Argent Dawn

10 Sep LF someone who can make Heavy Scorpid Shoulders Heavy Scorpid Shoulders are from a leatherworking recipe that is no longer available as of WoD. I need them to complete my transmog however, so I'm looking for someone who can make them for me. I'll provide the materials and a tip can be discussed.Sebria4 10 Sep
10 Sep {A-RP} Midnight Emissary {Lawful Evil} Do you hear the call of the darkness; do you tire of the worship of the light. We take it upon ourselves to end the pathetic call of those that want to spread peace among our lands. Located in the ruins of new Avalon. Among the Midnight Emissary, we revel in bloodshed merging our people’s talents into one, we provide a home for the misfits of society. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OOC information: Who are we? We are a lawful evil guild, formed in the name of a dread lord. We act as weapons of darkness, killing all that we are given a contract to kill. What is our purpose? We act as assassins for the public, in order to fulfil our purpose to our demonic master who we must bring to Azeroth. What can you expect from us? From us you can expect to have a sense of adventure, a purpose and a home, we both OOC and IC run as a family. Every members’ talents are priceless to us. We have our own major story line as well as mini events we also run. We love to help and teach people how to DM and run events. What can we expect from you? We expect you to be mature and to follow our guild rules. We expect for you to be always willing to learn, nobody is perfect. Who can join? Anyone and everyone you could even be a spy within the guild, if you really wanted to. How do I sign up? Contact us OOC for an invite and we can then arrange an IC interview which can be done by ether Torallus or Seathan. Argent Archives: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our ranks! Prophet This is our leader, he is known as the prophet due to his connect with our demon master, only he can speak with him and only he can tell us our masters will. Professor He is our second in command and resident doctor, we have to trust him in order to supply our potions, poisons as well as the potion of initiation given to all of the unproven during their ceremony. Blood Knight These two are the appointed officers of the guild as well as the part of the Prophets body guard. They are the most trusted and honoured among the members, and are able to create campaigns and missions within the guild. Executioner These are the tops assassins of our order, they are the most dangerous and very often the case the most deranged of them all. They are the ones that have pleased the master the most and gathered the most soul points. Assassin The ones that have delivered there first few souls to our master and proven their worth to us, the chosen that made it through the first few weeks of being out in the field. Chosen The brave ones that decided to drink the potion and become one of us, they are due for a hard and yet well rewarded life. They are given the mark of blood and they are now able to collect souls. Unproven The new bloods, they are yet to go through the initiation ceremony, they aren’t as trusted among the group but yet they will be guarded. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild rules 1: Keep everything respectful we do not want to see any complaints of racism, hate speak etc. 2: Keep all manners of Drama to a minimum if you have a problem with anyone please contact and officer before causing a major problem 3: Do not troll or Meta game, if you are uncertain what they are please contact us and we will help you through. 4: Do not ERP in public we do not want the wrong idea of the guild sent out. Failure to keep in these rules will result first in a warning or straight into a kick depending on the severity of the offense. We are made to be a calm and fun atmosphere therefor rule breaking will not be tolerated. Questions and answers: Is there a level requirement? No but we find a low level can have a negative effect in role-play, for example you may be unable to reach certain areas. Do we wear a uniform? Nope, wear whatever you like we do have a training uniform accessible from the guild vault. What do we do outside of Rp? Outside of RP we enjoy doing things as a guild from casual raiding, to PVP to even playing other games together. The guild has its own skype group which you are able to join.Torallus1 10 Sep
10 Sep [H-RP] Sanguine Song Company The two men sat at the table, staring broodily at the map under the dying light from the fireplace and a few candles lighting the corners of the room, both men were frowning and seemed to be deep in thought, barely glancing at the woman lounging in an armchair in the corner. One male was a tall, powerful blonde blood elf called Lavanor, he was built like an ox, covered in muscle, scars and rippling with strength. The man beside him had jet black hair and was more slightly built, he was missing an arm that was replaced with a mechanical one and also he seemed to be missing a leg, also replaced with a piece of mechanical tech that was whirring away gently. The woman watching them in the chair was a visibly powerful woman with silver blonde hair, her body solid with muscle, scars, tattoos and she oozed power, she was the first to speak. "You can't tolerate this, Anor" she snapped, her voice husky and almost masculine, she was toying with the wedding bands as she looked at her husband, the blonde man, clearly angry about something "They are holding us all back, we could have stopped that but they forced you to stand down and we lost 30 men" she almost yelled, standing up and slamming a fist down onto the table, causing the cups to bounce dangerously and a bottle of whiskey to roll off the table. Her emerald eyes locked on the dark haired man "Surely even you cannot ignore this, Draxenthor" she gestured to the map, pointing at the location where there appeared to be a pawn where they had lost the troop "We are disposable to them, they do not wish to get their hands dirty and because of that we lost men...lots of them, what if your wife was amongst those we lost?" she asked furiously, not even flinching when her husband threw a bottle into the fire. "We can't do what you are suggesting, Astylr" the dark haired man said, standing up to the warrior "I understand why you are angry but sometimes you need to take a blow to your over inflated ego and just move alo-" he was cut off by her furious yell. "You think this is to do with my ego?" she yelled, staring him down as he slowly sank back into the chair "People DIED Drax, we lost a lot of our men, our brothers" she spat and turned away "This is not my ego, this is respect. They disrespected us, you, everything we stand for" she declares, and sighs when she feels her husband slip his arms gently around her shoulders to calm her down. "She's right, if we let them walk over us once, they will keep doing this. We can't allow them to turn us into disposable pawns, I will not let them do this to us any longer" he turned to his wife, gently grasping her jaw in his rough hands "Do you still have access to your fathers mercenaries?" he asked gently, grinning when she nodded before turning to Draxenthor "Are you with us or against us?" he asked, watching the man rise up to the couple. "I am with you, to the end, but do not expect me to partake in all of what you do but I shall not stand in your way either" he said with a smooth bow, rolling his eyes when the pair grinned. And so it began, the Sanguine Song Company broke off from the hordes armies to forge their own mercenaries. Led by Lavanor and his wife, Astylr, who controled the much darker side of the mercenaries while they worked alongside Draxenthor and his rangers. They have begun to recruit the best mercenaries around but they are in need of much more, they need healers of worth, scouts, trackers, craftsmen and any one else who wishes to support their cause. Anyone who does not wish to be seen as disposable, if you wish to be valued as a soldier and a person, if you wish to fight alongside brothers instead of simple soldiers. They will not bow to anyone and they will fight until the last breath. (This is a roleplay guild with a mercenary theme, its also incredibly social and all of the members are incredibly friendly, welcoming and fun. There will be roleplay events, merc missions, treasure hunts and much much more!whisper anyone in the guild for an invite) Credit for post goes to : AstylrLavanor2 10 Sep
10 Sep Looking for Actors for 'The Blooming' First off, I know this is on short notice, but it's something I wanted to try out cause it might provide more to the campaign. And second I apologize for creating a new thread for this, but trying to avoid cluttering the campaign thread with this topic. I am currently looking for people that might be interested (or wanting to help out) in being Actors through the campaign. This is not the same as playing an npc for a specific event. You will use your toon to play a new character (by changing your RP name or description, etc) through the campaign and interact with the others. A bit like improv theatre or the actors that play a character and interact with people that don't know they are acting (not unlike a lot of prank tv shows). Here's how it works: You will be given a name, a simple background and a goal or agenda for the character during the campaign. To achieve your goal or objective you will have to interact both with the participants of the campaign or the other Actors. You might have to employ persuasion, deception, or aid a certain a group that aligns with your goal. You can join on events or can just do random RP. Your actions and the choices of the participants may alter how the campaign story unfolds. If you willing to help out or think it might be fun, please state so on this thread along other information: - Your availability for days and time slots (the campaign starts on the 10th though some don't need to be there from the beginning) - The race and gender combinations you have at your disposal or preference. - Best contact method. (I am prefering to use AA mail in the campaign cause it enables me to reach everyone at once without logging over all the time) Further info: You DO NOT need to be previously signed up for the campaign. Some of these characters might become more relevant and others not. The reason for this is that I feel there are certain types of people or groups on Azeroth that would take an interest into what is going on and wanted to do more with them than just an npc on an event. Instead have them actually be there and interacting with the participants while giving the player behind them freedom for improvisation. Like I said, experimental to see how it works. Though some of the characters may have plot info that participants do not, flocking over them in random RP will not work seeing as in a lot of ways they are participants aswell. Thanks everyone. ;)Nazkajin9 10 Sep
10 Sep [Human Tribe RP] - The Ravus Tribe "O lord of war, our young clansmen, idols of our hearts go forth to battle - Be thou near them! With them, in spirit, we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Aggramar our god of war, help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our axes; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their soldier dead; help us to drown pleas with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to turn them out roofless to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it - For our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet." Warchief Lyngvi Munin - Grizzly Hills Who are The Ravus Tribe? The Ravus Tribe is the offspring of two experienced role players with a love for not only the lore in world of Warcraft but a love for history itself. The idea behind the tribe is adapting a historical tribe lifestyle with real life facts, Into a fantasy environment and intertwining it with the lore that is already there. To do this we thought making a tribe that came from the icy plains of Northrend was the best way to start. The idea also stems from our love for role play as a whole not just personally but the community. Its been a long time ambition of both of us to try to give something back to the rp community in a way that reaches not only long-standing role players but maybe helps persuade and/or settle new role players aswell. The fact that we have gone with a tribe like concept also gives us slight freedom in terms of what events we can and will offer. Things like military based events and hunting expeditions come hand in hand with tribe lifestyle. But also things like, Religious ceremony's, Tribe banquets and open world trading allow us to offer more variety. These events, we hope will also involve other rp guilds aswell. IC and OOC Aims. Short Term Aim (OOC): To offer a stable heavy rp guild for as long as we can sustain it. Giving Older role players a place to fully immerse themselves and making a stable foundation for new role players to learn. Long Term Aim (OOC): Using our reputation to offer possibilities for multiple guilds to partake in a range of rp events. be it, Alliance or horde. Maybe setting the foundations for this to be more of a regular thing in the future. (RP PvP, Campaigns, World RP Events.) Short Term (IC): To Re-Build our tribes numbers and get a stable footing inside the vast lands of the eastern kingdoms. Long Term (IC): Increase our reputation throughout Azeroth, Offering our services and trade to other organisations that need them. Also, Undergoing our own personal growth, Gaining Land.. Spreading our Beliefs and Creating an Empire and/or legacy that can keep our name moving on throughout the history of Azeroth and worlds beyond. Rank Structure. Chieftain- (IC) The leader of the tribe and the highest ranking member. Has the final say on everything that the tribe does. His word is final and he will always do what is best for the tribe. Looked up to by everyone. (OOC) The GM of the Guild Second In Command/Custos- (IC) Is seen as the tribes leader when the chieftain is either away or places him in charge for certain events. Answers only to the Chieftain. Advise’s the Chieftain in every step the tribe makes. Is in line to take the Chieftain role if he is killed in battle. Chiefs most trusted tribe member. (OOC) Co-Founder of the Guild. Officer rank. Tribe BattleMaster- (IC) Held in high esteem by the Chieftain and Second in command. There role is to lead groups of warriors in battle. Also they may be asked to undergo tasks that are held in too high importance for general ranked tribe members. Answer to the Chief and Second in Command Only. In some cases will be asked to advise the chieftain in battle tactics. (OOC) Military Officer Rank. The Oracle- (Vacant) (IC) The priest of the tribe, Not included in war efforts but is there to advise The Chief when he deems fit and all tribe members on a much smaller scale. He is the bridge between the real world and the gods. Stays on the camp unless tribe decides to move. (OOC) Officer Rank. Played by one man. Tribe Veteran- (IC) An Old Tribe member, Retired from battle and held in high esteem for his/her achievements within the tribe, or for tribe members who have been retired from battle due to physical impediment. Well respected by all tribe members. (OOC) Long standing Guild members, who’s IC role may have changed due to char development. Tribe Warrior- (IC) A Male who fights for the tribe in all battles. (OOC) Military Rank. Shield-Maiden/Huntress- (IC) A female Warrior who fights for the tribe in all battles. (OOC) Military Rank. Tribe Family- (IC) Given to Tribe members who are either children in the tribe and is also given to women who wish to be child bearers/Stay at home wife’s, not shield-maidens. In some cases given to men who cannot fight or who are old but have served no battle within the tribe. (OOC) Casual RP Rank based more in non-Military events. Tribe Follower- (IC) A New member of the tribe, who wants to become an official tribe member but needs to undergo the induction ceremony conducted by the chieftain. (OOC) New Recruit Awaiting IC Event. Who is Allowed to join and how do they go about it? When it comes to characters levels and experience in rp we are somewhat lenient. We do not advertise a certain level requirement but we do expect you to be high enough to wear some sort of armor that represents our tribes colours. As for experience goes, as stated in our aims we don't want to pigeon-hole ourselves into just taking a certain type of role player. That being said we do expect a certain level of understanding, not only of how our guild works but also how your character would fit inside it. This information will be obtained by IC meetings and OOC conversations. Other restrictions lie in the form of races and classes. Warriors, Hunters and Rogues are all allowed into the tribe, Other classes consisting of Paladins, Priest, Shamans, Monks, Druids and Warlocks are not allowed in due to the fact of either their beliefs not being the same as ours lore wise and due to the fact that we do not permit and/or understand the use of magic, beyond what we already know. The Oracle Contacting the Gods is Crazy Enough for us. At the moment. As for races this is also restricted. Humans are excepted because of them being the backbone of our society as a whole, and therefore any human in our eyes is seen as a possible recruit that could convert to our beliefs. Worgens are also excepted but only tolerated, not held in as high esteem as the humans. This due to historic events. More information can be found on our website which will be listed below. How you can join is conducted in two clear stages. OOCly you can contact one of the leading members of the tribe, be it the gm or recruitment officers and discuss any questions you may have and we will also use this time to discuss some general rp points and questions of our own. We will then set up an IC interview and judge you on your rp. This being the most important part because how you rp reflects on the guilds rp aswell. Alternatively these steps can be the other way round in some circumstances, if we are approached IC without being whispered then we will do that bit first. If all goes well in both steps then you will be invited to the guild as a tribe follower. In most cases you will stay as a tribe follower until trust has been built up with the high-ranking members IC. Then you will be promoted to your desired accordingly. The higher the rank you wish to achieve the more trust you will have to gain, OOC aswell as IC. Rules: Make sure to read the background of the guild on the website. Stick to our Tribe Lore and Beliefs. IRL always comes first. Dont let IC story-lines and Actions effect OOC relationships. Any trolling and/or Unsavory Rp will result in a OOC inquiry and a possible Kick. People come online to escape such worldly ignorance and problems, so there is no need for it to effect our guild as a whole. Additional Information: Leadership: Vidär and Njoldir Recruitment officers: (Contact Leaders for Now) Recruitment: Open - (Newly formed) Homeland: Northrend - (Grizzly Hills) Current Location: Eastern kingdoms Event Structure: 2-3 a Week. (After the two-week recruitment stage has ended) Casual RP will still occur. Website: Contacting us: Contact is in-game with either a whisper or an in-game mail. Alternatively you can either write a response on this thread or contact us using the various means displayed on our guild website in the contact info section. Side Note: All key info is displayed on the guild website, along with a more in-depth look at the tribe. It's highly recommended to not only read this forum post but also take the time to read through that aswell due to the fact that some info is only displayed on the website itself. Thanks.Vidär87 10 Sep
10 Sep Rdruid LF PvE Guild Hi, A well experienced healer who has cleared Normal mode Archimonde and few kills on Heroic mode. Below is my Horde mains armory, for all the kills i have :3 Is there by chance any Guilds out there looking for a new healer on their team?Toofastmate0 10 Sep
10 Sep DK Alliance RP guild. Hiya Argent Dawn. I was wondering if there were any Death Knight Role-play military guilds? Or maybe a normal military that accepts death knights.Lilías2 10 Sep
10 Sep [A-RP] S I A: Vandal Squad (SI:7 themed guild) Ours is to Fight. Shrouded and in wisdom. For justice, though unseen. For veracity - but in silence. We fight not the fights that that are transparent, for that requires strength in numbers. We fight those that are opaque. Those that have no face, no flag or colors. We tread though shadows pitch black and deaf but full of evil and hatred. And we leave nothing in our wake. To an end V2DL Sq was assembled. In shadows pitch black and deaf they will train and hone themselves. In shadows their agents are forged and tampered. To strive. To seek. To find. And not to yield. To fight shrouded and in wisdom. For justice, though unseen. For veracity - but in silence. Some will transcend into something more by dying for their kingdom. Some will fall and turn into the very things they are fighting against. OOC info: General Info: SIA is intended to be the role-playing guild that operates under SI:7. We recruit all classes and we do DM’d events with dice, cross guild events, including, but by no means limited to aggressive cross-guild play, to which only those that are willing to have their characters killed will be invited to. If such a thing is not your cup of tea you can let me know and you’ll likely never even hear of them until we lose an agent or two. We accept those types of people that can be classified as "Lawful" and "Good" and "In a satisfactory standing with the Alliance". We do not tolerate past or present criminality and we will kill you with rocks if you’ve shadow magic. Our members are expected to be mindful of their IC actions, to be responsible OOC and any and all consequences that their IC actions may have. Things we do need to make sense. We have mandatory uniforms ( the T9 rogue set) that you need to buy yourself. We offer boosts in the respective dungeons to have a go at getting what parts of the set you can before buying it. Our members need to be very calm and disciplined on the outside but I understand that such characters in themselves are boring to play and I will tolerate deviations from the "Ethical Standarts", such as arrogance and impertinence. However, bear in mind that doing something dumb or metagaming is a sure way to get yourself kicked out. IC actions need to make sense IC. The 'Protocol' The protocol is a set of guidelines for members of the guild to follow. It’s a set of guidelines and etiquette which is primarily used during missions as means of encoding information. It can best be described as what the American military uses in the movies. It’s posted on another platform but for your reference you can go to The ranks We’ve completely removed the Five Fingers and replaced them with encoded designations of existing military special corps. This is where the meat of the guild lies. We’ll try to have ‘the right person for every job’ in almost every imaginable scenario. The ranks you can see below but I doubt any of them would make much sense to anyone outside the guild at this point. You can prolly make a guess at them with the cheat sheet I posted somewhere above. 1. Chief of Ops 2. Ghost 3. Reaper 4. Eagle Ops 5. Tool Ops 6. Maverick Ops 7. Talon Ops 8. Solus Ops 9. Training Corps We do not have a chain of command but we have a ‘During a Mission’ commanding body of officers and ‘Out of missions’ chief of operations, which is myself. While off duty everyone needs to be anonymous and out of the uniform, possibly using an alias. We can't let people know that we're SI:7 Agents unless the situation demands it. Your gear and looks need to make sense. We can't have an undercover spy, for example, walking around in a wedding dress. /w Fórge, Sylvaros or Axzan if interested and/or have any questions/proposals and the like. Edit 1: We also currently need out of the guild spies - people that are willing to join other guilds in special, scripted circumstances and spy on them. Poke us, preferably me, in game for more info. This forum post will be a constant work in progress.Fórge173 10 Sep
10 Sep Taking the scenic route. Greetings AD! First of all, as someone who is new to the forums and to role-playing, I'd like to say hello. I have played WoW on and off for a long time but I'm keen to explore different aspects of the game, so here I am! As there is such an abundance of informative posts about the different factions and guilds, I thought I'd skip the typical 'new player' thread and go straight for an observation. Here goes. Having spent the majority of my time dungeoneering with Wuhan, I hit a bit of a brick wall this evening. I both like and dislike the group finder tool, like lots of things these days the beauty of it is the sheer convenience it offers. However, having whizzed past level 40 a few days ago the slog to 50 was becoming noticeable. Don't get me wrong, I love slaying the minions of darkness alongside a solid group of compatriots (without saying a word to them) as much as the next anthropomorphic panda, but there comes a time that the promise of loot and XP just doesn't cut the mustard. Having magically teleported back from my most recent exploit, I found myself on Darkmoon Island (it's ironic that for a place famed for having a faire, it's a pretty bleak environment!). With clown music ringing through my ears and suffering the post-dungeon blues, I figured I would call it quits. But then, it hit me... Winterspring! I realised that I was the perfect level to travel to this glorious place. I spent the next few hours rolling around in the snow having a wonderful time questing, leveling and just enjoying the scenery. It dawned on me that whenever I level up a character, without consciously planning to I always make time to travel to and quest in Winterspring, even if it means travelling halfway around Azeroth! Does anyone else have that one zone they must visit when they level a character?Wuhan16 10 Sep
10 Sep Looking for Guild. Hello, I am looking for a active, fun, friendly guild to join, hopefully one that will help me to learn the ways of RP in WoW. I am interested in taking part in any and all content, PvE, PvP, Raids etc. I am a Night Elf Druid, my Specs being Feral, and later Guardian. I am a daily player. By active I mean a guild that has at least more than 20 something people online where possible. I've been in guilds in the past where they've had like 600+ members and you only saw like 10 online or something, with many members having not been around for more than a week. That just annoys me, especially when I am looking to find people to be friends with. If you think your guild may be the one for me, please contact me via : Ceilidhra#2275Ailira1 10 Sep
09 Sep Trying to decide... [Race/Faction Change] Hi there! I was trying to figure out what race I wanted to go. I somehow ended up with three blood elves without realising it. As much as I love them, I've also not managed to get any RP on either of them, so I figured a change was in order. However, I am stumped on race. I kind of want to try Undead, perhaps Draenei or orc. They'd be female, most likely, as I'm not experienced with male characters. Undead has the most 'solid' concept out of them, though. (Plus, I wouldn't have to name change.) Humans are a possibility, but I already have 2 so that is probably going to be right out, actually. Goblins and gnomes are also out. I can't pull them off. I have one of each. The gnome exhausts me (in the bad way) and the goblin... don't even get me started on that one. Biggest (smallest?) waste of £25 I've ever done.Celestene15 09 Sep
09 Sep Active Draenei RP? Really interested in it, but can't seem to find any guilds or information. Any help would be appreciated.Príncess9 09 Sep
09 Sep [Competition] Win 2000g by Posting on This Thread Want to win 2000g? Then follow these simple rules: 1. Be the last person to post on this thread. 2. Your comment must be "Thralls Balls" or a variation on "Thralls Balls" to qualify. --- Good luckerino.Shannto10 09 Sep
09 Sep Windwalker LF new raid group! Hey all! I'm returning to the game after a break (since the 2nd week of WoD) due to work & family commitments & am looking for a guild to call home. I'm a raider through & through & I'd like to smash through the WoD content I've missed & find a group ready for Legion to hit the ground running again this time! I'm looking for a group of players who are chilled out & FUN to play the game & hang out in TS with BUT who are passionate & knowledgeable when it comes to my favourite activity - killing raid boses ^^ A little about me then.. Starting this late in the expansion really bothers me because I've played WoW since 2009 & I've raided almost every raid there since then, always in the thick of the action. I've mained an affli Lock (WotLK) a resto Druid (Cata) & a blood DK (MoP) I was also raid leader for my old guild throughout the MoP tiers so I have a thorough understanding of pretty much all the classes in game & I'd consider myself a skilled, reliable, experienced raider. I'm completely in love with the Monk (Windwalker) class, it's mobility & versatility are really enjoyable & it's definitely the class I will be going through Legion with. I'd really prefer to play WW but in times of desperate need I'd be happy to fistweave or throw some kegs around & get used as a punching bag if it's for the greater good. At this stage I really can't raid more than twice a week & would prefer weekends. I'm happy to jump server if there is a really good match but I will never roll Horde filth ^^ I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from some of you guys soon! Feel free to add my battle tag hayz#2512Fenerbachi0 09 Sep
09 Sep [A-RP] Anethionean Covenant You can find additional information, including our IC scriptures, on our forum: Are you looking for a Holy Light guild but do not want to join a group of crusading paladins? Then you may have come to the right place! The Anethionean Covenant is not a militant order, it isn’t a monastic order and it isn’t a church; it is a community of believers devoted to living a life of virtue in service of the Holy Light and in pursuit of enlightenment. How to best serve the Light, well, that is up to each individual member. But we all agree that the Holy Light must be spread to the farthest reaches of the world, and that everybody would be a lot better for it! In fact, being a community is why we are called ‘the Covenant’ - after an IC oath all core members take. It isn’t an oath to the Holy Light or the king, but to one another, expressing a collective desire to follow the Holy Light. We follow the teachings of our spiritual teacher Anethion, a player-made interpretation of the Holy Light that is not outrageously different but still distinct. This gives us the freedom to explore the Holy Light in more depth, without the risk of forcing our interpretation upon others. We are not the Church of the Holy Light, and if your character disagrees with our ways he or she can simply disregard us and move on. What the guild offers What we have to offer is a guild where you can explore the Holy Light to your delight, and in great depth. The teaching might’ve begun with Anethion, but we see ourselves as continuing his tradition. If you want to contribute with prayers, essays, sermons or anything else - you can have an actual impact on the guild! We prefer to focus on role-playing with other people and guilds, not holding Dungeon Master-ed events (although we might still do them sometimes). And with our desire to practice our teaching, strive for enlightenment and spread the Light to every corner of the world there is plenty of opportunity to make friends and enemies alike. Last but not least we want to be a guild where different characters can join together in following the Holy Light. This is a guild where a politician working on improving the city can rub shoulders with an engineer who believes his inventions make a better future for all. A human paladin can say prayers next to a Night Elf who abandoned Elune and chose to follow the Holy Light. We try to be as open with races, classes and character concepts as possible, as long as they are done well. RP will be richer and more interesting if more people can break the mould of old archetypes and tropes and try something different. Rule of thumb: the more special an idea, the greater the scrutiny during IC and OOC interviews. What we expect from members Obviously you should enjoy playing your character more than being just a soldier. We also expect members to embrace the concept of a religious community following father Anethion, and to take initiative. Our ideal week will have zero events and seven days filled with RP. What does initiative mean? It just means that you enjoy the RP you are doing, and don’t need a push to do it; that you think that RP is best when done together (why else join a guild?) One day you may initiate a little patrol of Duskwood, the next day join a religious debate somebody else held. One day you may help the guards in the prisons by tending to the inmates, the next you join another member who decided to hold a pilgrimage. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and obviously there will be some events organized by the officers. Zero events a week is an exaggeration. Having a player-made teaching and tradition means there there may be a fair deal of reading involved, if you are afraid of a wall of text then the guild is probably not for you. You should also enjoy RPing with other players and guilds more than DMed events, as that is where the focus will be. To interact with others, inside and outside the guild. You can find additional information, including our IC scriptures, on our forum: Or simply contact Darya or Oliver in-game!Darya24 09 Sep
09 Sep Argent Crusade mage TM Hi guys, Is there a mage TM that looks suitable for Argent Crusade TM? That grey sliver with the hint of gold has always been my favourite plate set. Thanks :)Tiyfa8 09 Sep
08 Sep New to horde! I have a few questions. Hey AD So, bit of a situation, since I started playing wow back in BC, I've been strict alliance. however as you can see by dear Knotbury here, I'm now trying out horde. I've done my research on lore of undead and the horde and what not. But I ask you, what's the horde like with these following questions; - What's the Community like on the horde? - What is the RP like? - What guilds have earned the favour of you wow veterans? - (Don't look at this the wrong way) How would people rate the horde on maturity on AD (Only asking this, because immature people do exists, and I've encountered them plenty of times on the alliance .-.) - Say me and my Metal jawed undead were to start RPing, what tips would you have to prevent me from looking like a total !@#$-womble? (I know I won't be dancing through a field of roses but hey, man likes his advice still) Any advice you peoples out there could give would be most helpful!Knotbury6 08 Sep
08 Sep Deathstalker in training. Seeks mentor. Howdy hey, so this is an interest check for rp, I'm looking for a mentor, or trainer, or superior for my character. So I'll explain the character first. Dave is entirely unremarkable. In life he was an assassin on the lowest pay grade, making barely enough to feed himself. In death he's basically the same, only with a new outlook, and a significantly better build for surviving beatings. Recently I decided to reboot him in a manner of speaking, as a Deathstalker. But as mentioned, he's unremarkable. He's smart, but isn't particularly thoughtful. He's dedicated, but jaded. He's confident, but he really shouldn't be. He's also kind of an !@#$%^-. So I was hoping I could find a much better Deathstalker to whip him into shape so that fun roleplay times can abound. -- Edit: Reopening this thread. To emphasise, I am NOT looking for a guild, I am looking for someone or someones to roleplay with as my mentor.Davííd28 08 Sep
08 Sep Your Character's Newspaper Headline. Something daft to fill the void. I'll start. "Local man distributes swan among denizens of Dalaran, arrested for disturbing the peace."Serent63 08 Sep
08 Sep Looking for new home. Hi Argent Dawn. Fairly new to the server, transferred from elsewhere to a friends guild just to have some people to chat too. Looking for somewhere to fit in and feel at home, my main goal is too start raiding and learn the bosses and progress myself. i have two level 100s on Alliance side which i have done little LFR with and wanting to push myself to get further up the player skill level so to speak. I am obviously aware AD is a RP server and i have never done this before so please bare this in mind when considering myself, i may look to try it out but would appreciate time being put in to ease me in but as i said before my main goal is PvE. A bit about me Age: 22 Location: UK Mic - Yes Voice Comms - Currently TS3 & Mumble Look forward to your replies!Beardmañ2 08 Sep
08 Sep We're in a Nixxiom video! If you ask me... It's very accurateJenalin26 08 Sep
08 Sep What year? Hi there! What year is it actually in WoW right now? I was working on a background story for a new character, and it got me wondering. And I'm really no good with timelines and such.Neiae8 08 Sep
08 Sep WTB Eyeripper Gridle HC Hello AD, i'm looking for a belt by the name of Eyeripper Gridle. It is a level 100 highmaul hc BoE item. Item level 670. If someone has it and is willign to sell it then you can contact me here or in-game on this character . Please let me know what you want for it. Thank you. :)Yllxahir1 08 Sep
07 Sep A Newbie Friendly Social/RP Guild Hey Everyone, I only started playing WoW a couple of months ago and I'm looking for a friendly guild willing to do low level dungeons, raids and just have fun with while exploring the game. Also a guild that is willing to be patient with a newbie who is still learning the ropes and may ask dumb questions from time to time. I just want a relaxed, active, mature guild and, this being a roleplaying server, I would love to try roleplaying in the near future. I don't mind if the guild is Horde or Alliance. If anyone could recommend a guild for me to check out that would be amazing, thanks!Nereida1 07 Sep
07 Sep Legion emphasize fantasy of specs and some are even... Classes in Legion emphasize fantasy of specs and some are even getting renamed. Which specs do you think will be renamed?Po61 07 Sep
07 Sep [H] Looking for a Social guild.. Hey.. i'm looking for a social guild which isn't strictly rp driven but of course i myself enjoy a bit of RP from time to time :x i just want to make some friends and do events with people ;_; are there any nice guilds out there looking for a new family member?Shanteque0 07 Sep
07 Sep Argent Dawn General Containment Thread #130 My countrymen, there isn't anything the matter with the world's civilization, except that humanity is viewing it through a vision impaired in a cataclysmal war. Poise has been disturbed, and nerves have been racked, and fever has rendered men irrational. Sometimes there have been draughts upon the dangerous cup of barbarity. Men have wandered far from safe paths, but the human procession still marches in the right direction. Here in the Argent Dawn Forums, we feel the reflex, rather than the hurting wound itself but we still think straight; and we mean to act straight; we mean to hold firmly to all that was ours when war involved us and seek the higher attainments which are the only compensations that so supreme a tragedy may give mankind. Argent Dawn's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality. It's one thing to battle successfully against the world's domination by a military autocracy because the infinite God never intended such a program; but it's quite another thing to revise human nature and suspend the fundamental laws of life and all of life's requirements. The world calls for peace. Argent Dawn demands peace, formal as well as actual, and means to have it so we may set our own house in order. We challenge the proposal that an armed autocrat should dominate the world, and we choose for ourselves the claim that the representative democracy which made us what we are. This Realm has its ample task if we put an end to false economics which lure humanity to utter chaos. Ours will be the commanding example of world leadership today. If we can prove a representative popular government under which the citizenship speaks what it may do for the government and country rather than what the country may do for individuals,¹ we shall do more to make democracy safe for the world than all armed conflict ever recorded. The world needs to be reminded that all human ills are not curable by legislation, and that quantity of statutory enactments and excess of government offer no substitute for quality of citizenship. The problems of maintained civilization are not to be solved by a transfer of responsibility from citizenship to government and no eminent page in history was ever drafted to the standards of mediocrity; nor, no government worthy of the name which is directed by influence on the one hand or moved by intimidation on the other. My best judgment of Argent Dawn's need is to steady down, to get squarely on our feet, to make sure of the right path. Let's get out of the fevered delirium of war with the hallucination that all the money in the world is to be made in the madness of war and the wildness of its aftermath. Let us stop to consider that tranquility at home is more precious than peace abroad; and that both our good fortune and our eminence are dependent on the normal forward stride of all the Argent Dawnian people. We want to go on, secure and unafraid, holding fast to the Argent Dawnian inheritance, and confident of the supreme Argent Dawnian fulfillment. -President Warren G. HardingDark500 07 Sep
07 Sep [A short RP story] Into the Dark Halls. The day is the seventh of the ninth. One, Talvizz Manafuse, Former corporal to the division known as the Gnomish Territorial Army. Answers the call to service. This day, he leaves the employment of friends, and employers of the Howl of Thoradan. Landing in New Tinkertown, work is straight to the point. Greeted by several gnomish officials, Talvizz is straight in for his briefing, along side him, the S.A.F.E squad of which he will be leading into the dark, forgotten caverns of Gnomeregan. The purpose of the daring mission, rumour has arisen of possible survivors holding out in the lower reaches of the city. A squad is being sent down to investigate. With squad captain call-sign Torque-wrench, out of action due to radiation poisoning, Talvizz has offered to take his place. His squad, an elite S.A.F.E team. Bithelwerp – The holo-pad wizz, Kazlow – The explosives expert, Gear the ranged combatant & Tooth, one of few gnomes to wield two chain-blades. Are awoken the following morning. Their equipment ready, the time of deployment has finally come. Each gnome equip with their own specific tech, Gnomish repertory equipment, along with all forms of gnomish fighting force, Magics, Explosive, ammunition ECT. All with communicators. They head into the city currently secured by S.A.F.E operatives. The chief officer on scene looks to the newly arrived squad, and looks to Talvizz. “Ah, hello Talvizz, we’ve just received word of you and your squad’s mission. We have a translocator set up, one at a time it will be able to teleport you to the entrance to the main caverns of the city. Though, I must stress a word of caution, we have no idea what numbers will be dealing with. Once you’re down there, it’s up to you to get out.” Talvizz would secure his goggles onto his face, his combat gear coming online as he gives the hand gesture to his squad to enter the translocator. First. Talvizz places his breathing apparatus over his head. Then he proceeds to enter the teleporter. Looking to his fellow gnomes as he is beamed down to lower-reaches of the city. Giving his signature chest bump on doing so, soon after, Gear and tooth leap into the portal together giving a somewhat ominous cackle as their heads are consumed by their helmets, soon after Bithelwerp, and Kazlow join them. One by one the gnomish squad lands. Taking cover behind a wall, they find they’re entrance to the lower reaches is blocked to a locked vault door. All is quiet, with the city being lost for a staggering ten years now. The squad look around. There eyes are met with a structurally sound hallway. However though this is the case. The city is far from safe. Upon them turning from the locked door, they find a disturbing sight. Dense fogs of radiation pollute the air around them, sigh reduced to ten meters if they’re lucky. Looking to the ceiling, the echo of dripping liquid from pipes on the ceiling, coupled from sparks that fly from distorted electric cables causes what would appear to be a wasteland. As Talvizz turns to Bithelwerp who is already looking into a way to open the vault door. From this however, their situation turns from bad to worse. As suddenly low-drawly growns, echo through the hallow caverns of the city. Now, they’re main priority being protecting Bithelwerp as he hacks into the vaults locking mechanism into an attempt to unlock it, the rest of the squad set up formation. However are met with a rather daunting fact. They are outnumbered. The disgusting sound of poison, gagging, hacking coughs and vomit penetrate the air around the gnomes, as through the dense fog, Silhouettes begin to appear. One by one, the mindless, brainwashed lepers appear to appear from the smoke. Upon seeing the outline of the elite gnomish squad, the crazed gnomes charge. Along with Talvizz and his crew, a true display of gnomish combat, Talvizz with his magic, stalactites of ice, emerge from the ground at rapid pace, impaling several lepers that pursue. Talvizz would leap back instinctively, the combination of Gear and tooth leap over head, protected by Talvizz’s augmentations, Gear, pulls out two hand-cannons, while Tooth pulls out his two chain-blades. Obvious that these two work in high synergy with one another, do well in holding the lepers back for some time. The gnomes have little problem holding back the first numbers that pursue Talvizz and his comrades, however it is more than evident that soon even this elite team will be overwhelmed, however, in the nick of time, the hall lights up, flame from faulty lighting, and the hiss of steam funnels through the caverns of lower Gnomeregan, as the door slowly opens. The squad move on through, moving down the cavern, they appear not to have to move far before hearing the sound of gnomish conversation behind a sealed door. However with this door being much small, Kazlow steps in, placing an explosive charge on the door, the rest of the squad stand back, as an ear-piercing explosion blows the door clean off his hinges. Knowing that the won’t have much time, the explosion obviously going to draw a lot of unwanted attention. They burst through the door, to find a group of around five survivors. Not having much time to celebrate getting this far, the squad gather the survivors equipment, placing their repertory equipment over their heads. Suddenly rushed out as barbaric screeches can be heard from the lower quarter, the troggs are coming… In a frantic rush, and still not in range for the emergency transponder beacons to beam the surviving gnomes back to the surface, Talvizz and his squad race frantically through the mazes and other reaches of Gnomeregan. Leper after leper the elite squad surges forth! Now at this point covered in the, poisoned, deteriorated, rotted blood and organs of kin long gone. At this point, when sprinting up a hall, mid-way through the escape, disaster, Troggs tunnelling through the walls of the city break through, Vast in number, lethal with intent, troggs, covered only by loincloth, fur and foamy slobber falling from the mouth, they rush viciously toward the gnomes. Gear and tooth say back, in order to protect the survivors from the surrounding lepers, While Kazlow, Bithelwerp and Talvizz charge. Another almighty battle ensues, Talvizz using his dominion over arcane to push three of the troggs back, using arcane force to physically crush them, the sound of bones grinding together as they eventually snap, causes the survivors to shriek in fear! However it appears to be Kazlow who clears the rest out. Throwing multiple explosives into the remaining seven troggs, all of which looking down, seemingly bewildered by the small object, of which only serves to turn them all into red mist. Red mist that covers Talvizz and Kazlow. Wiping most of the Blood from their faces. The begin to proceed, however their foe is not so easily defeated! As troggs, though small in number, begin to filter through the funnel. Talvizz turns to his squad, taking an explosive charge from the strap on Kazlows chest. “We won’t escape the troggs now that they have an open tunnel, and we can’t fight back the troggs –and- lepers on our own. You need to go, so long as the troggs stay at this number, I should hopefully be able to contain them enough to close the whole. Get going… NOW!” Talvizz turns around, peering at the troggs be-found by their new environment for a brief moment as he slots the explosive into a slot on his combat armour, approaching slowly, he is thrown off balance by rumble in the floor. A second tunnel opens as the crew begin to make their way out! Pausing for a moment, the squad attempt to turn around, Talvizz simply holds his hand up, a sign of telling them to turn around as he charges forth! Suddenly, bolts of arcane that are above his head fly up to the ceiling, impacting with great damage! He unsheathes his chain-blade as his other palm ignites in flame, Talvizz can be seen combating multiple troggs, though they reappear slow in number, the fight is intence. Suddenly a crack in the ceiling forms, As Talvizz incinerates one trogg, He impales the skull of another with his chain-blade. Pulling it out of the now lifeless corpse he would hold it up, roaring with gnomish vigour, as he collapses the ceiling behind him, separating the squad and survivors from Talvizz and the troggs, shortly before the debris hits, you see Talvizz stick a bloodied hand up, giving a ignited thumbs up, as sparks fly from his mechanical prosthetic. “FOR GNOMREGAN!!!” Is the last thing that the S.A.F.E squad hear… What will become of Talvizz? Who knows…Talvizz3 07 Sep
07 Sep (RP) Guild concepts What are some guild concepts you've always wanted to do or go through with, but just didn't have the commitment, time or any other reason really! I've always wanted to try and make a guild that consisted of just healers who would supplement other guilds during campaigns or go on missions and such, but I scrapped the idea and never went through with it.Venlac14 07 Sep
07 Sep What's a death knight to do? Greetings Argent Dawn, I come to you because I am at wit's end, and it's regarding my death knight. Since I got him over to Argent Dawn a good month ago, I've been itching to get into some nice roleplay with him, only, I'm having trouble finding it on him. Am I alone in this? Or are there others? I've tried reaching out in Duskwood and setting up an IC rivalry with a group of nice people I've met, but they aren't ofcourse always online. So I'm wondering, where could a Knight of the Ebon Blade go to and find some roleplay, while staying true to being a death knight? Hope I made sense there, english is not my first language.Hargorin19 07 Sep
07 Sep RP event resource - interest check Hello :) I have a guild (mostly with myself at the moment) that I would like to turn into an RP event resource. Basicly what this means is, that if you're running an event, and you need someone for a brief part - someone expendable, or just someone to be part of a crowd, or someone to send someone else to talk to in a dark corner for a black market trade - then you would ideally be able to find someone in my guild. Would anybody be interested in playing NPCs? And would anybody be interested in using such a resource for their story arcs? To be a member, you just need to suffer from altitis, and be able to create new characters on the spot (not rerolling, mind, simply write up a new character in MyRoleplay, TRP2 or TRP3), and if you wanna use such a resource, you simply have to contact Rihf in game. As I said, at the moment, the guild is just me, so I can't produce crowds yet, anything else I'm up for. I have a fairly large selection of characters.Rihf4 07 Sep
07 Sep The Hunting Grounds For Recruits Lately I have come across a varied set of thoughts concerning guild recruitment for Roleplaying guilds. What is it that drives a guild master to make a guild? What is it that makes someone so enthusiastic about a guild they just want to go to a hot-zone for recruits? Where is the hot-zones? I have lately come to consider character development to be a very strong key to loyalty in guild membership. Many people who join guilds these days also then stick around for the social enviorment and the friends they have made in said guild. While I cannot remember when it begun, the Forum has always been a place where people can find countless guilds spewing out ideas that they made pick and choose from wether or not they are to your liking. Like I said these are just my thoughts I thought to share with the forums. No less I'd like to know. What is it that makes you want to join a particular roleplaying guild? What is it that made you stay there? What is it that drives you and motivates you about the guild and taking part in it?Greymes14 07 Sep
07 Sep [RP-Tool] Want to cross-faction RP? Have x-faction RP! Hello there Argent Dawn. I won't make a long opening speech for this thread so I'll be brief. This post will include: 1. Introduction 2. Tags 3. Format 4. Addons/tips & tricks that may help you. 5. Example format. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Are you one of those people who are just tired of walking around the Cathedral Square & Stormwind city, or the Wyverns tail Inn? Do you want to experience RP in other, more outdoor regions and/or towns that are usually quiet? Tired of /who:ing around to find faction RP? Want to try something completely new? Well look no further, since this forum thread is a tool just for that! This thread's purpose is to store, add and introduce people and their characters and guilds to the entire server briefly, and then put them in to look for RP around the face of Azeroth and beyond, in search for Rp, both crossfaction and own faction RP, without having to go through the effort of spamming your broadcast message in the game with LFRP messages or og over to a horde/alliance toon and do /Who:Ing. This tool also passively helps the people around the forums to find what they're looking for, although an active updating of ones posts, either through simply editing (Which is preferred, although not enforced!), and changing your format to reflect the current situation of your character/guild. The format is quite simple and plain, which will help people find exactly what they're looking for quickly and effortlessly, aswell as read into the details of their respective guilds. I've decided to split the RP finding terms into different, short tags, which people can use to ctrl + f with. The tags are as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Tags 1. Conflict RP (Includes RP-pvp of all sorts, guild fights and brawls and alike, aswell as individual combat needs.) 2. Merc hire/offer RP (Includes either selling your characters/guilds services as mercenary for people to contact for various purposes, such as RP-pvp/pve, and other things, or alternatively with the HIRE mark, that you are willing to hire mercs instead). 3. Merchant cust/sell RP (Includes all sorts of shops, travelling merchants and the like. Can imply either looking for a merchant, or looking for customers as merchant. Add either cust if you are looking for customers, or sell if you are looking for a merchant to sell you things). 4. Interaction/other (Includes any other type of RP, be it random encounters in wilderness, prisoner RP and/or the like. Specify what kind of RP are you looking for. If you are simply looking for interaction, follow normal steps.) The format after these tags follows simply like this, regardless whether you are a single role player or a guild: 3. Format ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Tag (One of the above ones, the short versions). If you feel it necessary, use multiple tags. 2. Name (You or your guild's) 3. Location/location's you wish to RP in. (Sub-zone, zone, continent of your choosing). 4. Time. During which times are you most active/your guild is most active, or have time to interact with others. Use server time. 5. Other, BRIEF info about your preferences, what are you looking for, etc. (Such as full out rp-pvp or restricted, what races you wish to interact with, what kind of RP are you looking for.) 6. (Optional) Means to contact you or your guild, be it skype name, btag, letter in the game or some other way. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Addons & Tips and tricks. There are several addons that will make your life easier when you're cross faction roleplaying. I will name the ones I am using. Unlimited chat message: Allows you to write things longer than one paragraph. Handy when you want to copy & paste longer things addressed to large groups. Prat: A very simple, lightweight tool that allows you to Copy & paste things from and to the chatbox and messages, simply by clicking a small list up the left corner of the chat box, and then painting over the text you wish to copy. A very useful tool if you happen to forget control + c after sending a message, although that is -not- the end of the world, as we come to it soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Any roleplay addon, such as TRP3, XRP, MRP is also recommended. If you use other addons that you find useful for crossfaction RP, feel free to share them her aswell, and I will add them to the list! Now, for the tips and tricks. Most people shy away from crossfaction RP because they believe it will be a lot of effort from their side, and thus don't dare to try it. The truth is, it is not hard at all! The next short step guide will teach how easy crossfaction RP is, even to the most depraved of Stormwind noble roleplayers. I will be covering the use of battetag for RP, since it is the simplest and easiest way of interacting with other people for the moment. You can also use programs like skype. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Get a battletag (Just about everyone has it already, but you basically can change your name to a different tag if you so wish from the options of your account.) 2. Start interaction! (Simply by right clicking the players portrait, and clicking the add friend feature, and then send a battletag request. You can also add a message to it, why you wish to add them. If people do not notice your request, which happens quite a bit, use a simple, big battlepet and name it into btag or alike, then /point at it, then to the player. It usually does the trick). Naturally, in order to accept a BTAG request, simply click o, go to your friend requests log, and accept/delete/ignore requests you wish. 3. How to message to other people. Alright, there are two ways to this, the super easy way and the easy way. I will personally suggest you learn to use the latter one, but you can naturally decide for yourself. The simplest way to crossfaction RP, both emote and speak/whisper is done simply by whispering the person you wish to interact with the message you wish to deliver to them. I'll give an example. "Hey partner! My name's Boush Depthcharge, how ya doin'?" *Offers hand for a shake.* By doing this, you not only make it efficient and easy to add emotes while speaking to others! Two flies with one swat. But what if there are people around you, and you're speaking a dialect they too can understand? Not to mention it gets a bit dull to just stand there like a wall, not doing a thing, in front of somebody's face. So, to promote and encourage others to try it out aswell, and to keep others in par with what you are saying and/or doing with the other player, simply do this before sending the message. There are two ways: 1. Paint over the entire message with your cursor before sending it, and then ctrl + c. This saves the message for use again, which you can control + v (AKA paste) to another chatbox, such as /s, meaning others can see what YOU are doing, and also makes it less dull to look at. 2. If you already sent the message, worry not! You can also ctrl + alt + up arrow to scroll through previous chat messages of that chatbox (such a btag whisper), to find the message you just send, and then copy & paste it on /S the same way as instructed above. Simple, eh? You can also use this tool to efficiently translate for other people in events and/or keep large groups of people up to what is happening through /raid chat or /raidwarning. I have done it several times, it's easy and you get a lot of positive feedback from it. But what if there are multiple people who want to speak together and at the same time? That's simple. You can make a REAL ID CONVERSATION! 4. RID Conversation. This is done by right clicking the name of one of your btag friends (Aka the one you are rping with) and also a second person. After this is done, a third chatlog will bling open, where you can converse with the people in chat. To add more people to the chat. Simply click the small + mark at the left side of the chatbox. It's quite faint and transparent, but it is there.* *NOTE: CRUCIAL. The BTAG conversation is a very buggy program, but you can fix it. It often says "The player you wish to add to the conversation has an incompatible program". You can fix this simply by logging out and CLOSING your launcher on your desktop before you start inviting people. The people who are going to be invited also have to do this. If the problem persists, repeat and also disable any and all addons. This is arguably the hardest part of crossfaction RP, and due to the buggy nature of the program, a program like skype might just prove to be easier to handle with. Also, adding a point Fajou made: ... ---------------------------------------------------------------- And with all this said, I will add an example of my own characters format to another message. I wish you all good and happy times RPing with eachother, and I hope to see you on the face of Azeroth!Boush24 07 Sep
07 Sep Stromgarde/Arathi-based RP? Hi, I've been away for around six months. Are there any Stromgarde roleplaying guilds left? I'm very interested in Arathi roleplay. Thank you.Malsam41 07 Sep
07 Sep [A-RP] Stormwind Merchant Navy - Recruiting! Constin stared out from the Stormwind Harbour, his eyes scanned the horizon. It would not be long before he could once again be free, sailing the Azerothian waters to his hearts content. It was only four months ago that Constin, ex-Lieutenant of His Majesty's Navy had been entrusted with the Captaincy of the newly built Merchant Ship, the 'SV Bwashsuckler'. Though young at heart and mind, he had become too old to run with the likes of the upcoming recruits yet his passion for sailing still remained. He knew he could never live life behind a desk as a recruitment officer for the Navy, his soul had become a part of the ocean and would remain so until he parted from the mortal plane. She was a fine vessel, her oak hull had been smoothly finished by thirty five skilled craftsmen. Her three masts stood solidly like the greatest of soldiers, supported and maintained perfectly by it's rigging. Sails had been crafted by the skills man with the utopian eye for finesse. She would be able to cut through the water like a blade forged in the heat of Deathwing's spirit could cut through warm butter... ...and all he needed was the crew to man her. Stormwind's Merchant Navy is now recruiting! Do you fancy yourself a sailor but cannot stomach the tough drills the military hand to you? Do you have the desire to sail across Azeroth's waters but have no means to do so? Or do you simple want to make that bit of coin to keep your family running! The 'SV Bwashsuckler' is looking for able bodied men... and women, to batten down the poopdeck and swab the hatches! Take the opportunity of a life time and become part of the Merchant Navy, you'll become a pivotal cog in the World's economy! Under the Captaincy of ex-Lieutenant Constin Farrahough you'll be able to safely* sail the waters, from Kalimdor to Pandaria, from Stormwind to Booty Bay, as long as they're paying, we'll take their goods to the desired destination! *results may vary, terms and conditions apply, upon stepping foot on the SV Bwashsuckler you are responsible for your own safety and in terms of death it will be your responsibility to notify your family and friends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, guys! So I've finally came around to kicking off my idea for a Merchant's Navy! I saw time to be a great opportunity to kick start such a guild due to the rise and interest in Naval RP. My idea is to have a free-flowing roleplay environment for those that wish to enjoy all aspects of the beautiful art, whether it be travelling, maritime, exploration/adventure, the list goes on! I see this as an opportunity to become involved with so many other guilds/people, whether it be a militaristic naval guild which we may need to convoy us across dangerous waters, a sort of guild which requires items of questionable description transporting across the heavenly blue or even those that simply want to tag along to get from A-B - As long as you can pay, of course! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The "ranks" of the guild follow: Captain: Head of the ship, the ship is his lively hood ( so you better damn-well look after it or you'll be dealing with the wrath similar to what is seen when you take internet away from a teenager. ) Ultimately responsible for everybody and the ship's well-being and livelihood. Witty, handsome and all-round good guy, what more could you ask for? In no particular order: Quartermaster(s): Responsible for mainly two tasks when sailing and docked. When sailing they will take the task of navigation at the helm of the ship to make sure that the ship, crew and cargo all arrive in on piece. When docked they are responsible for the security of the ship, they control who walks up and down the gangplank via records and ship logs. Chief Cook: Most seasoned of the Cooks. They are responsible for making sure that the crew (and if required) the passengers are fed. This role will give the holder minor authority over the other Cooks on the ship. Chief Engineer: The holder of this role will be the most well oiled Engineer amongst the crew, trusted by the Captain to keep his ship up and running. Responsible for mending any repairs from railing chips, sail tears to hull breach. This role will give the holder minor authority over the other Engineers on the ship. Chief Cargo: The most {insert pun here} of the Cargo Haulers, the most responsible for making sure the Cargo arrives to the destination in one piece. Also responsible for making sure all Cargo on the ship is accounted for as they ultimately define how much the crew will be paid. This person must keep logs of all of the Cargo that comes in and out of the ship and have the power to search and Cargo that they feel may endanger the ship, crew or it's passengers. Engineer: As an Engineer you would be part of a team that are integral to the ships running, if something goes wrong you will need to be on it. Required to be tough, determined and skilled to keep the 'SV Bwashsuckler' running a smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Cook: As a part of a team of Cooks you will be responsible for the crew's stomach. It will be down to you and your team to decide what the crew will eat, when they will eat it, etc. A happy crew is a hard working one. Not to mention the quicker the Cargo gets to it's destination the likelier we are to get paid more! Just make sure not to give us all food poisoning! Cargo Hauler: As a Cargo Hauler you will be part of the burly and strapping team responsible for getting the cargo on and off the ship and making sure it is safe and secure for the journey. You would make sure that the cargo it all accounted for at all points in the journey (you never know what those pesky stowaways could be stealing!). A key role in defining how much the crew are paid under the conditions of the quality of the cargo upon arrival. It'll help if you're pretty damn strong! Rating: Don't feel that you fit into any of the above catergories, no problem! Consider yourself the jack of all trades. Take part in each of the job roles as an all-rounder, partake in tasks such as men of the watch, the layer of tables, the plumper of pillows, the fisher of fishers, you name it! Your all round sailor! As you can see the ranks are pretty flat line which can make it enjoyable for everybody! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What sort of events will the Stormwind Merchant Navy offer? Events are fun for everybody, RP can thrive off of them, the guild will aim to provide a steady amount of events and roleplay throughout the week! Though all members of the guild will be welcome and even encouraged to hold their own! Events and roleplay will be free-flowing, which mean that your character's actions will ultimately effect the turn out of the whole scenario! Quartermasters screwed up their job due to a dodgy compass and weird cloud readings? We end up in South Stranglethorn instead of the North! (not as extreme but it could be worse!) Engineers never got round to fixing that sail? We end up marooned in the middle of the ocean until it gets fixed! Cooks didn't choose the right kind of fish? Half of the crew fall sick with food poisoning! The possibilities are endless, everybody has the chance to create an equal impact on the crew's roleplay! Events will contain a lot of sea adventures as well as possible exploration for those curious members of the crew when docked in certain ports! Do I have to be a part of the Merchant Navy to RP with them? No! We welcome you to join us as a part of the roleplay. The SV Bwashsuckler is open to passengers, as long as you are willing to follow some guidelines and are able to pay, feel free to hop aboard! I'm open to anyone and everyone sailing with us. The guild is also open to every other guild via roleplay also! Want to have that mysterious artifact smuggled across waters undetected? Buy a spot in the cargo-hold at our discretion! Need to ship that haul of weapons over to another portion of your battalion, secure a place in our hull! Maybe you even want to sneak out of Alliance waters undetected? Uh-.. ( we'll talk about that one in private ) Sometimes we may even need you! Being a Merchant Ship we will be pretty lightly armed, no match for those pirates with 6 rows of cannons and scary tattoos, like every Merchant Ship, at times the SV Bwashsuckler will need escorting across aggressive waters, anyone able to fill that role would be greatly appreciated! Do you accept everybody? Damn right we do! As long as you don't seem to be a threat to Constin's beautiful wif- Ship then hop on aboard, sail the one sea with Huey and his merry-men! I accept all class' and races as long as they do not pose a threat to the well-being of the ship of her crew! Everybody is welcome! Just some general questions I thought I'd answer now while they were in my head, if there are any more questions that arise then I am more than happy to answer them. I am incredibly excited to get this guild started as I believe it has a lot of potential, I just need you guys to help me! Any feedback is greatly appreciated, until then, I shall see you on the open waters!Constin13 07 Sep
07 Sep Looking for RPers - Lawful Warlock Horde Hello there, as the title says, iam looking for either way warlocks who would want to RP with me or friends from different backgrounds that would tolerate or respect an humble warlock O:) If it is the case, i'll be extremly glad. I am also looking to start with a few other characters (Alliance and Horde) , if you have any idea, shoot up. Thanks.Gengaar0 07 Sep
07 Sep [A-RP] Tinker Towers Company IC The night air was filled with the smell of Philogiston fumes and burning ozone. The rhythmic sound of metal crashing on metal was only interrupted by thrumming and snapping of Tesla coils at work. The floor of the workshop was a mess, filled with tumbled tables, broken inventions, twisted Alarm-o-bots and smashed gnomish battle chickens. Bolts and screws were covering the floor and every surface, the walls of the workshop buckled and groaned under the sheer strain of pressure being applied to them. Fires began to break out in various locations, catching caches of fireworks and black powder causing plumes of multi-coloured mushroom cloud smoke to fill the air that were peppered by the whistles and pops of the fireworks, in the centre of all of this sat the nexus of the chaos, the focus point of the madness that had taken over the workshop, a malfunctioning teleporter. The Frame of the teleporter the half cylinder metal frame housed what looked like a violent tear in the very make up of reality, the tear was pulsing and flashing a miniature lightning cloud formed in the nexus above the tear, filled the room with crackling lightning and was quickly pulled into the inescapable forces of the rogue portal, which would constantly flicker from one location to the next, sometimes it would show the white walls of Stormwind the next it showed the frozen wastes of Northrend before it jumped again showing the bottom of the ocean it flicked one last time revealing some Hellish landscape where in Fel creatures began to surge on the opening into our reality before it jumped again preventing the fiendish creatures from bursting forth. Around the portal came the shrill scream of pain as a Gnomish intern ran around covered in green flames while two more tinkers ran behind trying to put the fire out, across the Workshop Senior Tinkers argued with each other about the best way to close the portal all the while the bioweapon specialist and her lab assistants scrambled desperately trying to stop the Experiments from escaping their holding tank. Suddenly this picture of sheer chaos is taken away as two large metal doors bearing the symbol of three Cogs stacked atop each other slam shut locking the scene away. The gnomette who closed the door, turns away and steps forward brushing down her carefully tailored suit and listens as a series of chimes comes from the door way, the Gnomette quickly jumps behind what looks like a shop counter and smiles as a customer enters the building. “Salutations.” She greets them “Welcome to Tinker Towers Company, what can we build for you today?” OOC: Salutations and well met. Tinker Towers Company is a new Gnomish guild our theme is based around an engineering company that will sell it's inventions but is also avilable for hire to make use of our Tinker's skills and abilties. The Company will maintain a Stormwind branch in the form of the Pyrotechnics shop in the mage quarter of Stormwind where people will be able to drop in, place orders for items or just seek out advice on how to improve their own Engineering skills. Though we here at Tinkers Towers are not just your sit at home counter monkeys no sir as well as the selling of our latest and greatest inventions the company will often be closing up shop and travelling to the far reaches of Azeroth, looking to secure lost knowledge, test new inventions, shame Goblins where ever we get the chance (I mean come on it's like they're not even trying!) and getting up to all kinds of Gnomish hijinks. We're looking for any Gnomes that want to enjoy a guild that'll provide the casual RP of running a Engineering shop out of Stormwind but will also Enjoy the chance to take their greatest inventions off into the world and get mixed up in the chaos that follows. If anyone's interested in getting involved please send me a poke in game I'll be more then happy to talk to you and if anyone has any questions I'll be happy to answer them as well.Fizzlespring27 07 Sep
06 Sep Blackrock Foundry still Operational. With patch 6.2 the 'catch up mechanism' for the Legendary Quests was introduced. "Renegade Ironworker" Found a few of the things he said quite interesting, like "It would be far better to die in battle than to toil away all the years of my life producing arms and armor for... whatever this is that Gul'dan has done to my brothers and sisters.", and from his quest text, "We've had enough! The working conditions in the Foundry are intolerable with all the fire and the ogron and the flames and the fire elementals and infernos and marauding adventurers! But especially the heat." Food for thought. Maybe Iron Horde defectors aren't quite as rare as some people might have thought they were.Vileblood17 06 Sep
06 Sep Hey Argent Dawn. Rookie RP Hey Argent Dawn I recently looked into Role Playing. I have read WoW Insider article on RPing and I heard that Argent Dawn is quite good for RPing. Im quite rookie at this moment and thanks to that I way terrified to do walk up role playing. I do wonder too if my Story, Description is good for a Goblin character to start on. It would be cool if you could tell me, what do you think?? Name: Gixzell Screwshot Race: Goblin Class: Hunter/ Self proclaimed sharpshooter Age: 19 Physical Disc. Gixzell is little below average goblins height but he thinks big of him self and proudly look up, when he speaks with taller people. Because of his size, he can be nasty to the people that makes fun of his size and greed them with cold barrel of his gun. He have blue-ish spike hair, with bits falling over his purple eyes, it is bit enjoying when tinkering, which with he give friendly looks with a little greedy smile to new customers. Gixzell is less green that other goblins since he spend most of his life in the workshop, since he left home his skin is slowly turning green. Gixzell love to tinkering shows in his outfit. He wears simple tinkering goggles that he made from bits of poor leather, which he need to swap every so often, brass and red lenses. Family pilot jacket with bit of fur around neck, black firm tinkering gloves that are bit to small for him. Simple cloth trousers hold in a place by engineers belt which seems to be heavier that trousers them self and pair of black-brown leather looking boots that go up to knees. History: Gixzell and his father, Fizzel Screwshot, have moved to Boot Bay shortly after Gixzell was born and lived there since then. Gixzell have always been helping and playing in his dads workshop, he always had soft spot for explosions. On 16th birthday Gixzell didnt want anything fancy, he wanted only pile of scrap for his 1st gun and an promise from his dad, that on 18th birthday he will be able to chose his own path. Gixzell build his gun with his dad help and since then he was practicing shooting. On the day of Gixzells 18th birthday a word from Kezan come to Booty Bay, Mount Kajaro erupted destroying whole island. Gixzell had any idea for his path, he wanted to become adventurer and start his profiting adventure (cough)...adventure to help Kezan goblins in the Horde.Gixzell6 06 Sep
06 Sep Possible relations between orc characters based on age Hello. As a foreword, I've been using to get a rough estimate in years. As of late, I started thinking about ages of orc characters and how would it provide opportunities for RP. My conclusion, based on timeline, that any orc around age of 23 has a high probability of knowing many characters of similiar age. Allow me to show why. Somewhere around year 8-10, the internment camps are created. Year 18, the Lord of the Clans starts, endings somewhere between year 19 and 20 Year 20, Warcraft 3 starts Year 21, Battle of Mount Hyjal takes place Year 22, The Frozen Throne and Founding of Durotar campaigns take place Year 23, Novels Dragon Hunt, Shadows of Ice and Ghostlands take place Year 24, Novel Cycle of Hatred takes place Year 25, World of Warcraft starts Year 31, Roughly the current year These are all events that happened during the lifespan of an orc around the age of 23. Assuming that he/she stayed with the horde throughout the years, that's a lot of events shared with other characters. I imagine that before WoW, orc society was way more tightly knit, It would have a reason to! Bulk of orcish youth would be born in Internment camps and/or spend up to 8 years in them, board the ships to Kalimdor, go through the demo campaign of wc 3, help during the initial landing in Kalimdor, go through the episode of Gromm Hellscream going chaos, battle of mount Hyjal and establishing Durotar. Warrants a couple childhood friends, eh? Especially if they were kids during internment camps/sailing to Kalimdor. My question is, how many of these did your character go through? Are you open to acknowledging that your character and other young characters might've met during these? Perhaps you already did that? I'd like to hear opinions about it, because characters sharing the same ship, camp or fighting in the same battle of their youth would be a great way to establish connections between characters and even provide an icebreaker for conversations.Craite8 06 Sep
06 Sep Describing a bulge = erper? On AD, it is a widely accepted fact that a female character can have a description in which their character is described as curvy, without being told off or brushed as promiscuous. The players behind said curvy characters, as it happens, are almost always supporters of equal rights. Why, then, aren't male characters in the same position? Curvy female characters argue that their playing curvy character =/= an invitation to ERP. Why, then, can't male characters put something along the lines of '[...] is displaying a large bulge, the size of it outlined clearly on the cloth of his pants' in their flags? A flag that reads that your character is hung doesn't mean that you're an ERPer.Solomonco102 06 Sep
06 Sep [H] Raiders Inc - Argent Dawn. Looking for you! Hi there! Unless you just click stuff at random, you're here to find out about the guild Raiders Inc! We are a Horde guild on the Argent Dawn server EU. My name is Lorreth and I've quite the tale to tell, it will sound unbelieveable, but this is a place where magic happens. We have 2 differnet types of members. Social Members. What do we have to offer you as a social member? "Glad he asked" I'm sure you're thinking. We have the normal nice atmosphere in game that all guilds say they have. We hang out on teamspeak, also you can find us playing other games together, more on that later! Every month we arrange a full evening of events where everyone, from the most hardcore raiders to the most casual social members, get together, have fun and compete for prizes. Every month it's something different. For example we have done the standard LvL1 race, treasure hunts and PvP tournament in STV arena, we have mini games of Tonk wars and hide and seek as well. We are also putting together smaller spontaneous events to fill out your evening online. These events are great for getting social members and the raiders from both teams together for some good giggles. Opps did I say 2 teams..? Wasn't suppose to mention that yet! We also have a Social raid night on Tuesdays, so if you fancy some raiding; then come along! Though we are on a "Roleplay server" we dont actively particpate as a Guild. But maybe that might be something you would like to pursue. Raid Members. What do we have to offer you as a Raider? An Excellent question. 2 Teams! "Oh no" you're thinking, "2 teams spells trouble". Well give me a moment and I'll tell you all about them and how it works! Team FIRESTORM! At Team Firestorm we are focused on progressing in a healthy environment, we do not aim to be the best in the world, but to be the very best that we can be! The team is built around trying to conquer Heroic/Mythic raiding, and thus are focusing on obtaining a roster of players capable of achieving this. Team TSUNAMI! At Team Tsunami we cater to the more casual of raider, we aim to bring out the raider in you, to encourage you and help you get all you can out of raiding. The goal of the team is to conquer Normal/Heroic raiding in a relaxed atmosphere. As such we are looking for players who are happy to raid at this level and to raid with others who are at this level. Being part of either team requires certain dedication, as we only raid for 2 nights (Wed and Sun) a week, 2.5 to 3 hours at a time starting at 20:15 server time. We aim to pr epare as much as we can outside of the raid, in order to maximise the limited amount of time we have! This means that the raiders here are required to be active on the forums, turn up fully prepared and be ready to rock and roll! "Well that sounds awesome Lorreth but I've seen other guilds with 2 teams and all the officers and their mates are in the best one and the 2nd team is left to fend for itself." Not here in Raiders Inc! infact over half the officer core of the Guild currently raid in team Tsunami and both teams have their own seperate trio of Raider leaders. Firestorm and Tsunami are given all the attention they need from their own dedicated leadership which is a seperate group of people from our Guild leaders! We also offer out free flasks for raids and some of our event prizes include best enchants and best Gems to help you out, on top of that 1st prizes get free repairs for awhile ! What do we have to offer as a Guild ? TLDR edition ... deep breath. Social Events Social Raid team "Smoke" Heroic/Mythic Raid team "Firestorm" Normal/Heroic Raid team "Tsunami" Active forums Active TS server Hearthstone tournaments Diablo 3 Clan Reroll raiding project Various Steam games together And more to come! Just a few more moments of your time I'd like to say running a Guild like this is challenging in the extreme, luckily we spread the load allowing us to focus on different aspects of the guild. I have, working with me, 3 council members who help to shape the guild, keeping the social side of the guild running smoothly and overseeing everything in the guild. They in turn have assistants (we call Adjutants) who help with everything. The council and Adjutants make up the "Arms" of the Guild, they are the ones to reach out and make the changes we need and create the events and substance we long for as a guild to thrive. We are always on the look out for people who want to help here and join the Adjutants and help us shape the guild. We have 6 Raidleaders (3 on each team). These guys make sure all the raiding in the Guild runs smoothly, they look after you and will help you out, point you in the right directions and make sure the teams are doing well. Raiding makes up a substantial part of World of warcraft and if the Council are the Arms, these guys are the "Legs" (albeit hairy) they keep the guild moving forward though each Tier, patch and expansion. Being only slightly modest That makes me the GM, the brains behind it all. But the most important part of the Guild is our members and it's these guys that hold the guild up, bring meaning to everything we do and as such they are without doubt the "Backbone" of the Guild If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of in any capacity, please check out our website and get to know us a bit better. If you find us to your liking; you can drop us an application! Our forums are at Guild Master @ Norreth#2613 A Raidleader of Firestorm @ Drago#2115 A Raidleader of Tsunami @ Selwyn#2289Nordeth40 06 Sep
06 Sep [ARP] Elodor Harvest Festival In character: Letters have been send to great houses of the Alliance as well as smaller groups and organizations. Also posters are hanging on every notice board in major alliance settlements. Criers walk around calling out the same message for those wanting to hear it. ... ---------OOC------------------ The harvest festival is open for anyone to join. It will contain an opening ceremony, feast and tournament. More info will be added soon. If you have any questions do place them underneath in a post. If you or your guild want to sign up, whisper or talk ICly to a member of Shanai or send mail to Maerno ingame!Maerno44 06 Sep
06 Sep Would you consider [XYZ] bad RP? A few things I have seen during the last few weeks have sparked this question in my head quite a few times! What do you think about these examples personally? Hands-down bad/OP? Acceptable? Great? Let us know what YOU think! 1) Player characters (PCs) claiming to be an Archmage/Grand Magus. 2) PCs claiming to have been given a major title (Archmage, Grand Magus, Lord Commander of the Royal Guard etc.) by a grand lore character (Rhonin, Khadgar, Varian, Thrall, Medivh,...). 3) PCs having a mechanical prosthesis instead of some limbs. 4) PCs (Kaldorei) claiming to be far over 10000 years old. 5) PCs (Quel'dorei/Sin'dorei) claiming to be far over 3000 years old. 6) PCs playing Dragons/Ethereals/Demons/Liches. 7) PCs claiming that simply living in Dalaran increases one's life-span drastically. 8) PCs claiming to know about the Titans to an absolute degree (Like knowing who Aman'Thul is without him even being mentioned in any accessible source [afaik, correct me if I am wrong]). 9) PCs claiming that Teleportation is not only feasible by means of Transmutation, but also Conjuration. Feel free to add points to this list... Now let's see what happens. °clicks submit° Kind regards! :-)Xarrian74 06 Sep
06 Sep RPPP 3D: Pet Peeves Reloaded Last thread full. BOOM! - And the one before that. BOOM! - New thread not. Get peeved! Get personal! Go!Rava499 06 Sep
06 Sep An update on the realm, please? Hey, gang. Not sure if many of you will remember me, but I quit the game just before WoD was released. I said I'd never be back. Ironically, here I am (you were right Saphita), albeit if only for a few days before going again. I'm thinking about purchasing WoD and genuinely coming back at about Christmas (but I'm not going to make any promises), and so I need some perspective. How is WoD? Would you genuinely recommend paying for it? If I'm going to come back at all, should I wait until Legion instead? (Demon Hunters, bro). Also, what's RP like these days? I'm not back for long enough this time to actually inspect it myself, so I need you guys to tell me - is it more active on Horde? Alliance? Has each race got some active guilds going, and all that jazz? Thanks in advance, and if you see me online in the next couple of days, don't be a stranger!Candy29 06 Sep
06 Sep Do you need a chance to evade in RP combat? "You can't polymorph me because I can't avoid it!" This is a problem I have bumped to often lately. It seems perfectly fine to attack someone who is weaker physically, but my god if you use magic against someone who can not resist it! Well do I know that we can not force extreme things to others, like death, or role play that they do not wish to do. Yet for sake of realism I would prefer people to aknowledge the fact that life is not fair and each of us have strengths and weaknesses. So question is. Do you need a chance to evade or can you stomach taking unavoidable blows?Taryl44 06 Sep
06 Sep [H-RP] The Hordesworn - We ride for glory! The Hordesworn is now opening its doors to recruits of all races within the Horde! Who are we? The Hordesworn is a spiritual warband representing the different and individually wonderful races of the New Horde. Through the upholding of their cultural values, such as unity, honour and loyalty under the current Warchief. Conquest, diplomacy, exploration... all of these encapsulate the intent of the atmosphere within Hordesworn. How do I get involved in this guild? Simple! We'll be updating this thread with our current IC location and plotlines; allowing those who wish to seek the Hordesworn out the ability to find us through rumor and hearsay, even in game letters! We will be frequenting cities and settlements from time to time as well for a more organic RP experience as well. Alternatively, feel free to contact one of our officers out of character for a brief interview (either Brox, Lathgera, Chakwah or myself), followed up by how we can best shape a personal experience of entry into the guild's story. What happens when I join the guild? New characters will join into a temporary probation period where we will interact on an in character and out of character level to see how best we can accomodate you within the overarching guild. More specifically personality and attitude on both an IC and OOC perspective, in order to best measure how well it meshes with the warbands philosophies, and of course how the character syncs with the rest of his or her comrades. Within the guild we will craft plotlines for our members to follow, as well as an in character quest system (currently in the works!). We are also very open to interactions and working together with other guilds in order to enrich a shared experience. Additionally, we also engage with in-game content via raids, dungeons and PvP. Not to mention other games outside WoW, such as Cards against Humanity and more! Our Argent Archives page can be found here, with a further link to our Enjin page: 06 Sep
06 Sep Festival of the Twin Bears - Thank you + Video Footage Thank you everyone who attended the Festival of the Twin Bears in Darnassus tonight! I hope everyone had fun and I was positively surprised how many stayed until the end! The Brew Drinking Contest and Tug of War were a bit experimental games - I like trying out some new games/game mechanics at my events every now and then instead of always sticking to 'the same old stuff'. I got again some experience points in planning different kinds of activities! :) Thanks to... Saoira and Thileena for hosting the food and drinks stall! Treelorne - for running the drinking contest! Extended thanks to a couple of his guildies who turned up as bear guards! Arthrón - for providing the brew for the drinking contest IC and for handing out bear idols! Nisharil and Thornroot for providing lovely speeches for the opening, and Iyadriel for holding the speech Thornroot had written because he was unable to attend! Alynthia - for distributing raffle tickets and for handling the fireworks with Nisharil! Thank you Nisharil for also keeping an eye out for people dressed in 'twin' costumes and dropping them gifts! Tylándra for guarding the hostess everywhere she went - and some members of Legacy of Stars who turned up as guards! It was amazing to receive so much help with this event. :) I took some video footage of the event and will make a video out of the clips soon! Just wanted to thank everyone for coming! I'll also try find the time to make an article about the event. ...Acrona13 06 Sep
06 Sep Selling complete glyph kits for any class (Horde) Since I'm literally drowning in herbs and inks I figured I would start doing this as a form of convenience. for 10.000 gold I will sell you a pack consisting of all glyphs for a class of your choice. Either in trade or by mail. The easiest way would be to just mail me 10.000 gold with the class name for the glyph pack you want and I will mail you the glyphs back. You can post here if you have any questions.Renjia28 06 Sep