05 Aug LF guild with Guild Glory mounts i would like to join guild with Glory mounts for couple of days can pay thanks a lot :)Kissiel0 05 Aug
04 Aug {a} Rest Druid looking for PVE Guild Hello... I am considering to move my main to this srever because I can't find a PVE guild in my current server (Outland). If someone want a Druid for RAIDS, DUNG AND GROUP CONTENT, please give me a shout. ---- Hi there, I am Terrenal, resto druid level 100. I am looking for a nice-sociable PVE guild to do friends, dung, raids and another amazing stuff together. I am a little tired to play alone. I am Andres from Spain but I live in London. I love MMORPG games and I have a strong experience as healer because I only play this role. I used to play this game 5 years ago but unfortunately I lost my account so then, I have a new account with this new char. It will be my main. ATM I am thinking to play as mainly a Tank-Healer >>>> Party-Healer. The new druid build looks as strong as the holy pala build used to be. I am almost 30yo and I have I think arround 13 years experience playing this kind of game (OMG I am getting old). Some of games I used to play are..: Guild Wars (my first game). Guild Wars 2 (It could be a nice game but, the PVE is so easy) WOW (since TBC until early Cata) (With my Holly Pala, but I dont like as it looks like in the Legion) Rift (2010-2012) Aion Others... I love the challenges in my real and virtual life. If i have to chose one difficult level I always choose the HARD one If you are interested in me, please give me a shout in game (Terrenal) or reply this post :)#Terrenal0 04 Aug
01 Aug &amp;amp;amp;lt;Veo&amp;amp;amp;gt; WTS Archimonde HC boost New topic has been created due to the destruction of my precious title by failed code in the update of the website! Best regards from us in Veo! <3 Add my b-tag: Norrby#2356 if you want to book a run.Emiliaclark7 01 Aug
01 Aug Looking for a raiding guild Hey everyone, my name is Malothiri. Im looking for a raiding guild for the upcoming expansion, Legion. I love the social part of a guild equally as much as the progression, so that i am comfortable and having fun while doing so. I mainly play on my priest as Shadow, since that is what i have been enjoying the most and strive the most to play. Hit me up if you are interested or think i would fit into your guild!Malothiri0 01 Aug
29 Jul Derpy's nemesis and bloody coin boost All boosts are available for both horde and alliance characters, as well as i accept gold on both horde and alliance. If you want to make it easy for yourself and I, please fill out my spreadsheet here It will give me the information i'll need :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nemesis ★You'll need to bring★ - A level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison ★Kill order★ - Horde : Human > Draenei > Dwarf > Gnome > Night Elf > Worgen > Panda - Alliance : Orc > Undead > Tauren > Blood Elf > Troll > Goblin > Panda ★Rewards★ - You'll receive a unique title form each races completed. To learn more about the titles, check your Achievements -> Garrison -> Buildings tab. ★Prices★ - 60.000g for all 7 races Bring a friend(s) for a full nemesis boost, to receive a 20k discount If you wish individual races contact me. ★Dates★ Alliance boost: Saturday the 30th of July at 14:00 CET Horde boost: Saturday the 23rd of July at 19:00 CET, time is to be determined upon my work schedule. A final decision will be made on the 16th the lastest. Each races usually take 20-30 min, which results in a full run around 3-3½ hours. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloody coin ★You'll need to bring★ - Fire-Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan for 100 Timeless Coins on timeless isle. ★Rewards★ - 10 Bloody Coins: Candlekeeper achievement - 100 Bloody Coins: Oathguard achievement + Vengeful Porcupette - 500 Bloody Coins: Blazebinder achievement + Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast - 1000 Bloody Coins: Kilnmaster achievement - 2000 Bloody Coins: Fire-Watcher achievement + title: Fire-Watcher <name>. ★Prices★ - 100 Coins: 5000g - 500 Coins: 20.000g - 1000 Coins: 40.000g - 2000 Coins: 60.000g Refer a friend for a 2000 coin boost, to receive a 10k finders fee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Contact us★ If you want to make it easy for yourself and I, please fill out my spreadsheet here It will give me the information i'll need :) Please add both my battletags, as one may be full at the time of you adding me, resulting in me not getting an invite. Derpy#22553 Derpy#2965 ★ Feedback ★ ... ... ... Main feedback thread: 29 Jul
29 Jul &lt;Fun Hunters&gt; Recruitment thread <Fun Hunters> Semi-hardcore 2 day a week guild comprised mostly of experienced raiders and a few friends hunting for some fun!. We are looking to expand our roster for Legion. Our raid times are as follows: Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 We are currently looking for the following classes: Rogue Warlock Demon hunter Hunter We're looking for like minded individuals who want to excel in raiding without the tiresome raid schedule. As we're only raiding two nights per week we expect recruits to be able to play their character at a high level. We raid only two days, so during progression we want to be constrained only by time, and not by the performance of our members. If you think you have what it takes head on over to: and fill out an application! Welcome to the hunt......for fun.Ethiopian2 29 Jul
28 Jul [A]Frostmane - Vox Nihili recruiting! Hello my friends! Vox Nihili is a fresh guild, created by a bunch of RL friends which have returned from a WoW break! We are now planning to form a strong guild, and focus on the upcoming expansion [The Legion]. At this time we are looking for all kinds of classes and levels. The only thing what is required to join is being a "decent and dedicated" player! I hope this post attracts the guys and/or girls that are looking for a guild to have fun with! If you feel like you want in, please give me or some one from the guild a whisper! Cheers and see you soon! Kind Regards, GödshammitGödshammit1 28 Jul
27 Jul Late night raiding is fun! <A> Nightshift - The Maelstrom - 13/13M Nightshift is an alliance guild from the server The Maelstrom and at the moment possibly the only late night guild in the server. Our raid times are the following: Wednesday 22.30-01.00 Sunday 22.30-01.00 Monday 22.30-01.00 The hours above are Server Time Recruitment: -At the moment we are looking for DPS/tank OS and some more healers. -Exceptional players also welcome What we offer: -A cool, relaxed raid environment with a lot of talking on ts; yet serious when needed be. -Experienced raiders always improving to strive against new challenges. -Will help you with any questions. What we expect from you: -Please respect everyone and come with a good attitude. -Keep a serious attitude during boss encounters. -Know your class well and come fully enchanted/gemmed. -Know the tactics for the bosses. Come and be part of this awesome guild! /w our recruitment consultant in game Delicious#2858Kukóap0 27 Jul
25 Jul WTB Archi HC boost - Horde Hello, Would any groups be interested in boosting me and receiving payment on the Horde side of Frostmane? Just reply here if you think you can do it. ThanksLaurel0 25 Jul
25 Jul [A] Purebloods recruiting! <PureBloods>, a swedish guild on Frostmane, is currently recruiting more raiders too bolster our ranks for legion! We're a mature guild with loads of experience from earlier content with a core of mature and helpful players aiming towards raiding 2-3 days/week in legion. We are currently looking for exceptional and motivated players for most classes. Whisper me in-game for more info. My battleID is jnybom#2955.Trasmatta0 25 Jul
25 Jul WTB Heavy Junkbox I am currently buying all your Heavy Junkbox for 50 gold each, COD me or whisper me ingame. - CeptonCepton0 25 Jul
25 Jul [WTS] Heavy Junkbox Hi there rogue here to do farming for your insane title . If anyone need those boxes you can add me ingame send mail or whisper me and we will arrange the job. Currently no boxes in stock so if you whisper me these days I will be probably farming them and can send partialy.Caharyn1 25 Jul
25 Jul Heavy Junkbox farming service Hello. As the title says im faming Heavy Junkbox for the right buyers. My price is 50g per box and I'm getting around 100 boxes per hour. They are for the "the Insane" title, and may also contain Teebu's Blazing Longsword. Please contact me by sending a letter to this character explaining how many you need and ill cod you.Solasku2 25 Jul
25 Jul [A+H]Nemesis 7/7 Quest ,Warlord of Draenor achievement Let me introduce myself, I've been selling raid locks on my server for 9 months so i have earned a legitimate reputation, to view this check out and or add me I'm online a lot and i don't mind sharing my Battletag as long as it is for legitimate business, Kazzie#2600. Right then I am starting a new venture within the game, Nemesis boosting. This is for the Gladiator Sactum, that requires you to kill 500 of a specific race. I can provide it for either Horde or Alliance. Our standard rate is 20k gold per race. Once I have arranged a date with you I ask for a deposit 5k which will secure your place on that boost, with the outstanding 15k payable at the end of the boost. How it works; You contact me in-game or via Roahana's Facebook page ( and tell me which race(s) you want to boost. Currently I am unable to add people to my Battle.tag as it is full so contacting me via Facebook can be easier. I will contact when the race you are interested in will be boosted next. I will always try to get a full group as this speeds up the process. It will take roughly 20 minutes if done with 5 people on the quest. Please note; If you have a nemesis quest in progress and you need only a few kills, please abandon the quest and pick it up again. It is important that you have 0/500 kills for the rest of the group. If you are on the first step of the Nemesis quest line and still need to collect a heart before being able to start the 500 kills quest, don't worry, you can collect this at the start of the boosting process. For those that don't know me, FAQ; Q: Is nemesis boosting allows, will I not get banned? A: Yes, it is perfectly legal, you will not get banned for receiving a nemesis boost. Q: What happens if I don't turn up? A: If you do not turn up on the date arranged with out letting me know, then you will loose your deposit. This is because when people don't turn up, it makes it take longer for everyone else. If you let me know in advance I am happy to rearrange it. Q: What happens if I disconnect? A: Try to log back on as soon as you can. We will pause to see if you are coming straight back but will then continue. If you make it back on but have fallen behind by a fair amount and we have not yet passed the halfway point then we will often reset everyones quest to 0 and start again as with a full group it goes much faster. This does depend on people in the group being happy to do so (it means more bones and honour for them but of course will take slightly longer) For more information you can contact Roahana-ShatteredHalls (Horde), Bimmeela-Chromagus (Alliance), Roahana Causeandeffect on Facebook or leave a post here.Roahana12 25 Jul
24 Jul LF Pandaren, (Nemesis quest) (ally) nvmIntrilo0 24 Jul
24 Jul Infinite timereaver boost service Hey folks, I'm hiring my 3x multibox hunter crew for timewalking dungeons. If one of my hunters loots the mount. I'll trade it to you (It's tradable within group members). Price is 2000 gold each dungeon and you should play Healer or Tank class. add Caillou#2321 if interested.Gnomeforgéd0 24 Jul
23 Jul [A] <Veo> 9/13 M, Swedish, Frostmane <Veo>, Frostmane EU, is a Swedish only guild that has been around with different names since vanilla. We welcome all nordic-speaking people that understand Swedish. Now we play more casual with the intention to have fun, be social and of course kill all mythic bosses that blizzard trows at us. We are a group of cool swedish guys who have alot fun inside and outside WoW. During raid we are focused and outside raid we try to play other games aswell. We consider that there are more important things than WoW - thats why we only raid 3 days/week and try to maintain progress. Our raid times are: Wednesday: 19:30 - 23:00 Thursday: 19:30 - 23:00 Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 All exceptional players are welcome to leave an application even if we aren't looking for your class/spec. Do you want to be part of a cool group of WoW players, have fun and kill all heroic bosses? Then make your apply at: For more information or questions please contact any of our officers ingame: Bjôrnbär, Ylvazz or CalithBjôrnbär10 23 Jul
21 Jul Khezimi's Lord of War boost Hello! As the title says, our team is boosting the Lord/Lady of War title's. The procedure is fairly simple, you will need Gladiator sanctum level 3 and the prequest to be able to queue for Highmaul Coliseum (Talk to the fat Ogre outside your main gates in Garrison for the quest) Once the team is inside, all you have to do is keep yourself in a corner while the team protects you & obliterates everyone. 60 seconds later you'll revieve your Feat of Strength achievement. Note: You will automatically complete the "Fight, Kill, Salute" quest. Price is 50k , accepting gold on following servers: Frostmane, Silvermoon, Sylvanas, Ravencrest, Outland, for other realms price might be slightly higher to cover the transfer expenses. For any questions or to signup please add me on Karliah#2644 Boosters affiliated with our team: Ebóòlajr, Grizleebare,Wamlòók, bubbleooseve, danoknight, danobarrage, b-tags:azeyu#2572, Dano#21908Khezimi43 21 Jul
20 Jul Feldrake TCG mount feldrake for sale, poke me asyn#2834 xoxoAsyn1 20 Jul
20 Jul ★<Vimtu> Gnome Store★ >Closed for now< Edit update May2016: store is closed. nothing to sell. i will bump the thread when i have something to sell. and i am Not taking any requests to get you any items. My, you're a Tall one! **Snapshot of my collection: **. WTS Nothing to sell. ****These Prices are subject to change. They usually get higher as time goes by, due to their cost irl getting higher in the market and their numbers being limited irl**** WTB - Blue Murloc Egg ★CONTACT INFO.★ -Battle Tag: Vimtu#2916 if Offline: or twitter me: *Discussing prices privately!! Only Accepting GOLD & from any realm/faction*Vimtu111 20 Jul
20 Jul Looking for Legion guild. Hello raiders out there. Currently casual raider looking for more serious raiding guild thruout legion. Active since vanilla on differnt accounts and with ALOT of spare time on my hands the next year :) Pm if we need to talk more. //Nesui-FrostmaneNesui1 20 Jul
19 Jul [A] Midnight Asylum Wkend raiding Recruiting for LEGION Midnight Asylum is a guild created on Silvermoon in the early days of 2016. We are a bunch of guys who have been raiding as a weekend team under another guild's umbrella for a few years. Much as we enjoyed playing with our friends, we have finally decided to split and create our own guild purely for logistic reasons, to finish progress in WoD and to take first steps into Legion as an independent guild. Our raiding days are Friday and Saturday, from 11 pm server time to 2 am server time. Current Progress in Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Heroic - 12/13 Mythic Recruitment Status Tanks: Open 1 spot (preferable plate user) Healer: Closed Ranged DPS: OPEN Melee DPS: OPEN Exceptional players are always going to be considered, so if you think you are better than our current raiders feel free to put in an application. We will always take into account knowledge, dedication and desire to belong to this guild and team, and we will consider such applicants even if the specific role is closed at the moment. We are a guild composed of mature people and we would expect the same from our new additions to the team. We generally only recruit above 18 years old, although exceptions might occur. We are raiding late at night and during the weekends, we have families, jobs and we will not put up with childish drama and immaturity. Please be serious about your application and show us that you are able to put some thought into it. The character you are applying with must be geared and optimised for raiding. We are progressing into mythic HFC, and we will not be able to gear you up if you are lacking. We expect end game gems, enchants and consumables. We will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible. It might take a few days, please check the thread and answer any questions we might have for you. Guild and Raiding Rules - Be raid ready (Gear, Enchants, Best specs and talents etc) - Aim for 100% attendance on all raids (we are only raiding for two days after all) - Come prepared for raids (Pots, Flasks, 125 Food etc.) - Be considerate to your fellow raiders and give us advance notice if you are going to miss a raid, so we can make arrangements. - Midnight Asylum uses Loot Council. Our website is Any questions, feel free to post in this thread or poke us in game - Naturestouch, Nakaburok or Zikiel. Given that we are used to a lot of chattering on g chat and now it will be less crowded, we are happy to take social applications as well, provided that you are genuinely looking for a home and are willing to put an effort in making a proper application. We're all for fun and giggles these days :) WE ARE ALSO RECRUITING FOR LEGION, Meaning that current gear/exp is it the be all end all as when Legion is released all is reset, The same rules above apply to those who are interested in joining, WE are a MYTHIC 2 day weekend raiding guild so time is precious and we need everyone to bring their A game, enchants/pots/Knowledge of fight etc.Nakaburok2 19 Jul
19 Jul WTS [Challenge Warlord: Gold] For a fairly good price Hey there. Just wanted to pinpoint that our team is back to boost you until 7.0 hits. If you want to buy a run, contact me @Norrby#2356! (Runs go for 200 k and rising, depends alot on demand at the specific moment) As from everyone else who sells boosts, you get the following: ★ Challenger's War Yeti mount (Unobtainable after WoD) ★ Title 'the Indomitable' (Unobtainable after WoD) ★ Transmog weapons with special effects (Guess what, also unobtainable after WoD) ★ 360 achievement points. (Unobtainable after WoD) ★ Teleport spell to all 8 instances Can just mention that we accept gold on any server even though we prioritize buyers on Frostmane. Thihih.Emiliaclark8 19 Jul
18 Jul [A] [Swe] Prepull 2/Days week recruiting for legion Prepull är en svensktalande guild som nu söker flera bra spelare inför Legion för mythic raiding. Vi söker dig som har raidat high-end förr, och vill göra det igen men utan att behöva spela varje kväll. Raid Dagar: Torsdag kl 19:00-23:00 Söndag kl 19:00-23:00 Det vi behöver för tillfället: * Healer * Dps Våra krav till raiding members: Du ÄLSKAR att wipea på ny content. Ha ett moget beteende. Ha en fungerande mic & headset är ett måste. Kapabel att ta emot kritik. Stabil internetuppkoppling Bra kännedom av din klass. Mer än väl förberedd inför varje raid med flasks, Food buffs och andra consumables. Kom till raiden och stanna hela raiden. Läs på taktikerna till boss fighterna vi kommer ha progress på. Vi går igenom logs efter varje raid, presterar du sämre kräver vi att du kollar på logs och se vad du gör för fel. Upprepade misstag leder till replace. Passar du in? eller vill joina en svensktalad guild, tveka inte att applya! Vi är ett riktigt gött gäng spelare och vi har riktigt kul när vi spelar men vi focuserar även till 210% under raids. Du kan kontakta oss via: Battle tag: Babek#2250Babek3 18 Jul
18 Jul wtb challenge mode boost 8/8 gold looking for challenge mode boost 8/8 paying 300k todaySërënity0 18 Jul
18 Jul WTS [A] Challenge mode 8/8 gold and realm best boost! Last day of Challenge mode, we will be taking bids for 1 last carry. We do not boost single dungeons, we're only doing 8/8 carries. We are NOT doing xrealm boosts currently. Add kalle#2210 to book a run. Hey, As some of you may already know we're a group consisting of 3 swedish players boosting 8/8 CM gold on Frostmane and several other xrealms. After 2 years of boosting we've finally decided to get a forum post. We have completed over 1000 Challenge mode gold dungeons in WoD and have several more done in MoP. TLDR: We're boosting 8/8 CM gold at the cost of 400k for Frostmane, add us to discuss about a realm best boost. Info about us: We started boosting CM in mid MoP and have been going on for about 2-3 years now, we currently hold every realm record (we do also sell a few realm records) and a few top10 world/eu ranks. We strive to provide the best service possible for our buyers and to maintain the best reputation as possible on Frostmane. Payment: Currently we're selling a full 8/8 CM gold boost at the price of 400k for Frostmane. We would appreciate if you could pay all at once so the run will go alot smoother. How long time will this boost take? While most of the CM boosting teams take approx 2,5hrs to get their boost done we offer a much faster boost. Our boost takes between 1hr 30min - 2hrs 10min depending on your own performance. The average time of a boost right now is 1hr 50min. Rewards: - Challenge Warlord: Gold/Silver/Bronze achievement for each of the 8 dungeons - Title <Name> the Indomitable (Account-wide) - Challenger's War Yeti (Account-wide) - Very unique weapon transmog (Will be account-wide in Legion) For a preview of the weapons you will get go to this link: - Teleport to any WoD instance Requirements: - 630ilvl - A dps spec - Teamspeak 3, we will inform you about tactics here (you do not have to talk/socialize with us) or in worst case scenario being able to read chat ingame. Contact info: Best way to contact us is by either adding kalle#2210 or holmquist#2432 , you can also try to whisper me Kallexd/Kallex/Kalledx if I'm online by any chance. Our team: Tank: Healer: Dps: 18 Jul
18 Jul WTB CM BOOST frost dk wtb 6/8 CM gold. I can pay 100k for those 6. add stex#2317Constantine0 18 Jul
17 Jul Challenge Warlord Boost! Hello Frostmane! Our team is currently selling 8/8 Challenge Mode Gold boosts! We offer one of the highest quality boosts on the realm with an average run of 2hrs! We do boosts most days and you can contact us to schedule a boost! Check the bottom of the post for info! ____________________________________________________________________ [TL;DR] We will boost you in 8/8 CM Gold, Payment is 500k for Frostmane. ____________________________________________________________________ ★ Rewards ★ 18 Unique transmog weapons! ★ Challenger's War Yeti ★ "The Indomitable" Title! ★ Portals to the 8 Dungeons! ★ 360 Achivement points! (Legacy achivements in Legion) ★ Requirements > A DPS spec. > Teamspeak3 installed. (Mic is not required but you are free to talk) > Consumables, Flasks and Potions We will provide Savage Feast We will also tell you what to do during the run. ★ Payments We charge 500k for our service! If you want to schedule a boost add any of our members! We accept payment on these realms! ★ Ravencrest [500k] ★ Frostmane [500k] ★ Anachronos [999k] ★ Azuremyst [999k] ★ Moonglade [999k] ★ Contact us If you have any questions or want to schedule a boost you can add any of our members. Çindra#2789 Rilomo#2198 If you want to you can watch our runs on stream! Other Threads with more feedback! Thank you, and have a nice day!Halicia15 17 Jul
17 Jul WTB Warlord of Draenor + Last of Us 100K i want to buy warlord of draenor title + Last of us. for 100K Frostmane alliance. hoping to get it done before thursday if possible. i started Undead nemesis if you wonder. you can contact me on my btag or down in the comments. or even whisper me ingame on one of my alts or my main. price can be discussed if it wont fit for ya. Btag: Rocses#2190 Alts: Blueflash Tôxicninjâ Laminamortem Caramelpanda Kazangan Brishelle FeliciàBlueflash0 17 Jul
17 Jul frost dk WTB CM Gold boost 200k Tell me which talents you want me to use and what to bring. I have TS/Discord/Skype, mic readily available. Other than that I have the frag belt for an AoE interrupt. I've watched a 20 min guide for each of the dungs, but you'll still have to guide me over voice. Add me: macke#2799Anîmn1 17 Jul
17 Jul -CM Gold boosting the singel dungeons u need- Hello! Our other posts and feedback :) We are a dk and druid who have boosted challenge mode since the start of the expansion (1 year now) and have 2500+ dungeon done together. And we have seen a very big demand for singel dungeons the last couple of weeks so we are now offering to boost u 1-4 dungeons whatever u need to complete your achievement, we currently offering boosts on Horde only atm - EU on all servers.. Price : The price is 60k per dungeon could vary depending on your sever. The payment is always done before the boost. and we highly prefer if u can pay the whole amount before the boost so we don´t have to spend time to login on your server multiple times. Your Rewards : - A total of 360 Achievement Points - The Indomitable Title - Free teleport to any WoD instance. - Challenger's War Yeti (account wide) - Class Specific transmogrifiable set of Weapons see full list of items can be found her : Requirements : - 630 ilevel - Team Speak 3 or reading chat in game ^^ - Follow and do as much damage as u can :) Contact : The best way to do it is by adding our B-tags see below. Tank : Mawemu#2756 (Eng) Healer : Error#2117 (Swe)Happycarry0 17 Jul
16 Jul [A]RoV -PvE -Progress - relaxed - recruiting for Legion History of RoV Remnants of Valhalla is a guild formed by experienced wow-players who've been playing together since vanilla / tbc, with more players tagging along trough the expansions. We played on the server Vek'nilash where we were in the top 3 progress guilds. After disbandening in Cataclysm due to irl reasons of the leadership, we decided to reform the guild with WoD and return to Frostmane. We did fairly well at the start of WoD and cleared full heroic and a few mythic bosses. After we got to 5/13M HFC, raid attendance started to go backwards as players got tired of this expansion. We decided to take a break till legion. The leftover raiders got to 13/13M. Plan in Legion RoV is a progress based raiding guild with a close-knit group of friends. Our focus will be on raiding in a relaxed and fun environment while keeping focus high in order to get those bosses down. Our main priority is to have a nice time after a hard day of work. We are a 2-day raiding guild with an extra raid day when needed (farming gear, extra progress day to get a boss down, achievement runs,...) We are not running with strict guildrules as we don't want that playing this game feels like a chore. That being said, we do expect ppl to follow the 'usual' guildrules, such as proper behaviour, being on time when you sign up for events, be prepared,... We do not react very well on 'slackers'. Our raid days: Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 Extra raiding day on thursday 20.00 - 23.00 (subject to change, depending on raider availability) Recruitment open for: Melee dps Closed Ranged dps Hunter Elemental shaman Healers Holy priest Tanks Closed Exceptional applications will always be concidered. What we do NOT want in our guild: Dramaqueens Elitists Loot!@#$%s We will always make sure that we get to know a bit about the people joining us before accepting them into the guild, this as a matter of precaution, in both ways. Therefore we expect everyone that is interested in joining to make an application on our website. An ingame talk can follow. Friends / family of guildmembers can ask for a social spot. Does this sound like the guild for you? Feel free to apply at: You can also check our guild video to see what we are all about: Or wisper any officer ingame if you're interested in joining us. For more information, you can visit our website (above) or contact any of the officers ingame: Xarial (xarial#2863) - GM / Healing officer Shadazar - GM assist Podolski (Podolskí#2548) - GM assist Murck - Tank officer Sensatîon - Recruitment officer Ferwyn - Melee officer Limacora - Ranged officer -The RoV officer team-Éllen2 16 Jul
16 Jul Tralax's Nemesis / Last of Us / Bloody Coin boost Hey there! Some of you might have seen my ingame advertisement for the Nemesis quests and other kind of services. We have characters on Alliance and Horde for every race, so this way we are able to do every Nemesis quests. We're also able to do The Last of Us achievement and Bloody Coin farms in the fastest and cheapest way. NEMESIS Requirements: A level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Time: Usually each quest takes 20-25 min, for a full run around 3 hours. We do the runs in totally random days so in 2 week everyone should have a date thats fits for him. Usually starting at 15:00 server time. Kill order: Horde : Human > Draenei > Dwarf > Gnome > Night Elf > Worgen > Panda Alliance : Orc > Undead > Tauren > Blood Elf > Troll > Goblin > Panda Rewards: You will be rewarded with a title for each of the completed races. You can check out the exact titels at Achievements -> Garrison -> Buildings tab. The Bone Collector achievement (required for level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum blueprint) Price: 10.000g for each race 60.000g for all the 7 quests If you're paying on a non-highpop realm the prices are: 15.000g for each race 90.000g for all the 7 quests -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST OF US Requirements: A level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Some Broken Bones (we usually do the Nagrand Colliseums after Nemesis runs so if you buy both you should be more than good) Time: Doing the achievement for each player takes around 10 min. We do the runs in totally random days so in 2 week everyone should have a date thats fits for him. Usually starting at 15:00 server time. Rewards: Lady / Lord of War title Warlord's Flag of Victory Horde Flag of Victory / Alliance Flag of Victory Price: 75.000g for the Last of Us Achievement (by getting this you will also get the 100 kill quest completed) If you're paying on a non-highpop realm the prices are: 100.000g for the Last of Us Achievement (by getting this you will also get the 100 kill quest completed) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOODY COINS Requirements: Fire-Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan for 100 Timeless Coins. Time: 500 coins takes around 20 mins. 2000 coins takes around 80 mins. Rewards: 10 Bloody Coins: Candlekeeper achievement 100 Bloody Coins: Oathguard achievement + Vengeful Porcupette 500 Bloody Coins: Blazebinder achievement + Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast 1000 Bloody Coins: Kilnmaster achievement 2000 Bloody Coins: Fire-Watcher achievement + title: Fire-Watcher <name>. Price: 100 Coins: 5000g or on non-highpop realm: 10.000g 500 Coins: 15.000g or on non-highpop realm: 30.000g 1000 Coins: 30.000g or on non-highpop realm: 60.000g 2000 Coins: 50.000g or on non-highpop realm: 100.000g If you are interested add me on : Tralax#2774 / 5. battletag and we're going to send you the calendar inv for the closest events. Feedbacks on Draenor: Feedbacks on Ragnaros: Feedbacks on Kazzak: Feedbacks on Stormscale: 16 Jul
15 Jul asd asdSchofieldtr0 15 Jul
15 Jul Archimonde + Mount [Forgotten Guardians] This Sunday we have 1 spot open for Mannoroth and Archimonde We'll be selling that spot for 1.3 M! For that price we will boost Mannoroth and Archimonde and you can pick out any loot and you will receive the mount before it drops to a 1% chance as well as the Cutting edge FoS. Message Void#2564Zoutpeper0 15 Jul
14 Jul WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME on Frostmane Alliance looking for 1,6m gold. it has no tag because I got it from Landro's Gift Box : Btag: Caillou#2321Cailløu1 14 Jul
14 Jul WTB 3v3 WINS FOR 100 MOUNT ACHIEVEMENT Hello dear PVP:ers of Frostmane! I am looking for some smooth wins in 3v3. I am sick of winning 1/3 or 1/4 and I know I am terrible and therefor I seek You! I currently have 45/100 wins and I am offering you two methods to help me (for gold ofc). 1. You and Your friend help me in 3v3 and you both get 800g per win until we are done. 2. You are good enough to actually queue 3v3 with me and my brother who is a Holy Paladin (we both have decent gear but absolutely no skill, we are noobs) and win, then you get 1000g per win. PS! I want to make it clear that IF you are not good and can not ensure that I at least with 1/2 (50%) of the games, I wont buy an entire "boost" of you cause my current win-% is around 50% and I am doing this cause I am a fking noob sick and I want it done quick :) Add my battle-tag if you are up for the task #Meiler21964Meiler0 14 Jul
13 Jul WTB CM boost for 4/8 I'd like to buy a CM boost for the following dungeons: - Grimrail Depot - Upper Blackrock Spire - Skyreach - The Everbloom I'm not willing to pay 300k for a 8/8 boost. Add me on Goddess#2982 for more info.Ausrine2 13 Jul
12 Jul Challenge Mode Gold boost Hello peeps! We are now offering Challenge Mode boosts here on Frostmane Alliance (You are free to get any Alliance character boosted as long as the payment is done on Frostmane A) What you get: - A total of 360 Achievement Points - Class Specific Transmogifiable set of Weapons - The Indomitable Title - Free teleport to any WoD instance. - The *Challanger's War Yeti mount * The War Yeti is account wide. Prices: - 8/8 Gold = 230k - Specific dungeon = 30k* - The whole run for 8/8 gold will take approx. 2 hrs +-20min * We boost specific dungeons if there is time. Contact: - Battletag: Albh#2773 - Skype: Xnaani You can always whisper me on Aérenthiel ingame if you have any questions.Aérenthiel48 12 Jul
12 Jul WTB CM UBRS Gold. As the title says I am looking to get one instance only and am willing to pay well for it. Another team boosted myself and another to 7/8 then complications arose. If anyone has the ability to this please let me know in game thank you :)Sunisa3 12 Jul
12 Jul Selling Wooly White Rhino greetings Frostmane, i got one Wooly White Rhino for sale, no B/O set, just bid away i may reply faster on forums than in-game due to RL work...Goram0 12 Jul
11 Jul WTB Moose boost hordeZarkir0 11 Jul
10 Jul LF raid guild for Legion Hi, i'm looking for a raid guild for legion. I'm class swapping to my hunter for next expansion, and i'm currently searching for a spot in a guilds raid team.Brunman0 10 Jul
10 Jul [A] Challenge Mode Boosting (Closed) Boosting now closed, thank you for all who bought, and GL in Legion! Pricing: 300k on Frostmane (Prices will go up drastically as the pre-patch nears) For contact: Murky#1564 Alliance only, and only selling full 8/8 clears currently Hello everyone! With summer upon us and the expansion drawing closer; my group has decided to double our efforts to aid in people finishing their Challenge Mode: Gold achievement before it becomes unobtainable with Legion's release and as such, we will boost a whole lot more starting June. We all have various experiences from going for regional times and being experienced boosters in the past; and we always finish the boost in less than 2 and a half hours. Your gear and performance does not matter, it only helps reduce the time a bit if you manage to stay alive to contribute a bit with damage. We use Discord (or Teamspeak/Skype if there is any issue) when we boost and we require you to at least listen to us while we clear the dungeons to ensure a quick and efficient clear. We also stream our runs, if you want access to our VoDs to see that we actually finish them I can give you a link to them - if any of your friends wants to see your run they can tune in to the stream while we clear it. There is no gear requirement other than having at least 630 in every slot to make sure you have enough health to survive mechanics. You do not need super gear, although enchants, potions and flasks makes the run faster as you can contribute more! If possible bring the following: Glider Kits x5 Invisibility potions x5 But what is a boost without knowing its rewards? This is what is waiting for you after enjoying a smooth ride with SWEDISH AIRLINES. - The Indomitable title - Challenger's War Yeti - Access to awesome transmogrification weapons (Account wide in Legion) - 320 Achievement Points - Teleports to all WoD instances Hope to hear from you soon! Feedback can be found here: 10 Jul
09 Jul WTB CM Gold Boost 200k Buying CM Gold boost for 200k on Frostmane AllianceGnomagéddon0 09 Jul
09 Jul WTB 8/8 CM GOLD BOOST / XREALM / ALLIANCE Hey, As the title says, I'm looking for a full 8/8 challenge mode boost. I will pay on The Maelstrom - Alliance side. My battletag is Delas#1608 so we may negotiate price (paying only in gold).Venesis0 09 Jul
09 Jul Returning player Hi all, I played a lot of WoW around 6 years ago and before that also i started with vanilla WoW. Cause of personal stuff i couldnt play anymore. Now i started again and i am looking for nice people to play the game with and have some awesome fun in game. Contact me ingame on Frostmane server my name is Pebblesje. Hope to hear from u in game !Pebblesje0 09 Jul
08 Jul nvt nvtAngerpure0 08 Jul