15 May 2015 Mythic Altrun Are there any groups for this atm on Kazzak ?Savik0 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 LF blacksmith with TRUESILVER breastplate Hey, I've been looking for ages to get this piece for transmog. While I have all the materials, it seems like no one who has the pattern ever reads trade chat. If you have it, try to send me a whisper or a mail in game :)Naraelle2 15 May 2015
14 May 2015 Any melee dps out there! looking for a new home? Hello , some short info about us: We are one of the oldest and most respected raiding guilds on Ravencrests and are always looking for the best players available. We value people who can play their class to it's full potential, who strive to learn encounters when they are just released and most of all, people who can play an active part in contributing to the guild. We enjoy having good progression but we never forget our guild is built on having loyal, long term players. Motivation and the ability to listen to and learn from our experienced raid leaders is essential in all applicants. We invest in the player behind the toon , and not people that only want purple pixels. Recruitment: we basicly want one more player in our team from the following classes. - Windwalker monk pref with Brewmaster offspec - Rogue -Warlock -Death knight - Warrior - Feral druid - Shadowpriest We got one raid spot open for DPS ( any class ) Progress: All Mists of Pandaria content cleared with Cutting Edge achievements. Higmaul: Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 2/7 , not happy with that. Blackrock Foundry: Normal 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Mythic 2/10 http://www.epiunion.com/ **********WHAT WE CAN OFFER********* -Stable and well established guild. -Organised and stable raiding schedule -Guild bank support for raids is Food/Repairs/Crafting etc. -Knowledgeable and experienced raid leading team -Highly organised and experienced core group of players for several expansions. -High quality social content, Alt raids,Challenge Modes,,Arenas and more. - We are a active guild outside raid ahours also **********WHAT WE EXPECT************ -Understanding and playing your class to its full potential -Dedication -Positive attitude -Time investment, clearing content takes time -Any new recruit must value our goals and aims, if your not on the same page as us then we are not the guild for you. -Experience, we are not a training guild, We expect applicants to know there class inside out. - Abel to listen on mumble , if you got a mic and can use it , please do so. Raiding Schedule: We raid 2 days a week - Thursday and Monday. Invites start at 19.45 and raid pulls at 20.00 server time,with a break at 21:50 for 5 minutes. Raids finish at 23.00 We are always on the lookout for exceptional players,so even if your class isn't open, we would still like to hear from you! Contact info : Officer : Reported battle tag Reported#2371 Guild master: Tombi Battle tag = Nuri#2913 Website: http://www.epiunion.com/ If you have any questions you can add me or apply to our website at http://www.epiunion.com/ Best Regards Reported Citizen of the world [i][/i]Reported0 14 May 2015
14 May 2015 WTB blackhand HC kill /w me price offers.Wesleysnajpz0 14 May 2015
14 May 2015 -message-a-body- [delete please]Shetlánd1 14 May 2015
14 May 2015 Beginner Guardian looking for casual guild Hi outhere, titel says it all. I usually play resto druids. My main is a 695 resto druid with loads of raiding xp. Trying out new things i want to learn the "magic" of a tank :-) Therefore I am looking for a cozy laid back causual guild which is raiding normal and so on. Celethien#2227Tahula0 14 May 2015
14 May 2015 DEM Unplugged is recruiting (8/10M) DEM unplugged consist of some old members from when the guild was previously on Khadgar under the name of Deus Ex Machina aswell as some new ones. The guild exist since 2009, raiding in 25man woltk content, from The Immortal title in Naxxramas, the Meta Achievement in Ulduar to raiding Lich King 25man Heroic when only little minority of guilds in the populated server of Khadgar was at this stage. With the end of Woltk came the end of the 25man format, new Cataclysm expansion blew away many big guilds and before Dragon Soul came out Deus ex Machina was converted into 10m, clearing all heroic content in Cataclysm up to 14/16hc in MoP. Because Khadgar's server lost it's population and it became very difficult to recruit even for 10m guilds, everyone decided to go their own way and most moved to Draenor in various guilds. With old friends back together and new members, the guild moved to Draenor. On draenor the guild consisted of 2 teams both doing SoO hc. We decided to merge our two teams into a 25man team to get ready for Mythical 20m. Therefore are we opening up for recruitments , we are specially looking for cutting edge raiders, not just the average player. We are looking for strong DPS! If you feel like you are sharp enough, skilled at playing any class you possess, social and enthusiastic then you are welcome to make an application on our website. Website: http://demudraenor.shivtr.com/ Previous Tiers: Tier 16 - 14/14 HC Tier 15 - 10/13 HC Tier 14 - 14/16 HC Raid Days: Wednesday - 20:00 to 23:30 Thursday - 20:00 to 23:30 Monday - 20:00 to 23:30 Sometimes Tuesday or Sunday raids are added to the raiding schedule if a boss is close to dying or there are some farm bosses left alive to clear before the reset. Who to Contact: You can contact Némsy, Riful, Vepeter or giantbear for more information.Némsy0 14 May 2015
13 May 2015 H Pala: LF late night raiding guild Hey, Holy pala LF raiding guild that starts at around 22:00 ST. This is a freshly dinged 100 that i leveled for a guild which went under, due to that I have had to quickly adapt and learn a new class (this one) but am already on par with Heroic raiders, with slightly more gear i would be able to help a guild that has just started progressing mythic content or one that is slightly into it, as this is the standard which i have raided at for years. Experienced mythic raider and raid leader in the past that started the expansion late due to work timings. now looking to get back into raiding at a high standard with a mature guild. For more information please add me in game on Deadlybow#2938, i am always willing to chat whether in WoW or not, through the client. Holy Paladin http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Bubbleadin/simple ThanksBubbleadin0 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 Is kazzak down? I have problems logging server. Anyone else have the same issue?Arkkan16 13 May 2015
12 May 2015 <Osmosis> is recruiting! Who is Osmosis? <Osmosis> Is a 20 man raiding guild focused on building a tight, experienced and focused raid team who are ready to take on the new challeneges of Mythic Raiding in WoD. We have cleared all current content in MoP however we are still running the HC/Mythic content in order to keep people sharp. We are a mature but friendly guild full of experienced players who are happy to help any members out with anything they might need from us, however we do still take our raids seriously and want to progess at a competitive pace. What is our current progress? Highmaul 3/7 mythic Blackrock Foundry 5/10 mythic When do we raid? We raid three times a week. Wednesday - 21.00 - 24.00 (server time) Thursday - 21.00 - 24.00 (server time) Sunday - 21.00 - 24.00 (server time) What will you get from raiding with <Osmosis>? - A focused but social atmosphere during our raids. - A guild bank full of everything you might need to be fully equipped for our raids. - An experienced team who will help you in any way they can. - Challenge Modes, Alt Runs, Rep Farming, Achievements or anything you feel like doing outside of raid times. What does <Osmosis > expect from a Raider? - As close to 100% attendance as you can and prior notice via forums if you cant make a raid. - Be prepared for every raid with flasks, potions and anything else you need. - Know your role! Have good knowledge of your class and how best to adapt it to whatever bosses we might have planned for the evening. - Understand the bosses. Check tactics, tips and tricks before the raid. Know what your raiding. - Basic understanding of English language and access to Team Speak. - Loyalty and Dedication. Sign up, show up and be ready to work with the team to achieve our goals. Who and what is <Osmosis> looking for? We are currently looking to recruit for our Raid Team. This means you must have experience with end game raiding, knowledge of your class and be prepared to work with us to achieve our end game. So if you feel like <Osmosis> could be the place for you and you would like to fill one of our current spots or if you want to apply and let us check you out then please visit us at http://www.osmosis-kazzak.com/ Alternatively you can come speak to us in person by contacting Axylúm (H4RD#2387) or any officer in-game all on Kazzak - EU. Thank you for showing an interest in <Osmosis>. Sincerely Axylúm Guildmaster Osmosis of Kazzak EUAxylúm18 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 [H]<One Man Pocket Raids> 10/10HC LF DPS for Mythic UPDATE: 08/05 Blackhand is dead boys. And now our watch has ended. With BRF Heroic on farm, we're currently recruiting the following DPS classes as for Mythic progression: Open slots: Rogue Death Knight Shaman Druid Mage Lower priority: Warrior Hunter Warlock Healer open slots: Holy Paladin Restoration Druid Holy Priest ------------------------------------------------------------- General Info: <One Man Pocket Raids> is a guild formed by both ex-hardcore and new raiders. Some of us have raided hardcore progression in previous expansions, some of us are new players looking to get our hands dirty in progression. Due to work and studies we only run two nights of progression a week, with a Heroic clear on Tuesdays to help gear up players. Raid Nights: Wednesday & Thursday 7:45 to 11:30 Realm Time. Catch-up Night: Tuesday 7:00 to 10:30 Realm Time. Communication: TeamSpeak 3. TS is a raiding requirement, but you don't absolutely need a microphone. It is preferred though, we love to be social while playing and hanging around. Loot System: Loot Council. The council are unable to vote on items they are considered for. Everyone is limited to receiving three gear pieces per night, but if nobody else needs an item for mainspec you won't lose it to offspec/DE unless we're specifically gearing a spec. Progression: Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Heroic Highmaul: 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic. We have not dedicated much time to Mythic Highmaul, but will revisit it in the future. What we're looking for: With BRF Heroic on farm, we're currently recruiting the following DPS classes as for Mythic progression: Open slots: Rogue Death Knight Shaman Druid Mage Lower priority: Warrior Hunter Warlock We're also looking for a 5th healer slot as our beloved resto druid Bai will be underwater for some time searching for lost U-boats. Healer open slots: Holy Paladin Restoration Druid Holy Priest What we're like: We're a fun-loving bunch. We joke around often and make fun of each other while being able to bunker down and focus on progression. Our goal is to clear progression content while having a blast at the same time. To us, raiding is not a second job nor is it expected of our raiders to treat it as such. We all love the game and play it perhaps a bit too much but at the end of the day we understand that life uh, life finds a way. Our raid nights are limited to two nights as we have other commitments such as work and/or studies, and we aim to achieve as much progression during this time as we can. What we offer: A relaxed environment to raid progression at a steady pace. Mythic is our end goal and we are currently recruiting the last few DPS slots to fill our 20man roster nicely. We're open to solid players of all gear levels and are happy to gear up strong raiders. We bring the player, not the gear or the experience, as long as you can prove you've got what it takes. The guild bank and officers will happily assist with gems and enchants. What we expect: A strong understanding of your class and the will to improve. As we only raid two nights a week, we do not have much room for players unwilling to step up and come prepared. Flasks, food and potions are necessary. The guild bank does supply food when we have excess. We log all our raid nights both on Warcraftlogs and Worldoflogs, and expect players to analyse their logs to ensure optimal output while executing fights properly. Due to our raiding schedule, we expect near 100% attendance. If you are unable to make a raid night for personal reasons you will not be punished for it, as long as you inform an officer ahead of time. We rely on our raiders showing for the two raid nights and if your attendance drops, you will be replaced. That being said, we're a community and we enjoy each others' company. We spend our time chatting on TS about whatever comes to mind; we love it when members hang around before/after raids and join us in our incredibly random conversations. There's always someone on TS to talk to. Getting in touch: If you're interested in joining us, you can do so in the following ways: Contact one of our officers or lieutenants in-game: Bolkhadar (Guild Leader) Bai Drawolf Wizzanoo Zedy Alternatively, you can get a hold of me in-game on Lyxe or on battlenet at Puzzles#2547, and I'll put you in touch with an officer.Puzzlybox48 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 Selling 8/8 Challenge Mode gold (horde) BACK IN BUSINESS BOYS AND GIRLS Hello friends! Warlords of draenor has been quite the turmoil but we are back with one of the best challenge mode boosting services out there! We currently charge 250.000g which can be paid on any server! The team is currently Tank, Death Knight http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/defias-brotherhood/seonni/advanced Dps Hunter, Moogangster <New Horizon> http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Moohunter/advanced Dps Hunter, Protreh <ALL CAPS> http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Protreqt/advanced Healer Druid, Arjan <Method> http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Arjandruid/advanced SUBSTITUTE HEALER, Druid, Jordy <New Horizon> http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Jordy/advanced When scheduling a run it is me you will be talking to so the ways you can contact me are Ingame on Yukela/Taeyeon/Seonni/Vonzane/Kuroka Battletag: Yukela#2777 skype: attaxor93(please state in the friend request that it is about challenge modes). WHAT YOU MUST HAVE All 8/8 WoD instances completed on Heroic difficulty on the character you want to bring. This is VERY important. You cannot enter challenge mode dungeons unless you have the heroics completed on that character. Account wide achievements do not give attunement. A dps spec with atleast 630 ilvl 18 second invisibility potions. Skype and the ability to somewhat understand English/Swedish/Danish/German/Turkish. A mic is a plus, but not required. As a Boomkin you will need to have Glyph of Guided Stars and Paladins are encouraged to use Glyph of Sacrifice. THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP THE RUN GO FASTER/SMOOTHER Using certain raid/tank cd's if asked to. If you are unsure about ANYTHING, just ask as we save more time from going slightly slower than having to ress someone. Playing the best dps spec for your class in cm's(low ilvl suited) Have fun :) WHEN DO YOU BOOST? Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday after 19:00cet ''Why should I bother?'' A total of 370 Achievement Points & Transmogrifiable Weapons. - Challenger's War Yeti (Mount). ''The Indomitable'' Title. Free teleport to any WoD instance. - Daily challenge mode which rewards a ilvl 660 item. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me either on the info listed above or in this thread! [/i] [i]Monkgangster1 12 May 2015
11 May 2015 Lower Class Gentlemen LF Danish raiders and socials LCG består af en lille gruppe danskere, som alle har mange års erfaring med raiding på højt plan. Af forskellige årsager, har vi kun tiden til at raide 2 gange om ugen, så vi anser os naturligvis ikke som et hardcore raiding guild. Vi går højt op i at alle på vores faste raiding team kender sin class, og har kompetencer indenfor raiding, men det er samtidig lige så vigtigt for os, at vi har det sjovt og hygger os med det. Der er således plads til at lave fejl i ny og næ, men vi forventer at man er i stand til at lære af sin fejl. Til vores raiding team mangler vi pt. en tank, en dedikeret healer, en dps med healing OS, og 3 dps’ere. Derudover leder vi i øvrigt også efter 18+ danske socials til heroics, CM og andet.Manajuma25 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 [H] Daytime Eternal Dawn recruiting for mythic 2/10M Who are we: Eternal Dawn – Tarren Mill [EU] is a daytime guild on the horde side and recruiting more raiders to fill up our roster for mythic raiding. We are looking for dedicated players who are motivated to progress while raiding in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We expect you be mythic ready so you can jump straight into action with the us! Our current progress is 2/10 Mythic and 10/10 Heroic, at the moment we are progressing on Gruul and Hans. Raiding times; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 13.45 – 16.15 server time. What we are looking for: Healers; Resto shaman Holy priest Resto druid Mistweave monk Tank; Any class Melee DPS; Warrior Monk Death Knight Rogue Shaman Paladin Ranged DPS; Balance druid Elemental shaman Exceptional players can always apply! Also if your class or spec is not listed above you can leave an application on the website and we will take everything into consideration. We are aiming for a solid team, so as less people as possible have to be benched. High attendance is required in order to obtain and maintain this. What we expect from you? High level of attendance High degree of personal ability, in both your mainspec and your offspec Ability to theorise on your feet on how to adapt to new content The ability to understand spoken and written English to a good degree A working headset with microphone Mythic ready (Around 688 ilvl+) What can you expect from us? All flasks, food, pots and repairs paid for by the guild bank for raiders (after passing trial) Steady progression on new content A fair loot system, currently we use EPGP A small, friendly and close knit raid team If you are interested in joining us please apply at; eternaldawn.co.uk. For more information you can contact me or any of the officers in-game.Melodyponds0 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Splatoon megathread Greetings Kazzak! As you all know, GOTY 2015 Splatoon will soon be upon us. Use this thread to post your friend codes and discuss G.O.A.T. Splatoon!Xánthous0 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 [H]Delusions of Grandeur Late Night 2/7M 10/10HC Kazzak You there! Yes you, i'm talking to you! Have you ever had that feeling that you enjoy the game and raiding at max level but your schedule just doesn't cut it anymore? Either for family, professional or lifestyle reasons your current raiding schedules puts a strain on your life removing the enjoyment that this game should have and making it feel more like a chore than entertainment? Well then guess what, you're not alone, and you probably should really consider raiding at a late night raiding guild. Delusions of Grandeur is a brand new late night raiding guild looking to fill a gap on the current raiding spectrum of Kazzak for a true late night raiding guild. The guild's leadership has been together since Burning Crusade with some projects of 25 and 10 man guilds and on this current expansion have a solid full HC experienced including SoO 14 HC. Our raiding schedule is Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays with Tuesday being a optional progress day when new content is about. Invites start at 22:30 ST and at 23:00 we're ready to pull, raid ends at 02:00 ST. During our raid we use Teamspeak 3 for communication Our aim for now to build up a solid roster to raid 10 man consistently, while never losing sight of continuously expanding the roster to embrace the new 20 man mythic raid size. For this reason, not only are we looking for seasoned raiders but also geared up ones. We offer a mature environment, focused on our goals, well organized leadership and always open to discussion. Loot Council system for starters and several activities to do on off days ranging from old content to challenge modes or even a incursion into Arenas or RBGs if you're that kind of camper. We expect you to be sociable, focused, have an high attendance. Participation on the discussions about tactics and boss fights is very welcome and is encouraged. Know your class in and out, maintaining that knowledge up to date. Also have a working mic, so that you can be vocal when and if needed during raids. Have a pc and internet connection stable that can handle what we do. We pass on drama lamas, people that only log to raid, people that are loot driven and people that only say MOO!!!. If you want to apply, know more information or just chat with us, visit our website @ grand.shivtr.com or contact in game Darkshneider, Ahmdal, Stoik or Pilantra.Darkshneider20 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Daytime guilds Hello Kazzak! Are there any active daytime raiding guilds on this server, horde or ally? Due to worktimes me and a friend is on the look for a daytime guild who raids during 12.00-16:30ish.Stormhate3 11 May 2015
10 May 2015 Migrating to Kazzak - lf guild (possibly Slovenian) Hello, in the coming days I might migrate to Kazzak. I wanna try myself in some world pvp and have the benefits of a high pop server. However, I have been in <Vin la Cvicek> for years now, but they are migrating to Draenor, which is a Normal server. Therefore, I will not follow them. Since this was a Slovenian only guild and since it was among the best ones in Mazrigos history, I am looking for something similar. I am just a casual player, looking for friends and some chatter. I don't raid. Thanks for any info on realm life.Dovagery2 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 [H][Scandinavian] Transcendence, 7/10M, looking for DPS Greetings! Transcendence on EU-Kazzak is a scandinavian guild looking for DPSers to rebuild a steady roster and continue progressing. We speak mainly swedish and norwegian over TS! We raid roughly 12 hrs a week and try to keep a hardcore mentality during progression. Currently we have downed 7/10 bosses in Mythic BRF, going onto Iron Maidens next! For communication we use Teamspeak 3. A microphone and willingness to talk is a big plus, but not required. Communicating in english is fine, but you need to understand swedish and/or norwegian! What we offer - Raids every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 22:30. - A friendly and progress-focused environment. - Hansmvp, probably the best raid leader in the world. - A stable and attentive core roster. - The goal of continuing into 6.2 and beyond. - Epics! Loot is handled via the addon RCLootCouncil, which you will need to download. No setup required! What we value in you - Willingness to improve yourself and your knowledge of your class and encounters. - Ability to take (and give!) criticism. - Good attendance (and heads-ups if you're unable to come!) - Optimal enchants and gems. - Usage of food, flasks, potions and healing tonics. - Augment runes on progression bosses! - A love of raiding and wiping! All classes are welcome, and we are especially in need of rogues, mages and warlocks. We will likely throw you straight into progression, so be prepared! To apply, go to http://wodguild.forums.ag/t12-application-template and copy/paste the template into a new topic! You can find me or Deliri for a chat or more information via Bwned#2538 or Salivria#2185!Aeginox1 10 May 2015
09 May 2015 delete please Please contact Jayganja@2899. Check the website for more information. or /w me in game kazzak only beastyhunter Master Loot Friday 8th of May 300k - CLOTH DPS / LEATHER DPS feft Personal Loot Saturday 9th of may 150k 4 spots left Blackhand Only Both nights open 50k Contact info Via battle tag to Jayganja@2899 need a few boosters 1 tank 1 heal few dps add me /w me in game thanksBeastyhunter9 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 [A-Argent Dawn] Inceptum (7/7 M, 8/10 M) is recruiting! <Inceptum> is a relatively new raiding guild on Argent Dawn. We started from a core of players from the former rank 1 guild on the server, quickly gaining progress within weeks, reclaiming the realm rank 1 position and are currently at 7/7 Mythic in Highmaul and 8/10 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry. We are mostly aiming to recruit DPS (preferably ranged) aswell as healers at the moment, though any exceptional players are more than welcome to apply! What do we expect from you? We are looking for reliable and dedicated raiders, who are laid back and friendly but skilled and serious when need be. We expect our raiders to put in effort to perform the best they can, always come prepared, on time, and are generally motivated throughout the entire raid content. We are looking for people who can decently communicate in English, have stable internet connections and working microphones (that they, preferably, are not afraid of using). High attendance is also expected. What do we offer? We provide a serious and progress focused, but still very friendly and relatively relaxed raid environment. Our primary goal is to have fun with people we enjoy playing with, while still getting prestigious kills. We are eager to help others out and make everyone feel welcome. Raiding schedule and loot method: Our raiding schedule is wednesday, thursday, sunday and monday from 19:30 to 23:30. When very close to killing a progression boss, the raid leader can choose to extend for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. Optional raids are also sometimes planned. Attendance for these is preferred but not at all required. The loot method we use is loot council. If this all sounds good to you, head over to our website inceptum-ad.enjin.com and apply! If you prefer to submit a private application, this is also possible - just copy the questions on our application form and leave it in a PM to Vynzi on the website. For any more info or questions, add Aeryane#2861. I'm hoping to hear from you soon! :)Vynzi0 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 Crucial Gamers - Gold Only Blackrock Foundry Boost Please contact Jayganja@2899. Check the website for more information. or /w me in game kazzak only beastyhunter Master Loot Friday 15th of may 300k plate tank hunter and cloth heal taken leather caster Personal Loot Saturday 9th of may 150k 4 spots left Blackhand Only Both nights open 50k Contact info Via battle tag to Jayganja@2899 need a few boosters 1 tank 1 heal few dps add me /w me in game thanksBeastyhunter0 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 Looking for guild. Hello forum looking for bulgarian guld on kazzak server.Sydias0 09 May 2015
08 May 2015 Isotopes contact Wiseowl!! To Be paid After numerous attempts to contact you and despite your forum posts you are still awaiting payment , now since you come on to the forum to complain about not getting paid I would like to post to remind you to contact Wiseowl as its impossible to pay someone who removes you from his btag and skype and who is offline ofc -.-. Thank you very muchNightshay13 08 May 2015
08 May 2015 Gold on Ragnaros n Frostmane for gold on Kazzak(H) Yo so I have got round 300k on horde ragnaros and round 150k on Frostmane EU and I want gold on kazzak so if someone wants to trade that'd be great. Thanks!Moisturizer3 08 May 2015
08 May 2015 Exceptional Mythic Raiders Wanted for Heroic BRF Boosts We are a boosting Network we accept Gold Only Payments. Currently we pay around 100k for 2 nights raiding. If you would like to earn game time for Raiding then please check our website crucialgamers.com and apply if interested. Crucial Gamers Boost Network Crucial Gamers is a Boosting network formed to give Exceptional player's the ability to pay for their Game Time by boosting other player's who do not have the time to be as serious, we're in search of exceptional members. We require people who talk clearly and have experience. We only take player's with extensive World of Warcraft Experience. Exceptional log's are required and attendance must be exceptional also due to the fact we book players before the boost. Player's from Any Server Horde EU can join us for Boost runs to earn gold at this time on Kazzak, soon we will be taking Alliance booster's also Taking Gold on Ravencrest Alliance. We are recruiting active player's who can participate in boost's. We have players from all over World of Warcraft EU who participate in our Event's for Gold Payment. We need Players who can attend Fri and Sat each week We can get very busy with Bookings. For this reason we need players who can raid Both Days so we have a set Booster team with Minor adjustments as needed. We require a few simple things: A good understanding of the game and good ability to play your chosen class to a high level. A good attitude, able to wipe on a boss and still keep your focus, taking criticism and improving upon your mistakes. Commitment - we understand that from time to time you just can’t make a raid, which is fine, however we prefer not to over recruit so need applicants to be able to raid on the days scheduled. Competitive - we want players to strive to be the best and to play to their fullest, meaning your character is optimised with the best enchants / consumables available. If you are the kind of player who is happy to coast by doing the bare minimum, we are not for you. Currently in the Warlords of Draenor expansion we are recruiting players who meet the following criteria: Mature Dedicated Players Exceptional Raiding Experience Heroic and Mythic Minimum 695+ Best In Slot Items PVE Gear Knowledge of ALL WoD Raid Bosses from Videos / Information Good Clear Communication on TeamSpeak Boosting Days 1 - 3(Can Vary), We may raid other days and times also. Friday 19:45 - Complete Saturday 19:45 - Complete Current recruitment status: High priority: Restoration Druid Balance Druid MW Monk / BM Monk Holy/Prot Paladin Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest Resto Shaman Pro Warlocks Pro DPS Warrior Pro Blood DK with Pro DPS OS! How to join Website CrucialGamers.com Click the apply box in the class recruitment box, you need a Shivtr account setup first then you can proceed to the application, this is a very simple process the application however is not intended to be simple. Please provide a valid email address as this is required.Nightshay3 08 May 2015
07 May 2015 Crucial Gamers - Gold Only Blackrock Foundry Boost Professional Boosts are now available done by professional teams on EU Servers , we can boost players on any server. We mainly boost on Kazzak at this time. We can take Gold on many servers. We are setting up to boost alliance also. Please Note: If you are buying a run through a Booster you should only ever be asked to pay 10k max to book a spot. You will never pay the full amount to boosters before the raid. Only pay the full amount to who Wiseowl or Beastyhunter say to pay. This way your gold will be safe and secure. Our Raid's from 19:45 Server Time! *We take Gold Only! Please Contact us to Discuss Prices we are the Cheapest and Best Boosting Service on Kazzak! We won't be beaten on Price so feel free to talk to us. Blackrock Foundry Heroic - 10/10HC Personal Loot (150k) Blackhand Only Heroic - Personal Loot (60k) Loot Run's Blackrock Foundry Heroic 10/10 - Loot Run (25man) including all MainSpec Gear- (350k) Blackhand Heroic Only - Kills with Personal Only on this , IF we can give loot (e.g if no one has reserved it before on a Loot Reserved Full Run, you can have it. Otherwise it will be personal loot boosting) Our Boost Raid Days and Times Horde Friday 19:45 - Late Saturday 19:45 - Late For Alliance please contact us Contact info Via battle tag to Ghost#25186 or jayganja@2899 Via Skype: crucialgamers.com P.S: If you need to see feedback or If you get a boost and would like to leave feedback please, add it to our Kazzak Forum thread please: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13123425525 Attention When Buying Boosts With Gold! All Gold Must Be From Legitimate Sources At the time of Trading Gold 1. Confirm that your gold is legitimate (e.g: not stolen / hacked or bought from gold sellers!) 2. Confirm the Name and Server of the Character being Boosted. 3. Confirm that you are paying X Amount (150k) for a Crucial Gamers gold only boost 4. Boosters: Make sure to do it in the chat logs , If you like screen shot this. 5. Any gold traded should have Evidence in chat logs of what/who the gold is for so that they know it is legit and not being bought! Many Thanks Beastyhunter and Wiseowl www.crucialgamers.com - The Best Most Friendly Boost Service on Kazzak!Beastyhunter10 07 May 2015
07 May 2015 <Bound By Blood> Twisting Nether, Horde 23:00 - 02:00 <Bound By Blood> Raid Guild. Twisting Nether Server Wed, Thurs, Sun (optional), Mon 23:00 - 02:00 Bound By Blood formed on 04/01/14 to allow Late Night Raiders to have a home on the Twisting Nether Server. We are looking for more active players online at these times. We are still recruiting all classes and specs. All experiences welcome. In special need of 1 more healer and a mix of DPS. Current progression is HM 6/7 N & Hc , BRF 7/10 N only. As we are still doing Normal and Heroic content, cross relm raiders are possible and We Want YOU!!! Raid announcement made over the Battle tag system and you just /w for what raids you want to attend on the day. Contact me in game /w or add Blood#2883 for more information.Blooddruid7 07 May 2015
07 May 2015 INFO TO ALL BOOSTERS under constructionBigbadgirls0 07 May 2015
07 May 2015 (A) NeXtLeVeL - Ravencrest 7/10 Myth Recruiting <NeXtLeVeL> 7/7 HM mythic lead - 7/10 Mythic progress NextLevel was formed 14th of March on the realm called Ravencrest. Our goal for this guild is to remain semi-hardcore (meaning we do NOT raid much -2 days a week only) this we expect people to bring 100% attendance with the best possible performance. Meaning we don't progress on heroic *** bosses. Raid days: Fridays (optionally): 19:00 - 22:30 Saturdays: 12:00 - 16:00 Sundays: 12:00 - 16:00 Things we don't want! - People with an IQ less than 50 (no really) - Rage quitters - People yelling on TS for no reason (please we want retard free zone) - People lagging/afking every 5min.... - People who has family, IRL or any related issues that will terminate our progress WE DO NOT WANT. - People slacking...late for raids or not showing up RIP - Breathing in TS like a mong - Tunnel visions... - Whoring dps on wrong targets Things we want ! - 100% attendance - Know your class / role and every spec - Know tacts of every boss before we even get there - Competitive raiders meaning u improve every raid ! - A working mic and know how to use it If you think you got what it takes, make a suitable application. The more we know of you the better the chances u got. "you can still make an application even tho your class is not here" if you are better than our raiders we will give you a shot. Also im doing weekly heroic 10/10 pugs if u feel the need to try impress me, add my real id. Ty Regards Næro / shift Any questions Please add shifter#2428Shiftstagger0 07 May 2015
06 May 2015 Lucid Dream is recruiting My goal isn't to flaunt some fancy words at you to try and get you to join. I will only be explaining why you should be interested in joining this guild, should you have any further questions after reading this feel free to contact me in-game: or via Btag:Mollox#2865 Lucid Dream - Kazzak is currently recruiting new potential applicants for Warlords of Draenor, my aim is to give you a dedicated home for at least the full duration of the expansion. Not some strung up guild that disbands after a few months of being together, there are no promises of becoming the best guild in the world, there is no assurance that raiding will always go smoothly. We all know that some people leave the game, others are too elitist for a guild and some are just beyond redemption and cannot be converted into raiders. I do however pledge to you that I will always be here making sure that this guild is functioning and is moving forward. I will be here making this a place that you can have fun as well as enjoy the perks of being a raider. We are a Mythic raiding guild that will be focusing on the hardest content that the game can dish out at us. We aim to clear content at a relative pace so high performance is expected from all of our players. We aren't looking for players who do not understand their class. I don't care if you've taken a break since Cataclysm and come to me as a level 85 with no gear at all, if you know how to play we can make a plan. If you have gear and current experience in raiding that’s only a plus We are trying to build a guild together that you can enjoy on both a social level as well as a serious raiding level. Most of our players have had a long history with this game, some of it good, some of it bad, but we know how to play and we want to play with others who feel the same. What we can offer you: A gaming community that aims for stable progression. Being treated equally and having your input valued. Reasonable raiding times that caters for all players. Guild repairs as a raider Having fun with like-minded individuals (This includes naked parties at Gallywix’s Palace in Azshara after raids :D) What we expect from you: Raid attendance of at least 80% Be able to communicate in English Have a working Microphone that you can use with TS3 Be knowledgeable about your class as well as raiding mechanics Be punctual and be on time for raids. Be able to finance your raiding, meaning coming fully stocked with food/pots/flasks whatever you need to raid. Do not emo out if a fellow raider / officer chews you out about your performance. Do not make excuses for underperforming, you screw up own up to it and learn from it. We are currently recruiting the following classes: 2x Healers (Leather classes preferred) DPS: 1x Warlock 2x Rogues 1x Priest 1x Druid Boomer 1x Shaman Elemental 1x Enhancement Shaman 1x Monk Windwalker 1x Warrior If you feel like you'd make a welcome addition to the team please apply on our site lucid-dream-eu.com and fill out an application form. NB: Please ensure to take some time with your application, don't rush it for the sake of trying to get into the guild faster, be as detailed as possible, when we're asking what rotations we want to know how you play your class, not EJ or MMO-Champion. We will be raiding on the following Three(4) days per week: Wednesday - 19:00 - 22:00 Thursday - 19:00 - 22:00 Sunday - 19:00 - 22:00 Monday - 19:00 - 22:00 (Optional) We will be using TS3 for guild comms. We will be using EPGP for loot distribution. Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this, and I hope to see you soon!Cultism9 06 May 2015
05 May 2015 Old Players of Daggerspine/Kazzak Where are you? Do you guys still play? Tel? Crom? Frosteyez? Lemmywinks? Phlare? Beermaster? True? The list goes on, but are there still some left on the alliance side? Lord give me a sign!Yezebell2 05 May 2015
05 May 2015 please delete please deleteStopenzie2 05 May 2015
05 May 2015 LF Heroic RAIDING GUILD - Transferring to Horde Hey there as the title suggest i'm looking to transfer to horde! and i'm also looking for a heroic raiding guild 10/10 Heroic i am myself 10/10 Heroic at item level 676 Whilst i'm looking for a Heroic raiding guild i'm looking for a guild that is progressing or going to start mythic content with the full desire to challenge through patch 6.2 looking for raiding times around 20:00 + Realm time thank you!Merkedz0 05 May 2015
05 May 2015 Found a guild. .Aiwendýl3 05 May 2015
04 May 2015 Enh shaman looking for guild Hello everyone, I'm looking for friendly guild with raids and without RACISM. I have a qood exp 10/10 HC 3/10 Mythic BRF, 4/7 Mythic HM. I CAN RAID ONLY IN THIS TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13.00-20.30 Friday, Saturday, Sunday - anytime Bteg Tendorlolpro#2587Tendor0 04 May 2015
04 May 2015 [H] Squishy 4/7M HM 10/10HC BrF LF raiders! Squishy is always searching for active and skilled players and exceptional applications of any class will always be considered. Progression: 4/7 Mythic Highmaul, 10/10 HC BRF What classes are we looking for? High prio: Melee DPS: Rogue, Druid Range DPS: Mage, Druid, Shaman Healer: Mistweaver Monk, Disc/Holy Priest. Low prio Tank: Death knight, Paladin, Druid, Warrior. Raiding Hours: Thursday 19:00-23:30 Monday 19:00-23:30 Trial period: 2-4 weeks, depending on performance. Loot system: Loot Council Our history: Squishy is a relaxed semi-hardcore guild on EU-Kazzak. The guild was started by a core group of friends who has been playing together for 5 years. Our vision: Further progression/kills on mythic bosses What can Squishy offer you? Raiding: Squishy gives you the opportunity to combine social life with quality gaming. We all love raiding and want to play at as a high standard as possible while still having a productive live outside of the game. What does Squishy expect from you? Our standards: As a part of the raiding team, you are expected to sign (accept/tentative/decline) to all the raids, show up on time and be prepared for the boss fights. Attendance should be close to 100 % as we only raid 2 times per week and want to make the most out of it. You should know your class inside out and be able to adapt to different scenarios by switching your glyphs, talents and specc as needed. During raids you need to pay attention, be serious and have the will to progress. Even though we are a casual guild we expect our members to participate in all of the week’s raids or let the officers know if you are not able to participate. We also enjoy having a laugh together while we raid. After all, World of Warcraft is a game and you should enjoy playing it. Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is a big part of raid encounters. Teamspeak is required during raids and you should be able to write/speak and understand English at a decent level. For more information you are welcome to contact our officers. Ebonvoid#2501 Sebastian#2743 To apply, go here -> http://squishykazzak.enjin.com/Noaídí17 04 May 2015
03 May 2015 Prot Warrior Looking for a raid guild to call home I have played since Wrath and started tanking from Firelands until present, I am currently Ilvl 674 and know all tactics for current bosses. What is your reason for looking for a guild ? After relying on pugs for most of the current expansion I decided that It would be nice to have a static group to clear future content with each week rather than relying on the chance of a pug but due to the fact that my current realm is a low population server I am hoping to transfer over to a higher population server. Looking For In Guild: -Raid times lasting until 11PM Realm time at max on weekdays and Probably 12PM onwards if needed on weekends -Horde Guild -3-4 Days a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday preferred) - Not too serious during raids (Raging, Silent Teamspeak etc) Additional Information: I have a mic and will use any sort of voice communication be it vent, mumble, or whatever and am very vocal when required. I am also a very active player. I enjoy collecting mounts, achievements, and transmogs and will spend a lot of non-raiding time working towards those goals.Vanarok0 03 May 2015
03 May 2015 690 Resto/687 Ele Shaman looking for a guild Hello there! I'm currently searching for a new guild to raid with following the dissolution of my old one. My current experience is 7/7 HC HM and 10/10 HC in BRF, unfortunately I haven't yet had any experience with Mythic due to never having the numbers in the guild to make a full 20 man raid even with pugs. Before WoD, I started raiding back in the times of ToC during wrath on my hunter, and mainly just did normal raids up until I quit when MoP was released. You can view my old raiding experience here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Vegalengd/simple So, about the guild I'm looking for. Ideally I'd like to join a guild that has had some Mythic experience in BRF so that I can jump straight in to the action. I'm not saying I only want to join a guild that is 7/10M, however. Resto is my main spec and what I'm currently better at however if I found a guild I really liked then I could be willing to main Ele even though I'm not the greatest at it right now. Raiding days-wise, I'm happy with 2-3 raid days a week. Any evening time will do me so long as it's not until something silly like 04:00. Weekdays tend to be slightly better for me as I sometimes have to travel on weekends which means I'm unable to play but this isn't the case every single week. In return, what I can bring to the table is a focused, determined and enthusiastic raid member. I've no issues with constructive criticism as of course it is required if you want to kill bosses. And I mean, that's what we all want to do isn't it? So I guess I'll stop rambling on now. If you think your guild might have a space for me then please don't hesitate to either post in this thread or contact me in game or over battletag at Invented#2346Invented1 03 May 2015
03 May 2015 4/10M Warrior Tank, 694ilvl, LF Mythic raiding guild Hello people of Kazzak! My guild has now stopped raiding Mythic content and is no longer focused on end-game progression. Things have been very dry recently with raids being called early due to wipes and a general sense of apathy from the GM and officers. Now the guild has decided to officially stop raiding and disband. It is for these reasons that I am searching for a new home. I'm prepared to move server, but not prepared to change faction. I am Horde for life <3 So here's a little bit about me: - My equipped Ilvl is 694. I need no gear from heroic BRF. - I am a tank. I am not looking for a DPS spot, a bench tank spot or a back up raid spot. If you recruit me, you do so under the knowledge that I will be there to tank every raid. In return, I can promise you reliable tanking that will ensure you fast progress. I learn fights quickly and I use logs to review my own performance and that of the raid. You will NEVER have any issues with my performance or my attendance, as long as you can promise me a guaranteed tanking spot. I can raid lead if necessary, but am happy to take a back seat if your guild has an established raid leader already. - I have a 680~ Brewmaster Monk alt that I can also raid with if necessary. I am prepared to switch to this character if required for certain fights where Warriors are less effective. Preferences - Horde only. Sorry Gnomes <3 - Active server please. - Be 10/10 Heroic at least. Ideally you should be making headway into Mythic. - Stability and atmosphere > progression in my eyes. As long as you have 20 people who are willing to raid mythic content every week and progress through it. Raiding Specifics - Best raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday. I can raid from any time until 23:00 Server Time. Can sometimes extend if necessary. - I can raid 3 days a week. I cannot consistently raid 4 days a week. - I would like to join a guild that is already making progress in Mythic. You should be 4/10 or 5/10, but I'm prepared to go lower for the right guild. I'd rather have a permanent tanking spot in a guild with lower progression than a bench spot in a guild with higher progression. My Acomplishments - I'm 4/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry, with some experience on Flamebender. My Mythic Highmaul prog is a little meh. I was in a 10 man guild during MoP and we struggled to make the numbers for Mythic Highmau when WoD droppedl. When that guild collapsed, I moved on to my current guild. When I joined, they had not started Mythic progression. They achieved 4 Mythic kills within 2 resets with me as a tank. - I currently hold very respectable ranks among prot warriors for both Heroic and Mythic fights in BRF. You can see some of my logs here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/usercalendar/103394 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/18527 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/server/337/latest/#difficulty=4&class=Warrior&spec=Protection&metric=ehrps https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pzZBxPvD9Q7nybGJ#fight=10&options=128&view=rankings https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/server/336/6#metric=ehrps&boss=1719&class=Warrior&spec=Protection https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/6#boss=1719&metric=ehrps&class=Warrior&spec=Protection&bracket=3 - During TBC, I cleared BT pre-sunwell. I also have Nefarian and C'Thun kills from when they were current content. - I've got great skills in both tanking and leadership. I'm very vocal on Voice Comm and I can take control of/direct melee DPS packs as necessary. I'm good at managing raid cooldowns/externals/healing cooldowns using angry assignments. I'm basically a very reliable tank. Virtually anybody from Ace Mate will be able to vouch for that. Shetland#2375 if interestedShetland6 03 May 2015
03 May 2015 Anyone wanna create a new raiding guild? 18+ Hey! I've been on a little break and didn't do much raiding in Highmaul. Since I'm a little late to the game now I was playing with the thought of creating a new guild, starting from scratch (Highmaul to BRF, normal to heroic or possibly mythic). Is anyone interested?Sugardex2 03 May 2015
03 May 2015 Pathrunner last kill 3/05 Killed at 15:53 on 3/05 for those who want to know glAyrie0 03 May 2015
02 May 2015 Beware of ninja mage Adel from guild AmdusiaS Did a pug on my mage i found on group finder with this guy as the leader. he bonus rolls tier legs then ninja the drop tier legs ? for a chance of WF or something and an agility neck which he thought was BOE. a hunter was waiting for the neck and couldnt understand why the hell would the leader was even taking it then the leader whispered him oh im so sorry come trade me i missclick whatever, the hunter went to his location which was Auction house obviously. i didnt get the tier legs ofc. just a heads up for ppl that get into a group with this guy.Shrimponstik0 02 May 2015
02 May 2015 Seven Sins (Kazzak H) - Building a roster for 6.2 About the Guild and our Raids Seven Sins is a Horde raiding guild on Kazzak - EU that was created on September 12th 2007 on genjuros. In our search for greener pastures we decided to move over to Kazzak and leave the deserted realm Genjuros behind. We are very proud of being one of the longest standing guilds on this server. We are also very proud of the fact that our guild is very active, both during raidtimes as outside them. In the time this guild has existed we've achieved quite a lot, we own allot of realm first for instance. Our most noteworthy accomplishments are getting every Realm 1st in Dragon Soul Heroic (25m - Cataclysm), clearing Ice Crown Citadel among the first on Heroic (25m) on Genjuros. We hope to accomplish the same if not more in MoP and future expansions. We are here to stay! Current Progress This part is a bit complicated. The guild is currently led by myself (Not transferred yet) Moobeh, and Rdlfcuboy (Not transferred yet) The guild itself is only 3/10 HC, yet we as individuals come from a 10/10 HC 5/10 Mythic guild, so we would be looking for players at that skill level. Were gonna be working up through heroic, so everyone has the time and space to reroll and gear for Citadel. WE ARE NOT AIMING FOR MYTHIC PROGRESSION IN BRF We are looking for likeminded players, that would be okay with taking a break from all the raid hassle until 6.2, by just clearing some farm and gearing some alts. More info to come later. Raiding Times' With starting - or rebooting in this case - a guild, there will always be the struggle of having a maintainable raid schedule, that fits everyone coming into the guild. What we've settled on at least for Citadel progress will be Thursday 19:45-00:00 Sunday 19:45-00:00 Monday 19:45-00:00 Tuesday (Optional farm raid) 19:45-00:00 The times until Citadel is released can be discussed when a team has been established. Recruitment Made it this far? Good, stick in here. With rebooting a guild from scratch, the problem will be completely rebuilding a competitive roster, which means we will be looking for everyone interested in the raiding. Be you experienced from Vanilla, or someone interested in getting into raiding. If you're inexperienced at your class, or someone who does theory crafting every day. The point of the matter is. We don't aim for elitist players that knows every mechanic by head before its even out of PTR. If you're interested in raiding, you should definitely hit us up. Social With the guild, we are striving to create a social environment, where we all can enjoy one anthers company. Be it on WoW or on another game (We have a few CS:GO and League players) Were using our TS server that is already in place, and most of the time you will find someone online on it. Due to the usage of TS, guild chat will not be that used, and for that reason TS + a working microphone is at least required for raids, but for socializing outside raids, its encouraged to have one too. Loot The loot system is not completely in place yet, but the plan is to run a mixture of BiS gearing, rolling and loot council. Basically heres how it goes. Example: Mythic Dragonspine Trophy trinket from gruul. We would check the presorted lists of BiS, and see if its best in slot for someones main spec (or even off spec, if its used often, like Rogues changing specs between fights) From that we would either hand it out where it would be the biggest upgrade, or let the people who has it for best in slot, roll for it. That way you're not wasting time getting all the useless pieces of gear that you'll replace for better stats aswell, and everyone will most likely stay equally geared. What we expect from you Knowledge of your class - OR willingness to improve Ability to attend 85%+ of our raids Commitment to the guild A friendly social attitude What you can expect from us A highly experienced team of officers/raid leaders A welcoming and social raiding environment A stable place to call home, we are here for the long haul. We joke, make fun of each other, have a real laugh and still get bosses down with ease. We know how to have fun, but also when to have fun. A raiding spot - We don't need you for backups Contact Has all this made you interested? Then you can contact me on Kinety#2855 and Moobe on HappyPants#2107 I am reachable 10+ hours a day. Looking forward to hearing from you!Kinety0 02 May 2015
02 May 2015 Mage looking for new raid family Hello everyone, I'm looking for friendly guild with raids and without RACISM. I have a qood exp on my main character 10/10 HC 2/10 Mythic BRF, 4/7 Mythic HM. I CAN RAID ONLY IN THIS TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13.00-20.30 Friday, Saturday, Sunday - anytime Bteg Tendorlolpro#2587Jowikel8 02 May 2015
01 May 2015 Hello forum I am thinking of starting in kazzak seeing its the most populated eng speaking server in eu.My question is this is it a good server for raids ? p.s. is kazzak better then twisting nether ?Sithodias2 01 May 2015
30 Apr 2015 WTB Spectral tiger 400k patriick1505#2701Devinox0 30 Apr 2015
30 Apr 2015 [H][2/10M BRF]Midnight Express Night guild 22:30-1:00 Midnight Express recruiting ALL classes for Mythic progression! Basic info: * Faction: Horde * Server: Kazzak * Guild Name: Midnight Express * Contact: Efendi#2678 (GM), Luniwenor#2921 * Guild type: PvE, Semi Hardcore * Raid time and days: 22:30-1:00 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday * URL: http://midnight-express.wowlaunch.com/ * Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Midnight+Express * Recruiting: Skilled and mature players of any class. Specially healers at that moment. About Us: Midnight Express is an old guild originally founded in 2009 on the Balnazzar server and then moved in 2011 to Kazzak. Our over-arching goal is to experience and master the high-end content in WoW that is only possible to achieve with a highly skilled and motivated group of players working together. The majority of the guild are working adults with successful careers/family outside WoW. Attitude, maturity, respect, loyalty, tolerance and sense of humour are traits that distinguish us. What we expect from all guild members: * Attendance - Being able to attend at least 2 of 3 raids a week * Connection - Stable PC with high-speed internet * Gear - The best PvE enchants and gems, nice looking transmogrification :) * Preparation - Flasks, food and potions are the minimum but we also expect that members will read about new encounters before the raid and understand their specific role in any given fight * Communication - The ability to fully understand spoken English and use Ventrilo during raids * Performance - Being able to handle criticism (even if it's harsh) and take feedback on your performance in order to improve * Maturity - Control over one's emotions, friendliness, team play, dedication for raiding * Patience - Yes we wipe a lot! Only through hard work and wiping can you kill end game bosses in WoW * Discipline - Follow the tactics even if you don't fully agree with raid leader, speak your mind between the wipes or after the raid but not during a pull * Experience - Extensive raid history and hunger for progress What can you expect from us: * Raiding - Stable raiding with experienced and mature people * Progress - Slow but steady :) * Loot - Distributed via loot council based on the largest gain to the guild as a whole. * Atmosphere - We are trying to keep a good atmosphere within the guild and activities outside of main raids (like achievements farming, PvP, CMs and so on) * Tolerance - Willingness to accept member's personal problems and real life situations (irl > wow) /cheerEfendi50 30 Apr 2015
29 Apr 2015 Iron Edge Heroic Blackrock Foundry Boost Hey all, We are looking to sell a full clear Heroic BRF boost this Wednesday, we are a 5/10mythic BRF guild on a 2 days a week schedule with 5/7 mythic in Highmaul aswell, the price is set at 320k on masterloot, no items will be reserved , and the price is only for the boost and not a guarantee on gear. We will aim to clear the whole instance within 2-3 hours tops this Wednesday, we are looking at bringing only dps classes so to not effect healing / tanking. If you are interested please either reply here or speak to one of the officers within Iron Edge for more information. We are looking at only Kazzak realm characters due to payment issues. Thanks for your time. Iron EdgeVejeta1 29 Apr 2015