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06 Dec 2015 [Horde PvP] Winter Soldiers are recruiting for RBGs Winter Soldiers is a new PvP guild on Argent Dawn’s Horde side. Our goal is to push for the higher RBG titles in the 3rd warlords season. The team is brand new, but we already have a few with the experience of the higher ratings. That means we will be coaching the PvP players, who are somewhat new to RBGs. The coaching consists of feedback to one’s performance, and where one can and have to improve. The team is, as stated, is currently being built, and our expectations are about 1700 rating to begin with. WE ARE CURRENTLY ON THE LOOK FOR: Restoration Druid Affliction Warlock Arms Warrior FAQ Q: When do you begin playing RBGs? A: When the next season starts. We might try a few RBG games to get a feel for it before that, but only if we have enough players. Q: I just want to be in a guild where I can play battlegrounds and casual arenas with others, can I be in your guild? A: Yes, you can join our guild. Please state you wish to join as a social or casual PvP’er, if this is the case. Q: Why are expectations not higher than 1700 rating? A: I have not yet been able to witness the skill of players in the rated environment. We do have some experienced veterans however, and the expectations might change swiftly after we begin playing. Q: How does the first team spot work? Can I be on the first team? A: The idea here is, that there will only be about 10-15 first team members. This is because a stable group is superior to one that keeps switching the players in and out. You will have to prove your skill to acquire a spot. We will be rotating some people, when they either cannot join or are otherwise occupied. Q: Can I lose my first team spot? Can you? A: Yes, you can lose your first team spot, should you not live up to the expectations of the team anymore. You will be warned before this happens, so that you can strive to perform the best you can. Also, no. As unfair as it sounds, I cannot lose my first team spot, as I’m going to lead the RBGs. Q: Can I join your RBG team without being in your guild? A: You possibly can, but you need to perform much above anyone who is currently in the guild. Otherwise they will be picked above you, as we strive to mainly focus on the guild members. If you got any further questions, please do list them below. If you would like to join, you can whisper myself or any other online members, and they will guide you to an officer, if one is online.Tazkram2 06 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 World Of Warcraft Argent Dawn Viewbotter Twitch *FOUND* Yo guys this is a quick one there's a guy making wow accounts (presumably buying them now due to the sale) spamming in /2 to watch his stream for a 100K give away (He's been saying it for hours) HERE'S THE PROOF PLEASE CHECK IT OUT 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 The Three Hammers lives! ... OOC Formal launch day for the Three Hammers. All relevant documents on the guild itself will be distributed in GHI so having it is a must. Only at a later date will they be put into an actual thread. Thursday,8:30pm, statue of beloved crystal King Magni. All dwarves welcome but obviously the emphasis is on those seeking to join or those who have already joined. Essentially, instead of existing as an umbrella tag it will now exist as an organisation committed to keeping the three great clans together, defending Khaz Modan and all that entails.Irondawn27 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 Looking for Artists Yep, it's that time again. Looking for available artists to commission for character art! Preferably with gold (I have large amounts available) but if the quality is up to par then $$$ is also an option. Find me at Ashiraya#2675 if you are interested.Ashiraya33 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 [A-RP - Militant/Social] The Auric Battalion. If one were to mention the continent of "Northrend", one would also assume that the connotations the place brings are mostly negative. Scourge. Death. Ruin. All horrible, yet relevant traits. So, it would be an interesting twist to add a few more words into the mix: Potential. A home. Hope.Perhaps a brief anecdote will shed some light on my point: I found myself within the harsh lands of the Borean Tundra, the cold winds biting at my flesh. With my cloak tucked tightly around myself and my sword at my side, I felt safe. I marched onwards, snow crunching underneath my boots as Valliance Keep came into sight on the horizon, its towers just poking out from behind a blanketed white hill. I stopped to observe the view, for it was beautiful. The snowy, expansive landscape reminded me of the tales I was told as a child, about Winter's Veil, and Great-Father Winter. As I became lost within childish thoughts, I heard the scraping of metal, and a sharp object poked my back. I was lost, nothing but a figure within a blizzard, with a sword at my back. I no longer felt safe. A muffled voice told me to hand over coins, possessions, anything of value. However, the delivery of the command is what surprised me. The voice was young, the voice was scared. He was but a child, clearly starved, and I felt sympathy. Not fear, not hatred, but sympathy. He was alone within these wild lands without protection, left to pick up the ruins of what he had once known to be home... My humble heart was spurred by this very simple encounter. I thought to myself, 'I will not help this child with mere gold'. No. I will ensure that his friends, his family, have a place to call home, somewhere safe. With that random little IC section/story out of the way, I welcome you, Argent Dawn, to the recruitment thread of The Auric Battalion! We are a militant guild seeking to set up residence within Northrend, to generate RP and enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer. The guild, is a militant force seeking to offer protection to the citizens of Northrend. Beyond Alliance settlements such as Valliance Keep, the continent is lacking safety, and people who care! This gives us a fair amount of freedom to explore, travel, roleplay and just have a good time. We can also hope to interact with other guilds dwelling within Northrend, which again, leads to some great social interactions. What can you expect from us? Myself and the current members of the guild, all love a particular type of roleplay; Random Social Roleplay. This type of RP brings fond memories of wonderful encounters, encounters that we'd like to replicate. This is why we're putting an emphasis on social RP, because it helps develop a character, create relationships, and just makes everything seem all the more immersive. Besides, who doesn't love the idea of sitting around a warm, fiery campfire, exchanging stories after a hard day's work? Militant RP is another thing we're seeking to offer. We are, as described, a freelance order of sorts, operating within Northrend. We will be moderately strict about this, but we don't want to be too limiting, else characters don't get to develop and blossom. A friendly atmosphere is something you can expect. The guild itself is run by a close-knit collection of friends, resulting in a lot of laughs, but more importantly, RP that is enjoyable. If such a concept interests you, please, do post down below! Or, you can whisper myself or Briddget in-game for more information. -Seeya!Tirallian6 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 [Discussion] "Too good to be a recruit" Greetings Argent Dawn, Apologies in advance for the long-winded approach to my question! As a guild leader recruitment is a process I deal with on a near daily basis. Fortunately, The Bleak Hearth is at a stage now where we have no real need for active recruitment and gain a steady flow of individuals seeking us out. However, now and then we do take to the streets, as most other guilds do from time to time. Some more frequently than others. I have noticed a surge in players of varied experience that outright refuse to join guilds at a recruit level. I do not speak of any specific form of character, such as knights, nobles or veterans, but a wide spectrum. Be it former guild leaders, ex-officers or simply people that may have been on the RP scene for some time. With my own guild we have a trial period for all new members, regardless of their background or claims to experience. They can be as fancy as they like, boast previous experience in officering or even be some close and trusted relative of my own character. We treat everyone the same. As such, our response is usually along the lines of "Jog on, you arrogant !@#$." However, I find it alarming that this would at least from my perceptions seem to be accepted across a number of guilds, which I shan't name, but for whatever reason allow people to undercut others purely on the grounds of a boast. Of course, that's their business, but I myself would think it a damaging practice. My own opinions aside, I'd love to hear from the wider community. What do people think about this sort of attitude? Is it justified or is it baseless arrogance? Is it a damaging practice or are they merely advocating their 'rights'?Hycis91 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 [H-Troll RP] Zul Atal Alarion ... ... ___ "It had already been almost a year since I put down my spear. My mate followed me shortly after. The tension between our old traditions and the unyieldingness of the young blood had begun to cause strife within our warband. After many restless nights we made a decision. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we saw no other viable options. We stepped down from our positions as Antu. With the reins of the warband in the hands of the new blood, the new generation, with new traditions, forged in unity with our orc allies throughout their childhood. It was definitely the wisest decision. There could be no future in our continued hubris; only suffering. The warband that my mate and I had formed many years ago slowly transformed as we watched from the shadows. It didn’t take long before we couldn’t recognise it anymore. It had become part of the official Horde military. It was no longer a warband; it was simply a military unit." ____ Ruthu rubbed his face. The hammock within the military barracks had become both his enemy and lover. He had trained hard and well, taken time and will, even dedication to advance within the ranks of the Horde's heroes. A sigh escaped his lips and he sat up, dangling his feet over the edge of the rugged hammock. "This is it, I guess.." He muttered, standing up and stretching. It was truly the time. Ruthu had been promoted to a Commander of a newly founded unit, a warband merged into the Horde military. “Get up, we've got work to do! We need to fin' proper recruits before they send us on a mission”, Ruthu nagged as he started to yank his armor on. It was obvious this young troll was nervous, even a little scared. He took his tabard, new and without a scratch. “Get up already, mon!” He snorted, turning around to look at a fully dressed troll, lying in his hammock with a wide, smug grin. “Way ahead of ya”. ... Zul Atal Alarion returns after a long hiatus! The game, once Legion was announced, got a lot more appealing to us once again. We decided to make a return, but with a twist. Instead of being a warband as we were, we are now a mere unit within the Horde's army. One could compare us to the Vol'jin's Spear or Vol'jin's Headhunters. Why merge into the military, instead of staying independent and free of the boundaries? Exactly that (with a few more reasons). We wish to work with other guilds, military or not. We wish to travel around Azeroth and Draenor, go to places where Warbands would not go unless there was a heavy reason. We do NOT want a blood oath that binds people to the guild. Things do not always go as they should, which is why we do not want to make it harder for people to come or go. Was the reason for departure school, money problems or anything else, you would not be bound to us. Which makes it easier for everyone. Feeling of belonging into more than -just- another warband. You are part of the Horde military! Hooray! ... ... Q. How can I join? A. Contact any of our members and ask for an officer. We will have an OOC interview and come up with an idea on how you could join us ICly. ___ Q. Do you have a Blood Oath? A. No, we do not. We figured a blood oath is too much trouble for both the members and leaders of the guild. People come and go for a reason or another, was it real life or money problems, lack of interestes in the game or what ever. If one takes an oath it is harder to let go of a character on an IC level and makes a lot of fuel for drama. ___ Q. Do you have a uniform? A. No! But we have a colour code - Follow the colours in the tabard and we'll be fine. ___ Q. I am new to roleplay. Can I join? A. Yes, you can. If you're an open minded person who wishes to learn you're welcome among us! But bear in mind – we will be giving you critique and advice to help you improve as a roleplayer. We will answer any questions you might have, so don't be shy! We all have started from somewhere. ___ Q. I am now an OOC member. How do I join ICly? A. By interacting with one of the officers or the leader ICly. ___ Q. What mounts can I use ICly? A. Jungle trolls can use Raptors and Forest trolls can use bears. Anything can happen ICly, but these mounts are the basic. Death Knights can use their own steed. ___ Q. Are alts allowed and if so, how many? A. Yes, but we do not want to be alt filled. All alts need to abide to the guild rules. We accept only Horde aligned trolls! ___ Q. My character was born Drakkari but is now part of the Horde. Can I join? A. No. ___ Q. My character is half-Elf half-Troll. Can I join? A. No. ___ ... Commander- Leader of the unit, Zul Atal Alarion. Champion - Commander's right hands, but valued warriors of the Horde. Once a letter of promotion has been received by the Commander they are instantly promoted within the unit. Blood Guard - A strong warrior who has reached a status of a loyal and experienced fighter. This is the end of the Commander's power, and any further promotions come from upper ranks to the ears of the Commander. Warrior - Next in the ranks, and a person who has been seen fit and willing to work with and for the group. New Blood - Respect has to be earned and the new bloods should know this better than any. Even the most cunning headhunter, the mightiest hexxer, and the most proficient fisherman have to prove their worth. The website has a lot more information of us, and navigation there is easy, too. Please take your time to look at it! EDIT: Instead of rank "General" we have rank "Commander". Thank you for the feedback! :)Ruthu81 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 What sort of Belf guild would YOU like to see? Evening AD. The question above is what I'm putting to yourselves. You see, myself and a friend are looking to possibly start up our own military guild, led by two Blood Knights. Oh woe, I hear you cry, not another one. Well, we thought the same, and so we want to make ours a little different from the run of the mill military guilds that are floating around. We've decided we want to make it a little more specialised, focusing on one or two elements of the Thalassian Army - along the same sort of lines as the 23rd Division, the Sun Hawks, that sort of thing. So far we've come up with a Calvary unit, which would look great and help give some of the dignity back to the Hawkstrider, but would also be very difficult to sort out using in-game mechanics; or a Medical unit, a dedicated unit of first and second line medics to work alongside the other Belf and Horde military guilds. The cons with that one is it severely limits our recruiting pool to mainly Paladins, Priests and Monks plus a few other exceptions; and in my experience limiting the recruiting pool doesn't really ever end well unless you've been around for a long old time (see, 23rd Division Blood Knight Guard). So the question I'd put to you is this, AD - What sort of specialised military unit would you like to see in the Belf and wider Horde community?Adorelaen32 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 Legion year gap? How will it affect your character? Of course, I don't think we have that information just yet, and people are just speculating it being a larger year gap this time around because with Gul'dan setting things up for the invasion and that Anduin looks older with his model. So what I've seen; people have been speculating about 3 - 5 year gap. So what if the gap is 5 years? How will this affect your character? Some people put their age to a certain number for a reason, and want to progress from there -- or they want to be like Ash from Pokémon that remains 10 years old forever, whatever happens. Elven characters might not be affected so greatly by this, in aging ways at least. *Troll characters could possibly even be dead or very old. If your character has started to learn something new, it could have mastered it a great deal with just a blink of an expansion release. *Trolls might not have that short age span. Just remember being told that they age quickly.Ravmith55 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 Vrykul RP in Legion? So with the coming of Legion and the return of the Vrykul seems like a great opportunity for some new Roleplay! (Humans with Elixir of Growth inc.) While I don't know if any existed in Wrath (or today) it seems pretty cool to me; perhaps those allied with the Burning Legion or a clan or two that split off and bring the fight to them.. Working together with both the Horde and Alliance/ Class Orders. Granted; I couldn't find any clear sources what role they will play in Legion. Despite that.. Thoughts?Dourhand37 05 Dec 2015
05 Dec 2015 A Clan RP Guild? Hi, i am looking for a Clan RP Guild on the horde side, i tried via trade chat without results, hoping for luck here :)Gurutak1 05 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 Legion Beta Build is available [Legion Spoilers] 4 Discuss away! For the previous thread; Spellcasters are getting to use their weapons! ...Thalael499 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 Three friends looking for a casual guild Hello there! Two friends of mine and I are looking for a social + casual raiding guild, normal difficulty with possible attempts on heroic. We are a protection paladin(me), marksmanship hunter(Raazea) and restoration druid(Evellína). Raazea and I have been playing since vanilla with breaks during cata/wod, Evelína has just started playing. We are a friendly bunch, with no reason to cause or stirr any drama. We are playing just to have a good time. Unfortunetaly we can't promise having a 100% attendance on raids, because of work, but we mainly play during weekends, especially friday and saturday evenings and nights. During weekdays we are on 21-23 most of days and during friday+weekend a lot more. :) Our armory links: Norxine - protection paladin - Raazea - marksmanship hunter - Evelína - restoration druid - If you have any questions ask away here or ingame. Thank you for reading. \o/Norxine5 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 [H - RP] Grandfather Facepuncher ... Welcome, fellow reader! Thank you for reading this before anything! Soo, are you tired of all the happiness and gifts of Winter's veil? I am! This is why I, Thakka Facepuncher, will wander ALL the major cities of the Horde, giving away gifts to the fellow Role-players I come through! What will the gifts contain? That is for you to discover with your gift! I will empty my bags and fill them with gifts, note that most people I come through, will recieve a gift, I am not god and I can't notice everyone! And yes, this event will not include USEFUL gifts, but more what I think that will more fit the character! Each gift accepted will include 1€ in a jar, wich will be then given as a donation at the 20th day to an orphanage here at Barcelona! Side note: I have two GREEN outfits that I can give to two people, who can also give away gifts! These two people will also count 1€ for each gift given, after each day they will mail me the quantity of gifts given!Thakka2 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 ♬ A nightclub?! How? ♬ Hello everyone, I am trying – thinking to pull a small event. A nightclub. Something we usually do not RP – yet I’m certain there are many here who enjoy it. What better race than the tech nerds, goblins, to do it? Ok. Maybe the Dwarfs or Gnomes – but they are inferior to us. The plan is simple, throw a few “usual” things. That happen on these locations annnnnd – music. Yes. I really plan to have music at this event. Streaming it by a link to everyone – in real time. To make it feel more, real. OFC ya don’t have to listen to it. Because it is OOC? But I would like to bring it, into IC. To be the music ya char is hearing, jumping and shaking to. So, that brings me to a question. What music, would it be fit to steam? I mean – it hard to tell, once you have the Elite Tauren Chieftain rocking around. They seem, pretty “modern” to me. I was thinking, that something like this: - would fit nicely. So here are my three questions: Would you attend such event? How do you suggest me streaming it? (I want to stay away from Team Speaker and Skype). Does this kind of music, fits?Nimsil31 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 My character background; rate it? I've roleplayed on this character for some time but had to quit WoW for personal reasons for some time. Now I've been reading through the forums and encountered quite a few people who didn't like "Ex iron Horde characters" I just wanna share my character's background story and hope it'll come across as acceptable by most. Positive feedback will be appreciated a lot! Be ready for quite a read; had to put it on the next post because it didn't fit.Kuldrak9 04 Dec 2015
04 Dec 2015 Argent Dawn General Chat Thread #148 This ADGCT is brought to you by Fuse, enjoy.Fuse500 04 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [A-RP] The Cenarion Envoy ~~ Who are we? ~~ The Cenarion Envoy, currently a very small group and and a branch from the Cenarion Circle seeking people with interest that are willing to help the branch with their current mission in Duskwood. The branch consists primarily of Druids that have been sent to Duskwood to study the creatures around the region, the plants, helping the locals inside Darkshire or other parts in Duskwood, defending the Grove against any porential threats and healing the land. ~~ Joining the guild ~~ Although we do not generally wish to recruit OOC due to immersion and other reasons, we've noticed that there are alot of people having trouble joining guilds via only IC means due location and other such issues. By whispering one of the members within the guild they'll help you guide your way to the guild and eventually lead it up to an IC interview with your character. ~~ Why Duskwood? ~~ Since we've received information from the Cenarion Circle and have been ordered to head over there because of corrupted animals that have been walking freely in the region of Duskwood, in that way, the members should be focused on studying the animals and their behaviours, ask locals about any recent threats, etc. OOC, we know that there are alot of guilds going in and out of Duskwood, most of them focused inside Darkshire. A small group of Cenarion members traveling to Duskwood to help the locals and do their mission would be a great RP scenario as we also would like to boost up the rest of the Duskwood region, if possible, even more so with creating small events. ~~ Do I have to be a Druid in order to join this guild? ~~ As most of our members consist of Druids, does not mean that all other classes would be denied. Although, it would be harder for others that roleplay any other class then Druids to get high up in the guild’s IC hierarchy. For understandable reasons, Death Knights and Warlocks are generally not allowed, same as those whose IC identity would heavily clash with the guild’s cause – necromancy, pyromancy and such clear conflicts. Individual exceptions can be made if convincing. ~~ Realism ~~ We expect that our current members, and future ones that will be joining the guild, have an understanding of the roleplaying aspect and how to roleplay as realistic as possible. In a win-lose scenario we expect you to roleplay fair as it not only makes the current RP scenario awesome, it's also enjoyable for both you and the others you're roleplaying. Trolling IC etc. would be handed out OOC strikes if noticed, I'll explain here about later. In short, one of the biggest point is that OOC and IC should never be mixed. OOC conflicts should be handled OOC and never affect what occurs IC, and vice versa. ~~ Ranks ~~ To simply put, ranks do not matter IC, they are simply placeholders and not linear in superiority. Even if this guild might consist of more Druids than any other classes, every member is equal to each other and has the same right, even though this all matters IC. You might have been handed out rank through OOC or IC, but you'll be adressed not different then an associate member. By receiving the ranks you'll probably have to plan events, solve problems between members, etc. Respect will be gained by IC means, and if you've gained respect from members you'll be treated differently obviously. ~~ Events ~~ Later on, we'll be creating small/medium sized events hopefully every week, inviting other guilds within the region of Duskwood to participate with us and to keep up the activity within the guild and in Duskwood! Events outside Duskwood on perhaps a monthly basis are also a possibility – eternal darkness can get a tad depressing at times. For any information regarding the faction or complaints you can PM the following: Elirionn Cirandiel Andriss Shedriel ThylaenasThylaenas15 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 A Rising Storm [Campaign Concluded] The Aftermath... Old thread: Baseline rules: Seradane score: 4 - 2 to the Horde Currently: The Hiri'watha Research station's destruction has unleashed the Apothecarium's deadly produce unto the Hinterlands, leaving an area that is unsafe to traffick without protection: The storm rages on. The elemental baron behind it - rumoured to be aligned with sinister ancient powers -demanded sacrifices from the warring factions, offering the most generous side a boon. The contest ended in a draw, with a soul sacrificed by each of the two factions. The Baron Zephyrius now offers his boon to the shamans of both the Horde and Alliance, but only if they can come to an accord on what they will request - since neither side won, his prize must be shared. Some fear that trusting Zephyrius - a chaotic and merciless loyalist of Al'akir - would be a mistake, and rumours spread that a group of Horde fliers intends to end the storm by personally casting the Elemental Baron back to the Skywall rather than playing along with his cruel demands. The Horde's advance on the Aerie has briefly been halted and the positions of both groups shift rapidly, though for most part the Horde is stationed at the holy city of Shadra'Alore and the Alliance at the looming Aerie of the Wildhammer dwarves.Perroy258 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [Tips] 100 Boost - New Roleplay? Hi everyone, So I'm sat here on my chair with enough dosh to afford the pre-order of World of Warcraft: Legion. The only issue is, is that there's not much point in the 100 boost because I literally have no idea what to boost, while also getting into a new character for roleplay while also finding it interesting and enjoyable for myself. So far, I have had two ideas come to mind: Undead Mage: A fallen Kirin Tor mage, now undead, who is a master of fire and frost magic. He is destructive since he feels like he no longer needs to answer to the Kirin Tor itself and other reasons blah blah (yet to be worked on). Human Death Knight: Not much has been put into this one, I have just never roleplayed a death knight and I had this nerdgasm fantasy of fighting a demon hunter roleplayer in Legion. But so far, I figured this guy would be useful as he travels the road, accepting tasks like monster hunting, curses and uh-.. stuff you'd expect a death knight to handle. Or a simple Alliance loyalist. By all means, share your thoughts on the following two such as ways of improving one of those ideas or both, or lay down something different and twice as amazing!Carbek4 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Help me! Hey guys, thanks for reading. :P Was just wondering if there's any Sargerei guild out there, and if not what the general thoughts of one would be? Thank you in advance. :)Testér7 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Roleplay idea : Need help! Hello there to all that decided to read this thread. I've had this roleplay idea stuck in my head for a while and would really like to do it, I can do it on my own ofcourse, but it seemed like a lot of fun to try and work together with someone to do something cool. The idea in short is that i'd need someone to roleplay a worgen pup (a daughter to say it easier.) I don't really have anyone on my BNET that had the time since they had other roleplay chars. So I decided to ask the forums for help! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!Bhältair14 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Frostwolf transmogs? So i've been starting a new orc which I aim to collect a variety of different orc faction based sets. One of them being frostwolfs searching around i've only really come up with very few alternatives. Anyone that could help me out or that possible normally RPs as a Frostwolf orc that could give me their armory to get some inspiration from.Annalisa14 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [H-RP] The Grey Hand Backstory The history of the horde is a history of constant conflict, and strife. From the day the orcish horde stepped through the Dark Portal, they have been seen as foreign conquerors in a world that hates, and reviles them. And so, the horde has had no shortage of enemies that have risen up to test the strength of the red banner. Yet, the horde faces more threats than the ones visible to the naked eye. In the aftermath of the great campaigns against the demons in Outland, the scourge in Northrend, and the Twilight's hammer in Azeroth, the threat that the cultists and traitors nestled within the horde's very ranks pose has been disregarded. And so, The Grey Hand was founded. The Grey Hand is an order dedicated to purging the horde of those that would see it perverted, and destroyed. People from all the different races of the horde come together under a single banner, hoping that their unified strength will be enough to shape the horde into something better - Something pristine, and pure The members of the Grey Hand are relentless in this crusade, and their calling takes them all across Azeroth, and beyond. And now, when a great shadow darkens the horizon, their presence is needed more than ever. Information The Grey Hand accepts members of all different races, and classes - Death Knights, and Warlocks may be viewed with a certain degree of suspicion, and might have to work harder to prove themselves. The guild currently consists of a single circle. As the guild grows, more circles will be added so that the members can find themselves properly sorted.(1) Currently, no uniform is mandatory. However, at official gatherings, the tabard of the order is a must. The ranks in use are the following: Matriarch (GM) Consular (Officer) Seeker (Officer) Grey Warden (Member) Apprentice (Member) Initiate(Member) OOC/Probational (Alts, newcomers and whatnot) In order to advance, the aspirant must attend events, and prove themselves to the officers present. Monthly trials will be held, and those who have proved themselves might undergo these trials to advance. (1) A circle is a company of sorts. Each circle is led by a consular, and each circle specializes in one field, for example, magic.Ishai7 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [N-RP]Tavern-RP: The Lonely Souls Party Galleon [Remix] Just in case it's brought up at a later date, I'm shelving this idea for the meanwhile. I will very likely return to it at a later date, but for now, there's more attractive projects on the table to get stuck into. Apologies for any disappointment this might have caused! (as unlikely as that is ;) ) The Good Stuff So what is the Loney Souls Party Galleon? Well, it's not a guild, so it's open to any role-player that wants to join in or come down. It's an idea that I'd like to run fortnightly and with increased interest, perhaps weekly, as a unique tavern. I plan hosting a variety of activities, such as pub quizzes themed around Azeroth and it's people, dance parties, match making evenings and fancy dress evenings, should the holiday theme around it. How do I get involved?! If you'd like to get involved in the project, I'll start with a disclaimer. I can commit to at least one day every two weeks currently. This is very much a part time gig, but one that will step up, with increased interest and one that may receive random RP, as and when the members are free to offer it. You can add me on real:ID using Thornstroke#2645 You can contact me here on the thread to arrange details, character introduction ect. You can also join the following channel for Horde side at /join Lonelysoulsparty to keep in contact and feel welcomed in a community outside of your guilds and other commitments. So what do you need players for? I need role-players who are interested in role-playing the following, either as their own characters or under the guise of a brand new MRP/TRP character with a haircut, mask or helm. Cooks are welcome, bartenders too, dancers, bruisers and hired muscle are a must and are a welcome addition to the team and of course, CUSTOMERS!!! Proper Good Stuff Q&A Q: - "Can we bring marbles to the tavern?" A: - Apparently not. As much as you enjoy this wonderful pass time, I believe they're a dangerous choking hazard, far more deadly than dragons, the demonic Legion and the foul creatures in service to the Old Gods. Please give your thoughts and views below and if you feel this is something you're excited about and would like to contribute, get in touch with me using the means detailed above!Gosmic3 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [H-Belf RP] Laminas. Opening the doors once more. Laminas Laminas is a private organisation, ran by Captain Shiroff Lumanoré(currently) Founded from the previous order known as Xylance, ran on the realm of The Sha'tar back in 2007. Very much like Mercenaries, Laminas is often contracted out to the military, in order to provide support on many different levels. Front line support(Anywhere from primary frontline warfare, field assassins, air support, and paratroopers) Medical support(With regards to the fact that all our medical support is issued in the form of physical first aid, rather than forms of magical healing. Not including extreme scenarios) Espionage, Tactical support, Political aids, negotiations and supply runs. And more, should they be announced and agreed upon. Laminas as a guild Laminas as a guild is very reliant on activity, as our numbers are small, and often remain small. This is simply because, as a guild, we focus primarily on quality, over quantity. Whilst your roleplaying ability will be assessed before joining, often in the form of a small meeting with your character, followed up by a spar, or a testing of their abilities dependant on their desired role, any level of experience or ability is welcome. We do however ask, that those whom join, do so with the enthusiasm to progress in their roleplaying ability, in a form that best suits THEM, and NOT US. As a guild, we encourage the input of each individual member, as opposed to relying on numbers to form an interesting roleplay scenario. As a result of this, we perform a lot of character development exercises, and events(should you request us to make one for you.) With weekly events, primarily focused around the training and progression of ones ability, be this in the form of group sparring, co-operative exercises, small journeys out of Quel'thalas, survival training, or the like, we will often do what we can to teach, and learn ourselves, about the realism behind roleplay, and how to encourage fair, believable play on all fields. As a guild, we focus a lot on the freedom of character choice, and combat roleplay. This means, that in any situation, we will avoid to the best of our ability the use of Blizzard's /roll command. Instead, we will allow for logic, reasonable fair play, and co-operation to head our events, emotes and exercises. With keen eyes on the Forum's, we will do our best to participate in most realm-wide events, be this RPPVP, DM style events, or just simple expedition/exploration events. With that in mind, I would just remind anybody considering joining to consult me beforehand with any questions regarding the guild; what we do, and how we do it. You would do best to join with an open mind, welcome to criticism, and willing to give it. Everybody, regardless of their rank in Laminas, is always in the process of learning, and improving. Adding, or taking away from their roleplay, and developing their characters into what they want them to be, or seeing how the tables turn for them. We will focus a lot on the individuals within the guild, with numerous officers always willing to spare time for committed members! We want to see you succeed, as you help us to. - With that in mind, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in-game, either by mail, or by private message! (Sorry, if the read was a bit dull.)Shiroff16 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [H-RP] The Greedy Kraken: Gathering the Crew(Pirate RP) The Greedy Kraken is recruiting crew members! IC: Calling all able bodied men! Do you seek a life of "Sea Adventuring"? Do you wish to revel in gold, fame and glory whilst the fresh sea air blows through your hair? Then board The Greedy Kraken and sign over to Captain Gelzo Goldgrin, the Hero of the Great Sea and member of the Gearswork Union( )! Visit him in the sea-town of Ratchet and seek out the Kraken's hang-out if you feel you are worthy for a life at sea! OOC: The Greedy Kraken is a pirate guild ran by goblins (but is open to all races) which seeks to dominate the oceans through trade and plundering. The guild will aim to create a fairly small close-knit crew of like minded players who are capable and who are willing to engage in an exciting and enjoyable Pirate themed RP guild that places high regard on accuracy. RecruitmentThe Greedy Kraken will never aim to over recruit as we feel that quality should be placed much higher than quantity. A large amount of players would also make very little sense for the style/theme of the guild and therefore we will aim to have around 30 players at most to insure that we maintain the quality of RP and style of the guild. The guild's highest ranks will be composed of veteran players who are aware of how RP should be done and maintain a high quality and well thought out RP style. In saying this we do not oppose new players and in fact encourage new players who are willing to learn and are enthusiastic to engage with the guild. We will be recruiting all races and classes as long as they make sense with the theme of the guild, meaning that we will not be taking a Troll Witch Doctor who only wants to worship the Loa, nor will we be taking a Tauren who is a pacifist and will never engage in sea-warfare. Insure that your character makes sense with the theme of the guild and you will be more than welcome to join. Dress codeWe have no strict dress code as the guild is composed of free-men, however we do encourage a pirate theme and a colour scheme. This is composed of black and gold. The black representing our freedom as Pirates and gold representing the famed gold plated Kraken figurehead on our ship. You can have as much or as little of the specified colours as you wish. You can use only one of the two colours if you want. Your set does NOT have to be completely that colour and we encourage as much creativity and uniqueness to your set as you see fit, we only request that you have something in your set that goes with the colour scheme so that the crew can be seen as united. Furthermore only the captain is to wear a guild cape, this is purely in the interest of insuring that the captain is easily identifiable. RanksCaptain - The leader of the crew and owner of The Greedy Kraken. First Mate - A trusted ally and friend of the captain, the owner of this rank is in charge of crew morale and insuring that the crew bands together. The First Mate also acts as advisor to the captain, insuring that the right decision is made. Quatermaster - The Quatermaster has a similar role to the of the First Mate, however rather than insuring that crew morale is maintained and focusing on crew relations, this role is based around the more technical and mathmatical side of running a ship. Insuring that gold is divided correctly, that the ship is in working order and similarly to the First Mate rank, this role involves acting as an advisor to the captain, helping to decide how and where the Kraken should move to it's next objective. Buccaneer - A veteran of the crew. This rank is held by those who have proven loyalty to the crew of The Greedy Kraken and shows that you are a proven man of the sea. Crew Mate - A man of the crew. This is the general rank given to those who have shown loyalty to The Greedy Kraken and therefore are entitled to be fully accepted into the crew, more time and skill is required of you if you are to progress to the rank of Buccaneer. Cabin Boy - The beginning of every crew member starts here. This rank shows you have got what it takes to be a true man of the sea and shows you have worked a few jobs with the crew, however you are still yet to be fully accepted as a proven crew member. Landlubber - A freshly signed lad. This rank is held by those who have yet to prove themselves at sea. Only untill you complete your first few sea-ventures can you progress any further. Further guild informationThe guild's main hangout is Jazzik's General Goods in Ratchet, this will be the guild's main hub for every day RP. Of course since The Greedy Kraken is a pirate guild, we will be frequently moving to different locations and therefore expect our members to stay around the same area as the crew, only moving great distances if it makes sense IC to insure that we maintain an accurate and logical RP style. An AA page is under construction and if you have an interest in the guild or have any questions please do inform me either on this forum page or in-game. Thank you for reading. GelzoGelzo20 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Hey there, I am looking for a forsaken guild I am looking for a Forsaken themed RP guild that allows Belf Dark ranger RP.Vlazhan17 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Looking to buy; Sabermaw Waistguard! The Auction House has every piece but the belt on it, sadly. If you happen to have this belt, please post here or whisper me in-game and I'll pay 1000 gold for it, which is more than fair to make it worth your time!Thalael1 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 [A-RP] Guild Interest check for non-city chars. Hello everyone! This is part interest check and, I suppose, part guild recruitment! I myself have often found it very difficult finding a suitable guild for my characters, who often tend to be the type that avoid cities. I prefer roleplay out in the world, traveling from place to place in-character, resting at various points along the way to have campfire RP - setting up camp, hunting and foraging for food, sitting around the fire cooking while chatting, etc. Sadly this can be kind of difficult to find for me, particularly on the Alliance side of things. Horde has a few "wild" or tribal guilds that do this great. The gameworld has gotten a lot smaller in recent years. We now have boats/zepplins that go to all the cities, teleports that led you get anywhere in no time at all, hearthstone and garrison stone letting people hop between worlds instantly. Expanded and improved main city that has many people no longer desiring to leave them. Flying mounts granting the ability to pass mountains and ravines effortlessly. There is less emphasis on the wild now, no more dangerous trips for elves on their first time trip to Stormwind that took them to Theramore, the Wetlands and Loch Modan before finally reaching Iron Forge and Stormwind. No more trips for the Tauren through the Barrens and Durotar to reach Orgrimmar. So the idea of Wildling, is that it would be a loose grouping of characters that prefer to live out in the wild and avoid the cities. Hunters and herbalists who spend their days finding goods to use or trade. Druids and shamans who simply wish to be at peace in nature without the noise of civilization omni-present. Loners and recluses that dislike city life or people. Travelers, hikers and guides of all sorts that are always on the move from place to place. These are the sorts of characters I've always had a hard time finding a home and fitting RP for. Rather than, continue to, complain and pout about the lack of fitting guilds for my character and how few people I know interested in such RP, I've decided to give guild leading a go. Wildling was initially just a place for my Nelf druid to reside but, having thought more on the subject lately, I realize I can't be the only player and certainly not having the only characters alliance side who would be interested in this style of thing. Whether you are merely bored with city and tavern RP, tired of all the recruiting adventuring guilds that do no adventuring, have a city/crowd adverse personality (player or character!), prefer smaller scale guilds without a hundred people or big events each week you must show up for. Or if you simple wish to RP away from the cities and villages, to finally be that woods guide or pathfinder, or reclusive druid with a small handful of friends to journey with, to the trappers and hunters who want to actually get out there and RP the hunt, the kill, the dressing of the corpse and skinning, and so on. Structure wise the guild would not be a group in-character. As mentioned, a loose grouping of characters that exist in the wild. So objectively speaking the guild would just be to facilitate finding likeminded roleplayers where there is no emphasis on structure, no ranks (instead merely being different groups such as hunters, guides, travelers), no big guild RP events though everyone will be free to create events on the calender. Have a camping trip to Winterspring in mind to hunt white bears for the fur? Make a calender event for it and see if other hunters may wish to join. It would ideally mean that groups would gradually be created. Maybe a few worgen join to be a small family/pack without the drama and conflict of traditional pack guilds. Maybe a group of Night Elves form as wardens who travel around their lands fending off dangers to nature. Basically the guild would be driven by player interest and storylines, not by any overarching guild plotline or restricted to certain things or ways of doing things. The guild naturally would be very alt friendly as a result! What do you lovely people think? Any interest at all for this on alliance side?Ethiala18 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 A/H assassin guild idea So I've been working on this idea for a while and I'm creating this post to see if there is any interest of a guild like this, so if it sounds interesting, please let me know in the comments. I'd like to start a criminal RP guild that will start out as an assassination guild over both factions. The idea is to put together a guild on both factions containing rogues/hunters etc. This guild will then provide with assassination services for players who wouldn't mind spending a coin or two to see someone dead. The reason this will be on both factions is so that if a member of the alliance wants to see another alliance dead (which I think most of the cases will be). The guild would then kill this player through their horde characters at any location possible. To develop from that stage I think it also would be a nice idea to later on provide with mercenary/body guard kind of services (with warriors maybe?). To keep the guild active while no contract is avaliable I'm also thinking of having some RP events and 1v1 combat tournaments etc.Tezlok9 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Path to the Silver Hand: Diary of Elissandra Caine Elise recently started keeping a diary again and I thought the forums might enjoy reading some of the more interesting excerpts, so I'll try putting some excerpts up here and we'll see how they're received. Hope you enjoy it. They're not meant to be written well, more in the vein of Elise recounting the events of the day as she remembers them, so they won't all be in perfect chronological order. I hope you enjoy. ... ... ... ... ...Elissandra3 03 Dec 2015
03 Dec 2015 Looking for group, a fresh start Hey there, bare with me if this gets a lil' long but I'll try to be as clear as I can. The short version is essentially I'm looking for a few individuals who either would like to start role play or fancy starting over anew. Basically, after roughly 4-5 years of role playing on Argent Dawn I've had many characters come and go with only a very few actually sticking around for more than a year. The characters that did stick around were those I began with friends together with a concept in mind, whether we were siblings, a married couple or master / apprentice I found that such concepts where you already had something to start with were far more enjoyable than making 100% unknown characters and then wandering round trying to get involved in RP, and when you do get involved, it rarely lasts much longer. It gets worse since for most of my characters there's no guilds that particularly match them. Unfortunately for me, the people I used to do this with no longer have the time to commit to role play so I'm coming to the forums (The place I found them in the first place) to try my luck again. What I'm looking for is to find a small group of people to either start over afresh with new characters together and simply enjoy the game togethr. More specifically I'd like to find a family for RP and mates for banter OOC. Don't let the space goat profile fool you, I'm not looking necessarily for a Draenei family. In fact, at this present moment in time I love all of WoWs races equally and am very happy to start a new toon or boost one if I find a group especially awesome! I'd like to ideally talk to you guys first so we can come up with a concept together. For me personally this is essentially my reroll, whatever character I make for this will become my new main so I'd appreciate it if anyone interested is able to dedicate some time to their characters if not make them their main themselves. I can be reached on here most easily or in game on Gosmet, Gullíver on Alliance side or Threndual on Horde side. Cheers ^^Gosmet0 03 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Looking for a Pandaren RP guild. I've been Role-playing a shado-pan monk for a good while now. I've never thought of joining a guild, but think the time has come. I'm looking for a guild operating in pandaria, preferably a Shado-Pan guild.Toshiyuki22 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 [A] Looking for RP Guild! Hey all! Im a new player to the RP scene but thanks to this thread: Ive been doing my reading and am confident to really give things a go. Ive boosted up a rogue using the legion preorder thingy on AD alliance, and am looking for a home for me new character! My character backround:a Ex-Pirate used to be a part of the bloodsail buccaneers where he fled for his life after losing a eye in a fight over honour (was protecting a ladys chastity). is your usual 'honourable swashbuckling stealing thieving drinking womanising pirate-y gods fearing' archetype. I would fit into a guild that holds events, is kind to new RP'ers, a BIG plus would be a pirate based guild, (i have seen the page for the stormwind royal navy guild - something like that would be nice but pirate themed rather then official navy). Failing that, a guild for rogue like characters or i may even apply for the main stormwind naval guild (i can roleplay my character going straight after seeing how bad men are in the bloodsail bucaneers). Failing all of the above, a nomadic guild that travels the world (of warcraft!) with RP on the road along the way would be very fun for me indeed. Im available to play most weedays after 5-6PM server time till whatever time. Only times i cannot do really are friday nights, saturday all day and before 6PM server time on sundays. If you think i would fit into your guild, please reply to this post and ill message you in game! Thank you :)Ultra3 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 [N-RP] Interest Check -"The Lonely Souls Party Galleon" Fluffy Lead Up "You know what I've always found strange. No one is catering to these people. Sure, you've got a few skimpy elves in Silvermoon, but the culture's all wrong! Everyone's got this idea of being prim, proper ... perfect! You know? No one's allowed to kick back and relax anymore! I'm doing these people a public service, really, I am ...What I need is a nice little joint to set up shop in. Get away from my usual line of work." "And that is?" His partner asked in a cynical tone of voice, plucking away from a packet of Xipil's Tasty Bitz. "You know. Pursuits of a less than just and morally high standing disposition." "Crime?" "Sheez, yes! If you want to be so blunt about it!" "So you're opening a br-" "AN ESTABLISHMENT FOR lonely individuals looking for a place to rest their weary souls. To unwind and enjoy life's simple pleasures. I mean, everything is better with company, you know?" "You're opening a bro-" "USE A DIFFERENT WORD, YOU MOOK!!! It's bad for marketing! What, you wanna conjure images of mysterious rashes and genital crabs in people's minds?! Idiot!" The two goblins bicker as they walk by shady traders, resting fishermen and others, at the docks of Bogpaddle, approaching a once run down vessel, stationed there, a small crew of hobgoblins toil away, scrubbing away algae and other mysterious stains. "She'll look beautiful ... As will the ladies and gentlemen that we gather to this fine place." The Good Stuff So what is the Loney Souls Party Galleon? Well, it's not a guild, so you don't need to worry about enlistment or dodgy recruitment. It's an idea that I'd like to run fortnightly and with increased interest, perhaps weekly, as a sort of tavern, based in the goblin port town, offering many different flavours to patrons. I plan hosting a variety of activities, such as pub quizzes themed around Azeroth and it's people, dance evenings, special holiday themed celebrations as well as match making evenings. I'd offer karaoke, but I feel it may be difficult to pull off in a convincing and meaningful manner, but with suggestions to prove otherwise, I may entertain that side of things! I'd essentially like this to be a cheap night in for role-players looking to get social and have a good time. The tavern, as hinted to in the flavour text, may involve what I shall refer to as "Playing Marbles." Keep this term in mind going forward. Playing Marbles is frowned upon by some people and isn't quite for everyone. In the interest and respect of this, I would ask that we keep things subtle in public interactions. Of the fellow members able to aid me in this, one of them plays a magic user that will quite happily teleport paying customers to exotic and far away locations where they may ... Play Marbles together, if they'd like to do so. Basically, I welcome black-screening as much as I welcome you to pursue private channels to pursue the role-play to a level you're happy to take it. Just please keep others in mind when doing so. How do I get involved?! If you'd like to get involved in the project, I'll start with a disclaimer. I can commit to at least one day every two weeks currently. This is very much a part time gig, but one that will step up, with increased interest and one that may receive random RP, as and when the members are free to offer it. You can add me on real:ID using Thornstroke#2645 You can contact me here on the thread to arrange details, character introduction ect. You can also join the following channel for Horde side at /join Lonelysoulsparty to keep in contact and feel welcomed in a community outside of your guilds and other commitments. So what do you need players for? I need role-players who are interested in role-playing the following, either as their own characters or under the guise of a brand new MRP/TRP character with a haircut, mask or helm. Cooks are welcome, bartenders too, characters looking to play marbles and get paid for the fantastic experience they offer, bruisers and hired muscle are a must and are a welcome addition to the team and of course, CUSTOMERS!!! In our early stages, we may very well start up as just a tavern, with Gosmic of the Steamwheedle and Aleite of Silvermoon simply doing their best to entice others to pursue a more lucrative and far safer means to find riches and adventure. Proper Good Stuff Q&A Currently empty, but I'll edit this as the questions roll in! Please give your thoughts and views below and if you feel this is something you're excited about and would like to contribute, get in touch with me using the means detailed above! Have fun and remember, always wear protective gear when playing with marbles!Gosmic25 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Draenei Eye Shapes: LF AD's Artistic Conscience to Help I'm making a large Draenei cinematic, but before I can properly animate anything, I got to do something about. those. EYES. So I got the female Draenei eyes from Live, Beta and I made an attempt to change them a bit myself, the result is labeled 'mod'. Now I'm not much of an actual designer myself, more of a rigger and animator. The question is, what do you think of the eyes shapes as they are on live? Does anyone have better suggestions? It's just one thing that I got to fix and I'd like to do it right.Azulinde11 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 [N-RP] The Stellarmaiden is open for business! ((This is not a guild, this is public RP service provided to the server)) In the beginning she was but an aspiring engineer in the service of a sin'dorei order known as the Sin Belore. A semi-mercenary, accepting contracts both related and unrelated to the order. However, her aspiration for the better in terms of 'wealth and an independant enterprise' was growing, enough that whenever she found her current company becoming a weaker link, she switched her main priority elsewhere. From the Sin Belore, to the Silver Institute, to the Frozen Paw Clan and other orders; scoring a financier from each of those orders as well as from the Blood Aegis to help finance a grand project with which she'd rise from an employee, to an employer. This is when the Stellarmaiden frigate's construction was finally complete, after months of tireless work and monetary support. She pondered upon these facts as she stared into the horizon. Her ears occasionally flicking on the sounds of yelling and calling within the frigate as it was about to set sail. For a moment, she reserved a moment for herself and her own thinking, away from the voyaging's preparations and their noise; however, she was not fully detached from the preparations in terms of attention. Massive hissing sounds were followed by steam exhaled from its ventilators as the steam turbines began rolling and rolling, spinning quicker with every passing moment. Water was continuously pumped from the Great Sea to invest into the ship's fuel. The frigate's tip was shaped as a Kul-Tirasian raven's head, and an appendage was extending from the top of the scalp in the shape of the statuette of a Barrens boar. This was a frigate that aimed to somewhat equalize between the Horde and the Alliance, offering its services to both. The sign given behind the statues was a subtle one since they didn't represent the main animals of choice for both major factions. Even the crew was a semblance of such unity: Humans, orcs, gnomes, goblins, quel'dorei, sin'dorei, and more, all assigned to tasks suitable for each. The gnomes and goblins mostly handled the aerial support. Everything was ready, and with that, the maiden left the harbor, its distinctive flag dancing with the unruly wind breeze. OOC: You will get to hear about the Stellarmaiden's frigate transportation and military services and you will be served alright, should your payment suffice. Posters will be spread across the major Alliance and Horde cities, as well as advertisements in the newspapers and goblin radio. The Stellarmaiden will be providing transportation for guilds across continents or from the north to the south of the same continent, or wherever else you may need transportation to. Military aid will be provided as well, but there are some limitations: 1- The military aid should be provided against a villainy force, and not against either the Horde or the Alliance. 2- Transportation will exclude shipping military supplies or personnel which are sent toward a location of factional conflict. 3- Forsaken plague munitions are not allowed onboard. The unannounced permissions which you will hear about as whispers in the shadows, include the transportation of illegal goods such as bloodthistle and other addictive smokes, forbidden super weapons which will be used against villains, and maybe more in the future, depending on what the client has to offer. Trips will be dungeon-mastered! Whisper me / send me mail if you'd like to be served.Veroxis1 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Guild of Shamans and Druids, is there one? Together with the elements of the world and the forces of nature, they protect Azeroth. A faction composed only of shamans and druids, whose main goal is to guard the world and her nature. Is there such a guild on Horde, active?Gosh3 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 [OOC-EVENT] Blingtron fightclub(Gold Giveaway!) Hey dear reader! Tomorrow, the 3/12th at 8:00 PM realm time, I will host a hopefully successful Blingtron fight in the Cathedral square, and before I go any further into details with this I just wanna say. APOLOGIZE FOR ANY RP THIS EVENT MAY DISTURB . Now on to the event. The whole idea came when I was playing with my guildies and we summoned forth a couple of Blingtrons. Seeing how they all brutally slaughtered each other until only a single one remained barely alive. I just thought. Imagine this. But like ten times bigger. And why Cathedral square out of all the places? Its an iconic place for Argent Dawn - Don't deny it. Whether its good or bad that its somewhat of the capital place for Rp. It is a place we all know and hold dearly. SO! Basically. At 7:55 PM Realm time, we will begin the preparations and hopefully around 8PM realm time we shall let the slaughter rain down upon the square. And of course, if we are enough people I will be doing giveaways! If we reach 20+ I will do a 1k gold giveaway. If we reach 50+ I will giveaway 5k gold. And if we reach 100+ I will do two 5k gold giveaways! So bring your friends over and watch what I hope to be one of the biggest Blingtron fights ever done! Sincerely // CipCip7 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 [Solved] Looking for Grim Sabatons! ... Using the trick mentioned by the post below, I manage to get my boots after 4 hours of server jumping and farming, only seeing the NPC 2 times in total. Thanks!Eagan2 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Looking for Highborne elf in Stormwind I stumbled upon night elf few days ago in Stormwind. Nothing special about that - but he claimed himself as Highborne. I forgot his IGN. Can you write his name here - I guess there is maybe more higborne elves in the city, but i don't mind. I need it for my roleplay anyway. Thank you! //he was mage class//Evellína7 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 <Hallowed Requiem> is recruiting! Hail! <Hallowed Requiem> is a guild that used to be a jack of all trades, but as that wasn't working, we've recently changed our main guild goal. We are now a casual PvE guild, with some serious Raiding, and a great Social aspect. We're a fun, friendly and helpful guild, who welcome any and all who wish to be a part of the family! We reside within Argent Dawn under the Alliance. If you want to join us, please contact me under Ailira or my Co-GM at Jadrell.Ailira2 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 WTB spectral tiger for 1,1m As the title says, WTB spectral tiger for 1,1m, message me in game. I'm logged on Yepcyl-ArgentDawn or Agoníst-Sylvanas (i dotted to right). Cheers. edit: raised the price from 999k to 1,1mYepcyl5 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Current state of old content in lore- Burning Crusade Now, I know some of you are thinking 'Dude, who the hell cares about the old stuff?' But, i think it would be an interesting question to pose, Or questions rather- 1. What happened to Tempest Keep? Is it still there? If it held by anyone now that Kael'thas is no longer there? 2. Is Outland (Draenor 1.0) still accessible? Obviously player characters wouldn't be realistically able to teleport there, since it was shown in the first few Garrison quests that even Khadgar could only keep a portal from Orgrimmar/Stormwind to Frostfire Ridge open for a few moments. But, is the tie to Azeroth xsevered now? And it's denizens left behind like Arator, the various cursed Arrakoa, Broken, Mag'har Orcs, Naga and so on? 3. Is it likely there has been a unity, or factional split between those left behind? And they have formed their own factions? 4. What are your personal thoughts on Old Draenor and if you could decide the future of Outlands yourself, what would you do with it? Thanks AD, Have a nice day now.Silvaesz6 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 When AH and TC both let me down.. ...The forums might be able to help me! Good evening/day/morning fellow Argent Dawners! I am trying to complete another transmog and the final piece seems to be out of my reach; at least for now. It is the sword, Ghoulfang, that I seek and I am rather desperate to finish the set, so I am willing to offer a relatively big amount of coin. Comment the thread or add Markmann#2718 if you are able and/or willing to help Link: 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Rate the name of the character above you! As the title says. Rate the above character's name out of 10!Aethyn460 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Dwarf rp guilds So recently i have been enjoying dwarves in many roleplaying games wow incl. however i can't seem to find any dwarf rp guild (probably just me!). If you now any good dwarf rp guild could you please write it down, it would help me a lot. :) PS: Dark iron, wildhammer, bronzebeard, or all mixed are all fineGoráth13 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 New player LF help Im looking to try out roleplaying, but i have a few questions! i found this page is there anything else out there that might be useful to totally new RP'ers? Im looking to go alliance on argent dawn, as a rogue human, is this a good choice for a new RP'er or will i run into issues? perhaps RP problems with stealth? are there any guilds that would help a totally new RPer or any kind soul that would mentor? A bit about me: been playing wow on horde kilrogg for a very long time, IRL i used to play D&D for years but now our group split up. since my return to wow somewhere in WOD i have had no guild or attachments on my realm. So i thought why not take my IRL love of D&D and roleplaying and give wow a go with it? im hoping to have a good laugh, see the world from the POV of the alliance and learn to enjoy the world in a new way. If i find i enjoy things, ill most likely use the legion lvl 100 boost on that rogue character. Many thanks!!Ultra6 02 Dec 2015
02 Dec 2015 Random password change of Argent Archives Hello everyone! Lol has been quite a while that I posted on the forums, irl and stuff. Anyway today I got a random mail from Argent Archives about me being able to change my password? I haven't been on Argent Archived for ages and I don't dare to click on the links that are in the mail: (Not going to tell my username here), A request to reset the password for your account has been made at The Argent Archives. You may now log in to clicking on this link or copying and pasting it in your browser: (Reset link is here but I removed it incase someone would use it to reset my password :P) This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used. After logging in, you will be redirected to (useridlink)so you can change your password. That's what the mail says. Now my password is different from my WoW account and Argent Archives had it's own password. I know using the same passwords isn't smart so I am not scared of my other accounts. But this seems fishy to me since I didn't make a reset. Anything going on at Argent Archives?Llöyd1 02 Dec 2015