετε: Foufoutos#2570Foufoutos1 1d
1d <Resilient> High ranked PvP guild Recruiting! We are one of the biggest and best PvP guilds on the realm of Sylvanas EU and have been on Sylvanas for around 6 years, our goal and vision as a guild is to continue rising in the guild PvP rankings and keep moving forward with RBG's, Arenas, BG's, Tournaments and events along with our great social atmosphere. We obtained the modest Guild Rank of 3rd on the realm in WoD and plan to hit the top spot in Legion. View Guild PvP Rankings here: We are essentially looking for dedicated RBG players who have the knowledge and ability to be able to play their class at a high level. So what do we offer: We currently have 3 RBG teams that we will be accepting applications for in Legion via our website, with the possibility of a 4th. Elite RBG team: Requirements to join the team: You have to have had at least 2k rating in RBG's in the last 2 expansions, that means in MoP or in WoD. Both obviously is even better! You will have to keep up with gearing your character every week when Legion hits. Safe to say that your arena experience does give you extra credit. Rezima RBG team: Rezima RBG Team requirements: We are looking for people with at least 1700 rating exp in RBGs along with a great knowledge of RBGs and your class, although exceptional players will be considered if below that rating. Zephara RBG team: We're casual players whom just like to play together and have some fun. We do like to go for rating and improve our own play style! Which means that after each round we have a short review period and we can then talk about the tactic but also about where we need to improve in order to push rating but also while having fun. We appreciate your time in reading this and if this interests you or you wish to apply please fill our very short and to the point application form out on so we can review and make an informed decision. Thank you from all of us here! - Rezima (Resilient GM) www.resilient.wowlaunch.comRezima0 1d
2d SPAM OUT OF DATEKilshøt0 2d
2d [A] Where Boys Become Men - PvE WBBM is a newly formed guild on the Alliance side of Sylvanas(EU). We are a guild founded by RL and WoW friends who took the big step and decided to raid together. As we are grown Men our real life is busy so for the foreseeable future our raiding schedule will be causal but our dedication and mindset is to achieve the best in the PvE content while having fun. Raiding Schedule Wed 20:30-23:00 Sun 20:30-23:00 Currently the plan is to raid 2 days per week, but we are looking to find a 3rd day to add that will be convenient to everyone. Apart from Raiding we will organize as many Mythic+ dungeon groups as we can and set a schedule for each group individually to try and push the progress there. Recruitment We are looking mainly for Ranged Dpsers and specifically Shadow Priest Hunter Warlock Balance Druid Holy Priest That does not mean we only recruit the specs above. Everyone with a mature attitude and the will to participate in a raiding team is welcome to join. When we recruit we look for a serious demeanor as far as raiding is concerned and the emotional capacity to accept constructive criticism in that regard. Your past achievements won't matter as we are looking to try you out ourselves. We don't expect from you to socialize from day one but you will be a part of our community before you even realize it. Apart from the raiding team everyone is welcome to join as long as they are 18+ years old and not a drama queen, but we can't promise you a steady spot in the raiding team. Goals At the moment we are planing to clear Emerald Nightmare on Heroic difficulty as soon as possible while trying out new recruits and forming a team to tackle Mythic. Questions If you have any questions or you wish to join us leave a reply bellow or add Venialsinner#2241 Melrok#2147 GEO#2655 NicaT#2158 to your Battle.netAlvadur0 2d
2d Enh Shaman/Spriest Looking for Legion Raiding Guild Guild Application; 2 Experienced players looking for an enthusiastic raiding guild to finish raiding WoD and move forward onto Heroic/Mythic raiding in Legion We have both raided multiple chars throughout WoD depending on what our guild at the time required. Myself played holy paladin through all of WoD and recently moved to playing shadow priest with the intent of maining it in Legion. Galatine mained Rogue through all of the expansion and recently moved to his enhancement shaman which he shall be maining in Legion. We’ve been playing the above characters for the last couple of weeks now and we aren’t that badly geared, it shows our dedication and commitment to always wanting to strive to be better. We have played the game for many years on various different classes in different roles, we have played through each expansion since Vanilla and have had successful PvE and PvP experiences. We have each had experience running our own guild, quite successfully for many months as the Tanks of the guild. We are currently looking for a guild that wants to try and progress Mythic raids in Legion, we aren’t looking for an “extreme” guild where you need to be online 24/7 and raiding 7 nights a week or you get kicked as that’s just not us, we have jobs and real life commitments which means we can only raid 3-4 times a week. Ideal raid times would be 8:30 Server time onwards but are flexible. What will you get out of this deal? 2 Experienced players who can have a laugh but when required we can certainly focus and do the jobs necessary to down bosses. No messing. We are always on time to raids and if we aren’t going to make it for whatever reason we will let you know so we don’t leave you hanging. We are dedicated and hardworking players, who, admittedly have made mistakes in raids in the past but as we are only human it’s bound to happen. We just make sure it only happens once. We are happy to use any form of Voice Comms/Addons that a guild could possibly require, we know we aren’t currently geared the best but we will strive to be fully geared in Legion and ready to have an enjoyable experience raiding with likeminded people. We have also played the Beta extensively play testing our classes of choice to ensure that we fully understand the class and rotations moving into Legion. We are happy to faction change if needed! Feel free to contact us on: Galatine#2725 Chopster#2538Aparctias1 2d
2d Looking for a home in Legion. Hey guys, so the title is pretty self explanatory i guess, but i'll go into a bit more detail here. I raided in WoTLK, MoP & towards the end of WoD. I'm looking to start raiding again in Legion. I'm looking for a casual raiding guild rather than anything else due to RL commitments. I work Monday - Thursday evenings (with the odd evening off now and then) so i have Friday - Sundays off, a guild that raids in the days or weekends is probably ideal for me unless you're a late raiding guild during the week (after 10.30pm UK time) I will be taking my 100 druid into Legion and for certain be playing resto. (I have a 100 druid on Sylvanas too, this one is staying on BH) I'm 21, female from the UK & i have no problem at all talking on mic. If you can offer me anything please reply to this post or better yet, add me on bnet which is mumfeena#2141 Cheers!Mumfeena1 2d
2d [A]<EmptyPromises>Selling HFC Mythic and Heroic Boosts. EmptyPromises is now selling Mythic Hellfire Citadel Boosts. Guild website: How it Works: Purchasing a Boost from EmptyPromises is Very simple. Step 1: Read the information about the types of boost. Step 2: Decide which boost you want to purchase. Step 3: Get in contact with the relevant person listed below. Step 4: Further Information regarding the boost such as scheduling and stuff would be provided after you contact us. Timings: Note that these timings are our general timings.We could arrange a boost according to the days/times you want based on the situation.So if our times aren't matching,make sure you get in contact with us ! Hellfire Citadel Mythic : Wednesday : 19:00 - 23:00 Hellfire Citadel Heroic : Friday 20:00 - 22:00 Payment: With the release of Cross realm Mythic,You no longer have to be on our realm to get boosted by us.We accept gold on Alliance side of Silvermoon,Frostmane,ravencrest and Sylvanas.A booking fee of 30% is charged while you are booking/scheduling a spot for the upcoming boosts.We don't book or reserve a spot unless this upfront token is paid.This is to ensure that you will show up for the raid. Boosts: Note that you need to contact us for price list. Skype : Battletag : Zappy#6324 Hellfire Citadel Mythic 13/13 This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec with the exception of Warforged or socketed Loot.Raiders from the guild will have priority on warforged or socketed gear and you will receive them only if the raiders don't need it. We are now selling the Mount from archimonde(Felsteel Annihilator) aswell. Hellfire Citadel 12/13 Mythic This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec with the exception of Warforged or socketed Loot.Raiders from the guild will have priority on warforged or socketed gear and you will receive them only if the raiders don't need it. Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Heroic Masterloot This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec including warforged and socketed gear. Note that we also sell specific stuff like 9/13 mythic,6/13 mythic etc.For a price list on specific stuff that you want,Please get in Contact with the Zap via ingame,forums or by adding Zappy#6324 on Read ID. Contacts: Don't hesitate contacting for any information regarding our boosts. Zap - Zappy#6324 Skype - Zaped.dkZap13 2d
3d <OLD> recruitment open for Legion <OLD> has opened recruitment for all classes and specs. We are mainly looking for people interested in raiding however casual / social apps are always welcome if you feel OLD is the right place for you. We're primarily a casual PvE guild aimed at gamers age 20+ who don't have a lot of time to spend raiding every night. Most of our members have work commitments and/or families to attend to. The guild was formed during TBC and the raiding core have been downing bosses along side each other for several years. We aim to put together 10-man raids twice a week between 21:00 - 23:30 server time on Wednesday and Sunday. Raiders are expected to do research around the encounters and their chosen spec to ensure that we're as successful as we can be and make the most of the relatively short time we spend raiding each week. Other guild members are usually more than happy to offer advice when asked! There are no minimum attendance rules for raiders, we simply need you to be reliable, competent and able to use mumble. Non-raiders are also very welcome, and some guildies prefer only PvP. There will also be plenty of members wanting to run mythic dungeons. Interested? Please apply at Alternatively please speak to Gallyn, Dredd or Belthien in game.Gallyn4 3d
3d [A] <Ergo Proxy> Legion onboarding "Ergo proxy" (Sylvanas EU, Alliance) is recruiting members for Legion content. We are ex hardcore raiders / PvPers and most of us are playing since the vanilla. We are welcoming all of the people who plan to get serious in Legion whilst having fun. Raiding, PvP (arena/rated BGs, world pvp), achievement runs, goofing around. If you are willing to participate, communicate (Discord) and contribute to this guild please do not hesitate to contact your master overlord and spiritual leader neuroproxy#2745. For Azeroth.Neuroproxy0 3d
3d Crossrealm Sylvanas with a heavy horde server Hi! As the title said i suggest crossrealming Sylvanas with a heavy horde server to keep faction balance! Im horde on sylvanas and i feel very alone. This is my suggestion, i would love to have a Blizzard response on this. Otherwise I'll server hop to Ragnaros. (Sorry if i double posted, i got a glitch before)Ragoth4 3d
4d Population on the server Hey there. so me and my friends having been looking for a new realm for legion after rerolling from horde. in mop and start of draenor we have been playing horde and therefor choosed a horde populated realm but as for now it cant be played as alliance. So my question for you guys is how was the queues at mop and draenor launch where they 100+, 500+, or like 2000+? and what do you think about legion release ? and is there any superior nationality ? thanks for your time regards DDîsturbed2 4d
4d [A] <Fadge> - Sylvanas - Recruiting for Legion Guild Information: Guild name: Fadge Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas EU We are a group of friends who have years of raiding experience but haven't raided seriously this expansion but we have decided to come back and set up a serious raiding guild focusing on progression while maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the guild and building a community. We are looking to recruit like minded players of all classes and roles apart from melee dps (apart from rogue and DH) and main tanks, but we are looking for a dps'er who can off-tank when needed. We are mainly going to be a casual guild up until Legion is released so current gear score is not an issue but if we get enough players together before Legion some current Mythic content guild runs would definitely be on the cards Our raid times: Wednesday:8-11pm Thursday:8-11 pm Sunday:8-11 pm Times could be altered depending on if we are all willing to push a little more on progress but most of the time these will be the times. Our goals are to get as much progress done as possible as efficiently as we can and we aim to work up to 20 man Mythic content. We are looking for 95% attendance on progress runs but we will make exceptions due to things like serious illness/family emergencies, but we are mainly looking for a set of reliable, dedicated raiders that want to progress through the content as fast as we can without adhering to a hardcore schedule How to apply: Add us on Bnet: Jleyland#1915 Mattski#2146 Spikeeleslie#2316 Just send any of us a message and tell us about yourselves and why you are considering joining, thanks.Jleyland3 4d
4d Heroic/Mythic Legion Recruitment - Riddle Me this Hello there! Riddle Me This are looking for a few good men to bolster their raid team in time for the approaching Legion invasion. We are looking for dedicated, reliable like minded players. Were a funny bunch with the majority of us being together for a few years now. We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore group of players. We take a "fun" but serious approach to raiding and we are looking for others that have the dedication, skill and knowledge required to raid, along with a personality to love being here with us. Still interested? Read the below: Experience: We are looking for players who have experience of at least heroic difficulty raiding. Anything above is a big plus. If you don't have the experience but feel you can live upto the challenge come have a chat. We do not currently have any requirements on gear with it being the end of an expansion. Raid times (proposed legion times) The below is the proposed raid times for legion. We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Holding up a bunch of eager raiders is a nono! Note: We will be raiding 1-2 times a week during the pre patch. These will mostly be Weds or Sundays. Weds - 19:30-22:30 Sun - 19:00-23:00 Mon - 19:30-22:30 What are we looking for? Urgent - Hunter (bm/mm), DK (unholy/frost), Rogue, Monk (Windwalker) Other exceptional applicants may also be considered What are we aiming for? Mythic raiding is the end goal here. After breezing through heroics but struggling with numbers for Mythic throughout WoD we are all itching to get back into it. How to contact us If you think you fit the environment here and have what it takes to become a member of Riddle Me This give me a /w in game on Jaylae or add me on on Jaycea#2153 or Ragnoros#2979 for another officer. If I'm not around feel free to speak to one of the lovely officers you will find in game most nightsJaylae3 4d
4d [A/H] Looking for a place to plant my roots I him looking to start of fresh for the expansion Legion, so im looking for a friendly raiding guild with long experience and good manners, im 29 years old and working as a excavator operator and im looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days aweek and that strives to push new content but also not going dead serious about it. I wish to join a guild with good positiv energy with laughter and seriousness during raid times. please feel free to add me on tyrax#2792 if you want to know more about my raiding backround etc. thanks in advace / TyraxTyranx1 4d
4d WTT Normal Spectral Hi! I'm looking to trade my spectral tiger (normal version, not swift) for gold + other tcg mount combo. Would like atleast 3m + 1-2 more TCG mounts. Accepting gold on almost any realm, outland prefered. Would like the gold amount to be atleast 3m, but can reconsider if you are giving good mounts. Add me at: Grimsaw#11519 Ps. The mount is taggedKaprun2 4d
4d Wts Herald of the Titans/Last of Us/Bloody Coin (Horde) Hello, We have a very nice team mostly from our guild (Luxuria; former Riot) to help you out for getting titles for pve&pvp on Twisting Nether. (Horde) ---Herald Of the Titans is a fos achi and get you the same title which can be obtainable by defeating Algalon in 10 player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment no higher than 226 (for weapons 232) Our Herald run is each sunday at 20.30 Realm Time. Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long is below 226 ilvl, you can use your heirlooms. Details: The price for a run is 160k, payment on Twisting Nether, 30K when you book the spot, the rest will be done before the pull. We also accept payments from other realms. (Other realms price is 170k) (Outland/Dreanor/Stormscale/Kazzak/Silvermoon/Ravencrest) We do also have runs for Last of Us and Bloody Coin. ---Last of us is an also Fos achi and ( gives you the title Lord/Lady of War. You will also be rewarded with Horde Flag of Victory Requirements: You only need level 3 Gladiator Sanctum, and some Broken Bones in case if we might not do it in first try. ---Bloody Coin You will be rewarded with Bloody Coin for each kill; which will allow you to buy Vengeful Porcupette for 100 coin. For 500 coin you may purchase Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast. You will also get the below achievements. Candlekeeper- 10 Coins Oathguard-100 Coins Blazebinder-500 Coins Kilnmaster-1000 Coins Fire-Watcher-2000 coins, which will give also the title Fire-Watcher Requirements: You only need Fire-Watcher's Oath which can be purchased for 100 Timeless Coin. You may find the updated price list for all as below; and feel free to add me on my battle net for more info: laiyaaa#2606 thanks, Here some of our feedbacks are as below. Kazzak : Silvermoon : Twisting Nether : Thanks, Since the prepatch is coming and we also need time to look over the patch, AFTER 24th July our prices will be as below. Last of Us : 60K for Twisting Nether; 70 K for Other realms* Herald Of The Titans : 160 K for Twisting Nether; 170 K for other realms* Bloody Coin: 500Coin (Including Mount) : 20K for Twisting Nether; 25K for other realms. Bloody Coin: 2000 Coin : (Including Title, mount and pet) : 60K for Twisting Nether; 70K for other realms. * Other realms are : Dreanor (H), Silvermoon (A), Stormscale (H), Kazzak (H), Outland (A), Ravencrest (A) *We are fully booked for Herald Of the Titans including 24Jul, but free after that, you can contact me to book your spot.Larienne5 4d
4d WTS Various HFC/BRF Mythic / Heroic! Including mounts! Unknown Error - Frostwhisper Horde is now providing our services in form of boosting in variety of content. Here is some links to the mounts if you are unaware of how they look: Archimonde Mythic mount: Felsteel Annihilator Blackhand Mythic Mount: Ironhoof Destroyer You can contact me in-game for prices or leave Battletag and i will add you for in-game conversation. Also would like to mention that we accept payment on any server and this service is sold for gold. You can add me on Vuk#2855Monkhawk4 4d
5d [A] <happy> A Social PvE/PvP Guild for Legion Hi all, <happy> is recruiting new/existing Sylanites in the hope of establishing a mature, friendly co-op guild for Legion based PvE & PvP in a relaxed manner with a solid core group of players. Focus will be on HC & Mythic 5 Man Dungeons (Kara's back :D !!), Battlegrounds and endgame raiding further down the line. Happy to chat in game, /w Pigmalian or PierohPigmalian0 5d
6d (ally/eu) TLOTD Recruitment Greetings.The guild (The last of the dunedain) is recruiting mature old and new players that wish to progress on legion have fun and improve as players. The guild have be active raiding since Cataclysm. We have a big past since the guild original created on Buring legion (eu)13/09/05 and we moved to sylvanas at the end of mist of pantaria. If your intrested or you wish to ask for more info or raid days hours contact banehallowgr or elunex in gameBanehallowgr0 6d
22 Aug Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 22 Aug
22 Aug TCG Mounts Selling the following tcg mounts on Sylvanas Amani Dragonhawk (Tagged) Savage Raptor (Tagged) Reins of Poseidus Prefer gold on Sylvanas, but can take on Outland too Add Twise#2926 if interestedTwise0 22 Aug
22 Aug Looking for a place to grow further Hello, I am looking for a community that uses either teamspeak or curse. sinse playing in a community makes the game much more fun. i am 21 years old and have played WOW for about 1 year on the NA server while i lived in Canada, this was a very long time ago. starting from scratch now :) add me up in game. Sky,Skycho0 22 Aug
21 Aug WTB Spectral tiger ! i am buying rare spectral tiger please contact with me Btg Manolis#2132 , i am paying a lotElizzabeth0 21 Aug
20 Aug WTS Big Battle Bear WTS Big Battle Bear Mount is on Thunderhorn (H), is tagged Taking gold on any High pop realm Battletag: Thunderfoot#2881Vendetta0 20 Aug
20 Aug [A] Rogue/Mage LF Weekend Guild for Legion Hey! Is there any Casual/Semi-Hardcore guilds only raiding Saturdays/Sundays? My current job keeps me away from home during the weeks. The only time I'm able to play is Friday - Sunday. I've been playing since Late TBC with some breaks here and there. Very often because I've had friends who also stopped playing. In the recent expansions I've been killing some Hc(Cata/MoP)/Mythic bosses and my goal in Legion is eventually Mythic, but clearing Hc while having a good time would be my main objective. So if any guild are in need of a Rogue or Mage I would be happy to be of service. You can reach me on B-net Fackoz#2982Fackoz0 20 Aug
20 Aug [A] Novana Gaming - PvE Legion Guild Information Website Application form can be found at our website. Open spots for classes for the guild, you'll find at our website. Information about Novana Gaming - World of Warcraft Server: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance) We are a PvE heavy focused guild that loves to Raid. Though we don't mind doing PvP aswell in our spare time. We are an international guild, so English speaking in the guild chat & on Teamspeak is a must, unless told otherwise. We have a leader, classleaders and officers who manages the guild. Everyone has a saying, we are all equal, so we are open minded for critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people wants or has to say. Raiding We will raid Monday + Thursday + Sunday - 19.00-22.15 EU Timezone/Server Time. We take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to do their best when we raid, keep a good tone with the other members and work well together. Potions, food, any kinds of buffs is mandatory. Everyone has to make sure they come well prepared to the raids. The guild bank will sometimes provide with material and/or potions etc for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and members still have to prepare their own stash for raiding. Trials We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content and/or from other expansion's/mmo's. We are all new to Legion, but some common knowledge is expected. Activity has A LOT to say as a Trial, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, which helping others (dungeons, answers, tips & what-not) You got accepted to the guild because you agreed to our rules and requirement (Raiding times, activity, experience etc), so that means you are to keep your word. You are at least 18+ in age, so you know all about respect and how to treat other fellow members in the guild. We take jokes, but overdoing it might not be such a good idea. We use Teamspeak, make sure you got a microphone and use Teamspeak whenever we do stuff together. History We were called "Cold Dominance" in the old times, when we were one of the top guilds in Lightning's Blade server @ World of Warcraft. We have existed since 2005, and done most raiding content. We took a break for a few years due to World of Warcraft simply got boring, so we just wanted to try something new, like Wildstar, but now that Legion is coming out, it seems promising. And so this means Novana Gaming is expanding to Legion and is gonna do end-content there. All of us are from all around the world, we make sure to have a good time, do things together and build a good community for the players. We do focus a lot on the members, make sure they feel they got a good place to be, feel comfortable, have what they need and help each other out. Our guild has long history, ups and downs, but most of all, success. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds in the server, so each of you that are members of Novana Gaming are important, you make the guild, you represent us, you are what keeps us alive, you are the key. Keep it up, do you best and in the end you'll be rewarded with a lot of epics and good friends. Any more questions about us, the guild or whatever that comes into your mind, direct them to the leaders/officers or even at our forum. We'll help you as much as we can.Keriko4 20 Aug
19 Aug Banished Boosting Service nr3 :) Banished was formed September 2015 with the idea to create top boosting service affordable for everyone whatever server were from. In this time we have boosted over 3000 player from all over the world slowly becoming probably the best cross realm boosting service out there (keep in min i said probably). We thank to all of those that are coming back each week and if you are for the very first time here welcome to Banished family! Below you will find the updated days and times for our runs. Thursday 16:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 17:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 19:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 20:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 22:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team Friday 16:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 17:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 19:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 20:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 22:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team Saturday 13:00 to 18:00 Mannoroth & Archimonde 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team, one run each 20 min starting 14:00 19:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 21:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 22:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team Sunday 13:00 13/13 HC HFC 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 15:30 13/13 HC HFC 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 18:00 13/13 HC HFC 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 20:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team Tuesday 17:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 18:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 20:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 21:30 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team 23:00 Upper Wing 12-16 slots depending on size of boosting team Prices are as follows: Upper Wing - 60k (offer for 2 spots is 100k and for 3 spots 150k) 13/13 HC - 100k (offer for 2 spots is 180k) Mannoroth & Archimonde 30k (buy 3 spots with 60k , same day offer only) We accept gold on all servers except Russians. We strive to improve our service every time and to come up with great ideas in which you gain somethin out of it. Make sure to ask me all about it. In order to reserve a spot add me to btag Zatanna#2746, Bluewonder#2113 or banished#21174 Thank you allBluerogue76 19 Aug
19 Aug [A] rshaman/ hpally LF mythic raiding guild SILVERMOON hello everyone, for legion raiding i, shabbus am currently looking for a new guild. I had to leave my current guild because i could not make the raiding times and therefor they needed to replace me on my order. As for my experience: i started raiding in wod with doing some normal/heroic highmaul and brf and started mythic raiding with my current guild in hfc, we cleared till tyrant before prepatch, where we needed to stop raiding because off lack of dps. in that guild i was the healing coördinator/officer and made the healer tacts and cd rotations. i am currently looking for a guild that raids on any day (except monday/saturday) after 21:00 (maybe 20:30 is doable), also i'd like to be in a guild that is friendly and social, and 3 raid days is ideal. i hope to hear from some guilds soon friendly regards shabbus ps. you can hit me up at my btag: shabbus#2882 pps. shabbus (shaman): paladin: -wow progress guild: -warcraft logs guild -warcraft logs personal 19 Aug
19 Aug [A] Burn, 8/13M R.DPS wanted. We currently have room for: Nothing we are fullYou can apply via the apply section of our forum or whisper Ambootay, Maishaam, Pjuk, or Ryathor in game to discuss an invite to the guild. We are looking for mature players aged 23 and over. Current Raid Plans. We have currently stopped recruitment, we are bulging with numbers at the moment as is the norm with a new xpac on the cards! After the game has settled, if we get any spots open up, you will hear about it We are not an average guild. Discord is used on our raids and the atmosphere on our raids is pretty special. If you are a relaxed skilled player who enjoys to laugh over Discord & you are armed in thick skin, Burn might just be the gaming home for you. You can check Burn out at Social players are also welcome. You obviously won't get invited to progress raids, but if we do anything easier, we will invite you if you want to join in.Ambootay20 19 Aug
19 Aug Epilogue, competitive PvE. Hello there. My name is Sensei, and I'm here to tell you about <Epilogue> on Sylvanas-EU. Epilogue is a competitive guild and our goal is to clear content in a timely fashion and steadily climb realm rankings with a strong and stabile core. The guild was originaly formed under the name ''The Imperium'' during SoO release back in MoP. We cleared SoO 14/14 mythic (then better known as heroic) and shortly after, WoD was released. During early WoD we had a few world 50+ rankings in terms of fight execution and a few realm first CMs so we made a name for ourselves out of nowhere and got the attention from a few world top guilds. We decided to migrate the guild to Kazzak to find better hunting grounds for recruitment, and later decided to put the guild on ice. We've now revived the guild and hunger to make a name for ourselves once again in Legion, with a even better and stronger core than before. Are you interested in being part of a rapidly growing core? Are you interested in being part of a guild, that you long to logon to? Are you interested in, finding a group of people that share your goals? Add kanpaigaming#2510 and we can set up a interview on our TS server.Sênseii0 19 Aug
18 Aug [A] CZ/SK <Fatal Terror> - Sylvanas Alianční česká guilda Fatal Terror zve všechny, kteří se chtějí pustit do legionu s námi. Chystáme se v Legionu čistit Mythic+ Dungeony i Raidy na Heroic a pokud se najde 20 zkušených členů Mythic raidy by byly uskutečnitelné. Vítáni jsou však i lidé kteří o tento druh obsahu nezajímají, ať už vás zajíma PVP nebo si chcete povídat u toho když děléte Pet Battle, jste vítáni. Pro více informací nebo při zájmu o guildu nás kontaktujte: Bifidus#2823, Ash#23808, Herzma#2824, LasiterCZ#2180Bifidus0 18 Aug
18 Aug WTT Gold Darksorrow A to Sylvanas WTT Gold from Darksorrow A to Sylvanas btag: berbeq#2222Berbeq0 18 Aug
17 Aug [A] Source of Quality [2nights per week] Hello, Source of Quality are looking for new players to bolster our roster and Mythic team in Legion We're in desperate need of Healers, Casters and good players of any class. Schedule: We only raid twice a week (Wednesday & Sunday) from 1930-2300, you must have a working Microphone and Teamspeak 3. We've stopped raiding in WoD. Who We Are: We're a tight knit bunch who have been playing all the major MMO's and everything in between for the past 10 years, we have a mix of nationalities and our teamspeak server is highly active. We're also not afraid of PvP. We're casual in terms of the amount of time we spend raiding but we have a hardcore outlook on our raids and expect to make the most of our limited time, many of us don't have enough time to have a bloated raid schedule so we can't afford to carry anyone. You must know your class inside out and always come to raids prepared in terms of class specific encounter knowledge. Loot rules: We used EPGP in WoD but we're unsure if it's the right solution going into Legion. Extra: If you would like more information please whisper me or anyone with an "Oni" tag when doing /who source of quality.Onikillaz4 17 Aug
17 Aug (A) <was merely a setback> recruiting for Legion Hello fellow adventurers, <was merely a setback> is recruiting new players to complete its raiding roster for Legion. About us and what you can expect from us We're an english speaking raiding guild that's been around since late Cataclysm. We've had steady progression in every HC raid in MoP and WoD, and we are looking for players who want to do the same in Legion in a laid back, playful and drama-free environment. Of coure, seeing how they are shaping up to be an important part of the Legion content, we will also regularly do mythic+ dungeons. You are absolutely free to participate with us or start your own group with pickups. Mythic raids will only be considered once the raid group has been successfully formed. We neither can nor want to bring people who aren't proven to be reliable in a competitive environment. Our raid schedule is 20.15 to 23 server time, on wednesdays, thursdays and mondays. We are currently looking for 1 tank (paladin/DK) 1 healer (paladin, priest) to complete our composition. What we expect from you This shouldn't come as a surprise for any raider - bring your own potions and elixirs/flasks (or the reagents for them) and have at least a rough understanding of what the bosses planned for the night do. We require you to be able to attend raids you sign up for, and attend regularly enough. We do not keep a leash on anyone, we just don't want anyone to think they can attend or not and leave a raid just because they feel like it that day, and we would like to have some regularity with the changes to the raid composition. We do not require any previous raiding experience. As long as you can bring the numbers, and understand and follow tactics properly, you will be given a chance in our raid. If you have anything to ask or want to apply, feel free to reply to this thread, whisper me in-game, or add me as Sunfanel#2318.Morfanel1 17 Aug
17 Aug WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME (Red) WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME - Accepting Gold on Sylvanas/Silvermoon/Frostmane The Rocket is on Dragonblight (H) - Requires level 20 to learn it. btag: berbeq#2222Berbeq0 17 Aug
17 Aug WTT gold Sylvanas (Ally) -> Ragnaros (Hord) So to be clear - I want to give you gold on Sylvanas (Alliance) if you can give me the same amount on Ragnaros (Horde). Any amount will do, I'm desperate as I recently made a character on Ragnaros and no pets above 1k will sell on AH ;C To whisper me try /w Odan-Ragnaros /w Zirah-Sylvanas I play those the most when I'm onlineZirah0 17 Aug
17 Aug [A] <Wesoly Autobus> Rekrutacja na Legion (Polish only) # Informacje o Gildii # Nazwa: Wesoly Autobus Frakcja: Alliance Realm: Sylvanas EU Polska Gildia na Sylvanas zaprasza do wspólnej gry na nowy Dodatek: LEGION. Mamy miejsce dla nowych, średnich, pro zarówno w PVE jak i PVP. W Draenorze doświadczylismy 9/13 HFC Mythic, ale na Legionie mierzymy wyżej !!! Gildia prowadzi aktywną działaność PvP w postaci Rated Battlegrounds. Grupa działała aktywnie w Draenorze, nie było problemów z doborem odpowiednich klas i specjalizacji. Gildia otwata jesti na veteranów jak i nowych ludzi, którzy dopiero zaczynają grę PvP i potencjalne kolejne grupy będą również odpowiednio składane. # Raidy # Środa: 20.00 - 22.30 Czwartek: 20.00 - 22.30 Niedziela: 20.00 - 22.00 # Kontakt # rukszto#2111 - PVE Hecatecat#2780 - PVPSokolino0 17 Aug
17 Aug <Fist of the Northrend> looking for raiders in Legion! (Alliance) Newly formed guild looking for members to raid in Legion. We are mainly raiding with a casual mentality. All current members are mature and ready to go early into Legion raiding. Our current goals are clearing NM/HC. How fast we progress is all based on the members we get. We are not looking to beat it as fast as humanly possible. Raiding would be 2/3 days a week, on Thursday and Saturday. Monday will be an optional day for those who wish to get in a bit of extra progress. We will have a gear requirement for all members, but it will be based on the standard ilvl going into the raid that is relevant. We are laid back and will be using Discord as our "out of WoW" platform to communicate and "hang out". If Mythic is reached we will talk about whether or not people are interested about heading into the top-tier of the current content! "Edit" We are currently looking for casters and healers! Please contact me in-game or on this thread :) Mishka#2263 (Alliance)Dayliex5 17 Aug