15 Jul 2015 [H]Bandit Lounge. 12/13 hc Hfc First of thank you for showing interest in Bandit lounge. Bandit Lounge Is a Horde semi hardcore raiding guild on the server Kazzak with a mythic progression of 12/13hc in Hellfire citadel We currently have many spots open for our main team, before making an application to this guild please read the following recuirements below. We want members with a good attitude towards their fellow guildies and other people on the realm. You should have a good sense of humor and not get offended to easily. We will watch every step you take and follow you the whole time during your trial period. During raids, we will analyze your steps and you will be called out if inappropriate actions are made. Knowledge have been such a basic "ability" over the time now and we don't take that as something special from you or anyone else to have. But what we DO EXPECT is that you know your class fully in'n out and that u're a quick learner(catching tactics and new class info) when it comes to new expansions, raids, patches etc. And by knowing other classes than the one u're playing is an absolute plus. Attendance is also a matter we take very serious, Especially as a trial you need a 100% attendance. Ofcourse if something happens in real life and you really can't show up we understand. But we do want to know this in advance or as soon as you get back online. Communication is key to succesful raiding. So when we raid we use raidcall. We expect everyone to speak out so we learn everyone their voices. We also want people that aren't afraid to speak and when something is on their mind that they also speak their mind. Schedule: Our raids take place on Thursday, sunday and monday from 19:00-22:00 server time. Followed by an optional raid on tuesday where we clear the rest of the raid. Guildmaster and officers: Guildmaster: Trevon Officers:Magevrongel Sacredmilk Hontah Hagoromo Freeshine Recruiting: We're currently in need of Healers and Dps If you think this is the guild for you. Then you can apply at: http://bandit-lounge.boards.net/ More questions can be answered in game by any of the officers and guild master.Magevrongel6 15 Jul 2015
15 Jul 2015 New LGBT guild Hi, I don't really know how to post a good topic, cause i never really posted a topic before. Don't even know if this is the right place to post it, however i did read somewhere i could post it in my realm forum. New LGBT guild Well. I did search for a LGBT guild, but couldn't really find one, so i started one. Well.. Now i am looking for some people who want to join my guild. How do I join? Well. You could send me a friend request or whisper with me when i am online. Looking for a officer or two Since i'm kinda new with all of this i could really use 1 or 2 officers to help me out. Do you need to be LGBT to join? No. Everyone is welcome. We dont exclude anyone. What is the name of the guild? The name is 'The Evolution' i thought it was a good name for it and could represent the LGBT community in 2 words. Why calling yourself LGBT guild and not a social guild? Why not calling a gay marriage just a marriage? It's just a social guild with the target audience: LGBT and i would like to call it an LGBT guild. Cheerio now.Ocliw1 15 Jul 2015
14 Jul 2015 [A] Looking for a place to call home? Insurrection is a small alliance raiding guild on Hellscream/Aggramar server. As such we have highest activity on raid nights and evenings where we like a good banter. Our normal recruitment adds are for raiders filling specific roles in our team, but this time we are looking for those of you who just want to find a guild they can call home where you can quest, pvp, achievement hunt or chase that elusive mount with someone to chat to while you do it. Basically a shout out for anyone stuck guildless or in a dead guild anywhere. Any level accepted. Requirements to join: the ability to contact us for invite :) Requirements to stay: be respectful to your guild mates - but note that taking the pee out of rogues dying is being respectful... You can whisper an officer in guild for invite or contact us on www.insurrection-hellscream.com.Xale0 14 Jul 2015
14 Jul 2015 Horde over run Is it just me or is it like 90% horde on this server? it's rather intimidating for the very few alliance, yet I have to pay a significant amount if I were to change faction or realm?!Cumandgetsum1 14 Jul 2015
14 Jul 2015 Teamspeak Open To All World Of Warcraft Guilds! PVP-PVE Hello Fellow World Of Warcrafters, i have a public teamspeak for all guilds and clans willing to raid etc. This server is an advanced teamspeak it works with bots and many other things. The guilds here are so happy with the quality of the server so far so i am advertising this teamspeak for you guys to bring along your guilds and clans, we will also be hiring staff soon ASAP! We Hope To See You Very Soon Have A Splendid Day Fellow Warcrafters And Happy Raiding 6xPink Owner Of BioGaming Public TeamspeakAllcatraz0 14 Jul 2015
12 Jul 2015 [H] Perception - 12/13 HFC HC Recruiting About us Perception is a raiding guild, on Kazzak-EU, focusing on end game raiding progression and pushing our raiders to give it their all. We started back at the release of Dragon Soul with a bunch of friends who have been focused on raiding since early TBC. Our current raiding team is composed of competitive, experienced players who bring to the table a balance of raiding while also managing a socially and friendly climate. Goals Our aim as a guild is to be the best we can be, clear all current and upcoming raid content and to make a name for ourselves. Improving ourselves as players and as a guild is always a priority, constantly pushing and trying to see what the best we can do truly is. What kind of players are we looking for? We are hoping to find people who share our interest for progress and who aren't afraid to go that extra mile to better themselves. We expect a certain standard from our raiders, such as perfect knowledge of their class, beeing up to speed with strategies, showing up on time and always be ready to help the raiding when needed. To make it short we want out raiders to maximize their role in raids. We realise that asking for a 100% attendance would just be unreasonable however we do expect any absences to be reported beforehand and not to occur on a regular basis. Your ability to follow instructions and to adapt where needed will be crucial in our raiding environment. Bringing a mature attitude, the desire to progress and the will to do so is all we ask of our raiders. If raids last longer than the stated raid times then we expect that you will stay online for the duration of the raid without any issues. Raid Times During Progression Wednesday 19:30-23:00 Server time Thursday 19:30-23:00 Server time Sunday 19:30-23:00 Server time Tuesday 19:30-23:00 Server time Classes we are recruiting: Mage Rogue Boomkin Warlock Hunter All healer classes Even if your class is not listed here, we consider all exception players If interested please make an application on http://euperception.wowlaunch.com/ or if you wish to receive more information then contact Monoxide, Noxeh or myself (Slidd#2923) on Kazzak EU.Slidd2 12 Jul 2015
12 Jul 2015 Spectral Tiger Looking to buy blue spectral tiger for gold on horde.Keepurhealth0 12 Jul 2015
11 Jul 2015 680 iLvL Blood DK LF Raiding Guild Available times Mon, Tue, Thur -> 5pm -> 11pm Sat, Sun -> 8am -> midnight. Raiding Exp Pre WOTLK raiding Experience: Everything from TBC. WOTLK Experience: Everything on normal modes, substantial experience in heroic modes, if I recall correctly I cleared 8/10 ICC HC on my paladin. Cataclysm Experience: BWD, BOT, TOT4W, BH, DS, 6/7 FL HC, 6/8 DS HC. MOP Experience: Cleared all on normal, and around 60% of all on Herioc. WOD Experience: Highmaul -> HFC all on HC, never reached Mythic. You can see most recent progress on my characters on http://openraid.eu/users/index/104564#characters (you will notice my DK has not yet been added to that list, I will do so when I get home tonight) Realm Firsts Only got one of these - The Account however is no longer active so I am unable to link proof of this. Earth, Wind & Fire achievement - the main issue holding progress back here was continuing to win wintergrasp to ensure we could have more attempts on the achieve, luckily we all enjoyed pvp aswell. Other than that the achievement came down to a lot of co-ordination among 3 separated groups of people to ensure all bosses died within 60 seconds of each other. Why DK: I have always been a person whom enjoys alts, and generally change my main with each major content patch, its now the DK's turn. Voice Chat: I have access to all voice chats around. Internet Connection: Very Stable - http://i.imgur.com/wwWN5r5.png Feel free to ask me any questions.Blizprøøf1 11 Jul 2015
10 Jul 2015 Selling Gloomshroud armor. Topic. let me know if your interested. Can also trade it for TCG pets.Wesleysnajpz1 10 Jul 2015
10 Jul 2015 Looking for Late night raid guild Looking for late night raiding guild, preferable mature people and raid time from 22h or later. Reason: my old guild fall apart, so you cant do raid with 3-4 man online. I'm old guy, 43 year. Playing WoW from 2007. Experince in WoD: 6/7 HC Highmaul, 9/10 normal and 8/10 HC Blackrock Foundry. Link:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Anyer/simple BattleTag: JustGray #2613Anyer1 10 Jul 2015
09 Jul 2015 Elysian recruiting! Elysian is now recruiting to fill our ranks for mythic raiding again. For more info about classes needed, or progression, please visit our webpage. http://elysian-kazzak.enjin.com/homeScô0 09 Jul 2015
08 Jul 2015 [H] Intent Recruiting [12/13 HC HFC, 9/10 Mythic BRF] Intent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with an Officer team and a strong core of raiders who have a wealth of experience. The guild has recently moved from EU Al`akir due to the servers low population which has heavily impacted on recruitment and progress. The move to Kazzak will hopefully ensure that we can bolster our raid roster with some experienced, skilled and reliable raiders. Raid Schedule Wednesday 20:00 - 00:00 RT Thursday 20:00 - 00:00 RT Sunday 20:00 - 00:00 RT Anyone who is interested in joining Intent, please visit our website or message an Officer in game for more information. Website: http://intentalakir.enjin.comBleak11 08 Jul 2015
07 Jul 2015 [H] Aptitude 5/13 HC 11/13 NM, 3 raids a week Aptitude is a raiding guild that was created on the 30/05/15. We're looking for more experienced players to join us on Kazzak so that we can hit Mythic and be the best that we can. We raid Wed/Sun/Mon from 20:00-23:00 ST. Guild Website: http://aptitude.guildlaunch.com/ Current Progression: BRF - 10/10HC HM - 7/7 HC 1/7 M HFC - 5/13 HC 11/13 NM A little more about us Aptitude as stated above is a raiding guild that aims to be progressing in Mythic, we're a friendly and keen bunch who are determined and enthusiastic when it comes to raiding. The guild was formed by two members of Total Control, a guild that was once the 2nd best on Argent Dawn before it disbanded. What we expect from you We expect our raiders to show up on time and ready to raid, that meaning they've prepared flasks, potions and tonics, read up on tactics and seen what small play-style and talent tweaks can be made to make the fight go smoother. Of course we understand that real life comes first and we respect that. We expect you to be able to take constructive criticism and work on that, whatever it may be and then dish some criticism back to other people to allow them to improve on flaws they had missed. Lastly, we do expect you to have a working headset with a working microphone. We do use Teamspeak and it is a requirement that you can communicate if needed, or at least hear us.Suijá3 07 Jul 2015
06 Jul 2015 <Triptych> CoA 7/7M 10/10M Recruiting for 6.2 Triptych are recruiting! Triptych is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Chamber of Aspects, comprised of a core of raiders who have been playing together since late Cataclysm and throughout Mists of Pandaria. The leadership of the guild includes experience raiding and leading guilds since the beginning of the Burning Crusade expansion, with a history of respectable rankings throughout the various tiers. We as a group mix an approachable social environment with a good will to focus and progress on new content when it is fresh and challenging. Currently recruiting: Any DPS class! Preferably a Warlock/DK/Spriest but feel free to apply regardless of your class. Raid days and hours Currently we raid 4 days per week, on the following days and hours: Weds: 20:00-23:00 Thurs: 20:00-23:00 Sunday: 20:00-23:00 Monday: 20:00-23:00 Maintaining over 95% attendance is a must, with it ideally being closer to 100% as we'd like to run a small knit team of raiders. Requirements Voice Communication We use Teamspeak3 and it will be a significant boost to your application if you can communicate vocally. Dedication We require all raider ranks to use proper consumables including 250 stat flasks and sufficient potions to double-pot each progress pull. Similarly, we require your gear to be enchanted and gemmed of the best quality available (please no 35 stat gems in Heroic+ quality loot). What you can expect: Community We have a group of raiders in the guild who have been together since late Cata/early MoP for the most part, so we have a friendly atmosphere within the guild and welcome those who would be interested in integrating into the group. This translates to TS during raid content, particularly during farm, however we maintain a reasonably professional and serious attitude when progressing on new content. There are nearly always a few of us online in various forms in the early hours of the morning! Ambition As a group of players, we are not happy with stagnant progression and aim to see visible improvement during and between raids on progress content. We are particularly interested in people with the mindset to identify problems within attempts and suggest improvements on the fly. If all this seems like it would interest you then please drop in an app on our forums (http://triptych-coa.enjin.com/home) or add Avacado (Avacado#2506), Kiiry (Pleurisy#2301) or Mardy (Snuck#2346) for a chat. Thanks!Kiiry1 06 Jul 2015
04 Jul 2015 [H] [Once-Again] Late Night Guild [7/10 MYTHIC BRF] Once-Again [www.oaguild.com] are currently looking for a few more players to join our raid team. Started as a guild in the Lich King Expansion, we have slowly evolved into an established raiding guild with many players old and new! Our unique atmosphere and community feel is the reason why many of our ex raiders are still a large part of our guild. As keen gamers we socialise outside of Warcraft and are often found indulging in many other games, group chat or other communities. Making everyone feel confident enough to join in the many discussions, piss taking and sporadic events is why many people have found it difficult to leave us behind! (Even if the wives hate us for it!) With the majority of our players having busy work sheduals, family's & commitments we began our late night approach & have found it to work nicely around our player needs. Trying to keep the balance of focused, progressive and fun raiding we believe we have a unique niche that only a few guilds currently offer. With a broad range of players from all over Europe who are all involved in our often outrageous 'banter', We are sure many people would be happy to call this guild home. Now based on Kazzak we offer a steady raiding environment with the aims to continue our mythic progress. Not only can you expect the friendly atmosphere and a competitive raid structure were players can express themselfs. We are however currently looking for players who offer that little bit extra! We expect people to be able to play their characters well, but also be committed and reliable. Having a strong reliable roster & steady progress is something we pride ourself on and expect new players to work hard to ensure that our standards are met. Raiding only 9 hours per week [22:00 to 01:00 Wed / Thurs / Mon] We expect our members to be able to understand their characters and role within the raid team, to help us push current progress. Be able to utilise Class abilities to maximise their performance & excel in the specified role! A friendly attitude, good understanding of a team ethic and reliability is essential. While we will consider any exceptional players we are currently interested in DPS!. (Would Prefer Rogue/Monk/Boomkin) & A Resto Shaman / Holy Priest / Mistweaver Monk. Feel free to drop an application @ www.oaguild.com or contact an officer in game. Gear ready for the upcoming raid is required! Current Progress 6/7 Mythic Highmaul & 7/10 Mythic Blackrock FoundryDotkill53 04 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 687 Boomkin 3/10 mythic LF Guild As title says, 687 boomkin / 688 feral os with 3/10 mythic kills on this char but 5/10 mythic exp LF guild. 2/3 raid days per week. leave battle id below and ill get in contact.Verinhas8 03 Jul 2015
03 Jul 2015 12/13N -9/13H hardcore raider lf mythic raiding guild About myself, My name is Jens, I'm17 years old ( 30 june ill be 18 ) and I'm from the Netherlands. Finished my exams this year,(passed them). Now I'm taking off 1 year, maybe 2 years to go fitness and do stuff I want, like Stream alot on twitch and try to achieve somthing in league of legends (i'm a challenger player). I'm a very competetive player and try to become the best in what I do. I know how to analyse my mistakes and how to fix them. I also handle criticism very well. I'm very dedicated and commited to the team. Always open to help other people with their stuff or just helping someone out. Have not been in many guilds myself, most of time if just been leading pugs and get my experience that way. I'm a very social person who likes to have a laugh, but at the same time i'm someone who wants to progress mythic mode in a serious way. Current Situation I went on a break around New Year, Because i had to focus on my exams and stuff. Before that i had done alot of Highmaul pugs, Mythic kargarth included. Came back in june, cleared heroic the same week + 1 mythic boss. last week i managed to clear 5/10M. Basicly i lack some experiance in brf/ hm but i plan on catching back on people in HFC ( know tactics for HC + mythic already) Past Raid experience Vanilla : Have raided some bosses in naxxramas. TBC : Cleared BT but only 3 bosses in Sunwell Woltk : Cleared 25 + 10 Man heroic LK Catyclysm : Cleared Dragon Soul heroic 10 man MoP : Cleared mythic SoO Draenor Raid Experience 7/7H 1/7M 5/10M 12/13N HFC 9/13 hc HFC I have alot of raiding experience with almost every class / spec. My favourite role is Healer and dps (casters + warrior), but can play pretty much everything, Got alot of knowledge of classes and as said earlier, always trying to become the best in the classes I play at that moment. So basicly, cause I lack Draenor raid experience I'm willing to reroll to anything the guild is looking for. Prefer Healer > caster dps > mellee dps > tank. But I'm willing to do any of those since I enjoy all of them and have experience with all of them. What u can expect from me : - Dedicated and motivated player. - Knowledge about his class/spec. - Someone who knows how to theory craft and does it alot. - Always trying to improve my performance. - 100% Attendence. - Working mic . - Experience as raid leader (so perhaps i can bring in my opinions on somthing when needed) . - Competetivly driven. What am I looking for in a guild ? : - Good core raiding team. - Friendly but serious enviroment. - Players who can take a joke. - Players who know how to play their class. - Players who are dedicated and motivated to progress and become better. I just want to mention as last, most of my characters are not great geared atm, but gearing is not an issue for me, specially since getting around 700 ilvl is very easy in 6.2. If you have any questions, or want to have a chat with me. Add Khainen#2852 to ur Btag. Thanks in advance for reading, Jens - Jüliaa.Jüliaa5 03 Jul 2015
02 Jul 2015 WTS Void-Shrouded Satchel - contains a Heirloom Hey, I am selling an item called Void-Shrouded Satchel, when you open it, you get a BoA Heirloom trinket Touch of the Void that works from level 1 to 100. No idea how much this costs, but feel free to add my btag Loki#21844 and offer me. So far I have been getting offers around 8~10k on trade so I wouldn't go below that.Qob0 02 Jul 2015
01 Jul 2015 [H]683 BM Hunter lf PVE guild. I currently have 4 bosses on N with pugs on HFC. Looking for a guild in which we can do full N and HC. Add my battletag please : asdfasdf1#2291 ( very original , i know :D )Hawkéye0 01 Jul 2015
01 Jul 2015 [H] Twisting Nether - At What Cost <At What Cost> is a new raiding guild on Twisting Nether. We are currently looking for players for our Mythic HFC Campaign! Starting off as a group of friends with a lot of experience raiding and even leading together, picking up contacts along the way, we are now well set to finalize our core roster and complete preparation for the new content. We are currently looking for ambitious players who thrive in a competitive atmosphere. Experience in recent content is preferred but not essential. All classes and specs are currently being considered. We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday Sunday Monday 19:45 - 23:30 (the raid starts at 20:00) Server time. Recently partly merged with players from Eminence who are 11/13 Heroic and are looking to progress as swiftly as possible this week. Thank you for your time, for more information please feel free to contact me on BNet: Obajin#2982Cassidotbot0 01 Jul 2015
01 Jul 2015 DK Tank / DPS looking for 6.2 Raiding guild Hi There, I'm new to the game and looking for a raiding guild for 6.2, I am available to raid on the below nights and times. (I know im not lvl 100 yet but i intend to be by wednesday night, so should be raiding ready within a week. Age: 33 (I know some guilds don't like members under 18) I do have access to TeamSpeak / Mumble / etc... Sat + Sun = anytime Mon, Tue, Thur = 4:30pm server time till 11:00 pm server time Wed + Fri = 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm Looking to raid a minimum of 3 x a week, and a maximum of 5 x week. Coming from a progression guild (in Wildstar) I am very happy to put in extra raiding nights with the new content. I do come from other mmo's so have sufficient experience in raiding (come from Wildstar Enigma guild most recently). Blizzard, please consider updating the in-game guild finder to allow people to search for guilds by raiding times they can make.Blizprøøf3 01 Jul 2015
30 Jun 2015 [A] Deus Ex Machina (Xavius) 9/10M -> Citadel Greetings friends. Sick of queue times? We here at Deus Ex Machina are recruiting *all classes for adventures in to Hellfire citadel, we'd like to here from a variety of players with ranging experience as we believe player dedication is first and foremost in creating a stable raiding environment. By joining us you will have a free platform to improve your skills (or compete against our seasoned veterans) and will become a valued member in our raiding team. If your gear is currently not up to snuff, there's no need to worry as we currently run organized alt runs on Fridays with members forming groups and braving LFG on other free days. If you're a pvp minded fellow, have no fear, Xavius is a horde dominated realm but a lot of them can't pvp to save their lives (literally!) Missing your broken bones achievement? Get it here. Get it now.** The expectations I and Deus Ex Machina will have of you are as follows: Attendance on atleast three raid nights(monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, 20-23) Gemmed (if you've been lucky enough to roll a socket!) and enchanted gear matched with appropriate talent spec Tactical knowledge for tonight's encounter Teamspeak 3 The ability to communicate with your guild members. Decency towards guildies and a level of maturity Being able to receive and give criticism in a mature fashion. Saying that something is wrong is one thing, bluntly saying, "you suck" is not really going to improve anything.What you can expect from Deus Ex Machina: A mature environment and raiding on common grounds Ongoing progress in any encounter Midnight mayhem on Teamspeak, we have a handful of members who socialize over a beer, game of hearthstone or organized events in game, you'll never be alone Alt raiding on a Friday Hearthstone guild tournaments!If you'd like to find out more please feel free to visit our website at; http://dem-guild.com/ or add me on battle.net; Cerwym#2709 or join us on Teamspeak; ts.dem-guild.com (I'm Pete, hello!) *If your specialization is filled in the current raid composition your ability to play an alternate spec would be greatly appreciated. This does not meant that you will never get to play as the spec you want. ** Deus Ex Machina are not responsible for your repair bills should the result of your death be cause by Orc, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, Pandaren or Goblin*** *** Stipulation not withholding in raid instances.Fijitt2 30 Jun 2015
30 Jun 2015 LF Alliance Nagrand/Defias player Looking for a player from Defias Brotherhood or Nagrand (ALLIANCE). I have a lot of gold on those servers and I just started on Kazzak, so if anyone is interested in trading golds, contact me! :) ADD: Jeroen#2988Astralian0 30 Jun 2015
30 Jun 2015 WTB Ally panda kills for nemesis So I realize this is plain stupid, but I've been working on my panda nemesis quest for two full weeks now. I've played every single day, tried several raids per day, made my own raids when there were none, but I've only gotten to 47 Panda kills. Thus, I've decided to sell out, and pay for my panda kills. So, if you have a panda 90+ on Kazzak as well as a horde character, I'll pay 8k gold to your horde character to let me kill your panda. Preferably you should also have a healer who can ress you. If he has a horde char on kazzak I can pay him as well, otherwise I can pay you more and they you pay him on ally side. Anyway, details can be discussed, and the price is negotiable. I've heard people doing this over 20-30 minutes, so that's the time I'm aiming for. Hope someone's interested!Bathcat2 30 Jun 2015
29 Jun 2015 A long shot. Returning player seeking guild. As the title states, I am a player that is returning to the game, and as a result I am seeking a guild to belong to. I am a relatively casual player, I would not claim I am skilled at all, but I do try my best. I am not a natural at the number crunching and the min/max stuff, but I do manage to follow a guide well enough I suppose. So that's what I usually do, I look up my class on forums to make sure I am not messing up to badly. I am rather fond of all aspects of the game, and as a result I dabble a bit in everything, and perhaps that's why I am never that great at anything, I am to diverse. (or perhaps I am just bad.) I do like to think I am a rather agreeable person, I like to be social and have a good laugh with others. I am always up for old content, current content or anything in between. But I am mainly interested in rolling Horde. And I will be rerolling, as I have had a lengthy break from the game, and I am interested in trying to play Horde this time around. If any guild might have a place for me, that would be lovely. A guild that is relatively nice and sociable, with members that are not into drama and so on would be preferable. I can be reached on Skype : ventolins or battletag kitten#2608 Or by answering this thread. Thanks for reading. Hilde.Hilde1 29 Jun 2015
29 Jun 2015 Lower Class Gentlemen 10/10 HC 1/10 M Danish guild Hej Allesammen! <Lower Class Gentlemen> 100% Dansk guild på Kazzak! Vi er en guild som har eksisteret i et par år efterhånden som blev lavet og sammensat af venner og familie(ja).. Vi har et rigtigt godt sammenhold og spiller allermest for at have det sjovt og selvfølgelig for clearet noget content! I kan læse mere på vores hjemmeside http://lowerclassgentlemen.enjin.com/ Vi er 7/7 HC i highmaul, 10/10 HC i BRF og 1/10 Mythic Vi raider kun 2 dage om ugen, Onsdag og søndag, fordi vi ved at folk kan have travlt med andre ting og ikke mindst fordi der er mange der laver noget ved siden af at spille wow :) Så vi kan vel betegnes som semi hardcore. Raid tiderne er fra 19-22.30 hvilket os 'kun' giver 7timers raid om ugen, og vi er allerede på 10/10 i BRF heroic er slet ikke dårligt! Rekrutteringsmæssigt kan vi bruge alle classes og specs, selvom der er selvfølgelig nogle classes vi hellere vil have end andre, skal det ikke holde jer tilbage! Hvis i har spørgsmål så kan i kontakte vores raid leader på Phorcys#2163 Cross-Realm er altid velkomne og send altid friend requests, så kan vi få en snak :) God dag til jer alle, glæder mig til at høre fra jer!Phylonoe3 29 Jun 2015
29 Jun 2015 Orc Shammy looking for raiding guild Hi! Name is Sam (24 yo, from Finland) and I'm looking for a riding guild for my shaman (Gorash). I got ilvl 660~ish on both elemental and enhancement. I prefer to raid as Elemental since I've played longest in my wow game time. It's not impossible for me to go restoration nor enhancement I can do em' too. As long as I play shaman it's fine ;-) I got one demand on joining a raiding guild. The raids needs to end between 22-23 on servertime since I got work and I need to get up early in the morning. Any day is fine on the week. Haven't been any raid on any mode, only the LFR's. I got raiding history on my old characters but tell me if you want to know more about my raiding experience. So raiding is not new for me ;) Give me whisper in game or here. BR GorashGorash0 29 Jun 2015
28 Jun 2015 691 Mage looking for semi-/hardcore raiding guild Hey there, After taking a break since early may, I am now looking for a new raiding guild again. Currently sitting on 691 ilvl. My Raid Times Could attend every day, 21:00 - 00:00 Prefered Guild Experience I would really prefer to join a guild that has already killed some mythic BRF bosses and is now aiming for mythic HFC. My Experience I do have experience for up to mythic maidens, although didnt kill them yet. Since most guild leaders probably wont find the information they want in here, feel free to add my Battle-Tag Omega#2238 and we can have a chat. Looking forward to your responses :-)Lyrik0 28 Jun 2015
28 Jun 2015 Resto Druid lf Pvp Guild for RBG/arena 2k exp Please Pm me ingame !Cyclown0 28 Jun 2015
28 Jun 2015 Death Wish 8/13HC hfc and 6/10M BRF DEATH WISH Is an Arabic/International guild located on the PVP server kazzak ,formed one month from the release of WoD - With very high caliber raiders. We transferred to Kazzak from Twisting Nether, and on Twisting nether we've cleared 7/7 H Highmaul and 4/7 Highmaul M - Since our transfer we've established a solid base of core players and We've cleared and 6/10 M BRF and 8/13 HC hfc Recruitment and whats needed We are always looking for exceptional players to add to the team. We value performance, commitment, and a low-drama attitude over all else. If you're good, regardless of your class or role, we'll find room for you. You will need the following before applying to us - Logs of one of your fights Either Healing or DPS - Previous raiding Experience - Why you're interested in joining the guild. - Why you're leaving or have left your previous guild. - A Picture of your raiding UI - Commitment Raiding Schedule We raid on Wed/Thur/Sun/mon - 20:30 - 23:30 - Server time.Koyjin0 28 Jun 2015
27 Jun 2015 ENDLESS - (6/7M 8/10M 3d/W) Recruiting for Mythic ENDLESS - KAZZAK [H] Who we are? Endless is a Mythic raiding guild on Kazzak. We have been clearing all 10-man Mythic content in MoP and are now looking for good players to help us progress through Mythic WoD content. As most of us have real life commitments like school and jobs so we only raid three nights a week from 20:30-23:30. That said, due to having a more relaxed raiding schedule our raids have to be of a high standard and that requires dedicated raiders with a focus on progressing. What we expect from you! Being a semi-hardcore guild we require our raiders to be at the top of their game. On the other hand personality is also important, we like to maintain a tight knit raiding group. We expect you to be up-to-date on the latest theory crafting for your class and actively work on min/maxing to get the most out of the nine hours we raid per week. We also expect you to be able to play all your specs properly. You should always research fight tactics yourself prior to raids as we have a strict no hand holding policy. Officers, and often raiders alike, post specific strategies on our forums and it's expected you check the forums regularly so that we don't waste any of the limited raid time that we have. Good attendance is important to us but we do understand that real life events sometimes conflict with raid nights and we accept that, as long as it doesn't become a regular occurrence. Raiding schedule Monday 20:15 - 23:30 Wednesday 20:15- 23:30 Thursday 20:15- 23:30 Invites (and often trash clearing) starts at 20:00 Classes open for recruitment Refer to the top of our website www.endless-guild.com. Even if not listed, we consider any class or spec if you are an exceptional player!! How to apply? To apply to Endless you will need to go to www.endless-guild.com and fill in the application form. An officer will acknowledge your application within 1 day, and outside of extraordinary situations you will have a final answer within 3 days.Janga12 27 Jun 2015
26 Jun 2015 <Eat My Crit> X-realm guild 1/13H 9/13N recruiting About Eat My Crit Eat My Crit is the largest guild and in-game community in Europe with members on Chamber of Aspects, Kul Tiras, Draenor, Stormscale, Magtheridon, Tarren Mill, Runetotem and Kazzak. We have a packed calendar with cross realm events every day and several active raid teams including three mythic raid teams and cross realm rated battlegrounds. We accept all members who wants to join in a social capacity. Our raid team on Kazzak We have a relatively light and structured raiding schedule but we take our raids and gaming seriously. The philosophy is quality over quantity. We value people who fit in with our social vibe as much as our gaming aspirations. What we are looking for - You are a grown-up (or at least act like one). - You are able to communicate in English. - You have a stable ISP and a computer that can handle 20-man raids. - You have good knowledge of your class and game mechanics. - You take raiding seriously and PvE progress is your primary goal. - You have current and previous raiding experience. - You have the gear to jump into Mythic encounters. - You are able to attend all three raids every week. If you like to talk to us in-game first then the officers are Khruger, Panzèr and Xindotta. We can then invite you in for a chat on Teamspeak. Even if your class or role isn't mentioned, we still accept exceptional players. Currently searching a few of the following classes/roles ... Raid times are 20.15 - 23.15 (server) Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. Please contact kruger#2778 in-game for more information.Khruger5 26 Jun 2015
26 Jun 2015 [H] Tank looking for raiding guild! for mythic progress Hey, my name is Arthur 22 years old i am atm out of guild to raid mythic. My last guild was the first real experience i got at raiding mythic and i loved it and would love to keep doing it now in HFC as well but unfortunately my guild is unable to keep it mythic roster so we breaking and im on the look for a new guild that needs a tank! :) i am free most of the time (finishing a lot of stuff atm) i aim for a guild that runs 2~4 runs a week mostly free any day of the week with preference for late raiding around 19:00/22:00 but i would consider any other times as well if your guild is looking for a good monk tank and the times you raid a week including the hours look good feel free to add my btag Arthur#2326, we can talk more. p.s forgot, last tier exp 7/10M BRF and HFC exp is 10/13 NM and 5/13 HCSunrez0 26 Jun 2015
24 Jun 2015 Is there any good active PvP / RBG guilds out here? Active and experienced rogue lf a active pvp guild for a skilled grp for rbg. Im starting to wonder if there isnt such thing on kazzak any more? In case is there any viable players that are intrested in starting such a guild with getting a core grp of rbg players to hit the 2.2k+ as the first goal. CheersRoogàdin0 24 Jun 2015
24 Jun 2015 WTS Tabard of the Lightbringer, Magic Rooster Egg etc. I'm going to transfer my characters to EU Kazzak and will be bringing these items: Tabard of the Lightbringer 110k Magic Rooster Egg 325k Blazing Hippogryph 190k Big Battle Bear 190k Crawling Claw battle pet 85k X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME 185k Please respond via this forum, Thank youTrudo11 24 Jun 2015
23 Jun 2015 Selling Blackrock Foundry Heroic Boosts I get a lot of questions in whispers when advertising the above in the trade channel, so if you're reading this I've probably lazily linked it to you. Hopefully I've consolidated all of the information people need in one post. However if you have any further questions about the information below, think you might be interested or want to get in touch for whatever reason you can add my real ID ... Prices & Info for Kazzak - Accurate as of 30.05.2015 We may be able to offer cheaper prices than the below to anyone willing to pay on Kazzak We can take payment on any realm & even cross faction. But populated horde realms are highly preferred. 1) Blackhand - Personal Day & Time: Every Friday/Saturday @10PM+ Price: 50k Other information: We get Kazzak Blackhand buyers out of the way first after which we do other realms. Realistically you want to have some free time from 10pm-midnight on either Friday or Saturday. We don't generally ask for deposits for Blackhand but it may up your priority with regards to getting into an earlier run. 2) Master Loot Runs Day & Time: Every Friday @8PM (Invites at 7:30) Price: 300k if taking 1st priority on everything that drops for your spec. This will be reduced if you end up taking 2nd priority on say your token type or weapon type as just 2 examples. Avoiding overlap entirely between 4 buyers is not always possible and we do take that into consideration. Other information: Since it's relevant to the number of drops per boss & by extension our price I should also mention that at least 20+ boosters are unsaved. We will require a 10% deposit to confirm the spot. Until this is paid we will keep advertising for the spot. This is just to filter out time wasters since we only do 4 master loot buyers a week and if you don't turn up it's unlikely we'll be able to fill the spot on very short notice. 3) Personal Loot - 10/10 Bosses Day & Time: Every Saturday @8PM (Invites at 7:30) Price: 150k Other information: Contact me in game if you're interested in a particular wing or boss. If it won't disturb the speed of the run or the boss order we do then it's usually not a problem. FAQ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Thanks, NaralaNarala72 23 Jun 2015
23 Jun 2015 WTS EU's biggest supply of Spirit of Harmony pre 6.2 Hey, I am selling over 6000x Spirit of Harmony for the purpose of buying restored artifacts before the new patch. I think I own the biggest supply of Spirit of Harmony in EU at this moment. As you know the patch will do the following: Creatures and NPCs Spirit of Harmony Vendors no longer offer Restored Artifacts for sale. I started buying out Spirits of Harmony the moment I saw this in the early patch notes. Because I think that everybody that wants the mount Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, and has at least 600 archaeology should spend their remaining gold on this now if they are serious about getting this. This mount might be one of the longest in the game to grind for are you unlucky, and having the ability to buy Tol'Vir solves for gold is kind of imbalanced. That might be why the ability to buy restored artifacts towards this mount gets removed in 6.2, because spending gold on this has the potential to be a huge time saver if you can afford it. How to do this? Your auction house sells Spirit of Harmony. Take Spirit of Harmony to Krystel in Shrine of Seven Stars near the flight master to buy restored artifacts. Take restored artifacts to Brann Bronzebeard on top of Mogu'shan Palace on the other side of the valley to buy Crate of Tol'vir Archaeology Fragments. Then solve Tol'Vir artifacts for chances at proccing the rare artifact Scepter of Azj'Aqir that is the awesome mount Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank. You should take into consideration the following: How good is your chances for the next rare Tol'Vir artifact to be the mount? There is 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts: Crawling Claw, Scepter of Azj'Aqir, Staff of Ammunae, Pendant of the Scarab Storm, Ring of the Boy Emperor & Scimitar of the Sirocco. How many of this 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts have you solved? 0 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 16.66% next rare artifact to be the mount, or 83.44% not be the mount. 1 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 20% next rare artifact to be the mount, or 80% not be the mount. 2 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 25% next rare artifact to be the mount, or 75% not be the mount. 3 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 33% next rare artifact to be the mount, or 67% not be the mount. 4 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 50% next rare artifact to be the mount, or 50% not be the mount. 5 of 6 rare Tol'Vir artifacts solved = 100% next rare artifact to be the mount! Your chances of hitting rare artifacts above is a fact for the reason that you can not solve the same rare artifact two times. You should all so take into consideration the following: How much gold are you willing to spend on this? Are you willing to realm transfer for this? I currently own 32 stacks of 200 Spirit of Harmony at the following auction house: Realm: Outland. Faction: Alliance. The current price for 200 Spirit of Harmony is 60k. If you decide to realm transfer for this you are agreeing that I do not take responsibility for the fact that prices might change, and quantity might change in the process of you transfering to Outland. This is a chance you have to take if you want to be in on this. PS: If you bring a character with at least 525 Alchemy, and you are lucky and get the Vial of the Sands recipe in the process. Then this will pay for it self over time because Vial of the Sands sells like butter for 10k to 20k profit every day on every high volume realm. Good Luck on your solves! May Harrison Jones be with you! Peace! Redantidote.Redantidote2 23 Jun 2015
23 Jun 2015 HC Gaming - Blackhand only HC boost for sale Hey guys, High Class Gaming is a boosting network from various realms and we are offering the opportunity to get the Ahead of the Curve Feat of Strength and potential loot this Tuesday, the 23rd at 4PM realm time! We take gold payments only, please contact us to discuss prices! I can assure you that we are the cheapest and best cross realm boosting network! - The loot is personal, so we suggest bringing a seal for a better chances of obtaining an item! This is our feedback thread - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14755905827?page=1#0 This is our site - http://highclass.shivtr.com/ Our battletag are as follows: Jayganja#2899 ~ Kazzak Missingone#2837 ~ Draenor Elak#2832 ~ Kazzak Swiftnéss#2802 ~ Frostwhisper Shylock#2234 ~ Stormscale greeny#2857 ~ Tarren Mill Maz#2672 ~ Draenor Cannibalus#2272 ~ Stormscale - We also tend to stream our raids, you can check us out on Twitch! ~ www.twitch.tv/snozpato @ Elakpato on Kazzak; Priest PoV ~ www.twitch.tv/Gred0w @ Swiftness on Frostwhisper; Druid PoVPerplexity2 23 Jun 2015
23 Jun 2015 Delete DeleteJüliaa0 23 Jun 2015
22 Jun 2015 Deathwing - Older Gamers Network The Old Grudge on Deathwing (EU) are looking for new members both raiders and casuals. The Guild is part of the Older Gamers network and all members need to be 25+. We currently have raid groups running on each night of the week. Currently 10/10hc BRF and looking to advance into Mythic next patch. For further information please visit http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/deathwing-eu-old-grudge/ Look forward to seeing you in game! SewohSewoh0 22 Jun 2015
22 Jun 2015 [Bloodhoof][H] <Blood Cult> LF mythic raiders Blood Cult (Bloodhoof/Khadgar), a guild with a long long history back to vanilla WoW, is recruiting to tackle mythic raiding once again. We hereby look for people who are trying to balance work and RL with raiding mythic content. If you have experienced mythic (previously hc) raiding before and are stalled now due to the new 20 man raid settings, are mature, relaxed and willing to put in some extra efforts, we would love to hear from you. We can offer a very stable guild consisting of a strong core, that used to raid 10 man heroic together. We did not fall apart, however due to our server situation also did not manage to raid mythic on a reliable shedule. We offer a very good balance of focused and concentrated raiding, while still having a lot of fun and a very social atmosphere overall. We raid 3 nights a week for 3 hours. For anyone interested we offer to join us on our normal/hc progression and farm runs for 6.2 to give you the opportunity to verify our promises without the need to transfer right away. We are looking primarily for DPS, however we are flexible enough to shift some roles around if necessary. If interested and for more information, contact us in game. Look around for Hendrik, Elviera, Hermond, Undyfire or simply ask anyone online from our guild to contact an officer.Elviera0 22 Jun 2015
21 Jun 2015 [Twisting Nether]<Hadez Army> 8/10M Recruiting for 6.2 About Hadez Army Hadez Army is a long standing guild and is a friendly and competitive guild which has been around for 5 years . We are a semi-hardcore guild that like to have fun and be social , but we also love to raid and see end content of each patch/expansion together and we like to clear and progress as much as we can in mythic and in order to archive our goal we need right people to fill our ranks. We are currently only interested and recruiting Warrior DPS, Disc priest , MW monk , WW monk Hunters , Enhance/Elemental , Rogues , Retribution , MAGE and exceptional DPSERS !!! What we expect from you! -At least 695 itemlvl. -at least 5/10 mythic. -Having a reasonable experience in current tier of raiding and previous one is a must , having XP in past expansions is a plus. -Attendance: for trials 100% attendance is a must which is 2 weeks 6 raids in total we raid wed/sun/mon from 19:20-23:00 realm time we have a 10mins break around 21:00 if you think u can make the raiding days you might have a spot in team. -Full knowledge of your class in any spec based on your main role (know your !@#$!!!). -Read up tactics , watch vids and be fully prepared for raiding and do not fail on simple mechanics of game (raiding can not get any simpler!). -Being able to receive and accept criticism and learn from your mistakes. -And the last but not least be able to understand and if needed speak English we use TeamSpeak during our raid and a working Mic is a must even if you are shy or your speaking is not great you are still asked to make a noise during important and certain times in raid. What Hadez Army provides -A competitive and friendly raiding environment with mature players -Free repair. -Free foods and potions. -And if you perform well a regular raiding spot. If you read all of things said above and you still want to join this guild add Xapo , Triwiz or Oixtie (BWGreyMN#2113) in game for a chat in TS.Tiomax1 21 Jun 2015
20 Jun 2015 Resto Druid looking for a progression guild Hello, I'm looking for a guild that raids 3 nights a week and wishes to do mythic progression in the future. I'm currently ilvl 672, but I went 8/14 M SoO on my Disc Priest during MoP. The reason I left my former guild was because I thought we weren't progressing fast enough, and re rolled this Resto Druid on Kazzak, since it's the biggest server on EU. I'm looking for a guild that can help me achieve seeing Mythic Archimonde during this expansion. *EDIT: Found oneDerpezz0 20 Jun 2015
20 Jun 2015 Selling Names Hi I am selling names. All of the names are spelt with no special characters. The names are: Fat --- Stinky --- Trolol Accepting payment in Gold or Mounts / Pets Accepting payment on Kazzak and Magtheridon (both horde and alliance) If you are interested either comment below or add me on Rory#2671Trolol4 20 Jun 2015
19 Jun 2015 (H) MW/WW Monk looking for guild Hello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding guild with at least BRF HC as progress, im a mistweaver monk with Windwalker as offspec. I'm looking for a guild to just have fun in raiding, because i'm done with pugging raids and wasting time. I cant raid everyday due my job but can play when i have the time for it, if you are interested feel free to reply or whisper me in game.Niglii1 19 Jun 2015
18 Jun 2015 {H} At What Cost <Twisting Neither> <At What Cost> is a new raiding guild on Twisting Nether LF ambitious players for 6.2 and HFC Mythic progress! We aim to progress through the content as swiftly as possible while keeping it to a semi hardcore level of raiding. I would like to spare you the wall of text, but in simple terms, we are a core of around 6 players who have raided together since cata and are now looking to go it ourselves in 6.2! We got 5/7 mythic Highmaul and also 6/10 Mythic BRF. We are now looking to go that little bit further on our own guild and see that final boss content! The players we are looking for needs to be an ambitious player who thrives on being the best he/she can be. We require you to be somewhat experienced on the class you would like to join on, however this is not mandatory as in the introductory phase a trail period is given. We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday Sunday Monday 19:45 - 23:30 (the raid starts at 20:00) Thanks for your time, for further info and a quick chat add me on battle tag DFZoom#2514Zooms0 18 Jun 2015
18 Jun 2015 Looking for Swift Spectral Tiger If anyone has a swift spectral tiger for sale, whisper me asap to discuss a price Belial#2441Gateways0 18 Jun 2015
18 Jun 2015 200k on frostmane ally for 190k kazzak like title says i would like to exchange my gold on frostmane ally for your kazzak gold,add me if interested..Sprdachina1 18 Jun 2015
18 Jun 2015 WTB Magic Rooster Egg Server: Kazzak-Horde or Grim Batol-Alliance. Battletag: Thendris#2436Alythia0 18 Jun 2015