28 May Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger for sale! Hey!, I have got Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger (Epic Version) for sale! It's currently for sale on the alliance side of Frostmane. The buyout price will is set at 675k. I will consider all offers at or above 600k and I expect that the mount should be sold in the next few days :) Highest offer: 600k For more information contact me in-game or via mailbox (or here on forums!): Florien @ Frostmane Alliance Frostings @ Frostmane AllianceFrostings7 28 May
26 May Challenge Mode booster LF team Hello dear Frostmane Multi 8/8 experienced swedish lad is looking for a CM boosting team currently on Frostmane. Been boosting CMs since mid WoD and have done som boosting during MoP on my monk. My former team went abit south due to that we where on different servers. Atm I´ve been doing some boosting on Tarren Mill with Emiliaclark (also known as Vindrunner) and I feel that I need to get some boosting going again on Frostmane. Currently I only have my shaman and my monk on Frostmane but can get any other classes/specs if its needed. Ally chars. Shaman armory: armory: chars Druid armory: Dk armory: appreciate if I you could spread this thread to the people you know are intrested. Much love Cogito.Cogito1 26 May
26 May [H] (X-realm) Cult of the Doomed 13/13M (LF All roles) Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 13/13 Mythic is recruiting all roles! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 90% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) As it happens at the end of every expansion, we are in need to expand our roster and replace those who got bored or felt they achieved their in game goals and decided to go afk. Our goal is to continue farming Upper Spire - Mannoroth and Archimonde Mythic for WF gear and mounts until Legion hits. Additionally we are looking for a strong start in Legion with a 26 man roster. Recruitment Details: Tanks: Urgent Need for a Non-DK tank (recruiting 1 tank) DPS: All RDPS application will be considered (recruiting 2-3 dps) Heals: No spot for HPaladins and Monks (recruiting 2 healers) If you are thinking about applying on a healer, consider that a functional DPS OS is highly appreciated and will guarantee you a raidspot since flexibility is highly valued and the number of healers in the raid decreases over the course of the raiding tier. What you need to apply: • Be over 18 y.o. • Respectful Attitude towards everyone (from trade chat to pugs) • Working mic and ability to communicate • Mythic experience at least 10/13 M, with logs. • 4 set and 795 ring • Punctuality, patience and consistency is what we value the most! Additional info: • We use loot council (officers vote) • You can trial from your home server and if we mutually like each other, you will need to server transfer to get the mythic raider status. • Highly diversified international community. • English is our main language. • Alt/social raids (optional) • Active Guild forums. • Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. • We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! In case you have questions or want to apply, check the website: and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact me at bnet: GintoniQ#2540 Thanks!Gintoniq0 26 May
25 May WTB TCG Mounts WTB TCG Mounts (Blazing and Corrupted Hippogryph,Mottled Drake,White Camel and rare Rocket) on Frostmane.I will pay realy good /w me or mail me LaMiTa#1576Lamita0 25 May
23 May WTB Challenge mode 8/8 gold-draenor alliance Paying 200k. got rogue with blademaster trinket+pewpew pots etc.Retributor0 23 May
22 May Trygdekontoret frostmane alliance [NOR] Trygdekontoret (Ally - Frostmane) er en guild som søker etter Norske spillere for legion. Spillerne vi ønsker oss, ser vi helst har raidet endel før og virkelig kan klassen sin. Men mener du at du har hva det trengs for og bli med i vår core for legion så søk! Så trenger du et hjem, bli kjent med guilden i tiden frem i mot Legion kan du også søke til oss nå. Foreløbig driver vi med gearing av folk som skal være med i legion så folk får raidet litt mytich før legion slippes. Vi er flere med både litt og full Mytich progress i HFC. Vi tar også i mot alle sosials/casuals som er ute etter et community og henge i. Vi er en gjeng med rare skruer som har det utrolig morro sammen, men alikevell klarer og fokusere når pulltimeren går ut! Det vi søker etter er folk som virkelig vill bli bedre og ha et stabilt og fint raiding miljø. Raid-tider: De faste raiding dagene er ikke satt enda, dette vill bli gjort litt nærmere legion. men 3 dager er minimum. Hva må til for å være med? - Du skal være norsk - Du bør være over 18, er du under 18 vil du få vanskeligere krav - Du må oppføre deg som en voksen - Du skal ha Teamspeak, og mikrofon. - Du skal vite alt om din klasse main spec som offspec. (Dette vil bli testet under trial perioden) - Du bør klare å prioritere bort ting på våre raid-dager Kontakt! Hjemmesiden vår er under konstruksjon, så imellomtiden kan dere whispere en officer ingame. for mer info ta kontakt med Tazzad#2673, Fuglestad#2402 eller christerbærø#2540Huntaern0 22 May
22 May WTB Challenge mode 8/8 You boost i help got pots and stuff gold on draenor-ally.Retributor0 22 May
21 May [A] {SWE} - Pixel 7/13M Pixel är ett nystartat guild av ett gäng kompisar som gillar att lira tillsammans. Söker nu folk för att fylla ut tiden innan Legion. Söker folk som vill köra Casual resten av Wod, Och sedan hoppa över till Semi Hardcore under Legion. Torsdag & Söndag, 19-22 Kommer lägga till fler dagar under legion!! Vi söker för tillfället Ranged DPS & 1 Healer! Även Backup's som kan fylla upp när det behövs! Vi är ett guild som gärna hjälper varandra så gott vi kan, Det må vara Mythic dungeons / Transmog raids, Oftast hittar vi på något tillsammans iallafall! Adda Hedzzyo#2580, Eller apply på Pixel-Frostmane.Enjin.Com !Hedzyó8 21 May
21 May CM 8/8 gold boost! Hello, We are a group of players that are boosting full 8/8 challenge mode gold runs! We completed over 1000 Challenge Gold Dungeons. Your rewards: 1) Full set of cosmetic weapon appearances 2) Challenger's War Yeti (Account Level Mount) 3) Title: "The Indomitable" 4) Achievement Points: 360 5) Challenger's Path: Teleport to the entrance of all dungeons Requirements: 1) Full 630 ilvl set equipped 2) You need to have TeamSpeak 3 installed and be able to communicate with us (a basic understanding of English). 3) 2-3 Flasks & 7-8 Invisibility Potions + 60 dps potions Payment: The price is negotiable, feel free to add me ingame or on skype Contact: Btag: CassidyBoost#2649 Skype: martijnbessems Link to the other thread: If you have any other questions you can contact us with the contact details above.Locodk37 21 May
15 May Infusion 13/13 Mythic is recruiting on Kazzak Hi everyone. Infusion are currently recruiting recruiting for farming HFC mythic, while doing that, we are slowly picking the core team for Legion, while clearing our farm. We are currently recruiting anyone / anything - granted that you can provide us with some good logs, we are recruiting the player, not the class. Our plans for Legion: After a succesfull expansion in WoD yet again, we look to make a good push for world ranks going into Legion. Our intentions are to push a few houndreds of world ranks, aiming to be atleast for the first tier top 300-400 world, then to raise that world rank with each tier. We will transform into a 4 raiding days guild, with same hours, and adding monday to our raiding schedule. We will do split farm runs, which means you are required to have atleast x1 alt of which you can play at same skill as your main charracter, so we can easier set up a good progress team, depending on each boss encounter. We will always search during progression, for new potential recruits whom might be able to jump right into our progress, so please once you are beeing accepted to the team, do not start to slack, cause we are going over logs after each raid, and compare those logs to other players, and if you don´t cut it enough, then at first you will be told, and if no actions are taken by yourself, then we would need to recruit a new applicant, to take your spot. as of right now we are especially very interested in the following classes for a main raid spot: Ranged Dps: Mage Warlock Moonkin Shadow Priest Hunter Melee Dps: Rogue Deathknight Demon Hunter Healer Holy paladin Resto Druid Resto shaman Mistweaver Monk Note: As i stated above, this is just largely of the classes that we are very much interested into recruiting, however, even if your class isn´t stated above, we advice you to give it a go anyways, granted that you believe in your own skills, and that you can provide us with extremely good logs, I got a saying which goes: "Granted a new recruit/potential new applicant got way better logs than one of our current raiders, then this new rercruit would be given priority to get a progress spot, over the current raider". Our Warlords of Draenor Progression: Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic BlackRockFoundry: 10/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic So Who is Infusion: Infusion were founded in 2007 by some friends and I, poorly only a few of us yet remains, while others has slowly each expansion quit the game. Our raiding team is composed of very talented and skilled people whom all have the same mindset about progression, without beeing elitist jerks, you would rather find us very friendly and also very serious at the same time when it comes towards progression, making boss strategies, and executing proper mechanics and also going in-depth with logs. Socially, we have built a nice community, where people want to log on and don't have the feeling that Raiding becomes a Job to them. To facilitate this, we keep the raid schedule to 4 short evenings per week - with an optional 5th raid day where we can be more informal, bring alts etc. We are an inclusive guild that does not discriminate based on race, gender, disability, sexual preference etc. We do not tolerate any form for botting, cheating, scamming or abusive language or account sharings. Our best members are passionate about their classes and roles. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, take constructive criticism objectively, and always consider the guild's priorities over their own personal glory. They are able to adapt to random situations they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings, this will also be the case about you as a potential new recruit. Current Raid Schedule: Wednesday 19.30 to 23:00 server time Thursday 19.30 to 23:00 server time Sunday 19.30 to 23:00 server time Legion Raid Shcedule: Wednesday 19.15 to 23:00 server time Thursday 19.15 to 23:00 server time Sunday 19.15 to 23:00 server time Monday 19.15 to 23:00 server time For people interested and new applicants, please read our expectations about you: Attendence: As a trial and raider in Infusion, you are expected to maintain a 90% attendence, we do raid 4 days pr week in legion, and to maintain a 90% attendence, Means that you can miss max 1 raid pr month - yes we do understand that sometimes IRL catches up with you, and therefore if you are needed to be afk for a raid evening, however, you are requested to post such afk on our website atleast 1 day before the event - we do make attendence spreadsheets. Alts: You are expected to have atleast one alt alongside with your main, to do split runs with the release of a new raiding tier, to gear best way possible. You need to be able to play this alt on a equal skill as your main charracter. Be Vocal: As a trial and raider in Infusion, we expect you to be vocal, for communication is key to Progress, we are going to assign a random player in the raiding team, and make him/her call out this specific ability on a boss encounter, therefor you are requirred to speak. Maximizing Your Charracter: You are expected to maximise your main charracter, and your main alt charracter. This includes: Best Gems, Best Enchants, even on an item that your going to replace in the next raid. Also the highest food stat as possible, runes, pots & flasks. Have xtra stacks of consumable in your bags, ready for an entire raid evening, as it would be very bad standing for you to say: "sorry guys im oom of consumables". Computer and Mic: We are not looking for people with unstable internet connection, and we are not looking for people who cannot communicate via their Mic´s. Attitude: You must bear a good attitude towards other players, remember you are wearing our guild name, and for that same reason, you are hereby bounded by our rules. We will not tolerate anyone picking on others, or keep whining or flaming, cause it will only get you on the bench. You are also required to accept critism from the leadership, which can be very hard to begin with, but it is only to help the raiding team progress even further. The Raiding Team Comes First: if you only think about yourself, and own personal glories, then Infusion is not anything for you, and we do not want you, the raiding team comes first, which means, we do all we can to progress, sitting out specific classes on various of encounters, and extending a raid if needs to be, therefore applying to us implefies that you accept theese terms. Any questions related to recruitment can be directed to any of the officers in the guild, or by a PM to any of the officers on the website. GuildMaster Stalliona Dps Officer: Stalliona Kamikazä Stalliona´s Battletag: Koukaiian#2509 Kamikazä´s Battletag: kamikaza#2625 Join Infusion @ Kazzak EU: our wowprogress: [b][/b]Stalliona0 15 May
15 May "Nine Inches Unbuffed" - Naxx 40 & Pre Nerf Raiders. "Nine Inches Unbuffed" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and core members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break. We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with as follows: -Previous End Game Experience is Mandatory -Being able to Maximize your class outcome meanwhile maintaining high standards on tactics. -Being able to have an attendance of 90-100% -Acceptable gear for the current content * We have no time to carry - one person makes a difference * Raiding Days: Wednesday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Feel free to add me for more information: Posative#2456 Also feel free to apply at our Website : 6/13 Mythic in 3 raids Classes Needed :- 2 Mages 2 Warlocks 1 Rogue 1 Ele Shaman / Resto Offspec 1 Boomie Dudu 1 Ret Pala - Perferably with Holy Offspec 1 WW Monk - Perferably with MW Offspec Recruitment is also open for all classes with Exceptions and Dedication.Mayo0 15 May
14 May Crouching Sever, Hidden Horde. Hey guy's I was on this sever in Vanilla, great times, we did clear BWL and had near full T2, well I bought six months of game time, since I'm in that place in life, that I work from home, entrepreneur, according to the invoices. Looking for a guild that will be consistent/strong in the next expansion, where I'll roll a, you guessed it as main, until then I'm gonna be having fun in PvP on my little rouge lovingly named, Scum. Happy stabbing.Felben1 14 May
14 May [A] Nova Blackout, Frostmane lf mythic raider Hello Raider! We are currently looking for a warlock, a mistweaver or resto shaman and a dk tank for the rest of wod and for legion. We are: Nova Blackout on Frostmane, Alliance. If you are a dedicated player with teamspirit, guildspirit and want to become a part of a coreteam and a guild, maybe this is for you. Nova Blackout started 2011. We are a focused progress raiding guild. The goal is to combine endcontent raiding with a respectful, fun and social atmosphere. Its an active, mature guild both inside raids and outside. Teamspeak is open for all guildies and there so almost always someone there to have a chat and a laugh with. Raidingdays: Wednesday 19.15 - 23 Thursday 19.15 - 23 Monday 19.15 – 23 Around 21.00 there is a 15 min break. Progresson in HFC mythic: 11/13 If you want to know more about us contact the guildmaster or any officer /Vaala Ludden#2683 Ourez#2338 Gotinho#1526 Pennaa#2146Vaala0 14 May
09 May WTT Gold from ragnaros horde to Frostmane Alliance i want to trade around 500-550k from Ragnaros horde to frostmane alliance. jsen#2511 add my btag if intresstedBigdamage1 09 May
05 May [A]Security, #1 <10h 3days 13/13M LF DPS Hello friends! As some of you in the loop might know, Security dissbanded back in April and the long history this guild once had came to an abrupt end. Today, I am happy to inform you that we are once again gonna be raiding, albeit with a less intense schedule, and are open for recruitment once more! It's important to note that our recruitment is aimed to clear Mythic content, and the aim is to have a complete roster and fully ready for Blackrock Foundry come February. While we want to clear Highmaul as well, we are not in a rush to do so and hence not recruiting people to just fill the spots. Current raiding times (prone to change): Wednesday: ~19:45-23:00 Thursday: ~19:45-23:00 Sunday: ~19:45-23:00 Monday/Tuesday: Extra days, will only be added IF needed. ~19:45-23:00 To check what we're recruiting, go to since it will always be updated with our current needs. Website: Note worthy 25 Man Kills: World: 29 EU: 21 Garrosh Hellscream World: 23 EU: 18 Lei Shen World: 26 EU: 17 Grand Empress Shek'zeer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, why now and who are the players trying to recreate Security? We're a bunch of friends who got to know eachother throughout Mists of Pandaria and came to respect eachother not only for the person behind the screen, but the person who controlled his ugly transmogged avatar. While almost all of us quit before Security dissbanded due to being burnt out or simply did not find enjoyment in the guild anymore, most of us have been key for the progress and world rankings Security has had throughout Mists. While sadly some have moved on, we're excited to open recruitment for new people we will come to accept. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is different this time around? Simple, we are all still raiders at heart, but we simply do not have the time nor interest in raiding as much as we once did. This time around we're cutting down both on hours and days compared to what we once had, but we will still be as competitive as possible and keep up the highest quality of raiding. If anyone in the guild assumes they'll get carried throughout the content, they'll warm up the bench very nicely. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can Security offer you? Progression: If you want to clear mythic content in a well timed manner, but no longer want to spend all your free time on it, this is the guild we aim to be for you.[/li][li]Skill: Most of our raiders have been here at some point throughout MoP, and every single one has been key to progress. Our players have had multiple rank 1's on WorldofLogs throughout Mists and could easily been considered some of the top players in the world for their class, let alone on the realm. Dedication: You will struggle to find anyone who might have AFKd more than once or twice throughout the tier. While always being ready for raids and encounters, our forums have always been active with both PTR and beta information. Our players do not need to be told how to prepare for a raid. Banter: We're almost all of us in our early 20's. Most of us are students, but at heart we're all nolifers. Expect heavy trolling and a not too serious atmosphere since at the end of the day, we're all raiding too have fun. If you can't take a joke, you won't last long. Content: There will be groups for both alt raids and RBG's. If you want to experience all of WoW, you will find likeminded people here. We've got everything from Achievement nerds to transmog nerds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does Security expect of you? Experience: We are not interested in people who just want to start raiding. While you're welcome after taking a break, we'd like to see that you have raided some heroic content and cleared it all in a good and timely manner. Dedication and flexibility: With the aim of running a fairly small roster, a 100% attendance is required and expected of you. We understand that real life things happen or you might need to get ready for an exam and skip a raid, but if you have soccer training every monday or tuesday, this is not the guild for you since we reserve these days for a potential extension if we're close to a kill or need it to clear. Attitude: You're here to raid. You're here cause you hate wasting your time without results and you are not content with playing anything but to your fullest capacity. Personality:Like I mentioned earlier, most of us are in our early 20's and we can be a bit childish sometimes. If you can't handle racial jokes, dumb jokes, trolling or having jokes on your behalf, this is absolutely not the guild for you. While we aim to have a serious raiding environment, a good mood is what gets results. Don't worry, people keep saying dumb things that you'll eventually get the chance to make fun of them as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If everything here sounds like the guild you, then do not hesitate to throw in an application at our website, For any more questions, contact a member ingame and feel free to ask them any questions or for an officer. #SecurityRisingKapaya51 05 May
05 May [A] <Unity> Mythic HFC Boosting Greetings! <Unity> Frostmane-EU. Unity offers Mythic boosting services. If you want to discuss a boost see contact information below. Contact any of the officers for boost: Inzomnia, Chezie or Gnomie. Frostmane EU. Regards UnityMacks9 05 May
05 May . .Warenhari1 05 May
04 May Corporation 7/13 Mythic Recruiting Hi! We are in need of Further reliable DSP to strengthen our roster Particularly interested in Boomy's Arcane Mages (prob need another 2) Retri's DK's Enhancement Shaman's Rogue's for a Serious Raid spot you will need to be a minimum of 730+ Naturally with this ilvl we will expect you to have at least 5/13M xp with a hopefully some progress on Gorefiend these wont be bench spots real raid spots Although we formed recently we are already in the mix with around 7 or so Active guilds that have similar progress to ours we enjoy being a competitive guild and we're aiming to finish around a realm rank of 13! raid days are Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs (will be less when we kill Archi) we start at 1930 and aim to be pulling the boss latest 20.00 the raids end 23:00-23:30 We are flexible in your attendance IE if you are only looking for 2-3 raids that's fine by us if you feel 4 works for you even better we also have no problems helping players develop and we believe everyone has a potential and if needed officers regularly spend time with trials and raiders alike giving tips and advice on how to improve your performance if we see that you are struggling in anyway we don't just write you off we always try and look at all your good points first its easy to jump on the band wagon because you've had a bad day we are also heavily preparing for Legion and with the right roster the right attitude dedication and maybe a little luck we're aiming for a sub 600 world rank guild.Maybe you will just be that player who helps us develop further! Thx for reading! 04 May
04 May Corporation 12/13M in need of solid tank/DPS We are raiding today and tomorrow so join us if you are interested Archi is on around 20% expecting kill soonElendorsuma9 04 May
04 May <Corporation 12/13M Recruiting > We are recruiting further dedicated players to strengthen our roster for Archimonde and of course upcoming Legion which we are preparing heavily for. For a Chat Please get in-touch in game or via battle tag Elendorsuma#2847Elendorsuma17 04 May
04 May The Corporation Guild are recruiting We are a unique guild that enjoy's mythic raiding and providing boosts for gold where our members get paid respectable amounts of gold for themselves we are preparing for legion gold wise but wish to remain competitive this content too. we feel we have a very good platform and are looking for further serious members to join the roster although we expect you to be geared at least 730+ for a raid spot and boosting spot we may consider exceptional players that have some historical wow xp please check out our page and feel free to get intouch Thx for reading!Elendorsuma1 04 May
04 May Corporation 10/13 Mythic 2 Active DK's and Rogue Hello We are pushing along nicely however our life's would be so much easier with the right setup on certain bosses IE Xhul and Mano to be honest we haven't quite had Xhul Sub 20% consistently enough we only have 1 DK who is stable and reliable but only raids 2 days and we found ourselves progressing without a DK on Xhul more often so we are open to accepting 2 DK's into our guild we normally ask that applicants have at least 730 and xp up to our progress bosses however we will make exceptions to this rule therefore if you are around 725 or so maybe even a little lower but have some previous raiding History we would love to hear from you we recently officially closed recruitment so grab an opportunity to be part of a promising guild in legion we have only been a guild for 2 months and pretty much knocking on Manoroth's Door for a chat elendorsuma#2847Elendorsuma1 04 May
03 May Corporation 11/13 M Recruiting <Corporation 11/13M (Mano on 38%) Looking for further dedicated players to strengthen our progress roster,in particular we are in need of a Pala/Monk heal 730+ Active players only please we will expect you to attend 4 raids per week until Archi is dead which if we are stable wont be more then 3-4 weeks max after which the farm shouldn't take more then a couple of days 03 May
03 May <Corporation 11/13M (Mano on 6%!!)> Almost pulling Archi!!! 735+ get in touch with your class and spec on the tag below or just comment here many thanks! elendorsuma#2847Elendorsuma1 03 May
25 Apr LF pvp guild/group for rated bgs old school vanilla pvp player,rank 11 710 gearNoammo0 25 Apr
24 Apr [A] Dude Where s My Mount (12/13M) (NL/BE) Dude recruitment! Dude Where's My Mount is een guild die al ruim 9 jaar actief is in WoW. Beginnend op Skullcrusher voelen wij ons inmiddels alweer een paar jaar thuis op Frostmane (Alliance). Naast gezamelijk allerlei ingame activiteiten organisaren (zoals raids, flex, dungeons etc), hebben wij ook jaarlijks een Dude guildmeet, waar we gezellig met een grote groep BBQen, bier drinken en natuurlijk gezellig praten over onze gezamelijke passie: World of Warcraft! Dude is op zoek naar ervaren Nederlandstalige raiders ter aanvulling van onze Normal/Heroic/Mythic groepen. Meld je aan! Ook zijn wij op zoek naar dedicated PvPers om het derde seizoen met een versterkt RBG team in te gaan. Met genoeg mensen zal er een tweede groep worden opgezet! Ken jij je class 110%, ben je klaar om te raiden of PvPen in een serieuze maar ook zeer gezellig omgeving, maak dan een apply! Socials zijn altijd welkom zonder apply. Op dit moment recruiten wij voor de teams het volgende: Revolution (HFC 13/13HC, 12/13M) Raid dagen: Woensdag, Zondag, Maandag (19:30 - 23:00 CET) - Tanks: Closed - Melee: Exceptional Players (Shaman/Rogue/Warrior) - Ranged: Exceptional Players (Priest/Shaman/Mage/Druid) - Healing: Closed Invictus (HFC 13/13HC, 5/13M) Raid dagen: Woensdag, Zondag (19:45 - 23:00 CET) - Tanks: Open - Melee: Open - Ranged: Open - Healing: Open PartyCrashers (HFC 13/13H, 1/13M) Raid dagen: Donderdag, Dinsdag (19:30 - 22:30 CET) - Tanks: Closed - Melee: Warrior/Paladin/Rogue/Death Knight/Monk/Druid - Ranged: Priest/Druid - Healing: Closed RBG Team Dude (RBG Exp 1700+) TIJDELIJK GESTOPT! RBG dagen: Donderdag, Dinsdag (20:00 - 23:00 CET) - Tanks: Closed - Melee: Closed - Ranged: Closed - Healing: Closed Als je nog vragen hebt neem dan contact op met een van de raidleaders van het desbetreffende team, Of apply op onze site: Guildmaster: • Lunatic (Lunatic#21510) Revolution: • Lunatic (Lunatic#21510) • Dynhunt (Dynai#2825) Invictus: • Noscore (Noscore#2874) • Gray (Gray#2283) • Eólyn (Obsidian#2474) PartyCrashers: • Morpheuris (Morph0812#2233)Lunatic10 24 Apr
21 Apr <Ninth Order> Frostmane 13/13M LF 2 DPS Recruiting: DPS - Any class Raid Stream: Website: About Us - Ninth Order is a four evenings a week, 20 man Mythic raiding guild. - We raid four evenings a week 19:30-00:00. We do not extend our raid times later but we might start @ 19:00 the first couple of weeks of progress. - Ninth Order is a guild where all members love raiding, Some have been doing it since the Molten Core days. - As a guild we supply our raiders with raid consumables. This allows everyone to focus their schedules on enjoying the game and not endless farming for mats. Repairs are also available once you reach Raider rank. - In Ninth everyone is treated the same, from the GM to the newest recruit, everyone is needed to help the guild achieve the objectives. - We believe in honour and integrity. We conduct ourselves in a way that can be respected and remove any bad apples as soon as possible to keep our guild as positive to outsiders as it is on the inside. -We are a very active guild outside of raiding also. We believe in a strong community and allow friends of raiders to join us along with Xraiders staying among our ranks. When everything is on farm we try and get our Xraiders a mount each. - Progress - - Vanilla.. [cleared] MC, BWL, AQ20, ZG + AQ40 (twins), Naxx (3) - TBC.. [cleared] Kara, SSC, TK, MH, BT, ZA, Sunwell - WotLK.. [cleared] Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, ICC (Yogg0, Insanity, LK heroic) - Cata.. 13/13H T11(World 215), 7/7H T12 (world 289), 8/8H T13 (world 152) - MoP.. 16/16H T14 (World 99) 13/13H T15 (World 111) 14/14H T16 (World 113) -WoD.. 7/7M - 10/10M T17 (EU 158) - What we offer - - A stable 10yr old guild. Raiding since vanilla. - An opportunity to regularly participate in organized 20 man raids. - The chance to explore all of the PvE content that Warlords of Draenor has to offer. - We raid 4 days a week Monday -Thursday. (We expect close to 100% attendance). - We supply Flasks and Pots. At raider rank we also provide guild repairs. - The chance to raid as much as you want. When there is nothing left for our mains we raid on alts or do old raid tiers. - A friendly and positive guild environment. - A highly active guild. Our players play a ton even if we do not raid there is always people doing something be it pvp achievements alts or old raids. [*] Monday: 19:30 - 00:00 [*] Tuesday: 19:30 - 00:00 [*] Wednesday: 19:30 - 00:00 [*] Thursday: 19:30 - 00:00 - We need you to be - - Like us, If you love raiding, completing raiding achievements and basically getting as much as the game has to offer from raiding don't think twice about making an apply! to apply. The password to create an account is 'Heroism'.Kelami79 21 Apr
21 Apr [A] [SWE] <Minut> 12/13 Mythic HFC! 2days/week raiding Tjenare Minut är en svensktalande guild som nu söker flera bra spelare inför Hellfire Citadel Mythic progress. Vi söker dig som har raidat high-end förr, och vill göra det igen men utan att behöva spela varje kväll. Raid Dagar: Torsdag kl 19:00-22:30 Söndag kl 19:00-22:30 Det vi behöver för tillfället: * Tank * Dps! Våra krav till raiding members: Du ÄLSKAR att wipea på ny content. Ha ett moget beteende. Ha en fungerande mic & headset är ett måste. Kapabel att ta emot kritik. Stabil internetuppkoppling Bra kännedom av din klass. Mer än väl förberedd inför varje raid med flasks, Food buffs och andra consumables. Kom till raiden och stanna hela raiden. Läs på taktikerna till boss fighterna vi kommer ha progress på. Vi går igenom logs efter varje raid, presterar du sämre kräver vi att du kollar på logs och se vad du gör för fel. Upprepade misstag leder till replace. Passar du in? eller vill joina en svensktalad guild, tveka inte att applya! Vi är ett riktigt gött gäng spelare och vi har riktigt kul när vi spelar men vi focuserar även till 110% under raids. Du kan kontakta oss via: Battle tag: Babek#2250Babek32 21 Apr
21 Apr It's Not Rocket Science is Recruiting! <It's Not Rocket Science> Semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking for recruits to join our team. 5/13 Mythic! In need of : Mages and Hunters Other Classes considered aswell!!! Requirements: 720iLvl + Heroic Cleared Voice Chat : TS3 ---- Week auras (Hfc Bosses), Epgp Lootmaster, BigWigs and Exorsus Raid tool! Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 20.30 - 23.30. Whisper me Ingame or One of the Officers( Komica,Pierra, Bauwz, Siñ) for more info! Thanks! P.S. Website should be up soon!!!Muffinhug13 21 Apr
19 Apr HFC Mythic PUG every Sunday What we're doing... Killed 10 - aiming for the same this week and hopefully some Xhul progress. (got xhul to 26% last week with a pretty bad setup) Look at that, Im back and the runs are up and running again! had about 3 weekly SoO runs back in the days with good feedback and progress (ended up clearing in 1.5 hours) so I expect this to be going equally good. (This raid is being led by a Mythic raider on several characters), I have been leading successful raids since Wotlk. this is a partial guild/friendrun - we've been playing together since the start of siege of orgrimmar and know eachother pretty well. If you can't handle a few wipes & if you can't stay until 17:00 if need be, Don't bother signing up. What you need: * Access to ventrilo/TS & a mic * Flasks, Pots & Runes * Knowledge/Achievement of some Mythics * Must be able to stay the full duration * Must be able to follow raidleader directions * Make sure to make a note with your exp/the chars you wanna join with Ilvl * Exorsus Raidtools & Iskar assist. (won't be needed first week but you might aswell make sure you have it for the future anyway) I will be needing 1 Tank 4 Healers 14 DPS for this (Important that 1 DPS have a good healing OS so if you have that and are capable of doing what you're supposed to, type it down in the comment section or on your note) Teamspeak 3 server will be provided, so make sure you have it on your computer when you're accepting this raid. Loot: Mainspec > Offspec > Transmog > DE (if this is your first week in my raid you will not be eligible to roll for tier pieces, due to the simply fact that I don't want to gear up new people every week. makes our progress slower.) FYI if you already have a Tier Mythic piece, you will NOT be able to roll for socket/WF for starters. will implement this when we are abit further in and have tier bosses on a farm basis. Invites: Raid invite starts 12.45 This mean I will be inviting those people who is online and answering my raid invite. So if you are late/afk/slacking when the invites are up bad luck :)Kayslay0 19 Apr
14 Apr Selling Blackened Defias Boots and Defias Leggings Trading for gold for a game token. Or leave an offer here.Tswift2 14 Apr
13 Apr Bättre Folk-Kazzak Horde rekryterar Bättre Folk är nystartade på Kazzak. Vi vill vara bäst på realmen till vår raiding-tid relaterat. Vi kommer att förvänta oss mycket men vi kan ge mycket i retur. Raid tider: Onsdag 19-23 Torsdag 19-23 Söndag 19-23 (14-23 vid vissa tillfällen för att pusha igenom kontent) Pullen går 19.00. Ingen är sen. Egen begravning är en vettig orsak men annars förutsätter vi att du är där. Attityd: Vi söker efter spelare med mycket skinn på näsan. Då du gör misstag grävs det i logs och det kommer att komma synpunkter på misstag/hur du spelar. Vi vill att du skall vara vokal och komma med synpunkter och idéer. Raiding är en team effort där alla kontribuerar. Du får chans att ranka etc under farm men under progress skall bossen ner utan att smörja sitt eget ego etc. Du bör komma med en mindset där du spelar för guilden och detta betyder att du kommer att sitta på progress då bossen kräver en specifik setup eller liknande. Vem söker vi? Vi söker snarare spelaren än klassen i nuläget. Vi har tanks men resten går att diskutera. Du bör kunna spela alts och du skall kunna alla specs inom din klass. Experience-wise vill vi att du dragit igenom flera tiers gärna i vettiga guilds och att du loggar bra och inte dör till onödigt skit på marken osv. Attityden utanför bosspulls kommer vara ganska slapp och vi förstår att spelet skall vara kul. Det kan komma ganska osmakliga skämt under raids och det kommer inte daltas för eventuella upprörda minoriteter osv. Varför Bättre Folk? Vi raidar med en inställning där progress går först men där vi samtidigt förstår att det sist och slutligen är ett spel och att ha roligt är det viktigaste. Med det sagt ser vi dödandet av bossar snabbt som den roliga delen snarare än drama och annat bull!@#$. Så om du har samma mål som oss, gå in och ansök på eller kontakta någon av oss via BattleTag (koverhar#1585, welo#2912, kungkaj#2360, proxan#2875)Koverhar1 13 Apr
13 Apr [A] ~670 tank/healer Druid LF weekend NM HFC raiding Hi Guys, I had a good look around the forums, but my needs are so particular that I failed to find a recruitment post that would be suitable. I am looking for a mature, TS3 guild with an eye to go normal HFC. I have been away for a while, so this could be a progression thing. I am not looking to be quickly carried, but rather working through the raid.. I just hope it is not too late in the expansion for that. Also, I can only dedicate my undivided attention on fri-sat-sun evenings. I know its a long shot, but if you know a guild getting into NM HFC, please let me know. Cheers, DroneDrone0 13 Apr
13 Apr so how's everyone today ? me, I'm watching a down-pointed red arrow. you ?Anathaema1 13 Apr
12 Apr WTB CM Gold Boost 8/8 As the title says , Paying gold on Frostmane Add my btag to discuss Price & Time Btag: Caillou#2321Cailløu1 12 Apr
11 Apr PvP on Frostmane not Dead Anymore -{M a N i a C z }- Upcoming PvP Guild on this server. Everyone is able to join now and I will try to make it a Big PvP guild. interessted? We have our own TS server, RBG's will be there + Growing fast!!Ràzráy3 11 Apr
09 Apr [A]RoV is recruiting -casual -mature -relaxed Remnants of Valhalla is a guild formed by experienced wow-players who've been playing together since vanilla / tbc. We played on the server Vek'nilash where we were in the top 3 progress guilds. After disbandening in Cataclysm due to irl reasons of the leadership, we decided to reform the guild with WoD. We did fairly well at the start of WoD and cleared full heroic and a few mythic bosses. But since our irl schedules changed, we decided we can no longer commit to a strict raiding schedule. We are no longer a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We do not have the time needed to commit to that kind of schedule anymore but we did wanna try out the new hfc raid and clear the content. Going for the casual approach seemed like the best thing to do for us. From now on, RoV will be a casual / social guild with a close-knit group of friends. Our focus will be on casual raids in a relaxed and fun environment and the occasional social events on the side (mythic dungeons, achi runs, alt runs, 'owning' bg's with our guild gnome army,...). Progress is not our first priority, we are here to enjoy the game with our friends and the bosses will go down by itself. We are no longer running with strict guildrules as we don't want that playing this game feels like a chore. That being said, we do expect ppl to follow the 'usual' guildrules, such as proper behaviour, being on time when you sign up for events, be prepared,... Our raid days: Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 Tuesday 20.00 - 23.00 Recruitment open for: Melee dps Rogue Monk Enh shaman Death knight Ranged dps Spriest Boomkin Elemental shaman Healers Resto shaman Resto druid Exceptional applications will always be concidered. What we do NOT want in our guild: Dramaqueens Elitists Loot!@#$%s We will always make sure that we get to know a bit about the people joining us before accepting them into the guild, this as a matter of precaution, in both ways. Therefore we expect everyone that is interested in joining to make an application on our website. An ingame talk can follow. Friends / family of guildmembers can ask for a social spot. Does this sound like the guild for you? Feel free to apply at: Or wisper any officer ingame if you're interested in joining us. For more information, you can visit our website (above) or contact any of the officers ingame: Xarial (xarial#2863) Shadazar Vena (Podolskí#2548) Murck Sensatîon -The RoV officer team-Xarial111 09 Apr
09 Apr 701 DISC/SHADOW PRIEST 701 DISC/SHADOW Priest that is looking a raiding guild. Been doing pvp and dont find it fun anymore and would like to do some PVE instead. Thanks for the read ~PriestieoPriestieo0 09 Apr
08 Apr 701 701 DISC/SHADOW Priest that is looking a raiding guild. Been doing pvp and dont find it fun anymore and would like to do some PVE instead. Thanks for the read ~PriestieoPriestieo0 08 Apr
08 Apr Kakozz™ - Hellfire Citadel boost! We will be boosting Hellfire Citadel Heroic on Fridays, Saturdays at 19h CET! With our history of successful boosts and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Our group is made of officers and raiders from various Frostmane's top raiding guilds in order to ensure best raiding quality and smooth clears. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt char or challenge modes when we start to do them. This service is being done with PERSONAL LOOT For people that are not familiar with Personal Loot: Personal Loot: Every time a boss dies, you have a 20% chance to get a drop. Just loot the corpse and see what you got! You can coin every boss on top of that I am aware of the random factor and that's no secret, I tell all people that wish to join that they can get from 2-12 items per clear. But at these prices and gold losing it's value it's worth the risk. PRICES ARE: 12/13 110k 13/13 140k Archimonde ONLY 40k Our point is to make it affordable and fast for people who don't have time to raid to simply clear Hellfire on heroic for their mains and alts. Reassurances: My MoP boost thread as referral my BRF thread For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper or send in game mail to Kakozz, Kakoz#2279 or Asyn#2834 and we will provide all the answers either in game or on skype. ***NEW SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** We have decided that starting from now we will be adding some giveaways to buyers that join our runs and purchase 13/13 service. At the end of every raid buyers that have purchased full run will roll and two highest rollers will be awarded with 30 days game token \o/ All the buyers who have participated in the run on Friday and Saturday will be added to list and winner will be announced on realm forum on Saturday after the run. Winner will receive Mythic Blackhand Mount Ironhoof Destroyer. (worth 250-300k) Hope to see you! :)Kakozz44 08 Apr
07 Apr "Legion of Hell" Kazzak - 2/Day Hardcore Raiding Guild "Legion Of Hell" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and hardcore members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break/quit. Our raiding schedule is not yet completely specified although we are going to raid from 6:00PM - 10:00 PM ST twice a week, we are currently doing a HC Clear on Monday's up until we have a full roster, our raiding days will be Wednesday/Monday. We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with. Add me on: Posative#2456 for more information regarding recruitment.Mayo1 07 Apr
05 Apr <ID> Selling HFC HC Masterloot Hello everyone! <ID> are now offering Hellfire Citadel Heroic Masterloot boost. This means all loot for your class and role that you can use will be given to you if dropped. Quick info: The run will be done with 13/13 mythic players on their main characters, with 740+ ilvl to guarantee a fast and smooth run. The run will take aprox 2hours and with ATLEAST 15 unsaved players in the group. First run will be 19.00 Friday the 8th april aslong as the spots fill up, otherwise it will be next friday (15th) instead. Price: 300k - We will take a 30% (90k) deposit so if you don't show up (unless you give us a couple of days notice, if so we pay it back) we won't stand there without a full group. Your spot will not be reserved/booked unless this deposit is payed. Note* We are only accepting gold on Frostmane. What you get from our boost run : - You will get to kill all 13/13HC bosses on Heroic difficulty . - You are awarded with Ahead of the Curve : The Black Gate ( Feat of Strength ) - You will get a mount called Reins of the Grove Warden . - Several achievements. - All loot you can use for your class/specialization, Gemmed and Warforged aswell. I will update when our next run and wich class spots that are open in the reply window. For any further questions whisper me ingame or add my btag albh#2773 Regards, Aerenthíel.Aerenthíel1 05 Apr
02 Apr WTB Felsteel Annihilator Hello top-guilds, I am a mount-collector (314 mounts, including 9 TCG mount (and that is without store-mounts). I have been raiding in the past with some of you. Lately duo irl-work and other priories I cannot raid at the moment. Yet I would like to collect the Felsteel Annihilator as well. I offer about 960k/1m. I could stream the event on for some guild-advertising. thenazgul#2989. Best regards, Jurgen.Thenazgûl1 02 Apr
02 Apr HFC 13/13 Mythic Clear [Cross Realm PuG] *About the Raid* The first Event takes place Saturday 2nd from 19.00-00.00 Servertime - This will always be the only day we raid, same time every single week! Thank you for reading this wall of text - I would like to point out that this is an Openraid Event meaning you have to sign up for the event over on their website, I will link my Event down below - Signing up takes less than a few minutes. Iconic Raiding is starting up again after previously running over 35 clears of ToT 25HC in MoP and 30+ 25HC SoO runs - We achieved the Worlds 1st Pug kill of 25HC Lei Shen & Ra-den and I aim to establish an incredible group once again for HFC! This will be a great Group that without a doubt will be clearing 13/13 in one raid within a couple of weeks at most, I am very dedicated and serious about my end-content Events on Openraid. I am obviously interested in relaxed, stable & incredible players to fill my roster with, being able to have a laugh with me, my girlfriend & the rest of the guys on TS is only a plus. *Requirements* Mythic Experience of at least 11/13M, I'll be the judge of what I consider enough based on various factors (ilvl, previous experience, reputation) Fluent english as well being able to speak without being asked to Knowledge of every single aspect of every fight 735 item level or above - Gear just makes everything so much more easy and it creates room for minor mistakes to happen without it being critical. Do NOT lie about your progression. I check every player thoroughly, even experience in other contents and expansions. *Information on the Raidleader and what you can expect from me* I am a Cutting Edge Raidleader with 13/13M on two chars and 11/13M on my 3rd alt - I have a total of 21 Archimonde Mythic kills and roughly around 25-30 kills on each other boss respectively. You can expect me to be vocal more or less the entire run, as I am the babysitting type of Raidleader, because it works best in my opinion. I'm tolerant, open-minded and easy to like, but also easy to hate if you try to tell me how to lead my run. I'm a prior Hardcore Raidleader and Guildmaster, who reached the top in Cataclysm with the defeat of Heroic Ragnaros Pre-nerf and later Cutting Edge 10&25; Garrosh! I've hosted an immense amount of raids throughout my time as a WoW player, whether it being OR events, guild events or searching for the best players through ingame public chats. Add magicman#2405 if you want to chat about anything regarding joining my runs. This is the link to the Event where you need to sign up - You can also add me on BattleTag if you want to chat first ...Auranicz4 02 Apr
01 Apr Veo 13/13 mythic selling full Hellfire Citadel HC boost <Veo> Frostmane - EU 13/13 mythic selling full Hellfire Citadel heroic boost. We are now selling Hellfire Citadel hc boost. Our Boost will take approximately 2 hours . Our raiders consists of players who have cleared HFC mythic severals times and tiers in the past. Raiders of Veo have 740+ ilvl. We will guarantee a smooth run and will make sure you will get the best experience as possible. What you get from our boost run : - You will get to kill all 13/13HC bosses on Heroic difficulty . - You are awarded with Ahead of the Curve : The Black Gate ( Feat of Strength ) - You will get a mount called Reins of the Grove Warden . - Several achievement. Loot system: We use Personal loot. Requirements : - No gear Requirements - Can do it cross- realm but you have to pay on Frostmane - EU. Payment: - A full run costs 120k. Contact information Btags: Zulza # 2132Zulza4 01 Apr
30 Mar Looking for norwegian community Hi ! Currently looking for a norwegian community on frostmane for leveling, questing and dungeon runs. Playing frequently each day, but none hardcore stuf.. Thanks in advance :)Asheena4 30 Mar
30 Mar Looking for raiding guild with old ppl Hi all I came back to wow recently and started to raid again, but i found my realm is kinda dead and barely any guilds left that raid or do stuff. So what I'm after is: - social raiding guild that raid 2 or 3 times per week but also have alt runs or do dungs or old stuff together. - my ideal raid times would be from 20:00 or up server time - I'm 38 so would prefer not to be the only 'oldie' in the guild. - a guild that actually does stuff together - a guild tat uses TS/Mumble or any voicecoms .. I'm playing mage atm, ilvl 711(getting my ring today) but can also play a prot war pretty good. Have a lot of raiding experience from prior expansions and i talk a lot on voice ;) So if there are any social raiding guilds recruiting i'd like to hear from you :) Ready to realm transfer .... the sooner the better :) Thanks!Riott0 30 Mar
29 Mar Cult of the Doomed Recruting! 12/13 Mythic Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 12/13 Mythic is recruiting! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 80% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) Recruitment Details: - You need Legendary Ring and raid ready gear for Mythic Content(Approx. 720+ ilvl) - High Priority: Mage, Elemental / Resto Shaman, Rogue, DPS DK - Medium Priority: Any DPS - No Spot: Tanks More Specifically: - Consistency is what we appreciate the most. - You need to be over 18 y.o. - Not be shy to communicate on our voice communication (Mumble in our case) - Be an active player and put the effort to join our long-lasting community. - Ready to go the extra mile to help the team when it needs you. - Be open to constructive criticism. - If you are thinking of joining mid-raiding-tier, you need to prepare double, since we already have over 1000 wipes on HFC. - Respect our effort. Additional info: - Highly diversified international community. - English is our main language. - Alt/social raids (optional) - Every Saturday afternoon. - Active Guild forums. - Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. - We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! We will soon kill Archimonde Mythic and we will farm the mount and our BiS gear till the end of the expansion, while preparing the raid team for a dynamic start in Legion. In case you have questions or want to apply , check the webiste: and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact us: GintoniQ#2540 - MurphysLawl#2869 Thanks!Deb3 29 Mar
29 Mar (A) <Avalerion> 13/13M 2d/w Recruiting! Recruiting for Legion (all classes) Avalerion is one of the best two night a week raiding guilds in the world. If you are interested in cutting edge progression in a friendly atmosphere whilst only raiding 6 hours a week then Avalerion is the guild for you. Raiding times Progress: Wednesday: 20:30 – 23:30 Sunday 20:30 – 23:30 Farm: Wednesday 20-24 only We only ever raid two days a week, even during progression, and we never extend beyond this schedule. On this 6 hour schedule we have cleared every tier since Throne of Thunder whilst the content was still current. Recruitment We are particularly looking for the classes above but we are always interested in exceptional players regardless of class, so don't hesitate to apply if you think Avalerion is the right guild for you. Requirements In order to maintain our progress and relaxed atmosphere as a guild, we have the following requirements for all raiders: - To have at least 95% attendance so we can maintain a small, tight-knit team. - To have a fully prepared character with optimal enchants and consumables for every single raid. - To have researched and understood the tactics for all bosses on the raid schedule and to have an optimal talent/glyph set planned out for every boss. - To behave in a mature, considerate and friendly way to all other guild members and members of the WoW community. If you are interested in Avalerion please apply at Alternatively, you may always contact an officer in-game with any question you might have (Ozinaq, Gingerbraid, Zambar, Shedi). You can follow our guild raids on warcraftlogs as well. Officer B-tag: ozi#2576 We hope to welcome you to our team soon, AvalerionOzinaq0 29 Mar