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30m Virtuous Tempest - Recruiting Hello! You made a good choise by finding us here, we are a friendly semi-hardcore Alliance guild on Silvermoon and we respect each other dearly, casuals are more than welcome. The majority of the members in our guild are experienced World of Warcraft players that date back to the very start in Vanilla and TBC. We do focus mostly on PVE but those wo would like to pursue PVP are free to do so! Virtuous Tempest was founded by Swedish friends and we would love to embrace new recruits to our guild, no matter where you are from. We in the Northrend rely upon GMT +1. Raiding times are not yet final which means that you have a saying in this matter. When you are a part of our community we give you the oppurtunity to step inside our world, when you have the time please join our Discord channel. When you enter our channel please tell us about yourself and tell us why you would like to join. We are in search for more dedicated World of Warcraft players, we are assembling a raiding team so you would most likely fill a spot in our ranks. You will get an invitation to our Discord channel. If you would like to know what Discord is please ask us or perhaps do some research beforehand. Hope we see you soon.. Best regards from Virtuous Tempest!Adune2 30m
30m 7/7N Blood DK looking for raid guild Hey everyone, Gonna keep this short and sweet, well at least try to. I always tend to blab on a bit haha, see i'm already doing it. Well I'm looking for a guild to raid and do mythic dungeons with. Dont really mind being a backup tank just want the chance to raid otherwise like In past expansions after a while im sure the fun of solo play will die down and Id end up just quitting again, I don't see no fun in playing solo, there's no social interaction. Wow for me is doing things as a team, especially when it comes to raiding and other end game content. As for my experience and progress. Well in mists I got two curves from MsV and SoO. Both on normal mode before they changed it to what it is now. Didnt progress through any of the other raids in mists or warlords. As for legion, I dived in early. I've made progress with 7/7N. Hoping to do more and then progress on to heroic and possibly mythic. Speaking of mythic's I cleared all the mythic dungeons and a few mythic plus runs. I got my legendary from a mythic plus chest. Not best in slot but its still pretty helpful. fully geared for normal raids(Still need a bit more gear for heroics i think, I know tactics and can use any voice chat. I'm from the England. not employed at the moment so got quite a lot of free time so pretty flexible with raid times as long as its not until early hours of the morning. I'm 26, quite mature. So yeah, that's me. Feel free to msg me in game or add my Btag JAC#1689. The character I progressed in mists is : I progressed in legion on this character so check the armory for that. Look forward to hearing from you, Gulrok.Gulrok0 30m
1h Experienced tank LF Guild Hello, friends! I am currently looking for a raiding spot on my DH tank, I intend to gear it for mythic+ dungeons, so I need the best gear obtainable, which comes from raiding! I hope to be a great addition to any raiding team, and I always strive to perform as high as possible. Clearing the current content in the fastest pace as possible is what I look for, amount of raid days is not really an issue. However, I do believe no-one currently on Silvermoon raids more than 4 days a week. I can raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays 19:00 -> 00:00 No daytime for me since I work 7:00 -> 16:00 every day. Experience Mists of Pandria: World 84th Sha of Fear Heroic 10-man World 29th Lei-Shen Heroic 10-man World 9th Garrosh Hellscream Heroic 10-man (also world 99 25-man) Warlords of Draenor: World 17th Mythic Kromog World 18th Mythic Thogar World 19th Mythic Iron Maidens World 340th Mythic Archimonde (I quit mid tier and came back here) Henriksson#2105 For any personal questions or any questions at all, add me on battletag!Henriksson7 1h
1h [SWE] <Arbetslösa Studenters IF> söker nya spelare! <Arbetslösa Studenters IF> söker dps till vårt raiding team! Vi kommer att köra normal 10 man, och har just nu 2 tanks, 2 healers och ett par DPS. Raiding tider är på fredagar(inte säkerställt ännu) 22:30-01:00, och söndagar 22:00-00:00. Var helst 18+ och över 840 ilvl. I nuläget söker vi hunter, spriest, warrior, mage och rogue, men även om du inte är någon av dessa klasser har du god chans att komma in om du fyller de andra kriterierna! Känner du dig sugen att hänga med är det bara att skicka en vänförfrågan till Dante#2440 på, eller skriva till mig eller någon annan i guilden ingame. tags: svensk swedishNeeriu10 1h
1h What about PvP? how are we meant to play PvP and get honor points/vicious saddles when theres about 1% horde? ._.Kadreth1 1h
2h [A] <Broken Dreams> Late Night Raiding Who we are: Our core team have been gaming together, across a mix of genres, for over 10 years. We've successfully lead communities, guilds, raids, dungeons, attunement processes and pretty much anything in between. We're a light hearted bunch who know how to knuckle down and get the job done. Most of the team is fluent in 'unsavoury language' and at times 'crude humour', so user discretion as advised. Over the years there have been both relaxed and extremely focussed periods, as has suited the group and the content of the games we've played. We have now decided to start up a raid team again, with the view of running Normal in the immediacy, then Heroic shortly after. We'll then progress on to mythic when we are ready. We plan to raid 3 nights per week at 3 hours per night, as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 22:00 - 01:00 (Server Time) Potential team members will have the following: A good level of both written and spoken English and a working microphone. Self motivation and a desire to improve through research, practice and experimentation. The ability to take constructive criticism and develop through it. A willingness to communicate via Discord and participate in role, class and strategy discussion. A sense of humour and the capacity to deal with mockery and wanton tomfoolery. The ability to commit to 3/3 raids most weeks. (We understand that there are other things in life and things come up, the exceptions, but we do take raiding seriously and want to build a stable team.) What we don't want: Drama Queens, Rage Quits, Elitest Jerks, Negativity & Selfishness We are recruiting the following to bolster our ranks: Tanks: Warrior, Druid (Tanks will be expected to have a raid ready DPS off-spec) Melee: Rogue, Monk, Warrior, Druid, DK Ranged: Priest, Warlock, Mage, Hunter Healers: Druid, Shaman, Paladin Members are expected to be competent at off specs and be open to playing different roles as guild requirements demand, though we will endeavour to accommodate your desired spec. Contact Jaikon#2435 or Rabb#2184 if you're intrested.Féyd2 2h
2h [A] <The Alternative> is recruiting! Hiya all, Another recruitment post. Bear with me. Who are we? We at <The Alternative> are a social raiding guild with a 2-nights a week raiding schedule. While we profile as a raiding guild, the social aspect of playing is important to us. Our guild chat is usually active with banter and/or discussions about mechanical keyboards and/or each others sisters. Most of us are fairly busy in real life, thus raiding is kept to two days a week. Aside from the raids we run mythic(+)s together and sometimes mess around in old content. tl;dr: We are laid back but take raiding/dungeons seriously. Who are you? As a prospective recruit, you are a capable player with an interest in raiding and/or mythic+ dungeons. You don't just play the game for hardcore raiding, but want a guild you can chill out with and chat a bit about real life. tl;dr: You want to raid in a relaxed atmosphere. Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday; 7:45 - 23:00ish server time Open recruitment: We will currently consider all healers and DPS, but have a particular interest in non-tank druids, warlocks, rogues. Some numbers: You can find our WoWprogress at Interested, now what? If you are interested in joining, you can respond here with your contact details, contact me ingame on Valtuda or add me on as Valtuda#2321. Cya around, ValValtuda0 2h
2h [A] Solid Blue is Recruiting! Greetings everyone! Solid Blue is a Guild looking to do Normal and Heroic content in a timely manner while having a lot of fun in a very friendly environment! :) We used to be a Hardcore Guild (Raided HFC Mythic in WoD) but now we want to relax and have fun raids in a positive environment while still doing content. As such we're looking for casual players (Hardcore players also welcome, but bare in mind that Mythic Raids aren't something we are planning to do) who want to join us and clear Emerald Nightmare before the next tier comes out! Besides Raiding,we will also be forming groups for people to do Mythic Dungeons and Mythic+ Keystones together so that everyone can help each other gear and grind Artifact Power to be Raid Ready AND befriend each other! :) Our Raid Days and Time are as follow: Wednesday Friday Sunday 20:00 (Realm time) - 22:30 Loot will always be PERSONAL LOOT The days and time CAN be discussed, but only after we establish the Raid Team and put up a Straw Poll. Like I stated before we are here to have fun, I don't want this to ruin anyone's real life schedule nor do I want this to feel like a chore. :) Rules are simple: 1. Be ready and on time for Raids if you Accept them on the Calendar. Mainly flasks, food AND knowing tactics for the boss (FatbossTV has plenty of easy to follow guides, so you can easily be prepared) bonus points to those who go the extra mile and get their gear fully enchanted and gemmed, the Guild Bank will help you with this whenever it is possible of course. (Slowly starting to fill it, when Challenges are completed the Guild Bank gold will be towards these Raid consumables) If you won't be able to make it to a Raid, simply whisper me beforehand so I can make some changes! :) 2. Be respectful and don't start any drama! We will NOT tolerate any kind of drama in the Guild, we are supposed to be having fun while playing a game we love, not be elitists or at war with each other. 3. Help a fellow Guild mate when possible. This is extremely important because it's the pillar of creation (pun intended) of the Guild, we enjoy helping and giving EVERYONE a chance to Raid and be part of the group! :) If you do want to join the raid team you will need the following: - Artifact Level 20 - Item Level 840 Even if you don't meet these requirements DON'T WORRY because we WILL help you achieve them, it is not a problem, like I've stated before, helping Guild Mates is the pillar of creation of this Guild. :) Don't be afraid of these requirements because they're fairly easy to achieve, especially with the help of Guild Mates, most of you probably already have Artifact Level 20 if you've been playing since the beginning of the expansion. If you want to join us, whisper GodofC0okies#1274 and we will speak there or have an interview on Discord, whichever you prefer! :) Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!Lórdcöökies6 2h
2h <Johnny Bravo> Alliance. Recruiting! Guild Name: Johnny Bravo. A bunch of British People and that Norwegian guy! Raiding Schedule: Once we have sorted out players and People that is interrested we will discuss raid times Faction: Alliance Progress: We havent started raiding yet, but we aim at starting pretty soon when we get a full raid team! What our Guild can offer: A relaxed and fun raiding environment. Also we do lots of sosial stuff togheter, we are never quiet when it comes to this side. A diverse group of players to engage in activities with Discord Ideal Candidates: Are mature, over 16 years Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset UI Requirements: Omen Some boss timers: DXE, DBM or Bigwigs Once again, contacts: Send in game Message to Flexatròn, or add me for a talk on bnet. Soldier76#21288 Hope to hear from you!Sveä1 2h
3h [Horde][LFGuild][Raid][PVP] hello, Im looking for a Horde raiding guild I'm prepaird to fight for the former glory of the realm it once was to a healty 1:1. Back in the day i played here so. I've come back after quiting retail for years after woltk came out i only played for a short while on an other account in cataclysm so its been a while. so if your a guildmaster / officer looking for active weekly raider here i am. dewittejager#2266 add me for the horde guild. dewittejagerDewittejager0 3h
6h [A] Guardians of the Galaxy Recruitment Thread ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ Guardians of the Galaxy ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ ||||||||||” You said it yourself b*tch. We are the Guardians of the Galaxy ” |||||||| ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ Alliance Silvermoon EU ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ Hey, what's up Silvermoon. Let us introduce ourselves. We are a helpful friendly semi-hardcore minded social guild looking for more skilled gamers to join us in clearing all content possible focusing on high level Mythic Keystone dungeons, Raids from Normal to Mythic mode including all achievements and some off-time PvP action. Haven’t got much time to raid? No problem we only raid 1-2 days a week and allow our space teams to flexibly clear mythic keystone dungeons at a time suited to them and also rotate our space teams weekly to help socialize with other guild members more. Currently looking for superiorly enhanced Lifeforms or awesome Humans to come on a galactic adventure with us to progress through Emerald Nightmare, Mythic Keystone dungeons and a lot of other content. We are looking for: Warlock - All specs Mage - All specs Check our Website out: No need to make an application. We will do a short but thorough interview in-game. Add BTAG: Groot#21179 If you have any questions or want to apply. Raiding Schedule: Sunday 18:30 PM - 22:30 PM RT / Monday 19:45 PM - 23:15 PM RTØrøphin6 6h
8h <ShapeShift> 7/7 Normal Recruiting RDPS <ShapeShift> is a newly formed guild on EU-Silvermoon. We are now looking for a few players to fill our rooster. Our main focus will be on Heroic, and we will try Mythic if we clear normal and heroic and got time for it. We aim to raid 3 days a week; Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 21:00-00:00 realm time . So if you are a player who wants to raid seriously but not too hardcore. We would like to hear from you. Feel free to apply even if we're not currently recruiting your class and spec. Atm we are in need of some ranged dps Hunters mainly, and mdps Rogue. but any class feel free too apply, Add me on battlenet Huskop#2436 or fill in an application on We cleared 7/7 In first two nights, and are moving into Heroic atm :)Silphy6 8h
8h Filthy Lil Hobbits [21+] - tight-knit Social Raiding ...Lïttlepaw85 8h
8h [Old] Late night, twice a week. Greetings, champions! The resistance against the Burning Legion has been going full force for a few weeks now, and soon we will be facing even greater foes that threaten our world with obliteration. That is why we are recruiting capable heroes to fight for our cause, and bring the Legion's invasion on Azeroth to a definitive end. Who are we? We are <Old>, a raiding guild that's been around for a while. We've had a very successful campaign during Warlords of Draenor, where we've been very competitive at progression in our timeslot. Our core has stuck together ever since the start of that expansion, and we're looking to bolster our ranks once more with likeminded people that--above all--fit our style of play and character. We're very laidback, sociable, cheerful and focused on our goals, a mix that has worked very well for us in the past. What do we offer? We raid two days a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 21:30 until 00:30 server time. Within this timeslot, we are looking to progress towards Mythic in a steady and competitive manner. Raids are fun, and we like to celebrate that by being laidback, have a laugh, and make it a very social experience, while also putting in the effort each pull to be consistent and learn from mistakes. Your input is always valued, be it related to the encounter or just being social. Loot is distributed via loot council. What are we looking for? We are currently recruiting people that can pull their weight during the cutting edge of progression, within a focused and limited timeslot. Recruitment is currently open for: Healers: Holy Paladin/Priest, all healers will be considered Ranged: Mage and Warlock Melee: Will consider non-leather Exceptional applicants will always be considered. You should be able to speak English, have access to TeamSpeak and Discord, and a stable internet connection. We can't stress enough that, due to our limiting timeslot, attendance and punctuality are very important. As a character, be raid ready in terms of gear and personal progression (i.e. third relic slot). We are not asking for ridiculous item levels (we never do), but be sure to pull your weight on day one! Contact Interested? Want to know more? Make an application at Or contact us through Fernie#2599 Rezandy#2873 gvandur#2502 Thank you for your time!Fernie7 8h
10h [A] Victus About Victus A guild which has existed since start Cata on Alliance, Silvermoon. We are looking for people to fill up our roster. We are a group of people who like to raid and have fun in game. Most of us have a lot of experience in previous raids. We like to aim high in our raids. When we raid • Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time • Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time • Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time What we are looking for • Raiders (Any Spec) What do we expect from you Not going to bore you with the positive attitude and good punctuality stuff, any good raider knows how it's suppose to be anyway. We just expect you to have a laugh, there is nothing more boring than wiping on a boss with silence on vent. A great sense of humor would be a must here, but also able to take criticism. If you are doing something wrong, but are trying, expect someone to tell you, then you can improve on it. Drawing the line between when humor is appropriate and when something serious needs to get done will be a necessity. What can you expect from us A relaxed, fun environment. Pushing people to do something they don't want to do is not the way everyone wants to raid, it just lowers focus and ends up causing more than it started. So most raids can be a democracy. If enough people really think we can't get a certain boss down without a bit more gear or research, the guild will honor that and make a choice based on what other people think. We use the EPGP system so loots are fair. How to contact us You can contact me or one of the other officers in-game. U can also find us on alts. • Taelyn (Taelyn#2282) • TsiraTaelyn0 10h
11h [A] <Nightlight> HC/Mythic Raid Guild Nightlight are a brand new guild to Silvermoon with our leaders coming from Mythic backgrounds on Magtheridon and Kazzak EU. We're starting again here in Silvermoon and are looking for raiders of all backgrounds to join us in Legion. No previous mythic experience is required, we'll teach you everything you need to know! Our guilds basic ruleset is as follows. No racism, homophobia or sexism. No controversial topic discussions in the guild chat or raid (it never ends well) Speak English only in chat. All raiders must be signed up on calendar for entry. Loot will be Personal Loot. Distribution of unwanted gear will be dealt with via Loot Council if all parties cannot agree. We use Discord for voice comms. Mic, headset and ability to speak and understand English clearly is necessary. We will be raiding Wed/Thurs at 8:30 - 11:30pm Server Time with a vote cast on a Monday raid at the same time for progression/gearing purposes. We are currently 7/7 NM and looking to keep building for HC and Mythic. Thing's we'd like to know about you! Age Country Class/Spec you wish to play. Submit any applications here and feel free to whisper me in game to get my attention!Cinderhale49 11h
12h [A] Imperfect, Back and Relocated. Imperfect was originally founded on Tarren Mill by dedicated raiders with a wish to have fun and still have progress, without being too hardcore. The idea behind this guild was to prove that serious game performance and progress can be achieved without sacrificing a social life. World of Warcraft, no matter how fun, is still a game, and we highly encourage our members to not only be great players, by giving their best possible performance during raids, but also make friends and have a laugh every now and then. Therefore, we are not only looking for SKILLED players, but for players that know their class and use teamwork to work hard to achieve a common goal. One of our strongest points, besides our great bond with each other, is the professionalism of the guild leaders. Every decision that would effect the guild is voted for by all officers to ensure fairness, all of which are past experienced guild and raid leaders that are 100% dedicated to ensure the smooth running of Imperfect. So not only will we be raiding, but you can trust that a team of capable people will be doing a lot of hard work in order to make sure that the guild is always moving in the right direction and progressing as expected. Our current raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesday: 19:30 - 22:30 Thursday: 19:30 - 22:30 Monday: 19:30 - 22:30 We are currently looking for: Tanks: Blood DK or Prot Warrior. Healers: Holy or Discipline Priest. Damage: Mage, Deathknight, Warrior. Plus all exceptional players Please contact us in-game or visit for more info. ThanksVkáy0 12h
15h [A] WINTERS HEART - 5/7HC - recruiting DPS Hello everyone! Founded in 2005, Winters Heart is one of Silvermoon's oldest steady raiding guilds, having raided every tier of content available since Molten Core all the way through to Emerald Nightmare. We raid three days a week on a mandatory basis: every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 19.30 to 23.00 server time. We are interested in applicants who know their class exceptionally well, play it accordingly, and behave professionally in raids. Your raid experience and gear level should also be adequate to match our raid targets. At the same time, we expect our members to be engaged in the guild socially. We take our raiding seriously, but we also aim to have a vibrant community that makes it fun to play the game regardless of content. Alts are welcome and can join some raid fun on our social & alt runs. Like many guilds, we have members from throughout Europe, so it's a must to have a good ability to write, read and understand English. You should also be 20+ years old to fit into our ranks. Visit our website at and read in detail about us there, or feel free to whisper our recruitment officer Ruxitza (Bnet: Ruxitza#2166) for further information. Recruitment status: Ranged dps - Mage, Priest, Boomkin, Warlock Melee dps - DH, WwMonk, Warrior We encourage exceptional players of any class to apply regardless of whether there are openings for that class/role. Our general ilvl requirement on PvE gear is 845+. Current Raid Status: We have a steady raid team and we are looking for a few more excellent raiders to balance our team for raiding in Emerald Nightmare and the raids to come. We are aiming for Mythic content, as we did every expansion so far. Current Raid Progress: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal 5/7 HeroicRuxitza4 15h
17h WTT Gold from Outland to Silvermoon As the title says i'm looking for someone to trade with on Silvermoon. I am able to trade up to 700k gold at the moment and i'm not interested in anything below 200k. Anyone interested please contact me on bnet Bleya#2845 or leave a comment here. P.S. Just to make it clear, my gold is on Outland Alliance and i'm interested in Alliance gold as well.Bleyâ0 17h
19h [A] Absurdum is now recruiting! Absurdum is a 20 man Mythic raiding guild on Silvermoon EU. We are around 10 years, previously based on Draenor, Defias Brotherhood and Venture Co. We're looking for exceptional players to come join us progress through Emerald Nightmare and beyond. High attendance and mature attitude is must. We are now 6/7HC in Emerald Nightmare. We are now looking for: - Warlock - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Ranged Hunter - Shadow Priest We will also consider all other DPS specs! Our website: If you wish to make an application please use our web application formula. If you have some questions contact me (Sabrage#2512) or our other officers (Lasagná, Ciresh, Partolo or Toore) in game. Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 19:30 - 23:30 Thursday 19:30 - 23:30 Sunday 19:30 - 23:30Sabrie12 19h
22h Group of 5 LF Raiding Guild - EU-SIlvermoon! Hi, Myself and 4 of my friends are looking for a predominately PvE based guild/community where we can clear current Heroic content and progress on to Mythic if possible. We're all from a raiding background and have an extensive knowledge on all of our classes and as a result, try to maximise our output in any situation. We're all currently 7/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic in Emerald Nightmare and wanting to push this as soon as possible. Our vision is to have this on farm so we can attempt Mythic content. We're fairly flexible would like to raid 2 days a week if possible so we can devote sometime to Mythic + as an alternative and viable way to gear. As we're a 5 man group currently, we would be happy to integrate with other players to help with Mythic + and vice versa. We're composed of 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 3 DPS (1 Melee and 2 Ranged). I have pasted below our armory links for your perusal. Protection Warrior - 853ilvl Holy Priest - 851ilvl Fire Mage - 852ilvl Beast Mastery Hunter - 853ilvl Unholy Death Knight - 849ilvl If you're interested in this post then please either respond below or add me on battle tag Jay#21447 and we can discuss :) Cheers!Yunalescá1 22h
1d &lt;Lethal Squad&gt; is recruiting! Our intention is build up strong team for Legion onwards. We are looking for Legion mythic raiding and stay in top5-10 on Silvermoon! Why should I join Lethal Squad? • Become part of CORE team (we are building stable and reliable 25 man team) • Top 200-500 world mindset in Legion • Get new friends • Play with experienced people - Cutting edge (even in previous expansions) Our exceptations of you: • Motivation / Team spirit • Stable attendance • Stable internet • Ability to quick learn from your mistakes • Know your class and you are willing to learn all the time • Always prepared, able to understand encounters, willing to use best possible consumables • We are looking for mature people who are able to handle constructive criticism • TS3, we do expect you to communicate with us • We are looking for competitive people Expect from us: • Cutting edge progression • High standarts • Friendly enviroment • Relaxed atmosphere • Social aspect • Experienced leadership • Stable raid spot • Another ingame activities Raiding Times: Wednesday 19:30 - 23 Thursday 19:30 - 23 Sunday 19:30 - 23 Monday 19:30 - 23 (optional - if pushing progress before reset) Invites going out always 19:15 Recruitment: Updated recruitment status can be found on our website (core spots) However all classes will be considered! Website: Contact: WildRage#216859Crítcat88 1d
1d [A] Looking for social guild Hi everyone! I'm a new player that's looking to join a social guild. Since I'm new I'm mostly looking for a social guild where I can level and learn about the game among friendly guildmates atm, and take on different kind of content together- but I do want to raid when I'm prepared for it. I'm interested in pve and pvp, but my end-goal is raiding. However the most important thing I'm looking for is to meet new people and make new friends to do that with. At the time of writing this I have a lvl 46 feral night elf druid, running feral for leveling atm, but I'll primarily use it for healing since I love being a healer. I've just moved to wow after playing gw2 for 3,5 years or so, both pve, pvp and wvw- mostly wvw at the end though, after I left a mostly pve-guild that I was an officer in for a year. I got bored with the game and moved on after I had raided (wvw raids) with a few guilds that all disbanded after a while. And irl I'm a 21-year old Swedish girl that's studying, but am on sick leave atm so I have a lot of spare time :) Thanks, Miraenara (call me Mira) :)Miraenara0 1d
1d 850 Boomkin LFG 3/7 HC Pretty much title, I've done Ursoc, Il'gynoth and Elerethe on HC with my previous guild. Looking for a guild that's started heriocs already or is 7/7 and is a friendly place to be. Thanks, KumaKumà2 1d
1d Old School tank LF Guild Hello every1 here, Im willing to transfer from Stormscale to Silvermoon server, make faction change back to my originally Alliance, and im looking for a guild. First of all, im playing WoW since May 2005 with some breaks ofc, and im 28 years old, married. Used to be guild leader /officir/ raid leader of a lot guilds, but due to WoW population decreasing and inactivity of people not easy to stay and work on constant refill roaster. This is my main during all those years. It used to be healing speced till WOTLK when i switched and started tanking with it. Since then im on Tank MS and DPS/Holy OS. At this moment im looking to stay on this as main but might change to tanking warrior , in upcoming expansion . Beside this for alt if guild needs it i have: Warr 100 lvl prot DK 100 lvl Blood Druid 100lvl resto (used to play guardian at start) Mage lvl 100 any spec Hunter lvl 100 played PvP mainly with this char monk lvl 75 (tank) did get bored and have stopped playing. Im looking for some 2-3 times of raiding per week, but when we start with raid i want to everyone give all of their effort for those 3-4 hours. Raid time is more or less ok with me, but perfect time would be 22:00 or so, but any time at the moment can come in consideration. Since im bored of HFC i will play more or less casual till Legion releases. My attendance would be 95% of time, or even more but will take those 5% as reserve :) Add straydergame#2311 if u are interested. Cheers! [u][/u]Heavymachine11 1d
1d Looking for a casual/raiding guild 835 fury warrior Hi I am looking for a new guild to call home! I am a older player and im looking for a guild where people actualy talk to eachother and do stuff together, like running heroics, mythics and building a strong team that enjoys playing the game together. I have been playing since WoTLK and i am still going but due to expansions closing and new comming guilds die out and again being left behind i am looking for a new guild . About me: Like i said i am a older gamer, 40 years young :) I am from holland I do have a working mic and can download any voice comms that are needed. But due to my work i am unable to raid longer then passed 22:00. Unless im not working the next morning ofc .Leeuwenhart2 1d
1d Looking for a guild to join! Hi everyone, i am a returning player but fairly new at the same time, im finding it so hard to find a guild to join, im requesting in game and never hear back! Is anyone able to help please, im just looking for a friendly and helpful guild to hopefully get to know people and enjoy the game through grouping etc. I dont do PVP btw :) I am just a casual player who may raid in the future but its not my main priority right now, i need to learn more of the game etc, I play as a retribution Paladin as my main character i also enjoy the healing side of things! Please let me know. Thank you Alyssie :)Alyssie6 1d
1d [A]*Sell Thread* Selling EN boosts or Xavius only Hello. Similar to BRF and HFC , where we had over 1000 happy customers, we will do the same again in EN: Me and my crew are running people that have interest in getting gear and achievements in EN,with the cheapest price this server can offer. About the team: 12-14 people, all carefully picked, mastering logs (95 percentiles and above), Best in slot geared. Loot: Reserving loot for buyers according to their gear-type (i.e leather,cloth,mail,plate) All other loot is to-roll-for (tiers, accessories, weapons), it is worth mentioning that this raid has a lot of roll-for gear, and with our already completed boosts we can say for sure no one will leave without atleast 1 of each type that is included in the term "accessory". We offer the following spots: 1. Regular gear reservation: you get all loot for your class type (cloth,mail..) and rolling on accessories. this is done with Personal loot method, our boosters will not be saved and trade you loot they receive. 2. Xavius: we also sell Xavius only spots, which will be killed with personal loot, right after we finished the full run boost. The runs occur every Saturday at 5pm, whilst Xavius kills usually start at 7 ish. We are usually full by Wednesday so hurry up and get your spot! For securing your spot and getting into our runs contact me in game (mail,whispers, whatever) Distortions#2306 *we take 10% of the amount for Xavius kills to reserve spots and ensure people will be there *we take 20% of the amount for full run spots to make sure people that buy it show up. See you in game Hellshield Hellshield141 1d
1d [A] <Order of the Templar> Casual PvE recruitment Hello, We are recruiting casual members to run raids and mythic keystone content with. The guild is small at the moment but we are looking to add more casual players to our roster. With life comes commitments, be it a job or family, so we are not going to set a raiding shift pattern or demand attendance. Just log on when you want to and maybe jump into some challenging content. If you are looking for a hardcore raiding guild then please look past us. We are just a bunch of old school players looking to have a friendly atmosphere to help each other out and have a laugh with PvE content when we feel like it. If you are interested in joining or have any questions then please message Grundril in game or Loith #2561 Thanks for reading!Grundril0 1d
1d [A]Old Blood - Casual guild for Casuals Hi everyone, Old Blood is a CASUAL guild (to not be mistaken with a SOCIAL guild) mainly for Old School players. Constantly returning to WOW I realized that majority of the posts were "Recruiting for Mythic"/"Looking for X class"/"Progress"/etc. So why not a home for those who don't have the time for 5-4-3-2 days of "progression" anymore? Why not a home for the Old School player, the one who has work/family/kids? If you feel you do not have the time to pour in countless hours as you used to do years ago into WoW, that's OK, you don't have to. Our current roster is comprised of people between 25 up to 45, people with families, jobs, real life and to be honest we intend to keep it that way. If you feel you are part of this category, you are welcome to join us. How do WE see casual? - For us Casual means you do not have time to play 3 hours a day just to prepare for a 4 hour raid. - It means you have life commitments, which may come before your wow time and you don't want to sign up for a raid and then not make it - It means that we have little time to play, and when we do play, we will not waste our fellow guildies' precious time HOWEVER: - Casual does not mean that when you group up with us in dungeons / raids you stand in the fire and it's all giggles - Casual does not mean that because you are a dps !@#$%, you will not self heal (and then die) - We simply ask that if you group with guildies, you are decent and act like a decent human being Do NOT contact us IF: - your first question is "how many members are there in the guild" - our strength is not in numbers, it is in maturity - your first question is "when do you raid?" - we don't commit to any raiding, if at some point we will have the numbers, we will try, but it will not be mandatory - your first question is "what's your progress" - we don't care about progress, but we will certainly try to in the casual manner we wish to - you can't take a joke Please contact anyone ingame for an invite, or if you want to further discuss add me up: Chronos #2824 Cheers, PandePandarium0 1d
1d <Amberfall> recruiting for Mythic Raiding Guild Info <Amberfall> is a newly formed raiding guild consisting of a core of people who have a lot of raiding experience. We are currently looking for a few more players to finish up our current roster. What can you expect from us? Serious raids with experienced players, including healthy competition within the guild and a laidback atmosphere. Requirements - Having TS3 installed together with a working microphone, as well as being able to communicate in English. - Being able to perform well in a competitive raiding environment. - Being on time for raids with necessary preparations. - Being able to handle criticism. Recruitment Status We are currently open to and will consider applicants of all classes and specs, as a good player will always have room in our guild. However, what we are mostly looking for atm are the following classes/specs/roles; Mage Warlock SpriestRaid Times Wednesday 19:00 – 23:00 Thursday 19:00 – 23:00 Sunday 19:00 – 23:00 If you’re interested in joining the guild or want more info, please contact one of the Officers via BattleTag: Danner#2462 Gurri#2249 Cadex#2280 We hope to hear from you soon!Aedîr5 1d
1d [A] Method in Madness - Fun, friendly, mature raiding 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare - our raid team found Normal very easy, we will be running Heroic Emerald Nightmare starting this Sunday! Method in Madness is a raiding and social guild set up for like minded individuals looking to do PvE content in Legion. We are looking to clear Normal and Heroic raids and Mythic and Mythic Plus dungeons. If you are not interested in any of that, you can simply join for a laugh too! Both raiders and socials are welcome! Our core philosophy: We are looking to provide a chilled and friendly (sometimes lewd and silly) atmosphere, we want to make the guild feel as drama free as possible; we require that all members are mature and 21+ years of age. Plus our approach to resolving disputes (if they arise) will be as reconciliatory as possible. What do we mean by mature? Maturity, like many generic terms can have a broad number of meanings. The specific meaning that we adopt is a non hostile, humble, respectful and helpful approach to the game and each other. So we are looking for mature people who will not argue and get upset over loot. We are looking for mature people who will not discriminate against other members based on gender, race, sexuality, religion or anything else that is divisive. We are looking for mature people who do not measure themselves by their 'e-peen' and often chastise others for poor performance. We are looking for mature people who are encouraging rather than critical. We are also looking for immature people who are lewd as hell and often behave like 12 year old children when it comes to having fun! Our raiding philosophy: We are looking to provide a competent but relaxed raiding environment. This means that at least some raiding experience is necessary, and a good understanding of your spec is also preferred. This does not mean that we expect you to be the best DPS/Healer and World First raider. Mistakes are allowed and often encouraged, as long as we can learn from them and move on from them together. If however, something is explained clearly over and over again and the same issues keep popping up, we will have to find alternative ways of resolving the issue - Note: this does not always involve being kicked from the raiding team, an encouraging and friendly chat sometimes helps too, as can other things! Raiding Information: Our Raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesdays and Sundays starting 8pm server time. We have a Discord server and both Discord and a working mic will be required by all raid members. We are currently looking for any healer/ranged dps hybrid. So a Boomkin/Restoration Druid or Restoration Shaman/Elemental Shaman etc; the rest of our core raiding team is currently full on all roles, but if you are still interested in joining us, please still get in touch and apply, we could invite you in as a backup raid member or even eventually a core raid member if someone leaves; you may end up being a perfect fit for us. If you have any other questions or are interested in joining don't hesitate to pm Velnara, Treazz, Tyraev or Arcerius in game or drop a message here if we're not available. NOTE: If you are under the age of 21, you are more than welcome to join as long as you agree with everything above. Age is not a great reflection of maturity, some 30 years olds are more immature than some 12 years olds (like myself :p). It's more about the attitudes I have listed above!Velnara30 1d
1d <WolfDrake> 2 days /week LFM WolfDrake is a progress-minded 2-days/week raiding Guild situated on Silvermoon, the largest PvE realm among EU servers. Our main goal is to tackle and clear current highest difficulty content as it's released. To do so, we aim to build a team centered around this idea and comprised of individuals who share our goal and passion for raiding, but cannot necessarily afford to spare more evenings to do so. We are looking for players who know their class inside and out, who aren't afraid to research both their role and the demands of the challenges we're facing; Players who always come prepared and who appreciate that the time we have to progress is limited, and therefore precious to every member of the raid team. While we aim to get into raids as soon as possible, until we have a stable team going, we intend to run the highest Mythic+ Dungeons we can reach to keep on par gear-wise and continue progressing our characters. Raid times: Friday 21h - 00h Server Time Sunday 21h - 00h Server Time Recruiting: Ranged DPS, preferably 1-2 Mages, Hunter, Warlock. However, all outstanding applications will be given due consideration. If this suits your raiding affinity and you feel that you're a right fit for our team, head on over to our Website and fill out an Application form. Further information about the guild, including the guild rules, can also be found on the Guild website. Contact info: You can reach us on the website Battlenet : Riljrak - Riljrak#21543 Warrgulf - Gatsu#2954Ríllidan12 1d
1d Deus Ex Mortem-LF Heals for Emerald Nightmare 3/7 Hi, Deus Ex Morem is a social/raiding guild on the Alliance and currently we are in high need of socials to fill the ranks. We also need raiders to join our team for Legion. If you have a guildless alt or just want to settle down in a growing guild on your main then we would love to welcome you in. The leaders and Officers in Deus Ex Mortem have been raiding since TBC but have always been split up for different reasons. Some of us wanted to raid heroic, where others did not have the time for this and stuck to normals. We always had the idea to start a social/raiding guild at some point to be together and in Wrath we decided to do this on Draenor (horde). After clearing ICC 10 on normal and HC Cataclysm was released where we cleared Tier 11, 12 and 13 all on normal with some bosses on heroic. Eventhough we have always taken our raiding serious we never forgot the social side of our guild and had people on TS through the day and our guild chat was always active. When Pandaria was released a lot of our members did not feel the vibe and decided to quit wow resulting in our guild slowly dieing. A few months ago a few of us who remained decided to move to Silvermoon and join the Alliance as this is where most of us started in Vanilla and here we are. We want to build on this guild with the same idea as we used to have and we welcome everyone in. For raiders though we ask for, full enchanted, gems and knowledge of the bosses we do on the night (No one likes standing around explaining tacts) We will have a specific day of the week where we will boost lower levels or help people get certain mounts from older raids like ICC, DS, FL you name it and will also hold contests for our veteran members with great prices like mounts, pets or gold. Our focus is now on gearing up for the new Legion Raids to progress to HC. - We are and want to stay an 18+ guild A friendly chilled out attitude, ilvl, gems, enchants and knowledge of the fights required. To apply or more info /w Fangradel,Skullcrushëd, Pöë, Or Apply on Cheers SkullPöë4 1d
1d ★ <Alternatives> The Weekend Raiding Guild ★ Hi Silvermoon, <Alternatives> is recruiting players for our weekend raids . A few things about us: The idea of the guild is to facilitate organised raids to players who can't or don't want to make raid times during the week due to real life commitments. We aim to be a casual guild. In our case this means that we are happy with clearing a raid instance on normal mode in a fun and relaxed way, rather then beating our heads against heroic bosses. For us being casual does NOT mean we don't care about our progression or attendance, but that we have more important things happening in our lifes. It is our intension to bring back the guild feeling that you could experience during Karazahn in The Burning Crusade or in normal mode guilds during Wrath of the Lich King. Good company is important to us and we consider guild members our friends. This also means we try to minimise the number of players that have to sit out at the raid weekend. We do not believe in over-recruiting players for personal gain / progression. Our raid times: Fridays : 20:00 to 23:30 Saturdays : 20:00 to 23:30 Loot System: Main raid : Suicide Kings Alt run : MS > OS A few things you should bring: You should be over 21 years of age You should be friendly, polite, mature and reliable You should be OK with being "a Casual" You should be able to communicate in English Current vacancies Tanks none DPS warlock, hunter, moonkin, mage (3) Healer none ... Progression [Patch 7.0] 1/7 The Emerald Nightmare (heroic) 7/7 The Emerald Nightmare (normal) [Patch 6.2] 13 / 13 Hellfire Citadel (heroic) 13 / 13 Hellfire Citadel (normal) Social members are of course always welcome. You should however posses the same qualities as mentioned above. If you are interested feel free to contact any officer, use the in-game guild recruitment tool or apply on our website. For additional information please visit us : follow us @Alternatives_EU We are looking forward to see the one or other of you in our guild list soon! Thanks for reading this and rock on good people! -FinFinsternis323 1d
1d <Om Nom Nom> is recruiting - All classes and levels! Hi everyone *waves wildly* <Om Nom Nom> has been a bit silent for the last few months but now we are back and we are recruiting active social players to join our ranks to get the guild up and running again. We are a bunch of happy people who loves to hang out and have fun while doing dungeons, raids, PvP or just have a laugh in guild chat or on our TS server (new one will be up for legion). Miss the feeling of having a place to call home? A place where all is welcome, experienced or not, a place to just hang out in and be among friends? Then <Om Nom Nom> is the place for you to be. Also... we love food... Especially cake... Mmm...*drools* In Legion we will start up a raiding team once again, but for now we are focusing on recruiting active social players and bring back the guild to its core: having fun and enjoying the game with likeminded people <3 If you think we are the right guild for you, please send me a whisper ingame on Blaabaer or Hindbaer or whisper any of the online people. Or post a reply here and I will add you asap. Thanks for your time. - Blaabaer aka Maria (Battletag: Arwell#2261 - Feel free to add me for an invite if you can't find me online ingame)Blaabaer41 1d
1d <So dead> 1/7 HC LF Healers + DPS Hello everyone, The objective is to clear mythic content raiding 3 nights a week (aiming to clear content before each new content patch) in a nice environment which means that we will highly promote events outside of raiding such as organising challenge mode teams and old content and achievements but also competitions with prizes within the guild (trust me they are fun). As I'm sure most of you are in the same situation, Draenor left me drained and feeling as if there was no community left in the game, I really want to promote camaderie in the guild and if you feel the same then you might find your home with us! Raiding nights: Monday - Wednesday - Thursday: 8 - 11.30 (possibly 00:00 depending on progression) What would be expected of you: Showing up to raids prepared (flasks, food, enchants, knowing strats) Having a good teamwork mentality Leaving the drama lama at home Don't stand in fire Have fun and have a sense of humour What you can expect from the guild: A well organised guild An experienced RL and GL RL that doesn't shout in raids (I believe motivation is the key to success) Organised events outside of raiding Scottish banter Voice com RECRUITING ALL DPS and TWO HEALERS (Resto Sham + Holy Pala) CONTACT: skype => danielle.weddle bnet => RAZ#22387 or HGR#21239Cherryjelly4 1d
1d <The Dark Ravens> Recruitment Post <The Dark Ravens> We are forming a group of dedicated raiders who want to succeed in raiding! The open roles are currently (Classes/Specs that havent been listed are also welcome, just these are the main ones were looking for, but we can still use you): - Warrior Tank - Paladin Tank - Druid Tank - Druid Healer - Shaman Healer - Paladin Healer - Druid DPS (Balance or Feral) - Paladin DPS - Mage DPS - Rogue DPS - DK DPS We will be raiding on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, the raid times are stated below: Wednesday: 19:00 - 22:00 server time [GMT] Friday: 20:00 - 00:00 server time [GMT] Saturday: 21:00 - 01:00 server time [GMT] The requirements for raiding will be TS and most importantly a MIC! Communication is key, If you dont have a mic but can still listen to tactics atc then that is also fine. The TS Log In will be provided when you join the guild! :) Looking forward to be raiding with you. :) If you are interested please PM in game on Tebow my hunter or just leave a post on here and ill get back to you ASAP!Tebo0 1d
1d Nephirium - Recruiting For Legion PVE Nephirium is a brand new Alliance raiding guild aiming for Heroic Raids, and Mythic Dungeons. Or, if you're not interested in any of that, feel free to join as a social. What you can expect: I've always raided in a more casual environment, meaning no mandatory attendance, you play what you enjoy, and no one'll give you a hard time for playing a spec that's pulling a bit less DPS than the most optimal, for example. But, with most of the guilds I have had experience with, the casual part is, in my opinion, taken a bit too far. E.g Signing for raids and not showing up, showing up half an hour late without giving anyone notice, arguing while still in the raid, things like that. Now ofcourse, if these things happen once or twice, no problem, we'll just forget about it, and carry on. But if these things keep happening over and over, there has to be some kind of repercussion, which I've always found a lack off. And that's why I've decided to give my own guild a go. The basic core philosophy is: A casual raiding guild, where attendance is not mandatory, but when you decide to sign up,you commit to it. You arrive on time, ready to raid, with preferably having checked up on the bosses a bit. You listento the calls the Raid Leader makes, and if you disagree about something, you talk about it after the raid. To apply, just fill this in, or just have a chat with me ingame. Battletag Xeniphus#2242 Do keep in mind, this is a brand new guild, and I'm doing what I can to get it started as fast as I can. About you: Name: Character Name: Class: Spec: Previous Guilds: Previous Raiding Experience: Favourite Encounter: Most Challenging Boss/Bosses: Do you have a Headsit and Mic ? Most Rewarding Aspect Ingame: Most Frustrating Aspect Ingame: About you character: Main Armory Link: Any Other Armory Links you'd like to include: Have you ever swapped Mains ? Other stuff: Which Addons do you use ? Attendance: Any Other Comments: Do you have any questions ?Cahel16 1d
1d {A} Insane Asylum - Recruiting Insane Asylum is Recruiting for our Reinforced Roster 2// Tanks 4// Healers 14// DPS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently in Search of Ranged dps, classes such as; Hunters - BM/MM Warlock Mage (potentially) Priest - Shadow --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are also looking for a Healer. Priest - Holy --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are Currently not Actively seeking Melee DPS. But you are ofcourse Welcome to Apply. ================================================ Our current Raid progress is 6/7 Normal mode (done with a group of 25) Nythendra / Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption / Elerethe Renferal / Ursoc / Dragons of Nightmare . Were all downed Day 1. Cenarius Was downed days 2. and attempts were made at at Xavius and Best and couple tries were Around the 40% mark. ================================================ Raid times are as Follows Via Realm Time ;:; Wednesdays : 20:00-23:00 Thursday : 20:00-23:00 Monday : 20:00-23:00 (unlikely, but maybe) ================================================ Comments Can be left here on the Forums or Whispered / mailed Ingame to these players Drmûndo - Silvermoon ( Btag : Asmodeus#2870) Aulak - Silvermoon Maltrakio - Silvermoon A little bit about our Asylum here.... we're 5 friends that decided to go our own way with a guild, attempt to make a strong Social raiding guild, where players can come and get help and receive help. We are Striving for Mythic Raiding, we want to clear normal and heroic as fast as possible so we can easily farm normal and Heroic for better Gear and getting all the Tactics under control and all mechanics. the guild was formed overnight couple of days into legion, even though the guild is fairly new, we the officers all have a long and wast Raiding exp. all the way from TBC through out up to now! If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask!Drmûndo5 1d
1d Quadrant - Friendly atmosphere & Serious progression. Hello everyone! Quadrant is a guild looking for experienced players to progress through HC and Mythic content. We strive for keeping our progression somewhat serious while still having a friendly and cool atmosphere and experience. What we expect from you: Be prepared! Bring your food, flasks, runes and read up on the tactics! Mistakes will be made, no need to shout at people. No drama or bad energy whatsoever. Be open minded, if there's something you feel like we could be done better or want a say in, talk to the officers about it! You need to have fun while playing the game! 18+ What you can expect from us: Experienced raiders but also some promising fresh blood. No yelling, flaming or blaming. Teamwork and motivation is key. We will make sure our members have a say in EVERYTHING. Voice Com - Discord What we're currently looking for: Frost or Unholy DK Hunter Rogue Warlock Mage Windwalker Monk We will be using master and personal loot until we're progressing through Mythic. When we get to mythic we will look into using a system such as EPGP or DKP. Raid times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 19 - 22. If there's anything you'd like to talk about please do add me or my co-leader on BattleTag or whisper us in-game! Snowman#2930 or Phaseblight in-game. Sunkistz#2137 or Thunderkeg in-game. Hope to hear from you soon :)Phaseblight10 1d
2d <Dauntless> We don’t back off for anything! As the title states, we don't back off for anything! That means we are open to try absolutely everything. From Quest to PvP, but mostly focussed on end-game PvE. NM/HC/Mythic raids, Mythic+ dungeons... Sounds like a lovely challenge to us! Does clearing end-game content, progressing with like-minded and pushing your skill to the limit sound like a challenge to you aswel? Then please read on. Recruitment Raiding / Mythic+: Holy Priest Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman All socials are welcome. Not really a fan of progression PvE content as a team? No problem. You are always welcome as one of our Social members. No pressure to attend, but always welcome to tag along if we have an open spot. General Information To start off with. We are a new guild, so we have a lot of building left to do. The guild was spawned for various reasons, ranging from us being in different guilds where either the GM is absent with no explanation, unwarranted drama, or even where the high ranked group of friends verbally abuse guild members without any form of punishment. We're a group of like minded friends that honestly just started the guild for the perks. Seriously, who wants to wait 30 minutes for a hearth CD, we're not savages right? Guildname: Dauntless Faction & Realm: Alliance [Silvermoon] Voice communication: Teamspeak Raiding days and times: Wed/Thur/Mon 20:30 - 23:30 CET. Current progress: The Emerald Nightmare 7/7N We're all about the fun and enjoying the game, both with new and old players. So far we range from Mythic raiders to completely new to the game players and still growing. Everyone is welcome and gets a fair shot for a spot in our teams. We also don't have a one hundred page list of silly rules and regulations members must adhere to, we don't pay your subs so we don't feel it right to determine how you play the game. How to reach us If you're at least a little interested or would just like more information, please feel free to chat with any of the below people. Crazycat#2854 - Cath Twisted#2435 - Steve Cryus#2866 - PJ McFleurie#2803 - Maarten Lets build a home together and obliterate the Legion! If you've read this far, go get yourself a cookie. You earned it champ :DCathn6 2d
2d Søger raidere [Dansk Guild] <Guild info> Pilz banden er en ny guild startet i Legion vi forsøger at raide semi hardcore, men mangler et par spillere til at fylde vores raid. <Krav> -Du skal have mic og ts3 installeret -Kend din class og generelle mechanics i spillet -Kom til tiden og vær forberedt -Du skal kunne tage konstruktiv kritik <Hvad mangler vi?> For at kunne starte raidet leder vi efter en off tank og healere, men vi accepterer altid gode dps’ere og spillere generelt. <Raid tider> Vi raider søndag og onsdag aften 19-22 med mulighed for at fortsætte til 23 hvis der er stemning for det. Hvis du er interesseret kan du adde mig på real id: Nhumu #2795Thanatow0 2d
2d 845ilvl Shaman seeking Guild Hi All I play an Enhancement Shaman with Resto and Ele as offspecs, dont mind playing either but Enhancement is my definite favourite. Im looking for a very active social guild which also raid but more importantly communicate and do things ingame as a guild throughout the day, outside of raids aswell. I play near enough everyday, have been playing since vanilla and know my class very well, I have a working headset so can use whichever VOIP software you use.. Only thing is I am only able to raid in the week every other week because of my work pattern which will turn alot of the hardcore guilds away but thats fine, I am looking for something a little more laid back than that. All I want is a guild that chats alot ingame, plays together alot such as dungeons etc.. Thats more important to me than raid progression. Anyone interested please respond here or message/mail me ingame Thanks for readingDstrukt2 2d
2d <ShapeShift> Recruiting Post <ShapeShift> is a newly formed guild on EU-Silvermoon. We are now looking for a few players to fill our rooster. Our main focus will be on Heroic, and we will try Mythic if we clear normal and heroic and got time for it. We aim to raid 3 days a week; Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 21:00-00:00 realm time . So if you are a player who wants to raid seriously but not too hardcore. We would like to hear from you. Feel free to apply even if we're not currently recruiting your class and spec. Atm we are in need of some ranged dps. Any class, not mage for our core team- Add me on battlenet Huskop#2436 or fill in an application on 2d
2d [A]<Twilight Raiders> Recruiting TL;DR - Looking for members to integrate into our core team. All welcome. Can be found online between 6PM and 12AM every night. I'm currently trying to form a solid core raid group, which we can split off into Mythic+ groups. This is a really good opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become integrated almost immediately. The guild is full of great people, with a variety of personalities which works well. We've all become friends through the game, and while we're still social, we are now aiming for solid progression, with new people. In terms of what we need, there aren't any restrictions on class. If you are a tank, however, I may not be able to give you a permanent spot in raids, although I'm considering splitting off into multiple teams, so if you're interested just let me know and I'll sort something out :) At the moment, our normal raid days are Friday and Saturday evenings, BUT I want to extend this to multiple week days, so there is a lot of opportunity to have a say in how the team is formed at this point. Sorry for rambling. I hope to hear from you!Manyshields0 2d
2d [A]<Order of the Dragons> Recruiting Hello everyone! Today I decided to start a new guild on this server , seeing as many of them are either full or too casual for me and I'm going to assume I am not the only one getting that feeling lately. This one is going to be a true hardcore guild , we will raid whenever most of our members are online. I am looking for members who are reaching for that world first , while also being accompanied by fun and enjoyable people. Our goals might be set a bit high but no one got there without first dreaming of it ! Item level 845 + No previous experience required, but it helps. Discord required I would also like to thank you for taking your time in reading this. Have a nice day and may your loots be plentiful !Dragoncreed4 2d
2d (A) Crusaders of the Gate are recruiting!! Crusaders of the Gate are a non-hardcore raid guild, operating a limited raid schedule of just nine hours, spread over three nights per week. Many of our members have significant commitments outside of the game and therefore are unable to commit to more hours per week to raiding. This is why we aim to make the most of our limited raid time and focus on progressing through current content as quickly as possible. Raiding with Crusaders of the Gate We are a guild of super awesome people with a shared passion for World of Warcraft and raiding in particular. We all have matured to accept that life exists outside of Warcraft and is always a priority. But when it comes to raiding we just want to get !@#$ done. And as we raid a mere ‘casual’ 9 hours per week, we aim to tackle them hours with a ‘hardcore’ mentality and punch some bosses in the face…. REALLY HARD but we also like to have a laugh while doing it… so i guess that makes us semi hardcore? We all play the game because we enjoy it and because of that we have a strict ‘No drama’ policy. TL:DR twunts need not apply! We do expect you to know your class and always be striving to improve. The raid team is only as good as its raiders…. so we need you to be pretty damn good!! The average age range in the guild is between 20-40 and the language is colourful… so if you find swearing and banter offensive then this is most definitely not the guild for you. Raiding Requirements • Be online on time ready for invites. • If you cannot make a raid please make an AFK reply on the forum. • Know tactics and class requirements. • Ensure you have enough seals, food, flasks, potions and health pots for all specs. • Have all required addons installed and working (see below). • Team speak 3, with a working mic. Raid Schedule Wednesday, Sunday & Monday 20:30 - 23:30 Server Time What Can We Offer Well aside from beer and late night laughs…. • A Multi-national guild, some of whom have played together since 2007. • A fun, lively and loud raid environment. • Progression. Not always in the form of boss kills, wiping can also mean progression! • A fair loot distribution system - we use EPGP alongside common sense. • Mythic experienced raiders who are committed to growing the team. • A large TeamSpeak3 server What We Are Looking For • Like minded people with a good knowledge of their class and a higher than average level of play. • Current or previous end game raid experience. • Raid acceptable gear, gemmed, enchanted and upgraded. • Reliability, if you sign up we expect you to show up and if you can’t then let us know via the forum. • Punctuality, keeping the raid team waiting is not cool. • The ability to listen via TeamSpeak. A microphone would be useful too. • Be able to take criticism and learn from it. - Apply here! Or contact our officers in game for a chat Roguestu - BTAG: Roguestu#2673Roguestu1 2d
2d [A] Three friends looking for a guild Three friends looking for a non-hardcore guild for chillout raid progression. We haven't been able to find a guild where all of us could fit in, we're not expecting to be integrated in a raid team straight up, but we also don't want to stay social for the entirety of the expansion. Also, all of us have previous raid experience from previous expansions, we're coming back for Legion. 1) Protection Warrior 2) Heal Priest 3) Retri Pala We have flexible specs, we can adapt to whatever is necessary!Varther2 2d