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47m [H] Chimera LFM damage dealers! We evolved at the end of HFC, got strong core but our heals can jeep more dps alive so we are looking for them! At time this is written we are 7/7 HC EN. We raid Wed 19-22, Sun 17-20 and if enough ppl that Tue 19-22. Write to me in gane, post here, add me - Brewborn#2317. All good dps are welcomed, warlocks and hunetrs even more :)Brewborn2 47m
19h [H] <Village Idiot> Normal 5/7 raiding guild recruiting We are a friendly, casual pve guild looking for more (any class/spec welcome). We are 7/7 normal EN. We tend to start raids in the evenings between 6PM GMT and 8PM GMT and we are flexible. We don't have designated raiding evenings as of yet. Our members have raiding experience since vanilla and we are all mature, friendly and sociable. Ah, and we have a team speak server! /w me or Yllom in game for more info or reply on here. We're mostly on in the evening on weekdays and all day on weekends. :ONippip3 19h
1d [H] Heretics 1/7 M - 7/7 HC - Recruitment Hello everyone! Heretics are now recruiting the raiding roster for Legion. Currently 7/7 HC Emerald Nightmare progression and will start with Mythic mode asap. Founded end of February 2016 and managed to get 9/13 Mythic HFC before Prepatch, and got 12/13M and were close on getting that last kill before Legion. We're a semi-hardcore guild with serious raiding, a mix of former hardcore and casual raiders, we focus on the chemistry of the people for a better atmosphere and having a blast during raids. We'll use LootCouncil during raids and that's because we want to spread the items evenly/balanced for a better progression and higher success. What Heretics expect from our raiders. Knowledge of class & different roles Reliable attendance Research tactics on current and upcoming encounters Character maxamization (Upgrade gear, pots,flask etc) A good personality & a teamplayer Reliable computer, microphone and internet. What we're lookin for and what we offer. We want people to strive for a higher succes than casual raiding but not required to spend 5 days on raiding aswell. We want you to have fun meanwhile raiding and also outside doing bgs, dungeons and everything else. Have a blast during raids and giving your best on encounters with full attention and whereabouts. We're aiming to be competetive with the other the top guilds, motivate ourselves it can be done on two raids per week. There is always activity in our guild outside of raiding aswell and members always asks if someone is up for different things, a mature and friendly guild. If you think you would be a good fit in our guild, who is serious with raiding and also wants to have fun and share experience with us, don't hesitate and apply on our website. Raid 3 days per week which will be setup in ingame calendar. We're currently running two raids per week for progression and one day for alts. Raid days: Thursday, Sunday (Alt runs will be from day to day when a council/officer is available to lead) Raid time: 20:00 - 00:00 CEST (One break on 10 minutes) Classes & Roles Tanks spot filled. Exceptional players will always be considered Please visit this site and fill out the application if you are interested! Contact us: [GM]Tmbs#2472 Rhoggenator#2164Hoddahsmash27 1d
1d 846 Enhancement Shaman looking for guild! Hey guys, I've decided I'd like to join a guild for some harder content! I'm looking for a casual, friendly atmosphere with a chance of also taking part in Mythic+ dungeons and possibly some normal/heroic raids. I'm not as hardcore as i used to be a few expansions ago but I'd still like to try all available content if possible :) I'm Alliance currently but I am willing to transfer to Horde for the right guild. /w me, mail me or reply to this post and I'll get back in touch as soon as i can! Thanks for reading.Totum1 1d
1d [A] <Equillibrium> Recruiting Hello alliance members ! Equillibrium is a new guild on Chamber of Aspects, and we are looking for players to fill in the ranks. I will start saying that this is our second recruitment atempt. Had a full raiding group, I personally didn't had the time to lead the raid and raid leaders somehow decided they represent the full guild so there is no reason for them to stay. And that's a thing that happened I will no longer stress about it. More than that, is a lesson, so I'll personally recruit a low number of players. If you're ready to build slowly a strong small team you are welcome, if not, don't bother. I have a limited play time and I want to spend it wise and with quality players, like I previously said, I apreciate will and common senses first, raid qualities second, but what we want in the end is raiding at least at heroic level. The goal for now is to settle a 10 man group. For now we need everything. What we have now: DPS: Hunter, Balance Druid, Feral Druid, Mage Healer: Shaman, Druid Tank: Warrior *Shaman Healer working on Monk Tank I don't mind new players, tho I am not really keen to invite groups of friends atm, we need our own core of players, not a wondering group that will feel they don't fit in a couple of weeks later. Rules are very simple. - Be active and play as main. We don't need players that play their main chars in other guilds. We invest our best time here and we need players that do the same. - Be respectful. Got enough drama, complains and "I am better" attitude. We are here not to be better than players in our own guild but to compete with other guilds if possible. - Play as a guild, for the guild. And by that I say do things with guild members, like mythic +, farm for mats for raids, etc. If you join the guild but play with randoms or friends from other guilds I will ask myself very soon why you need to be in our guild. Pugs do not require a guild. - Be able to use voice communication programs (Teamspeak/Ventrilo,etc). - There will be two trial periods. One is guild trial period and will be passed by being active, taking part in mythics, performing decent for your role in mythics/mythics +, improving ilvl to a minimum required (no harsh requirement here tho, but for players joining with low ilvl, an ilvl of 850 in max 2 weeks is a must, specially since we will do mythics together). Second will be raid trial, and will be passed by understanding tactics, executing tactics, staying alive, performing to certain requirement (DPS, HPS, etc). Failing second trial in a continous manner will put players in a reserve position for raids, tho we really wish it will not be the case. If I sound mean, guess I am adapting to wow envirovment. Recruitment status: - Death Knight - Tank/DPS - Demon Hunter - Tank/DPS - Druid - Tank - Hunter - Closed - Mage - Medium needed - Monk - DPS/Healer - Paladin - Tank/DPS/Healer - Priest - DPS/Healer - Rogue - DPS - Shaman - DPS - Warlock - DPS - Warrior - DPS As said, recruitment will go slow, we want raid team to be ready in about 2 weeks. I want to see any new recruit blending in the guild before actually raiding. If there is no will and dedication and patience I am not willing to raid until I find the right players. Also, as we are quite over 18 years old and wish to remain in a mature and calm envirovment we wish to get mature players. It is not a rule but we are not a kids guild. RAIDING DAYS: FRIDAY, SATURDAY RAID HOURS: 19:30 - 22:00 REALM TIME.Soulmistress26 1d
1d [H] Hexx 8 yrs old 7/7 H, LFM for Mythic Raiding Contacts Management: Lemaitre (Eple#2466), Silvos (Kiega#2501), Mezegis (Mezegis#2905), Zarood (Zarood#2261) Realm: Chamber of Aspects-EU Website: Raid Days Friday 20:15-23:30 CET Sunday 20:00-23:00 CET Tuesday 20:15-23:00 CET Recruitment We are looking for mature like-minded people who are skilled and capable players to complete our Legion roster. Note this is regardless of your current experience, or if your class is low in demand; if you show potential we will always consider your application. Right now we are most in need of a few ranged classes as well as a strong Healer to complete the Roster. We are most interested in the following classes: Damage Dealers: Hunter (Ranged), Shadow Priest , Warlock What is the atmosphere like in Hexx? - We provide a mature atmosphere with no drama. We raid progressively whilst still having fun along the way. Our members put the team above themselves, and are happy to pass loot to others and sit out when needed. Due to our philosophy we tend to attract older members (most of us are around our late 20s/30s), though younger people with the same attitude are welcome to apply. - We are a close-knit guild. We don't mass recruit and there are no social ranks, everyone in the guild is part of the raiding team or was in the past. We all know each other's personalities and work well together. - We're friendly people who enjoy each other's company. There's often a bunch of us on Discord most evenings (raid night or not), getting together to do other things in WoW, play other games, or just having good banter. We even managed to get a guild meetup going and can still stand one another! - We appreciate that real life takes priority over raiding and understand if you can't make a night. However members are here because they want to raid, and we expect a certain level of activity from our members. - We are a "destination guild" - you may leave WOW but you'll never leave Hexx! We have ex raiders who are still around years later on the forums or joining us for non-raiding activities. How does Hexx offer stable progression-orientated raiding? - We are skilled players with a serious approach to raiding, our members realise that raiding involves other people and their time. Members strive to improve their own performance, discuss boss tactics on the guild site, bring all consumables necessary and are reliable. We make the most out of the limited time available. - Stable and committed management, who understand and bear the culture and values the guild has been built on. - A great realm to be based on, CoA benefits from a high Horde populations for a PvE server, without suffering from queues. - We have been raiding for over 7 years, we aren’t going anywhere. - Our WOD progress was 9/13 Mythic. We’ve achieved a lot over the years and you can read about our past glories in the Hexx: A History section of our site. How to Apply If this introduction tickles your fancy, check out our website at and read our Guild Ethos where the guild is explained in detail. If we sound like the right guild for you then follow the instructions in our How to Apply sticky.Sílvos11 1d
1d [H] SHIFT recruiting for Flexi Flex™ Raiding & Social UPDATED 17-10-16 S H I F T is recruiting TL:DR Mellowz#2407 Flex raiding guild aiming to raid 2/3 times a week, all 18+ welcome, times 21:15-00:00 server time, days Wednesday, Sunday & 1 flex day, recruiting all specs/classes, and won’t force you to play a spec/class you don’t like. (we have 2 consistent Tanks and many melee DPS) What is S H I F T The best way I can explain it is that it is a flexible flex raiding guild. WTH is ‘flexible flex’ ™ Surprisingly we are going to do flex raiding (shocking I know) but we will have 2 set raiding days per week, the other 1 day will be agreed in the week or 2 in advance based on people’s availability (flexible). There are no punishments/repercussions for not being able to turn up for a raid we all have lives and we all know they get in the way :P but if you do sign up to raid then you will be expected to show up. When we raid its serious so you are expected to know tactics and have pots/elixirs/enchants/gems as appropriate, and you won’t be taken if you are under geared but we will be more than happy to help you gear outside of raid times via mythic + and the like. Whats the raid days and times Generally, the raid times will be 21:15-00:00 with people expected to turn up at 21:00 (all server time) The ‘set’ raid days are Wednesday & Sunday with the other 1 day being agreed a week or so in advance via an old fashioned voting system. If you’ve got this far then you may want to know who we are Currently there are 2 IRL friends that have set this up and have known each other and gamed together for the majority of our lives. Xience – started in TBC, played pretty much every class/spec but prefer tanking. Married and have a baby. Hence why I need this style guild. Vre (has a stupid accent over his e) – Also started in TBC generally mage/priest, he works shifts (guild name! see what we did there). Hence why he needs this style guild. Experience We have a decent amount of combined raiding experience over a sustained period of time since TBC; TBC – up to BT WotLK – All Raids (generally 10 mans) Cata – Heroic Raids MOP – Vre raided to a mythic level in MOP WOD – Heroics & some Mythic Who we want + 18 age restriction (for raiders/VOIP): Over the years we have found that younger players don’t = immature and in fact it often turns out that they are more mature than their older counterparts. That being said, we would like to have a bottom limit due to reasons and feel that 18 is probably the lowest we would want. We anticipate that this style guild will attract older players naturally though. Raiders/Socials/Part Time Players: anyone is welcome and anyone can invite but we are a raiding guild. It’s a Game: so if you’re disruptive or anti-social you won’t be welcome into our guild. VOIP: you don’t have to talk (although it’s nice if you do) however we do expect you to be on our chosen VOIP (probably TS3) and listen to RL instructions. Sadly, all 3 of us do not speak any other languages fluently so we would require you to at least understand verbal/written English and be able to write in English. Addons: DBM is our chosen Boss Mod. Other than that use what you want to. OK so we’ve covered who we are, what we do and who we want you to be, what classes/specs do you need. To be completely honest, we will not be doing mythic raiding as a weekly guild run (barring significant changes in circumstances, or if we get HC on farm pre-next tier) so we don’t want to ‘min/max’ and make you play specs that are better by 3 DPS or something. Play what you like, we do want you to ‘main’ a spec/class because we don’t want to be wasting drops. That being said we do have a druid tank and would prefer to get a different style tank to mix it up. Below are the current numbers so you can make an informed decision; Consistent Raiders (traditional raider who can raid most weeks/days barring exception circumstances) Tanks : 2 (we have backup) Healer : 2 (we have backup) Range DPS : 4 Melee DPS : 4 If you read all of that then good on you! If you’re interested whisper me in game/reply here/sign up on the website/or jump on VOIP. Website = TS3 = Message me in game or B-netXience31 1d
1d Horde Rock Café - Recruiting now, video inside! We are a mainly social guild with a focus on fun, made largely of ex-hardcore raiders. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 20:00 to 23:00. Apply at: Check our video! 1d
1d Horde Rock Café - Recruitment video! We are a mainly social guild with a focus on fun, made largely of ex-hardcore raiders. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 20:00 to 23:00. Apply at: Check our video! 1d
1d 860 enhancement shaman Looking for guild HI Looking for a guild that actively does mythic + content and raids normal and/or heroic nightmare In game name is minasardor Chamber euAthënë1 1d
1d Hunter MM lf morning/daytime raiding guild Hello im working at the evenings so i cant play in nights . Currently im in "social" guild and they are nice but i want to try something more serious than pure pugs raids. What i want is to join nice and friendly ppl who raids like 10-12-14-15ST or earlier . Im quasi hardcore player .Gwendolline0 1d
1d Nefarious - New Raiding Guild for Legion! (UPDATED!) About Nefarious Nefarious is a newly established raiding guild on the Chamber of Aspects (EU). Nefarious have been established by veteran players, raiders and irl friends. We love having fun at all times, during raids, mythic+ etc be prepared to have a good time with many laughs. Nefarious' Goals Nefarious' aim is to become a dedicated raiding guild but to do that we need more dedicated players, so if you want to be part of this you should apply. Additionally, whilst dedicating time to become an acknowledged team, Nefarious intends to do so without losing its balance between real-life matters and the respective in-game matters. Our current progression is 7/7 Normal and 1/7 HC in Emerald Nightmare, but we need more raiders for progression. What we expect from you? We're looking for players with the following qualities, in no particular order of preference: A willingness to dedicate time and effort to advance in-game; A willingness to spend time progressing on encounters; A willingness to learn and apply learnt knowledge to encounters; The ability to adapt well and to cope well under stressful situations; Hopefully, some unlisted subjects should be a case of self-explanatory matters to you, such as maturity and respectful behavior, which usually comes hand in hand. If that wasn't obvious, perhaps another guild will be suitable to you. What do we offer you? One shouldn't have expectations from only one side; it has to be mutual. So what do we have to offer? A handful of veteran World of Warcraft players that have had experience in one or more top-realm guilds; A team that knows how to balance serious dedication [during raiding] with a friendly environment; Guild funds for repairs in raids; By having veterans that covers almost all classes we offer you good training, tips and tricks. A chance to develop into a better player without being hardcore; Having fun while raiding or doing mythics etc; We are part of one community and talking about problems issues and other difficulties should be done in general; We have a Discord used for chat and discussions + info, a good forum and TS that we use at all times during raids, dungeons and general chit chat. Recruitment Status We have a high demand of Ranged DPS We have a demand of healers also have DPS Spec to rotate to if needed. We also recruit Melee DPS Our Schedule Nefarious' raid schedule is as follows: Thursday, 20:00 to 23:00 (ST); Sunday, 19:30 to 22:30 (ST). Raids will only be extended if we are close to killing a boss and everyone in the raid agrees to it. Interested? Are you interested in joining? Feel free to read more information on our front page and apply to us on our forums. Please keep in mind that in order to do so, you will have to create your own forum account. Need to ask a question personally? Feel free to contact either Demonwarden (me), Huslu, Renmoo, or Drakjin, or, if in a real hurry, anyone who is online. Links: Information : Forums: 1d
2d [A] Tilted is looking for more casual members <Tilted> is a social guild looking for many more members to join our welcoming social environment, and join us in a plethora of events in our fight against the Legion. We are looking for raiders, PvPers, and social members that will help the guild leave a mark on our server. All players are welcome, from the weekend casual to the hardcore raider, and the newbies of the realm to the CoA veterans. We are looking for the final members for our rated battleground team in Legion as well as Arena Junkies for 5s teams, as I said before any experience is welcome as long as you're willing to learn and improve. Our Raid team is searching for Ranged DPS so we are able to raid at mythic tier in Legion. Our raid team puts emphasis on friendliness and flexibility, we want to raid at times suitable for EVERYONE not just the core members, this means you can work night-shifts, study for University tests, or just not have a lot of time on your hands and you will still be able to raid due to how we are designing our flexible raid schedule. Our social members are always happy to introduce more players to expand our community. Class knowledge is preferred for PvP and raiding but many of our veteran members have expansive class knowledge to help you if you are under-experienced or new. We do not have a website but we do have a discord in which many members use to chat, as well as play other games such as Heroes of The Storm when WoW gets too hectic. TL;DR Social guild looking for final PvP and PvE members of all skill as well as more social members. Contact Karvel, Thancrel, Dutchpwrcow, or Shammonn in-game for more details/recruitment.Karvel5 2d
2d [H] <Too Soon> 7/7H looking for more! Progression: EN: Normal (7/7), Heroic (7/7) We, Too Soon, are a raiding guild on the Chamber of Aspects EU server (Horde) which raids 2 days a week and we are recruiting more reliable members for MYTHIC progression. Raid times: Thursday 20:30-23:30* Tuesday 20:30-23:30* Sunday (Alt/Social run) 20:30-23:30* *Server Time (CET/CEST) Raid invites start 15 minutes before raid times and you are expected to be ready for an invite at 20:15. Each raid includes a 5-15 minute break. We expect people to attend both main raid days each week. What we are looking for: Currently we are looking to recruit good ranged dps, especially a Spriest (A playable OS is a big bonus). We require all applicants to have an equipped item level of at least 850 for Mythic progression in The Emerald Nightmare (If you are below that and still want to join, we will have to get you the gear in alt/social raids before we can take you to progression raids.) Other classes/specs may also apply since we are looking for outstanding members irrespective of class at any given time. There is an age requirement of 18+. If you think you are 100% reliable and mature enough to fit in but are not 18 yet, we might make an exception. What we offer: We offer a friendly guild environment in addition to having our main focus on raiding and everything that comes with that (guildbank, TS3 server, a mature and fair loot council system) We are also very willing to push everyones potential to the maximum and help you out wherever we can and in return we expect everyone to give their best and accept and learn from mistakes. What you can expect: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild which strives towards having a successful raiding team while also being friendly and social. We are not a hardcore raiding guild and we believe that we can still have fun during raids while having complete focus and discipline when it’s needed (i.e. progression). We expect that you understand and accept the concept of raiding and the “trial and error” philosophy that comes hand in hand with that while keeping a positive attitude. Nobody does everything perfectly in the first try but we want to see people accepting their mistakes and learning from them. Applying: If you think you fit in with us and want to apply, contact Myself/Joshira/Kadders/Pury/Housty directly ingame for a further chat (Chisuka#2133). If we think you make a nice addition to our raid, we will invite you to a trial raid in EN. In that raid we will look at your performance and you as a person and you will see us as a guild/raid. After the raid we decide whether or not to invite you to the guild. We look at performance while handling mechanics more than pure dps/hps numbers, item level is not what we are looking for, we are looking for valuable raiders who can handle mechanics well and are 100% prepared for the raid with the best enchants, buff food, pots, flasks, gems. For further information contact Chisuka#2133 and good luck :)Khalrogueo1 2d
2d 871 windwalker monk looking for mythic guild Hey there. I'm a oldschool player currently looking for a casual raiding guild that accepts my work schedule (2 days most). I'm not looking for any new guilds that are just starting up. My goal is to settle in a well established guild that raided in previous tiers and got a solid ground for the future. Old guilds disbanded and I got a bit tired of looking for new ones, hehe :) Age: 26 Nationality: Norwegian Openraid profile and feedback: My youtube channel for old kills: Practical info: Artifact level 26 Ilvl: 871 (equipped) Monk experience since MoP. Windwalker since Legion. Personal qualities that you might find beneficial in a guild environment: - Competitive - Hard working - Loyal - Kind What I can't stand in a guild: - Eliteism - Favorism between officers and a few players in the guild. - Unfair loot system. Please note that I'm not just looking for the raiding part. I want to find a guild and a server where I'm able to make new friends, connect and hopefully stay for the next few years. So if you make a personal approach and not copy paste your guild recruitment because you are desperate I would really appreciate it :) Battletag: TheLastOvski#2557 Skype: Spreaa (also online while working).Laneswap1 2d
3d Where are you from? Just because of pure curiosity, I would like to know where the CoA community is from? Myself: Prague, Czech republic.Hennessy115 3d
3d [H] Outcást Recruitment Outcást are returning in Legion to take on everything Blizzard has to offer! With a virtually full roster, we’re looking for the remaining for ranged DPS and healers to complete our Mythic team. Many of our members have been on the server since its creation in one form or another and some dating back to the launch of Vanila, now we’re looking to bring in new blood. With a wide range of interests our guild activities vary from challenge mode teams and raiding in previous expansions to arena and RBG’s. With this in mind we’re looking to continue with raiding and push for higher ranks than before, and continue to enjoy the extras Legion has to offer such as Mythic Plus and a new PvP system. With regards to raiding, our times and policy are below: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday: 8:15 till 11:30. (one raid night to be dropped upon raid completion) Loot is distributed through loot council. We’re looking for ranged DPS and healers specifically, experience would be ideal, however we’re happy to give everyone a shot if you think you can keep up. Ideal classes would be as below: Mage Elemental Shaman Warlock Shadowpriest Mistweaver Monk Priest (disc or holy) Holy Paladin As the new expansion approaches, many of our raiders have taken time off work for the launch. We’ll be using this time to run as many dungeons (Heroic/Mythic) as possible to gear up ready for raiding so don’t miss out on an opportunity to get to know us before raids start! Any questions, feel free to contact myself (littleninja#2714) or our raid leader (carn#2354) or drop us an application on outcastcoa.enjin.comLittléninja21 3d
3d [A] <Imperium> Raiding guild recruiting! Greetings everyone, I am Tenshí, head of Imperium. <Imperium> [7/7 HC] Is a new guild on Chamber of Aspects formed by a core of players dating back to vanilla, some of us are ex-mythic raiders and we aim to bring Imperium to mythic raiding. Currently we are seeking a warlock or two above all else, but any classes and specs are considered. We aim to get to do mythic content, so we seek players with motivation and ambition with similiar goals as us. Furthermore, we have an active guild with non-raid events, for example we recently has our first pet battles tournament with great success, and more such things to come. You can add me on battlenet at Húnbogi#2903 if you are interestedTenshí2 3d
3d (H) 2/3 dps wanted to fill raid team We are a friendly and supportive raid team currently looking for 2 or 3 more dps to complete our team. Lots of guilds are recruiting so here is our important stuff. Raids Monday and Wednesday 21.00 to 24.00 server time Invites start 15 mins before raid. We expect all raiders to be ready, with flasks buff food etc. Raids include one or two short breaks for toilet and refreshment requirements, depending on the fights being progressed. We use teamspeak communication. During fights, raid leader and key guildies speak. At other times there is a good amount of banter. Loot is distributed fairly by a loot council. We use RClootcouncil addon. We have a website full of fun, interesting and useful information; Most of the team have been together for a long time and have built up a friendly and conscientious approach to raiding. Members come from several countries and all have real life commitments. We work together to achieve in fights and make progress. Currently 7/7 NM and 5/7 HC. Please feel free to talk to any guildies in game, reply here or make an application at our website; www.animosity-coa.comScareytree0 3d
3d (H) <Interesting Times> - Casual Guild Recruting <Interesting Times> is a newly formed guild aimed at achieving... precisely nothing, beyond playing for fun, without pressure, and without expectations from or of others. We aren't a new mythic-raiding-guild-in-waiting. We're not aiming to recruit enough people to tackle X or Y - we've done that plenty of times, in various forms, during the life-cycle of the game and don't really have taste for it any more. We might raid and probably will at some point but not because we think we can do it better, but because enough people find it fun. We aren't a levelling or a world quest helper guild either. Low level characters are welcome - we have plenty of our own - but we're not here to hold people's hands. Questing together and low-level dungeon runs may happen, but expecting everyone to drop everything to boost you through Gnomeregan or to rush you through elite world quests is likely to lead to disappointment. We're all mature(ish), relaxed, friendly people who value social play above all else - an evening where the highlight is a loot drop or rep gain rather than a laugh is a waste of an evening. Majority of us are trying hard to remember our 30th birthdays, some of us study, most of us spend our time outside WoW (in the so called "real-life"), we work, we have family/friend obligations and some of us seem to have produced offspring, surely against all sensible advice. As a group we like to think we can play pretty well, but all we expect from each other, and others, is a willingness to play considerately, as part of a team. We're nice, normal people, we currently have a warm and friendly environment and we'd like to preserve that. We are always looking for new players, regardless of class and level. As a member of Interesting Times, you'll fit our view of ourselves - mature, relaxed, with a sense of humour and an approach to WoW so laid-back that people occasionally prod you to check you're awake. You're most likely a fairly competent player, but you've achieved most or all of what you want to do in WoW, and are more likely to have tried raiding and either had enough or decided it wasn't for you than to have not reached that point yet. You're unlikely to have much interest in progress or development for your character in strict hardcore raiding environment, but you might be interested in a relaxed jaunt to a raid instance accompanied with a nice glass of wine and a bit of good-hearted banter on the voice-chat. You might also like small group content, dungeons and perhaps you're curious about Mythic+ runs and would like to run some with nice company. You like the game and can't wait to log on, but you prefer to play it without too much scheduling or attendance requirements. You can probably spell, at least in your native language, and recognise that 'lol' isn't really punctuation, in any language. Most of all you're looking to meet other players who don't see linking epic items as a substitute for conversation and who don't think the words 'Harambe' and 'dicks out' make anything hilarious. If this little introduction piqued your interest: Read more about us at our website: Make sure to check out the Guild Charter, it has lots more words. Many words! Handle them! If you want to get in contact for a chat, please add Wil#22183 on BattleNetWilward4 3d
4d [H] <Bloodoath> Casual Guild LFM for M+ and Raids Hi there! We are a mature casual guild that want to strengthen our numbers for M+ and also for some raiding. We cleared normal Emerald Nightmare and we've gotten 3/7 heroic the first and only try we did as a guild and many of us has cleared 7/7 through pugging. But sadly we're now missing some players to continue our progress and tired of trying to get in randoms. We have a bunch of really really good players but sadly we're not enough. Currently we try to raid on Thursdays from 19:00 to whenever people needs to leave and on Sunday from 14:00 -?. Either write here or whisper me ingame. Kontu#2750Kontua1 4d
4d [H] Looking for m+ team Hello everyone, im looking for m+ team. im 863ilvl Vegneance DHDubhunter2 4d
4d Maximum Effort [H] 1/7 Mythic Recruiting Hello everyone, Maximum Effort [Horde] is recruiting! Currently we are 1/7 Mythic EN, and are progressing! To keep doing that, we are looking for more member to join our ranks. At the moment we are in need of more ranged DPS and another healer. Currently every class is open for recruitment, except Mage. What do we expect from you: • Be mature, atleast 18 years old. Due to former experience we are forced to set an age minimum. • Be a teamplayer. To perform we need everyone to support eachother and be able to work together. A hand is stronger than a single finger. • Be consistent. We raid two days a week, we expect you to be present and perform. This means having gear, enchant, flasks, knowledge of your class and atleast know the basics of the fights. We understand that things are very expensive due to the start of the new expansion, so we aren’t forcing this completely, yet. • The most important part is being a nice person. You can be the god in DPS, you can have 1000 ilvl, but if you are an !@#$%^- we don’t want you. You should also be able to receive positive critism, and feedback on your performance if needed. What can we offer you: • We raid two days a week (Thursday and Sunday - 20:00 till 23:00), with progress as our goal, we expect you to be there for these raids. Also, we have more days planned with running Mythic + and alt runs, these activities aren’t mandatory. Our goal is to clear raids on Mythic difficulty, but within a friendly, social atmosphere. • Our guild consist of players with all types of experience. All the Officers have Mythic experience in previous content. And our guild is offering you a stable, skilled raiding environment. If you think you have what it takes to join our amazing guild, feel free to apply at The website also offers more information about our guild. You can also add one of our officers if you prefer to talk to us in person. Jurry#2346Jùrry2 4d
5d [A] Feral Druid and Holy Paladin are looking for home Hello, Me and my friend are looking for casual/chill guild that is playing for fun. We do not want tryharding raiding, mythic+ dungeons, etc. Just chill group of people that want progress, but in a fun way. We are quick learners and communication is not a problem. My ilvl as feral is 852 currently and holy paly's is 840. We want to progress, but I specifically am tired of random people in dungeons, that's why we want to get to guild with funny/normal people. And if you are starting in EN, even better, cause we want to progress through all the content it gives. Do not hesitate to contact me in game (Raelg) or at Raelg#2234. Or contact my friend Platón in game or at Smrtíšeq#2561. We are both from the Czech Republic. :-) We are looking forward to hearing from someone.Raelg4 5d
5d (A) Prot Warrior looking for a friendly home Hello, I'm an 847 prot warrior looking for a guild. I've been doing mythic dungeon runs lately and I don't want to play with random people anymore, would like to run these dungeons with people who will actually act social :D I miss the social aspect of the game :) I'm also interested in raiding, I used to raid as a healer in vanilla - tbc - wotlk but then stopped due to RL commitments. Now I'm looking to get back into it, but because I have a family I can't go the hardcore way. So I'm basically looking for a guild that can give me this, but I would prefer a guild that is just getting started with EN, so I can progress through all the content the normal way. Also important: I'm not interested in going DPS :) Looking forward to hearing from someone! Don't hesitate to contact me ingame or at ObsidianBear#21338 if you have any questions.Obsidianlord2 5d
6d Boomy LF a Guild Hello I'm Looking for a guild to do Dungeons(normal/heroic/mythic) casually raid and do old content and new content achievements and have fun I'm a casual player tho i play a lot but i mostly did things on my own, only slightly touched mythic's at the end of WoD and didn't touched raids outside of lfr. So I'm looking for a casual guild to do things together with minimum pressure to progress in legion but not in the hard-core wipe and get kicked styleRàvn2 6d
6d <NO LIFE> Recruiting for Mythic+ and EN <NO LIFE> is recruiting for Mythic+ and to establish a raiding team. We are running Mythic+2-6 nightly and at weekends, looking for new members to join us aiming to organize more full guild runs. We consist of humorous experienced raiders, with a relaxed attitude but not compromising on progression. Ideally require Healers, though all classes are welcome. As well as anyone leveling to reach end game PvE. To inquire message me: Aeon#2157Aeón2 6d
6d (A) <The Shroud> - Raiding Guild are recruiting! We are a newly formed guild made up some experienced, semi experienced raiders and other raiding enthusiasts. Our progress: 1/7 HC We are looking for more Healers for the Raids and also all types of DPSs and active social players are welcomed. TS or Discord will be using for the raids and raiding time is negotiable at the moment. If you are interested, add me Felixpanada#2882Feelex2 6d
17 Oct [A] Vengeance DH looking for Guild Mythic+ Dungeon Hello, I'm looking for a Guild to learn and progress in Mythic+ Dungeons. I played WoW around TBC - MoP and left just before WoD. Now came back and having quite a lot of fun. Not so interested in Raids as time can be a problem at night. Reason why my eye is on Mythic Dungeons progression.Selinne1 17 Oct
17 Oct [H] 860 Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild Hello, Some schedules change obliged to me to leave my guild since i could not play anymore during their raid-day. I'm now looking for a guild that can raid anyday mon->fri starting at 21 and finishing around midnight. My progress is 7/7 NM 3/7 HC. Feel free to /w me if you find me in game.Eccelsius1 17 Oct
16 Oct Looking for casual raiding guild Experienced wow player (although didn't really play WOD much) looking for a casual guild to do raids and mythic+ etc. I can commit to 2 raids a week. I would be online more than that, but due to work/family etc I wouldn't like to say when/how often. I've raided Mythic in the past as a DPS, but decided to mix it up this expansion as a monk tank (I know, great choice. Working on leveling another class, but due to commitments, it's going slow). I would be willing to be DPS if required. As I mentioned, I've raided Mythic content before so am fully aware of how raiding works at the highest level, although not since SoO. I'm looking for a casual guild, with minimal pressure, that does want to clear the content but not in the hard-core wipe and get kicked style. I would like to do mythic raiding if we can, but I don't mind if it takes a while to get there. Let me know if there's anything suitable out there. I don't even mind being a back-up for the time being, but just looking to get back into a guild really. It would be easier to message me here as I don't know when I'll be on-line, but I browse the forums daily whilst at work.Brewfasa5 16 Oct
16 Oct Prot Warrior Hy , i am Stefan, 28 year old :P. So i am looking for raiding guild. I am in London , so i belive the server hour is +1 from me but : my job is from 8 to 17.00 (18.00 server time). every evening i am on so I can do it. Regards Stef.Usepe3 16 Oct
16 Oct (A) Looking for guild with friendly social aspect I have been a casual player for a couple of years and have played more of the social side as I have lacked guidance to progress. Looking for a guild that has a friendly social side and that may be willing to help me learn enough to progress to do some causal raiding. Prefer ranged classes and main a BM Hunter, but leveling Mage, Warlock, Priest and Druid. Have a full time job and rl so looking for a guild that takes that into consideration. If you have any questions just ask. Anyone out there go room for me and my alts?Nezerra1 16 Oct
15 Oct [H] Heroic progression raiding Animosity is a friendly and supportive guild that takes a mature approach to raiding. We raid Mon and Wed from 9.00 server till 12.00. We expect raiders to be equipped and ready on time, but in return we offer a fun and supportive team environment. Currently we have openings for dps, both ranged and melee. Please apply at www.animosity-coa,com or give me a whisp in game for more infoScareytree1 15 Oct
14 Oct [A] <The Novus Tempest> - Semi-Serious Raiding The Novus Tempest 7/7 N 1/7 HC requires several DPS to bolster the ranks as we transition from Normal raids in to Heroic. We are a social guild however our raid team is semi-serious, we are now looking to trim the fat in the team and build through HC and then Mythic. Our requirements are minimum 850, 855 with a Legendary and must be hitting around 200k+ All classes considered so feel free to apply however this is DPS only, we don’t currently need Healers or Tanks. Any questions or should you with to apply contact myself (Pandeoo on Chamber of Aspects) Pandeoo#2150 Raid Times are 21:00RT till finish(usually 3 hours) Tuesdays and Thursdays P.S. Anyone is free to join the guild, the guild itself is one of the nicest groups on the server.Pandeoo1 14 Oct
14 Oct [A] Baroos Minion - Mythic+ Guild We are looking for some skilled and friendly players for our Mythic+ teams. Baroos Minion used to be a serious raiding guild with many server first kills back in the Cata. Since then we decided to go more casual. Now with the introduction of challenging 5 man content in Legion we will be focusing on that. We are looking for skilled players that are relaxed but focused on the goal. You also need to be ready to not take yourself too seriously as we have pretty messed up sense of humor. Aside from Mythic Dungeons we are doing some heroic raiding and PvP since we have players interested also in that aspect. We have a Mumble server that we hang out on almost daily. We play other games like Overwatch, CS:GO, Dota 2 etc. So there is always something to do! PM in game: Baroo#2877 or reply here.Baroo0 14 Oct
13 Oct (H) Blood Sweat and Beers Recruitment Blood Sweat and Beers is now recruiting raid members. We are an 11 person semi-casual raiding guild that are currently progressing through Heroic Emerald Nightmare (6/7). We are a team formed of good friends from a previous guild that wanted to raid as group of like minded people, with a decent timely progression as our main focus.We are looking for 1 healer (preferably a Holy Paladin) and 2-3 Ranged dps to join the Raid Roster. You will need to be around 850-855 ilvl minimum, however we may consider lower geared characters based on skill level but we need people to be doing over 200k DPS on single target fights. Other Classes will be considered so feel free to apply even if you do not meet the class criteria. Discord will be required for raiding. Our main goal at the moment is to clear the remaining bosses of Heroic Emerald Nightmare and in the future look towards raiding at a mythic level for when the Nighthold Raid is released. Our Raid nights and times are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (20:00-23:00 server time)If you are interested or have any questions then feel free to /w me in game or add my battletag Captainporg#2554Felend0 13 Oct
13 Oct (A) LF nice active social medium serious guild :) Hey guys, Kind of got hooked again into WoW with the launch of Legion and looking for a fun guild to enjoy the time with. I want to get more into dungeons and raiding, but still need to improve on that bit. Mostly play on evenings UK time weeknights or weekend :) Let me know if you are interested in a nice casual gamer with passion and ready to improve :) (one 110 character. Working on others to level up as Well!)Nodishii1 13 Oct
12 Oct Ascendance-Alonsus 7/7hc recruiting mythic >>>MYTHIC recruitment<<< We are looking for skilled and mature players that want to experience end game content while maintaining a relaxed raiding environment. We always will consider exceptional applications,if however we got to many of this combination of class/spec we might not be able to give a raid spot and wil inform about this. Currently looking for: 1 non specific class healer. RAID INFO • Raiding Days: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday • Raiding Hours: 20.00 - 23.00 (GMT+1) Minimum requirements Before applying please check that you meet our minimum requirements. Our aim is to progress as quickly as possible which means that spending time gearing people isn't ideal, however, we may make exceptions based on the quality of a persons application. • Have equivalent progress or a history of end game raiding if you are a returning player • Be able to maintain 90% attendance GENERAL INFORMATION Nationality: International (majority are from the UK, with some Swedish, Dutch, Polish & Portuguese thrown in) What we expect from a raider in Ascendance is very simple: Attendance: We require our raiders to have extremely high attendance, we have a small focused raiding roster and to be part of that you need to attend. Dedication: A raider who is not present cannot contribute. Communication: You must be able to communicate clearly when required, with all raiders fluent in English. Attitude: We do not tolerate raging over vent, if you have a rage problem keep it to yourself. ABOUT US Ascendance is one of the oldest guilds on Alonsus, which started raiding when the server was launched. At the beginning of tier 14 it stepped into proper 25-man hardcore raiding, and was one of the best raiding guilds in the world. A large section of the Guild then changed allegiance, swapping to the Horde and moving to another realm leaving behind a 10 man raiding team and the social core of the guild. With a nice balance between old and new players we progressing on mythic continent and are commited to clear it. Our members are passionate about the game, and our raiders look to push themselves and their characters to achieve the maximum that they can. All our raiders and members are expected to do what is best for the guild, rather than personal glory, with the aim being to achieve success by working together. SOCIAL Outside of raiding the guild is very active with organised events and flexi raids occurring regularly where all casual members, alts and raiders get together for a bit of a laugh. We also have some extreme achievement monkeys, PvPers' and plenty of people who are always looking to level another Alt... So if Raiding 3 nights a week isn't for you, but you are interested in applying as a Casual, follow the recruitment link and apply, just state you are looking for a social spot and we'll let you know ASAP. We got a casual normal(wil turn into hc at some point) run going on thursday 20:00-23:00 where a lot of our main raiders come along aswel. GET IN TOUCH If the above is of interest please complete our application form at our website (all applications are strictly private and only viewable by the raiding team). Twitch: (ranged point of vieuw) Battletag: Sendara#2749Sendara0 12 Oct
11 Oct Horde Ranged Deeps... Guild Name: I M M O R T A L (Semi Hardcore) Website: Raiding Schedule: Wednesday/Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 ST [Note that times/days are subject to change for progression] Recruitment Status: Ranged deeps but all classeas are welcome. What our Guild can offer: A relaxed and fun raiding environment A diverse group of players to engage in activities with A PvP group for fun and off times from raiding Curse for Voice Comms Guilds Website Ideal Candidates: Are mature, over 16 years Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronises with the rest of the guild is an asset Contacts: Send in game messages to Fónky/btag Weeron#21218. Alternatively, you can create an account on the website, and use our recruiting form, Cheers.Fónky1 11 Oct
11 Oct [A] Faster Than Lag 7/7NM 6/7HC The Guild Faster than Lag on the server Chamber of Aspects was formed by a group of past hardcore raiders who are now looking to continue raiding in more of a relaxed manner of gaming, with the aim of completing content with time before the next cycle. During our recruitment we’ve found people with the same mindset as ourselves and we’ve build a very strong and lasting community. However, due to the server not being one of the larger ones out there, recruitment can be a little difficult at times. We’re now turning our heads towards the forums in hope to find the last few spaces for dps roles we’re in need of for a strong team, ready for mythic raiding. We raid three days a week, Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 7:00pm – 9:30pm (CET) and as we aim on having a smaller roster we’d like you to be available during these days and times. You should have some experience with past raiding from any expansion. We'd like it if you have a working microphone but being able to use TeamSpeak 3 and able to listen are more important. Have a good attitude to raiding, the social aspect of the guild and a sense of humor. When it comes to gear, due to Legion being very unforgiving to catching up on gearing and alts we do have some requests on this. You should have at least 850+ Item level and be ready for Mythic Raids. The classes we’re recruiting right now are following: Death Knight: Full! Demon Hunter: Full Druid: Full! Hunter: BM or MM Mage: Open Monk: Full! Paladin: Full! Priest: Shadow. Rogue: Full! Shaman: Enhancement or Elemental Warlock: Demonology or Destruction. Warrior: Full! For any further information please contact us in-game, add us on battletag: RemnantsPast#2691 / Cortair#2640 Or visit our website: http://ftl-eu.enjin.comRemnira1 11 Oct
10 Oct Lf Greek Guild ! is there any greek guild on server?? uparxei kaneis na exei sikwsei ellhniko guild?Asmodaios1 10 Oct
10 Oct (H) Lobotomy recruiting We are a friendly helpful guild that has a long history of playing with each other. Currently we are lf mage/lock/hunter for our raid team. We look to have a smaller group to have the better connection with ppl and easier to enjoy raids, this game is played for fun. Our current progress is 1/7 HC Raid days are Wednesday and Monday 20-23h realm time From you we ask u to be nice, calm and know your class. Have a working headset and be able to use discord. if u need more info add me Gral#21920Samoubica2 10 Oct
07 Oct [A] - 7/7hc 1/7m - Chamber of Aspects - Recruiting! <Catch my towel> currently 1/7M, looking for realm first, are recruiting strong, serious players for their main raid team! Our current mythic raid times are Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 20:00-24:00 server time. Heroic clear will be done on Sunday also at 20:00 until raid end. Usually takes 2 hours max. Currently Recruiting Tank - Demon Hunter or Death Knight Melee DPS - Demon Hunter Death Knight Ranged DPS - Balance Druid We are serious raiders so raid your availability must fit our raid times. Please add me joe66#2881 or visit our website for more info :) Thank you for your time, i hope to speak to you soon!Lilman1 07 Oct
06 Oct Wts Herald of the Titans/Last of Us/Bloody Coin (Horde) Hello, We have a very nice team mostly from our guild (Luxuria; former Riot) to help you out for getting titles for pve&pvp on Twisting Nether. (Horde) ---Herald Of the Titans is a fos achi and get you the same title which can be obtainable by defeating Algalon in 10 player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment no higher than 226 (for weapons 232) Our Herald run is each sunday at 20.30 Realm Time. Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long is below 226 ilvl, you can use your heirlooms. Details: The price for a run is 160k, payment on Twisting Nether, 30K when you book the spot, the rest will be done before the pull. We also accept payments from other realms. (Other realms price is 170k) (Outland/Dreanor/Stormscale/Kazzak/Silvermoon/Ravencrest) We do also have runs for Last of Us and Bloody Coin. ---Last of us is an also Fos achi and ( gives you the title Lord/Lady of War. You will also be rewarded with Horde Flag of Victory Requirements: You only need level 3 Gladiator Sanctum, and some Broken Bones in case if we might not do it in first try. ---Bloody Coin You will be rewarded with Bloody Coin for each kill; which will allow you to buy Vengeful Porcupette for 100 coin. For 500 coin you may purchase Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast. You will also get the below achievements. Candlekeeper- 10 Coins Oathguard-100 Coins Blazebinder-500 Coins Kilnmaster-1000 Coins Fire-Watcher-2000 coins, which will give also the title Fire-Watcher Requirements: You only need Fire-Watcher's Oath which can be purchased for 100 Timeless Coin. You may find the updated price list for all as below; and feel free to add me on my battle net for more info: laiyaaa#2606 thanks, Here some of our feedbacks are as below. Kazzak : Silvermoon : Twisting Nether : Thanks, Since the prepatch is coming and we also need time to look over the patch, AFTER 24th July our prices will be as below. Last of Us : 60K for Twisting Nether; 70 K for Other realms* Herald Of The Titans : 160 K for Twisting Nether; 170 K for other realms* Bloody Coin: 500Coin (Including Mount) : 20K for Twisting Nether; 25K for other realms. Bloody Coin: 2000 Coin : (Including Title, mount and pet) : 60K for Twisting Nether; 70K for other realms. * Other realms are : Dreanor (H), Silvermoon (A), Stormscale (H), Kazzak (H), Outland (A), Ravencrest (A) *We are fully booked for Herald Of the Titans including 24Jul, but free after that, you can contact me to book your spot.Larienne6 06 Oct
04 Oct (A) Sacred Legion now recruiting Sacred Legion is now recruiting to fill our final spots for our main raid group. We currently have cleared 7/7 normal and 1/7 HC EM. Mainly due to players leaving. We are in need of : 1 tank 1 healer Monk or Paladin 2 dps We will be raiding with a group size of 15 and have a nice solid friendly bunch of players already. We are not hardcore and raid 2 days a week from 7pm Gmt till 10 - 10:30Gmt (Monday and Thursday) with the optional day on Tuesday. Can check out our website below and sign up if interested or wisper one of the following ingame: Recks Shífter Thanks the Sacred Legion Team 04 Oct
04 Oct [A] Retribution Paladin looking for a raiding guild! Hello. The reason I am looking for a new guild is that my current has only 2x2h of raiding per week, which is not enough for me. I am looking for an active raiding guild on CoA. It doesn't have to be a Mythic race guild, but I am looking for: At least 3x2h of raiding per week (2 hours of active raid progression). Mature guild with discipline, experience and some skillMy current ilvl is 846. I've experience with hardcore raiding, TS3 & mic ready. My prefered raid time is somewhere between: 6.30pm - 10.30pm (server time GMT +1). For more personal info, contact me in game.Fürstein1 04 Oct
03 Oct [A] Hunter LF New Guild Hi All. I'm new member of Chamber of Aspects server. I'm Hunter (lv 10 | 30 yo) in Alliance side. I'm looking for a guild, also in creation mode (or i could sign for new one) with aim to progress in new expansion: Legion. No accept invite from Social-only guild. /w Mæleen in game. Have a nice day!Aelkhaar0 03 Oct
03 Oct Guild Portuguesa no CoA Boas pessoal, Para quem estiver interessado numa guild portuguesa (Horde), criámos a guild Playback, constituída por antigos jogadores do WOW com faixa etária acima dos 30. Aos interessados podem contactar via in game Nély, Thyrsus ou Macularesca para mais informações ou invite. Bom jogo!!!Pedrunter3 03 Oct