30 Mar 2015 Any weekend only guild doing mythic? Hi, im looking for a guild that only raids on weekends, mythic progression. I work different shifts each week so i can't raid on weekdays. I play resto shaman and my exp is 7/7hc aotc hm and 10/10 brf hc.Npftd0 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Surv Hunter Lf Raiding guild Progression so far: Highmaul: 7/7 HC Blackrock foundry: 10/10 normal, 8/10 HC Availablility: Any day from 18.30 - 23.00 CEST Class : Survival Voice com: Will use any Not willing to change server/faction. Things to be expected from me: 1. 90% raid attendence 2. Very good knowledge of my class such as, dps rotations, glyphs, talents and cooldowns. 3. Always in time for raids ! 4. Always bringing pots/flasks and food. 5. Proper enchants and gems. 6. Researched for upcoming fights. 7. Positive and friendly ! 8. Can take any constructive criticism and suggestions. Please pm me on Centarius or on my battletag - TheMoose#2428 if you have any questions. Thanks !Centarius0 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 PERCEPTION NOW RECRUITING - 7/7 HM & 6/10 BRF Mythic! Hello fellow raiders! Perception is a genuinely friendly, semi-hardcore raiding guild with an amazing team and fun outlook on raiding. We raid 4 times a week (Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs) between 19:30 and 23:00 server time. We are currently rank 15 on server and RAPIDLY climbing. New officer initiatives have put us in a stronger position than ever, with a roster full of determined and committed players. We expect our raiders to be prepared for every single raid, bringing the appropriate food/pots/runes for their spec. Attendance is a very big thing for us, in order to create a strong and consistent team, we expect our raiders to maintain close to 100% attendance. Should you require leave for whatever reason, you merely need to tell an offer in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements. High Priority Classes Include: - Healers (ideally Mistweaver monk) - Balance Druid - Rogue All exceptional applications will be considered. For additional information, feel free to get in touch with myself, Envy#2783 Or to apply, visit our forums at: http://euperception.wowlaunch.com/ See you in raid! (Hopefully ^^)Xerõ2 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 [H]Chestside looking to merge with another guild Hello everyone! We are looking to merge with another guild since we can't get enough players together for raids anymore. Once BRF was released we filled up our raid with nearly 30 members, we progressed really quickly. Three weeks after release we had Blast Furnace killed on heroic. Then the people that showed up became too random, and at this point we are 'lucky' to get enough of the same players for our two raids per week. Thus progress stagnated, we have pretty much only had two half nights on Blackhand, because we dont have enough of the same players show up for our raids. We have a 2 days / week raiding schedule (thursday and sunday 19-22) and would be looking for something similar, definitely no more than 3 days / week. You would get a core of roughly 7-10 very good players who show up at 90%+ of raids, and would be a positive influence on any guild that is currently struggling with recruiting competent players. Please contact me in game if you are interested. Wossop#2496Doublesnorr1 30 Mar 2015
29 Mar 2015 [H][EU - Al'Akir] |9/10H|2/7M| <Revenant> LFRaiders Revenant - a PvE guild founded on Al'Akir, which began life under the name "Furious Angels" way back in Vanilla. Following relative success & progress throughout the early days, and stretching all the way through MoP, we are now busy planning our assault on the continent of Draenor. The guild itself is made up of a few veterans, as well as a number of dedicated members that have stuck with us through the past few expansions. We are made up of mature, like-minded players that are looking to enjoy the game without trying to make it into a second job (i.e. raiding 24/7). We offer a more relaxed schedule that perhaps some other guilds don't offer, preferring to make steady & continued progress, and have some fun whilst doing so. At present, we raid 3 nights per week - Raid days are currently scheduled on the in-game calendar on Wed/Sun/Tues nights, between 8pm - 11:30pm Game-time. We expect every raid member to come to each raid fully prepared for the evening - Fully enchanted/gemmed gear, supply of raid consumables, and a knowledge of boss abilities & general tactics. Current WoD Raid Progress: 2/7 Highmaul Mythic 9/10 Blackrock Heroic Right now we are actively recruiting raiders to bolster our Raid team, and are on the look out for the following classes: - - Rogue - Enh. Shaman - WW Monk (BM offspec) - Shadow Priest - Mage - Warlock (N.B. Other classes are welcome to apply, and should we feel you will add to our current raid team, we will be happy to take you on trial) Please apply on our website: http://revenant.huoh.de/index.php - or if you would like to ask us a few questions, please don't hesitate to whisper an officer ingame.Eunique2 29 Mar 2015
29 Mar 2015 Looking For Raiding Guild! Dedicated player with little BRF Exp but know all tactics up to HC. Have Curve in HM and Crucible. Throw me a whisper in game.Clowesx0 29 Mar 2015
29 Mar 2015 BRF 10/10 N BOOST TUESDAY 19.30 Hello there. <Overdose> Selling a 10/10 Normal BRF ( Personal loot ) Boost run on tuesday 19.30. Price: 150k ( Book your spot now, soon full ) PS: U Pay 10% when u book a spot rest when raid start. ( Run will take max 2 hours ) Come get some gear and achivement from blackhand =) ( U can be naked, green geared, new dinged dosnt mather ) Contact: Kothan87#2175Mordass0 29 Mar 2015
29 Mar 2015 [H] Sons of Temujin - LF small guild/group to raid with Sons of Temujin is looking for a small guild/group of players to join up with for normal/heroic raiding during the weekend. After several forays in Premade Groups we've found it sorely lacking on the fighting vs standing about waiting for new players after each kill/wipe ratio and are hopeful there are more groups of players looking for a way out of the Premade Groups scene (but not really wanting to leave their current guild or start recruiting). We have a core group consisting of five players that have done progression raiding from Vanilla through Cataclysm and are looking for a similarly sized group of players to form a consistent raiding group with. We raid ~20:00 - ~23:00 (server-time) on Saturday and Sunday (and the occasional Sunday afternoon/Monday evening). Our group consists of: 1 tank (druid) 1 healer (paladin) 1 healer/dps (priest) 2 dps (druid, paladin) Please contact me ingame if your interested or need further details. Note: if you are an experienced "stand alone" player that the above mentioned raid times suit well and have the dedication to progress in a team, feel free to contact me ingame so we can discuss getting you on the invite list.Martox0 29 Mar 2015
29 Mar 2015 WTB Etherum Nexus Reaver! http://www.wowhead.com/item=30722/ethereum-nexus-reaver There it is! The beauty, the legend - if anyone has and and would like to sell it for a 5 digit number. Then please let me know here or ingame. Thank you!Aredios0 29 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Are you a Mythic Raider looking for a new home? Hai, please visit: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12533744077 If you are a skilled, mythic level raider and are one of the classes we seek, we can promise you: - Minimum 3 raid nights a week + alt runs - Core raid spot in our mythic team, in one of the top 3 day guilds on Ragnaros EU - Stable team and strong raiding environment - Steady progression - Grills You should: - Be 685+ - Have good logs - Be at least 10/10HC. Mythic experience is desirable. - Able to play a class, not just a spec. If your guild is disbanding or struggling to make the jump to Mythic, don't let your talents go to waste. We may have a home for you here. http://acemate.enjin.com/forumShetland0 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Two friends looking for a casual raiding guild. Hello, We are two friends who've been playing together for a while now and we've come to the conclusion we should be finding a guild together, that suits the both of us. I myself, am playing a resto druid, 676 item level, 7/7hc, 10/10 nm, 7/10hc. Naraelle is playing an unholy DK, 665 item level, 6/7hc, 8/10 nm. We are able to raid Mon-Sun, 8-11 PM We expect mature behaviour, ie no yelling during raids, no constant meme spamming in guild chat, etc. English speaking is a must, please let us know where the majority of your guild members are from. Looking forward to meeting any potential guild willing to take us in :) --- http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Naraelle/advanced (DK) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Minowah/advanced (Druid)Minowah1 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Looking for PvP guild I'm looking for a PvP guild on Kazzak for arenas, bgs etcFloff1 28 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Proc Warrior LF Guild Current Progression: Highmaul: 1/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic Blackrock Foundry: 0/10 Mythic, 9/10 Heroic 10/10 Normal - No mythich progress due to realm being Outland Horde Previous Expansions - Seige of Orgrimmar Full Mythic Clear @ Current Patch. Availability : Any evening after 7pm Class : Proctection Warrior with Arms Offspec. Voice: I will use any voice comms required I am progression-minded individuals who loves to raid while having fun at the same time. I am competitive on the meters but at the same time, but ensure i do what we need to do to get bosses down (switching from AOE to Single Target and vice-versa when called for, among other things). What You can expect from me : 1) Knowledge of my class: Correct usage of cooldowns, DPS rotation, and high uptimes of personal buffs. Correct talents and glyphs for each fight. 2) Coming to raid prepared by researching the fight beforehand. 3) enough Flasks & Pots for the entire duration of raid. 4) Bringing my own food for Pandaren Double food buff 5) Properly itemized gear for my spec as well as enchants for max Damage/Healing output. 6) I will not always put my BIS items on because each boss can benefit from certain stat weightings better, i will adjust before each fight and already have set's saved 7) 90% Raid attendance. 8) able to take constructive criticism and learn from past mistakes. 9) Positive and friendly attitude. Please add me on BN to speak further Brendannn#2245Brendann0 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Is Kazzak down for you? KAZZAK and many other servers are offline for me, but according to some websites it's up, is it the same for you?Valaraz20 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Are u looking for mythic raiding on medium PvE server? Vindication Vindication is a end-game raiding guild on Aggramar. It's currently existing solely on former high end raiders who don't have the time or energy anymore to raid 'hardcore'. We will be raiding 2-3 nights a week while still actually progressing nicely throughout the current content. Who we are Vindication was made out of old friends and veterans players that have returned to the game from different servers to form a guild and raid together once again. Since nearly all of us have real life commitments such as jobs, families and social activities we're looking to raid 2-3 nights a week. What we offer you - An experienced group of high-end raiders and a raidleader who's played in top 50 guilds for several years. - A committed raiding guild aiming to steadily progress through all content in a serious but fun environment. - A strong social community based around having a laugh and enjoying the game. What we expect from you - Be mature and friendly - Have good knowledge of your class and show that you are willing to improve even beyond that - You can understand written and spoken English - Attendance isn't a huge deal as of right now, as long as you can attend atleast 1 raid a week. - Preparation: Flasks, potions, consumables, etc. We also expect that everyone reads up on new encounters before the raid and understands their specific role in any given fight. - Have a working headset and microphone (you'll miss out on way to much fun if you don't have one). - Have previous mid to high-end raid experience to prove you're a good raider. Doesn't necessarily have to be during this expansion. Raid times Wednesday: 19.00 -22.00/23.00 Sunday: 19.00 - 22.00/23.00 Monday: 19.00 - 22.00/23.00 We might skip either the Sunday or Monday during some weeks, depending on the content and availability of our players. Raids end somewhere between 22.00 & 23.00 depending on progress. Interested? Apply on www.vindication.guildlaunch.com or talk with Cadan, Xaviv or Glarain ingame.You're also more then welcome to add Cadan#2600 or Eiya#2485Xaviv13 27 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Chestside [H] [9/10 BRF HC] [2 raids / week] Chestside is a perfect guild for whoever wants to raid and clear content but does not have an irl situation that supports raiding 5 times a week. Chestside has a stable core of players, but to be able to make steady progression through up-coming Mythic we're going to need a few more good DPS. Class or specialization is not relevant at this point in time, if you are interested please read through the text. We try to maintain a very forgiving guild environment, not requiring 100% attendance. However, in combination with our very casual raiding schedule, when we raid, we need every player to embrace a hardcore mentality to make progress. Our raiding times are thursdays (19-22) and sundays (18 - 22), on initiative we also organize alt runs. If there are any further questions, please feel free to add me (Phásm) on vittra#2958, or whisper me (Phásm), Lynzh, Pickles or Doublesnorr in game.Phásm7 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Late night raiding guild! Agnostics on Kazzak! CURRENTLY - 1/10 Mythic Blackrock foundry, 6/7 Mythic Highmaul Our Raid Times: Wednesday: 2230 - 0100 Thursday: 2230 - 0100 Monday: 2230 - 0100 Our Rules: Be on time, prepared and co-operative to all raids. We do not expect 100% attendance, (real life happens and we accept that. Attend as many as possible without taking the piss) Loot Council will distribute loot fairly according to performance, current item and rank. (Raider > Trial) Enjoy yourself Keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere Respect and accept everybody, relish in the banter. We expect: Dedicated raiders At least 670 item level We would prefer at least 3/7M and 9/10 Hc but all applications will be taken strongly into consideration Mature and passionate attitude Willing to learn Currently Recruiting: Death Knight: OPEN Druid: - FERAL / BOOMKIN Hunter: - OPEN Monk: - DPS Mage: - OPEN Rogue: - OPEN Paladin - CLOSED Priest: - CLOSED Shaman - ELEMENTAL Warlock: - OPEN Warrior: - CLOSED Any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself, Pyromaniac, Nyali or Infemales please apply online. Dykona#2182 is my real ID for any direct questions. Thank you for your consideration, ZekaraOrgiano0 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Men Of The Nights Watch is new and recruiting Men Of The Nights Watch. We are a new guild that is recruiting for raiding. We need all roles to make our team bigger. We aim to do BRF on normal. Experience isn't needed as we can learn and grow together. Let me know if you are interested.Kamidogu0 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 2 healers and 2-3 ranged DPS looking for a Mythic guild A group of players (2 healers, 2-3 ranged DPS) with current progress 2/7M and 10/10 HC and 680+ ilvl looking for a mythic raiding guild. We’re dedicated players and we want to accomplish our goal to clear mythic raiding content, and as we feel our goals and expectations of raiding are on a different level than our current guild we sadly see no other option than to look elsewhere. We can commit to raid 3 mandatory days a week (but can also go extra days sometimes as we’re mostly online every day), any days except Fridays and Saturdays, between 19:00-23:30 server time. All of us have almost 100% attendance as we plan our real life around raiding. We’re all old players that has been raiding for many years and as we’re all around 30 years old we are looking for a mature guild with a nice atmosphere but still serious about the raiding. Bad jokes are much appreciated! Since we’ve been raiding on Alliance side for so many years we’ve decided it’s time to find a horde guild this time! So, if this sounds interesting to you and you fit our description please drop a reply with guild info/battletags and we’ll get in touch with you (in respect for our current guild to not cause unnessecary drama we’re posting this anonymously, hope you understand) Looking forward to hear from you!Slix9 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 WTS TCG mounts like : Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger 750k gold Reins of the Spectral Tiger 550k gold Feldrake 350k gold if u want to buy u can add me to battle tag : Gavriel#2264Sabres0 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 [H] 5 Exceptional Players LF Guild (Mythic) 10/10HC To be concise, the title says it. We are a group of 5 real-life friends who are looking to further our progression in BRF. Recently, our guild has undergone a stale phase where nothing is being carried out beside heroic runs which are below our ambitions and expertise in WoW. We are dilligently looking for a guild that would support our goal in completing the current Mythic content and any further content. Hopefully our experience, logs, and descriptions would serve as a summary of our caliber. Experience: BRF: We have completed 10/10 HC, 3 weeks ago HM: 5/7 Mythic Raiding days and times suitable for us: 3-4 Raids a week Sunday/Tue/Wed/Thur 18:00-23:00 Guilds we're looking for: We're looking for a guild that shares a similar experience as ours, which in turn means: 10/10 HC, starting Mythic 1 or 2 Mythic bosses cleared Classes: All are clearly 680+ ilvl Phreed - Paladin - Prot/Holy/Ret Pantsman - Rogue Rad - Druid - Balance/Feral Daamaage - Mage Dumdumiez - Warlock Logs: You can view individual players on warcraftlogs.com. On the other hand, you can see the general logs from our current guild: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/40583 Feel free to reply in comments regarding this matter. Additionally, you can contact me or any of the players listed below ingame. Battlnet id: Phreedom#2557Phreed5 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Any one els got problem with "Character not found" ? Got disconnected for an hour and have tried to login to my characters. Sometimes i can get in to my chars but i got disconnected after 30 sec. Then i try to login to that character again, and 9 of 10 i get the message "Character not found". Dont know if any one els on Kazzak have this problem.Köttvägg6 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Fix your laggy server its just getting stupid stop patching unimportant stuff and fix the gameZopdo3 26 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 Closed. Thread no longer needed.Nirobi0 25 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 GS 677 Rogue 7/10 HC BRF Lf guild! Hello everyone. I'm looking for a guild that is somewhere around my own progression in WoW atm! I have currently done 7/7 HC Highmaul and 7/10 HC Blackrock. I'm hoping to get into the mythic scene as time comes, no rush. I'm playing a ilvl 677 combat rogue. I'll write a few lines about myself: I'm a male in my mid twenties with a steady partnership and a little daughter. I'm from scandinavia. My in-game experince is spanning back to vanilla, most of it on a casual level, raiding with rl mates. Since all my rl mates no longer play the game i want to try myself on a higher level. I feel that i always carry my weight when i PUG hc brf or when i raid with my guild. I'm on the upper part of the DPS meter and i do well on mechanic handling. I'm looking for a raiding guild that raid two to three times a week. Sunday/mon/tues/wedensday - 20:00-23:00 is preferred days/time but not a requirement. I'm also hoping the guild has people in it that log on also outside raids to play, maybe some optional alt runs on off days - and hopefully a active guild chat and a good guild spirit/community (important). If the guild is horde or alliance is not really important to me. Hopefully i'll find some match! If anyone is interested leave your battle tag and i'll message you in-game. :)Amazonas5 25 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 Looking for a ninja Would anyone happen to know of a player called "Kórn" on your server anywhere. Would like to contact his guild about being a loot ninja ThanksCloten4 25 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 Interest in Mythic BRF alt run on Friday night? :) Hey peeps! As 2 of my level 100 alts are hitting over 685+ ilvl and there's not much to gain from Heroic mode, I've been wondering if there would be main raider alts interested in fiddling with few Mythic bosses on a Friday night. What I can offer myself is windwalker/brewmaster monk or resto druid, both over 685 at the moment. For bosses I'd suggest something like Oregorger > Beastlord then if they go well perhaps Gruul / Hans&Franz > Flamebender after. Just a relaxed yet focused run. Requirements would be at least some Mythic Foundry experience on main character and a decent geared alt, preferably over 680. Any interest for this kind of run? =)Shivasana0 24 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 WW monk lf for mythic raids Hi everyone. I'm looking for a good and friendly raid family. My experience is 10/10hc. I have a great experience in raiding since WOTLK. Let me know if you are interested in me and if you want to get more information) Ty all and have fun) You can find me online 10:00 - 15:00 st Kevin#21154Ateur1 24 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 Delete this please. Delete this please, there is another post up since I am forced to quit because of IRL issues.Pingenwar40 24 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode Boosts. We are a boosting group since MoP that completed 600+ boosts so far, and realm best time holders. All done within 3 hours nice and easy with our team. Our boosting team consists of: Squiggy - Blood DK Laylina - Restoration Druid Supersix - Beast Mastery Hunter Quinzee - Enhancement Shaman Misteni - Beast Mastery Hunter When you complete Gold Challenge Modes 8/8 you will get: - Achievement Reward: All the Challenge Mode achievements (360 ach. points) - Title Reward: ”The Indomitable” - Mount Reward: ”Challenger's War Yeti” - Weapon Reward: Full set of cosmetic weapon apperances (Transmogrification) What do we want from you: - Flasks, Potions, Invisibility Potion, 630+ ilvl - Be able to listen and understand English - Payment on one of listed realms (Tarren Mill, Kazzak, Shattered Hand) Prices: Shattered Hand: 300k Kazzak 280k Tarren Mill 250k Service is avilable on EU Horde for now! If you are interested in service feel free to add: Squiggles#2520 or Omnion#2451 or Hephaestus#2314Quinzee10 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 [H] - kazzak - Change casual raiding guild recruiting! About us Change is a casual normal/heroic raiding guild in Kazzak EU, that was made by a bunch of friends with much raiding experience in the past but due to a lot of real life demands have some spare time in the evenings, to raid current content with the goal to reach as far as possibly we can. We are in search of similar people that real life commitments or for people that wants a more relaxing raid than rushing for the top asap. Our current raid days are Thursday- Sunday - Tuesday from 20:00-23:00 That said we currently are in need of a main tank and a dps that sometimes can fullfill that roll and some dps. You can contact us in game: Garslack/Eleanor Ipitythefool BerzerkinGarslack1 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 please delete please deleteStopenzie7 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 [H]Kazzak-Eu <Ente La Magke De Votanik> ... Greek Only! Ente La Magke De Votanik is a full greek guild and recruits only Greeks.. If you can't even read the rest of the thread you have 2 options: 1. Learn Greek 2. Stop trying to figure it out and search for another guild. Οι Ente La Magke De Votanik άνοιξαν πάλι τα recruit τους. Μετά την αποχώρηση κάποιων μελών, ξεκινάμε το πανευρωπαϊκό μας τουρνέ "Ente La Magke EXEIS TALENTO" και αρχίζουμε τα guild invites και trial-οντισιόνς για την κοινωνική ενδυνάμωση του guild και την -σαφέστατα- συνέχιση του progress μας. Οι "διαγωνιζόμενοι" θα κριθούν για: 1. To Humour τους 2. Τον χαρακτήρα τους 3. Τις Raiding ικανότητες και εμπειρίες τους. Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι μπορούν να κάνουν: 1. Apply μέσω application form που θα βρουν στο site μας www.entelamagkedevotanik.gr 2. Whisper se Veterans, Officers του Guild (Barbabilis, Masymaskoz, Yasan και Mooremoo) 3. Προσευχή για θεική παρέμβαση (συνήθως δεν έχει τα επιθυμητά αποτελέσματα) Απο τα recruits - πέρα απο αυτά που θα κριθούν - περιμένουμε: HEALERS : Να healaroun ακόμα και τα πατώματα καθώς θα ανεβάζουν το healing τους στα ύψη! TANKS : Να προτάσουν τα στήθη τους στην μάχη, ορμόντας πρώτοι και καλύτεροι και να μη γίνονται ανευ λόγου και αιτίας. σούπα/χαλκομανία/αλοιφή/μια μπάτσα.. DPS: Να τα σπάσουν ΟΛΑ!Να μη βαράνε μύγες και να μην έχουν την εντυπώση πως πατώντας στα σκατά θα χεστούνε στα golds. Oι Ente La Magke De Votanik είναι ένα Ελληνικό Horde Guild που ιδρύθηκε στον EU-Kazzak (PvP). Είμαστε ένα Guild το οποίο μας αρέσει να κάνουμε Raiding progress και PvP. Βασικός μας στόχος είναι να είμαστε ένα φιλικό Guild όπου ο κάθε παίχτης θα μπορεί να περάσει ευχάριστα την ώρα του με όποιον τρόπο επιλέξει εκείνος. Το Guild ξεκίνησε ως casual raiding guild και κάναμε τα πρώτα μας βήματα λίγο καιρό πριν ολοκληρωθεί το "Patch 5.3: Εscalation", σκοτώσαμε 11 bosses και μας έμεινε μόνο ο Lei Shen. Όταν μπήκε το "Patch 5.4: Siege Of Orgrimmar" μπήκαμε δυναμικά και αποφασιστικά, από casual raiding guild γίναμε semi-hardcore, κάναμε clear SoO10N και συνεχίσαμε σε 10Hc progress με 10/14 bosses. Κάναμε form μερικά 25αρια Normal και Heroic με αρχικά kills 10/14 αλλά λόγω attendance αναγκαστήκαμε να το γυρίσουμε πάλι σε 10αρια. Στο WoD prePatch 6.0.2 καθαρίσαμε σε Mythic το SoO (14/14). Μπήκαμε δυναμικά στο Highmaul με 7/7 Normal και Heroic και 1/7 Mythic (Kargath). Συνεχίσαμε στο Blackrock Foundry με 10/10 Normal και 7/10 Heroic, όπου συνεχίζουμε το progress μας... Στόχοι μας είναι : • PvE recruits για 20man Raiding Groups • PvP recruits για Rbg και Αρένες. Στο PvE ψάχνουμε άτομα που να έχουν ήδη την νοοτροπία του Raider. Δηλαδή: • Να ξέρουν το class τους και να προσπαθούν να βελτιώνονται και να προσαρμόζονται ανάλογα με τις απαιτήσεις του fight. • Να μπορούν να έρχονται σε κάθε raid event. • Να έρχονται προετοιμασμένοι με flask/food, full gemmed και enchanted. • Να έχουν την δυνατότητα για ελαστικότητα στις ώρες raiding. Απ'την στιγμή που μπαίνουμε δυναμικά σε ένα progress raid,ζητάμε απο τα recruits μας να έχουν την άνεση και δυνατότητα να αφιερώσουν μισή ώρα/1 ωρά ή ακόμα και παραπάνω μέρα για ένα progress kill. • Να μην έχουμε guild δράματα για κανένα λόγο. • Να κάνουν roll ανάλογα με τα stats για το class τους και όχι κοιτάζοντας το ilvl! (κάθε class έχει συγκεκριμένα stat weights στα 2ndary stats τους οπότε prio σε αυτούς που το drop είναι bis) • Να μπορούν να κάνουν pass loot σε κάποιον που θα του είναι μεγαλύτερο upgrade και το raid θα επωφελειται περισσότερο! (αλλιώς ο MasterLooter σε συνεννόηση με τους Officers θα αναγκαστούν να αποφασίσουν οι ίδιοι που πάει η lootα) *Μέρες και ώρες Raiding είναι σε ώρα Ελλάδος και κανονίζονται ανα groups. 21:00-00:30Mooremoo0 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 [H] Telvarre Noeri @ Kazzak is recruiting [8/10 HC] Hello one and all! Telvarre Noeri [8/10 HC] is a guild that currently resides on Kazzak, and it has a long history. The current roster is made up of very experienced players that have raided since Vanilla and cleared most of the content on both normal and heroic. Our intention is to build a solid roster of people to raid with at a more laid back approach, as with time priorities such as work, studies and family to attend to have started to take more time. We currently raid 2 days a week (Thursday and Sundays) from 19:00-23:00 and this is up for discussion and change as the roster grows. What we offer: The opportunity to get boosted gear wise should you class yourself and perform like a quality player. A group that is set to clear and see as as much content as possible (including mythic) but at a slightly more casual pace, as we believe in quality and efficiency over quantity and brute forcing. A chance to be part of the core of a team of players that share the same goal. As a team we strive to better our skills for each go and try to challenge ourselves to keep making improvements with each try and obstacle. A fun and friendly atmosphere to not only raid in but for other gaming activities outside of wow as well We expect you to: Show up and be online with good margin before the raid starts. Attend as many raids as you can, with a minimum of 80-90% attendance. Come prepared with knowledge of the encounter and know what is expected of your particular class on said encounter. Speak up and ask about uncertainties that you might have prior to an encounter try. Know your class well. Come enchanted & gemmed, with flasks & pots of your own as well. Have a fun, friendly, positive and social attitude Be able to communicate as fluently in english as possible, both in written text and voice com We are currently recruiting the following classes and roles for Mythic content: Death Knight: Frost/Unholy Mages: All specs Monk: Mistweaver/Brewmaster Paladin: Holy / Prot Priest: Disc/Holy Shaman: Elementa/Resto Warrior: Protection Warlock: All specs Please do not hesitate to apply even if your class and spec is not listed as we are always looking for exceptional people. All applications should be done at: http://telvarre-noeri.enjin.com/ or via conversation with Furboll If you have any questions post them here or get in touch with one of our officers ingame: Furboll (Battletag: Furball#2912) Sling Aimtofflan Adriaki Snuggle We hope that our guild caters to your needs, and look forward to reading your application. Cheers!Furboll16 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 [H] <Ruojat> (Fin) is recruiting for Mythic <Ruojat> is a finnish semi-casual-hardcore guild. "Raideja aikuiseen makuun." ™ Etsitään mythic rosteriin paria osaavaa nahkaista depsuttajaa. Muutkin tervetulleita HC raideille. To 18.50-22.00 ja Su 18.50-22.00 Todista taitosi osiossa mahdollisuus päästä mythic rosteriin. Altti raideja randomisti viikottain. /w in-game Jormamurskaa, Krosan, Kylmämolotin & RánkaJormamurskaa2 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 Prot warrior, Holy Paladin, Warlock LF Solid raid guild Hey there, Me and two of my friends who play holy pally and warlock are looking to transfer over to Kazzak. We are currently all 7/10HC and have around 680 IL and frequently get ranked on World of logs. We have a wealth of past raiding experience and are looking for a raid guild that raids twice a week. If you have these spots open in your roster please let us know. Armoury links: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Thorgran/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Atlanteans/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Felrath/simple Our battletags are thorgran#2843,don#2636, incident#2330 if you want to have a chat. CheersThorgran4 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 Boomkin LF Guild Hello there! I'm a 676 ilvl Balance Druid looking for a guild that raids two nights a week, preferably on BRF HC. I'm not Nomanis and I'm not as dedicated as Sco but I can actively participate and am still striving to improve my gameplay. My battle tag is Cocofanical#2223 if you would like to chat about anything.Selésnya2 23 Mar 2015
23 Mar 2015 682 Prot Paladin LF New Guild! Hello Everyone, I currently play on Draenor Server EU and I'm looking for a new guild. I'm happy to move server to Kazzak if needed as well. I can make most raid days (apart from some Friday's and Saturdays is a big NO if afraid). I'm very active outside raids too and am a social-able player. I have all voice comms installed and have a working mic. I'm happy to call out during raids if needed to. My current progression stands at: Highmaul: 7/7 HC / 1/7 Mythic BRF: 9/10 Normal / 7/10 HC My armory link is: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Boiard%C3%B3/simple If any guild out there is looking for a new tank to join there team, please feel free to add joshsabater#2501 to discuss this more. ThanksBoiardó1 23 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 Hunter 8/8 CM GOLD Looking for Boosting group Hello there, Im a hunter since vanilla and been a booster of CMs in MoP. Completed 8/8 CM gold now in WOD 3 times and are looking for a team or 3x m8s to create a boosting team. I can also play resto druid that have 8/8 Gold. Anything that fit the team. If you have a team and need a hunter to boost, or just need a pro dps to jump in sometimes, or if u are intressed in making a boost team add my Real ID. Kothan87@2175 Poke me online "Mordass". CheersMordass3 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 [H] <Defile> Recruiting (8/10 hc) We are looking for some great players to join our team to start progressing into mythic. All information about us is on our website: www.defile-guild.comKazrax1 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 Kompaniet @ Chamber of Aspects. Söker Raiders! Kompaniet är en Social guild som Raidar 2 dagar i veckan. Vi söker nu Dps och Healers så vi kan bli ett stadigt 20 man team. Anledningen vi får söka genom andra server forums är pga vi inte hittar fler Raiders på vår Medium server. Skulle du vara intresserad, kan du lätt och enkelt kolla vår enkla hemsida för mer info. Vi ser fram emot att höra ifrån dig. Ha en fortsatt bra dag! http://kompaniet.enjin.com/Cliffykus0 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 682 Prot Paladin LF New Guild! Hello Everyone, I currently play on Draenor Server EU and I'm looking for a new guild. I'm happy to move server to Kazzak if needed as well. I can make most raid days (apart from some Friday's and Saturdays is a big NO if afraid). I'm very active outside raids too and am a social-able player. I have all voice comms installed and have a working mic. I'm happy to call out during raids if needed to. My current progression stands at: Highmaul: 7/7 HC / 1/7 Mythic BRF: 9/10 Normal / 7/10 HC My armory link is: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Boiard%C3%B3/simple If any guild out there is looking for a new tank to join there team, please feel free to add joshsabater#2501 to discuss this more. Thanks,Boiardó0 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 Dps/Prot Warrior Looking for Casual raiding guild Hello and good day, I am searching a friendly raiding guild that raids 2-3 times a week,preferably weekends, as u can see my Ilvl on all specs is above 683..I would like to get in a guild that will slowly progress through mythic brf as i have already cleared the heroic version. My armory link is : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Ntamar/simple And my RealiD is Jimste84#2454 For more info contact me, or leave a comment and ill find you in game. Thanks for reading NTNtamar0 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 [H] Apricity [10/10 HC 2/10 M] Recruiting Apricity is a new guild on Kazzak-Eu. After being created on Shattered hand-Eu in 6.1 under the name "Obedient" we quickly cleared 10/10 HC in Blackrock foundry within the first week of raiding. The guild has a good core of raiders but we need to expand the roster with good players to be able to start with our mythic progress. Because of Kazzak's better recruiting possiblities we went there. What we are looking for Our goal as a guild is to clear mythic in a relatively short period of time considering we raid 3 hours per day for 4 days each week. To reach our goal we need very knowlegeble and able players. Knowing your class/spec inside out and understading boss mechanics presented in the raids are required. Having the right mindset for progress raiding and always striving to perform better are both very important and valued by the guild. -You gotta know your class and be able to play every spec the class has to offer to your specific role and being able to utilize what the class can offer it terms of utility to adapt as good as possible to every raid situation. -Understanding boss mechanics means being able to take in what's going on in the fight and adapting your playstyle to that, aswell as correcting mistakes. -Progress raiding translates into wiping until you kill it, playing consistently every pull to adjust mistakes will mean a kill eventually, understanding this is necessary to have a positive and progressive raiding environment. -Striving to perform better boils down to concrete things such as having the best enchantments and maximising your gear, aswell as looking at your playstyle and ui for improvements all the time. Raiding schedule Wednesday: 19.00-22.00 Thursday: 19.00-22.00 Sunday: 19.00-22.00 Monday: 19.00-22.00 During heavy progress weeks one extra raiding day on tuesday might arise if we feel it's needed. As a raider in the guild we expect an attendance close to 100 % on the four main raiding days. Other information It's an english speaking guild with members from all across europe. We use teamspeak 3 to communicate. Contact: GM: Tempohx Officers: Subox, Dudestar, Atrophy and Hêkâ. Apply or read some more information on our website: apricity.enjin.comDudestar8 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 [A] <<Blacklight>> Lf more dedicated players to raid! Hi there. Im guild leader for Blacklight on kazzak's Alliance side. We are currently looking for more dedicated players to help us get going with raids. Blacklight is an Pve Aiming causal guild that aiming for atleast 2 raid's / week. we currently need all specs and classes, especialy Holy paladins, Resto shaman and tanks!. If you intressted to join , please head over to our guild website - Blacklights.enjin.com , as a guild we aiming for a friendly aura , thats dosent judge , we help each other out and will stand side by side when in raid. Hope we will see some new members soon , and get the raids going! help the minority alliance to see some light in the darknes! , peace - ReviRevitalizee0 22 Mar 2015
22 Mar 2015 Setting up GDKP runs on Kazzak EU Horde (as seen on var After watching Slootbag's stream tonight, i thought this was a good idea to try and setup on EU aswell. If you do not have a solid amount of gold this might not be for you. **How does a GDKP run work?** You pay a fee to get into the run (amounts will be specified later), let's say 20K, this is to avoid people leaving after the boss(es) they specifically need and stay untill the end of the run. When an item drops you want, you can bid for said item so everyone has a fair chance of getting the item, bidding starts at 10K and you can't up the bid with less then 1K. At the end of the run, the collected gold (buy in + gold made from bought items) is evenly distributed amongst all the players in the raid. **Who is this for?** KAZZAK EU HORDE. This will be organised for people who have cleared 10/10 heroic at least, don't confuse this with "buying a boost", this is not the intend. We all have alts we would like to play and gear up decently, but for whatever reason your guild doesn't do alt runs or you are having a hard time finding decent PuGs, but you would like to play with people of the same level as your own with a better chance of success. A little bit about because i am still a stranger on the internet for everyone. I play a Brewmaster Monk in the guild <Overdose> on Kazzak EU Horde and have 1/10 Mythic down at this moment. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Dunphi/advanced I am online most of the day, every day, and have a ton of alts i want to gear to a near equall level of my main character. I am playing on a heavy populated realm with a lot of respectable guilds, i don't want smear my name, or the name of my guild, this **is not** an attempt at getting your gold as this may be a concern to a lot of people. **Requirements** - You have cleared 10/10 Heroic on your main. - You have an alt of 665-670 itemlevel at least that you can play on the level BRF requires. - You know the tactics for whatever role/class you join as and you don't whine if you're asked to perform a specific task. **Rules and pricing** - 20K buy in - Bidding starts at 10K/item - You can't bid the same amount as the person before you - you must bid at least 1K gold more then the person before you did - if an item doesn't get sold, no one wants it, i keep it and vendor it (this is to avoid people getting free items through trading). - BoEs get bid for as any other item (but starting at a lower price of 5K), if no one wants it i raidroll it (/roll 1-30) - No drama, crying, !@#$%ing over anything, if someone get's an item over you bad luck, next week it may be your turn for a cheaper price. - If for whatever reason you are being a douchebag, over teamspeak or in-game chat, i reserve the right to completelly remove you from the group and keep your buy-in gold. By joining the raid you acknowledge and agree to this. - You use a flask, I will provide feasts. - prices aren't influenced by your main and offspec. **Expectations** IF this takes off, I realistically expect to clear 7/10 heroic the first week, last 3 bossess being maidens, Furnace and Blackhand we start with Maidens. Wipes will occur and i want everyone to handle them as you would in your own guild, i.e. don't start blaming, pointing fingers, etc... I will ask my guild if they are willing to open up our Teamspeak server for this, if not i will be needing a server (if anyone can provide one that would be great) or we can use a public server. If interested add me on Battle.net and i will invite you to the event on the calendar. These runs will be on friday evenings from 20.00 till 23.00 server time. MrSmart#2156 Hope to see you there!Dunphi0 22 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015 Looking to experience some Mythic Hello there! Before I start fully explaining myself I'll go ahead and say that I am not looking to leave my current guild. So as not to waste anybody's time if they're looking for guild recruits. However, if your guild is looking to raid Mythic and just by chance you seem to be a healer at times and are in need of a regular PuG, then please don't look any further! Essentially my current guild are only raiding heroic at the moment until we can recruit a full Mythic roster, but every item of gear I have is now heroic or higher and as such I am still looking to gain mad lootz and to get some Mythic experience under my belt. So, if you have found yourselves constantly having to pug that one last healer and it's starting to be annoying and you'd be willing to give me a shot (I know the chance is slim, but hey you can't blame a buy for trying) then don't hesitate to drop me a whisper in game or add me on battletag at Invented#2346. Other than that I hope you have a pleasant day!Invented0 20 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015 Last Inquisition 7/7 [H] HM and 9/10 [H] BRF Recruiting A newly form guild is seeking to fill it's ranks with dedicated & determined players. At the time we're mainly looking for: Dps: MW Monk, Balance druid, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Lock, Mage We raid 3 days / week Wednesday 20:00 - 00:00 ST Sunday 18:00 - 22:00 ST Monday 20:00 - 00:00 ST For more info you can wisper me at any time in game.Epinêphrine0 20 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015 Old runescape gold. Looking for someone with old runescape gold. pm hereBbasra0 20 Mar 2015