04 Mar 2015
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04 Mar 2015
SPARKS - 7/7 HM Mythic and 7/10 BRF Mythic - Recruiting Recruitment Status SPARKS has opened recruitment to strengthen our roster for further Mythic progression in WoD. At the moment we're interested in: Exceptional players with both high experience, logs & performance regardless of class Ideal Candidates - Mature players (raid spots, loot or other nonsense drama is unacceptable). - Be able to speak and understand clear English. - Have a functioning microphone and be able to use it when needed. - Extremely high attendance and reliability. - Willing to play BETA/PTR for upcoming progress content. - Prepare and maximize your main and alt characters for EVERY boss encounter. - Skilled players in their respective class, same with mains as alts is taken for granted. - Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer. - Friendly and motivated attitude - no negativity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- About SPARKS At (17/04/14) two 10 man guilds with like minded players from "BTY - Kazzak" and the previous "Sparks - The Maelstrom" decided to rebuild themselves to prepare for Warlords of Draenor under a new flag on Kazzak Horde. These players extend their experience over a variety of top 20 guilds, and will keep a striving mindset that will push forward in the world ranks. We portray our raids as very efficient, performance oriented, creative and enjoyable "SPARKS". Feats of Strengths - T11: Called Last Effort on Stormscale - Realm First Al'Akir 10 HC. - T11: Called Last Effort on Stormscale - Realm First Nefarian 10 HC. - T13: World Fastest 10 HC Morchok and Warlord Zon'ozz. - T13: World Top 5 Speed Kills on all bosses 10HC. - T14: 16/16 World #429 10 HC, guild was formed late (21/01/13). - T15: 13/13 World #206 10 HC. - T16: 14/14 10HC / 25HC prepatch and 20 Mythic. - T16: Several of SoO World Top 10 Speed Kills, the guild was recreated late after merging (17/04/14). - T17: 7/7 Mythic Highmaul, World #206 Raiding Schedule (We'll never extend the indicated hours) Invitations starts between 19.00 - 19.15. 5 days a week, Sunday - Thursday 19.30 - 00.00 We will add 2 raid days during progress (Friday + Saturday, same hours) on the first week of progress. During farm we put a lot of effort into BETA/PTR testing, if its available. What SPARKS will offer you - A strong and well adapted leadership. - A goal driven end game raiding environment. - A fair and stable loot council, (we use RCLootCouncil as our addon). - Adult, social mature people to interact with. - A great sense of community and belonging. - A stable forum to have open and closed discussions. - Voice server for both raid and out of raid activities. - Promoting out of raid activities such as alt raids, CM boosts and much more. - Alt raids on weekends (Horde & Alliance) - Competitive roster for each raiding spot, we reward both performance & reliability Streams Multiple Tank PoV: http://www.twitch.tv/counterfire DPS Warrior: http://www.twitch.tv/treadybumbitv Holy Paladin: http://www.twitch.tv/xeprawarrior Disc/Holy Priest: http://www.twitch.tv/ewokyn1 Warlock: http://www.twitch.tv/warazx Logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/319122/ http://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/8880/ Contact info Guild Master: Ewoky#2768 Raid leader: Counterfire#2120 Management: Waraz#2479 Website: http://www.tmsparks.com Ewoky17
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[H] 5/7M 10/10HC <Fraction> Kazzak EU is recruiting <Fraction> is a guild formed at the beginning of Highmaul on Kazzak, originally founded by a small group of people with high-end experience going back to vanilla. We have a serious attitude towards raiding and quick progression. Our 3 day week raiding schedule is the perfect balance between WoW and spare time, so we have set quite a high bar when it comes to what we cover during our 3 days. You could call it hardcore raiding with a semi-hardcore schedule. So what will you get from us? You can expect results in progression as well as an enthusiastic group of people with a lot of laughs and good times.The guild community means alot to us and intend on keeping it relaxed but serious at the right moments. An integral part of our raiding progress is to get as far as possible with the little time we have, therefore the officers spend alot of time outside of raid hours checking over logs, tactics etc to help with quick improvements, iron out creases and cut the slackers. Loot Rules We have a loot council in place, players will get loot based on many different factors. We tend to gear DPS over tanks and healers during progression. We stamp down on loot drama, it is unacceptable to us. What we expect from our players Raid Hours Server Time: Thursday 19:00-23:00 Sunday 19:00-23:00 Tuesday 19:00-23:00 Raid's may be extended depending on a vote taken at the end of the scheduled time. We expect all players to make the most of our raiding hours. We're players that care for progress and the community, so we want everyone to have the same mindset. If you don't have this mindset I assure you now, you will not fit into this group of players. We expect all players to come prepared to a raid, flasks, pots, food and even runes if its a progress boss. If your an exceptional player then this should not even cross your mind; we do seriously expect everyone to have the optimal amount of information about their class, knowledge of it's optimal output, information on constant/upcoming changes etc. As well as the absolute most knowledge about upcoming bosses on progression to allow less time for teething. Current Progression(Since Forming) 5/7 Mythic Highmaul (4 Weeks together) 10/10 Heroic (Currently) We would like to add that we have had stuff to sort during the forming of the guild, so this ofcourse stopped us from progressing further than we did during highmaul. Secondly we seriously believe our success in the near future will be something to be talked about, with the right players in place. Recruitment - Windwalker Monk High - Warrior DPS High - Shaman DPS (Both Elemental and Enhancement) High - Holy Paladin High - Disc Priest High - Resto Druid Medium All exceptional applications will be considered. Coming Soon - Youtube footage from many PoV's - Forum improvements - Alt raids Contact: Ratajkowski - GM/Raid Leader (Trattfan#2213) Fredchi - Healing officer(Luke#21372) Django - Melee officer (Noxiouz#2624) Bukakkie - Ranged officer (Ghettokiwi#1236) http://fractioneu.enjin.com/ Bukakkie14
02 Mar 2015
Warden [Kazzak] are recruiting Warden are looking for new members for casual raiding, we are a mature guild (horde side) who spend time having a laugh while raiding. Our plans are to start from Highmaul doing both normal and heroic, once we progress and get enough gear our plan will be to do 1 night of highmaul ( most likely heroic) and another night of Blackrock Foundry normal. What you need to know: What time/days we raid at? We Raid Wednesday and Sunday starting at 8.00pm realm time to 11.00pm we dont expect you to be there every single raid night but we would like it if you inform us. What will i need to bring? We ask that you will bring your own Flasks and Potions, we will supply Food, we can also supply with flasks and potions if you want for a small price. Will i need any form of communication? Yes we use teamspeak 3 as we will be explaining boss fights and strategies and generally have a laugh Will i need to Research any fights? If you can research the fights it will make our job a lot easier, we will usually explain the fights anyway and how we are going to approach tackling a boss, we would recommend watching fat-boss guides to get a general idea on whats going on in a fight. What we are looking for in terms Classes, Roles etc.? Atm we are looking for mainly Tanks and Damage dealing roles, we also require 1-2 healers, we would prefer a Shaman, Druid or a monk at this time. For our dps classes we would like a good mixture of melee and ranged we are currently looking for any class atm. Our main goal besides kill bosses and having a laugh is to help you also improve and do better at your class, During our raid days we also do other activities in game like pvp and older raid content for transmog. What we would not like to see: People with bad or a toxic attitude - we have all experienced people who can can cause trouble and misery for others we would not like it in this guild. Childish behavior - We would like you to act maturely in most cases when we raid this also includes loot distribution. Impatient People - We don't want people who leave half way through a raid night because we are struggling on a certain boss part of the raiding experience is learning from what we do wrong and what experience we learn from our mistakes. If you have got this far thanks for taking the time to read this post, if you are interested and would like to apply to you can do so by going here: http://warden.openraid.org/ If you have any question regarding applying or just in general let me know in the comments below. We look foward to reading your applications and hope to see you soon. Woodwardio5
02 Mar 2015
Superbia recruiting a few people for semi-casual raidin Superbia has risen from the ashes! :D We are now an international 2days/week semi-casual raiding guild for more info and apply, go to superbia-eu.com Hope to see you ingame! Currently in high need of a tank (any class) and a hunter or a pro dps - preferably Danish players, but anything will do! :) Current progress 5/10 Heroic BRF ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Previous mentionable achievements: - ranked 150 ww(and even better) untill Spine heroic in DS - kept the WW rank through MoP as well. - best achivement "kill-wise": world 42 on Warlord Zon'ozz heroic. - Realm first: Will of the Emperor. - Realm first: Sha of Fear. - Realm first: Lei Shen. _________________________________________ Requirements before considering an apply: (if u fail to fulfill 1 or several of these points, dont bother applying!) 1. Know your shait. - (Class/optimisation/tacts/experience/etc). All of these things are mandatory and if u simply can't keep up, or aren't able to fullfill our expectations, you will most likely be replaced by natural selection (or a kick if it's a severe case) over time. We only raid 2 times a week, but even so, we wan't to make the best of these days and utilised them in the best way possible! 2. Dont stand in fire. Know the game, and every aspect of it. We have many ppl in the guild, who have been playing WoW since the beta, and failing to stuff you should't will make you stand-out rather fast, and likely be replaced if need be. 3. Participate and communicate! We have a high focus on the social aspect of the game. As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons for our success, is the continously epic envoirement. If u dont wanna, or aren't able to participate socially, as well as play 120% always, we simply wont be able to use you. It wont take many days to see if u fit in, or u dont. If u dont, then we will have to find one who does. Hope to see ya apply at superbia-eu.com! :) Alternatively you can whisper: Hasufer, Crazblazt or Sadducismus ingame for a chat and possible invite. The Superbia management. Hasufer2
02 Mar 2015
[H] Kazzak The Monstersyo 1/10H & 9/10N - is recruiting The Monstersyo is a raiding guild on the Kazzak EU server. We are not a hardcore guild, although most of us have raided more seriously in the past. Now, we prefer to make steady progress as a team in a fun, relaxed environment. Despite casual raiding schedule we expect from our members to make the most of their characters and our raid times. We are looking for experienced people that would like full clear and experience atleast heroic raid content when it's current with only 2 days of raiding a week. Outside of 2 main raiding days many of are members are quite active during most of the week doing random stuff like- dungeons,pvp,alt runs or simply having a good laugh on TS. Most of us are 21+. We are a friendly bunch, and a sense of humour is essential and the ability to give as good as you get banter wise! Our usual raid days are Wednesday and Sunday from around 20:40 server time to 23.30 (with the understanding that we may extend to midnight when needed) Invites go out around 20.30 server time. From time to time we add the third raiding day if there is enough people willing to show up. Minimal requirments to join: - 660 ilvl or at least close to that - Gear must be fully gemmed and enchanted - be able to use TS during raid times - 20+ years old (exceptions might be made) - have some previous heroic raiding experience (previous expansions kills counts as long as done while content was current) At the moment we are looking for following classes/specs: - Priest ( Shadow and Disc/holy) - Paladin (Holy ) - Monk (healer and dps with tank OS) - Mage - Warlock - Hunter - shaman (ench/elemental) If your class isn't listed it doesn't mean that we won't be able to fit you in as we always have a spot for exceptional players. If you'd like to join please apply on http://monstersyo.shivtr.com/forums or add battle tag: Sapph#2183 or Lego#2141 Legô31
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[A]<Rising friends> [Frostmane] Recruiting Greetings Rising friends is a guild that was created in TBC almost 8 years ago, still retaining most of it's original members,including our GM.The core of the guild is scandinavian, but we have members from all over, including the UK, Belgium, and ireland. We recently transferred from the realm stormrage for reasons of lack of activity and recruitment base that were present there. We are now looking for players to fill our roster so we can clear heroic BRF and then embark on mythic content. Currently we are considering ALL classes and specs. There is no ilvl requirement, as we believe the right attitude and skill within a player is more relevant, however a strong background in pve is desirable. After a late start to the raiding schedule our progress is as follows: 7/7 HC HM 3/10 HC BRF Our raiding days are sunday, tuesday, and thursday from 20.45-23.00 (server) with a 30 minute extension at the end of the raid at the GM's request. What are we looking for? As stated above mature players with a good personality and attitude are paramount to what the guild requires.Having fun and clearing content at the same time as taking raiding seriously is how we do business. We are also looking for players that are reliable and show for raids consistently. What can we offer? As well as a relaxed and friendly raiding environment with good people we also offer the following: 1. Free enchants for all members on main raiding gear. 2. Dedicated 100 Mbit TS3 server for Communication. 3. Guild repair on certain progress kills. 4. Highly skilled AND dedicated management-team. 5. Own website with shoutbox! :) 6. Highly skilled core of players. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in,don't hesitate to apply on our website: http://www.risingfriends.enjin.com The application form is very simple and completely private. You can also contact the following people in game for more information: Lynxzes Keloi Kharpsy Tyrlo You can also add myself on real ID: bollders#2398 Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! Bollddrick0
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WTS Challenges Mode Add Alle#2247 or Skype: Cmboost11 to book a run Get your gear/mount/title from Stormscale´s most experienced group. Short version: 8/8 Gold cm 250k Get your Weapon transmog / mount / title from Stormscale's fastest and most experienced group. Very simple gear requirements. Add Alle#2247 or Skype: Cmboost11 to book a run. Wall of text version: Buying Challenge mode boost 8/8 Gold from us, will give you: When you complete Challenge mode 8/8 Gold, you also complete bronze and silver! - Challenge Warlord: Gold/Silver/bronze achievement for each of the 8 dungeons - Title <Name> the Indomitable (Bronze reward) Account-wide - Mount Challenger's War Yeti (Silver Reward) Account-wide Challenger's War Yeti - Very unique weapon transmog(Gold Reward) Link for preview of all the nice weapon transmogs! http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=8899 - Portal to each of the 8 dungeons Prices - Challenge mode Gold 8/8 = 250k (31250g traded in each instance) Time We do all 8 in about 3 hours, the more dps you do the faster it goes Crossrealm We do not usually accept crossrealm payment, it all depends on the server you want to pay on. Give me a whisper in game or Skype and we can hopefully sort something. Alliance Atm we have not touched our alliance boost chars since wod launch so will prob take some time before they are sorted. Will update when its possible. Requirements: 630ilvl dps gear 5x Draenic Invisibility Potion Contact info - Contact me in game. - Skype: Cmboost11 - Battletag: Alle#2247 Lókét0
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3 guys looking for a guild. Hello guys. Me and 2 of my buddy's are looking for a new guild, due to our old guild disbanded 2 days ago. :( We perfer guilds that raid 2 - 4 days/week, and have some progression on Mythic. Currently all of us have 2/7 Mythic kills, with alot of progress on Brackenspore aswell. Our progress is'nt that good, compared to BrF are closed on being launched, but we are all previous hardcore players, from guilds ranked arround 3-400 and higher. One of us are playing football at tuesdays and thursdays, so we perfer that those two days is'nt your raid days, due to that we want to have as high attendance as possible! We are all 3 danish guys, but have no issue at all with English, so wether the guild is English or Danish, is fine with us. What class' can we offer you guys, can I see that you think!?? Iam playing a Warlock currently equipped at 677 ilvl. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Wetlocky Then we have a Feral druid / Dps warrior. He rerolled to dps warr due guild wanted another dps warr, so he did. He can play whatever of those class you guys want him to! 675 ilvl Feral Druid http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Zypi 673 ilvl Dps Warrior http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Zyank The last of us is another warlock, but he can roll boomkin if you guys would want him to. 673 ilvl Warlock http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Morgalan 638 ilvl Boomkin - If he should reroll to it, we will gear it up fast, both with HM heroic clear and ofcause mythic HM boes. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Ydrasil Feel free to ask any questions here at the topic or add me as a Real ID friend. Best regards, WetLock WetLock#2107 Wetlocky8
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[H] Delusions of Grandeur (Late Night) 7/7HC 2/7M You there! Yes you, i'm talking to you! Have you ever had that feeling that you enjoy the game and raiding at max level but your schedule just doesn't cut it anymore? Either for family, professional or lifestyle reasons your current raiding schedules puts a strain on your life removing the enjoyment that this game should have and making it feel more like a chore than entertainment? Well then guess what, you're not alone, and you probably should really consider raiding at a late night raiding guild. Delusions of Grandeur is a late night raiding guild looking to fill a gap on the current raiding spectrum of Kazzak for a true late night raiding guild. The guild's leadership has been together since Burning Crusade with some projects of 25 and 10 man guilds and on this current expansion have a solid full HC experienced including SoO 14 HC (before 6.0). Our raiding schedule is Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays with Monday being a optional progress day when new content is about. Invites start at 22:45 ST and at 23:00 we're ready to pull, raid ends at 02:00 ST. During our raid we use Teamspeak 3 for communication Our aim for now is to fill some last spots so we can keep progressing on Mythic. For this reason, not only are we looking for seasoned raiders but also geared up ones. At the moment we are open for recruitment on every class and role, but we're in a special need of solid dpsers (DKS, Druids, Priests, Mages). We offer a mature environment, focused on our goals, well organized leadership and always open to discussion. Loot Council system for starters and several activities to do on off days ranging from old content to challenge modes or even a incursion into Arenas or RBGs if you're that kind of camper. We expect you to be sociable, focused, have an high attendance. Participation on the discussions about tactics and boss fights is very welcome and is encouraged. Know your class in and out, maintaining that knowledge up to date. Also have a working mic, so that you can be vocal when and if needed during raids. Have a pc and internet connection stable that can handle what we do. We pass on drama lamas, people that only log to raid, people that are loot driven and people that only say MOO!!!. If you want to apply, know more information or just chat with us, visit our website @ grand.shivtr.com or contact in game Darkshneider or Ahmdal. Kuryah11
25 Feb 2015
3 Raiders looking for raiding guild! Hello! We're three friends that are looking for a new raiding guild since our team have failed to perform according to our expectations. Our characters are: Destro Lock (OS Destro pvp) - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Imha/advanced Encha shaman (OS ele pvp) - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Rayol/advanced Demo Lock(OS Affli) - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Azhtaroth/advanced We're all very capable players and try and push our characters to the limit, we require atleast the same progression as us, Maximum 5 days raiding per week and we can raid from 20:00-24.00 GMT+1. Will also require a "core" spot since none of us wish to sit on the bench. Both me (Lock) and the Other lock have just rerolled from our old mains a few days ago as we feel tried of playing the same class for the past years, the First lock change from a 673 fury warr and the rogue from a 666 Rogue so our gear might be a bit under since we have only had a few days of gear farming etc. Our progress is: Vannila everything cleared till naxx where 12 bosses down of 14. TBC everything cleared. Wrath: everything cleared on both normal, hardmode and heroic. Cata: everything cleared on both normal and heroic+rag hc pre nerfs. MoP: everything cleared on normal, heroic and mythic, WoD: Eveything cleared on both normal and heroic. HM Mythic: 5/7 down BRF: 10/10 Normal and 7/10 Heroic If you've got anything to special to ask about feel free to add my Battle-tag: Hype#2792 Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you /Imha Imha5
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(H) Kazzak <Dno> 3/7M 7/10 HC Recruiting all For BRF Yo. We are a semi-hardcore guild residing in the Horde side of the EU realm, Kazzak. The guild can provide you with the opportunity to steadily experience all difficulties of all content in a sophisticated and organised manner where you are free to have fun and relax knowing that you are taken care of by one of the best officer cores on the server. The raids are smooth, the leadership is structured, the people are approachable and knowledgeable. The guild is ran on a basis of fairness and deserved recognition. We commend on people's hard work publicly and make sure they are known throughout the guild. Every rank has a meaning. We feel that ranks have lost their meaning in most guilds, especially Raider. That rank is back to meaning something extraordinary. You are the best and have shown that you put the guild before any personal self interest you may have. This is very hard to get. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays 19-23:30 To get member you must have 75% attendance over a period of time and show reasonable performance that is judged by the officer core. To get raider you must have 90% attendance after your member promotion for an extended period of time and show consistently outstanding performance that is judged by the officer core. This gels well with out loot system, which is also discussed between the officers of who gets the loot. The loot is done through strategised thinking instead of a rewards based system. The foundation of the loot system is guild ranks (officers and the gm have the same loot priority as raiders). This then spawns to a discussion of individual performance, attendance, followed by future boss requirements i.e. if the next bosses are damage intensive we will be more inclined to give loot to dps rather than the usual way of giving it to healers and tanks first. Nothing negative will happen to this guild and nothing will break it so you can apply to us in confidence. No one is above the guild. Everything is done with Dno in mind. This guild will be a long-term, successful project and could very well turn into something huge. If you would like to join us then please feel free to apply to us via dno-kazzak.enjin.com -Officers Penance1
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