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4h Fire mage looking for weekend guild Hi, i'm 21 year old guy who is looking for guild that would raid on saturdays/ sundays i started playing wow from mid wotlk and have cleared most of raids from that point I'm skilled at my class and have cleared normal and heroic emerlanld nightmare Battle net name: Wuzy#2861Wuzyy3 4h
5h [A]<WoW Pirates> 1/7M Recruiting Raid Times Wednesday 8.00 - 11.00 Thursday 8.00 - 11.00 Monday 8.00 - 11.00 Looking For Ranged DPS (Shadow Priest,Balance Druid,Demo Lock) Tanks (preferably Guardian Druid or a Death Knight, any other tanking class is welcome) Melee (Arms Warrior, Ret Paladin) Healers (Holy Paladin, Priest) Requirements 1. Able to keep close to 100% attendance 2. Have a working mic and not afraid to speak up 3. No computer/connection problems 4. Pro-active on researching class/bosses/guild forums 5. Be mature, no drama/excessive trolling What we Offer Guaranteed Raid Spot: we aim for a tight raid roaster. If you are able to outperform our bottom players you will be granted a raid spot. Very Active Guild: Most of our members run Mythic+ dungeons on a daily basis. Getting better gear is never an issue in this guild. Heroic Raid Runs: we have cleared Emerald Nightmare HC since week one and continue to do so every reset. Alts are welcomed in these runs as well. Guild Info Guild Website: WoWprogress: Contact Info You can always contact me or one of our officers below: Degol - panda#2439 Ontarget - hamad#2917 Viggers Holyshaman - ducuss#2392Degol6 5h
6h [A] Bulwark [3/7M] RECRUITING RDPS & 1 TANK Hello, We at <Bulwark> (Silvermoon, Alliance, 7/7HC 3/7M) are currently looking to recruit a few more exceptional raiders of all classes, races and specs. We are mainly in need of exceptional ranged dps and 1 tank!! We have been an established core group of friends that originated from OpenRaid and decided to all transfer to Silvermoon and make a guild about a year ago. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild that raids 3 nights a week and get things done, while still enjoying ourselves as well. We are a mature and fun bunch of players that truly value patience and understanding and a positive atmosphere over anything else. We are definitely not looking for elitist pricks or people with anger management issues. We do of course expect a certain level of gameplay, since we are a progression guild after all. Raid times are pretty standard: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays from 20:00-23:00. We do expect people to be punctual and come prepared. Some of the comments we have gotten from trials in the past: Positive "I love the raidleader, he's so calm and patient, yet gets things done!" "I love how you guys make the entire thing so much fun, while still progression hard." "I love how there's always something to do in the guild, even when there's no raids or other planned activities." "I joined purely because of Âverus' silky smooth voice!" (No, I didn't make that one up!) Negative "You can't decline my trial because you think I'm an !@#$%^-, I'm *!@#ing pro." "You guys are too strict when it comes to min. ilvl and performance expectations." "WHY CAN'T I REROLL DEMONHUNTER OMFG822Y98122&&çàçç88!!!" If you are looking for a new home, please feel free to add us, contact us ingame and hop on our Discord for a chat and we’ll take it from there! Kind regards, Ave & Vish Vishudhara#2892 Averus#2957Âverus14 6h
7h Army of the Snoepsh (7/7 HC) Army of the Snoepsh (7/7) HC is looking for DPS and a Tank to start Mythic content. We raid on Wednesday/Sunday/Monday from 20:00 till 23:00. We are looking for people with atleast some Heroic progression and decent ilvl (around 850-860)+. If you join you'll start off as a Trial, meaning we'll try you out in a few raid runs where Core Raiders will have loot priority over items, if none of these need it, it goes to a Trial. To assure fair loot distribution we're using the EPGP system. To ensure good communication between the raid we're using Teamspeak 3. If you still have questions or want more information, feel free to ask me in this topic or in game.Jorperr1 7h
7h Holy Priest and Restoration Druid looking for Guild Hello. We are two guys from Norway, 23 and 27 years old. I rerolled a holy priest as i've been healer as long as I have played wow, but started Legion as Guardian Tank on my druid. I didn't find it enjoyable anymore, and we had a restoration druid, so i became a Priest. And loving it. I got experience from early WoLK, played end game and raids up until Pandaland, when i quit, came back for ToT, then quit again. Started playing again Late WoD. And i'm totally back for Legion! The resto Druid is a friend of mine, and started playing late WoD, got some raiding experience from WoD, and experienced all 7/7 hc in Legion. Holy Priest ivl 860 Restoration Druid ilvl 868 We can raid any day, but would like raid times do be 21:00 and later. We are both 7/7 heroic. I'm 7/7 heroic on my Guardian druid. Armory Links : Holy Priest : For Progress check Restoration Druid : Add me on btag or comment under and i'll get in touch. Huskop#2436Silphi2 7h
7h <A> Empyrean 7/7hc LF DPS and TANK Our 7/7 HC team is looking for a DPS and TANK to get ready to jump into mythic progression. All eligible classes will be considered for each position <insert heartfelt guild backstory here> Bring your friends! add me on Tiel#2630 or find an officer in-gameTëk3 7h
7h [A] Eternal Unity [7/7 HC] - Weekend raiding "Eternal Unity" is currently recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders to complete our weekend raiding team! We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild and our goal is to raid content at a high level while still making friends and having fun. Therefore we are looking for people with the similiar mindset! All of the recruitment posts on these forums look more or less the same and you've probably already asked yourself "Why am I looking through all these posts when they all look the same?". I can only speak for this post and I'd like to say that if you continue reading you'll find a fit for yourself if you are looking for: - Steady progression in a serious raiding environment. - Weekend raiding with goals, aims and demands. - A bunch of people you can call friends and who strive to improve all the time! - A Guild that you can call your home. - Guild leaders with years of experience with raid- and guild leading. (ps. We love chocolate *wink*) And much, much more! Continue reading if you'd like to find out! About us: "Eternal Unity" is as stated above a weekend raiding guild, formed in the start of April 2016, and we consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We emphasize having fun while progressing and farming content, yet to ensure progression everyone must make sacrifices for the greater good. We're a weekend raiding guild that is breaking the standard of many other weekend raiding guilds. We'd like to clarify that we are taking raiding seriously, we want to progress, but we simply don't have the time to invest this time during the weekdays and here we are - A solid, progressive and dedicated raiding guild. Do you feel that you want to spend time with players who can’t commit enough time to raid during the weekdays? Or are you simply wanting to get a bunch of friends in the resistance against the Burning Legion? Then this is the guild for you! If you join us you can expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with the perks and benefits of raiding. The key to success is teamwork and therefore we don’t accept any naming, shaming or flaming. We prefer keeping it at a friendly level with constructive criticism. Recruitment status: We are ALWAYS open for excellent applicants regardless of class and spec! If you feel that you fit in here, then drop us an application. ' Specific Recruitment status: Healer: - Resto Druid DPS Windwalker Monk Unholy Death Knight Havoc Demon Hunter Arms Warrior Rogue Warlock Fire Mage Progression: The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic 5/13 Mythic Raiding schedule: Fridays: 20.00-24.00 (ST) Saturdays: 20.00-24.00 (ST). Invites are going out 19.45 (ST)! What we expect from you: - Teamspeak 3 installed and ready for use - preferably a working microphone. - Loyality - We progress as a team and we fail as a team. We don't recruit people leaving after the first setback! - Performance - know your class/spec and be able to play it a high level. - Reliability - We are not recruiting for the bench. If you join you agree to actually raid with us during both farm and progression. When you are signed for a raid you are expected to attend. - Attendance and commitment - We expect every raider to aim for 100% attendance, although the minimum attendance requirement is at 80% monthly attendance. - That you keep yourself updated on our website forums for important information! What you can expect from us: Apart from being a friendly and awesome Guild, "Eternal Unity" will offer you the following: - A "casual" Guild with a serious semi-hardcore raiding attitude! - Steady progression in Heroic/Mythic content in a serious, yet friendly raiding atmosphere. - Friendly players who enjoy raiding and always strive to improve as individuals and as a team. - Constant updates regarding the Guild on the website forums. - Guild officers with years of raid- and guild leading and who possess the will to make the Guild as good as possible! - We'll always strive to help anyone in need! If you struggle on DPS/Healing/Tanking just ask anyone in the Guild and they'll be glad to help you as much as they possibly can. - And last but not least a place that you can call home and where you can perform in raids and get acknowledged or simply join as a social and enjoy our friendly atmosphere! Application and Trial Period: All of our possible recruits will have to fill in an application at and if your application gets approved you'll have a two weeks trial period, where you'll be able to show us your skills in raiding and what you bring to the team. During this period you'll be able to see if you find our Guild to be the right for you and we'll see if you are the right person for the Guild! And we're sure you'll be the right one for us! Dare to take the chance? Loot System: We'll distribute loot with the help of a Loot Council addon, which cosists of the officers in the Guild. We will always take the Guild's best motives in mind and award loot accordingly! Raiders > Trials Our raiders will have several input options when it comes to loot: More info regarding loot on To read more about us or apply to the guild: Please visit our Guild website: Contact us: Guild Master - MarcusPi#2842 Ranged Team Leader - Simz#21923 Melee Team Leader - Nureactor#2192 Tank Team Leader - Swampfire#2149 Healer Team Leader - Endure#2913Arahny52 7h
8h [A][Danish] <Stop Being Bad> is recruiting <Stop Being Bad> er en dansk guild, fyldt med folk med mange års raid erfaring. Vi sætter en stor ære i sammenhold og loyalitet. Vores main raidteam raider i øjeblikket 3 gange om ugen: Tirsdag: 19-22 Torsdag: 19-22 Søndag: 19-22 Pt er vi 7/7N og 7/7HC. Vi har derudover også flere sociale medlemmer, der er med til at gøre guildchatten og guilden levende. Vi benytter os af Discord til kommunikation, hvor der næsten altid er mulighed for at fange op til flere af vores medlemmer til hvad man nu lige har lyst til. Vi søger dedikerede raidmedlemmer, der i hvert fald har mulighed for at raide 2 gange om ugen, vi er dog opmærksomme på at ting kan forekomme der forhindre fremmøde. Vi leder derfor efter medlemmer til at holde vores rooster up to date, og klargøre både til mythic og til alle fremtidige Legion raids. Mange af vores medlemmer har god mythic erfaring og vi leder derfor efter folk med en raidfortid for at få det bedst mulig udgangspunkt og kvalitet i vores raids. Vi søger altså erfarende raiders pt, ranged DPS, med et off-spec der er nogenlunde up to date, til at raide 2-3 gange om ugen. Hvis du vil hører mere om vores guild, så kontakt mig endelig på Battlenet – Drakthan#2770Shaanaes9 8h
11h [A] <Method in Madness> - Fun, friendly, mature raiding 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare - Our future plan is to clear Heroic as quickly and cleanly as possible and then look ahead to Mythic. Method in Madness is a raiding and social guild set up for like minded individuals looking to do PvE content in Legion. We are looking to clear Heroic Raids and Mythic Plus Dungeons. If you are not interested in any of that, you can simply join for a laugh too! Both raiders and socials are welcome! Our core philosophy: We are looking to provide a chilled and friendly (often lewd and silly) atmosphere, we want to make the guild feel as drama free as possible; we require that all members are mature and 21+ years of age. Plus our approach to resolving disputes (if they arise) will be as reconciliatory as possible. What do we mean by mature? Maturity, like many generic terms can have a broad number of meanings. The specific meaning that we adopt is a non hostile, humble, respectful and helpful approach to the game and each other. So we are looking for mature people who will not argue and get upset over loot. We are looking for mature people who will not discriminate against other members based on gender, race, sexuality, religion or anything else that is divisive. We are looking for mature people who do not measure themselves by their 'e-peen' and often chastise others for poor performance. We are looking for mature people who are encouraging rather than critical. We are also looking for immature people who are lewd as hell and often behave like 12 year old children when it comes to having fun! Our raiding philosophy: We are looking to provide a competent but relaxed raiding environment. This means that at least some raiding experience is necessary, and a good understanding of your class and spec is also required. This does not mean that we expect you to be the best DPS/Healer and World First raider. Mistakes are allowed and often encouraged, as long as we can learn from them and move on from them together. If however, something is explained clearly over and over again and the same issues keep popping up, we will have to find alternative ways of resolving the issue. We also expect our raiders to turn up to raids ready with Flasks/Food etc and on time! Raiding Information: Our Raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesdays and Sundays starting 7:50pm server time. We have a Discord server and both Discord and a working mic will be required by all raid members. We are currently looking for a Retribution/Protection Paladin, Retribution/Holy Paladin, Elemental/Restoration Shaman, Frost/Blood DK and Rogue; the rest of our core raiding team is currently full on all roles, but if you are still interested in joining us, please still get in touch and apply, we could invite you in as a backup raid member or even eventually a core raid member if someone leaves; you may end up being a perfect fit for us. Misc: If you have any other questions or are interested in joining don't hesitate to pm Velnara, Treazz or Ceasefire in game or drop a message here if we're not available. NOTE: If you are under the age of 21, you are more than welcome to join as long as you agree with everything above. Age is not a great reflection of maturity, some 30 years olds are more immature than some 12 years olds (like myself :p). It's more about the attitudes I have listed above!Velnara50 11h
12h Enhancement Shammy LF guild Hello to all! I am looking for a casual raiding guild that has the schedule of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (or 2 out of these days) from 7 or 8 pm ST. I have past experience, my item level is 862, enhancement spec (trying to learn resto atm 858 ilvl) cleared 3/7 HC. Most important thing for me is to have fun and find a group of people that have the same mentality. Thank you for your time.Veliazare2 12h
13h Holy Priest LF Guild Hi, I'm looking for a guild on Silvermoon EU. My current iLvl is 842. I am looking for a guild that I can potentially raid with in the near future, but for now I just want to be a social. I have had some experience raiding in MoP and WoD. I have recently come back into the game and aim to clear top tier content in the future. Thanks all, ReapfieldReapfield2 13h
13h Hunter or Boomie and Enhancer LF Raidguild Hi Guys, We are currently looking for a new raid guild. short infos : Enhancer ilvl is 860 - Boomie ilvl 857 (alt) Hunter ilvl 861 (Hunter is my Main) I dont mind playing Boomie if thats what the guild needs but i would prefer Hunter currently 6/7 hc xp (tried to pug xavius) we are raiding since BC started to raid hc in wotlk cleared icc before the nerfs progressed mythic in HM/BRF and HFC both 23years old we have TS/Discord/Mumble installed, working mics what are we looking for ? we are looking for a guild who is at 6/7hc or 7/7 with mature members and people who do stuff besides raiding (mythic/mythic+, kara) would be cool if the guild is activ not just on raiding days. When it comes to raiding days it gets tricky the Shaman' got rotating shifts so it could happen that he can only attend 1 day per week thats why we are looking for a Guild that raids on Saturday and or Sunday with 1-2 days during the week, would be cool if the time of raidstart is at 18-19 Servertime and ends on 22-23 (can be longer on Saturday). if u think we fit in ur roster and wanna chat with us or give us a shot in a trial raid just add me on bnet NBNATION#1262 or just reply i will check bnet/thread tomorrow since i got some stuff to do today cheers have a good one VersiVersicolor2 13h
14h Resto Druid 4/7 M 870ilvl looking for 2 day mythic Dear all, As the title says, I'm currently looking for a 2 day raiding guild that raids preferably Thursday/Sunday at 20:30 ST or later. I came back to Legion with enthusiasm that I could raid hardcore for 5 nights a week, however, I have significant commitments outside of the game (Family, work as a lawyer). If anyone can suggest a guild that follows this pattern let me know. CheersHealharambe0 14h
16h <The GulDen Dragons> recruiting for casual raiding. Hey we are a group of friends who after a long break have reunited on Silvermoon, we once were all pretty serious raiders but alas real life has sunk in now, so time and priorities have all changed. We do however wish to progress on raiding and after completing 7/7 in normal Emerald Nightmare we wish to progress to heroic now. Our motto is fun first and be of no doubt that matters more than anything to us, but we also like to progress amongst the fun and frivolity. We offer a warm welcome and excellent guild atmosphere with an active teamspeak in return for you being an active member participating in mythics,heroics and raiding whenever you have time. We currently raid 20:00-23:00 server time on Wed,Thur and Sunday and we have no strict limits on how many raids you must attend, although the more the better for the raid team and yourself. For progress we currently have a strong core team but need the following: Healer: Monk or Paladin Dps: all ranged needed though all are welcome to join as our team grows. Tank: One off tank , any class with decent dps off spec would be nice. Social members are also welcome so if you need a home and wish to play WoW with decent folk wanting to have a fun and laughter while we progress whisper me on zippy#2445 or leave me a message on this board. Thanks for taking the time to read our message, good luck and have fun.Vansen4 16h
16h [A] Solid Blue [7/7N ; 1/7HC] is Recruiting! Greetings everyone! Solid Blue is a Guild looking to have a lot of fun in a friendly environment while completing content! :) We used to be a Hardcore Guild (Raided HFC Mythic in WoD and achieved 13/13) but now we want to relax and have fun raids in a positive environment while still doing Normal/Heroic/Mythic content,which means we are not in any way shape or form aiming for any "Realm 1st or 2nd" or anything like that. Besides Raiding,we will also be forming groups for people to do Mythic Dungeons and Mythic+ Keystones together so that everyone can help each other gear and grind Artifact Power to be Raid Ready or improving your current gear. We are currently looking for: 1 Healers 6 DPS Raid Days and Times Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Monday 20:00 - 23:00 All times are Server time. Rules 1. Be respectful and don't start any drama! We will NOT tolerate any kind of drama in the Guild, we are supposed to be having fun while playing a game we love, not be elitists or at war with each other. 2. Help a fellow Guild mate when possible. This is extremely important because it's the pillar of creation (pun intended) of the Guild, we enjoy helping and giving EVERYONE a chance to Raid and be part of the group! :) 3. If you want to be a trial to have a chance to join the main raid team you will need the following: - Artifact Level 20 - Item Level 850 Pretty simple, isn't it? :P Loot System & Loot Rules: For the time being, for all raids and difficulties we will be using Personal Loot. Once Nighthold releases we will switch to a Loot Council system because of the release of tier sets/items. Received loot that isn't an upgrade for you? If you've received loot that you do not need then do as follow to see if there are any other guildies you can trade the loot to: /Raid [Item link] - ROLL FOR MAIN SPEC Once people have rolled for the item you can give it to the highest roller, just remember that Main Spec always takes priority over Off-Spec. Trial Period On average your trial period will last about 2 weeks, however we hold the right to either increase this or accept you sooner based on performance. Raiding Preparation When you join our raiding team we require you to come prepared. This not only means you will be at the entrance of whatever instance we're raiding at, you will be there at least 5 minutes prior to the raid. You will be on Discord. You will have enough consumables; Flasks, Pots, and the Food that nets you the biggest benefit. (i.e. 375 food at the moment of writing this) You will make sure your gear has the best enchants possible and is gemmed in a similar fashion. And last but not least, you're fully knowledgeable of all encounters we're tackling and know what we expect from you. If you want to join us, whisper Vexius#2354 or GodofC0okies#1274 and we will speak in game or have an interview on Discord, whichever you prefer! :) Thank you for reading and have a great day!Lórdcöökies14 16h
17h Wts BLUE X-51 Nether-Rocket 2,5 M accept gold on any medium high pop server Cote#2581Leyend0 17h
19h Weekend raiding Guild Awarewolves is a recent transfered Weekend Raiding Guild and is looking for raiders to fill the spots for legion raiding. Who we are: Me and my wife, founded this guild 6 years ago, in the hope of creating a good, steady and healthy drama free environment, wich we succeded until the coming of Draenor. Our server and guild, became then empty with the unfortunatly daylie base player quiting, or server switching, so we decided now for Legion to persue a more vibrant and populated server, and the choice came into the most populated Server Eu in Alliance side, wich is Silvermoon. What we look for: We are recruiting players that want, beside raiding, to be part of a close family of people, that can be doing together all the activities that WoW have to offer, in a drama free environment, but with the Professional mind that raids must have. What we can offer: Comitement to be able to clear all expansion content in at least Normal and Heroic, Mythic will be considered if the Heroic clearness comes with much time in between the launch of next content, but the Goal will be Heroic full clear. What we ask from members: Full prepareness for raids, with knowledge of the fights ( wich you can use youtube and guides etc..), and full prepareness in raid consumables (Potions,Flasks,Food etc...), both are mandatory. We consider any applications to our guild except for ¨socials only¨, socials will be accepted if they are related with our raiders (family and friends), we believe that a small guild is better to have to keep the chances of drama to brake loose. Raid Schedule: Saturday 16h - 19h Server Time Sunday 16h - 19h Server Time We believe that the times of our raids are more suitable for people that like me and my wife have real we have always time for those lunches or dinners with family in this time tables. Any info or application will have to be thru me, for now, since website is under reconstruction, so please add me at Silver#24373 Best regards, Silver.Silverfreeze43 19h
19h Feral druid looking for raiding guild Hello! I've been playing feral druid for a while now (from the end of mists of pandaria) but I've unsubbed during warlords of draenor(after beating heroic blackhand). Unfortunately I don't have alot raiding experience this expansion since I'm just gearing up. My item level currently is 844 and I want to join a raiding guild that raids 3 days a week. I want to raid in semi-serious/professional environment where people try to improve and try to do their best. From my part I can promise 99% attendance and willingness to progress/improve. Although I have nearly no experience this tier, I can promise that I've read up on tactics and have idea what to do. Logs before I quit in foundry: Also for me: progress > gear VicióusVicióus6 19h
19h <And Legendary Friends> Raiding team recruitment! Hello there everyone, I'm CinderLight from <And Legendary Friends>. We are a 6/7 EN HC, dedicated, progression-based and highly social raiding guild that focuses on progressive raiding (duh) but our main focus is giving players a friendly and fun environment to do that raiding in. In our guild you will not only find frequent progression kills, but also lots of amazing people. We also do various guild activities as a guild, like mythic+, dungeon runs, achievements and so forth. For our raiding team we are currently looking for the following classes in the following roles. RDPS 2 Hunters 1 Boomy For raiding we ask an iLevel of 850 and an artifact level of 20. We raid on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8-11PM Server time. For our raiding we also require the usage of Teamspeak, a microphone is not mandatory, but it's highly recommended. We also use Teamspeak as a place to hang out and have banter during non-raid hours. If you have any questions, or want to join add me on CinderLight#2895Cinderlight3 19h
19h Veteran Raider looking for guild Hey Looking for a guild to get back in to raiding, recently re-subbed since being away from 2010. Used to be heavy into raiding and got alot of HC kills when the content was current (check achievements) Currently working on the warlock but can play spriest, DH havoc, frost DK, Mage. Ideally a guild that runs gearing sessions and friendly, then hopefully work for a spot on in raids Cheers K2Surtori8 19h
20h [A] Absurdum is now recruiting! Absurdum is a 20 man Mythic raiding guild on Silvermoon EU. We are around 10 years, previously based on Draenor, Defias Brotherhood and Venture Co. We're looking for exceptional players to come join us progress through Emerald Nightmare and beyond. High attendance and mature attitude is must. We are now 1/7 Mythic in Emerald Nightmare. We are now looking for those classes with HIGH priority: - Warlock - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Ranged Hunter - Havoc Demon Hunter MEDIUM priority: - Mage - Feral Druid - Arms Warrior - Survival Hunter - Retribution Paladin LOW priority: - Windwalker Monk Even if your spec is not listed here, we will consider EVERY application, spots are always open for good players! Our website: If you wish to make an application please use our web application formula. If you have some questions contact me (Sabrage#2512) or our other officers (Lasagná, Ciresh, Partolo or Toore) in game. Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 19:30 - 23:30 Thursday 19:30 - 23:30 Sunday 19:30 - 23:30Sabrie20 20h
21h Twist of Fate (7/7HC) Recruiting Hi! Twist of Fate is a English-speaking raiding guild on Silvermoon. We are currently looking for the next classes to raid with us: Tank: 1 Big Awesome Tank (Pala/Druid) Ranged Dps: Mage, Warlock, Shadowpriest, Shaman, Hunter Also Recruiting 1 melee Dps with tank OS to run M+(as tank) We are always open for exceptional applications aswell for any socials. Current progress: The Emerald Nightmare (7/7NM & 7/7HC) Any raid applicants are required to have a similar progress to us, and a crystal-clear knowledge of the 7 bosses on HC. Raid days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 20:15- 23:30ish If interested, please respond via this thread, or you can apply directly to our website through the forums: If you have any questions, feel free to whisper me ingame - Im always up for a chat :)Catalystics2 21h
22h <WolfDrake> 7/7 HC weekend raiding! LFM to start mythic WolfDrake is a progress-minded 2-days/week raiding Guild situated on Silvermoon, the largest PvE realm among EU servers. Our main goal is to tackle and clear current highest difficulty content as it's released. To do so, we aim to build a team centered around this idea and comprised of individuals who share our goal and passion for raiding, but cannot necessarily afford to spare more evenings to do so. We are looking for players who know their class inside and out, who aren't afraid to research both their role and the demands of the challenges we're facing; Players who always come prepared and who appreciate that the time we have to progress is limited, and therefore precious to every member of the raid team. Raid times: Friday 21h - 00h Server Time Sunday 21h - 00h Server Time Recruiting: Ranged DPS 1x Hunter Healers 1x paladin 1x monk Melee 1x rogue 1x DK We are also really interested in a disc priest who can off spec shadow. However, all outstanding applications will be given due consideration. If this suits your raiding affinity and you feel that you're a right fit for our team, head on over to our Website and fill out an Application form. Further information about the guild, including the guild rules, can also be found on the Guild website. Contact info: You can reach us on the website Battlenet : Riljrak - Riljrak#21543 Warrgulf - Gatsu#2954 Or leave a reply here and we will get back to youRiljjrák12 22h
1d [A] <Almost Heroes> Recruiting for Legion! Hello everyone! Feel free to check out our website ( or send me a PM if there's anything i've missed, thank you. Website will be linked at the end of this post and ^ up there where it says website, clicky on it! That is where we handle our applications. About Us: Almost Heroes is a new international Alliance semi-hardcore raiding guild seated on EU-Silvermoon. We're looking to expand our current roster of very experienced and adept players. We are a group of friends starting anew come Legion. All of us have been raiding since the TBC-WotLK era at a high/very high level and therefore wanted to create something for ourselves. Almost everyone currently in the team knows each other in some way, shape, or form. Most of us are additionally very good friends, which in turn creates a healthy and friendly atmosphere. Regardless of our relations to each other, we still have a very competitive mindset when it comes to clearing current content. Our current plan is to clear the heroic bosses fairly quick, so that we can start Mythic progress as soon as possible. With all of that in mind, we aim to create a friendly and long-lasting home for anyone that wants to be a part of it, a steady raiding schedule and lots of progressing. Recruitment: We're recruiting ALL classes at this moment, especially healers. Healers>Ranged>Tank>Melee. Specifically looking for Resto Druid and Shaman, Holy Paladin and a MM/BM Hunter. Schedule: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Friday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 General info: We are using Discord as our way of communicating. We're also using a Loot Council to gear our members. Raid Invites go out @19:30-19:45. ??tba?? What you can expect as a Trial: Our Trial period usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. General feedback on how you're doing. Sometimes you [I]might[/I] get rotated out in favor of another Tank/DPS/Healer for a [I]very[/I] specific encounter (Most likely wont be happening). A very friendly and social community. Experienced Officers to give you any help you'd like.What we expect from you: In-depth knowledge of your class, and raid encounter tactics. Come prepared to raids, Flasks, Pots etc.. but also AddOns. No slacking and/or AFKing during raids. A good mindset, wanting to improve and not be afraid to share suggestions. !Do not be afraid to ask questions! Friendly and mature, we like to joke around a lot tho.Also you can always whisper one of the Officers in-game or send me a PM here or on our forums, or just reply to this thread if you have any questions or the like. It is in our best interest to help you! If none of us are online, just whisper anyone currently online and he/she may be able to point you our way. Hharto-Silvermoon Veliqueww-Silvermoon or Trixarnqt-Silvermoon Sembrah-Silvermoon Duckayboss-Silvermoon So with all that out of the way, please send an application our way if you think you have what it takes and if our guild seems like an enjoyable place to spend your time, thanks for reading and enjoy your day! Applications are done via our website Also just for the time being, while we're all waiting for Legion(!!) we usually run a Heroic HFC PuG one night each week, either Friday or Saturday to clear it and have some fun. **If you just want a place to hang out and chill in feel free to join as a Social member, you're more than welcome to, and you can join in on our non official raids etc.**Veliqueww3 1d
1d [A] Pumpkins needs you Hey, We are 3 friends who have formed a guild a while back and we stick with it while we play together doing all sorts of group play ranging from dungeons to quests and old raids. We have been playing WoW for a long time and have experienced pretty much everything there is, but now we play more casually. In this expansion our focus has shifted to mythic+ dungeons as they have become widely accessible, not to say that thats the only thing we do now. In the past we tried recruiting people into the guild via trade and such but thats not really what we want. We are looking for some casual people who are also competent when it comes to content such as latest mythic dungeons. If you are looking for a place to just hang out and play the game with a couple of people then give us a shout or leave a comment below and we will get back to you. We are particularly looking for tank and range dps to fill in our 5 man team of FDK, Rogue and HPally, but anyone is welcome to join. To message us ingame whisper Omax, Dazér or Noblesse.Omax0 1d
1d <Om Nom Nom> is recruiting - All classes and levels! Hi everyone *waves wildly* <Om Nom Nom> is recruiting more friendly, fun and casual folks to our ranks and we want YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU... Get the point? Everyone is welcome as long as you know how to behave and you treat other people with the same respect that you would want in return. We are a bunch of happy people who love to hang out and have fun while doing dungeons, raids, PvP or just have a laugh in guild chat or on our TS server. Miss the feeling of having a place to call home? A place where all is welcome, experienced or not, a place to just hang out in and be among friends? Then <Om Nom Nom> is the place for you to be. Also... we love food... Especially cake... Mmm...*drools* If you think we are the right guild for you, please send me a whisper ingame on Blaabaer/Jordbaer or whisper any of the online people. Or post a reply here and I will add you asap. Thanks for your time. - Blaabaer aka Maria (Which has switched main to: Jordbaer) (Battletag: Arwell#2261 - Feel free to add me for an invite if you can't find me online ingame) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For our raiding team we are looking for more ranged DPS (a warlock would be awesome for OM NOM NOM CANDIIIIIES!!) and preferably a druid/shaman healer or two. We have cleared The Emerald Nightmare on normal difficulty - cleared in the first week of release, woop woop!! (And is now on "farm status") Our goal with raiding is to get a full guild group put together to venture into the current and upcoming raids and clear these on normal difficulty (Done & DONE!) Then, when we feel like we are all good and shiny and fluffy (that's a thing riiiiight?) in all our new fancy epics and is down with the encounters for all bosses, then, we will try our luck with raiding on Heroic difficulty. ....And maybe die horribly trying, but it WILL be fun!!! Current progress on HEROIC: 5/7 bosses down, BOOH-YAAH! Join us..... You know you want to <3 And bring your friends.... They want to join aswell sooner or later, cause we are just that COOL and AWESOME! *chuckles*Blaabaer58 1d
1d [A]*Sell Thread* Xavius HC & EN 7/7 HC ML Boosts Hello. Similar to BRF and HFC , where we had over 1000 happy customers, we will do the same again in EN: Me and my crew are running people that have interest in getting gear and achievements in EN,with the cheapest price this server can offer. About the team: 12-14 people, all carefully picked, mastering logs (95 percentiles and above), Best in slot geared. Loot: Reserving loot for buyers according to their gear-type (i.e leather,cloth,mail,plate) All other loot is to-roll-for (tiers, accessories, weapons), it is worth mentioning that this raid has a lot of roll-for gear, and with our already completed boosts we can say for sure no one will leave without atleast 1 of each type that is included in the term "accessory". We offer the following spots: 1. Regular gear reservation: you get all loot for your class type (cloth,mail..) and rolling on accessories. this is done with Master loot method, our boosters will not be saved. (20 + man raid) 2. Xavius: we also sell Xavius only spots, which will be killed with personal loot, right after we finished the full run boost. The runs occur every Saturday at 5pm, whilst Xavius kills usually start at 7 ish. We are usually full by Wednesday so hurry up and get your spot! For securing your spot and getting into our runs contact me in game (mail,whispers, whatever) TRUSTED SELLERS: Dofla#21968 (Dofla) Danyp1990#2765 (Thaleus) Jordan#2526 (Xavier) Eldar#2423 (Blook) *we take 10% of the amount for Xavius kills to reserve spots and ensure people will be there *we take 20% of the amount for full run spots to make sure people that buy it show up. See you in game Hellshield Distortions#2306Hellshield149 1d
1d [A]Old Blood - Casual guild for Casuals Hi everyone, Old Blood is a CASUAL guild (to not be mistaken with a SOCIAL guild) mainly for Old School players. Constantly returning to WOW I realized that majority of the posts were "Recruiting for Mythic"/"Looking for X class"/"Progress"/etc. So why not a home for those who don't have the time for 5-4-3-2 days of "progression" anymore? Why not a home for the Old School player, the one who has work/family/kids? If you feel you do not have the time to pour in countless hours as you used to do years ago into WoW, that's OK, you don't have to. Our current roster is comprised of people between 25 up to 45, people with families, jobs, real life and to be honest we intend to keep it that way. If you feel you are part of this category, you are welcome to join us. How do WE see casual? - For us Casual means you do not have time to play 3 hours a day just to prepare for a 4 hour raid. - It means you have life commitments, which may come before your wow time and you don't want to sign up for a raid and then not make it - It means that we have little time to play, and when we do play, we will not waste our fellow guildies' precious time HOWEVER: - Casual does not mean that when you group up with us in dungeons / raids you stand in the fire and it's all giggles - Casual does not mean that because you are a dps !@#$%, you will not self heal (and then die) - We simply ask that if you group with guildies, you are decent and act like a decent human being Do NOT contact us IF: - your first question is "how many members are there in the guild" - our strength is not in numbers, it is in maturity - your first question is "when do you raid?" - we don't commit to any raiding, if at some point we will have the numbers, we will try, but it will not be mandatory - your first question is "what's your progress" - we don't care about progress, but we will certainly try to in the casual manner we wish to - you can't take a joke Please contact anyone ingame for an invite, or if you want to further discuss add me up: Chronos #2824 Cheers, PandePandarium17 1d
1d Defiled - 7/7 hc - Mon/Tues/Thurs - Mythic Roster Albeit a new guild on Silvermoon, Defiled is the home of Hardcore Raiding. Our Officer Team is comprised of players with an plethora of Hardcore Mythic content experience, including many Top 100 EU kills and more. However, Defiled isn't about commiting endless hours per week, we have a focused approach to raiding while still being able to enjoy our weekends and social lives. This is why we class ourselves as a Hardcore Heroic Raiding Guild. Our goal is to with every tier, complete everything that Heroic has to offer, including Achievements, Titles, Pets, Mounts and more. And to then push deep into Mythic and earn a respectable guild ranking. But to do this, we need you. We're currently recruiting new members, we do have specific roles we are actively recruiting but we will always consider exceptional applicants, at the moment specifically we are looking for Ranged but we also have one or two slots available for Melee. The classes we have in mind are as follows - SPriest, Warlock, Enchance/Ele Shaman, Hunter, Feral/Moon Druid. We'd love to have you join our guild! Simply visit our website at, read our Guild Rules, then head to our Recruitment page. Fill in our World Famous 2 Minute Application™ alternatively if applications aren't your thing feel free to message one of our officers in game for a chat - Ekofunk#2951Naturendstuf5 1d
1d Little Days are recruiting! We're a close knit and friendly guild currently looking to recruit people to build a stable roster for Mythic progression. We're looking for people who: Know their class well Learn from their mistakes Listen to feedback Know the mechanics of the fights Have patience Preferrably have an ilvl of above 850, playing on their mainWhat we'll offer: A friendly and helpful atmosphere Help with whatever content or questions you might have An enjoyable raiding experience A socially active Discord serverWe raid 20:00-23:00 (Invites at 19:45) Thursday Sunday Tuesday(If pushing progress) We also welcome people who aren't necessarily interested in raiding, and just want to have a fun guild to run through Mythic+ dungeons or just talk banter on Discord, you never know what interesting topics and discussions might pop up in the voice chat. Contact: Couchpirate#2340Daijoubu1 1d
1d Prot warrior&Fire mage LF Guild Hey there We are both coming from mythic raiding backgrounds but want to try something that isn't as hardcore but still progress quickly.We aren't looking for a guild that is extremely chill but we aren't looking for a guild that is extremely strict either. A heroic progress guild would be ideal. Do not want a guild that is filled with kids or people crying that they don't get gear or the bosses aren't dying as quick as they would like. Weekdays would be ideal with 2 days a week(no more than 3 hours each night). 7-10ST would be ideal for both of us. Add me on battle-tag if interested Siwangg#2769Siwangg2 1d
1d [A] Endless Resonance filling up roster for Mythic We are Endless Resonance, a 13/13M guild in Warlords, having cleared content before the pre-patch. We aim for Cutting Edge on every new tier, by clearing the said tier in a moderate speed of progression. We are semi-hardcore and raid 3 days per week. Current Progress: Heroic: 7/7 - From first week. Mythic: 1/7 Raid times: Monday: 19:50-23:00 Wednesday: 19:50-23:00 Sunday: 19:50-23:00 *Note: There are some occasions, on which if we are close to killing a progression boss for example (ex.: we got cenarius M on 5% last pull or something similar) we can extend for 5-15 min max to kill it. What we are looking for? We are looking to strengthen our roster and core team with fresh blood of dedicated players, who will be a positive addition to our guild. Recruitment status: OPEN for DPS and 1-2 Healers. Requirements: Have some decent progress in the near past (for example, 10/13m from HFC at least) and some heroic experience in Emerald Nightmare. Be able to tolerate other people - some people have children, which means that it is possible for someone to take 1-2 minutes during raiding to check on their kids if they are crying for example. We must all be serious about raiding, but nothing is more important than real life. Have a steady internet connection and PC. Come to TS to at least listen, talking is optional. Always come prepared for the raid - tactics, potions, flasks, food. We require our raiders to have at least 850+ for heroic raiding, and around 860 (if possible) for Mythic. [i]Be informed for every new change that happens to your class. Where you can apply: Contacts: Guild Master: Deception#2233 Or you can contact me, I'm one of the raiders (slaves) : Levski1312#2813Dathedr14 1d
1d [A]<Tropic Thunderfury>Recruiting dps for Mythic Hey there, <Tropic Thunderfury> are looking for Ranged dps (Mage,Warlock,Priest) preferably but not essential. We are a new guild to Silvermoon that was made by experienced wow players with over 10+ years under their belts. We raid 2 times a week with an optional 3rd day - Wed/Fri Main days and Monday optional day 20:00-23:00 ST We have cleared HC and we're now trying to get the last few members to be able to start mythic. Ideally we're looking for 850+ ilvl with previous raid experience. we're a friendly bunch that like to have fun but raid focus comes first. If we sound like the guild you're looking for please make and application on or contact me ingame - Dougle#2633 Thanks.Bambooplease9 1d
1d long loading time hello i got qestion when i try enter dungen or somting i get frozen loading screen slow internet or hes somting to do whit server i check my provider if seems good call theny comfime it any idd how to fix it ?Firess0 1d
1d <A> Requiem Prime: Fresh Raiding Guild Requiem Prime is a new formed two day raiding guild, in this small time frame we want to push the progress. Our guild currently exists of a group of friends whom have cleared Heroic with various guilds and have progressed mythic. Due to life being time consuming we decided to start our own two day raiding guild. When we get a full squad we want to clear heroic in the first week and after that push mythic progression. Our exceptations of you: • Motivation / Team spirit • Stable attendance • Ability to quick learn from your mistakes • Know your class and you are willing to learn all the time • Always prepared, able to understand encounters, willing to use best possible consumables • We are looking for mature people who are able to handle constructive criticism • We are looking for competitive people Raiding Times: Monday 19:30 - 22:30 Wednesday 19:30 - 22:30 Invites going out always 19:15 Recruitment: Recruiting All Classes Website: Contact: Furiouslôl#2939Lauriix1 1d
1d Getting into tanking Hi all. After several expansions playing dps and healer I think its time for me to get into tanking. How do I start out? I dont know any boss tactics yet. Shall I just get into it and learn as i progress? Sure I can read it up on guides on the internet but I know I will get stressed if I dont remember it when I am tanking live. Anyone wants to follow me? I play on Silvermoon Regards AkanteAkante0 1d
1d Swift Spectral Tiger ! :D I know a dude who sells his mount. the Swift Spectral tiger as the topic says xD Contact him at his skype he's sold alot of TCG pets and mounts before. give him a call :D!Nulleballe1 1d
1d [A]Eldritch - Alliance Silvermoon recruiting Eldritch is recruiting Eldritch is a new guild on Silvermoon created by a bunch of friends with raiding experience ranging all the way back to vanilla. We are currently looking for a few more members to complete our core raid group. Current Progress We have currently killed Ursoc on Mythic for 3/7 Mythic and are going for Dragons next Why choose Eldritch? We are a large group of friends who have been raiding since back in vanilla. We love WoW and feel like playing in a community of people who enjoy playing together is when it's at its best. We wouldn't just be offering you a raid spot, we'd be offering you a place that you can find like-minded players who enjoy playing the game the way it's meant to be played. We all like to have fun while we're not raiding. Grouping for 5mans, doing world content or just chilling on voice comms and having a laugh. However when it comes to raiding we take it seriously and all put in effort to play our best to get through content. We are currently looking for: DPS Mages/Shadow Priests/Warlocks/Balance Druids/Ret Paladins/Death Knights Applications from all classes will be considered however. We will never turn down a good player Our plans for legion When legion launches and people start to hit max level we will be running multiple parties through Mythic and eventually Mythic+ dungeons to start collecting gear for raiding content. As we are a new guild we will be starting off steadily progressing through heroic raids and building our core group of raiders. After we've got ourselves ready we'll take on mythic raiding content. We use Discord for voice communication and raid times are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00-23:00 server time. For more information/questions Add me on Bnet and we can talk - Tripped#2529Tripd22 1d
1d ended found a homeAntiquepala1 1d
1d Not just another recruitment post I know, I know… You see these posts everywhere on the forums, specially now with Legion coming in the oh-so-near future! What am I talking about? I am ofc talking about guild-recruitment posts and why you should join their guild. But ofc you should not join THEIR guild. You should join OUR guild! Because even if we value progress, we value fun, friendship and real life more. We do not call people retards / idiots if they do mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We should know it. How we know? Well well well... a few examples coming up. This is a very good example, where our dps-warrior is falling off the edge at Iskar because he got a call from a random girl that have been looking at his a-s-s (damn language filter! :p) during spinning-class, and somehow got hold of his number. It totally blew him off –on all levels. ;) It is one of our funniest moments, and here is a clip of him telling us the story on TS: Other things that you should be aware of is that (one of) our Swedes LOVES to sing. She is especially fond of Christmas-songs, but she is open for suggestions. Like this time, her and “the Babe” singing a tune from Lion King: And sometimes this is our level of humor: (low, I know :d) Sometimes pulls go so slowly that even Jerry the snail gets impatient: And this might happen if you place warlock-portals at strategic positions before fight and people in raid get too curious: Ok, that was all fun and games, now over to things you are likely to hear in raids/guildchat etc: -Anyone saying something that can slightly be interpreted as an innuendo will hear “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” A lot. -Dogs barking in the background ( -DPS-warrior: “omg, I taunted! TAUNT IT BACK, TAUNT IT BACK!!!!!” (with panic in the voice) -Our feral: "Why am I out of catform? Why am I out of CATFORM!!" -Game-notification: “Pir has died” -Babe talking about his a-s-s. Now, some more about what we are doing and what we are especially looking for: We are currently setting up new days and times for raiding, join now and have a saying in it! The aim is 2 to 3 days raiding, and on off-nights things like transmog-runs, petbattle-nights (Mia will cry and try to talk you out of petbattles, cruelty towards animals and all that ;)), dungeon runs and possibly even some PvP (if its red, its dead etc)! Raid days are Thursday and Tuesday 20:00-23:00 server time. With Sunday as the social event day for now till we start using it for the alt raid night again soon :). We do not have any specific recruitment classes; anything goes! Play what you want to play, we all play to be having fun, and not playing a class/spec you don’t like… life is too short to play something you don’t really like!  Does this sound interesting? Well then, do not hesitate! Contact our lovely Mia on emblahastar#2392 -she is not as crazy as she sounds, I promise! (Hmm or is she… ;-)) Azrél on Azrél#2374, Rel on Rel#2697 or Urganoth on Urganoth#2359 :) Thanks for reading and hope to see you in guildchat soon!Azrél34 1d
1d Victus - Silvermoon LF Healers/Dps Hello. Due to the loss of some of our core raiders to irl and other reasons we are looking for some dps and healers to fill our raid team so we can speed up our Progress and get a steady raid team going again. we are a relaxed and friendly guild with a good raid atmosphere. Currently our Progress is 7/7Nm and 2/7Hc. we raid 3 times a week from 20:00-23:00 Monday - Wensday - Thursday. we expect you to be able to attend a minimum of 2 raids out of the 3 days. If this sounds like something for you please contact Taelyn or me Tyrillian ingame so we can have a chat :) hope to hear from you.Tyrillian0 1d
1d 2 Druids (Guardian and Boomie) looking for a guild Hi there, my girlfriend and I have been playing WoW for a couple of months now - I've been playing for here and there over the years and I finally got her into it. We've started doing some Mythic dungeons and we're getting a bit annoyed with the PUG life... We're looking for a casual raid/dungeon like guild as we have other commitments that usually come up at inconvenient times so we can't commit to a strict schedule. Drop me a message if you think we'll be a fit :)Torobananya4 1d
2d True Legacy - 7/7N and 5/7H looking for raiders We are a small casual raiding guild on Silvermoon Alliance. We have a steady raid group going now where the members have known each other for a few years now. Raid Times Monday 9.00pm -12.00pm server time Wednesday 9.00pm -12.00pm server time QUICK INFO Primary Goal to clear all normal content in the current tier Secondary Goal clear as may Heroic/Mythic bosses as possible Well Organised Guild with friendly relaxed atmosphere WE'RE RECRUITING Ranged classes primarily at the moment (Shaman/Boomkin/Mage). Healer - Shaman/Holy Pala Other classes will be considered. What's important to us: Loyalty - We are looking for players that want to become part of the raiding team and are looking for a long term guild membership. Atmosphere - We take pride in our great guild atmosphere and our ability to raid in a serious way without blaming, flaming, swearing and (loot)drama. No matter how skilled and experienced a player is, we don't settle for less then respect full, mature, friendly members. Commitment - We are a small guild and rely on each other to sign in, show up, give 100%. Raiders should be able to balance their RL with the raiding schedule. We offer:- Well organised raids with experienced, dedicated raid leaders. Resources for raiders (repairs during raids, enchants/gems, flasks, buff-food). Progress in a guild that has mature, respect full, experienced, skilled players. A well established, well organised, stable lvl 25 guild. Fair loot distribution. Ventrillo server. Website - You can apply trough the website link posted above. Guild Master: Zsàphire Officers: Aedor Raid Leader: AedorZsàphire4 2d
2d [A] LFM EN Mythic Monday 31st, 19:00 ST <Free Will> is hosting a Mythic EN run on Monday 31st, starting 19:00 server time. All raiders are expected to already know or look up all mythic tactics before Monday. Requirements to join: 7/7HC + ilvl 860. Communication: Discord Loot: Personal Loot All raiders will be checked on Wowprogress and armoury. If you can provide logs that is a big +. We're going until at least 23:00 server time. If people can stay longer and want to keep going we will. There is also a possibility of a follow-up raid on Tuesday if Monday's raid is successful. Feel free to reply here if you are interested or whisper me in-game and I will send you a calendar invite. You can also add me on btag: Sondrey#2207.Evanix5 2d
2d [A] <Free Will> 1/7M is recruiting ! About the guild <Free Will> is a fairly new guild on Silvermoon, formed right before Legion. The founders of the guild are veteran raiders who have played since Vanilla and TBC. Throughout the various expansions we have been in a lot of different guilds and on a few different realms, looking for a place to call home. Now we have finally decided to settle here on Silvermoon and to play as Alliance. Achievements Our top players have achieved the following: <Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold> in MoP <I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am> in Cata <The Undying> and <A Tribute to Insanity> in WotLK We have previously been in competitive guilds aiming for realm first, but never quite made the cut due to several raiders not being as comitted as the rest. So we decided to make our own guild, only accepting players who take their raiding seriously and would like to compete against other guilds for realm first kills. Recruitment We now seek additional dedicated players to strengthen our Mythic raiding team for Legion! This is what we are currently looking for: 1 Discipline Priest (!) 1 Resto Druid (!) 1 Warlock (!) 1 Elemental + Enhance Shaman 1 Balance + Feral Druid 1 DK/Pala DPS We welcome all exceptional players regardless of current class/role needs. Raiding schedule We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 19 - 23 ST. Extra raids can be set up during weekends if people are available, and current raiding times can be extended when progressing and close to a kill. Contact info/applying If this sounds interesting please head over to and submit an application there, under the "Membership" tab. Simply click on the "Apply to Free Will" link and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something feel free to add me (Sondrey#2207) or try to contact an officer (Zlukinim, Dimmling or Nuus) in-game. - EvanixEvanix14 2d
2d <Eternal Wrath> - Legion <Eternal Wrath> Reforming for Legion! After over a year of dormancy, Eternal Wrath has reformed and is looking for fantastic raiders and excellent personalities for Legion. Founded near the end of Mists, as a merge of the remaining core raiders of Parabol - Silvermoon and Eternal Wrath - Draenor, a strong 10-man team made excellent HC Siege progress before the launch of 6.0. Regrettably, this momentum was not carried through WoD, and shortly before the release of 6.2, many players took a leave from the game. Now however, with the return of the original core team, as well as many friends from different raiding periods over the years, Eternal Wrath is alive on Silvermoon with the intention of rekindling the strength and dedication which was once had. We are a fun bunch of players who enjoy a good atmosphere over anything, and don't care for elitism, flaming or going. We do of course expect a certain level of competence as we are a progressive raiding guild, but are always here to help members with tactics, class specifics and anything else in game. Our only expectations of raiders are; a positive mentality, the ability to communicate over voice comms (we use discord) and attendance of most progress raids - we understand that life can get in the way sometimes. Raid Days: Sunday Monday Thursday 21:00-00:00 Server Time Feel free to speak to anyone online, or add us as a friend (any social members welcome too)! Kerstez#2669 Greph#2332 Zen#2312Kerstez20 2d
2d [A] <The Alternative> is recruiting! Hiya all, Another recruitment post. Bear with me. Who are we? We at <The Alternative> are a social raiding guild with a 2-nights a week raiding schedule. While we profile as a raiding guild, the social aspect of playing is important to us. Our guild chat is usually active with banter and/or discussions about mechanical keyboards and/or each others sisters. Most of us are fairly busy in real life, thus raiding is kept to two days a week. Aside from the raids we run mythic(+)s together and sometimes mess around in old content. tl;dr: We are laid back but take raiding/dungeons seriously. Who are you? As a prospective recruit, you are a capable player with an interest in raiding and/or mythic+ dungeons. You don't just play the game for hardcore raiding, but want a guild you can chill out with and chat a bit about real life. tl;dr: You want to raid in a relaxed atmosphere. Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday; 7:45 - 23:00ish server time Open recruitment: We will currently consider all healers and DPS, but have a particular interest in non-tank druids, warlocks, rogues. Some numbers: You can find our WoWprogress at Interested, now what? If you are interested in joining, you can respond here with your contact details, contact me ingame on Valtuda or add me on as Valtuda#2321. Cya around, ValValtuda4 2d
2d [A] Looking for chill guild I'm a player that's relatively new to end-game content in WoW, mostly due to lack of actively playing. In previous expansions I never really 'clicked' with the game and rarely even reached max level, but this time around I want to enjoy the end-game content that Legion has to offer, which is why I'd like a guild. I mostly play DPS (Rogue main at the moment), but I've started to learn to play Holy Paladin so that I'm not locked to a single role. I'm not too fond of any of the tanking specs in the game; I just don't enjoy them that much. As you're probably guessing, my raiding experience is lacking. I did a bit of LFR Highmaul and BRH in WoD, and now LFR EN in Legion. I'm eager to engage in more difficult content, though. About Me: 20 year old guy from England. I can pick up and learn things very quickly, usually only needing to be taught once before I can execute something well. I can remain calm and relaxed at pretty much all times, and I'm able to lead groups relatively well (was a raid leader in FFXIV). My Battletag is Nith#21925 and I'm online most of the time.Emura3 2d
2d [Old] Mythic. Late night, twice a week. Greetings, champions! The resistance against the Burning Legion has been going full force for a few weeks now, and soon we will be facing even greater foes that threaten our world with obliteration. That is why we are recruiting capable heroes to fight for our cause, and bring the Legion's invasion on Azeroth to a definitive end. Who are we? We are <Old>, a raiding guild that's been around for a while. We've had a very successful campaign during Warlords of Draenor, where we've been very competitive at progression in our timeslot. Our core has stuck together ever since the start of that expansion, and we're looking to bolster our ranks once more with likeminded people that--above all--fit our style of play and character. We're very laidback, sociable, cheerful and focused on our goals, a mix that has worked very well for us in the past. What do we offer? We raid two days a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 21:30 until 00:30 server time. Within this timeslot, we are looking to progress towards Mythic in a steady and competitive manner. Raids are fun, and we like to celebrate that by being laidback, have a laugh, and make it a very social experience, while also putting in the effort each pull to be consistent and learn from mistakes. Your input is always valued, be it related to the encounter or just being social. Loot is distributed via loot council. What are we looking for? We are currently recruiting people that can pull their weight during the cutting edge of progression, within a focused and limited timeslot. Recruitment is currently open for: Ranged: Mage, Hunter Melee: Plate Melee wanted Healer: No Shaman, Resto Druid prefered Exceptional applicants will always be considered. You should be able to speak English, have access to TeamSpeak and Discord, and a stable internet connection. We can't stress enough that, due to our limiting timeslot, attendance and punctuality are very important. As a character, be raid ready in terms of gear and personal progression (i.e. third relic slot). We are not asking for ridiculous item levels (we never do), but be sure to pull your weight on day one! Contact Interested? Want to know more? Make an application at Or contact us through Fernie#2599 Rezandy#2873 gvandur#2502 Thank you for your time!Fernie18 2d