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41m Looking for semi-hardcore raiding guild for Legion Hey, I'm looking for a guild who raids at least three times a week and who will take Legion progression serious. Some Mythic experience but looking for a lot more. Will main Havoc DH for Legion too. My Btag is #Kyner21737 if you wish to talk to me about anything to do with this topic. Thank you. :)Demonkyne0 41m
46m [A] Dark Trinity recruiting for PvE <Dark Trinity> is a new formed semi hardcore guild looking for members for PvE in legion. the guild is fresh and runned by me and Blysto. The goal will be mythic+ dungeons and Heroic raiding. with the motivation to progress and grow to mythic raiding. Raiding days will be monday, teusday, thursday from 20:00 till 23:30. My story so far is that i raided in WoD HFC mythic 10/13 and joined a guild that was progressing on archimonde and got him to 28%. I came with the idea to start a guild of my own. If u are interested to join our guild you can visit although i have to edit my website i prefer you contacting me on holleeder#21995 or the officer blysto#21703, in the future i will be updating the website, we do have our own TS server. Our first event will be at the legion launch and hopefully have a group to level up together to get us ready for raiding. Recruitment is open for healers and DPS Thanks, Greetings Roy.Holleeder11 46m
1h Filthy Lil Hobbits[21+]Welcoming Casual&Social Players! General Information☺ Guild Name: Filthy Lil Hobbits fraction & Realm: Alliance [Silvermoon] Voice communication: Teamspeak About Us: Let me first of start with the fact of saying thank you for having a read. Where do I start... well here we go! Since I started playing World Of Warcraft I have seen a lot in this game. I joined a decent amount of guilds. I always experienced when I joined a guild that the recruitment message was very attracting. But when I started to play in a guild, guild chat was mostly empty. And In general I asked myself why people joined a guild but felt so disconnected from each other.. For me that was not the road that I wanted to walk. My goal and vision in this game was always to find a tight-knit community of a small amount of individuals striving to enjoy ALL aspects of the game in a casual environment Together we would strive to create an in game family of helpful, friendly people that will promote a sense of belonging. Every individual's presence counts as a building block to our bigger goal. Where our enjoyment of the game not only comes from our individual accomplishments but from our group efforts and meaningful interactions. Now we have created such place! We called it Filthy Lil Hobbits! Sinds this day our guild is surrounded by active members from all over the world and we are growing even more each day. Welcome To Filthy Lil Hobbits! ___________________________________________________________________________ What are we looking for? Currently we are on the lookout for players that are missing the social aspect of the game and would like to bring this particular aspect back to the game within our guild. Like we said in the above message we state: Every individual's presence counts as a building block to our bigger goal. Where our enjoyment of the game not only comes from our individual accomplishments but from our group efforts and meaningful interactions. And by saying that we really mean what we say! Our members enjoy meeting new people and love to have a chat on teamspeak so a working mic and having this program is a must. (Especially during our social achievement runs / pvp and raids. ) What do we offer Old raids and achievements Each weekend we are offering casual raids in Filthy Lil Hobbits. Did you always wanted to get your [Glory of the Firelands Raider] [Glory of the Pandaria Raider] or [Glory of the Pandaria Hero] achievements. This is the place where you can do that. Mostly this days a lot of things are soloable in World of Warcraft. Think of the old raids for example. Still we offer time to time runs to get guild achievements together. The reason why we do that is because it is fun! No matter how silly it can be. Rerolling / leveling new characters / alts. What we also promote highly within our guild is rerolling classes. We personaly found that the best way of bonding with your guild members is starting a new character together and experiencing step by step all that World of Warcraft has to offer. Aswell we could understand that transfering characters could be very expensive. Fun events Ever did a gnome naked run? Treasure finding? or charging orgrimmar side by side with your guild member. This is the place where it happends! PvP PvP is someting our guild is working on. Who knows what we could Introducé in Filthy Lil Hobbits. Currently a few members within our guild are enjoying 2vs2 3vs3 and battlegrounds. ___________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment general/social: Open Recruitment Recruitment Raiding: Dps melee: Enhancement shaman Rogue or Monk Feral druid Range Dps: Shadow Priest Warlock Healers: Resto druid Resto Shaman ___________________________________________________________________________ How to apply: For now just whisper us in game for a in game interview or a interview on For information: Either wisper us ingame or add us on battletag: whiteshiro#21355 ___________________________________________________________________________ Feedback about our guild: ... ... ... ... ...Lïttlepaw35 1h
1h Looking for friends and guild for Legion Hey all, I've had a long break since HFC and I'm looking to make some friends for dungeons, socialising etc when Legion hits. Just a chilled out 24 year old gamer looking for mates. Alliance side Balance Druid!Díoxide1 1h
2h [A] Free Will is recruiting ! Free Will is a newly formed guild on Silvermoon EU. The founders of the guild are veteran raiders who have played since Vanilla and TBC. Throughout the various expansions we have been in a lot of different guilds and on a few different realms, looking for a place to call home. Now we have finally decided to settle here on Silvermoon EU and to play as Alliance. Our top players managed to achieve <Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold> in MoP, and <I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am> in Cata. We have previously been in competitive guilds aiming for realm first, but never quite made the cut due to several raiders not being as comitted as the rest. So we decided to make our own guild, only accepting players who take their raiding seriously and would like to compete against other guilds for realm first kills. We now seek additional dedicated players to complete our raiding team for Legion! This is what we are currently looking for: 2 Druids (1 guardian, 1 resto) 1 Shaman (resto) 1 Rogue 1 Warrior or DK DPS We welcome all exceptional players regardless of current class/role needs due to the possibility of flex raiding. We will be raiding Wednesday, Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 19 ST - 23 ST. Extra raids could be set up during weekends if people are available, and current raiding times could be extended when progressing and close to a kill. If this sounds interesting, please submit an application to the guild at If you have any questions or would like to discuss something feel free to add me (Sondrey#2207) or try to contact an officer in-game. - EvanixEvanix1 2h
2h Halo Friendship Moose THANKS ALOT FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! Giving ~150 ppl a Groove Warden prior to Legion in under 2 hours, was amazing! Introduction. Halo has been active throughout the expansion offering various boosting services: BRF HC and HFC HC boosting ( And some Mythic HFC ( With so many people choosing us as their boosting service we feel the urge to give back to the community, now that WoD are almost done. <Halo> are spam killing Archimonde on heroic difficulty Sunday 28/8 @ 20:00 Server Time The only requirement we ask for, is you dont have the moose mount already, as this isent a run for us to gear you, its ONLY for us to give YOU a Groove Warden. So all this may sound nice and all that, but how do you get a spot? For you to make sure u have a spot, please leave a comment on this post. We will check if u have a Groove Warden tho. If you have anymore questions, you are more than welcome to send a friend request to either; Exalidan (Exalidan#2176) - Blurbs (Benjamuz#2720) or Hellshield (Distortions#2306) AND/OR send either of the above mentioned people an in-game mail. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE UR ONLINE FROM 20:00 ST! Finally I want to finish of saying thanks for reading this and Cya Sunday!Blurbs103 2h
2h [A] <Nightlight> HC/Mythic Raid Guild Nightlight are a brand new guild to Silvermoon with our leaders coming from Mythic backgrounds on Magtheridon and Kazzak EU. We're starting again here in Silvermoon and are looking for raiders of all backgrounds to join us in Legion. No previous mythic experience is required, we'll teach you everything you need to know! We use Discord for voice comms. Mic, headset and ability to speak and understand English clearly is necessary. We will be raiding Wed/Thurs at 8:30 - 11:30pm Server Time with a vote cast on a Monday raid at the same time for progression/gearing purposes. Thing's we'd like to know about you! Age Country Class/Spec you wish to play. Submit any applications here and feel free to whisper me in game to get my attention!Cinderhale13 2h
2h {A} Can of Worms - Legion Raiding Guild [Recruiting] <Can of Worms> is a guild that strives to be different, a guild that desires to redefine the social norms of the average WoW player and what we’ve become complacent about accepting. WoW is dead. Dead, as a social MMO. Dead, as a game where you work as a team. Dead, as an engaging experience outside of raiding or PvP. Our goal, is to remedy this dilemma and to an extent, we already have. We formed solely due to the fact that WoW players no longer wish to help one another or form meaningful bonds through the game. They’d much rather brag about how amazing they are by linking arbitrary achievements that measure their virtual worth, or throwing around their virtual ranks, which they “worked so hard to achieve”. Well… to put it politely, those players are scumbags and the reason that MMO gaming is on the decline, if they can’t have their instant gratification and pissing contests they’re not interested and it’s all done at the expense of other players. We do not accept that in this guild, at all. If you want to help your guild mates, make lifelong friends and enjoy your time like the days of old then our guild is the guild for you. We’re not going to throw our guild progress in your face, it’s unremarkable and we’re fine with that as it stands with Legion around the corner. What I will say though is that our raid team has gone from 0 - 17 in the space of two weeks for some very simple reasons. We don’t care about your current experience, or your irrelevant raid progression from previous expansions. We don’t mind if you have a low item level and it’s all because we don’t have to. See, here’s the problem with the game at the moment, everybody seems to have forgotten that they started out as a virtual nobody. At some point before they worked their way up the raid tiers and proved themselves, they were in exactly the same position. They now believe that for some reason that gives them the right to treat the people who they consider below them like dirt. It’s a total fallacy, how can new players or returning players prove themselves as good players if they’re not given the chance to? There are so many guilds (take a look) asking for ridiculous requirements and as a result they can’t fill their roster, all because they don’t want to take the time to invest in their players. So, here we are then, offering exactly that. We will be progressing through heroic raids in Legion with every intention to progress to Mythic once our team is ready. We’re not going to be world first, or even server first, so what? In our opinion smashing through the content in two weeks is an easy way to set yourselves up for a long wait until the next tier, having gear is nice and we’ll get the gear, maybe not as fast as some sure, but fast enough to be more than relevant. Make no mistake though, we’re not a casual guild. We believe in everyone having equal say and equal respect within the guild but that goes both ways, if you want to be part of this environment we’re creating then you need to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. We have the time and experience to teach everyone how to raid and play their classes to their maximum potential but we do not have time to hold people’s hands through raids. We will give you advice if you seek it along with the tools and environment to grow as a player but we won’t tolerate people who want a free ride, we are not a boosting guild. Now, we’re not saying you have to be the world’s best DPS, Healer or Tank but you do need to put the effort in and do your best at all times, that’s all we ask from any of our players. Outside of raids we also run multiple events for both our raiders and socials to take part in, WoW shouldn’t be a game where you login three times a week for some loot and then disappear, there is a content drought but there’s no lack of things you can enjoy as part of a group. A group that we hope will also become fast friends. Raid Days Monday: 20:00 - 22:30 Wednesday: 20:00 - 22:30 Thursday: 20:00 - 22:30 These times will be extended to 20:00 - 23:00 when Legion releases for progression purposes. Raid Requirements Teamspeak 3 Exorsus Raid Tools Deadly Boss Mods RCLootCouncil 80% Raid Attendance A Commitment to Learn Recruitment DPS: Elemental Shaman & Shadow Priest A second healer will also be considered. Contact Apply on our website: For questions contact: Jace#2753 Sam#22808Kizr78 2h
2h WTT Silvermoon gold for Draenor! Your gold(Draenor) for my Silvermoon gold i got around 600k on silvermoon so i am trying to trade it for Draenor or twisting nether is a possibility aswell. NOTE:(This is only for serious people with high amount of gold) Add me if intrested: Skummy#2532Abiqo1 2h
3h Feral, DK and Elemental LF Raiding Guild [2weekdays] 3 friends looking for a semi-serious raiding guild. All 18+ from UK with mythic experience. Preferably raid 2 weekdays mon-friday any length raids would love to hear from somewhereXursok0 3h
3h In search of a guild for the Grove Warden run? (O AO)/) Missed the one from Halo! ;A; so searching for a guild to do the Grove Warden run with me and my friend! Before he's gone -w- Annyone? *A* //puppyfaceNöga0 3h
3h [A] <Epitome> is recruiting for Legion <Epitome>, A guild formed from core raiders who have been together for 8 years + are seeking mature, friendly and loyal players interested in Legion progress. What will you get? A team of players with a mature attitude who are interested in raiding and progress but realise that real life takes priority - experienced raid leaders and raiders who are still able to progress and focus on the task on hand. What we expect? Experience in the class you would like to join and some mid to high level raiding experience as well. A mature attitude,ready to do the best that you can possibly do in your role while respecting fellow raiders. For more information please whisper me or another officer in game.Ashmodei1 3h
3h LF Heroic raiding guild. Hey guys! This is going to be a bit weird of a task to preform, given the circumstances but I'm willing to give it a shot! :D I am currently looking for a new raiding guild for Legion and I will be sticking with you for as long as you'd like me to. I am a seasoned raider who primarly raided over on the US for a majority of my WoW career and recently made the switch to EU for easier raiding times. I have been raiding since early WoTLK and I also have plenty of raid leading experience and I am willing to lead also. I will be maining a frost DK in Legion, more than likely. For Warlords I am currently 8/8 Heroic highmaul, 10/10 Heroic BRF and 13/13 Heroic and 5/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel. I'm 21 years old, speak fluent english and have a pretty flexible schedule. The only times I would be unable to raid at friday mornings, saturday evenings and sunday day time. Here's the catch, and what makes my situation a bit awkward. I come as a package deal. :P If you're wanting to take me on, I also have 2 friends that will be needing to come with me. Both of which lack experience but as a seasoned R/L and raider myself, I already know they show plenty of promise. One will be maining Ret Pally and the other will be maining either Feral Druid or Mistweaver Monk. (Im guessing he's leaning more towards the monk at the moment). The pally did raid a little back in vanilla and BC, but only a wee bit. He prefers to PvP nowadays but was looking to expand for Legion and the Druid/Monk is our friend who we've finally convinced to join the game (Lol). He's fresh so yes, he does lack experience, however he's already well versed in his roles and even surpassed the proving grounds right up to gold without mine or my friends input, within a matter of days of becoming max level. Both are fluent English speakers, one is 27 years old the other is 20. Pally is extremely flexible in his raiding times and our monk/druids times are to be decieded, but its looking like we'll be able to find an easy fit! Hope there's some interest because this is proving a task lol. Thanks for reading! :)Zombra0 3h
4h [A]Eldritch - Alliance Silvermoon recruiting Eldritch is recruiting Eldritch is a new guild on Silvermoon created by a bunch of friends with raiding experience ranging all the way back to vanilla. We are currently looking for a few more members to complete our core raid group. Why choose Eldritch? We are a large group of friends who have been raiding since back in vanilla. We love WoW and feel like playing in a community of people who enjoy playing together is when it's at its best. We wouldn't just be offering you a raid spot, we'd be offering you a place that you can find like-minded players who enjoy playing the game the way it's meant to be played. We all like to have fun while we're not raiding. Grouping for 5mans, doing world content or just chilling on voice comms and having a laugh. However when it comes to raiding we take it seriously and all put in effort to play our best to get through content. We are currently looking for: Ranged DPS- Specifically mages/Shadow priests/warlocks/Balance druid/Hunters Healers Applications from all classes will be considered however. We will never turn down a good player Our plans for legion When legion launches and people start to hit max level we will be running multiple parties through Mythic and eventually Mythic+ dungeons to start collecting gear for raiding content. As we are a new guild we will be starting off steadily progressing through heroic raids and building our core group of raiders. After we've got ourselves ready we'll take on mythic raiding content. We use Discord for voice communication and raid times are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00-23:00 server time. For more information/questions Add me on Bnet and we can talk - Tripped#2529Tripd2 4h
5h Recruit afriend look to "recruit afriend" some one for fast leveling inferno#2875Infërno0 5h
6h Hi, I'm looking for a new place to raid in Legion. Hello, I've been playing this game for about 8 years now and I've always been on the server Dragonblight. Sadly this server has slowly decayed throughout the expansions and I thought I'd switch it up a little for Legion since I've always wanted to experience some high-end raiding. I'm currently 18 years of age and in my third and last year of gymnasium. I'm looking to raid 2-3 days a week, preferably not on weekends. I have some experience as a raidleader and officer in multiple guilds that were (at the time) top 20 on my server. I wouldn't say the guilds on Dragonblight are very much like the ones on Silvermoon since I have yet to raid with a guild on Silvermoon, but what I can say is that I do have the experience. I have played a DK since the start of Wrath but am also quite familiar with the Warlock, Druid and Shaman. As of right now I'm leaning towards playing an Enhancement Shaman or a Unholy DK as my main in Legion. I am however open to suggestion if your guild is in need of a specific class or role. I would never play a class that I don't like and will most likely not play more than one character at a raiding level. I will indulge in my main as Legion hits and utilize the time that I can play to learning new things and optimizing my character. I've always raided with guilds that never really pushed any content above HC as a group, and always felt like I never reached my full potential as a raider. I've always thought that for the time I spent in raids I should've got a lot more things done than what I actually achieved, so now I'm trying my luck on Silvermoon. I'm looking for a guild that has a friendly, social and relaxed atmosphere whilst still being determined to progress through HC and Mythic content. Without any calling people out, shouting and yelling over voice-chat or negative energy whatsoever. Finally I'd like to add that since I am still in school and not looking to fail all my courses I might have to take some odd days off to study. I also do have a life outside of WoW and might need to take some time to hang out with friends and family. If this were to happen I would give notice to the people that need to know I couldn't make it to the raid. That's about it, feel free to add me on if there's anything you want to talk to me about. Snowman#2930Snowman0 6h
6h I'm looking for friends ... I just want someone to play with that's all , i have a great guild but as a new guy I feel like i'll be left out of all the good stuff till they get to know me. So I'm Looking for 4 "Friends" that want to play , talk and enjoy there selfs. A bit about myself ; I'm Baan aka Kelloggs age 24 I work for a tec company in to sports games and dumb jokes I'm more of a Vocal guy and prefer that to anything that has to get my hands off the keyboard while i tank SO guys/ladies if you to want some friends to play with and make memories just Post here i'll be sure to pick Up ASAP ( or put your battle tag down here ) Thanks and See you :)Bâân0 6h
7h Looking for a Normal - Heroic guild Hi, my name is Fin (Aka as my alt, Grebock) I'm looking for a guild that does Normal - Heroic raiding and is also looking for a Fury/Arms warrior. If you like this offer then comment down below with the info of your guild. Also I would like an application form I have to fill out to show the guild is dedicated to raiding. Hope to see some invites :) Have a good day, FinGrebock1 7h
7h [A] <Awakened> recruitment door is open! ** CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING DEMON HUNTER MAINS** Hi, Awakened are recruiting the more mature gamer looking for a nice social environment to game in after a days graft. We strive to provide a friendly, fun gaming environment whilst also offering a mature community to team up with for other game titles. About Us Awakened Gamers is a large community, with its primary focus currently in Warcraft. We have a very successful mythic raiding guild on the Outland PvP Realm which is also in the process of prepping for Legion. We have expanded onto Silvermoon and have been quite successful in what we have done. We are a fun loving, friendly group who often sit on Discord and put the world to rights after a long day at work. We strive to offer a relaxed, sometimes mature environment for gamers to enjoy themselves and not be judge solely on ingame meters. Raids Currently we havent set our raid times for legion but have previously raided the below timings. As always, these are subject to change. Mon, Wed & Sun 20:30 - 23:00 realm time. What we're looking for? Experienced raiders/players are always welcome. We seek helpful players .We are looking for players that want to enjoy each others company whilst downing raid bosses and enjoying the ride. We dungeon together, we raid together we level together, as you can guess... we enjoy each others company whilst we play this great game. We are always on Discord even when other games are being played. We plan to work our way up to the HC/Mythic raids with the right group. All classes and specs currently welcome. All we ask is that Your 18+ Can speak English Have a working Mic and Discord Mature personality with a little childish tendancies is always good :D Goals: Our focus will be to progress through the raiding tiers. All members should understand that we also have a large social element to our guild and really enjoy each others company when gaming and often prefer to talk on Discord rather then gchat, however it is always bustling with life during the peak hours. As a community we are always happy to help newer players but we do not seek are elitist gamers who choose in-game achievements over friendship. Are we for you If you think we're what your looking for, please head over to and make and application, try us out for a little while to see if it clicks :D. Or if its easier contact one of the below players to chat Xyno#2902 Destruo#2544 Jay#2825Xynobyte1 7h
10h &lt;Lethal Squad&gt; is recruiting! Our intention is build up strong team for Legion onwards. We are looking for Legion mythic raiding and stay in top5-10 on Silvermoon! Why should I join Lethal Squad? • Become part of CORE team (we are building stable and reliable 25 man team) • Top 200-500 world mindset in Legion • Get new friends • Play with experienced people - Cutting edge (even in previous expansions) Our exceptations of you: • Motivation / Team spirit • Stable attendance • Stable internet • Ability to quick learn from your mistakes • Know your class and you are willing to learn all the time • Always prepared, able to understand encounters, willing to use best possible consumables • We are looking for mature people who are able to handle constructive criticism • TS3, we do expect you to communicate with us • We are looking for competitive people Expect from us: • Cutting edge progression • High standarts • Friendly enviroment • Relaxed atmosphere • Social aspect • Experienced leadership • Stable raid spot • Another ingame activities Raiding Times: Wednesday 19:30 - 23 Thursday 19:30 - 23 Sunday 19:30 - 23 Monday 19:30 - 23 (optional - if pushing progress before reset) Invites going out always 19:15 Recruitment: Updated recruitment status can be found on our website (core spots) However all classes will be considered! Website: Contact: WildRage#216859Crítcat66 10h
12h [A] <Olympians> Greek Guild Recruitment Greek Guild recruitment follows so sorry for the greek! Olympians, από τα παλαιότερα και καλύτερα ελληνικά raiding guilds και το μοναδικό Ελληνικό guild στον Ravencrest, ψάχνουμε για ενεργούς Έλληνες παίχτες για το Legion! Από το τέλος του Wotlk που δημιουργηθήκαμε μέχρι και το αναμενόμενο Legion προσφέρουμε ένα σταθερό, ώριμο και φιλικό περιβάλλον για progress αλλά και με events και συναντήσεις μέσα στο WoW αλλά και RL. Raiders και socials είναι καλοδεχούμενοι και μπορείτε να μας βρείτε στην σελίδα μας για να μάθετε παραπάνω στοιχεία ----> Επίσης μπορείτε να μας δείτε στο facebook: Olympians Gaming καθώς και στο youtube: Επικοινωνήστε μαζί για οτιδήποτε θέλετε να μάθετε: Foufoutos#2570Foufoutos1 12h
13h Carpe Noctem - 13/13 Mythic HFC - Recruitment Who we are: Carpe Noctem is an old and established guild on SilvermoonEU (PVE). We are a semi-hardcore 25-man raiding guild, raiding 3 times per week for 3,5hours each night. Our website is: Our raid nights are: Tuesday 19:30 - 23:00 Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 ======================= Our current progress: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic ======================= Our recruitment spots are: -One DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Warrior, Rogue Our team is almost full so we will only consider the best DPSer for the last spot ======================= Our Goals Our primary goal is to have fun in the game! Beat every encounter in the game - our goals are almost always progress-oriented. Stay competitive and stay one of the best guilds of the server Maintain the friendly atmosphere in the guild. -There is no QQ, no drama, no scams and no loot arguments -We don't scream on vent for people's mistakes -People are welcome to invite their friends in the guild to join our social ranks -We expect mature and adult behavior from all our guildies Don't over-recruit, even if it means we sometimes are a bit short on people, we keep our numbers reasonable Do guild achievements (although our main goal is always progress) Slowly and secretly eradicate the gnome population ======================= What we expect from applicants: Knowledge/Skills: -We expect very good performance on every level -Learn from your mistakes, but also from other people's mistakes -Adapt to new situations and new tactics quickly -Know all the mechanics of your class and how to use them to their fullest as part of a team -Know about the encounters beforehand and how your abilities will fit into it and when Dedication/Reliability -We only raid 3 nights, which dont give much room for standby or for over-recruit, so we expect as close to 3/3 as possible from everyone. -Have a good PC and solid Internet connection. Don't waste our time and yours if you have 5 FPS and d/c at every pull. -Be ready for every encounter in terms of knowledge, consumables and extra gear sets if needed Personal Traits -Team attitude. We are happy when you try to be as good as possible but you should always value the "good of the team" more then your personal achievements/gear -Mature people only (We operate a 18+ policy) -Raiding experience. We don't expect you to have killed every boss out there, but you should have some good hardmode raiding experience -Order of importance: Attitude>Skill>Gear. If you fail on the first two, you will fail your trial. -Able to communicate clearly in English, both in speaking and in writing (we use Ventrilo, having a microphone is a big plus but not obligatory - although it is 100% required for tanks) -Mature attitude towards raiding. Wiping is part of the learning process in besting an encounter. If you don't like wiping, you are probably playing the wrong game ======================= Other Info If you like what you read and you think you can be a good addition to our team, You can apply with our template on When you apply make sure you invest time into it, we will not take you into consideration if you spend 5 minutes doing it with vague answers. Feel free to whisper us if you want to learn more about us, or about the gnome extermination secret plans ;) Regards, The CN officer team Deathsong(onslaught#2829), Waltrop, Dvärgolle, Gwiazdooka, Gøv http://www.cnguild.euYogg4 13h
13h Selling 2005 Blizzcon [Blue Murloc Egg] I am willing to trade this extremely rare Promotion for a Spectral Tiger / Rooster / Swift Spectral Tiger. Or a Decent sum of gold. CURRENT HIGHEST BIDDER- Swift Spectral Tiger & Spectral Tiger. ( Ellias.)Lyrill1 13h
13h Tank & Healer (Priest) LF 2d/weekdays raiding guild With legion approaching on us we are looking for a new home. Who are we Tank (Warrior main, but willing to swap to Monk, DK, Druid, DH depending on requirements). Experience mythic raiding during SoO and all of WoD (12/13) as a DPS. Priest (recently re-rolled, healer) old school vanilla raider with no current experience. What are we looking for A raiding guild that takes raiding seriously with a maximum of 2 raid days/week (during first weeks of new content 3 days are acceptable) on weekdays (mon/tue/wed/thu) anywhere between 19:00 and 01:00 server time. We realize that due to limited availability we won't compete for server first. However we are looking for a guild with like-minded people who are willing to put in everything in the limited time that they do have available. We aren't specifically looking for new or old guilds. We just want to find a new home! If you like what you read above, hit me up in game Tjirp#1226.Tjirp0 13h
13h Any Bulgarian players in Server hello is have any Bulgarian players in server to play together ?Paisii0 13h
13h Legion Of Anatolia Silvermoon WOWTÜRK Merhabalar . İyi Oyunlar Dilerim . Çok Yakında Silvermoon Serverinde Muhteşem ''Türk'' Oluşumuyla Huzurlarınızda Olacağız ...Neler Yapacağız ? ; Her Türk Oyuncunun Yıllardır Yaşadığı Dil & Raid Bosslarında Ne Yapacağı ? & Altın Farmlama & Hızlı Level Kasma & item lvl Azlığı yüzünden Raid Bulamama V.b Artık Sizi Bu Durumdan Kurtarıyoruz ! Her Hafta Sitemiz ve Facebook Üzerindenve Canlı Radyomuz uzerınden Sorulan Sorulara en hızlı yanıtı veren ılk 5 Guıld arkadasımıza GAME TIME & FREE GOLD & MOUNT & MYTHIC raıd Boost Imkanı sunuyoruz ! Aile Ortamı Sağlıyoruz ve Evet Yanlıs duymadınız ! İş imkanı Sağlıyoruz ! Çok yakında ....Bize ulaşmak ve katılmak isterseniz Battle Tag lerden ıletısım Kurun .. Tesekkur ederiz ! MuteDeath#2942 Amelie#11204 Portakal#21685 Bize burdan ulaşabilirsiniz İlginiz için teşekkür ederim saygılarımla.Mutedeath0 13h
17h Prime Cronus recruit for Legion Prime Cronus is a new semi-hardcore Pve guild in silvermoon transferred from stormscale and is starting recruitment for legion . Our guild began back in Wotlk with our peak being Rank 4 in Stormscale at SoO .Our officers have experience from 60's -70's in 25 man guils (Apex , Elunes Elite etc) . Now as our old members come back to play legion we want to start fresh and do even better with the help of our new members . Our core is real life friends and old members (people who want to play with us due to our success in MoP).We can gurantee you that in Prime Cronus you will find a fan and mature enviroment , something that every mature PVE-er is looking for . Why should someone join Prime Cronus. • You won't find any newbie in our guild since all of us have many years of experience • Our leader and officers know exactly how to run a 20 man guild • You want to combine high level raiding and having fun ? Then we are ready to welcome you among us . • If you are returning to the game and you want to Pve again with high standars then you can utilize your free boost to join us . • In Prime Cronus you will be respected and treated equally , injustice is not tolerated . What Prime Cronus ask of you : • We want you to play the game and have fun with it . We are not proffesional players neither we want to be . But we want you to be consistent and show up in time for raids (always be ready for raiding know tacts potions flasks etc) respecting this way the other 19 people that you are playing with. • All of our members will be tested as much as possible to determine the final raiding roster . For this purspose we will utilize the mythic dungeons so be prepared to show us the best you can do if you really want a spot in our raiding ranks . This way we can be sure that out raiding group will be the best we can get and thus progressing faster . For extra information you can communicate with our officers (battle tags ) : Wormwood#2622 Elessar#243Áco17 17h
21h (A) <Dignity> and the "old-school" feel Greetings! I'd first like to point out that we are aware of that we have an old thread on this forum. However, as some people have stopped playing - We decided to make a new post with some new information about what we want to achieve! A brief background story would sound something like this: We're a silly bunch of people that has been in this community for almost 8 years. I use the term community as we're not strictly bound to WoW, we often play other games while chatting on Teamspeak. We usually use Teamspeak even if we're not playing a game - It is sort of like a meeting point. We had a strong guild in WoW during MoP and at the start of WoD. However, with WoD came a lot of changes and the majority felt that the expansion was a complete mess and we'd lose players left and right. Having enough members for raids became difficult and with the lack of... Pretty much everything, the guild slowly went into a slumber. We'd still have a bunch of people logging on to Teamspeak and find other games to enjoy with each other - and we focused on having fun, even if it wasn't in WoW. (Weird, eh?) So... What are you looking for today and what is Dignity today? We're about 7-8 people, aged around 20 to 40 years old, looking for people that remembers the old-school feeling of a guild. Where you'd consider it your home, where you get to know each other and maybe become proper buddies with a few of them. Where you wouldn't mind jumping into another game on a drunken Friday evening and make a complete fool of yourself and enjoy some top notch banter on Teamspeak. (Yes, banter) Sure, that answered what you are - but what are you looking for? We're looking for relaxed and mature people, that view guilds just like we do. That want to achieve the same goal of what a guild should be. For a more in-depth answer, you'll have to ask a more in-depth question. Alright, what's your stance on raiding in Legion? Given that we have enough people, we'd love to raid and we've got people already wanting to raid. Though the raiding wouldn't be hardcore, we'd expect people to know tactics, be willing to improve/learn from their mistakes and carry themselves. What about PvP - Anything planned there? Well I'm glad you asked, because we do. A few of us really enjoy PvP and would love to setup a proper RBG-team. We've got three people ready to create and run said RBG-team, we just need more members. The same mindset would be required for the RBG-team as the Raid-team. In fact, we'd most likely be a little tougher on you if you wished to join the RBG-team. We'd require that you fully understand your class and have a good general idea of what other classes are capable of doing. If you would like to join the team but you fall short - We'd gladly help you in improving your game until it is time to take it to a competitive level. Do I have to raid or PvP to join? Absolutely not! If you share our views of what a guild should be and want the same goal, join! This is a lot of text, do you expect people to read all of this? Nah... Let's say I did and I'm very intrigued, what do I do? If you're crazy enough to have read all of this - First of, kudos to you! Amazing job! If you're really interested in learning more about us and who we are, please feel free to ask more questions in this thread or add any of the following B-tags: Munch#2954 - siyara#1887 - dando#2768 - Boldez#2428 We hope to hear from you! :) Munch, GMMunch2 21h
23h Endless Resonance 13/13M Recruiting for Legion About Us: We are a semi-hardcore stable raiding guild making good progress and trying our best to clear current content as fast as possible so we can jump into mythic and farm it until it is relevant. We have a relaxed raiding environment with a chill roster and fun TS nights.Our goal is to clear every boss on Mythic difficulty many times when the raid tiers are available in Legion. Our Raid Times: Monday: 20:00-23:00 Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Sunday: 20:00-23:00 (currently deciding on whether we should have 1 more raiding day for the start of each tier, which will probably be Thursday) What We Need: Mostly DPS, mages would be nice. Demon hunter spots are pretty much filled up but every application is considered so if yours is special... :) Our Expectations: Maturity (18+) High attendance for raids, even farm. (Low attendance will lose you your rank) Come prepared with the necessary raiding items, tactics and repairs. Do not cry for wipes, they happen, sometimes longer than we intend to, but we have never spent more than 2 raid weeks on a boss so you can count on that. Have a microphone for TS or if you cannot talk or don't want to, at least listen. Looting: We use RC Loot Council. Raiders have priority over Trials for loot. Where to apply: Contacts Urcham - GM (btag: Deception#2233) Storeblom - Officer Endu - Officer Aegwyna - Raider (btag: Levski1312#2813) We expect you to submit an application on our website and if you have any questions, to post them alongside your app. However if you do need to contact us, feel free to do so.Aegwyna4 23h
1d [A] <Clown Fiesta Inc> recruiting for Mythic Raiding Guild Info Clown Fiesta Inc is a newly formed raiding guild consisting of a core of people who have a lot of raiding experience. We are currently looking for a few more players to finish up our roster in Legion. What can you expect from us? Serious raids with experienced players, including healthy competition within the guild and a laidback atmosphere. Requirements - Having TS3 installed together with a working microphone, as well as being able to communicate in English. - Being able to perform well in a competitive raiding environment. - Being on time for raids with necessary preparations. - Being able to handle criticism. Recruitment Status We are currently open to and will consider applicants of all classes and specs. Raid Times Wednesday 19:00 – 23:00 Thursday 19:00 – 23:00 Sunday 19:00 – 23:00 If you’re interested in joining the guild or want more info, please visit to make an application or contact one of the Officers via BattleTag: Danner#2462 Gurri#2249 Cadex#2280 Kembria#2507 We hope to hear from you soon!Kembriaa10 1d
1d <ShapeShift> Recruiting for Legion! Hello. ShapeShift are looking to fill the last spots for our Legion raid team. We aim to clear atleast normal and heroic, hopefully mythic too b4 new content is released. Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 21:00-00:00 Realm time This is supposed to be a fun guild with a progressing raiding team, socials are welcome, people who wanna try raiding are also welcome to apply. If you are interested or have questions, please contact on battlenet, ID is Huskop#2436 or ben#2149 Currently Recruiting 1x Warlock DPS 1xBoomkin 1xPaladin DPS/Healer Check out our new website for raid spots. It's under construction, you can apply there as well.Silphy5 1d
1d 3 people looking for guild Classes Hunter BM/MM Demon hunter Warrior Arms/Furry or Ret pally we all have mythic exp and are looking for a guild raiding on Monday,Wednesday,Thursday we are looking a guild that can clear content at a decent speed for more info on us all add my bnet thanks for looking at this post and taking the time to read it :) qulimaxzu#2311Hobbitfeet0 1d
1d 6 ppl looking mythic raiding guild for legion classes Hunter Demon Hunter Death Kinght Frost/Unholy Monk mw/bm Druid resto Warrior Arms/Furry or Ret pally we all have mythic exp and i look forward to hear from any guild and thanks for reading this its short just to see whats is out there or do we have 2 split up in groups thanks for taking the time to read this :)Qulímaxzu0 1d
1d [H] Hunter Looking for guild Experienced player, looking for guild for raiding heroic and even mythic in Legion. Also interested in doing achievement runs for new and old content.Robbinnood5 1d
1d Seeking guild in need of skilled healer, tank and dps. Greetings guild masters, we have come to a point where we are in need of a semi-hardcore and active guild. The three of us have alot of experience in the game and are skilled. Our classes/specs are Warrior/prot, Druid/resto and DK/unholy. If needed you may contact any of us and ask for more information, our battlnet names will be in the end of this message. We will mostly be active on weekends and sometimes weekdays. wrathborne#2864 LeakinGShift#2625 SneakyAdolf#2601Sneakylenin0 1d
1d Shaman in leveling process looking for guild. I'm a 21 year old guy looking for a somewhat mature guild. I started playing wow early last year so I consider myself one of the newer players. I would like to be in a friendly guild where people can get close to each other and care for each other. As of right now it's just for leveling, but when I reach high level I'd like to do some raids and such. I haven't done a whole lot of raiding yet, I need to do more of it. My interests are gaming, anime, animals, music, drawing. Just including this in case there's any guilds centering around any of my interests. Would be cool to discuss favorite anime series and whatnot with people you know? But it's not a requirement. What is a requirement is that the people in the guild are accepting and not discriminating on base of sexuality, gender, religion, race etc. Hope to find a guild for me out there.Hideko0 1d
1d Fresh PvE guild @Silvermoon. Check it if you will. Hello everyone, we're a freshly baked guild on silvermoon. Some of us have old raiding experience and we're looking for players to our core group. There will also be fun events such as games, chat and other stuff. We don't like mass recruiting so we're currently around 30 close friends, where some want to do RBG's/arena, but others want to do PvE; therefore we've proposed to build a raid group. Currently need : Tanks(Class N/A), Healers(Class N/A) , Dps(Class N/A). You don't have to have experience, but you do have to have some time, some knowledge of your class and most importantly patience and the mental strength to read tactics. Dates for raiding have not been set, but we start in Legion. If you have any questions, you can post them here or add me ; prizm#2433Pepsicola0 1d
1d [A] Eternal Unity - Weekend raiding "Eternal Unity" is currently recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders to complete our weekend raiding team! We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild and our goal is to raid content at a high level while still making friends and having fun. Therfore we are looking for people with the similiar mindset! All of the recruitment posts on these forums look more or less the same and you've probably already asked yourself "Why am I looking through all these posts when they all look the same?". I can only speak for this post and I'd like to say that if you continue reading you'll find a fit for yourself if you are looking for: - Steady progression in a friendly, yet serious atmosphere. - Weekend raiding with goals and aims. - A bunch of people you can call friends and who strive to improve all the time! - A Guild that you can call your home. - Guild leaders with years of experience with raid- and guild leading. (ps. We love chocolate *wink*) And much, much more! Continue reading if you'd like to find out! About us: "Eternal Unity" is as stated above a weekend raiding guild, formed in the start of April 2016, and we consider ourselves as a casual guild outside of raiding - however when it comes to raiding we are semi-hardcore. We emphasize having fun while progressing and farming content, because raiding while it's boring isn't raiding at all. A few things you should understand and be able to accept before you continue reading. We understand that mistakes happen and that's a part of the learning experience. However we do not approve with seeing the same mistake happen repeatably and especially not during farm content - you should know enough to not stand in the middle of the raid with the fire etc. The Guild itself is not more than a few months old, but during this time we've managed to form the beginning of a core for the upcoming Legion assault! We're currently recruiting more skilled, dedicated, loyal and friendly raiders/players to our social community and our raid team! Our main aims are to create a strong core to be able to clear parts of Mythic content in Legion. Our raid days won't change, they'll remain the same. Do you feel that you want to spend time with players who can’t commit enough time to raid during the weekdays? Or are you simply wanting to get a bunch of friends before Legion hits? Then this is the guild for you! If you join us you can expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with the perks and benefits of raiding. The key to success is teamwork and therefore we don’t accept any naming, shaming or flaming. We prefer keeping it at a friendly level with constructive criticism. Recruitment status: We are ALWAYS open for excellent applicants regardless of class and spec! If you feel that you fit in here, then drop us an application. Specific Recruitment status: Rogue (HIGH Prio) Progression: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic 5/13 Mythic Raiding schedule: Fridays: 20.00-24.00 (ST) Saturdays: 20.00-24.00 (ST). Invites are going out 19.45 (ST)! Alt/gear up run (Optional): Tuesdays 20.00-22.00 (ST) What we expect from you: - Teamspeak 3 installed and ready for use - preferably a working microphone. - Loyality - We progress as a team and we fail as a team. We don't recruit people leaving after the first setback! - Performance - know your class/spec and be able to at least play it on a decent level. Officers will go through logs after raids and give tips regarding improvements to people in need. - Reliability - If you have signed up for a raid, you are expected to be there on time! If you can’t make it please let an officer know in advance. We'd also like you to accept/decline calender invites more than 24 hours before raid start! - Attendance and commitment - We consider ourselves as a casual Guild, but we still strive to improve as individuals and as team! Therefore we expect our raiders to keep a monthly attendance of above 80%! - That you keep yourself updated on a daily (preferbly) basis on our website forums for important information! What you can expect from us: Apart from being a friendly and awesome Guild, "Eternal Unity" will offer you the following: - A casual Guild with a serious semi-hardcore raiding attitude! - Steady progression in Heroic/Mythic content in a serious, yet friendly raiding atmosphere. - Friendly players who enjoy raiding and always strive to improve as individuals and as a team. - Constant updates regarding the Guild on the website forums. - Guild repairs (for progression evenings in Legion). - Guild officers with years of raid- and guild leading and who possess the will to make the Guild as good as possible! - We'll always strive to help anyone in need! If you struggle on DPS/Healing/Tanking just ask anyone in the Guild and they'll be glad to help you as much as they possibly can. - And last but not least a place that you can call home and where you can perform in raids and get acknowledged or simply join as a social and enjoy our friendly atmosphere! Application and Trial Period: All of our possible recruits will have to fill in an application at and if your application gets approved you'll have a two weeks trial period, where you'll be able to show us your skills in raiding and what you bring to the team. During this period you'll be able to see if you find our Guild to be the right for you and we'll see if you are the right person for the Guild! And we're sure you'll be the right one for us! Dare to take the chance? Loot System: We'll distribute loot with the help of a Loot Council addon, which cosists of the officers in the Guild. We will always take the Guild's best motives in mind and award loot accordingly! Raiders > Trials Our raiders will have several input options when it comes to loot: More info regarding loot on To read more about us or apply to the guild: Please visit our Guild website: Contact us: Guild Master - Marcus - MarcusPi#2842 Officer - Adam - Dustbuster#11704 Officer - Max - Simz#21923Arahny37 1d
1d Nephirium - Recruiting For Legion PVE Nephirium is a brand new Alliance raiding guild aiming for Heroic Raids, and Mythic Dungeons. Or, if you're not interested in any of that, feel free to join as a social. What you can expect: I've always raided in a more casual environment, meaning no mandatory attendance, you play what you enjoy, and no one'll give you a hard time for playing a spec that's pulling a bit less DPS than the most optimal, for example. But, with most of the guilds I have had experience with, the casual part is, in my opinion, taken a bit too far. E.g Signing for raids and not showing up, showing up half an hour late without giving anyone notice, arguing while still in the raid, things like that. Now ofcourse, if these things happen once or twice, no problem, we'll just forget about it, and carry on. But if these things keep happening over and over, there has to be some kind of repercussion, which I've always found a lack off. And that's why I've decided to give my own guild a go. The basic core philosophy is: A casual raiding guild, where attendance is not mandatory, but when you decide to sign up,you commit to it. You arrive on time, ready to raid, with preferably having checked up on the bosses a bit. You listento the calls the Raid Leader makes, and if you disagree about something, you talk about it after the raid. To apply, just fill this in, or just have a chat with me ingame. Battletag Xeniphus#2242 Do keep in mind, this is a brand new guild, and I'm doing what I can to get it started as fast as I can. About you: Name: Character Name: Class: Spec: Previous Guilds: Previous Raiding Experience: Favourite Encounter: Most Challenging Boss/Bosses: Do you have a Headsit and Mic ? Most Rewarding Aspect Ingame: Most Frustrating Aspect Ingame: About you character: Main Armory Link: Any Other Armory Links you'd like to include: Have you ever swapped Mains ? Other stuff: Which Addons do you use ? Attendance: Any Other Comments: Do you have any questions ?Cahel8 1d
1d <BoD> søger flere danske members <Brotherhood of Danes> Brotherhood of Danes er en dansk Alliance guild på serveren EU-Dragonblight. Vi er serverens ældste danske guild, oprettet den 16. februar 2005. Vi er ikke en hardcore raiding guild, men en social guild, som kan lide at raide. Vi mener det vigtigste er, at have det sjovt og der skal være plads til det virkelige liv, men samtidig vil vi gerne spille i de nyeste raids. Vores hovedmål er at have vægten på det sociale sammenhold, hjælpe og vejlede hinanden samt at kunne raide slutspillet, uden at være decideret hardcore. Vi er altid mange online, og ikke kun når der er raid tid :) Raid teams Der vil blive 2 hold i legion 1 som kører casual 2 dage om ugen 1 som kører progress 3 dage om ugen Så skulle du mangle en god guild med mange online og rare folk, så kan du finde os på dragonblight Vi er et server skift værd :) Hjemmeside er: wowprogress facebook kontakt info Loftlampe .. Brumme#2625 Flotte .. Martinkrogh#2688 Buario YasmilleLoftlampe0 1d
1d Enh Shaman/Spriest Looking for Legion Raiding Guild Guild Application; 2 Experienced players looking for an enthusiastic raiding guild to finish raiding WoD and move forward onto Heroic/Mythic raiding in Legion We have both raided multiple chars throughout WoD depending on what our guild at the time required. Myself played holy paladin through all of WoD and recently moved to playing shadow priest with the intent of maining it in Legion. Galatine mained Rogue through all of the expansion and recently moved to his enhancement shaman which he shall be maining in Legion. We’ve been playing the above characters for the last couple of weeks now and we aren’t that badly geared, it shows our dedication and commitment to always wanting to strive to be better. We have played the game for many years on various different classes in different roles, we have played through each expansion since Vanilla and have had successful PvE and PvP experiences. We have each had experience running our own guild, quite successfully for many months as the Tanks of the guild. We are currently looking for a guild that wants to try and progress Mythic raids in Legion, we aren’t looking for an “extreme” guild where you need to be online 24/7 and raiding 7 nights a week or you get kicked as that’s just not us, we have jobs and real life commitments which means we can only raid 3-4 times a week. Ideal raid times would be 8:30 Server time onwards but are flexible. What will you get out of this deal? 2 Experienced players who can have a laugh but when required we can certainly focus and do the jobs necessary to down bosses. No messing. We are always on time to raids and if we aren’t going to make it for whatever reason we will let you know so we don’t leave you hanging. We are dedicated and hardworking players, who, admittedly have made mistakes in raids in the past but as we are only human it’s bound to happen. We just make sure it only happens once. We are happy to use any form of Voice Comms/Addons that a guild could possibly require, we know we aren’t currently geared the best but we will strive to be fully geared in Legion and ready to have an enjoyable experience raiding with likeminded people. We have also played the Beta extensively play testing our classes of choice to ensure that we fully understand the class and rotations moving into Legion. We are happy to faction change if needed! Feel free to contact us on: Galatine#2725 Chopster#2538Aparctias0 1d
1d [Wings of Hope] 13/13M Recruiting for Legion Hello, We at <Wings of Hope> (Silvermoon, Alliance, 13/13M) are currently looking to recruit a few more exceptional raiders of all classes, races and specs. We are mainly in need of: - Holy Priest - Fury Warrior - Havoc Demonhunter - Exceptional ranged dps of any class We have been an established core group of friends that originated from OpenRaid and decided to all transfer to Silvermoon and make a guild about a year ago. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild that raids 3 nights a week and get things done, while still enjoying ourselves as well. We are a mature and fun bunch of players that truly value patience and understanding and a positive atmosphere over anything else. We are definitely not looking for elitist pricks or people with anger management issues. We do of course expect a certain level of gameplay, since we are a progression guild after all. Raid times are pretty standard: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays from 20:00-23:00. We do expect people to be punctual and come prepared. Some of the comments we have gotten from trials in the past: Positive "I love the raidleader, he's so calm and patient, yet gets things done!" "I love how you guys make the entire thing so much fun, while still progression hard." "I love how there's always something to do in the guild, even when there's no raids or other planned activities." "I joined purely because of Âverus' silky smooth voice!" (No, I didn't make that one up!) Negative "You can't decline my trial because you think I'm an !@#$%^-, I'm *!@#ing pro." "You guys are too strict when it comes to min. ilvl and performance expectations." "WHY CAN'T I REROLL DEMONHUNTER OMFG822Y98122&&çàçç88!!!" If you are looking for a new home, please feel free to add us and hop on our Teamspeak for a chat and we’ll take it from there! Kind regards, Ave & Vish p.s. We also do weekly normals, heroics and achievement runs for those interested! Vishudhara#2892 Averus#2957Âverus4 1d
1d 723 Havoc Demon Hunter, LF Progression Guild Hello, My name is Owen and I am 16, from England. I am in search for a progression guild to be a part for Legion and onwards. I've played since Cataclysm on and off raiding properly in Hellfire Citadel (13/13 Normal and Heroic, 4/13 Mythic). Before playing Demon Hunter, I raided as a Frost Mage but I rerolled as I was no longer enjoying the class (switched to Fire) after the Pre-expansion patch. I'm looking for raid times during the week or at the weekend from whenever until hopefully/roughly 22:30 server time. I'd like to be raiding at least 3 nights a week. If you want to speak with me my tag is MouldyCoffee#2417 Thanks, OwenFelfizzle0 1d
1d <Storm Wolves> Is recruiting for it's evening team! Hello everyone, my name is CinderLight and i'm a raider in Storm Wolves' evening team. We are a Social, Semi-Hardcore raid team and we are currently on 6/13 Mythic and doing HC on Farm, and are looking for more members for the remainder of HFC and Legion. We are currently looking for Healer: MW monk Disc/holy priest We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11pm server time and Sunday from 9-12pm server time. We use TS as our voice communication software during raids and outside of raids. You can not only find a place to raid in our team, but also a friendly atmosphere with lots of nice people. If you have any questions or want to fill one of our empty spots, feel free to add me on Bnet Cinderlight#2895Cinderlight37 1d
2d Not just another recruitment post I know, I know… You see these posts everywhere on the forums, specially now with Legion coming in the oh-so-near future! What am I talking about? I am ofc talking about guild-recruitment posts and why you should join their guild. But ofc you should not join THEIR guild. You should join OUR guild! Because even if we value progress, we value fun, friendship and real life more. We do not call people retards / idiots if they do mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We should know it. How we know? Well well well... a few examples coming up. This is a very good example, where our dps-warrior is falling off the edge at Iskar because he got a call from a random girl that have been looking at his a-s-s (damn language filter! :p) during spinning-class, and somehow got hold of his number. It totally blew him off –on all levels. ;) It is one of our funniest moments, and here is a clip of him telling us the story on TS: Other things that you should be aware of is that (one of) our Swedes LOVES to sing. She is especially fond of Christmas-songs, but she is open for suggestions. Like this time, her and “the Babe” singing a tune from Lion King: And sometimes this is our level of humor: (low, I know :d) Sometimes pulls go so slowly that even Jerry the snail gets impatient: And this might happen if you place warlock-portals at strategic positions before fight and people in raid get too curious: Ok, that was all fun and games, now over to things you are likely to hear in raids/guildchat etc: -Anyone saying something that can slightly be interpreted as an innuendo will hear “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” A lot. -Dogs barking in the background ( -DPS-warrior: “omg, I taunted! TAUNT IT BACK, TAUNT IT BACK!!!!!” (with panic in the voice) -Our feral: "Why am I out of catform? Why am I out of CATFORM!!" -Game-notification: “Pir has died” -Babe talking about his a-s-s. Now, some more about what we are doing and what we are especially looking for: We are currently setting up new days and times for raiding, join now and have a saying in it! The aim is 2 to 3 days raiding, and on off-nights things like transmog-runs, petbattle-nights (Mia will cry and try to talk you out of petbattles, cruelty towards animals and all that ;)), dungeon runs and possibly even some PvP (if its red, its dead etc)! We do not have any specific recruitment classes; anything goes! Play what you want to play, we all play to be having fun, and not playing a class/spec you don’t like… life is too short to play something you don’t really like!  Does this sound interesting? Well then, do not hesitate! Contact our lovely Mia on emblahastar#2392 -she is not as crazy as she sounds, I promise! (Hmm or is she… ;-)) Azrél on Azrél#2374, Rel on Rel#2697 or Urganoth on Urganoth#2359 :) Thanks for reading and hope to see you in guildchat soon!Azrél20 2d
2d [A]<EmptyPromises>Selling HFC Mythic and Heroic Boosts. EmptyPromises is now selling Mythic Hellfire Citadel Boosts. Most of you must already know my by the name of Zäpster(level 100 Druid) and you've probably already purchased a boost from me.Emptypromises is a guild i made and i'm now boosting with my own guild. Guild website: How it Works: Purchasing a Boost from EmptyPromises is Very simple. Step 1: Read the information about the types of boost. Step 2: Decide which boost you want to purchase. Step 3: Get in contact with the relevant person listed below. Step 4: Further Information regarding the boost such as scheduling and stuff would be provided after you contact us. Timings: Note that these timings are our general timings.We could arrange a boost according to the days/times you want based on the situation.So if our times aren't matching,make sure you get in contact with us ! Hellfire Citadel Mythic : Wednesday : 19:00 - 23:00 Hellfire Citadel Heroic : Friday 20:00 - 22:00 Payment: With the release of Cross realm Mythic,You no longer have to be on our realm to get boosted by us.We accept gold on Alliance side of Silvermoon,Frostmane,ravencrest and Sylvanas.A booking fee of 30% is charged while you are booking/scheduling a spot for the upcoming boosts.We don't book or reserve a spot unless this upfront token is paid.This is to ensure that you will show up for the raid. Boosts: Note that you need to contact us for price list. Skype : Battletag : Zappy#6324 Hellfire Citadel Mythic 13/13 This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec with the exception of Warforged or socketed Loot.Raiders from the guild will have priority on warforged or socketed gear and you will receive them only if the raiders don't need it. We are now selling the Mount from archimonde(Felsteel Annihilator) aswell. Hellfire Citadel 12/13 Mythic This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec with the exception of Warforged or socketed Loot.Raiders from the guild will have priority on warforged or socketed gear and you will receive them only if the raiders don't need it. Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Heroic Masterloot This Includes all loots that you can use for your mainspec including warforged and socketed gear. Note that we also sell specific stuff like 9/13 mythic,6/13 mythic etc.For a price list on specific stuff that you want,Please get in Contact with the Zap via ingame,forums or by adding Zappy#6324 on Read ID. Contacts: Don't hesitate contacting for any information regarding our boosts. Zap - Zappy#6324 Skype - Zaped.dkZap20 2d
2d [A] Comitiva - Recruiting Thread (6-8 hours/week) Hey, welcome to Comitiva's guild recruitement thread! We are a guild created by veteran players, people who were raiding in one of the best guilds over many realms and expansions. Despite real life commitments, we want to progress through mythic modes in Legion. If you feel you can't play that much, you are happy and relaxed player, but you want to have proper gaming - join us. Raid times and days : Sunday and Monday from 19:30 to 22:30 server time. 1 more raid optional, probably on Wednesday. We will see when a bit closer to raid opening. What we can give: - Proper raiding group with same mindset - Beating Challenges (mythic raiding and mythic + dungeons) - Help, we are always ready for any question and action - Progress, we won't farm that much if there is a mythic kill chance - Guild repairs after some time, when raiding start. (we are relatively new guild, but we will open repairs and food/flasks etc) - Every person in a guild have special treatment. We are making friendships very fast, and everyone is equal. What we require: - Being mature and pleasant - Being proper player, we are pushing for progress so you have to bring A game everytime. Mistakes happens of course - Raiding stuff, be on time, sign on calendar, bring food, flasks, potions even if the guild provides that. Just in case. Enchants etc. you should know the drill - Honesty, we are mature people, and if you can't come to raid for wathever reason - just say. If you don't enjoy raiding - say. In every case, tell us what's bugging you. We are only humans, we can change for the guild common goal. What Class/Specs we need: - 1 Tank, Warrior, Paladin - 2 Healers, Priest, Paladin - Few Ranged Dps, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Ele Shaman, Priest (working off-spec is minor bonus) Contact Ubér or Kamalh in game! Silvermoon Alliance. Or leave a message with few words about your experience and anything you think can be interesting for us in thread. Cheers, Ubie.Ubér0 2d
2d Weekend raiding Guild Awarewolves is a recent transfered Weekend Raiding Guild and is looking for raiders to fill the spots for legion raiding. Who we are: Me and my wife, founded this guild 6 years ago, in the hope of creating a good, steady and healthy drama free environment, wich we succeded until the coming of Draenor. Our server and guild, became then empty with the unfortunatly daylie base player quiting, or server switching, so we decided now for Legion to persue a more vibrant and populated server, and the choice came into the most populated Server Eu in Alliance side, wich is Silvermoon. What we look for: We are recruiting players that want, beside raiding, to be part of a close family of people, that can be doing together all the activities that WoW have to offer, in a drama free environment, but with the Professional mind that raids must have. What we can offer: Comitement to be able to clear all expansion content in at least Normal and Heroic, Mythic will be considered if the Heroic clearness comes with much time in between the launch of next content, but the Goal will be Heroic full clear. What we ask from members: Full prepareness for raids, with knowledge of the fights ( wich you can use youtube and guides etc..), and full prepareness in raid consumables (Potions,Flasks,Food etc...), both are mandatory. We consider any applications to our guild except for ¨socials only¨, socials will be accepted if they are related with our raiders (family and friends), we believe that a small guild is better to have to keep the chances of drama to brake loose. Raid Schedule: Saturday 16h - 19h Server Time Sunday 16h - 19h Server Time We believe that the times of our raids are more suitable for people that like me and my wife have real we have always time for those lunches or dinners with family in this time tables. Any info or application will have to be thru me, for now, since website is under reconstruction, so please add me at Silver#24373 Best regards, Silver.Silverfreeze15 2d
2d <Eternal Wrath> - Legion <Eternal Wrath> Reforming for Legion! After over a year of dormancy, Eternal Wrath has reformed and is looking for fantastic raiders and excellent personalities for Legion. Founded near the end of Mists, as a merge of the remaining core raiders of Parabol - Silvermoon and Eternal Wrath - Draenor, a strong 10-man team made excellent HC Siege progress before the launch of 6.0. Regrettably, this momentum was not carried through WoD, and shortly before the release of 6.2, many players took a leave from the game. Now however, with the return of the original core team, as well as many friends from different raiding periods over the years, Eternal Wrath is alive on Silvermoon with the intention of rekindling the strength and dedication which was once had. We are a fun bunch of players who enjoy a good atmosphere over anything, and don't care for elitism, flaming or going. We do of course expect a certain level of competence as we are a progressive raiding guild, but are always here to help members with tactics, class specifics and anything else in game. Our only expectations of raiders are; a positive mentality, the ability to communicate over voice comms (we use discord) and attendance of most progress raids - we understand that life can get in the way sometimes. Raid Days: Sunday Monday Thursday 21:00-00:00 Server Time Feel free to speak to anyone online, or add us as a friend (any social members welcome too)! Kerstez#2669 Greph#2332 Zen#2312Kerstez8 2d