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1h Is anyone disappointed with the CoA AH? I know it's a low population server, but I have played on many different servers with different accounts, and I have never seen anything as bad and as expensive as this. Something is wrong with this server's AH economy. Any comments?Mistybuffer2 1h
1d [H] Wolves of Winterfell recruiting! Wolves of Winterfell is a guild created at the start of Legion on the Chamber of Aspects realm (EU). Our goal is to become a home for dedicated and friendly raiders. We want to become a community where players are appreciated for their effort and their personalities. A guild wouldn't be worth joining without some perks! What we offer our raiders as well as other members: *A helpful and friendly environment where everyone can improve without being pressured *Knowledge and help in all PVE aspects of the game *A democratic way of dealing with any problems or issues that may occur during raids or any other activities involving guild members *Guild repair during raids What we expect from you: *Effort and dedication as well as in regards to raid progression *The ability to be a team player (no 'drama' or irrational selfishness) *The willingness to learn and adapt *The most important thing above all others - Applying common sense in all situations Raid schedule Emerald Nightmare Normal/Heroic raiding schedule: *Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 server time *Friday 20:00 - 23:00 server time Recruiting at the moment: *Monk *Demon hunter *Rogue *Shaman *Priest We don't need more tanks. If we progress up to mythic difficulty, we may add another day of raiding if time allows it. If there's enough interest we are going to organize alt raids for players who cannot attend regular raids. Casual players will also be able to join those events. Teamspeak server: Website: www.wowcoa.comKjafir3 1d
1d Where are you from? Just because of pure curiosity, I would like to know where the CoA community is from? Myself: Prague, Czech republic.Hennessy108 1d
1d <The Conclave of Azeroth> Guild/Raid Recruitment The Conclave of Azeroth are looking for all players of all experience levels to join our social and friendly guild. All we ask of you is that you are friendly, whatever content you like to do in game is up to you. The guild was created from a small group of friends who decided the massive guild they were a part of wasn't active enough. We aim to run events each and every week, and run the guild as a group. Our members decide what direction our guild goes and everyone's opinions are valid. All players are welcome, from casual and weekend players who're looking to level up with some good chat - to hardcore raiders who want to make progress with our raiding team (more on that later) We hold a weekly meeting where all members are welcome to add their own plans for dungeons, raiding, PVP for that week so we can arrange groups and tackle it together. It is also an opportunity for members to give feedback to the guild leaders, and as a community we can help make a better guild. Our raiding team are looking for a healer and a few ranged DPS to join our very casual raiding environment. We have plans to be raiding each Sunday in the early evening (from around 8pm realm time) for other nights of the week to arrange a raid, we are flexible. We understand that real life comes before game, with many of our members have work and social commitments and we work around those. If you would like to join us, please feel free to drop a reply here or shoot a message in-game to Abstractive. I play from 8.30pm realm time most days, and all day most Sundays and Mondays.Abstractive0 1d
1d <The Dark Ravens> Recruitment Post <DELETED>Felbound1 1d
1d [H] Shadow Priest LF Casual, Early Evening Raid Guild Hi, I'm a shadow priest (level 110, iLevel 841) with experience raiding Vanilla, BC, WotLK and MoP (I took a break in Cata, and only did LFR in WoD). I'm looking for a friendly, social guild that does casual raiding and mythic dungeons. Due to real-life commitments, I can only raid in the early evenings, and maybe weekends. My raiding availability is: Weekdays: 19:00 - 22:00 server time Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 server time Please reply here, or contact me in-game: Malignant#2205. Thanks for reading, - MalígnantMalígnant3 1d
1d WW Monk and DK looking for a chill raiding guild I, a windwalker monk, and my friend, a DK who can doesn't mind playing any spec, and is competent at all of them, are looking for a guild that is chill and are looking to progress in current legion raids and perhaps into mythic raiding. Days we are available on (Server Time): Thursday : 18:00 - 23:30 Friday : Basically when we wake up till whenever (death, lack of food et cetera) Saturday : Basically when we wake up till 23:30 Current Item Level for WW : 847 Current Item level for DK : 847 (Optimized for Blood spec) Again, we are looking for a chill guild, nothing super serious or try-hardy. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! My battletag: Profkamag#2425Shekelfu1 1d
1d [A] Tilted is looking for more casual members <Tilted> is a social guild looking for many more members to join our welcoming social environment, and join us in a plethora of events in our fight against the Legion. We are looking for raiders, PvPers, and social members that will help the guild leave a mark on our server. All players are welcome, from the weekend casual to the hardcore raider, and the newbies of the realm to the CoA veterans. We are looking for the final members for our rated battleground team in Legion as well as Arena Junkies for 5s teams, as I said before any experience is welcome as long as you're willing to learn and improve. Our Raid team is searching for Ranged DPS so we are able to raid at mythic tier in Legion. Our raid team puts emphasis on friendliness and flexibility, we want to raid at times suitable for EVERYONE not just the core members, this means you can work night-shifts, study for University tests, or just not have a lot of time on your hands and you will still be able to raid due to how we are designing our flexible raid schedule. Our social members are always happy to introduce more players to expand our community. Class knowledge is preferred for PvP and raiding but many of our veteran members have expansive class knowledge to help you if you are under-experienced or new. We do not have a website but we do have a discord in which many members use to chat, as well as play other games such as Heroes of The Storm when WoW gets too hectic. TL;DR Social guild looking for final PvP and PvE members of all skill as well as more social members. Contact Karvel, Thancrel, Dutchpwrcow, or Shammonn in-game for more details/recruitment.Karvel3 1d
2d [H] Heretics 12/13M Legion recruitment Hello everyone! Heretics are now recruiting the raiding roster for Legion. Founded end of February 2016 and managed to get 9/13 Mythic HFC before Prepatch, and now we're 12/13M and close on getting that last kill. We're a semi-hardcore guild with serious raiding, a mix of former hardcore and casual raiders, we focus on the chemistry of the people for a better atmosphere and having a blast during raids. We'll use LootCouncil during raids and that's because we want to spread the items evenly/balanced for a better progression and higher success. What Heretics expect from our raiders. Knowledge of class & different roles Reliable attendance Research tactics on current and upcoming encounters Character maxamization (Upgrade gear, pots,flask etc) A good personality & a teamplayer Reliable computer, microphone and internet. What we're lookin for and what we offer. We want people to strive for a higher succes than casual raiding but not required to spend 5 days on raiding aswell. We want you to have fun meanwhile raiding and also outside doing bgs, dungeons and everything else. Have a blast during raids and giving your best on encounters with full attention and whereabouts. We're aiming to be competetive with the other the top guilds, motivate ourselves it can be done on two raids per week. There is always activity in our guild outside of raiding aswell and members always asks if someone is up for different things, a mature and friendly guild. If you think you would be a good fit in our guild, who is serious with raiding and also wants to have fun and share experience with us, don't hesitate and apply on our website. Raid 3 days per week which will be setup in ingame calendar. We're currently running two raids per week for progression and one day for alts. Raid days: Thursday, Sunday (Alt runs will be from day to day when a council/officer is available to lead) Raid time: 19:30- 00:00 CEST (One break on 10 minutes) Classes & Roles Tanks spot filled. Exceptional players will always be considered Please visit this site and fill out the application if you are interested! Contact us: [GM]Tmbs#2472 Rhoggenator#2164 Frebos#2316Hoddahsmash21 2d
2d [A] Faster than Lag recruiting for Mythics! Hi, and thanks for reading this post. Faster than Lag is a newly formed guild on the EU server Chamber of Aspects. The guild is formed by a group of past hardcore raiders who are now looking to continue raiding in more of a casual manner of gaming. During our recruitment we’ve found people with the same mindset as ourselves and we’ve build a very strong and lasting community. However, due to the server not being one of the larger ones out there, recruitment can be a little difficult at times. We’re now turning our heads towards the forums in hope to find the last few classes and specific roles we’re in need of for a strong team ready for mythic raiding. We are looking for you who love to be raiding but might not have the energy, time or interest to do so in a hardcore style. We raid three days a week, Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 7:00pm – 9:30pm (CET). As we aim on having such a small roster as possible we’d like you to be available during these days and times. You should have some experience with past raiding, it doesn’t necessary have to be from WOD but any expansion really. You should have a working microphone, be able to use TeamSpeak 3 and most important of all, have a good attitude to raiding, the social aspect of the guild and a sense of humor. When it comes to gear, due to Legion being very unforgiven to catching up on gearing and alts we do have some demands on this. You should have at least 825+ Item level and be ready for Mythic dungeons. The classes we’re in need of right now are following: Death Knight: Full! Demon Hunter: Full! Druid: Balance. Hunter: Any specc. Mage: Arcane, Fire. Monk: Full! Paladin: Holy. Priest: Shadow. Rogue: Full! Shaman: Enhancement. Warlock: Demonology, Destruction Warrior: Full! For any further information please contact us in-game or make sure to add my battletag: Dieseldöd#2147 Or visit our website: Thanks! - Zheraja.Zheraja7 2d
2d [H] SHIFT recruiting for Flexi Flex™ Raiding & Social S H I F T is recruiting TL:DR Flex raiding guild aiming to raid 2/3 times a week, all 16+ welcome, times 21:15-00:00 server time, days Wednesday + 2 flex days, recruiting all specs/classes, and won’t force you to play a spec/class you don’t like. What is S H I F T The best way I can explain it is that it is a flexible flex raiding guild. WTH is ‘flexible flex’ ™ Surprisingly we are going to do flex raiding (shocking I know) but we will have 1 set raiding day per week, the other 1/2 days will be agreed in the week or 2 in advance based on people’s availability (flexible). There are no punishments/repercussions for not being able to turn up for a raid we all have lives and we all know they get in the way :P but if you do sign up to raid then you will be expected to show up. When we raid its serious so you are expected to know tactics and have pots/elixirs/enchants/gems as appropriate, and you won’t be taken if you are under geared but we will be more than happy to help you gear outside of raid times. Whats the raid days and times Generally, the raid times will be 21:15-00:00 with people expected to turn up at 21:00 (all server time) The ‘set’ raid day is Wednesday with the other 1/2 days being agreed a week or so in advance via an old fashioned voting system. If you’ve got this far then you may want to know who we are Currently there are 3 IRL friends that have set this up and have known each other and gamed together for the majority of our lives. Xience – started in TBC, played pretty much every class/spec but prefer tanking. Married and have a baby. Hence why I need this style guild. Vre (has a stupid accent over his e) – Also started in TBC generally mage/priest, he works shifts (guild name! see what we did there). Hence why he needs this style guild. Legendairy (has accents all over the place) – Started in WotLK played almost everything is a very good tank & healer currently mains a healer, he also works shifts. Hence why he needs this style guild Experience We have a decent amount of combined raiding experience over a sustained period of time since TBC; TBC – up to BT WotLK – All Raids (generally 10 mans) Cata – Heroic Raids MOP – This was a down expansion for us all. WOD – Heroics & some Mythic Who we want + 16 age restriction (for raiders/VOIP): Over the years we have found that younger players don’t = immature and in fact it often turns out that they are more mature than their older counterparts. That being said, we would like to have a bottom limit due to reasons and feel that 16 is probably the lowest we would want. We anticipate that this style guild will attract older players naturally though. Raiders/Socials/Part Time Players: anyone is welcome and anyone can invite but we are a raiding guild. It’s a Game: so if you’re disruptive or anti-social you won’t be welcome into our guild. VOIP: you don’t have to talk (although it’s nice if you do) however we do expect you to be on our chosen VOIP (probably TS3) and listen to RL instructions. Sadly, all 3 of us do not speak any other languages fluently so we would require you to at least understand verbal/written English and be able to write in English. Addons: DBM is our chosen Boss Mod. Other than that use what you want to. OK so we’ve covered who we are, what we do and who we want you to be, what classes/specs do you need. To be completely honest, we will not be doing mythic raiding as a weekly guild run (barring significant changes in circumstances, or if we get HC on farm pre-next tier) so we don’t want to ‘min/max’ and make you play specs that are better by 3 DPS or something. Play what you like, we do want you to ‘main’ a spec/class because we don’t want to be wasting drops. That being said we do have a druid tank and would prefer to get a different style tank to mix it up. Below are the current numbers so you can make an informed decision; Weekly Raider (traditional raider who can raid most weeks/days barring exception circumstances) Tank : 1 Xience Healer : Range DPS : Vre Melee DPS : Flex Raider (raider who will not be able to make every week due to reasons) Tank : Healer : 1 Legendairy Range DPS : Melee DPS : If you read all of that then good on you! If you’re interested whisper me in game/reply here/sign up on the website/or jump on VOIP (Website incoming and VOIP incoming)Xience20 2d
3d [H] <Nefarious> - New Raiding Guild for Legion! We're recruiting for Legion! What is Nefarious? Nefarious is a newly established raiding guild on the Chamber of Aspects (EU). Its history is rather short, but its future is intended to become a good one. Nefarious' Goals Having been established by veteran World of Warcraft players and raiders, Nefarious' aim is to become a top realm-competitive raiding team. For that, we will need people willing to participate. Additionally, whilst dedicating time to become an acknowledged team, Nefarious intends to do so without losing its balance between real-life matters and the respective in-game matters. Your Dedication We are quite possibly looking for YOU! Do you have what it takes to become a loved member of our team? We're looking for players with the following qualities, in no particular order of preference: A willingness to dedicate time and effort to advance in-game; A willingness to spend time progressing on encounters; A willingness to learn and apply learnt knowledge to encounters; The ability to adapt well; The ability to cope well under stressful situations; In charge of one's own life. Hopefully, some unlisted subjects should be a case of self-explanatory matters to you, such as maturity and respectful behaviour, which usually comes hand in hand. If that wasn't obvious, perhaps another guild will be suitable to you. What do we offer you? One shouldn't have expectations from only one side; it has to be mutual. So what do we have to offer? A handful of veteran World of Warcraft players that have had experience in one or more top-realm guilds; A friendly environment to learn and hone your craft [skills]; A team that knows how to balance serious dedication [during raiding] with a friendly environment; Guild funds for repairs. Recruitment Status We're currently recruiting the following classes and respective specialisations: Death Knight: Frost, Unholy; Hunter; Monk: Windwalker Shaman: Enhancement, Elemental; Paladin: Holy; Priest. You needn't worry in case a spot is closed: applications of exceptional players will be considered regardless. Our Schedule Nefarious' raid schedule is as follows: Thursday, 20:00 to 23:00 (ST); Saturday, 19:30 to 22:30 (ST). Interested? Are you interested in joining? Feel free to read more information on our front page and apply to us on our forums. Please keep in mind that in order to do so, you will have to create your own forum account. Need to ask a question personally? Feel free to contact either Huslu (me), Renmoo, Demonwarden or Drakjin, or, if in a real hurry, anyone who is online. Links: Information Page: Forums: 3d
3d (H) Lobotomy recruiting We are a friendly helpful guild that has a long history of playing with each other. Currently we are lf shadow/boomer with heal os and a hunter for our raid team. We look to have a smaller group to have the better connection with ppl and easier to enjoy raids, this game is played for fun. Raid days are Wednesday and Monday 20-23h realm time From you we ask u to be nice, calm and know your class. Have a working headset and be able to use discord. if u need more info add me Gral#21920Samoubica1 3d
3d [H] <Village Idiot> raiding guild recruiting We are an experienced, friendly, casual pve guild looking for more. At the moment we're short on healers and clothie dps (other dps are welcome but there might be some raids to which you cannot come until we get another healer). Social players and levelling are welcome too of course. We have started raiding on normal we killed Nythendra and Ursoc in the Emerald Nightmare. In the meantime we are continuing to gear up on mythic 5 man and mythic +. We tend to start raids on weeknights between 6PM GMT and 8PM GMT but we can be flexible and work around people's commitments. We don't have designated raiding evenings as of yet. Our members have raiding experience since vanilla and we are all mature, friendly and sociable. Ah, and we have a team speak server! /w me or Nippip in game for more info or reply on here. We're mostly on in the evening on weekdays and all day on weekends. :OYllom0 3d
4d [A] Resto Druid LF casual RAID guild Experienced healer looking to join a casual raiding guild with a start time of around 20:00 (server time). I have been playing WOW since Feb 2005, more so on and off for the last year or so, so know my way around. More than willing to tag along to see if I fit in with your guild and also for you to be able to check if I can follow simple instructions. Please contact in game.Skriz0 4d
4d [A] feral druid lf casual raiding guild A returning player with no home looking for a guild to spend some time and raid whisper me in game DERagON#2649 or write hereIbitsu0 4d
4d [H] &amp;amp;lt;Grimtusk Clan&amp;amp;gt; 13/13HC latenight welcoming raiders Pre-warning: We do NOT use voice chat. Raid Time: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 23 to 02 Servertime (22 to 01 GMT/UK) - Likely changing to 22:30 to 01 Servertime or similar in Legion Guild Type: Dedicated raiding in a laid-back attitude Progress: HFC M - 5/13 HFC HC - 13/13 BRF HC - 10/10 HM HC - 7/7 Realm: Chamber of Aspects - But we accept regular cross-realm raiders. Recruiting: Looking for dedicated, positive attitude and mature players for NM & HC raid progression and content completion in Legion. Socials/non-raiders are welcome too :) Ultimately raid roster is not set in stone yet, so we can consider most class/spec/role at the moment. About: We are a small guild of people who mostly met through OpenRaid since late MoP. We cleared all MoP raids and completed our main goal of defeating Garrosh 10n while it was current content. In WoD we have been successfully working on our objective of avoiding LFR, and clearing raids firstly in Normal mode and then in Heroic while they're current. For Legion the goal is the same! We may come to try Mythic, but it's not our focus. We are forgiving, helpful and dedicated. All we ask in a raider is to be minimally proficient with his class/role, be able to follow raid leader's orders/tactics, don't freakout with wipes and be polite and mature. We will NOT blame or be mad at people who make mistakes, and we expect you not to either. We do NOT use voice chat. We accept people to join raids with cross-realm characters. Our main interest/focus is PvE: Mostly Raiding but also Dungeon content. However, outside raiding days we also sometimes do things like achievment runs on older content, PvP; may even do some less mainstream events too eventually. More info on our website: 4d
4d [A] Vengeance DH looking for Guild Mythic+ Dungeon Hello, I'm looking for a Guild to learn and progress in Mythic+ Dungeons. I played WoW around TBC - MoP and left just before WoD. Now came back and having quite a lot of fun. Not so interested in Raids as time can be a problem at night. Reason why my eye is on Mythic Dungeons progression.Selinne0 4d
5d Horde Ranged Deeps... Guild Name: I M M O R T A L (Semi Hardcore) Website: Raiding Schedule: Wednesday/Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 ST [Note that times/days are subject to change for progression] Faction: Horde Recruitment Status: Ranged deeps but all classeas are welcome to apply What our Guild can offer: A relaxed and fun raiding environment A diverse group of players to engage in activities with A PvP group for fun and off times from raiding Curse for Voice Comms Guilds Website Ideal Candidates: Are mature, over 16 years Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset UI Requirements: Omen Some boss timers: DBM or Bigwigs contacts: Send in game messages to Fónky/ btag Weeron#21218 or Napalic. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website, and use our recruiting form.Fónky0 5d
6d <A> Returning player looking for social guild After leaving this server a few years ago and roaming other servers, I recently decided to come back to some of my old characters. Now I'm looking for a nice social guild. Where I used to spent most of my time raiding or preparing myself for upcoming raids, I now have a lot less time for that...sadly. So, I would love to find a guild that is most of all social and fun to be in. A chat while questing, farming, etc. A laugh, a joke, just having fun together. Since I have so little time to raid, I am not really looking for a raidingguild, unless they don't mind me hanging around as a social member and joining them if there is a spot available and I do have time.Vyncenza2 6d
6d Murkys Clam Lickers Recruiting! Hello fellow Chamber of Aspecters! We are Murkys Clam Lickers a brand new guild focused on normal and heroic raiding looking for members who like to take life nice and chill! We are currently on the look out for another Tank and another Raid Healer to complete our team. However we are considering all applicants as we require a few Subs incase people can't make certain days. Our raid days at the moment are Thursday 20:00 server time and Saturday/Sunday 14:00 server time. this may be subject to change depending on turn out. On top of raiding we will also be looking to push several Mythic plus teams between raids. Lastly all casual players looking to be a part of something new are also all welcome. Thanks all for your time See you in game! WankyTornadoWankytornado0 6d
6d [A] <Equillibrium> currently not recruting Hello alliance members ! Equillibrium is a new guild on Chamber of Aspects, and we are looking for players to fill in the ranks. Most important thing I would make clear from start is we are looking for players that will contribute very often. We put price on loyalty, patience and respect first, raid quality second. Of course raid quality has to be decent, but we want a strong willed team first, after that progression will only reflect quality as a team and we are ready to accept our own limits and will try to learn together. So as long as people try and improve no heads will drop. 1. Before raids (even if I put raids first, but that's main reason why people play, for end content), we will of course do dungeons. And with new dungeon difficulty system we will require players that get involved as a team, for the guild. 2. Achievers as a special rank/place in the guild. I personally love achievements, of all sorts, from all game content. If you can do both raids and achievements is awesome, if you can't play as a regular raider but you love achievements and some of those require a team, well, I would be happy to help and get help myself. So we will have a special rank for those who have different or additional demands from the game. 3. As a special part of a guild and an old personal dream, if it can happen, will have a special rank for what I call "Step by step" progression. Meaning taking a char and take up game challanges (raids) at intended level. So raiding all game content with certain rules (gearwise). I would call this project "The Dedicated Few". Notice that this project will take you away one character slot from end game content and will require long term experience locked periods. To sum things up, we will have max 30 players for raids (20 man mythical if it happens + substitutes) filling the raiders ranks, max 15 achievers (since the numbers to help eachother should not require large groups) and up to 40 low level characters for "The Dedicated Few". Alts are allowed and will get a different rank. ____________________________________________________________ Update regarding our role/class needs to fill in raider ranks : AT THIS MOMENT WE ARE NOT ACTIVELY RECRUTING. Now is time to prove ourselves in battle ! ____________________________________________________________ Raid hours: Days to be decided, 19:30 server time for 2-3 hours. I hope you will find our projects attractive, and if it turns we share same visions I hope we will make a nice team together. Best Regards, Soul ( Eqgaming#2193 )Soulmistress20 6d
6d Romanian Guild Recruting We are romanian guild and we need players our guild is friendly .. and we want to be very good on PVE .. Dungeons Mythic and Raiding Item level requirement 780+ Level 110 So if you want to enjoy Add me ingame RAZER#2581 Guild is on Aliance FactionRazerwd0 6d
6d Prot Warrior looking for new home Experienced Prot warrior Looking for Mythic Raid guild, alliance or horde. Have played Prot warrior all my wow life, so would prefer to stay as this also leveling hunter, Prot Paladin and Bear. Looking for a semi hardcore guild that is looking at clearing content while current. Have an extensive top raiding portfolio and now looking for new home to continue this. feel free to contact me here or add me sam #22876Gronc0 6d
6d Healer LF raiding guild New player LF raiding guild. Hi guys, new player here. Or rather, a new account, but returning player. ^^ I'm maining resto this expansion and looking for a raiding guild with about 2 raid days a week.Baeral0 6d
18 Sep Priest looking for Casual/Social/Parents/Mature guild Hello, I have been playing since 2005 but never hardcore, and I'm looking for a casual guild with mature/parents members. I didn't play for 2 years before Legion but I'm back and seems like I'm going to stay for this expansion. Reason for this request is because I want to play with people who have a similar way to play, not rushing, not requesting others to rush... accepting to wait when someone needs a moment to attend something... I also like to chat with other members, get to know each other a bit... etc... just the sort of things I cannot find in a guild with hardcore teenagers. I like end game but I'm not rushing into it and want to make it in a casual and relaxed group. Don't know what else to say... :p Regards,Julene0 18 Sep
18 Sep Warr prot 848 fury 846 lf raiding guild. I don't wanna change faction.Terrica0 18 Sep
18 Sep 846 Havoc DH Looking for raiding guild Like in title i am looking for raiding guild in legion.Quedrin0 18 Sep
18 Sep 841 shadow priest looking for raiding guild 841 ilv shadow priest looking for raiding guild wisper me in game thxNáughtynurse0 18 Sep
18 Sep LF casual Raiding/PVE guild I'm looking for a PVE guild to casually do raids and Mythics. I'm not a veteran player, but I can pull my weight and I'm a quick learner and open to advice. By casual, I mean not trying to get the world first etc..Throrfiwen0 18 Sep
17 Sep Guild Portuguesa no CoA Boas pessoal, Para quem estiver interessado numa guild portuguesa (Horde), criámos a guild Playback, constituída por antigos jogadores do WOW com faixa etária acima dos 30. Aos interessados podem contactar via in game Nély, Thyrsus ou Macularesca para mais informações ou invite. Bom jogo!!!Pedrunter2 17 Sep
17 Sep [H]<Chilla Pernilla> Swedish guild looking for some more members for raiding next week! We are about 6-7 swedes that wants to start raiding as soon as possible. We have 2 tanks, 1-2 healers, so looking for a few dps and possibly a healer. We use discord as communiactions. You should be swedish(or atleast speak swedish) and 18+ and geared or close for raiding, so 830+ probably. Very negotiable if you are the right person. Whipser me in game! Or someone else in the guild that might be online if im not.Bambolu0 17 Sep
16 Sep LF casual raiding/pvp guild Hi, I am a feral druid looking for a casual raiding/pvp gear. I mainly play pvp but I want to get into some pve in legion. Any guilds out there hit me up.Llid0 16 Sep
16 Sep LF PVE PL speaking guild, horde jak w temacie, szukam polskiej gildii, raidującej, głównie grywam tankiemBarakiel0 16 Sep
16 Sep Tank Raiding I am looking for a guild to do raids with i have exp tanking end content and am always willing to learn and try new stuff i like to be main tank but am willing to be second tank Battlenet is suicidechimp#2125Suicidechimp1 16 Sep
14 Sep New to WoW - any guilds out there? Hi, looking to join a more social guild as a complete newbie! Going to make a new character on this realm (likely a monk healer) and was hoping to also be part of a guild for help questing and to get the most out of the game. Will usually be playing evenings and some weekends. I'm 28, male, friendly and simply up for having fun with the game! The aim is to work up to end game and try out legion, but probably more important is to find a good group to play with. If you'd be up for helping out a complete new player here's my tag - Moses#2284. Cheers!Yongwei3 14 Sep
14 Sep (H) Looking for casual, friendly guild Hello everyone, I am a 33 year old bloke with 2 kids full time that just recently got back to WoW again. Now, being a parent my gametime is ofcourse limited to evenings when my kids are asleep. Therefor I am looking for a casual guild to level in Legion with, do transmog runs, maybe PvP a little and do some 5 man dungeons with. I am planning to main my druid with resto as off spec but still unsure if Guardian or Feral will be my mainspec. (Have not tanked alot so I am very new to it but it looks fun) Also have a few other level 100 chars but mostly alliance characters. So if you or if you know of any guilds that might suit me then please let me know. Getting bored of being a lonely little cow :(Mootate5 14 Sep
14 Sep (H) Norsca are recruiting socials and raiders! Hi everybody, My guild Norsca are recruiting new members. We are a very new guild, but we have core members already. We are looking to raid as soon as they drop and aim to be on Heroic asap. We can help you achive this goal by helping you through mythic dungeons and getting gear. We are also looking for social members too, as we believe socials become the solid backbone to a guild and could if they want sort alt raids or pvp teams with the assistance of officers. We hope you take the guild into consideration and enquire about joining. Thank you for your time! for more info or application pm me in game and/or add my battletag Ryutari#2726Ryû0 14 Sep
14 Sep Looking for guild Hello, i am looking to transfer some characters to this server. I am currently playing on a pvp server, and keep getting ganked. Quite frankly i am sick and tired of this, especially as i leave people alone. I want to focus on the PVE experience, as i have no interest in pvp. I have 2 characters i am transfering over. 110 demon hunter(Tank/DPS) and 102 warlock (DPS). I will be looking to make a healer in the near future. I have been playing since late last year, so i am by no means a seasoned player. If there is any potential guilds who would consider me, that would be appreciated. I will be looking to do Raids, Dungeons etc on a weekly basis. Thank youDaemonious6 14 Sep
14 Sep Looking for a casual, social guild Hello all, I recently returned to Wow after not playing for almost 5 years and I'm now searching for a guild. Back in the days when I played I raided a bit but I've always liked being in a more casual and social guild so this is what I would like to find now. Also due to me being a parent with a full time job I can't commit to coming online on specific days. I enjoy doing dungeons and try to help out whenever I can. If anyone has a spot for me in their guild please message me in game or in this post. /AmmineAmmine3 14 Sep
14 Sep Blood DK LF Raiding Guild Hello, First of all let me introduce myself a little bit. I'm a 31 year old male from The Netherlands and i would like to get back into raiding after playing casual for a while. Raiding History I'm a veteran player of this game going back to the vanilla wow period. I've started raiding in Wotlk Ulduar 25M and later in ICC 25M HC as an ehancement shaman, and running the second raid team as a prot. warrior. I took a break in mists and came back in WoD. What im looking for I'm looking for a solid raiding guild with progression as priority. Because im 31 years old i preffer a 18+ guild. Raiding Schedule Im available every day in the evening from 20.00 ST till 00.00 ST, except mondays due to work and occasionaly the weekends but that wont happen that often. What i have to offer Understanding the boss encounters and where needed read up on them. Fully stocked with flasks/food and an empty bladder before the raid starts ;) If you have any more questions pm me ingame or here on the forums. Thanks for reading!Plaguefíst2 14 Sep
13 Sep Duplicate Post - Please Delete Duplicate Post - Please DeleteCobblars0 13 Sep
13 Sep {H}LF raiding guild 843 ILVL fire mage Hi all Im looking for a dedicated raiding pve content guild , im 843 gear score fire mage. im currently playing only this character want to invest full time into mage. Im 26 years old , friendly and got headset =) English speaking.Overblaze6 13 Sep
12 Sep [H] Outcást Recruitment Outcást are returning in Legion to take on everything Blizzard has to offer! With a virtually full roster, we’re looking for the remaining for ranged DPS and healers to complete our Mythic team. Many of our members have been on the server since its creation in one form or another and some dating back to the launch of Vanila, now we’re looking to bring in new blood. With a wide range of interests our guild activities vary from challenge mode teams and raiding in previous expansions to arena and RBG’s. With this in mind we’re looking to continue with raiding and push for higher ranks than before, and continue to enjoy the extras Legion has to offer such as Mythic Plus and a new PvP system. With regards to raiding, our times and policy are below: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday: 8:15 till 11:30. (one raid night to be dropped upon raid completion) Loot is distributed through loot council. We’re looking for ranged DPS and healers specifically, experience would be ideal, however we’re happy to give everyone a shot if you think you can keep up. Ideal classes would be as below: Mage Elemental Shaman Warlock Shadowpriest Mistweaver Monk Priest (disc or holy) Holy Paladin As the new expansion approaches, many of our raiders have taken time off work for the launch. We’ll be using this time to run as many dungeons (Heroic/Mythic) as possible to gear up ready for raiding so don’t miss out on an opportunity to get to know us before raids start! Any questions, feel free to contact myself (littleninja#2714) or our raid leader (carn#2354) or drop us an application on outcastcoa.enjin.comLittléninja16 12 Sep
10 Sep 840 Prot Paladin looking for raiding guild Hey, im a protection paladin looking for a normal/heroic raiding guild raiding 2 times a week ideally . I have heroic raiding (warlords) experience on my alt prot warrior and have several alts that can be used for alt runs for the benefit of the guildPrägak1 10 Sep
07 Sep Heretics old recruitment post We have a new recruitment post. 07 Sep
07 Sep [H] LF Active Social Guild Returning to WoW for legion and looking for a Social guild to chat to on comms and join up for group quests/dungeons. 35 Dad of two with a full time job.Yukizaki3 07 Sep
07 Sep LF Guild Returning after about 5/4 years Hi All After leaving during Cata just before Firelands I find my self back and was wondering if there is and guilds here that could help me learn all that's new and such as I haven't got a clue at the mo :) I'm 35 so would prefer if possible a 18+ friendly guild but no matter if not I am looking for a Casual but active guild for dungeons and general fun with some raiding in there as well maybe (with work and RL don't think ill have the time from a full raid guild). To start with im going back to my hunter but might play another class seeing how I get on please msg me in game or on here if you think you can helpSudor3 07 Sep
06 Sep [A] LF small Raidin guild I am returning to wow after a period away and I am looking to start raiding again. My main is a Resto Druid (Skriz).Skriz1 06 Sep