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HFC 13/13 Mythic Clear [Cross Realm PuG] *About the Raid* The first Event takes place Saturday 2nd from 19.00-00.00 Servertime - This will always be the only day we raid, same time every single week! Thank you for reading this wall of text - I would like to point out that this is an Openraid Event meaning you have to sign up for the event over on their website, I will link my Event down below - Signing up takes less than a few minutes. Iconic Raiding is starting up again after previously running over 35 clears of ToT 25HC in MoP and 30+ 25HC SoO runs - We achieved the Worlds 1st Pug kill of 25HC Lei Shen & Ra-den and I aim to establish an incredible group once again for HFC! This will be a great Group that without a doubt will be clearing 13/13 in one raid within a couple of weeks at most, I am very dedicated and serious about my end-content Events on Openraid. I am obviously interested in relaxed, stable & incredible players to fill my roster with, being able to have a laugh with me, my girlfriend & the rest of the guys on TS is only a plus. *Requirements* Mythic Experience of at least 11/13M, I'll be the judge of what I consider enough based on various factors (ilvl, previous experience, reputation) Fluent english as well being able to speak without being asked to Knowledge of every single aspect of every fight 735 item level or above - Gear just makes everything so much more easy and it creates room for minor mistakes to happen without it being critical. Do NOT lie about your progression. I check every player thoroughly, even experience in other contents and expansions. *Information on the Raidleader and what you can expect from me* I am a Cutting Edge Raidleader with 13/13M on two chars and 11/13M on my 3rd alt - I have a total of 21 Archimonde Mythic kills and roughly around 25-30 kills on each other boss respectively. You can expect me to be vocal more or less the entire run, as I am the babysitting type of Raidleader, because it works best in my opinion. I'm tolerant, open-minded and easy to like, but also easy to hate if you try to tell me how to lead my run. I'm a prior Hardcore Raidleader and Guildmaster, who reached the top in Cataclysm with the defeat of Heroic Ragnaros Pre-nerf and later Cutting Edge 10&25; Garrosh! I've hosted an immense amount of raids throughout my time as a WoW player, whether it being OR events, guild events or searching for the best players through ingame public chats. Add magicman#2405 if you want to chat about anything regarding joining my runs. This is the link to the Event where you need to sign up - You can also add me on BattleTag if you want to chat first ... Auranicz4
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Cult of the Doomed Recruting! 12/13 Mythic Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 12/13 Mythic is recruiting! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 80% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) Recruitment Details: - You need Legendary Ring and raid ready gear for Mythic Content(Approx. 720+ ilvl) - High Priority: Mage, Elemental / Resto Shaman, Rogue, DPS DK - Medium Priority: Any DPS - No Spot: Tanks More Specifically: - Consistency is what we appreciate the most. - You need to be over 18 y.o. - Not be shy to communicate on our voice communication (Mumble in our case) - Be an active player and put the effort to join our long-lasting community. - Ready to go the extra mile to help the team when it needs you. - Be open to constructive criticism. - If you are thinking of joining mid-raiding-tier, you need to prepare double, since we already have over 1000 wipes on HFC. - Respect our effort. Additional info: - Highly diversified international community. - English is our main language. - Alt/social raids (optional) - Every Saturday afternoon. - Active Guild forums. - Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. - We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! We will soon kill Archimonde Mythic and we will farm the mount and our BiS gear till the end of the expansion, while preparing the raid team for a dynamic start in Legion. In case you have questions or want to apply , check the webiste: and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact us: GintoniQ#2540 - MurphysLawl#2869 Thanks! Deb3
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(A) <Avalerion> 13/13M 2d/w Recruiting! Recruiting for Legion (all classes) Avalerion is one of the best two night a week raiding guilds in the world. If you are interested in cutting edge progression in a friendly atmosphere whilst only raiding 6 hours a week then Avalerion is the guild for you. Raiding times Progress: Wednesday: 20:30 – 23:30 Sunday 20:30 – 23:30 Farm: Wednesday 20-24 only We only ever raid two days a week, even during progression, and we never extend beyond this schedule. On this 6 hour schedule we have cleared every tier since Throne of Thunder whilst the content was still current. Recruitment We are particularly looking for the classes above but we are always interested in exceptional players regardless of class, so don't hesitate to apply if you think Avalerion is the right guild for you. Requirements In order to maintain our progress and relaxed atmosphere as a guild, we have the following requirements for all raiders: - To have at least 95% attendance so we can maintain a small, tight-knit team. - To have a fully prepared character with optimal enchants and consumables for every single raid. - To have researched and understood the tactics for all bosses on the raid schedule and to have an optimal talent/glyph set planned out for every boss. - To behave in a mature, considerate and friendly way to all other guild members and members of the WoW community. If you are interested in Avalerion please apply at Alternatively, you may always contact an officer in-game with any question you might have (Ozinaq, Gingerbraid, Zambar, Shedi). You can follow our guild raids on warcraftlogs as well. Officer B-tag: ozi#2576 We hope to welcome you to our team soon, Avalerion Ozinaq0
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[A] <War Torn> Looking for serious raiders to Legion Alliance] <War Torn> Who we are: We are a guild located on Frostmane EU and we created in Cataclysm. We have been active to the middle of Blackrock Foundry but after a good conversation with the guild we said that we will come back to Legion again. In fact we are just bringing back the good, dedicated, experienced and nice people back so we can compete the top guilds on Frostmane for a 3 days raiding guild. We are very active outside the raid as well and we are all open to talk. Raiding days and times: Monday 19.00-22.30 Tuesday 19.00-22.30 Thursday 19.00-22.30 Raiding Level: Semi hardcore Our Goals: Our goals is to clear current tier before next tier comes out. We want to be one of the top guilds for Frostmane and one of the top guilds for a 3 day raiding guild. We want a good atompshere in the guild outside and inside the raid but still be serious under raid progression. Recruitment Status: We wil look at every apply that we get on our website (Link in the end of the thread) right now this is what we need most and will be the top priority. But as i said just apply with whatever you want to play in Legion since there is a big chance that you will get in. The earlier you apply the safer spot you get in our roster! Tanks: Monk/DH/DK Healers: Priest & Monk DPS: Warrior, Mage, Rogue What do we expect from you: We expect you to attent to 90% of the raiding days and if you cant come we want to know why and for how long you will be gone. We expect you to be motivated, patient, and focused to improve this guild so we can reach our goal together. We expect you to handle critism on a good way. We expect you to improve your class in raid and out of raid. For example: You study your own logs, watch other raiders with the same class as you and watch guides, etc. We expect you to have Teamspeak 3 or Discord one of the programs that we will use for voice communication. We expect you to listen to the raidleader and do not cancel or disturb him under the raid times. We expect you to understand then language english. Website where you apply: (forums, applications) For any questions about recruitment or before applying to the guild you can contact the Recruit Officer on battlenet: KLing#2996 For any questions about the guild contact the Guild Master: ShadowMurloc#21952 For any questions about inside the raid contact our Raid Leader: Appelappe#2891 Klingg0
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[H] <Trident> 11/13M is recruiting Scandinavians Well met! <Trident> is a Scandinavian speaking 11/13M horde guild on the realm Kazzak. We raid three nights per week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 (invites start at 19:45) server time (GMT+1). We are currently recruiting players from Scandinavia dedicated for progress to fill our roster. Our current recruitment priorities is as following: Druid (dps) - MEDIUM Druid (healer) - MEDIUM Hunter - LOW Priest (holy) - LOW Monk (healer) - HIGH Paladin (dps) - LOW Rogue - HIGH Shaman (dps) - HIGH Shaman (healer) - MEDIUM Warlock - HIGH Warrior (dps) - HIGH If you cannot find your class or specc do not hesitate to send an application. All applications are considered. A great fit for us is someone who Is dedicated to progress Has high attendance Understands that; guild progress > character progress Is willing to improve Can take constructive criticism We understand that real life situations happens and you might not be able to attend a raid, all we ask is a notification on the forums about your absence in good time before the raid starts. Our forum is compatible with phones and tablets. What you can expect from us: A team dedicated to progress Hgih ambitions for legion Pots, flasks, food and enchants provided by the guild A friendly and relaxed atmosphere Team speak server Even though we can relax and have fun on farm and trash we treasure full dedication during progress. How to apply: If you think Trident could be the guild for you, feel free to leave an application on If you have any question feel free to contact contact me on triv#2400 Trivzi2
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. EDIT 2016: THIS THREAD IS AS OLD AS YOUR GREAT GRAND PARENTS! ITS CLOSED! go to my newer threads! for fudge's sake dont be silly and necro it, i will definitely ignore any requests or offers given here. ------------------------------------------- . . . September 13 EDIT: Accepting requests, whisp me / ingame mail me for price on ANY TCG you want. WTS Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger (Sold Out) for the Tiger, selling item itself, no code or w/e. Only: Trade Window or BootyBay Auction House(for horde). here is a proof of my Spectral Tiger TCG Card: & WTS Riding Turtle (Sold Out) its a BoP, which means i am selling the Redeem Code. Proof of Turtle mount: EDIT(5/7): i noticed duplicators have now Breached the TCG Business, specially Duping the rarest card mount "Spectral Tiger/Rooster/Rockets". i advise players not buy from duplicators, because the item will be removed from your inventory depending on GM investigations. Made a new thread solely for Anti-Duplication info: Anyways, make sure to buy TCG items from a safe source. (Not from a lvl 1...) Also selling -Landro's Lil' XT (Sold Out) -Sand Scarab (Sold Out) -Landro's Lichling x1 -Grell Moss (Sold Out) -Purple Puffer (Sold Out) -Nightsaber Cub (Sold Out) and -D.I.S.C.O. (Sold Out) -Tabard of Flame x1 -Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit (Sold Out) Let me know if you require any other kind of TCG Loot. *(Sold Out) = will take awhile to get it if you commit to buy it (2-5 Days) *committing to buy it = pay upfront, no backing out, and u gotta wait (2-5 days) whisper me ingame or mail me ingame. ** or send me a msg to my E-mail: (since GM decided to cut "MY" email (Not against the conduct when posting my Own information...)), i will post something else instead. my email would be: (my char name) underscore (realm name) at boiling hot male with dots holding a cam** :| NOTE: I Reply faster through E-Mail, since its hooked up to my phone. quoting from the Forum Code of Conduct: "Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information This category includes: -Releasing any real-life information about other players or Blizzard Entertainment employees" Source: it prohibits me from posting OTHER player's email. nothing against posting my own. please don't snip/cut my email. its clearly mine since it has my character name and realm name..., why would i wana post some one else's email when its exactly resembles my own character/realm. - Prices to be Discussed Privately, i will not discuss them here. - Buying more than 1 item, will get you a sweet discount. Vimtu88
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[A]<Postal>-Aszune 13/13 M is recruiting The Guild <Postal> is a long-standing (est. 2007) guild that went casual during MoP. When WoD hit we merged with Rimfrost, however it didn't work out and near the end of BRF content we decided to go back to being just Postal. We got most of our core raiders back and ventured into HFC determined to get our top server position back. Our goals for Legion are to strengthen our roster and aim for server 1st. Our Atmosphere and Raiding Environment We are a group of unique individuals that love to raid and have fun while doing so. We are extremely focused during progression bosses and tend to keep the chit-chat on TS to a minimum. During farm bosses we are quite chatty and relaxed, but not so much that you'll want to rip your ears off and smash your face in with the keyboard. Outside of raids one can always find other guildies to do various activities it mythic dungeons, old raids xmog farm etc. Our Progress 13/13 HFC M. Here are some of our accomplishments from previous expansions: A Tribute to Insanity 22/10/09, world #56 Algalon 26/08/09, world #236 Alone in the darkness 31/08/09, world #137 Heroic: Lich King 26/7/10 world #312 Heroic: Nefarian 31/3/11, world #232 Heroic: Sinestra 26/4/11, world #185 Heroic: Cho'gall 4/4/11, world #207 Heroic: Al'Akir 10/5/11, world #165 Heroic: Ragnaros 26/9/11 world #128 Heroic: Zon'ozz 8/12/11 world #29 Heroic: Madness 16/2/12 world #169 Our Raid Times We raid Wednesday (19:30 - 23:30 ST), Thursday and Sunday 19:30 – 23:00 ST. Additional day may be added during early tier progression. Fridays we do HFC hc alt-run where we can also test trials if we agree to do so (in case people are reluctant to spend monies to transfer without knowing if we'd click beforehand ;) ). Our Loot Rules Everyone has an equal chance at a raid spot and we rotate people based on what classes are needed for the boss, and on farm bosses who needs gear. We use the Loot Council loot rules. We use this over EPGP (and obviously DKP) as we do not want members passing on items just because it is a small upgrade. We don’t prioritise officers or long term members over others and simply hand loot out on the basis of who needs it the most. If a BIS trinket drops for example we may of course give that one specific item to a stable member who has been with us a long time for the sake of the guild. Of course usual rule applies Member > Trial. Our Guild Rules 1. 90% attendance is required. 2. Stable internet connection. 3. Be able to communicate on TS3. 4. Come to raids prepared. 5. Be able to take criticism. 6. Have a sense of humour. 7. Don`t be rude to other members in the guild.. Recruitment Tank: Any Damage: Any Exceptional players of any class/spec are always welcome to apply. To apply visit our guild’s website on , or if you have any additional questions contact Redeyee#1976. Eostrâ0
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Selling: 8/8 Challenge mode CM: Hello, as the title suggest we are carrying challenge mode gold runs. We are a group of friendly swedes from the guild Merciful, we have completed uncountable boosts in MoP and has just started boosting in WoD. In Mists we were owners of realm best times and we have had some in WoD aswell. Prices: We charge 200k minimum for a boost. This is if you can contribute to the group with good damage and being aware of your surroundings, that being listening to our "orders". For people not being able to contribute we charge 250k, note that you can still not afk for this price. We also sell specific dungeons for 31k per dungeon. **WE ONLY TAKE GOLD ON FROSTMANE** During the boost we use TS3, It's required for you to be there with us since communication is key. Talking is not needed, but listening is crucial The carry takes around 3-4 hours depending on your contribution What we require from you: 630 DPS gear, performing to the best of your abillity. More dps = less time and less gold. - TS3 - 5 Draenic Invisibility Potion's Rewards: - Unique weapon transmog. - Title <Name> the Indomitable. - Mount Challenger's War Yeti. - Portal to each of the 8 dungeons. Optional: One piece of 640 gear,This is if you go to Stromshield and pick up the daily cm quest. (if we have not completed it we will share it with you.) TEAM: Paddin on Death Knight: Palô on Druid: Zwizzer on Warrior: (The warrior writing the thread) Gorzza on Warlock: Oddie on Hunter: Contact: Paddin#2746 for more info or if you wish to set up a time. Ææaææaææaææa8
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