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15h Banished Legion Boosting Service! Hi there, Banished is back with our number one cross realm boosting service. We offer cheap prices for our runs with a guild only group, which guarantees speed on the runs! For now list of services and prices are as follows: Heroic Emerald Nightmare 7/7 personal loot 230k Friday and Saturday @ 15:00 17:00 19:00 and 21:00 server time Xavius Heroic 70k each Sunday starting 15:00 server time! Massive giveaway for all buyers on every Sunday consisting of 10 game tokens (gold will be provided on your server), 15 spots for Normal EN 7/7 , 11 spots for Heroic EN and many more :D Mythic + 2-3 50k Mythic + 4-6 100k Mythic + 7-9 150k Mythic + 10 400k Prices will change depending on our own ability to carry more people @ the same speed. For more info you can contact me in game Bluerogue,Bluehealing and Blackbears or @ zatanna#2746 Thank you all and happy gaming!Bluerogue31 15h
23h [A]Arrows of Alleria 7/7hc1/7M is recruiting! Greetings! Who are we?: Arrows of Alleria is a mixup of players that all strive towards the same goal. Steady progress with likeminded people. We all have a variety of raiding experience throughout every expansion, and we value progress and what's best for the guild very high. Currently our core have 7/7HC and 1/7M and we want people with the same mindset towards raiding, if you want steady progress but still be in a relaxed yet positive environment, this might be the place for you! What do we want from you? We want players that strive for perfection in terms of class knowledge and preparation for raiding. We expect all our players to come fully prepared to a raid, in other words you have flasks,pots,foods and the tactics clear for you. Communication is another thing we want, if you can't bring certain things, you let people know well beforehand. We value skills and team matchup more then gear, but you should still be mythic viable or very close to it. Having addons up to date and have your gaming equipment working should be obvious. Loot Distribution: We use the addon RClootcouncil, and we expect all our raiders to have it installed. With that addon we use loot council, where loot are distributed with BiS in mind, aswell as what benefits the guild the most. Raid days: Invites- 19:45 Monday-20:00-23:00 Wednesday-20:00-23:00 Thursday-20:00-23:00 This is something that possibly can change throughout the expansion, but then it will be a discussion on guild level. Currently Recruiting: Currently we are specially looking to strengthen our ranged dps rooster and 1 or 2 healers. However we will always consider anyone that is exceptional. Contact: You can write in this thread or contact me ingame either through whisper or with battlenet. Btag: Southlound#2185Jabbz3 23h
1d [A] <Entium> 1/7 Mythic, now recruiting DPS! CITIZENS OF SYLVANAS <Entium> is a semi hardcore raiding guild, currently looking for additional DPS to add to our dedicated roster. We are currently 7/7 normal and 6/7 heroic, and looking to push on to mythics as soon as possible. We are currently looking for 3 ranged dps, 1 melee may be considered . Our preferred classes are: Ranged: Shadow Priest MM Hunter Balance Druid Warlock Melee: WW Monk Feral Druid Assass / Outlaw Rogue (Other classes will be considered, depending on the individual) Our raiding times / days: Wednesday 8:30 -11:00 server time Thursday 8:30 - 11:00 server time Sunday 8:30 - 11:00 server time For further information, feel free to respond here, or add my Btag Drakthir#2945 Thanks for taking the time to check out this post!Karnae6 1d
1d [A] Fjarnskaggl, 7/7 HC LF more people! Quick Info Guild: Fjarnskaggl (Formerly <Brought Friends>) Faction: Alliance Realm: Sylvanas Site: Raid Times: Mon / Wed / Sun | 19:00 – 23:00 Server Time Raid Difficulty: Heroic (looking to try out Mythic – more on that below) Classes we're looking for (9/6/2016): Hunters, Boomkin, WW Monk, Aff Warlock Contact: Lunni (Looter#2969), Mech (Mech#21166) or Cow (scorpox10#2786) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- < As you are rummaging through your bank in Dalaran looking for those old Merciless shoulders you've worn ages ago, so you could vendor them and afford another week of flasks and pots, you hear a faint whisper coming from outside. > "Psst you, you in the blue dress.." - < Actually you're wearing a Summer Sky colored dress but Death Knights are colorblind so... > "Oh don't tell me you're going to sell them?" - says DK pointing at your shoulders. "C'mon, merchants won't buy them off you for more than 20 gold." < You nod, but what you gonna do. > All of a sudden a Warlock jumps through the Demonic Waygate. "Lani, we need to go, Worgen guards are getting suspicious." "There, there, we have another poor soul that is a victim of the potion price inflation, priorities." < Maw of the Damned, hanging from the DK's back, starts glowing > "New souls master?" "Listen, you and half of the world are bleeding gold for every pull, and most will go bankrupt before that Sargeras vendor shows his face. But you... We can help you." < DK pulls out a bag filled with Fjarnskaggl and Starlight Roses. > "Only if you want to. > < You know you should refuse, but you got those Merciless shoulders from sniping mages in Eye of the Storm, you can't vendor them, right? > So you take the bag and give a confirmative nod. "There will be more where that came from." < You hear a chain of howls coming from around the corner. > "GATEWAY, quickly! Oh, and take this." < Warlock spawns a demonic rune in your hand, as he and the DK disappear in the Nether. > < As Worgens set out to search for the suspicious Warlock and Death Knight, demonic rune starts glowing faintly; It appears it has some inscribed text on it. > --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fjarnskaggl (Inc.), the herb cartel, is looking for some more herb enthusiasts to bolster their ranks. We’re an international group of players, ranging from Hillsbrad Foothills, over Loch Modan, all the way to UK, Denmark and other not so cool zones as those first two. We are a new guild, but so far a lot of us played with one another at some point, be that in WoW, Star Wars or any other MMO out there. Our (raiding) goal is to clear everything that the Legion (and future endeavors) throw at us on time, without any Blizzard inducted nerfs, so we can experience the raids to their fullest, and then focus and enjoy other parts of WoW or some other games we play together. Since we cleared Heroic EN, we're looking at the possibility of switching to Mythic once we get some more people on our roster, but in the meantime we will continue farming and gearing mains and alts. We raid 3 days per week, though on farm we will cut it to 1 (max 2), and have other day potentially for alts or some social stuff. Most importantly though, our goal, as a guild in general, is to create an atmosphere where people would love to just log in and say hi, chat and talk about conspiracy theories to oblivion. Yes, we know that every single recruitment thread says something along those lines, though most of that is true, but we feel that we’re heading in the right direction, hence we’d like to share that with new people. “And the Maw must feed with new souls, Master!” “Shush!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding days and times: Monday Wednesday Sunday Running from 19:00-23:00 server-time (18:00 - 22:00 UK-time). As mentioned, we will be cutting it to 1/2 day per week on farm, but if we get some good people to take on Mythic, we will be back on 3 per week basis. What can you expect from us: Clearing of current content in timely manner Fair loot distribution New recruits to keep the roster competitive Social/Fun events (more on that below) Chatty Discord server Chance to reroll and gear up another class/character PVP squads Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs Recipes / Reagents / Consumables sharing What we expect from you: To love the class(es) and the game that you play Being polite (well, not always) and friendly to those that deserve it Able to contribute to and discuss in a positive and constructive manner all aspects of the guilds growth (Raiding) Being up to date with your class(es) and their specs (Those nerfs are always lurking!) (Raiding) Able to sustain and give criticism in order to heighten the level of our game (Raiding) Able to adapt to unplanned situations and maintain focus (Raiding) Able to attend majority of raids (especially during progress) (Raiding) Coming to raids prepared (Gear, Consumables, Tactics) Notifying us whether or not you’ll attend a raid/event on time PATIENCE (We can’t stress this enough – whether are we hugging the floor on 3rd boss, or are caught in the Content draught, you and all of us need to have patience. We really want to make this work, and are planning on committing a lot of time to make everything happen, so bare with us whilst we make it as enjoyable to everyone as we can!) ------------ Of course, the (Raiding) parts don’t apply to social members, but it’s something to have in mind for the future. Events we do (and/or planning to do): These are still work in progress, but so far, here’s what we have in mind - “1001 and counting” (Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs) *Soon Ji-Kun, soon…* “Where in the Fel is Mech?” (to be explained) “Be still, my beating alt!” (Alt Runs) “Why is the repair bill so high?” (Drunk Runs) “Where’s my medallion?!?!” (PvP groups) “Not on my watch!” (basically, Overwatch) "Get away from my Bot lane!" (LoL) + quite a few more, WoW and other games included (once we settle on their names) What classes are we looking for: We need practically everything so we can expand the raid. That said, Ranged DPS (MM Hunters, Affliction Warlocks, BoomkinG) are preferable, but others are most welcome as well. (also could use a melee dps with Tank offspec) If you don't see your class listed, don't hesitate to apply anyway. In this guild, raid spots are earned, not taken for granted. If you think you are the best around for the job, apply away. PVP Although not our primary focus, all of us are well versed in PVP and some were quite high on the ranking lists in the past. We are planning on having some arena teams and hopefully a Rated Battleground soon (we are slacking a bit on it, but our Warlock is doing quite alright in there!). Socials Very much welcome, guild chat can always be more.. chatty? We understand that people might just want to play their own game with an occasional grouping here and there, and that is perfectly fine (though we’ll try and make a tough case for you to join us on some raids). Chatty & social members are usually the core of every guild, keeping the guild chat alive while others are cursing the day they’ve re-subscribed. So yes, socials are very much welcome! Interview After we review your application and find everything is in order, we'd like to do an interview with you on our Discord channel. This goes for both Socials and Raiders alike. We get it that you might be shy (most of us were at some point) and maybe uncomfortable, but it will truly help, both you and us, to see if we are a mutual fit. We might take you out for a dungeon or two, do some world quests or just chill while we're doing the interview, just so we (and you) could see how it all works in practice. Remember, "live" interview should help BOTH of us to see if we are suitable to work and play together (and get some artifact power in the process)! Contact If you’re interested in applying, or just want to find some more information, please visit our website - and contact either Lunni (Looter#2969), Mech (Mech#21166) or Cow (scorpox10#2786), and we’ll get you sorted! (You might also want to bring some Fjarnskaggl with you.) ------------ < After you've finished reading, rune evaporates in your hands. > ACHIEVEMENT EARNED: Did I just read through all of that?Lanir2 1d
1d [H] Night Shift - PvP Guild - Recruitment Thread Welcome to The Night Shift The Night Shift aims to be the largest PvP guild on Sylvanas EU. With mature members and leadership and a guild that's all about friendly and fun atmosphere. While our focus will always be on PvP and especially wPvP the guild aims to offer other regular activities in game on a regular basis. We will be doing regular (weekly) PvE and raiding but this is simply to further advance ourselves in PvP and anyone looking for a hardcore raiding guild would probably be best suited elsewhere. History I started playing WoW in TBC left in MoP. I decided to return now and start a fresh. During my time playing I owned the second larges PvP server on the largest PvP realm on the EU (Outland). I was the former guild leader of a guild called SWPD on Alliance. I like a challenge though and decided if I came back to WoW I wanted to start fresh all over again and this time I wanted to not only change faction but take part in a new server one that was struggling between factions. Hence my motive to create a guild on Horde Sylvanas. Hopefully I can grow the guild, even out the faction balance and see a thriving Horde on Sylvanas. The Plan From October - December 2016 the guild will take more of a social role. We'll use this time to recruit and grow our numbers. We'll possibly start to do some raiding but this time will be mainly spent on growing the guild and building it up. In January 2017 we'll start taking things very seriously and our focus will switch to regular PvP and wPvP on the server. Throughout this time there will be regular events. competitions and social get togethers which will aim to help people to get to know one another and feel settled within the guild. Launch Competitions The first 20 people to join the guild will earn a rank called founding members. This rank is above veteran but below officer and will be an unobtainable rank. It is literally for the first few founding members of the guild who join of their free will. Anyone who also joins between today and 1st December will be entered into a prize draw to win an in game mount yet to be announced. We will also be launching our Halloween competition in the next few days. The Halloween Competition will be a chance for any guild member to get a pet of their choosing from the WoW Pet Store. Details of this contest will be announced this weekend. Requirements: Must be mature and sensible Must be loyal and committed to helping the guild grow Understand we're not a democracy and being in the guild is a privilege Be willing to listen and abide by what the guild leaderships says/asks Have a working mic and discord/curse or be willing to get these Put effort into coming to all guild events Contribute and not just take from the guild To join the guild simply add me via my IGN: RICKEO.Rickeo1 1d
1d [A] MeetYourMakers - Daytime Raiding Guild Hi, MeetYourMakers is a fresh project by people working evenings/night time - Making them unable to raid during the "normal" times. The guild is formed by me and my brother, age 25+ for us, but we're recruiting mature players who's 20+, exceptions are possible. Our pre-legion exp is very high end-game raiding, we've played in known guilds before and we aim to form MYM into such a guild. We will raid 3-x times a week, with a flexible amount of people, depending on availability, but our goal is to make sure to schedule the raids so as many people as possible can attend. Ofc cource having a daytime raiding guild we can't demand 100% attendance to raids, but we can still promise to be a tier 1 guild on the server. Our current aim to to start raiding in about 2 weeks from now. Recruitment is open for ALL classes as of now. Feel free to add Perfektion#21212 for more information.Perfektion3 1d
1d CZ/SK R.A.F Zdravím hledám někoho na naexpení pár postav přes recruit a friend na sylvanasu.Goldy na heirloomy i na bohatý začátek dodám. Pokud máš zájem ,přidej si mě , Icemoon2#2380Icedare0 1d
1d <Fairy Fail> - прогресираща българска PvE гилдия (A) <Fairy Fail> е наскоро създадена и бързо прогресираща българска PvE гилдия. Главната ни цел е да изградим сплотен и приятелски настроен отбор от играчи, които имат сериозно отношение към рейдването и непрекъснато се стремят към усъвършенстване и прогрес. Всяка седмица се насрочват нови рейдове и всеки път се целим по-високо! Основно изискване към всички наши играчи е да поддържат безконфликтната, спокойна и приятна атмосфера в гилдията! Повечето от нас имат сериозни ангажименти в реалния живот като работа, университет, семейство и прочие. Затова по-голямата част от главните ни рейдове са съсредоточени през уикендите и почивните дни. Винаги си помагаме, когато ни е възможно, защото това допринася да ставаме по-добри хора и по-добри играчи. :) И да не забравяме, че ще продължаваме постоянно да се развиваме! Няма да спираме да се учим взаимно, да се опознаваме като хора и да се усъвършенстваме като играчи, дори когато достигнем и най-високите постижения, които PvE средите могат да ни предложат! :) Ако желаете да се присъедините, може да подадете апликация на нашия сайт - или директно да се свържете с Essll в играта, ако желаете да получите информация относно каквито и да е въпроси! :) Желаем ви успех!Essll0 1d
1d EN Mythic pug @ Sat (15.Oct)) Hello guys :) As you can see, I'm trying to assemble EN Mythic raid grp this Saturday on our realm. I'm ex hc raid leader (when mythic raids didn't even exist) + 2.5k mmr rbg leader. For years, I've been playing on many accounts, classes and servers. Now, I don't have that much time due to my irl business and other events I have to "fight" for content this way. I did 3x EN HC flawless runs (all 1 shot clear in less than 3 hrs) in pure pug raid grps formed in LFD group tool. This week, I'm giving it a shot to make something bigger and better :) My real aim is to kill Nyth > Ere (spider) and then depends of the group either Ursoc or Heart. Overall, all fights are pretty much simple if you have good raid leader who will explain all tactics and spells and who will also lead you during the fight. At this moment I need 1 tank, 5 healers and rest dps (bit more range casters- mages, 1 lock and good sp is very welcome). Hope to see you tomorrow night ladies and gentleman :) my btag is: Palapop#2189 Feel free to ask me about anything you want to know. Here or in in-game chat on Palapop character :) I'll update this page tonight with full detailed list of what do we need for raid tomorrow night :) Requirement is 865+ ilvl and curve.Palapop4 1d
1d Stromgarde, the guild Hello there, A diverse social guild is recruiting. Formed in 2014. Mainly PvP focused, but we are hosting various PvE events too. Everyone is welcomed to join and to contribute building a community for a chilled social guild. What we can offer: - A very active social community with a strong core - Weekly raids, daily dungeon runs including lots of mythic+, arena teaming and a soon to be ready RBG team - Help for lower levels, newcomers and beginners - Guild repair for everyone + bank with relevant items - A discord server - No social toxicity, don't be afraid to ask anything If you are feeling like you don't want to dedicate yourself to a specific side of the game, but more like you want to play every aspect for the fun of it, then consider contacting us. Contact us in-game, on, or Discord! In-game: Lekro, Thrils, Rodgermah, Mjrcleggnut Lekro#2172 Discord: Lekro#7961 See you on the other side.Lekro2 1d
2d [A] <Hellscreams Kitchen> looking for members! After many servers and picking up many new friends along the way, Hellscreams Kitchen is now residing on Sylvanas and looking for new members! We are a successful raiding guild who are now ready to delve into Legion content. We are looking for people who fit into the guild. Above anything else, this guild was created to be a place in which people could just enjoy playing the game. We aren't ever going to be a hardcore raiding guild. We all want to achieve things in the game, but we are also extremely aware of the fact that our personal lives come first. So we will not be raiding 7 days a week, 8 hours a day. Having said that, we will raid 2 times a week, 20:00-23:00 Thursday and Sunday. It is not a requirement to be a raider to join. We will accommodate people who aren't necessarily going to raid and to keep everyone interested, we will be running regular 'fun' events i.e. Old raids, PvP nights, that sort of thing. So if you're interested in coming into a guild who already have the core foundations even as a social member, please feel free to reply to this thread or whisper me in game. If you would like to apply for a raiding position, visit our website - You may also reply to this thread and alternatively find me in game (Alice#2374 or Kirby#22795) Thank you.Hanasong10 2d
2d [A] <FKB> (7/7 N 6/7 H) is recruiting! FKB is a raiding Guild on Sylvanas made up of a group of friends that love raiding but are tired of grouping up with random pugs to fill the spots we're missing. We're dead set on progressing through all of the raids released on atleast heroic difficulty but our longterm goal is to clear mythic as soon as we recruit a stable roster for the guild. We're an international group of players that love to have fun and crack a few jokes amongst ourselves and anyone is welcome as long as they speak english! We are looking for players who have experience of at least normal difficulty raiding, anything above that is a welcome bonus, but more important than that is your attitude and willingness to work together with the team to accomplish our mutual goals. We see raiding experience and gear as things you can learn and acquire together with us. Legion Raiding Times: We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Weds - 20:00-23:00 Thurs - 20:00-23:00 (Sund - 20:00-23:00 Optional raidnight) What are we looking for? We're looking to fill our roster with some more DPS, mostly ranged (Mage and Hunters are prefered) but also melee. In addition to that the team is looking to recruit two more healers ( Holy Paladin prefered for one of the slots). How to contact us If you think you fit the bill and want to join our growing team dont hesitate to contact me (Shethae) or one of our officers ( Neercia, Insertrpname) through ingame PM's or letter!Shethae0 2d
2d [A] <Raid Cleaning Service> LF Raiders 7/7 HC <Raid Cleaning Service> are hiring! Do you like cleaning up raid rooms? Wanna sweep the floor with that boss? Want to get the best out of your class and become a better player? Or do you simply want to enjoy raiding with some banter thrown in? Then you're welcome here! A 7/7 Heroic Guild formed for a chilled out raid expereince with solid progression. We take each application with serious consideration. -We're looking for -Ranged dps -Melee dps -Paladin Healer -Shaman Healer Raiding will take palce on Wenesdays and Thurdays at 8pm-11pm server time. Feel free to contact myself Bantsmeister#2735 or Galerath#2448Bantsmeister1 2d
2d [A] <Lemmings> LF Raiders 7/7H (2 raid days per week) Did you miss part of last expansion for some reason or have recently returned? Do you still have obligations outside of Azeroth? Is your game time not - and will not be - what it used to be? Do you struggle to commit to more than two days of raiding per week? <Lemmings> is a guild formed during SoO and are looking for players who want to raid two nights a week, 3 hours a raid, with an experienced team and who like to have fun while progressing. We are currently recruiting: Healers (not druids) and other good players Raid times: 20:00 - 23:00 server time Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 server time Friday. What we expect: You raid relaxed, but focused and prepared when other people depend on your presence and performance, and you know that loot is for the benefit of the raid and not the individual. What we can offer: A fun and experienced raid team that provides a relaxed environment for returning or new players. We have a stable raid team and achieved 6/13 (M) Hellfire Citadel while the content was current (we were late to the Mythic party!). If any of the above interests you then please add me on battletag Blackcheese#2336Blackcheese9 2d
2d (Boosting Thread)ELEMENTS Selling The Emerald Dream ELEMENTS is an old Mythic guild on Sylvanas that boosts players fast through the current Legion Raid content. We have already sold over 100 The Emerald Dream Heroic boosts until now. For now we are selling almost every Friday/Saturday, The Emerald Dream Heroic with Personal Loot. No requirements needed except paying the upfront gold before pulling the boss! Also you can check our old forum thread: Whisper ingame Kapa#2157, Knoxville#2880 We also sell WowTokens! Price varies depending on the token price! Whisper ingame Icritdaily#2422 Thank you & enjoy your time!Kapa1 2d
2d [A] Recurrent (1/7M) Recruiting Heal/DPS For Mythic! Hello to all inhabitants of Sylvanas! <Recurrent> is a mythic raiding guild looking to progress mythic in legion, and is looking for more members to add to our raid team. We need more active, dedicated players willing to put in the effort that we are. We offer a stable and social raiding environment and possess a strong desire to keep progression going. Openings What we're ultimately after is a stable roster of reliable players - provide us with what we're after, and there's no reason we wouldn't consider you no matter what class or role you play. We value the player, not the class. How to Join Us We like our members to apply on our website: []. We find that the very existence of the application process filters out those who will be unwilling to put in the effort we expect. After all, if a player can't be bothered to spend 5-10 minutes filling in an application, how likely is it that they'll be running mythic dungeons for valor upgrades every week? What Will the Weekly Raiding Schedule Look Like? We raid 3 days a week, 19:45-23:00 Server time, on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. What do we Expect from You? As I stated earlier, we primarily value activity and dedication. If I were to make a list of desirable traits in a raider applying to the guild, gear would be the least important on my list. Prove your reliability, your dedication and your willingness to listen, and we'll happily gear you up. We do, however, expect you to put in your own effort outside of raiding days in order to gear yourself up where you can; for instance, we'd like you to be running as many mythic dungeons as possible every week for valor upgrades. You will, of course, find plenty of people in the guild willing to run these with you. What Happens when I Join the Guild? When your application has been approved, you'll be invited to the guild as a 'trial raider'. During your trial period, you'll be judged on your attendance rate, your attention to boss mechanics, your level of preparation and the effort you put into improving your character outside of raids. Depending on these factors, your trial period may last no longer than 7-10 days. Conversely, we have some members who have never shed their 'trial' status because of poor attendance or poor attitude. For any interested applicants, I will leave my Bnet tag [VarmenBork#2675] and once again our guild website []. You will find practically any information you need on our website, and the application process is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any questions add me and I'll happily have a chat with you.Varmenbork8 2d
2d Lunar Eclipse (7/7N 7/7H 1/7M) Hey :) Lunar Eclipse is a Raiding Guild on Sylvanas and we are looking for additional Members for our Main Raid Team! We are looking for dedicated, reliable like minded players. We see ourselves as a semi-hardcore group of players. We take a "fun" but serious approach to raiding and we are looking for others that have the dedication, skill and knowledge required to raid. Experience: We are looking for players who have experience of at least heroic difficulty raiding. Anything above is prefered. If you don't have the experience but feel you can live upto the challenge come have a chat. Requirements: be at or around 840 ilvl, and should have invested atleast 16 perks in the healer Artifact! Legion Raiding Times: The below is the proposed raid times for legion. We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Holding up a bunch of eager raiders is a nono! Weds - 21:00-00:00 Thurs - 21:00-00:00 Sund - 21:00-00:00 What are we looking for? Major - Skilled DPSers with decent gear 850+ (no Leather users) Minor - Disc Priest Exceptional applicants Will also be considered What are we aiming for? Lunar Eclipse's Goal is to clear Mythic Raids within a acceptable time, after we accomplished that we can gear some of our Alts up in Mythic. How to contact us If you think you fit the environment here and have what it takes to become a member of Lunar Eclipse please add our Battle Tags, or whisper us ingame! Our Website: MrMax#2149Maxdruid2 2d
2d [A] <Hiraeth> Looking for members About Hiraeth Oxford and Merriam Webster define Hiraeth as: (noun) "a homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was". Hiraeth is an alliance guild primarily focused on PVE,with most members situated in and around europe, created in early August of 2016. The guild was formed when a group of players who have been raiding together for quite some time, but stopped playing, made the decision to join Sylvanas so that they can explore and play Legion together. What is our goal? Our goal as a guild is to clear all available content that is available to us. What are we looking for? We are currently looking for all sort of dps to bolster our group so we can start mythic raiding. Specifically we would like some more leather dps, however everyone is welcome to apply. What do we require of you? Most and foremost we expect you to have a solid knowledge of your class and the current content as well as be open to productive criticism. This does not mean that we do not allow players that have not done the content yet into our raids, however it does mean that we require you to read up on encounters BEFORE we attempt a raid. The strength to carry your own weight in raids. Willingness to learn and improve(Everyone makes mistakes and we are not going to kick you for that, however we do want you to improve on your mistakes and learn to not make them again). Furthermore, we can't stress enough that punctuality and attendance are important. While we don't require you to spend all your life on WoW, we would like to see you on time and ready for planned raids. Lastly, we expect of you to be repaired and adequately supplied with flasks/whatever other consumables your class/specc requires. (Being social in guildchat and Discord is always a plus!) Progress Normal Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: Not attempted Raiding times As of now, the raiding days consist of: Monday 19:00-23:00 GMT+1 Wednesday 19:00-23:00 GMT+1 Thursday 19:00-23:00 GMT+1 While there is no mythic raiding going on, only wednesdays is being used to raid as we clear both normal and heroic in that time. What do we offer you? A solid guild/raid lead that has been working together for a long time now. Good guild climate. Organized raids. An environment where everyone tries to bring the most out of their class. Fair loot distribution by loot council consisting of GM and officers(decided by attendance, performance, preparation). How to contact us? You can whisper the following people if you have any further questions: Prosecco, Xiriah, Bellini and Exxblyat.Prosecco1 2d
2d [A] Fist of the Northrend is looking for raiders. 5/7! Hello! We are a 6/7 HC raiding guild looking for more raiders to join our roster. We are a friendly bunch and we use Discord when raiding and to chat outside the game. We are currently looking for: *Edit* We are also accepting newly leveled/undergeared players too. We will help you acquire gear and catch up to the rest of the team! Healer Shadow Priests Warlocks Mages If you are none of the above classes, you are still welcome to apply in case we might need you anyways! Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Between 20-23 server time. If you are interested in joining us, please add Mishka#2263 on!Mìshka6 2d
2d [A] >Jínxed< Guild are recruiting Raiders! Jínxed Alliance is a successful Guild looking to expand our guild roster, we are mainly focused on PvE in legion however we will be delving into Rbg's on Fridays as its something we enjoy and have done since forever, but this is not mandatory and we understand its not for everyone . We are progressing through Heroic Emerald Nightmare at the moment and have found ourselves at the stage where we really need the last few Dps to complete the raid roster, in order to finish up on Heroic and begin our journey into Mythic raiding . We as a guild are built from a group of friends who have raided together on various servers for a few expansions, we (as most players do) play World of Warcraft to have fun and that's our main priority. To complete our raid setup we are in need of a few specific classes, although everyone is welcome to apply or join us for a trial regardless of your class / spec , you will still be considered, or just as a social member ,that being said in particular we are in need of a Shadow Priest , Warlock(any spec), Retribution Paladin and a Mage(any spec). Ideally we require a minimum of 845ilvl for Heroic Raiding but we do still clear normal EN weekly and do Guild Mythic+ Dungeons, so if your a little behind we can help there as well. Our Raid schedule is Monday Wednesday Sunday and our raid times are 19:30 - 22:30 Server time . We are searching for the dedicated types of players as we will soon be hitting mythic and will obviously need a solid team, in addition to that we only require that you can provide your own Raid food and 2-3 Flasks per night, also if you could have a working mic and Teamspeak 3 installed as we like to use comms while raiding as it makes it easier to communicate that would be perfect. As for us, well we don't bite! (mostly) , things get crazy sometimes but we are a friendly bunch of people and will always find or make time to help anyone out , we do love to have a laugh together and take the game a little less serious at times, but when its raid time the team manages to knuckle down and focus up , enabling us to get the bosses down in good time and in good order. You can apply in various ways, such as making a raiders application at alternatively you can add an officer in game .you can add SKRILL#2852 on Btag or you can whisper one of the following officers, Profdiddles, Themaxcrash, Venhiem, Tyrellá, Fenrísa and we will try to get back to you a.s.a.p , or you can simply type /who Jínxed in game and there you should be able to see the guild roster's online members at that time ( usually there's an officer online ) We look forward to hearing from you and Thank you for you time .Venhiem0 2d
3d Sylvanas Next Big Horde PvP Guild Hi guys, I want to create a new guild on Sylvanas. I notice this realm is really struggling due to the Horde<>Alliance imbalance, there's several threads on this forum with people complaining about this imbalance and asking for something to be done. Well a little bit about me. I joined in TBC and quit late MoP. I had a character on Outland called Frogel/Rickeo people knew me for my Hunter and Death Knight Characters. I was the guild master of the second largest wPvP guild on Outland called SWPD. You can still see some of our old guild videos on YouTube. We often competed against Honor Capped the largest wPvP guild on the EU servers. Anyway I want to come back now and make a huge impact on the game. I decided to really go for new beginnings when coming back. So I chose to level a new character again which will be this one and commit myself to the Horde. I want to create a guild that really brings wPvP and PvP in general alive for the Horde players on Sylvanas. My plan is to have October-November & December as guild recruitment times and dedicate this time to the growth of the guild as a whole. During this time it will be open to anyone for levelling, pvp, skilling, questing and what not and take on more of a social role. In December we will start some high end PVE gearing up for PvP events. From January 17 onwards it will be all out high end PvP guild while also tackling PVE content to further ourselves in PvP. The guild will have daily, weekly and monthly events, in game socials and fun events as well as competitions on a regular basis where members can win free game time and in game gold. Since I own my own business I can sink a lot of money into prizes and the such for people. I need to create and form the guild. The first 10 members will have what I call Founding Member Status this will be above veterans but below officers and will come with extra perks. This rank will only be for the first 10 people who join and wont be obtainable in the guild again. If you want in please send me a message in game on this character or leave a reply here. I need four people to message me in game and sign the guild charter so I can get the ball rolling. LMK guys Rickeo5 3d
3d <Umbraticolus> 2/7M LF Exceptional DPS to fill roster Umbraticolus is a international guild that started shortly before Legion and ever since we've been thriving to progress on mythic with this new found opportunity, currently in order to progress further we are in need of a few exceptional DPS to fill out our roster! Recruit Umbraticolus has thus far progressed 2/7M, in order to continue further we are in need: 1 DPS with healer offspec, competent in both specs. 1 DPS pref a Warrior, but open to any other class Requirements to trial 850+ ilvl 19+ traits 230k+ DPS Your trial will last approximatly 2 weeks, demonstrating solid understanding of your role will significantly reduce this trial peroid. Communication VoIP: Discord Raid Info: Days: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday Time: 19:45-23:00 ST Guild Self-Assessment If you wish to assess the guild for yourself and are knowledgeable in logs, feel free to evaluate us at: bare in mind that some players are no longer with us due to failing their trial. Application Process: /w Boozêy-Boozay in-game, or add Battle-Tag Angrypenguin#2183 /w Screeauk in-game or add Battle-Tag Vestiga#2526 or apply on our website Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to some of you interested :)Screeauk1 3d
3d Riddle Me This 7/7 Heroic - Mythic Recruitment Riddle Me This are looking for a few extra ranged dps and a healer to join our Mythic progression team. We are currently 7/7 normal and 7/7 heroic and are looking for some additional exceptional players to help us progress through Mythic. Experience: We are looking for players who have experience of at least heroic difficulty raiding and wanting to progress in a highly competitive guild at the highest level. We are looking for exceptional players who are ready to jump straight into Mythic raids Raid times Below are the raid times for legion. We expect all raiders to be on time and fully prepared before these times. Weds - 20:00-23:00 Sun - 19:00-23:00 Mon - 20:00-23:00 What are we looking for? Urgent - All ranged DPS Urgent - Rogue/DK Urgent Healers - Holy Pal/Disc Priest Other exceptional applicants may also be considered How to contact us If you think you fit the environment here and have what it takes to become a member of Riddle Me This. Give me a /w in game on Jaykea or add me on on Jaycea#2153 or SoCold#2373 for another officer. If neither of us are around feel free to speak to one of the lovely officers you will find in game most nightsJaylae5 3d
3d To Which Realms Is Sylvanas Connected To? Title^^Yotam0 3d
4d [A] Novana Gaming - PvE (Mythic) Legion Guild Information Emerald Nightmare progress: - 7/7 Normal - 7/7 Heroic - Progressing on Mythic Website Application form can be found at our website. Open spots for classes for the guild, you'll find at our website. Information about Novana Gaming - World of Warcraft Server: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance) We are a PvE heavy focused guild that loves to Raid. Though we don't mind doing PvP aswell in our spare time. We are an international guild, so English speaking in the guild chat & on Teamspeak is a must, unless told otherwise. We have a leader, classleaders and officers who manages the guild. Everyone has a saying, we are all equal, so we are open minded for critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people wants or has to say. Raiding We will raid Monday + Thursday + Sunday - 19.00-22.15 EU Timezone/Server Time. We take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to do their best when we raid, keep a good tone with the other members and work well together. Potions, food, any kinds of buffs is mandatory. Everyone has to make sure they come well prepared to the raids. The guild bank will sometimes provide with material and/or potions etc for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and members still have to prepare their own stash for raiding. Trials We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content and/or from other expansion's/mmo's. We are all new to Legion, but some common knowledge is expected. Activity has A LOT to say as a Trial, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, which helping others (dungeons, answers, tips & what-not) You got accepted to the guild because you agreed to our rules and requirement (Raiding times, activity, experience etc), so that means you are to keep your word. You are at least 18+ in age, so you know all about respect and how to treat other fellow members in the guild. We take jokes, but overdoing it might not be such a good idea. We use Teamspeak, make sure you got a microphone and use Teamspeak whenever we do stuff together. History We were called "Cold Dominance" in the old times, when we were one of the top guilds in Lightning's Blade server @ World of Warcraft. We have existed since 2005, and done most raiding content. We took a break for a few years due to World of Warcraft simply got boring, so we just wanted to try something new, like Wildstar, but now that Legion is coming out, it seems promising. And so this means Novana Gaming is expanding to Legion and is gonna do end-content there. All of us are from all around the world, we make sure to have a good time, do things together and build a good community for the players. We do focus a lot on the members, make sure they feel they got a good place to be, feel comfortable, have what they need and help each other out. Our guild has long history, ups and downs, but most of all, success. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds in the server, so each of you that are members of Novana Gaming are important, you make the guild, you represent us, you are what keeps us alive, you are the key. Keep it up, do you best and in the end you'll be rewarded with a lot of epics and good friends. Any more questions about us, the guild or whatever that comes into your mind, direct them to the leaders/officers or even at our forum. We'll help you as much as we can.Keriko14 4d
4d [A] <Aeons> 7/7H - Recruiting raiders now! Hi everyone, Who we are: <Aeons> is a newly formed guild looking to put together a solid roster with the aim of progressing current Mythic content. Our raid days will be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 21:00 - 00:00. We're a friendly bunch of people (Ddartin is a bit rough around the edges) who are not averse to a bit of banter. History: The core of the guild is made up of a group of friends, all of whom have prior top tier PvE content experience. After searching around for a raid guild that would suit us all, we decided that the best course of action would be to make a guild ourselves that would suit our times and needs. Current goals: We are currently looking to recruit more raiders into the guild so that we can continue progression through the Emerald Nightmare! Current progression: 7/7 EN Normal 7/7 EN Heroic What we expect from players: A positive attitude Know how to play and optimise your spec Come prepared for raids with food/flasks/pots The ability to take constructive criticism A desire to progress through current content!What we need at the moment: Currently, we are in need of any DPS and another healer! That said, any exceptional players will still be considered! We also have social positions available for anyone who wants to join for a place to stay but sit out on the raiding! If you are interested, then feel free to contact either Thaladros (Stormboltz#2570), Ddartin (QQpachew#2353) or Gilanguier for more information! Hope to hear from you soon!Thaladros11 4d
4d <Resilient> High ranked PvP guild Recruiting! We are one of the biggest and best PvP guilds on the realm of Sylvanas EU and have been on Sylvanas for around 6 years, our goal and vision as a guild is to continue rising in the guild PvP rankings and keep moving forward with RBG's, Arenas, BG's, Tournaments and events along with our great social atmosphere. We obtained the modest Guild Rank of 3rd on the realm in WoD and plan to hit the top spot in Legion. View Guild PvP Rankings here: We are essentially looking for dedicated RBG players who have the knowledge and ability to be able to play their class at a high level. So what do we offer: We currently have 3 RBG teams that we will be accepting applications for in Legion via our website, with the possibility of a 4th. Elite RBG team: Requirements to join the team: You have to have had at least 2k rating in RBG's in the last 2 expansions, that means in MoP or in WoD. Both obviously is even better! You will have to keep up with gearing your character every week when Legion hits. Safe to say that your arena experience does give you extra credit. Rezima RBG team: Rezima RBG Team requirements: We are looking for people with at least 1700 rating exp in RBGs along with a great knowledge of RBGs and your class, although exceptional players will be considered if below that rating. Zephara RBG team: We're casual players whom just like to play together and have some fun. We do like to go for rating and improve our own play style! Which means that after each round we have a short review period and we can then talk about the tactic but also about where we need to improve in order to push rating but also while having fun. We appreciate your time in reading this and if this interests you or you wish to apply please fill our very short and to the point application form out on so we can review and make an informed decision. Thank you from all of us here! - Rezima (Resilient GM) www.resilient.wowlaunch.comRezima4 4d
4d [A] Northern Echo rekrutter raiders (Danish) Halløj, Som overskriften indikere så søger vi raiders til at fuldende vores raiding team. Lidt om os: Northern Echo er styret af to brødre, som har raidet i den hardcore ende igennem flere expansions. Vi har tidligere haft et guild på Twisting Nether som horde, men vi valgte af rykke til Sylvanas som Aliance, så vi håber på ligeså meget succes som vi havde over på Horde siden. Der bliver fokuset på normal raiding til at starte ud med, derefter HC, og hvis alle har mod og fået blod på tanden, tager vi hul på mythic raiding. * Raiding tiderne: torsdag, søndag samt mandag, klokken 19:30 - 22:00 * Vi bruger Discord som kommunikationprogram Vi søger: Folk som har tiden og lysten til at raide, først og fremmeste. Man skal have motivationen og ikke kun deltage hveranden gang, det fungerer ikke i længden. Vi er på udkig efter "alle roller", men få mere information på vores website: Eller kontakt os in-game: Battletag: Coochy#2185Teonly0 4d
5d 866 Feral lf raiding guild Hello! I am a 866 feral and I am willing to get in a raiding guild. My progress is 7/7N and 2/7H. I am willing to progress more in heroic, and maybe even mythic. Ingame name: Sodagogo My raiding times: Every week day between 4PM ST - 10:30 PM ST. In weekends is a little bit complicated, so I would rather not raiding in weekends. My Btag: Forage#2119Sodagogo2 5d
5d Selling tokens with a 10-15k AH undercut. Either try to whisper Klossie ingame or add your battle tag down below and i'll try to get a hold of you as soon as i can. I will try to use this as a feedback page aswell for others to see if it actually works out the way i want it to.Klossie6 5d
6d [A] Da Brathez greek guild LFM Da Brathez ελληνικό (κατα μεγάλο μερος) ψαχνει για ατομα ωστε να μεγαλωσει η παρεα! Στην συσκευασια περιεχοντε: ζεστη ατμοσφαιρα , καρφικες συζητησεις , ΠΑΣΟΚοι , ΔΑΠιτες , Συριζαιοι , λαικα παιδια κ βουτηροχλεχλεδες ατομα που θελουν να πανε ηρωικα αρχικα κ μετα Μυθικα ρειντ! Η παραπανω αγγελια απεθυνετε σε ατομα που θελουν κατι χαλαρο αλλα κ κατι να ξεδωσουν! Φερτε τους φιλους σας κ σας κερναμε την 1η πελφε στο inn του Dalaran με καυτους χορους απο τα ομορφα κοριτσια μας (gnoms)! προλάβετε!Gkentemis0 6d
17 Oct [A] Familjen [2/7M] söker Resto Shaman Familjen - Sylvanas is looking for a resto shaman. As we are an all Swedish raiding guild the following text will be in Swedish. Familjen är en Svensk semi-hardcore raidguild som har varit aktiv sedan WOTLK och har en stabil core med både irlkompisar och nya bekantskaper. Våran målsättning till nästa expansion är att vara så snabba till mythic som möjligt och att cleara de flesta bossar i ett hyfsat högt tempo. Våra raiddagar är: Onsdag, Torsdag och Söndag kl 19.45 till kl 23.00. Just nu är söker vi en resto Shaman, men vi läser såklart alla exceptionella ansökningar! Du ska kunna signa till raids och vara tillgänglig på 3/3 raid tillfällenTidsfördriv0 17 Oct
16 Oct [A] LF active PvP guild Hello guys, Resto druid LF active PvP guild,mainly for rated BG's i am new to retail but i have exp since wotlk *PVE - not interested. Cheers, Edit: btnet tag Xexo#2476Zyngica0 16 Oct
16 Oct Make Total Destroy - Norsk guild leter etter mer folk! Hei! Make Total Destroy startet som en venners-venner guild tilbake i MoP med en gjeng fra vestlandet. Flere av oss har raidet hardcore i flere år, men nå lever vi det gode liv som casuals, med mål om å cleare content så raskt og behagelig som mulig. Vi har en stabil base med 10-15 aktive raiders hver uke, men vi leter nå etter flere for å skape en base for mythic raiding videre i Legion. Vi hoppet igjennom Emerald Nightmare uten store problemer, og ser på heroic som en litt for liten utfordring. Vi raider 1-2 ganger i uka. Om dette høres ut som noe som kan være interresant, kan du ta kontakt med meg: Mustache#2632, eller ingame. - TacheTache0 16 Oct
16 Oct 852 MM/BM Hunter LF EN Guild Available on Sudays/Mondays/Thursdays/Fridays from 19:00 to 22:00 Server time. AllianceYotam0 16 Oct
16 Oct Warrior tank looking for raiding guild Hi im looking for a PvE guild doing Raids in the daytime/evening, im able to raid everyday exept most saturdays. I have raided allot in vanilla and BC was in top 50 world guild. i had a break from wow the last few expantions. now i want t raid again, Im dedicated to do everything to get progress an im aiming for mytic. /w gorgorthVeslekusa0 16 Oct
15 Oct (Boosting Thread)ELEMENTS Selling Cheap HFC/Archi HC ELEMENTS is an old Mythic guild (13/13 Mythic, World 629) on Sylvanas that boosts players fast through the current WoD Raid content. We have already sold over 100 Archimonde Heroic boosts until now. For now we are selling almost everyday Archimonde Heroic. ON SYLVANAS :FULL RUN HFC HC it will cost only150 k , Lower Spire 60 k , Upper Spire 110 k , Archimonde Heroic only 40 k all of them with personal loot For FULL RUN HFC HC ONLY 150 k gold , Lower Spire 75 k , Upper Spire 110 k , Archimonde HC only 40 k on ALL OTHER REALMS with personal loot we will gladly and fast boost you at Archimonde Heroic with Personal loot! This will grant you: - The Grove Warden mount from the quest - 2 feats of strenght Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate and Time is a flat circle - 720 loot items with Personal loot No requirements needed except paying the upfront gold before pulling the boss! We also can do some special boosts, like Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry Full Mythic, also Blackhand mount for extra gold! Whisper ingame Kapa#2157, Jackie#2752, Darkwiz#2281 We also sell WowTokens! You trade Icritdaily 50k gold on Sylvanas and he will trade you 65k gold or less aka token value on a different server that are equal to a wowtoken. You will simply have to make a level 1 HUMAN (Monk - windwalking buff 10% movement speed) character, go in Stormwind Auction House (trade district) and he will trade you the amount of gold to buy a token! Price varies depending on the token price! Ex: If the price of a token is more then 65k you must pay 55k Ex2: If the price of a token is more then 70k you must pay 60k We already have like 20 WoW Tokens of 30 days avaible, over 50 buyers happy with our service! Whisper ingame battletag [u][/u] Here are 2 videos, from Mannoroth and Archimonde, recorded by one of the guys that purchased a boost: Mannoroth Archimonde 15 Oct
15 Oct [A] Source of Quality [2nights per week] Hello, Source of Quality are looking for new players to bolster our roster and Mythic team in Legion We're in desperate need of Healers, Casters and good players of any class. Schedule: We only raid twice a week (Wednesday & Sunday) from 1930-2300, you must have a working Microphone and Teamspeak 3. We've stopped raiding in WoD. Who We Are: We're a tight knit bunch who have been playing all the major MMO's and everything in between for the past 10 years, we have a mix of nationalities and our teamspeak server is highly active. We're also not afraid of PvP. We're casual in terms of the amount of time we spend raiding but we have a hardcore outlook on our raids and expect to make the most of our limited time, many of us don't have enough time to have a bloated raid schedule so we can't afford to carry anyone. You must know your class inside out and always come to raids prepared in terms of class specific encounter knowledge. Loot rules: We used EPGP in WoD but we're unsure if it's the right solution going into Legion. Extra: If you would like more information please whisper me or anyone with an "Oni" tag when doing /who source of quality.Onikillaz5 15 Oct
15 Oct [A]<EmptyPromises>Selling Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic EmptyPromises is now selling Mythic Hellfire Citadel Boosts. Guild website: How it Works: Purchasing a Boost from EmptyPromises is Very simple. Step 1: Read the information about the types of boost. Step 2: Decide which boost you want to purchase. Step 3: Get in contact with the relevant person listed below. Step 4: Further Information regarding the boost such as scheduling and stuff would be provided after you contact us. Timings: Note that these timings are our general timings.We could arrange a boost according to the days/times you want based on the situation.So if our times aren't matching,make sure you get in contact with us ! Friday,Monday,tuesday - 20:30 Server time. Payment: We accept gold on Alliance side of Silvermoon,Frostmane,ravencrest and Sylvanas.A booking fee of 30% is charged while you are booking/scheduling a spot for the upcoming boosts.We don't book or reserve a spot unless this upfront token is paid.This is to ensure that you will show up for the raid. Boosts: Note that you need to contact us for price list. Skype : Battletag : Zappy#6324 Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic MasterLoot This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec with the exception of Relics,Rings and Necks. Loot.These exceptions are the items that can be used by every buyer purchasing the boost because of it being common in nature.Hence These Items will be rolled amongst all the buyers that've purchased the run.If a buyer Wins a relic,ring or a neck with the highest Roll then he/she isn't allowed to roll on the other ones that drop till each buyer has received atleast one of it.For example,If you win a neck,You can't roll on any other necks until each buyer receives one neck. Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic Personal Loot. This Includes all loots that you can use that drops for you in this system.Our raiders will be saved here so you won't be receiving anything more then what you get through trades from our raiders. Contacts: Don't hesitate contacting for any information regarding our boosts. Zap - Zappy#6324 Skype - Zaped.dkZap14 15 Oct
14 Oct <Wakening> recruiting <Wakening> is a fresh guild created on 14-10-2016 and currently recruiting for heroic Emerald Nightmare and eventually mythic. At the moment we are recruiting everything with a perspective at mythic. Raid days are wednesday / sunday / monday from 21:00 till 00:00 server time. Progress at the moment is 3/7 heroic For information either whisper, sinnical#2333 / ryan691#2739Sínnical0 14 Oct
14 Oct LF> PvP guild Hello guys, I've been looking for an active pvp guild. I consider myself as a pvp player since....forever. I enjoy doing competitve pvp. I don't have huge experience in RBGs, but I want a fresh air from the arenas. Also I like fun and easy going people like myself. This is my battletag: Alfador #21137Alfss4 14 Oct
14 Oct <Cucumber Conspiracy> söker nu dps till vårt raidteam. <Cucumber Conspiracy> är en svensk norsk Alliance guild med rötter i Vanilla WoW. Vi som startat upp guilden är ett gäng IRL polare som alla kommit tillbaka nu till Legion och bara älskar expansionen. Vi bestämde att vi ville ha en casualguild där man kan trivas och ha trevligt och köra lite mythics osv för att slippa pugga. Men efter vårt senaste möte så bestämde vi oss också för att sätta upp ett raidlag och försöka progressa lite i EN. Sagt och gjort vi drog ihop de som är sugna i guilden och gick in med huvudet högt(Med hälften pugs ska tilläggas) och oneshottade de 3 första bossarna. Då vi började sent så hann vi inte längre än så men planen är att vi i skrivande stund ska gå in och ta resten i kväll. Raidleadern har 7/7 på normal och har flera års erfarenhet av raidande på högre nivå och coren av vårt team har raidat i alla expansioner. MEN! Vi ville inte behöva pugga så just nu söker vi fler medlemmar! Du ska vara: 840+ iLvl 20 år eller äldre Kunna raida Tisdagar och torsdagar. Ha discord och vara aktiv där. Kunna ta kritik och ha viljan att förbättras i din klass Kunna din klass mechanics väl. Helst ha raiderfarenhet Vara påläst innan raid. Ha ett gott humör Låter det intressant? Släng ett whisper till "Onikitsune" isåfall. Vi raidar rätt sen p.g.a. jobb och så vidare så våra raidtider är just nu Från 20/21 på kvällen.Onikitsune1 14 Oct
14 Oct Watch out for Rocker-Sylvanas WARRIOR So just did a MoS+3 with this warrior tank called Rocker and suddenly he went mental and ruined our 3 chests. You can see all of it on Its close to the end of my latest stream session. Apparently he didn't like me/hunter telling him what to pull & when so hes epeen grew. Keep ur keys out from this guy. Peace.Remorsing1 14 Oct
14 Oct <Serenata Immortale> 3/7H Emerald Nightmare Serenata Immortale is recruiting motivated players to progress through Heroic Emerald Nightmare and eventually take on the Mythic Challenge. We are a small social guild with a motivated core group willing to progress through the current content. Our raiddays; Wednesday: 20.30 - 23.00 Sunday : 20.30 - 23.00 Monday : 20.30 - 23.00 Currently looking for : Shadow priest, Enhancement shaman, Marksmanship hunter, Holy paladin, Holy/disc priest. All exceptional applicants will be considerd. If you are interested in more information, send me a message ingame or via battlenet Selox#2868 Looking forward to hearing from you.Thaosia0 14 Oct
14 Oct Closed CLOSEDJabbz4 14 Oct
13 Oct LF 1-2 day a week mythic guild Resto druid 873 looking for a solid raiding guild that runs 1-2 raids a week. I've been playing since vanilla and am very experienced in raiding, theorycrafting and healing mythic content. Ideally a guild that's made a dent in Emerald Nightmare mythic. Thanks.Smackwhoar0 13 Oct
13 Oct [A] <About a week ago> (7/7 HC) Swedish PVE Guild LFM Hiya! After a year of hibernation About a week ago is back and recruiting. What we can offer: A casual, social and friendly guild and raid environment Heroic progression Occasional guild meetups What we are looking for: We are primarily looking to strengthen our dps and healing roster for our core raid group with mature, experienced and dedicated players. Tanks will also be considered. Raid schedule: Thursdays & Sundays 20:00-23.00 How to apply: Visit our website on or whisper Priestigious, Glasskiosk, Minivy or Havve in game. Social and/or PvP players are also welcome. / The Almighty SmiterPriestigious1 13 Oct
13 Oct [A] <No Honor> is recruiting for Legion! Hello there! <No Honor> is a guild for you if you like to raid but in a casual-friendly atmosphere and as such <No Honor> will only raid twice a week! We're a guild built around a solid core with background in Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk, Cata & Pandaria and getting back together for the madness that is Legion! Raiding Times : Thursday 18.00 - 22.00 Sunday 18.00 - 22.00 On a specific note we're currently in need of dedicated healers! Our progress so far is 7/7hc 1/7m If you are interested, whisper Ályce/Yorocha ingame or add #Kisu1585 for an interview! All socials are welcome.Yodai3 13 Oct
13 Oct LF PVP Guild (Arena Master R-Druid) - Alliance Arena Master R-druid LF PVP Guild on Alliance. Send me a wisper. Regards LeoLéo2 13 Oct