Chamber of Aspects

23 Sep 2015 Sagacious (13/13H 9/13M) Tarren Mill horde Sagacious is a new formed Semi hardcore raiding guild currently looking for Experienced raiders to fill our mythic Roster. Raid days: Wednesday (20:00-23:30) Thursday (20:00-23:30) optional raid day Sunday (20:00-23:30) Monday (20:00-23:30) Recruitment: Dps: All classes and specs Requirements: Teamspeak 3 and a working Mic Showing up on time 715ilvl+ Good Behaviour 13/13H experience + few mythic achs If your looking for more info or interested joining us, Add Prinishivace#2678 or whisper me in game or one of the officers listed below: Shamserk Jakek Royalcard Spinnaker Nicehealer Or apply at 23 Sep 2015
21 Sep 2015 closed sorry please deleteHeveng0 21 Sep 2015
19 Sep 2015 Look for help challenge mode I am looking for a group that can help me with challenge mode gold I have 200k in totale of gold for itCasixh0 19 Sep 2015
18 Sep 2015 [H] Blood dk looking for a home </3 Just came back to WoW after a fairly substantial break, looking for a nice cosy guild to call home for the foreseeable future! As my current server seems to have died a horrible death since I've been away, i'm willing to transfer to any other server to find what i'm looking for. I'm after for a non-too-serious raiding guild looking to progress through hfc (Normal, Heroic, or early Mythic) and to transition into Legion, on a light-ish schedule. I'm able to raid any day Tuesday-Saturday (Unable to attend raids on Sundays or Mondays i'm afraid!) but would prefer to keep it to 2 or 3 days a week. The majority of my raid experience is a bit dated (Cleared about 95% of heroic/hm encounters in Wrath while they were current), as I've been nothing more than an on/off player for the last 3 years because of Uni and such, but i'm back with a vengeance now and ready to raid! (But, because I am unable to provide any recent experience, i'm more than willing to trial cross-realm before any guild commits to me! :p) Anyways, if you think i'm your guy (or could be), or would just like more information about myself, give me a yell on @ Sarcalos#2113 (Or just, y'know... reply on here!) Thank you for your time!Sarcalos0 18 Sep 2015
18 Sep 2015 Holy Paladin LF Active Raiding Guild As the title suggests im currently looking for a raiding guild, pref 3 nights a week, and doesn't use an outside loot system such as loot council or EPGP. I'm broadening my horizons in terms of realms / faction im willing to change to in order to find a raiding guild that hopefully raids 2-3 nights a week, im an ilvl 700 holy paladin and i am looking to continue my adventures within Azeroths raids and beyond :D As for prior raiding,i have got AoC for hc hm and didnt really raid much in BRF but i did also get AoC for BRF too, as i said, went on hiatus for awhile, But we've been raiding actively since Wotlk, granted back then i was a tank lol, but ive been raid healing since dragon soul in cata and love it dearly, fell in love with my holy paladin in MoP, nearer the end of the expansion sadly, but still went on to get a mythic garrosh kill, although that doesnt appear to show on my character tab, but i have the healing mace to prove it :P i take my role seriously and am always trying to better my performance, so if you think you can offer this lowly paladin *race to be determined* a home and a raiding spot, id be more than happy to join your guild on your endevours :) Thnks for reading ^^ Solie#2261Zhanaa2 18 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 [H] Twisted Vortex 8/13HC - Kazzak Recruiting X-Realm Welcome to the Twisted Vortex experience. Twisted Vortex is a Horde raiding guild re-formed by a core of experienced players, with the majority of its members based on Kazzak EU, with others on Haomarush, Stormreaver and Tarren Mill. Our main aim is heroic progression and preparation for the release of Legion - but we aren't ruling out Mythic content either. We're currently 8/13 Heroic. We actively encourage players from other realms who are looking for a guild, whether it is due to low server population, or that you just can't find the right guild for you. The difference WE DON'T EXPECT YOU TO TRANSFER! We are using social media to ensure that each of our guild members what ever realm they are on, are fully engaged and feel as much a part of the guild as any of our members on Kazzak. We are looking for committed players, who will buy in to the ethos of the guild. - Be an active member of the guild - Support and respect each of our members, we don't talk !@#$ to or about each other - Be open to feedback, and be prepared to act upon it - Have a good knowledge of your class and role with in a raid, including tactics - Maintain a high level of attendance - most of us have lives, and we understand that these can have an impact Things to know about our raiding structure - - We raid from 20.30 to 23.30 server time Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. - Raid invites begin 10 mins before start time - We use loot council - we aim to be as fair as possible with loot distribution, the council's decision is final. Meet some of the team... Our Raid Leader Yimiko - An experienced raid leader, dating back to Vanilla. Available for all of your raid leading needs. The Boss Hôôters - Paladin until wow dies. Head Communications Officer Béann - self proclaimed top DPS - lies or delusions? who knows, no one really cares. Recruitment Gear - ideally we want people who are ready to raid Hellfire Citadel Heroic, but we aren't completely insane to think we'll have people with 705 ilvl beating down our door to get in to a raid... so if you are a little under geared and willing to put the effort in to attaining the required kit - then we are more than happy to help you get there as long as we see an independent effort on your part. Trial period - there is no set time frame, if we think you are legend after 1 raid - then we'll give you raider rank, if it takes 3 or 4... then well it is what it is. What classes do we require? High Resto Druid Rogue Warlock Medium Holy Paladin Resto Shaman Medium/Low Retribution Paladin Feral Druid Windwalker Monk Shadow Priest If you are interested, drop us an email at and we'll get back to you asap! Alternately, contact any of the below for more info. Béann - BOZZABEAN #2671 Hôôters - HOOTERS #2788 Móneyshot - Eilaan #2512 Snoozlers - FIREDETEI #2965 Nathil - TREY #2214 Swayvil - RAZYEL #2518 Regards, Twisted Vortex EUMóneyshot0 16 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015 Entity HFC Progress (4/13M) Entity are currently recruiting for HFC 4/13M. We are after a few more Ranged/Melee DPS to incorporate into our roster. We are wanting to push for curve and defeat Archimonde with time to spare before the expansion end. You need a minimum of 710 item level and have the legendary ring or close too. We need to push straight on & continute our Mythic adventure. If you think you can add something to this, feel free to leave an application & we'll see what we can achieve together! My battle tag Jaso25555#2835 if you have questions. In game name Wonderwall. Our Wow progress: Recruiting: Mage, Warlock, Ele & Enchance Shaman, Rogue, Warrior, Boomkin & also have a tank spot open, would like a Bear Tank as our preference.Wonderwall1 15 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 NEMESIS (panda) hello fellas, i have a panda nemesis quest and i have to kill 500 of them..i m saying it if noone knows what it is..anyway i m tired of searching alliance panda in ashran or any drenor map..this class is getting rare i assume..thats why i created this topic here if anyone who has alliance panda (spec doesnt matter, dont worry) wants to help me, i m here :)) besides i should find 4 more ppl in horde faction who have panda nemesis quest becoz if i m in same group with these hordes,all kills get multiplied with five person.. If u are an alliance panda plz help me <3 we can make a peace between 2 factions :)) anyway..guys its really important for me i m waiting your helps ally ppl also hordes who have panda nemesis questFenderz13 14 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 FROSTWHISPER [H] - Money for Nothing 13/13HC 2/13M Frostwhisper guild Money for Nothing is recruiting dedicated people to strengthen our mythic team. Our guild's main focus is it's community, good atmosphere and having fun while we progress in mythic. We prefer people who like to have a laugh and share jokes, and most of us spend a lot of time together on teamspeak. All applications go through our website at, but feel free to contact any of our officers in game for a chat if you're interested or have any questions. Current update: We currently have high prio recruitment for: blood dk/guardian druid and resto shammy/mw monk/resto druid Our progress Hellfire Citadel Normal: 13/13 Heroic: 13/13 Mythic: 2/13 Our raid days (server time EU) Wednesday: 19.30-22.30 Sunday: 19.30-22.30 Monday: 19.30-22.30 We are currently recruiting Tank: Blood DK, Guardian Druid Healers: Mistweaver Monk, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman Dps: Druid, Priest, Paladin with healing or tanking offspec If you think we might be the guild for you, feel free to add me on realid Honeyz#2611 for a chat, or simply apply at 13 Sep 2015
11 Sep 2015 New guild Hi, i was wondering how is the population on this server on the horde side, is it active, is it busy etc etc. Our server is dying so we are looking for new servers.Neehno1 11 Sep 2015
11 Sep 2015 [H] Draenor - Clan Fieldmountain 12/13HC In Clan Fieldmountain, we value our raiding time. Efficient, smooth raids whilst having fun is what we are always striving for. We are an experienced core of players that has always been raiding on a very high level from Vanilla to WoD, and we are now looking to expand into Mythic raiding and prepare for the upcoming expansion, while keeping the mentality and values that we've always had in our raids. The reason why we value our raid time so much, is also because we value our time outside of the raids. We all have different real life commitments which is why we are looking for people that show up on time, come prepared and are always ready to go. People that enjoy hard content, and foremost clearing hard content without having to sacrifice countless hours each week. We are currently interested in recruiting: A tank A few healers A few DPS Raid Times (All Server Time): Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Thursday: 20:00-23:00 Sunday: 20:00-23:00 Current Progress: 9/13 Heroic Server: Draenor - Horde Application: If you can see yourself being a part of Clan Fieldmountain, please contact Civ#2331 for more information. Even if your class isn't listed as one that we're looking for currently, we will always consider exceptional applications by any class.Civlicious1 11 Sep 2015
10 Sep 2015 "Have... Have We Met?" achievement question. Greetings all of the Horde and Alliance, Those of you who still do the Molten Front dailies or visit Sethria's Roost every day to try to find the right NPCs to /wave at, what time do you do it at? I am stuck only needing Thassarian (who is Alliance only) to get the achievement and I want to be able to visit when the most people are going to be present. If we can figure out between us when the "peak time" is, we can try to all be there at once to maximise our chance of getting the NPCs we need. So yeah, what time do you visit Mount Hyjal to check?Earthenwomb0 10 Sep 2015
08 Sep 2015 <Worg Riders of Orgrimmar> 12/13hc Lf Raiders! ,¸¸.•º´¯`°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•» Worg Riders of Orgrimmar «•°’ˆ¸„•°’ˆ¸„•°´¯`º•.¸¸ Contacts Guild master: Nadian (Nadian#2386) Recruitment Officer: Darth (Lukeacton#2298) Realm: Chamber of Aspects! Faction: Horde Website: Raid Days Thursday- 21:00-00:00 Sunday- 21:00-00:00 Monday- 21:00-00:00 "PERFECT SUMMER SCHEDULE" Recruitment We are always looking for Talented, Committed and fun raiders to add to our current roster. Regardless of what our current recruitment status is, we will always consider every application and try out best to fit you into our current team. Below are the classes that are most in demand to benefit our current roster. If you are unsure whether your class will help our team, then feel free to ask guild management. We will consider from the following classes: Tanks: Closed. Damage Dealers: Death Knight, Druid (Balance), Priest, or Warlock. Healers: Monk Even if your class is not listed here, We will still consider all classes and specs for our team! A little bit about us We are a fairly old guild, created in April 2009. Our first raiding team kicked off around summer 2010 (late WotLK), and has been raiding non stop since then. Most of our raiders from back then are still around, either raiding or popping in to say hello. Our Raiders are mainly based in the UK, Poland and Nordic countries, but we also have raiders from other parts of the world. We do not have any age requirements, but most of us are in their late twenties to mid thirties. (Some of us are just 18) What do we expect from you? •Good attendance, as we operate a relatively small roster and cannot afford our raiders to miss every other raid. •Very good knowledge of your main spec and ideally at least passable skill with your offspec. •Ability to listen to and understand voice communication in English; mic is encouraged but not strictly mandatory. •Maximum effort put into optimising your toon outside of the guild runs, which includes enchanting and gemming your gear, running garrison missions for gear, preparing consumables including enhancement runes and capping weekly bonus loot currency. •Enough flexibility to be able to switch to an optimal spec instead of underperforming out of habit. • The ability to HAVE FUN How to Apply If this information leaves you wanting to learn more, then please feel free to add one of the battletags at the top of this page, Alternatively visit our website or our WoW progress for more details Hope to hear from you soon!Darth4 08 Sep 2015
07 Sep 2015 Hellfire Citadel Kill Videos It's that time again! Did this for BRF now I'll do it for Hellfire. Post your kill videos here for all of us to see. Whether it be Normal, Heroic or Mythic, all is welcome. Hellfire Assault (Mythic) - Incineration Iron Reaver Kormrok (Mythic) - Incineration Hellfire High Council Kilrogg Deadeye Gorefiend Shadow-Lord Iskar Socrethar the Eternal Tyrant Velhari Xhul'horac Fel Lord Zakuun Mannoroth ArchimondeBlunjoy0 07 Sep 2015
07 Sep 2015 [H]Rage of Ancients 13/13 NM 13/13 HC recruiting Mages Rage of Ancients is a mature semi-casual raiding guild that has been around for over 10 years. We aim to recruit people that are capable raiders and knowledgeable in their respective class for constant enjoyable Heroic progress as well as Mythic progress whenever we have the lineup for it. Raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday from 8 - 11 PM. Raiders are expected to be proficient both in their main spec as well as have a viable offspec they can play to progress level. Performance and activity are important, but so is mature behaviour and chemistry with the raid group and guild. Just because you're a good player, doesn't mean we'll keep you around if you're a prick ;) Similarly, we'll not carry extremely nice players if they cannot perform or aren't prepared for the content we are running. Trial period is 2 full raid IDs with active raid attendance. Currently looking for, with high priority: - 2 Mages - 1 Balance Druid Current content level is beginning of Mythic, at 13/13 HC. If interested, contact: - me, Kadghar (raidleader) Laopao (GM) Procopius KronousKadghar1 07 Sep 2015
06 Sep 2015 [H] <Cliché> [Tarren Mill] - recruiting all! TL;DR: Considering all high-quality applications despite the class/spec Realm & Faction: Tarren Mill - Horde Language: English Raiding Days: 2 Raid schedule: Wednesday: 20:30 - 24:00 Monday: 20:30 - 24:00 Currently Recruiting: ALL About Cliché: After disbanding back in early BRF, Cliché has decided to reform, and pick up right where we left off! Many members went on to gather experience and kills (some cleared 10/10M, others are going strong in current progression, looking at 5/13M), and others decided to take a break - now eager to come back! The focus lies on short, structured and effective raiding, which is why we start at a later time and raid for only 2 days. We understand that people have lives, and some people are parents or even have social lives outside of the game. The main goal of the guild is to clear content; we're not aiming for cutting edge progression, however we're pushing the content at a fast pace, we want to enjoy the content as a group of players but we still want to clear as much as possible. As a core group of people we have played together on an off as a part of lots of different versions of Cliché ranging from its original concept back in WotLK up to this version of ourselves. With this new revision of Cliché we are taking a more laid back situation to it, but are focusing on quality over quantity while also enjoying the game and having a social life. Applicant Requirements: Although we are not a world or server first guild, we expect a certain standard from our raiders. You should be up-to-date on your optimal rotations and gear to access the full potential of your class. Be well-prepared to every raid, and research the fights as best as possible beforehand. This way, it's ensure that everyone has a basic understanding of their class and the boss fights. You should be equipped with a positive attitude towards the raid as well as the other raiders, which something we value highly. If your performance or attitude is poor, we won't hesitate to replace you. How to Apply: Please don't hesitate to contact any of the officers or drop us an application at Contact Us! fourd#2399 iRowdy#2882 kirbyaw#2630Adarah5 06 Sep 2015
06 Sep 2015 702 dps warrior looking for raiding guild Hi I guess it's a long shot but I'm looking for a guild that raids 2 - 3 times a week. I have been raiding 8 - 11 server time (pm) on a Thursday and Monday but could change days if needed. My current progress is 13/13 normal and 6/13 hc. I have protection as my off spec and also have a blood /unholy DK and a hunter alts that I can switch to if needed. Can anyone give me any help? ThanksCryptsmasher1 06 Sep 2015
05 Sep 2015 Low level priest looking for a home Hi guys, Just thought I'd throw it out there, I am looking for a guild. Currently I am a level 20 discipline priest who is still learning the ropes. I am looking for a guild with a relaxed atmosphere who are active and willing to put up with noob mistakes while I still learn. I mostly like doing dungeons and socialising. Nevermind, I found a great group of people, no longer looking for a guild.Rheyah0 05 Sep 2015
04 Sep 2015 [A] Resto Druid LFG I am looking at getting back into raiding. My ilvl is around 690. Around 10 years exp. Message me in game for a chat. Cheers.....Skriz0 04 Sep 2015
03 Sep 2015 [H] <clan ONE> Recruiting for Raid Team We are looking for new members to join our Raid Team. Most in need of RDPS. But also interested in hearing from a Rogue or dps DK. clan One is a small casual guild. We believe in having fun while raiding, but we also like progress. You must be 18+ to join. And we'd also like you to have some current raid experience. Prefered iL is 690+. Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, 20.00 to 23.00. We use TS3. Typically you will be asked to come for a trial before invite. We welcome X-realm applications. Contact me in game (fixa#2101) for more details.Fixah1 03 Sep 2015
01 Sep 2015 3 former guildies looking for new guild Hi, 3 former members of a guild are looking for a new guild to meet new people and participate in all it has to offer. Mainly social/casual raiding however could also go for a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a social side as 1 of us has experience raiding HFC HC regularly. The more active the guild the better! If you think your guild sounds right for us please reply below or message me in game so we can discuss it further Look forward to hearing from youNaalnish7 01 Sep 2015
01 Sep 2015 Premature Pullers, Ravencrest [A] <Premature Pullers> is searching for more members. We're looking for norwegian/swedish people only, so I will write the rest of this thread in norwegian. Hei, vi er en norsk/svensk guild på [A] Ravencrest. 13/13 Heroic HFC, 1/13 Mythic HFC. Guilden består av en kjerne spillere som har spilt sammen lenge og har erfaring fra highend raiding i tidligere expansions, i tillegg til en del nye spillere med tilnærmet samme erfaring som har kommet til oss i Warlords. Felles for oss alle er at vi ønsker å raide på et høyt nivå i et casualt miljø, med andre ord god kvalitet på raids de 2 dagene i uka vi raider. Til tross for vårt relativt casual miljø så har vi ett ønske om å progresse lengst mulig. Vi raider Onsdager 19.00-23.00 og Søndager 19.00-23.00. Vi bruker Mumble for å kommunisere under våre raids. Vi søker primært etter: Tank: Druid (high), death knight (high) obs! Helst med DPS-offspec Healer: Monk (High), Druid (Medium) Range dps: Boomkin (high), Warlock (high), Mage (high), Shadow priest (Medium) Melee dps: Rogue (High), Warrior (medium) Flinke spillere av alle classes kan selvsagt la høre fra seg uavhengig av det som står ovenfor :) Spillere med relevant experience, gear og helst et noenlunde oppegående offspec vil bli foretrukket. Ta kontakt med Xlytol, Toj, Galnis, Kemira eller Nirvada eller send en in-game mail om ingen er online så kan vi ta en liten prat :)Nirvada0 01 Sep 2015
30 Aug 2015 [H] Selling Alani mount Selling the Alani mount (Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent) 20,000 gold OR i'm willing to trade for Coalfist Gronnling /w in game or reply hereMezzá2 30 Aug 2015
28 Aug 2015 [Once-Again] Kazzak Late Night Guild - 6/13 Mythic Hey, O-A are currently looking for a few more players for our late night team. We raid every Wednesday, Thursday & Monday at 22:00 to 01:00 Server time. We believe we are a friendly guild who offer steady progress in current content for people with commitments. People like us who mostly have family's, work & commitments which means the average guild unfortunately doesn't suit our needs. We are an English speaking guild with players from all over Europe. Raiding only 3 Nights a week and only 9 hours we strive to enjoy the raiding scene and still have plenty of time for other activities. Please feel free to check out our site or contact any of our team in game. Currently searching for : Tank : Deathknight / Warrior Dps : Hunter / Rogue / Warlock / Deathknight / Elemental Shaman Would also consider all good players who would improve our team :) Current progress been 6/13 Mythic & 13/13 Heroic Thanks / www.oaguild.websiteLogical1 28 Aug 2015
28 Aug 2015 TAW is recruiting The Art Of Warfare or TAW is now recruiting from the Chamber of Aspects and Silvermoon servers! TAW is a large community of online gamers and was started in March of 2001 by several gamers who played Delta Force. As A sophisticated 'clan' we strive on introducing new members into our military based ranks and we do this though many different ways including forum posts like this. In this post I will explain about joining TAW and a few of its ranks and positions and explain our World Of Warcraft division. So, If you are interested in being part of something bigger head over to and check us out in more detail however there is certain criteria that applicants must meet when signing up and these are: . The member MUST be over the age of 15 Years. . They should be able to attend our Battalion Mandatory events on SAunday from 19:30-21:00 servertime. . They pass their introduction test after signup. . They must agree to our Moonlighting rules. . Must have a working microphone and be able to use Teamspeak 3. If you have no conflicts with these terms then the signup will be very easy and simple. Each member chooses 1 Division to join and is assigned into a battalion. I will now explain the World Of Warcraft Division structure. Having so many gamers in one teamspeak can be hectic but thanks to staff members this is made very sociable. TAW is made up of Army and Operations Support. All of our Divisions, or games, are based off of an Militaristic structure which as a Commander and a Lieutenant Commander who over watch the entire game based activity. Next ranks down are Corps Commander and Lieutenant Commander whom over watch the corps which consist of several divisions. Now this is the relevant and easy tho understand information: A Division is simply a game so we have the World Of Warcraft Division. This is then split into the North American Battalion and the European Battalion and members are assigned to the relevant battalion. In this case the EU is based on the server Chamber Of Aspects but we now run on Silvermoon as well. Now i can understand that this can be alot of gibberish but we take great care into ensuring that all members have a good time and enjoy being here. So now for what we can provide for those joining us at Chamber of Aspects and Silvermoon: . We Provide an in-game guild which is in the process of recruiting, leveling and stabilizing the guild bank. . Organize events for Pvp and Pve members. . Provide Guild perks and repairs and 50% off the AH for members from the Guildbank . Give members access to guild chat and Raffle with prizes on special occasions. . TAW members have more access and repair amounts and increases with rank. . Organize groups for lower levels to level and run Pvp. I would like to mention that we are new to this server but are greatly improving the services we provide and are working to provide access to more. Pvp teams and Raid teams are looking for more members as well and all taw members are eligible to apply. Our raid team, The Art of Raiding is now 12/13 HFC NM 5/13HC If you have any questions, Problems or wish to join you can contact me at: . . Wallnutt#2575 . Reply on this thread . Search ingame for The Art Of Warfare guild. Usefull links: Chamber of Aspects - Silvermoon - *This post will be kept updated so check back every so often*Nanaite0 28 Aug 2015
26 Aug 2015 WoW In-GameConnection Issues Recently when logging into WoW I can get into the game and see trade, guild and general chat but I cannot see people move, enter instances or even cast spells or summon mounts. Also if I am near other players they just appear stationary to me. Please help or comment if you are getting the same issue.Taenaran0 26 Aug 2015
24 Aug 2015 Rip Rip Coaér2 24 Aug 2015
24 Aug 2015 Returning player on Chamber of Aspects. Found suitable guild..Fulgar1 24 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 691 MM hunter LF decent raiding guild Looking for a decent and organised raiding guild that is able to experience end-game content in a mature way. I am a 36 years old WOW player and i play this game since 2006, im not native in english but i can make my self understanded. My character have 691 ilvl and have the following experience in HC: - 13/13 normal, never killed last boss but did the fight untill 30% ; - 7/13 heroic, never killed 7th boss but did the fight till 20% of it. Can perform 4-5 raids/week aslong as i am not forced to raid on saturdays (drinking nights...:)) ), pref. raiding hours is between 19:00 till 23:00 server time. Cya in-game. Best regards.Sorb1 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 Newbie Tank looking for guildies to learn and play with Hey there! I've been playing wow on and off since vanilla but very much in a casual capacity. I have only ever raided in LFR. Though I don't have a huge amount of time to play I always try do my research before playing with others, watching and reading guides etc. I'm realy interesting in Tanking as a prot warrior, but it's very different to what I've played before and there is a lot to take on board. I promise to supplement my inexperience with general friendlieness and willingness to learn. I'd love to find an active, friendly and social guild for dungeons and raids.Berserkhan1 21 Aug 2015
21 Aug 2015 657 MM hunter looking for raiding Hello, I am Marksmanship hunter who recently bought WoD and want to raid. I have currently 657 item level (and I am working on apexis crystal gear). I am not hardcore raider, I just like the athmosphere of being on TeamSpeak and listening tactics and just whatever - but I don't realy speak at all. I want to go sometimes raiding with guild which actualy raids. I have been in a lot of guilds that just invite 1000 players and have only 7 raiding guys. Well, now the tricky part. I do not know most of the tactics since I am grinding LFR only and done like 6 bosses in Highmaul on normal, but I would like to try more. Mor raids, more on higher difficulty. There is link to my armory: Well, see ya in-game and thank you for reading this.Orrddomis1 21 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 680 blood dk looking for raiding guild add me in game for a chatRobertmarley0 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 Lobotomy recruiting We are a friendly, fresh, social and casual guild with leader 12/13 hc experience. We are looking for any players except tanks that like to raid casual and just have fun in game while getting progress. Do you want to join a growing community and meet nice ppl with potential to be long term friends while we are pushing through to Legion? Are you sick of big guild groups where tightness and individuality is not existing? Want to feel appreciated as a raider, but also as a person? Then add me on b-tag Grale#2738 and we can have a further discussion. Our raid times are 19:30-22:30 friday and monday We dont aim towards elitism, just have decent gear and know to play your class while having fun times with our group :)Samoubica0 19 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 yo chamber of aspects how you doin?Breadfoot1 16 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 WTB Ripswallow Plate Belt Normal Version. Please reply, paying good!Arthelas0 14 Aug 2015
13 Aug 2015 New raid/social guild whats up forum claws here the power cosmic is a social raiding guild looking for raiders of all ages and expertise we have all been in the long que's for me there around 20-30mins for dung's and raid's are almost an hour long wait if not more we cant be botherd with the que times and am sure you cant either why not join us beat the que beat the boss get your gear wham bham thank you mam currently we raid weekends weekday''s if this sound's like something you would like to join hit me up totalgameruk#2540 lets go slay some mother truckers!!Clawws0 13 Aug 2015
12 Aug 2015 [H] <Incursion> 9/13N HFC | 8/10H BRF - Recruiting <Incursion> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Chamber of Aspects. Our roster contains a solid core group of misfits, but able to keep focus when raiding and we expect the same from our recruits. We welcome you to join us, and allow us to make your/our raiding experience even better. Currently, we are 9/13 Normal Hellfire Citadel, 8/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry + 7/7 Heroic Highmaul. We are looking for talented and committed players to join us, and have some fun. When We Raid: Wednesdays, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST) Thursdays, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST) Fridays, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST) We do alt runs: Sundays, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST) We encourage any and all who think they have what it takes to apply. Attendance is key; whilst we expect you to be online for every raid night, life happens and we get that. We do expect all core raiders to maintain at least 90% adherence. What You Need: Teamspeak Microphone Open-Mindedness to Constructive Criticism Class Experience Positive Attitude Consistency Patience How To Apply: You may reply here or you may reach out to any member in-game and they will direct you to a officer. Vocal interview is required.Koumena7 12 Aug 2015
11 Aug 2015 Realm Merged? Is this realm merged with any others?Kilbar2 11 Aug 2015
10 Aug 2015 [H] < Unskilled & Afraid > 2 day Mythic 13/13 M (XP) We’re a competitive group of players Horde side on Tarren Mill, brought together by a desire to explore all the content the game has to offer. We raid up to 3 nights a week (Wed – Sun 7.30pm – 11.30am) Our members hail from all over Europe, with English being our language of choice. For more info about about who we are and how to submit an application please visit our website. We are currently looking for : 1 Rogue 1 Ret Paladin 1 Warlock 1 Hunter
 1 Shadow Priest 2 Balance Druids We are also open to all other classes. If you are an exceptional player, we are mostly looking for the player rather than the class. Website : Battletag : Wanni#2551Rebello0 10 Aug 2015
07 Aug 2015 [H] 696 Brew Monk LF Raiding Guild Hey there, I am 28, male, and looking for a raiding guild starting immediately. Ideally I'd want to raid 3 nights a week, but I can do more- don't really want to do less, I'd only consider a guild with 2 nights if they're not wednesday/sunday, so I could raid with 2 different guilds. I can meet any raiding schedule, within reason. I have all common voice programs installed and am happy to communicate on there. Public logs are available on Warcraftlogs, though it's only a few weeks worth of (mostly terrible) PUGs, so please take them with a couple grains of salt- I have been playing this spec for ~2 weeks now and am confident that I'll be able to perform well regularly; I may not be great, but I'll be good enough to get through content without slowing progression- the longest a fight has ever taken me to understand fully was 3 wipes, and this was due to a malfunctioning AddOn. As I am in a guild in it's final throes, all of my raiding progression in the current tier was dependent on PUGs; as such, I am currently sitting on 10/13NM cleared (not been trying for HC, PUGs were bad enough in NM). I am mostly looking towards HC progression guilds- if you're stuck on NM at this time, I'd probably not be very happy in your guild (but I'd still give it a whirl if you think you can break into HC very shortly). What you have to offer me: A fairly steady core roster. I will offer you 100% attendance (barring unforeseen circumstances beyond my control), so I expect you to maintain a roster of other raiders who will hold themselves to similar standards. Not having to PUG players every raid-night is one of my main incentives for joining a guild. I am, as a side-note, also not interested in PUGing on the side for the most part, as I spend my non-raid-time in game PvPing with friends or know, fun things. If this is something you require of your raiders, we will likely not come into business. I want to turn up, perform, and be left to my own devices otherwise. Standards, to use that word again. If I turn up to the first raid-night (assuming you agree to trial me) and your raiders have to be told to use runes, pots, bring 125 stat food, and clearly haven't done any research on the fights at hand, I am likely going to be looking elsewhere. I don't expect to find "hardcore tryhards" in a hc progression guild, just that you and your raiders respect the time invested by everyone involved. A modicum of decency. I love a good swear (I have been described as sailor-esque in the past and have many Scottish acquaintances), but before contacting me, ask yourself this: are hard F's and C's being dropped on your voice-comms completely arbitrarily every 5 seconds? I don't really want to listen to that kinda !@#$ for hours on end multiple nights a week. This goes ten-fold for racist crap.What I can offer you: A reliable tank who will only get better and who loves progression (I played WildStar, I am happy to do the same choreographed dance over and over, as long as it seems that people want to progress and do their best). A communicative player who doesn't take himself too seriously and is happy to admit to mistakes; I am there to help us kill bosses, I don't play for myself or my ego. The whole appeal in raiding for me is an unselfish one: working in synergy with other players who have the same goal. I study my own logs after every raid-night, and odds are that if you find something I am doing wrong, I am already aware of it- but I will still appreciate the feedback; again, I don't play for my ego, I play to make progress with My Guild(TBD). I will be early and fully stocked on all consumables, with repaired gear and updated AddOns every raid-night. This should be a given, but I know from experience that it isn't. I stopped gearing my offspec (WW) since it is, in my opinion, a very flawed, and worse, frustrating spec to play, but I could if I ever needed to (...don't make me. Seriously). If you're looking for a DPS who will tank when your tanks are feeling lazy, keep looking. ;) I am Pandaren masterraceI'd be happy to trial, have an interview on your voice-comms of choice, perform as a belly-dancer at your nephew's birthday party, whatever you need. Please leave your contact-info in the thread or contact me in-game on Neckbeardio. Thank you.Neckbeardio7 07 Aug 2015
05 Aug 2015 [H]Blood Of Eden CoA Recruiting 10/10HC, 11/13N, 4/13HC Our Current progression HM 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic. BFR 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic. HFC 11/13Normal, 4/13Heroic. Need more players for Mythic progression. About us We are an English speaking guild consisting of members from all around Europe. We are a very friendly bunch. Our guild takes a stress free approach to raiding but that doesn’t mean we don’t take our raiding serious. In between bosses we like to have a laugh and a joke. We don’t judge people on first impressions so don’t worry if you’re not quite up to scratch for raiding as we see potential in good raiders. We are aware that raiding takes a lot of practice especially if you’re new to raiding or even experienced players returning. We will explain tactics before boss encounters as clear possible and will answer any questions you may ask (so don’t be shy if you feel you need to hear tactics again). We can advise players what path to take in terms of how to enchant, gems, rotations etc. We will even supply enchants and gems to raider’s if they need them. The members we have in our guild at present are devoted players who are on most of the time and are willing to help if asked. We are currently 14 strong. We don’t claim to be pro’s by anybody’s standards but we are skilled players who take our roles seriously. We have active members who have raided since vanilla. Attributes we are looking for All players have a good understanding and knowledge of tactics. That players know their classes and role. Players log on at least 15 minutes before raid time for invites. Come prepared with obvious things such as food and flasks. No rage quitters please!!! Raid Days Monday 9.00 – 12.00 pm Thursday 9.00 – 12.00 pm Sunday 9.00 – 12.00 pm (Server time) Currently Recruiting Hunter Mage WW Monk If your class is not listed don't worry as all classes are welcome atm so please don't hesitate to ask. We will look over our composition and see if we can make it work. So what happens next? If you would like to be part of our stress free raid team and want to progress in raids instead of being in a wipe all night group (as they say) then don’t hesitate and check us out at Or alternatively contact us in-game. Bananna83#2966, shyt#1892, Fairuza#2374 Thanks for reading and good luck.Grappleheals6 05 Aug 2015
05 Aug 2015 Any small guild looking for a group to raid with? Hi, We are a small guild which is currently finding it hard to maintain a regular raid team. We have a small core of 695+ players and are 10/13 in HFC so far, but we are having to grab pugs every time. It's a pain and it's holding us back. Are there any small guilds or raiding groups that are having the same problem? We'd like to look at the possibility of teaming up. We currently raid on Wed and Sun but any such arrangement would require some flexibility. If anyone's interested, can you please post here or /w on this char on CoE.Earthenware0 05 Aug 2015
03 Aug 2015 New Mythic Guild Project! Me and a few friends of mine have thought about creating an raiding guild for a little while now as we grew tired of the 5-7 days a week of raiding. So we are now searching for people that wanna enjoy raiding with players with the same mindset to approach the game but don´t wanna commit more than 2-3 days / 9 hours a week. As this is a PROJECT and we still need a lot of people to make this happen we´re planning to get started in early September with raiding as a guild, we know summer plays a huge factor into this and we will have some time to recruit players that we think will fit our guild, also if people would like to reroll different classes you will have some time to start gearing and fix stuff that needs to be taken care of before we start. Leadership: We are 4 people with currently full mythic experience in WoD except with Hellfire Citadel in the top 15 ranks during all tiers, the other members of our project rains from everything to top 30 – 100 world wide. So we have a decent core but we still need more members that are interested in taking part in our project. Most of us has been here since the Vanilla days and few of us has been in world top leading PvE guilds during our wow careers. If this sounds something you wanna be a part with please visit our current website for more information and if you want to chat please add me on Website : Battletag : Wanni#2551Rebello2 03 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 Mo'Grosh Toothpick Hi all, I have this item on an alt. When I went to sell it I checked wowhead for an average value and it threw back 125k gold. This can't be accurate. Even in regards to transmog buying, this seems rather high. I understand the item was removed from the game prior to patch 4.0 but still... Has anyone got any clue as to what I should sell it for? Thanks all!Janackial0 01 Aug 2015
31 Jul 2015 GLHF Lightbringer - new guild looking for W/E raiders Hi all. So I've set up an alliance guild called GLHF on Lightbringer. My aim is to recruit people looking to be part of a casual, no drama team who want to raid at weekends. Likely days will be Sat and Sun in the afternoon or evening. Right now of course I need everything. Tanks, healers, and ranged and melee dps. The purpose of the guild will be to run current content at normal and hc levels, not Mythic. I will also like people to contact me if they would like to adopt an officer role in the guild and take an active part in helping the guild to grow. I have a feeling I will need some help. Be aware that the process of setting this up, especially on a relatively low pop realm, will take a bit of time. However I think in due time and with some persistence the guild can be strong and stable with great people. I have strong raid experience (on other chars not this one) and can certainly help those who are looking to break into raiding. If you want information about what would be required to be a part of the raid team please use the link below for the previous thread which goes into more detail. Suffice to say here that we are only looking for positive, friendly people to join. Drama queens, rage quitters, loot crying, shouters etc etc are things we can do without. Please also feel free to contact me if you would like to join as social or just want somewhere to hang out and not get bombarded with guild inv's and whispers hehe. Granted it's quiet at the moment but that's the point of recruiting now isn't it. Add me on battletag Dodger#2127, send me a mail ingame, or /w me when I'm online. Best, Hmm it says I have no achi's? Worrying :P Max.Lunarmax0 31 Jul 2015
29 Jul 2015 Returning Player LF Guild Hi All, Having returned to the game with a new account, I am looking for a guild to call home. I'm 32, I started the game at the end of BC where I continued the game and raided up until end of Wrath. Guild Ideals (things I am looking for in a guild) - Where the players know each other and haven't just been ninja invited to boost numbers - Is mature but can still have a laugh - Some activity in guild chat - Whilst I am leveling now I would like a guild that offer's some reasonable raiding of current content (evenings and weekend's) - Is online for more then just raids I will look back on this thread now and again, but if you think your guild fits this post, please add me on for a chat - minininja#212277 I look forward to speaking to you :DFeltteri0 29 Jul 2015
29 Jul 2015 Looking for a new home to raid Hey guys, I am a returning player ( been on and off during WoD but played since BC) And I am looking for a guild in which I can raid. The good thing is, I will be levelling a new character so I can be whatever class/spec you need as I have played everything. I am preferably looking for a 10 man guild that raids late at night (Due to work schedule) I am hoping someone can re home me as I am very lonely at the moment :P Thanks in advance :D You can get in touch with me by adding Reckreation#2755Rymini0 29 Jul 2015
28 Jul 2015 WTS Void-Shrouded Satchel PM in game if interested :)Faithhill0 28 Jul 2015