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2h [A] <Top Notch Crew> seeks Top Notch Players! Hey, We’re a group of close friends that have formed yet another guild in the hope of finding good players to play and raid with in Legion. We’re looking to build a core raiding team of experienced players, dedicated enough to progress through available content whilst also having the salience to remember that ultimately this is a game that should be played and enjoyed. In terms of experience, we’ve been playing since Vanilla and raiding seriously since the beginning of Wrath in a variety of different guilds (quite a few of which were our own). Whilst patient and happy to teach, we’re looking for other competent players to complete a ten man line-up. Further expansion will go from there. N.B, iLvl is not necessarily an issue at this juncture. The content is still relatively easy and there is scope for gearing and forming a team provided you demonstrate aptitude and fit in well. Additionally, we regularly run Mythics/Mythic+ content for gearing, so there are plenty of opportunities available. We won’t mind helping the right people fill in their gear! Please leave a message here or add/message me privately (Illuminado#2817) if you’re less confident! All roles/specs currently welcome for consideration though of course we will aim to craft a balanced group. Regards, IlluminadoIlluminado2 2h
2h [A] - <Anointed> - Looking for members. [A] - <Anointed> - Looking for members. * Faction: Alliance * Server: Sylvanas-EU * Guild Name: Anointed * Guild type (PVP/PVE Hardcore/PVE casual): PvE Casual + Social * Weekend or daytime: Weekend normal raiding * Other information: Hello everyone, Anointed is awaking from its slumber once again. We are opening up the guild to new members for a more relaxed game experience. Our plan is to raid normal mode raids. Everyone is free to do mythics, mythic+, pvp and what not as they please. If you have no interest in raiding you are still most welcome! We are one of the oldest raiding guilds on Sylvanas, with our strong focus on a fun and enjoyable atmosphere within the guild and raids being what has allowed us to maintain the guild and its history up until now and will keep us going well into the future. We will be doing this in a more casual atmosphere so there are no obligations to be there every weekend. The plan is to mainly focus guild runs on normal mode raids during weekends (sat+sun). From either 18.00 Server time to 21.00 server time or 19.00 to 22.00 (depending what everyone agrees is ok). We will be using personal loot so people don’t feel pressured to participate every weekend. Should we lack enough players to do the raid we can invite people through the LFG system. Should there be a large set of members that want to try heroic raids then you are free to try and organise this. I, personally, will only be keeping the normal runs going. What we are looking for is two-fold. Mainly we want to grow the guild again so everyone is pretty much welcome to socialise and have fun. We are also looking for people who want to raid normal mode every weekend and for that we are looking for the following specifically as well: 2 tanks, (this can be your offspec if you want as long as it is fairly kept up gear/trait wise) 3 healers, (same as above) 5-8 dps players If you are interested in joining feel free to message me in game or leave a reply in this thread. Please let us know if you are interested in joining just for the social and fun aspect or if you are interested in joining for the normal raids on weekends. We do expect those that join for the normal raids to be here most of the time (but it’s fine to skip a day if you want). The guild will take a bit to take off again so it might be another week or two before we start full guild runs. We’ll see how fast we find people who are interested in joining. An ancient guild in slumber is slow to wake up ;) Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon! -GuillimanGuilliman0 2h
13h <Sleepless> [A] is recruiting raiders! <Sleepless> is a newly formed alliance PvE guild, looking to create a fairly compact community of dedicated people. We're currently looking for more ranged dps, 2 tanks (pref paladin and warr) and 3 healers (pref priest, rdudu, sham). So far we had to pug emerald nightmare normal, downing 5/7, one of our officers downing the other 2 by himself with his pug later on. We plan to raid around 7 to 11 pm server time, however days will not be set till we have a core group, but it will most likely be wednesday-friday-sunday. So if you're interested in a friendly raiding environment , and think you got what it takes to live up to the challenge for heroic and mythic modes that will come, please feel free to whisper me in-game.Undoomed0 13h
13h <Innovation> Recruiting PVE(main group) 5/7HC Innovation is a HC raiding guild that's looking for more experienced raiders to join us in progression raiding. We seek dedicated and skilled players who are determent on improving where needed. Social are welcome to join the guild as well. Recruitment Info and Guild info Language English Raid Days: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Thursday 20:00-23:00 Monday 20:00-23:00 What we are recruiting: Warrior: Open Paladin: Holy Hunter: Open Rogue: Closed Priest: DPS Shaman: Closed Mage: Closed Warlock: Closed Monk: Open Druid: Balance DK: Unholy Demon hunter: Dps Even if your class is shown "closed" on the forum feel free to still apply What we expect from you: 850+ with 3rd relic slot unlocked stable internet connection Computer that can handle 20man raiding On time for raids Have TS3 and a mic(able to use during raids) What you can expect from us: We can offer you a social active guild with players that make jokes and also take progress serious. We help out gearing alts by doing some ALT runs and sometimes also do some random old tier raids. Contact us: GM: Witkind#2272 Co-GM/Officer: shadow#24138 http://innovation.gamerlaunch.comWïtkind8 13h
16h [A] Legion of Heroes (PvE) - Recruiting About us: We are group of friends that create the Guild at MoP and raiding a lot at SoO and at the start of WoD.We stopped playing WoW for a while and now we are back for Legion. Recruitment: Currently we need more good Dps for the raiding team but all the classes and roles are welcome.Socials are also welcome to guild but they can't come to raids with the team. Raiding Days and Times: 18:00PM Realm Time / Wed,Thursday and one extra day if need on Monday. Progress: We will start with Normals/Heroics and we are aiming for Mythics 20man!At the moment we have clear 7/7NM and 1/7HC. Events: Sometimes we will organize some events like Guild Runs at Old Dungeons and Raids and make Achievements of Legacy Raids. PvP: We are not PvP guild but of course sometimes we will make groups for PvP(Arena/BG etc.) Communication: The base of Guild is from Greece but we speak English at Guild Chat. We are using Curse Client with our Server for communication. Apply: Btag: Retrial#2359 or you can send me in game message char name: Venomax or you can reply here.Venomax12 16h
21h Dear allies Please go get off on something other then stealing horde tagged mobs on world quests. yes haha you killed a hordie gratz you think your the first ? i just rezzed after another 2 min respawn timer only for you to get your freaking kicks so lay off will you ?Sylvanes21 21h
23h <Resilient> LF 2k+ Exp RBG Players Hey all, We are looking for people who are at least 2k+ exp in RBG's, Ready to run for HotA and dominate our server, we have previous HotA players along with multi class Glads in the team and are putting a team together comprising of people who are interested in reaching HotA and essentially pushing to the highest ratings in RBG's. We have spots open for: R/Shaman, H/Pala, R/Druid and a Lock currently. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to add me on btag: Bowdowntome#2389 and we can talk there. If you wish to apply and join our guild then please do so via and once accepted you will have full access to the members forums in which you can view our 5 RBG teams and all info regarding them, plus arena groups and much more. All the best and looking forward to hearing from you! - Rezima (Resilient GM)Rezima0 23h
1d [A] Novana Gaming - PvE Legion Guild Information Emerald Nightmare progress: - 7/7 Normal - 2/7 Heroic Website Application form can be found at our website. Open spots for classes for the guild, you'll find at our website. Information about Novana Gaming - World of Warcraft Server: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance) We are a PvE heavy focused guild that loves to Raid. Though we don't mind doing PvP aswell in our spare time. We are an international guild, so English speaking in the guild chat & on Teamspeak is a must, unless told otherwise. We have a leader, classleaders and officers who manages the guild. Everyone has a saying, we are all equal, so we are open minded for critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people wants or has to say. Raiding We will raid Monday + Thursday + Sunday - 19.00-22.15 EU Timezone/Server Time. We take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to do their best when we raid, keep a good tone with the other members and work well together. Potions, food, any kinds of buffs is mandatory. Everyone has to make sure they come well prepared to the raids. The guild bank will sometimes provide with material and/or potions etc for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and members still have to prepare their own stash for raiding. Trials We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content and/or from other expansion's/mmo's. We are all new to Legion, but some common knowledge is expected. Activity has A LOT to say as a Trial, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, which helping others (dungeons, answers, tips & what-not) You got accepted to the guild because you agreed to our rules and requirement (Raiding times, activity, experience etc), so that means you are to keep your word. You are at least 18+ in age, so you know all about respect and how to treat other fellow members in the guild. We take jokes, but overdoing it might not be such a good idea. We use Teamspeak, make sure you got a microphone and use Teamspeak whenever we do stuff together. History We were called "Cold Dominance" in the old times, when we were one of the top guilds in Lightning's Blade server @ World of Warcraft. We have existed since 2005, and done most raiding content. We took a break for a few years due to World of Warcraft simply got boring, so we just wanted to try something new, like Wildstar, but now that Legion is coming out, it seems promising. And so this means Novana Gaming is expanding to Legion and is gonna do end-content there. All of us are from all around the world, we make sure to have a good time, do things together and build a good community for the players. We do focus a lot on the members, make sure they feel they got a good place to be, feel comfortable, have what they need and help each other out. Our guild has long history, ups and downs, but most of all, success. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds in the server, so each of you that are members of Novana Gaming are important, you make the guild, you represent us, you are what keeps us alive, you are the key. Keep it up, do you best and in the end you'll be rewarded with a lot of epics and good friends. Any more questions about us, the guild or whatever that comes into your mind, direct them to the leaders/officers or even at our forum. We'll help you as much as we can.Keriko8 1d
1d 844 Blood/Frost DK looking for Raiding Guild Hi, Guys Looking to get into some casual/social raiding. I can playing weekdays from 19:00 (server time)till late-ish. and Weekends are open for discussion as i will have lots of time. I have been tanking several Mythic dungeons in the past week or so and would like to give the Raid tanking a go. I can also do some good dps with Frost/unholy. Cheers. (BT-Specter #2592)Specterza0 1d
1d [A-Sylvanas EU <TSD>] 7/7HC RECRUITING HUNTER+WARLOCK Hello raider! We are an 18+ alliance mythic raiding guild called Transcendence, based on EU-server Sylvanas. Progression: 14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar PRE-NERF. (6.0) 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel PRE-NERF (7.0) At the moment in Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic (week 1) If you are looking for a raiding team, together for over 3 years by now, that is raiding on the highest level (Mythic, formerly Heroic) that kills endgame bosses PRE-nerf, you can stop looking. Cause we are that team and we are looking for you. WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU You have to have an item level of at least 850 plus relevant raiding experience on mythic level. This means having heroic experience in current content (in week 1) is important. Though we need to be able to see you have progressed and (pre-nerf) cleared the previous raid(s) on mythic level like ourselfs. Obviously this kind of raiding progression on the highest level that has been done further back into the past will greatly help your cause aswell. No exceptions on these requirements. In many cases we will also expect you to be able to understand and play your off spec at the same level as your main spec. AT THE MOMENT WE ARE RECRUITING CERTAIN CLASSES AND SPECS WITH TOP PRIORITY FOR LEGION: Top Priority: - Hunter - Warlock - Shadow Priest (with healing OS) - Windwalker Monk (with healing OS) Keep in mind ALL relevant applies will be considered carefully. ALL exceptional applies will be taken into consideration aswell. - You need to be able to play our 3 mandatory raids on wednesdays thursdays and mondays (more about times below). These raids add up for a monthly total of 12 raids, it is acceptable to miss maximum one of those 12 monthly raids on avarage. - You need a stable (desktop) computer and internet connection. - You need a working microphone for Teamspeak during raids. - You know when to speak, and when to remain quiet. It is important to listen to your raidleaders whenever they require you to do so. - You have topnotch understanding of your Class and its specs. Beware that you may be questioned about this during your trial. - You understand the importance of a good UI and Addons during high level raiding, and can provide a screenshot and other information about what you use during our first talk if necessary. Additionally you need certain mandatory addons such as WeakAuras, AngryAssignments and RC Lootcouncil. - In many cases we will ask you to fill in our application form providing things such as a UI screenshot, speedtest and more. - You always behave friendly and respectfuly. We care for the friendly and fun raiding environment we have and will always maintain this. It is absolutely crucial for us that you fit into the same mindset or else your stay with us will be very short. Please don't bother applying for the team if you dont match with these requirements. You will just be wasting both your own and our time. If your apply is relevant you will be trialed by us, via cross realm if need be. This will take place in the form of you joining one of our raids. THE TEAMS RAIDING SCHEDULE - wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Server Time - thursday 19:30 - 23:00 Sever Time - monday 19:30 - 23:00 Server Time - At legion raid release we will schedule extra raid days! (by far most of them non mandatory) We use teamspeak and all raiders will be/are recruited with this as a requirement. A mic will be a requirement for you aswell. We cant use silent persons. Mythic end game content requires splendid teamwork so that automatically means using voice comms. This especially goes for healers and tanks. For loot distribution we use a Loot Council system consisting of higher ranked guildies. Whenever needed they will look into a certain situation to come forth with a solution. Who gets what loot should always benefit the team the most, not the individual player. We have a very friendly, social and mature gaming environment. I take my job to protect that environment in the guild very seriously. The way we recruit is with high standarts regarding personality and characteristics. We will not ever allow drama or any immature behaviour here. All our raiders understand that and have been recruited with this message of respect. Though, a raid without jokes laughter and fun is no raid, we get that and maintain a good amount of all that to compensate the hard work and high levels of concentration we put forth. If you feel like it, add my battle tag so we can have a talk. I can answer any question you have and clearify more about what this place and our family can offer you. Battletag: Milan#2761 Charachters I play alot: Lürifäx, Luriofax, Lurio, Lurofax I look foward to meet you :) Milan, Lürifäx Guildmaster / Raidleader, Transcendence www.transcendencewow.comLürifäx0 1d
1d Recruiting players Hc-Mythic Raiding We got 7/7 Nm - 6/7 Hc emerald nightmare we're in need of Healers / Ranged DPS for our mythic team Raid days Wed Thur/ Sun. 20:00-23:00 Server Time /W For more info Requirements for any dps pull above 200k dps. Angrypenguin#2183Boozêy0 1d
1d 850 Feral looking for raiding guild. Looking for a raiding guild, 850 feral here. I can play from Monday to Friday beetween 15:00 and 23:30 server time, but in weekends, 1 day I can play almost all day, 1 day I will play just a few hours morning, and from 19:00-20:00 server time untill late night. Every week theese days will reverse. anyways, even in the weekend day with less time, those hours will probably still cover the raiding hours. Btag: Forage#2119, ingame name: SodagogoSodagogo0 1d
1d [A] Recurrent (10/13M) Recruiting DPS For Legion! Hello to all inhabitants of Sylvanas! <Recurrent> is a mythic raiding guild looking to progress mythic in legion, and is looking for more members to add to our raid team. We need more active, dedicated players willing to put in the effort that we are. We offer a stable and social raiding environment and possess a strong desire to keep progression going. Openings What we're ultimately after is a stable roster of reliable players - provide us with what we're after, and there's no reason we wouldn't consider you no matter what class or role you play. We value the player, not the class. How to Join Us We like our members to apply on our website: []. We find that the very existence of the application process filters out those who will be unwilling to put in the effort we expect. After all, if a player can't be bothered to spend 5-10 minutes filling in an application, how likely is it that they'll be running mythic dungeons for valor upgrades every week? What Will the Weekly Raiding Schedule Look Like? We raid 3 days a week, 19:45-23:00 Server time, on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. What do we Expect from You? As I stated earlier, we primarily value activity and dedication. If I were to make a list of desirable traits in a raider applying to the guild, gear would be the least important on my list. Prove your reliability, your dedication and your willingness to listen, and we'll happily gear you up. We do, however, expect you to put in your own effort outside of raiding days in order to gear yourself up where you can; for instance, we'd like you to be running as many mythic dungeons as possible every week for valor upgrades. You will, of course, find plenty of people in the guild willing to run these with you. What Happens when I Join the Guild? When your application has been approved, you'll be invited to the guild as a 'trial raider'. During your trial period, you'll be judged on your attendance rate, your attention to boss mechanics, your level of preparation and the effort you put into improving your character outside of raids. Depending on these factors, your trial period may last no longer than 7-10 days. Conversely, we have some members who have never shed their 'trial' status because of poor attendance or poor attitude. For any interested applicants, I will leave my Bnet tag [VarmenBork#2675] and once again our guild website []. You will find practically any information you need on our website, and the application process is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any questions add me and I'll happily have a chat with you.Varmenbork2 1d
1d Tank + MM Hunter LF Serious Raid Guild So, me and my friend here are currently looking for a serious raiding guild, in which we would not accept not getting a spot in the raid. Your raid time does not matter anymore, if you do not follow our raiding availability, this is ok, as we most likely will pushover to yours. We do not joke around when raiding, considering raid is love, raid is life. We both are 850+ and stand strong against anything you can push our way. Joking around is a must, becuase I figured out so. If interrested in knowing more contact us either ingame or here in the forums (do it ingame, seriously.) Our Battletags: Hanseis#2540 - Baldemar (got pleb legendary lulz) MathiasL#2405 - Ultrion (no legendary lul plebmuch?) Fast reply is a must, because raiders does not just wait around, we do it now.Baldemar3 1d
2d (A) < Relativity> Now Recruiting for mythic raiding ! <Relativity> Are recruiting exceptional players to progress through the Emerald Nightmare! We're a new guild formed around a core of experienced raiders looking to raid Mythic. Raiding times are 20:00-23:00 Mon/Wed 19:00-22:00 Sun. Feel free to add my Btag Simmy#2767 or send myself or one of the other officers a message in game with any questions or queries. Substantial,Thaliya, Sheppana, Droozid & Animality.Ashazael1 2d
2d [A] <Lemmings> LF Raiders (2 raid days per week) Did you miss part of last expansion for some reason or have recently returned? Do you still have obligations outside of Azeroth? Is your game time not - and will not be - what it used to be? Do you struggle to commit to more than two days of raiding per week? <Lemmings> is a guild formed during SoO and are looking for players who want to raid two nights a week, 3 hours a raid, with an experienced team and who like to have fun while progressing. We are currently recruiting: Healers (not druids) and other good players Raid times: 20:00 - 23:00 server time Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 server time Friday. What we expect: You raid relaxed, but focused and prepared when other people depend on your presence and performance, and you know that loot is for the benefit of the raid and not the individual. What we can offer: A fun and experienced raid team that provides a relaxed environment for returning or new players. We have a stable raid team and achieved 6/13 (M) Hellfire Citadel while the content was current (we were late to the Mythic party!). If any of the above interests you then please add me on battletag Blackcheese#2336Blackcheese6 2d
2d <Coconut> ★ For the awkward potato and mad adventurer We are not normal and certainly not quiet. We are every little things guilds are made of. Strung together, never separate. With patience I have mustered together a circle of truly unusual characters. Personalities that clash and encourage friendly banter and conversations that never really make sense, delving two dungeons deep and farther - Inception. The very ideals of a guild that we were once accustom to in our sweet teens (vanilla) are defined here. If silence comforts you than <Coconut> will undoubtedly intimidate and overwhelm you. This is no ghost town and we are not statues. It is an environment where silence is seen as an unusual thing, almost dangerous! Whilst we don't force you to gag out words, we will assure you that in time you will find comfort in us, somehow, assuming you stay long enough. We boast on holding members from all over the world (and I don't just mean Sweden!) We even have people abroad the Atlantic sea and the Indian oceans. With cultures stringing together, the guild has become a society of magic and diversity. With your beautiful accents and odd pronunciations you are still advised to speak strictly English in guild chat. Genders are surprisingly balanced and we advise our members to be of at least eighteen years of age. It is a family guild, with pleasantries that can go sour; all in good manner. The more bonkers you are the better the survival. Naturally we do have several peacekeeping and 'normal' members that have moulded in comfortably, somehow. The guild, sadly for some, has no true structure or aim. The game is far too broad to focus on just one thing. We're explorers! An ideal home for any social casual player that cannot commit to the demands of raiding/rated battle grounds. We do however, have great leaders who do their best in managing particular events for a set of interested individuals. So yes, we will raid in the future (and we have some of the servers best players) and we will equip ourselves for war (PVP), amongst odd activities we will be hosting from time to time. The guild holds some very odd characters with lovely personalities! It is a lovely home for everyone. It is absolutely magical. The only thing that will upset you is you would wish you found us sooner. Find me in the new world. Taz#2362Scarlett0 2d
2d [A] <Aeons> - Recruiting raiders now! Hi everyone, Who we are: <Aeons> is a newly formed guild looking to put together a solid roster with the aim of progressing current Mythic content. Our raid days will be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 21:00 - 00:00. We're a friendly bunch of people (Ddartin is a bit rough around the edges) who are not averse to a bit of banter. History: The core of the guild is made up of a group of friends from the UK, all of whom have prior top tier PvE content experience. After searching around for a raid guild that would suit us all, we decided that the best course of action would be to make a guild ourselves that would suit our times and needs. Current goals: We are currently looking to recruit more raiders into the guild so that we can continue progression through the Emerald Nightmare! Current progression: 7/7 EN Normal 4/7 EN Heroic What we need at the moment: Currently, we mainly need a tank, ranged caster DPS of all types and a non Resto Druid healer! That said, any exceptional players will still be considered! If you are interested, then feel free to contact either Thaladros (Stormboltz#2570) or Ddartin (QQpachew#2353) for more information! Hope to hear from you soon!Thaladros5 2d
2d <BROUGHT FRIENDS> looking for new people! Quick Info Guild: BROUGHT FRIENDS Faction: Alliance (DOH!) Realm: Sylvanas Site: Raid Times: Mon / Wed / Sun | 19:00 – 23:00 Server Time Raid Difficulty: Normal + Heroic (possible switch to Mythics – more on that below) Classes we're looking for (9/6/2016): Ranged DPS (Hunters preferably) (still, we're always looking for cool raiders even if their class isn't listed) Contact: Lunni (Looter#2969) & Mech (Mech#21166) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- <BEWARE OF THE LONG POST> < As you approach the Guild announcement board, carefully evading all those Rat mounts running about, you notice an oddly dressed knight with what appears to be a… Is that… Is that the Maw of the Damned? Well it probably is, since every bloody (eh? eh?) Death Knight has one – you’d think that it isn’t so Damned after all. Death Knight appears to be talking to herself whilst nailing something on the notice board.> “Let’s see… A Rogue, a Warrior… hmm – oh great, a couple of Hunters.” < The Maw glows brightly and starts emanating sound, barely tangible at first. Ice? Ice-cream? > “Master, Master! Can we get some ice-cream now? You promised us some ice-cream! The Maw must feed!” “No.” “But Master, the Ooey-Gooey Gelato! Or… or – OH, the Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry delight!” < The Maw changes it’s color from green to dark red > “Master please, the Maw cannot feed from Felguards and Murlocs alone. Mast-“ < Damned Axe fixates on you> “How ‘bout that one Master, he looks delicious?!” “What? Wait!” < Death Knight gazes at you > “Oh hello there. Don’t be afraid of the Maw, it just wants to play.” < Skull ornaments on the notorious axe start flickering > “Ain’t that right?” Anyway, you seem like you’re looking for some organized group to feed that weapon of yours. Listen, the Maw needs to be fed, and I can’t bear to enter Dalaran Sewers again, so I need to go grocery shopping. Here’s our pamphlet, maybe you’ll find something interesting here. < Death Knight goes into wraith form as you start inspecting the pamphlet > --------------------------------------------------------------------------- < BROUGHT FRIENDS >, the guild where all your friends are, because we brought them there (by force). Well that was a poor excuse for a joke. Anyway, we’re an international group of players, ranging from Hillsbrad Foothills, over Loch Modan, all the way to UK, Denmark and other not so cool zones as those first two. We are a new guild, but so far a lot of us played with one another at some point, be that in WoW, Star Wars or any other MMO out there. Our (raiding) goal is to clear everything that the Legion (and future endeavors) throw at us on time, without any Blizzard inducted nerfs, so we can experience the raids to their fullest, and then focus and enjoy other parts of WoW or some other games we play together. Currently, due to our lack of a few raiders, we will be doing Normal and Heroics raids (with couple of Mythic+ dungeon groups), but eventually, once we get some more people on our roster, we’d like to test out Mythic raids and see how we are standing there. That said, we don’t want to spend days upon days progressing, so we’d like to keep our schedule on a 3 day casual basis, since we enjoy spending our time outside of Suramar as well. < In the distance, you hear The Maw talking once again > “Eating ice-cream and stealing Blood Elf souls with my Master!” Most importantly though, our goal, as a guild in general, is to create an atmosphere where people would love to just log in and say hi, chat and talk about conspiracy theories to oblivion. Yes, we know that every single recruitment thread says something along those lines, though most of that is true, but we feel that we’re heading in the right direction, hence we’d like to share that with new people. “And the Maw must feed with new souls, Master!” “Shush!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding days and times: As of September 1st: Monday Wednesday Sunday Running from 19:00-23:00 server-time (18:00 - 22:00 UK-time). Raiding days/times can and probably will be changed as we progress and get those farms going. It can also change once/if we get good squad of people and start doing mythics, but we will tackle that in due time. What can you expect from us: Clearing of current content in timely manner Fair loot distribution New recruits to keep the roster competitive Social/Fun events (more on that below) Chatty Discord server Chance to reroll and gear up another class/character PVP squads Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs Recipes / Reagents / Consumables sharing What we expect from you: To love the class(es) and the game that you play Being polite (well, not always) and friendly to those that deserve it Able to contribute to and discuss in a positive and constructive manner all aspects of the guilds growth (Raiding) Being up to date with your class(es) and their specs (Those nerfs are always lurking!) (Raiding) Able to sustain and give criticism in order to heighten the level of our game (Raiding) Able to adapt to unplanned situations and maintain focus (Raiding) Able to attend majority of raids (especially during progress) (Raiding) Coming to raids prepared (Gear, Consumables, Tactics) Notifying us whether or not you’ll attend a raid/event on time PATIENCE (We can’t stress this enough – whether are we hugging the floor on 3rd boss, or are caught in the Content draught, you and all of us need to have patience. We really want to make this work, and are planning on committing a lot of time to make everything happen, so bare with us whilst we make it as enjoyable to everyone as we can!) ------------ Of course, the (Raiding) parts don’t apply to social members, but it’s something to have in mind for the future. Events we do (and/or planning to do): These are still work in progress, but so far, here’s what we have in mind - “1001 and counting” (Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs) *Soon Ji-Kun, soon…* “Where in the Fel is Mech?” (to be explained) “Be still, my beating alt!” (Alt Runs) “Why is the repair bill so high?” (Drunk Runs) “Where’s my medallion?!?!” (PvP groups) “Not on my watch!” (basically, Overwatch) + quite a few more, WoW and other games included (once we settle on their names) What classes are we looking for: Ranged DPS: Hunters preferably, though others don't be shy! If you don't see your class listed, don't hesitate to apply anyway. In this guild, raid spots are earned, not taken for granted. If you think you are the best around for the job, apply away. PVP Although not our primary focus, all of us are well versed in PVP and some were quite high on the ranking lists in the past. We are planning on having some arena teams and hopefully a Rated Battleground team once we’re fully set up. Socials Very much welcome, guild chat can always be more.. chatty? We understand that people might just want to play their own game with an occasional grouping here and there, and that is perfectly fine (though we’ll try and make a tough case for you to join us on some raids). Chatty & social members are usually the core of every guild, keeping the guild chat alive while others are cursing the day they’ve re-subscribed. So yes, socials are very much welcome! Interview After we review your application and find everything is in order, we'd like to do an interview with you on our Discord channel. This goes for both Socials and Raiders alike. We get it that you might be shy (most of us were at some point) and maybe uncomfortable, but it will truly help, both you and us, to see if we are a mutual fit. We might take you out for a dungeon or two, do some world quests or just chill while we're doing the interview, just so we (and you) could see how it all works in practice. Remember, "live" interview should help BOTH of us to see if we are suitable to work and play together (and get some artifact power in the process)! Contact If you’re interested in applying, or just want to find some more information, please visit our website - and contact either Lunni (Looter#2969) or Mech (Mech#21166) , and we’ll get you sorted! (You might also want to bring some ice-cream with you.) < Achievement earned: "Did I just read through all of that?" >Lanir4 2d
3d [A] <Fadge> - Sylvanas - Recruiting for Legion Guild Information: Guild name: Fadge Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas EU We are a group of friends who have years of raiding experience but haven't raided seriously this expansion but we have decided to come back and set up a serious raiding guild focusing on progression while maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the guild and building a community. We are looking to recruit ranged and anyone willing to go on the bench/ be a sub and also a healer preferably a resto Druid, and also a tank for our main raiding team. Our raid times: Wednesday:8-11pm Thursday:8-11 pm Sunday:8-11 pm Times could be altered depending on if we are all willing to push a little more on progress but most of the time these will be the times you will be expected to raid, but raids will be happening alot more during progress but it will be more at your own leisure rather than mandatory. Our goals are to get as much progress done as possible as efficiently as we can and we aim to work up to 20 man Mythic content, and we have fully cleared normal and are 1/7HC currently. We are looking for 95% attendance on progress runs but we will make exceptions due to things like serious illness/family emergencies, but we are mainly looking for a set of reliable, dedicated raiders that want to progress through the content as fast as we can without adhering to a hardcore schedule How to apply: Add us on Bnet: Jleyland#1915 Mattski#2146 Spikeeleslie#2316 Just send any of us a message and tell us about yourselves and why you are considering joining, thanks.Jleyland0 3d
3d LF Romanian PvE Guild Well Hello dudes. I am looking for a good romanian PvE guild, i wanna do some mythics allitle bit of raiding soon.... still i am not an hardcore player so......Uzzirod1 3d
3d [H] Mage LF casual raiding/mythics guild. I know there are few hordes in this server and for some reason my brother transerfed my character here. So if a casual guild who doesn't raid too late at night(I live in one hour time zone earlier than server time) looking for a mage for 2 nights of raids. I have a lot of exprience of raiding up to WotLK pm.Frostnis1 3d
3d Lunar Eclipse (6/7N 2/7HC) Hey :) Lunar Eclipse is a Raiding Guild on Sylvanas and we are looking for additional Members for our Main Raid Team! We are looking for dedicated, reliable like minded players. We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore group of players. We take a "fun" but serious approach to raiding and we are looking for others that have the dedication, skill and knowledge required to raid. Experience: We are looking for players who have experience of at least heroic difficulty raiding. Anything above is prefered. If you don't have the experience but feel you can live upto the challenge come have a chat. Requirements: be at or around 840 ilvl, and should have invested atleast 16 perks in the healer Artifact! Legion Raiding Times: The below is the proposed raid times for legion. We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Holding up a bunch of eager raiders is a nono! Weds - 21:00-00:00 Thurs - 21:00-00:00 Sund - 21:00-00:00 What are we looking for? Major - Skilled Healers -> Pally/Rshammy/Rdruid Minor - Ranged DPS, willing to off heal when required Exceptional applicants Will also be considered What are we aiming for? Lunar Eclipse's Goal is to clear Mythic Raids within a acceptable time, after we accomplished that we can gear some of our Alts up in Mythic. How to contact us If you think you fit the environment here and have what it takes to become a member of Lunar Eclipse please add our Battle Tags, or whisper us ingame! Our Website: MrMax#2149 Loso64@gmail.comMaxdruid0 3d
3d <Resilient> High ranked PvP guild Recruiting! We are one of the biggest and best PvP guilds on the realm of Sylvanas EU and have been on Sylvanas for around 6 years, our goal and vision as a guild is to continue rising in the guild PvP rankings and keep moving forward with RBG's, Arenas, BG's, Tournaments and events along with our great social atmosphere. We obtained the modest Guild Rank of 3rd on the realm in WoD and plan to hit the top spot in Legion. View Guild PvP Rankings here: We are essentially looking for dedicated RBG players who have the knowledge and ability to be able to play their class at a high level. So what do we offer: We currently have 3 RBG teams that we will be accepting applications for in Legion via our website, with the possibility of a 4th. Elite RBG team: Requirements to join the team: You have to have had at least 2k rating in RBG's in the last 2 expansions, that means in MoP or in WoD. Both obviously is even better! You will have to keep up with gearing your character every week when Legion hits. Safe to say that your arena experience does give you extra credit. Rezima RBG team: Rezima RBG Team requirements: We are looking for people with at least 1700 rating exp in RBGs along with a great knowledge of RBGs and your class, although exceptional players will be considered if below that rating. Zephara RBG team: We're casual players whom just like to play together and have some fun. We do like to go for rating and improve our own play style! Which means that after each round we have a short review period and we can then talk about the tactic but also about where we need to improve in order to push rating but also while having fun. We appreciate your time in reading this and if this interests you or you wish to apply please fill our very short and to the point application form out on so we can review and make an informed decision. Thank you from all of us here! - Rezima (Resilient GM) www.resilient.wowlaunch.comRezima3 3d
4d Warrior LFG. Hello, I am looking to join a mature guild who will do raid/dungeons I am mainly playing protection warrior, but know all my class and ready with all specs for raid/dungeons.(840+ all specs) I have lot of free time to attend all guild events, and looking to meet new friends. talk to me for more information. LazyTitan#27840Lazyk0 4d
4d Deliberately Tasty Recruitment Hello! Looking for a few players to fill up our casual raiding roster. No real requirements as we're pretty much all 25+ players with lives etc so there's no real schedule, although we would like to do 2 days a week if we can. We're going to be doing Heroic raids and possibly Mythic if we get the numbers and time. Could do with all the roles atm as we have 1/2 tanks and 2/3 healers (depending on who's on an alt) plus dps kills things so they're required as well. As long as you know your stuff and don't get all loot obsessed you'll fit in fine. We're all UK players currently but don't let that put you off! Anyone interested then whisper me in game or post here. I'll try and get some of the other guys available to talk to but don't get your hopes up... :P I've had an influx of tanks so we have 2 now, so unless you want to join as offspec dps or another role then it's not really worth getting in touch. Mainly because there's only 2 tanks in a raid and if we have 4 then someone will get unfairly benched, which no one wants!Hcant3 4d
5d Rogue and Hpally LF hc/mythic guild Hi We are 2 friends that have been playing together since early cata, and now looking for a raiding guild together here on sylvanas. Both are above ilvl 845 and have relics and all that sorted. We are looking for a guild that plans on raiding at least 2-3 times and around 3-4 hours per raid. Both are above 20 and work so raiding hours should be around 19-20 server time, earlier then that and we cant make it home. My friends name is Imaliia if you want to check out his armory (he also have a Rdruid and Rshammy if that is needed over a Hpally). If you find this interesting please drop a post here on the forums or /w me or Imaliia ingame Zronix#2145 Imalia#2559Lummina1 5d
5d Riddle Me This - Raid recruitment Hello there! Riddle Me This are looking for a few good men to bolster their raid team in time for the approaching Nightmare raid. We are looking for dedicated, reliable like minded players. Were a funny bunch with the majority of us being together for a few years now. We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore group of players. We take a "fun" but serious approach to raiding and we are looking for others that have the dedication, skill and knowledge required to raid, along with a personality to love being here with us. Still interested? Read the below: Experience: We are looking for players who have experience of at least heroic difficulty raiding. Anything above is a big plus. If you don't have the experience but feel you can live upto the challenge come have a chat. Raid times (proposed legion times) The below is the proposed raid times for legion. We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Holding up a bunch of eager raiders is a nono! Note: We will be raiding 1-2 times a week during the pre patch. These will mostly be Weds or Sundays. Weds - 20:00-23:00 Sun - 19:00-23:00 Mon - 20:00-23:00 What are we looking for? Urgent - Mage, WW monk Minor - DK, Feral druid. Exceptional applicants may also be considered Other exceptional applicants may also be considered What are we aiming for? Mythic raiding is the end goal here. After breezing through heroics but struggling with numbers for Mythic throughout WoD we are all itching to get back into it. How to contact us If you think you fit the environment here and have what it takes to become a member of Riddle Me This give me a /w in game on Jaylae or add me on on Jaycea#2153 or Ragnoros#2979 for another officer. If I'm not around feel free to speak to one of the lovely officers you will find in game most nightsJaylae4 5d
5d Mage LF daytime heroic/mythic raiding team Hallo, so I am looking for a new guild thanks to not being able to play late nights or evenings anymore, therefore I am looking for a hc/mythic daytime raiding guild. Server and faction doesn't really matter. Currently I am a 848 Fire mage and doing extremly well in both raid dps and myhtic+ dungeons. Feel free to add me on Astorian#2849 for more infoHeemsu0 5d
5d Recruiting players for mythic raiding - Sylvanas We got 7/7 Nm - 1/7 Hc emerald nightmare we're in need of Healers / Ranged DPS(no druids) for our mythic team Raid days Wed Thur/ Sun. 20:00-23:00 Server Time /W For more info Angrypenguin#2183Boozêy0 5d
5d <OLD> recruitment open for Legion <OLD> has opened recruitment for healers (non-shamans). We are mainly looking for people interested in raiding however casual / social apps are always welcome if you feel OLD is the right place for you. We're primarily a casual PvE guild aimed at gamers age 20+ who don't have a lot of time to spend raiding every night. Most of our members have work commitments and/or families to attend to. The guild was formed during TBC and the raiding core have been downing bosses along side each other for several years. We aim to put together 10-man raids twice a week between 21:00 - 23:30 server time on Wednesday and Sunday. Raiders are expected to do research around the encounters and their chosen spec to ensure that we're as successful as we can be and make the most of the relatively short time we spend raiding each week. Other guild members are usually more than happy to offer advice when asked! There are no minimum attendance rules for raiders, we simply need you to be reliable, competent and able to use mumble. Non-raiders are also very welcome, and some guildies prefer only PvP. There will also be plenty of members wanting to run mythic dungeons. Interested? Please apply at Alternatively please speak to Gallyn, Dredd or Belthien in game.Gallyn11 5d
5d 847 WW LF Daytime or Monday/Friday/Weekend Raids Hey, I'm looking for a guild that raids on Monday/Friday/Weekend. I'm a very committed player with previous mythic experience (HFC) that wishes to progress through Legion's mythic content with a nice, friendly group of people. I'm a 847 WW Monk currently situated on Sylvanas - Alliance but I'm open to server/faction changes if the raiding schedules matches mine! Finally, I'd like to mention that I'm also very interested in participating in ''mythic +'' runs´, I can communicate through VOIP, have great situational awareness and my current artifact weapon is level 20. My Btag: Calyco#2753Verahn0 5d
5d NEW DAYTIME RAIDING GUILD Hi. I am thinking of building a daytime raiding team, raiding between 1pm to 4pm server time a few days a week. Is anyone else interested in helping make this happen id like to hear from you.Qwubit1 5d
6d End game Unholy DK lf Guild Hello :) My in-game name is Daxtêr-Grim Batol (planning to transfer to Sylvannas b4 next reset) I am 20years old and I'm from Portugal. I have been playing since early WotLK. I stopped playing during Cataclysm, where I raided end game content ( Was on top2 guild of Hellscream-EU, Placeholders). I'm still used to playing wow since I played on a bunch of private servers until Legion came out. I am at 846 ilvl atm and I play unholy Death Knight. I am currently looking for an experienced guild, preferably raiding twice a week (wednesdays and sundays) at night time. Feel free to reply to this post or message me in game to Daxter#2878 if interested. :)Daxtêr0 6d
6d [A] <Fadge> - Sylvanas - Recruiting for Legion Guild Information: Guild name: Fadge Faction: Alliance Server: Sylvanas EU We are a group of friends who have years of raiding experience but haven't raided seriously this expansion but we have decided to come back and set up a serious raiding guild focusing on progression while maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the guild and building a community. We are looking to recruit ranged dps and healers Our raid times: Wednesday:8-11pm Thursday:8-11 pm Sunday:8-11 pm Times could be altered depending on if we are all willing to push a little more on progress but most of the time these will be the times. Our goals are to get as much progress done as possible as efficiently as we can and we aim to work up to 20 man Mythic content. We are looking for 95% attendance on progress runs but we will make exceptions due to things like serious illness/family emergencies, but we are mainly looking for a set of reliable, dedicated raiders that want to progress through the content as fast as we can without adhering to a hardcore schedule How to apply: Add us on Bnet: Mattski#2146 Spikeeleslie#2316 Jleyland#1915 Just send any of us a message and tell us about yourselves and why you are considering joining, thanks.Jleyland1 6d
6d WTS Primal Batskin Jerking(Rare leather transmog) Extremely rare leather chest transmog available for purchase.Payment options: Gold on any server, mounts, pets, toys. Your server doesn't matter, you can learn the mog anywhere. Contact with offers: Timich#2663Timofeus0 6d
6d 846 Havoc Demon Hunter LF Raiding guild Hello! Looking for a guild to have fun with in game, doing dungeons, raids and sometimes some pvp (not really necessarily). Looking for a english-only alliance guild if possible. I mostly play everyday, but I would only be available to raid Monday to Friday from 21:00 - 24:00/01:00 (server time). I don't really want to raid 5 days a week, as I can't afford to go hardcore on the game (having a job and a girlfriend), but 3 days (maybe even an extra day every now and then) of raiding sounds good. I don't want to commit to raids on Saturday/Sunday because very often I might be away. I have raided on and off in pretty much every expansion since WotLK, I can very easily adapt to new strats and mechanics, I can easily acknowledge when I make mistakes and I'm very open towards constructive criticism and advice on how to play better. If you feel like I have a spot on your roster hit me up with a reply here or a mail/whisper in game, my battle tag is WhoTzou#2289. P.S. : I can reroll to any class/spec if needed, but I currently enjoy Havoc DH the most. Also can do all the roles, but DPS>Tank>Heal (in order of preference) Thanks! ;)Malfurydan0 6d
6d [A] 846 Experienced Blood DK LF Raiding Guild Hello potential fellow Guildies! I've come back to WoW for Legion after quitting early into WoD. I'm looking for a new raiding guild for the upcoming raids. I'm an English dude in his mid-twenties looking for a guild to raid with that preferably values the enjoyment of the game above all else. I've been in those guilds where progression means everything and wipes are followed by long rants and scream on vent/TS. And that just isn't what gaming is about! Currently sitting on 846 ilvl. Experience: Most of my raiding experience comes from old-school raids. I've been raiding on and off since Vanilla clearing raids such as ZG, MC, BWL, Ony, AQ20/some of 40 in Vanilla. Kara, SCC, TK, Hyjal, BT in TBC. Naxx, Sarth+3 and some Ulduar in WotLK. After this life took over and I haven't been able to raid as much as I'd like. I skipped raiding in Cata and Mists and started again casually in WoD before my guild broke up after clearing Heroic HM. Availability: I'd be available to raid most days around 7:00-11:00pm server time depending on my work schedule. So if you're looking for a competent tank with a relaxed attitude and a hit or miss sense of humor then hit me up with a whisper in-game or add me on bnet: Bow#2191Noríko1 6d
6d [A]"And His Imaginary Homies" on Sylvanas - Recruiting Hello, We are an international raiding guild (primary danish people) - all communication is in english! We are going to raid The Emerald Nightmare when it opens on Wednesday. We are currently looking for 1 healer, but everybody is welcome as we would like to have the best team possible. We are currently requiring you to have 840+, and you to be modest and reasonable. We are using Discord as our main communication program. You will have to write a few things about yourself: In-game name. IRL-name. Age. Country of origin. Earlier raid experience. Ilvl. Class. Specc. Favorite dish ;) We are planning to raid twice a week, which will be Wednesday and Sunday, and if people are committed and ready, we will also raid Mondays. If you have any questions feel free to message me(Niialy) or Meeze ingame :) Hope to hear from you guys! :)Niialy5 6d
20 Sep Resto Shammy LF Guild Hey there! (Currently 845 ilvl) My names Mike, I am 24 years old and from West Yorkshire, UK. I have spent a fair bit of time looking through guild recruitment posts on trade chat but haven't seen any looking for a resto shaman. So I thought I'd come here! I'm an ex hard-core raider from the WoTLK era tho I have played the game since vanilla. I think my only reason for not raiding through van/tbc was due to my age and not really understanding pc games too well. I certainly played enough! :P I am looking for a guild that raids 2-3 times a week and has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I can raid any day of the week as long as it's after 1800 server time. This is due to work. Weekends I am free at any time. I am a dedicated player who stays calm under pressure and is willing to go the extra mile if it something that will help the guild or a fellow member. Any questions feel free to ask! If your guild requires a proper application on a website please let me know. Thanks for reading!Khazuul2 20 Sep
20 Sep Vengeance DHunter LF hardcore raiding guild! Hey! I'm a 23 year old guy from Slovenia, who's in need of a hardcore raiding guild. I'm experienced player, have been playing since Burning Crusade. My class: - Night Elf Vengeance Demon hunter (847 item level) My Battle tag: - Sasey#2187 Experiences: - I've been raiding since Wrath of The Lich King expansion, Cataclysm. I took a break when Pandaria came out because I didn't feel like playing anymore, but came back in Warlords of Draenor and now I'm thirsty of some raiding action again. It's been a while and I want to feel that feeling again of downing bosses that require some brain.Sasey0 20 Sep
20 Sep WTB Magic Rooster Egg Title says it all really =) I've wanted this mount since I knew it was available. Feel free to whisper me in game, or send me an in-game mail if I'm not online please; with how much you want! Thanks ^_^Nightbringr1 20 Sep
20 Sep Looking for a guild and casual raiding experience Hi Everyone I'm looking to raid in legion but due to work and life commitments i can't justify raiding more than 2 days a week (preferably on weekday evenings) I currently main a tank DH but also have a max level warlock and wouldn't mind leveling up my shaman to go resto My aim in the expansion is to clear normal and heroic raids and possibly mythic if the commitment doesn't spike too much. I have experience of top level content (i main tanked ICC25 with fairly high end guild back in wotlk) and want to experience it again, but maybe not quite to the same degree I'm willing to be quite flexible so if you think your guild is a good fit but have some suggestions i'll be willing to hear themAeonix1 20 Sep
20 Sep New in game looking for Guild !! :) Greetings everyone. My name is Spyros from Greece and i'm new in game. Looking for a guild to raid together. Still learning new staffs. Warrior Night Elf Protection spec. Anyone have any spot in any guild i can join please let me know. Thank you in AdvanceOmorfoulagr0 20 Sep
20 Sep [A] Priest+BM hunter lf guild Hi All, Me and my friend have just transferred to Sylvanas and looking for a new home. We are mature players, both of us work and have RL commitments. We play a priest (holy/disc) and a BM hunter as main. We are looking for a guild for at least heroic raiding (can commit to 2 days/week raiding - more only if time allows), dungeons, casual pvp and most importantly a friendly and intelligent atmosphere. Please let us know if there is a place for us in your team. Cheers!Ariathni2 20 Sep
20 Sep Holy Priest LF Raiding guild Hi, I've returned after a small break at the end of WoD and would like to look for a home to start raiding again. About me: I have started playing WoW sometimes late vanilla, but my raiding experience started in TBC raiding from Karazhan up till Sunwell while it was current content as a warlock Break time after that and returned in late MOP raiding SoO. In WoD i started very late after the launch of HFC but managed to pug it up till mythic 10/13 HFC as a Holy Paladin. And now in Legion i have rerolled away from my Paladin for a Holy Priest. I can use ventrillo, ts3, mumble or w/e you wish to use while raiding. I can raid 3/4 times a week. Thank you for your time.Aevti3 20 Sep
19 Sep 847 WW: LF Raids on Monday/Friday/Weekends Hey, I'm looking for a guild that raids on Monday/Friday/Weekend. I'm a very committed player with previous mythic experience (HFC) that wishes to progress through Legion's mythic content with a nice, friendly group of people. I'm a 847 WW Monk currently situated on Sylvanas - Alliance but I'm open to server/faction changes if the raiding schedules matches mine! Finally, I'd like to mention that I'm also very interested in participating in ''mythic +'' runs´, I can communicate through VOIP, have great situational awareness and my current artifact weapon is level 20. My Btag: Calyco#2753Verahn0 19 Sep
19 Sep [A] <asylseekerS> (SWEDISH) Recruting Hi, We are a newly formed guild by a group of ~10 experienced raiders that previously have raided "hardcore" but now don't have the time to commit to raiding several times a week. What we therefore are trying to do is form a guild that raids mythic 1 time a week, Wen 19-23 is the plan at the moment. We might put in a raid on sundays or something later, but there will be no more raids during the weekdays. Since we just raid once a week we will be expecting "quality before quantity" and really be super focused during the raid. Since we only raid 1 time a week we will spend the rest of the time doing Mythic+, having fun together. So, if you: *Are swedish/talk swedish *Are 18+ *Look to raid once a week *Want a social guild with fun players Message me to discuss. At the moment we are looking for all classes and roles.Buttclencher1 19 Sep
19 Sep 850 Resto Shaman lf Guild. I'm a 22 year old, laid back player who can perform calmly under any situation. Welcome critique and am always willing to listen to advice / give it if necessary. Currently at 850 ilvl w/ the legendary boots. More than happy to change server if we are a good fit. Add me: Juicy#21737 and message me. I'm happy to answer any questions or just have a talk if you want to get a feel for how I am.Axxman0 19 Sep