Argent Dawn

04 Nov [H-RP] Guild interest Check, Black Templar Order History ... Ideals- ... Structure- ... Crusades- ... OOC- this guild is heavily inspired from the Balck Templars from the Warhammer 40,000 series and as such its structure will be similar, It has no IC leadership, and a member are free to fight and do what they wish. They are responsible for Organizing and structuring their own RP under the concept. RP will mostly be spontaneous. Events will be planned out and done amongst members, which, in my opinion does has some flaws that can be rectified but is a flexible concept allowing for creativity in RP. Please let me know what you think.Luciferae0 04 Nov
04 Nov AD go offline at 16.10 realm time, or just me? As above really. Big lag, quick restart showed a load of realms Offline, AD included.Rozerman3 04 Nov
04 Nov Server offline for anybody else as well? Topic says it all.Liönheart8 04 Nov
04 Nov [Interest Check]: Stormwind Penal-Unit, SPU. Hello folks, this is me throwing down an interest check for guild I've been considering making for some time now. So, if ya'll have a read and later comment with some feedback, I'd be very happy! Enjoy the read :) _______________________________________________________________________ Stormwind Penal-Unit Concept summary: The SPU is a branch within the Stormwind Guard, tasked not only with the normal duties of any guards, to uphold law and order, but also with the punishment of sentenced convicts. SPU oversees sentenced convict and allows them to work off their sentence, one piece at a time. Background: Apart from your normal patrols and busting crime, the SPU is as mentioned above, in charge of overseeing the convicts as they perform different forms of community service and tasks to work-off their sentence and eventually become free men and women. We as a guild do not believe in punishing the RPer, but rather punishing the character. Therefore, we keep jail-time to offline hours, and during RP-hours we give our convicts a great variety of tasks, such as cleaning the Cathedral stairs, picking up trash from the canals, carrying supplies to and from the docks, and much more. So the major task of the Stormwind Penal-Unit is to offer an arena where guard RP meets criminal punishment, and keeping it entertaining. This is a great spot for your criminal character to serve off his sentence in a week or more, and it is also a great spot for your Guard character if you want more to do than just patrolling. We do of course also provide the basic service other guards would, but overseeing the criminals and putting them to work is a large addition to our repertoire. The other forms of basic service just mentioned are extremely varied, as to keep things from feeling repetitive and instead feeling fresh. As a guardsman in the SPU you will of course go on patrol, that is inevitable, but you may also: - Undertake a criminal investigation. - Join day-long excursions to the corners of our Kingdom. - Guard public events such as fair’s, ball’s or markets. - Drills and hard Training. - Hunting down escaped convicts and other criminals. - Etc Goals: IC: - To uphold Law and Order within the Kingdom of Stormwind. - To ensure proper punishment is given to those that would break the Law. - To ensure citizens are safe within the reaches of his majesty the King’s lands. OOC: The OOC goal of this guild is of course to have fun and enjoying the game best you can within the limits which is the lore. We wish to create worthwhile RP for all parties, both Guards, Convicts and those we might meet on the street. Structure: Convict: An individual sentenced as punishment for his or her crimes to do community service in order to work off their sentence, done under the watchful eye of the SPU. Every convict is branded by a tattoo on their wrist so that they may always be identified. Recruit: The newly enlisted in the SPU, yet to learn the ropes. Lots of drilling stands between the recruits before they can earn their badge. Guardsman: The Guardsmen can be found doing a great variety of tasks, all in order to upholding the King’s Law dutifully within his kingdom, protecting his subjects from the enemies of the Alliance and themselves. Auxiliary: The Auxiliary are Guardsmen by rank, however employing different sets of skills, such as Arcane Magic or Healing with the aid of the Holy Light. They do not always wear the standard armor of the Guardsmen, but can if required use garments more fitting of their skills. Hound: The Hounds are a special unit designed to hunt down and neutralize dangerous targets or escaped convicts in order to bring them to justice. Once a criminal has been targeted, the hounds will not rest until said individual is back behind bars. Sergeant: The Sergeants have the difficult task of leading patrols and holding drills. They need a loud voice and an absolute air of authority. Their charge is maintaining discipline in our ranks, and shaping the recruits into proper men and women. Lieutenant: The Lieutenants co-ordinate most of what happens in the SPU, they dish out tasks to those below them, while the Sergeants make sure the tasks are executed. The Lieutenants are often the ones who lead bigger investigations and operations, while also handling paperwork and providing a face for the commoners to talk to. Captain: The Captain is the ultimate authority within the SPU. (GM rank will be Lieutenant to begin with) Recruitment: Race: This is a Human Only guild, so we only accept human characters. Why? Because we personally feel that the safety of the Human Capital and Kingdom should be kept by humans themselves. Just like there are only Dwarven guards in Ironforge and Elven guards in Darnassus, we argue there should be only Human guards in Stormwind. Class: We accept all classes except Death Knight and IC Warlocks into the SPU, simply because we do not feel these classes fit the tasks we as a guild take on. Tasks: We do our best to try and keep work varied and different from each day. The officers will be coordinating the tasks each day, dividing the currently online members to the tasks that need to be done, trying to make sure you don’t do the same thing as you did yesterday, but sometimes it cannot be helped, since patrols for example usually require more people than the other tasks. Uniform: We like our members to wear the WoD guards-uniform which you can get from the Bunker in your Garrison, however Auxiliary uniform will depend on their role. Convicts will be provided with what to wear. Requirements: As a guild we are catering mostly to the more experienced RPers and will be picky in who we recruit. We do not expect you to be Shakespeare reborn, but a basic understanding of English is appreciated. As far as restrictions go, we only expect our members to behave and remain polite. You cannot and will not be loved by everyone, and we are bound to step on some toes here and there. Just don’t take it personal, and remain polite anyways. As a member, you have our guild-tag over your head in all you do, so remember that you represent our name in all things. FAQ: Q: How will you enforce the law? A: We deal with the more obvious crimes, such as robberies or attacks on the street, things which are without question illegal. Once a player’s character has been detained, we will settle for a fitting punishment through OOC conversation with the player. There are of course more grey areas to what is legal and what is not, for example the popular topic of demons in the public. We do not think it is illegal per say, but we will encourage Warlocks to keep their pets hidden from public view as to not scare the children or instigate violence, since some devout fellows might have other views, for example. The practice of magic is also a grey area depending on where it is done. As long as it is not a health-hazard to people around the practitioner or himself/herself, the SPU is fine with that. However, certain times and places are not the best for practicing magic, especially when there is an entire district devoted to magic, and so we will encourage those who would cast more flamboyant spells to do so within the safe confines of the mages tower or below. Q: Will your force punishment onto me even if I do not want to? A: Technically, there is no way we could force anything onto you if you really don’t want to, since you could just ignore and walk away. However, we firmly believe in “Action and Consequence”. If you steal something and get caught, you should expect some form of punishment or consequence. As a former criminal RPer myself, this is the entire charm with being a criminal, knowing your luck could run out any time if you are sloppy or not careful. The best thing you could do if you are unhappy with something is to poke us OOC and we will work something out fitting all parties involved. Q: What gives you lot the right, or authority, to enforce laws on my character? A: There is no right or authority involved, we are simply trying to create a fun and worthwhile arena for good RolePlay. Sure, this concept shoulders a little more responsibility than, say, a Mercenary guild since we actually play a little with the fate of other player’s characters, but other than that it is just another platform for RP like every other guild. If you feel we act out of conduct IC, then please bring it up and IC and approach us with your worries. Same goes for OOC misconduct, so if you feel you are unhappy about something we’ve had a finger in, contact an officer and tell us you feel we can do better. __________________________________________ The EndCecelia23 04 Nov
04 Nov [A-RP] The Wee Free Men Good Heart and Strong Arm! Northeron, the Highlands. An epic land with a stark beauty that indelibly imprints upon the hearts of those who journey through it, and dwell there. Mist and mountains, rock and heather, loch and tor. These are the lands that the Wildhammer now call home, and the very same lands from where Anrik Barleybranch had sprung. Wild at heart, and outlined in a rugged form. To some it might seem as though he were carved from the very highlands themselves, chiseled out from the carboniferous limestone and granite tors. Though now he ventures forth, seeking grand company, and bonnie souls. Souls to share in adventures both mighty, and with which to fight terrible foes. And adventure awaits out in Azeroth. There are vast open plains where the grasses rustle in the wind; there are dark forests where wind and leaves dance together; there are caverns, dark and damp where mysteries are born. In these wild places there are always, always beasts to be slain, foes to be faced and mead to be drunk. And if the clinking of golden coins can be exchanged for these great deeds: even better. We might be wee of stature, but we are large of spirit. We are free to dwell where our hearts lead us. We men and women of the dwarven clans, united we fight for glory and riches. Good heart and strong arm! Aim: The Wee Free Men are seeking adventurous dwarves to join us on our travels. We accept members from all dwarven clans, all we ask is for a strong arm, a loyal heart and a sense of adventure. We will travel Azeroth to face great beasts and mighty foes, for adventure, or preferably for a pouch of gold. When we aren’t travelling and fighting, we are likely to be found with a drink in hand in the Dwarven District of Stormwind, keeping an ear to the ground for the next likely quest. More a group of daring souls who’ve decided to band together than an organised division; the name “The Wee Free Men” is a description of who we are in our hearts rather than a name of an established organisation. OOC Synopsis: The Wee Free Men is a dwarf-only guild. We aim to travel Azeroth to find and slay beasts and foes more daunting than the last, to be heroes! And if it so happens that someone is willing to offer coin for us to do that, well, that’s one more celebratory ale at the end of the night. Ranks: Paragon: The leader of the group. Position held by Anrik Barleybranch. (OOC: Guild Master) Chronicler: The storytellers and souls who have dedicated themselves to finding beasts to slay. Position(s) held by Merewin Stormbraid. (OOC: Officers) Kinsmen: The bulk of the group, members who have proven themselves to be loyal fighters and worthy drinking companions. (OOC: Members) Outlander: Those brave souls who have dipped a toe into the waters of adventure and are yet to wade in. (OOC: Initiates). FAQ: Is this a Wildhammer guild? Not exclusively, no. We might be Wildhammer influenced, but we accept dwarves from all clans who would fit into the idea of the guild. 2. So, you’re a dwarven mercenary guild? Not really. We consider ourselves adventurers who are looking for mighty foes to face, so we can call ourselves heroes! If someone has a foe for us to face and is willing to pay us to get rid of it, that’s just an added bonus. We aren’t sellswords. Recruitment: If you are interested in joining us, you can contact either Anrik or Merewin via in-game mail or whisper. We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have as well. Also found on the Argent Archives 04 Nov
03 Nov Dwarf RP Hey guys, I have recently returned to wow after about an 8 month break the guild I used to be in the three hammers has become quite inactive now and I am looking to see if there are any Dwarf RP guilds still out there. If so I would be very happy for you guys to help me out. If there are none then perhaps people could name some good non military guilds.. Like exploration guilds and such. Thank you.Bwalin6 03 Nov
03 Nov [A] LF a all rounder guild Hello. Recently a lot of my friends have either quit or switched factions.. and i'm not going to jump on the band wagon. Alliance will always be my home. I am really looking for a small guild and i strictly mean SMALL guild.. to really call a home and where i can make friends not just for wow but for outside of wow too, i love meeting gaming communities online and i'd love to do that with WoW The type of guild i really want is a social community guild. I am an all rounder person really i enjoy all aspects of the game though i do more than others, i mainly do old raids and PvP currently, i also do a lot of Achievement hunting! I do also RP casually when i'm in the mood for it and i absoutely love character concepts :D! I am quite shy when it comes to meeting new people but i think this would help alot! ^-^ I hope someone can point me in the right direction!Shanteque0 03 Nov
03 Nov [A-RP] The Pitchfork Militia [CONCEPT] "Blasted heat..." John exhales, shaking his head. With two heavy hands lacking in determination, he grabs onto his axe and proceeds with his task, chopping at the massive oak tree. "John! Brother!" His younger sibling rushes towards him, a letter in his hand. The massive axe drops onto the ground as John lets go of it, turning towards his younger brother. "A letter!" The younger brother, filled with excitement comes to a stop, reaching out with the letter for John to take. "Hm? Letter? What's this then.. did we finally win at the Royal Lottery?" The younger brother chuckles. "Even better, John! The Militia, we are being called upon!" John raises a brow, questioning the letter. "--- the local fishing village has once again been attacked by swarms of spear- wielding murlocs, for the fifth time this month. During their last assault of the village, a one- eyed murloc known as "Gruk" stole the Village Elder's favourite pair of pantalons. The Village Elder has now declared a personal war on the vile creatures and has vowed to not rest until the murlocs are dealt with once and for all. John- and Lance Goodman, you are hereby asked to rally with the Militia at the Southern farms near the shore, as soon as possible." The Idea The Pitchfork Militia is a militia consisting of regular citizens and people of the Kingdom and It's allies. Farmers, builders, vendors, tailors, etc. Due to the lack of "military" aid against lesser threats that concern the common folk, the Pitchfork Militia was created. The King will probably not even hear of poor ol' Henmund and his two missing sheep that fell pray to the alarming population growth of wolves near Henmund's village. Poor ol' Henmund won't stand for that. Him and his buddies, armed with rusty swords and axes, take matters in their own hands. And before doing so, they make sure to call upon the others who have signed up for the Militia. One must stand together, especialy when times are hard. How it works Simple! You sign up and when the Militia is rallied in order to deal with a threat or two, you show up, or not. One is free to decide if the call to "battle" is to be answered or ignored. But, if you do rally with the Militia, leaving before the Militia disbands is classified as desertion. If part of the Militia, it is expected of you to not only offer your sword- hand, but also supplies, means of transportation, personal expertise, etc. The Militia is not backed by any other than you, I, and the rest of those who have signed up. We're in this together. The rank structure is quite simple. A Lord Commander and the rest. There is a Militia Council though that acts as the governing body of this organization. Meetings are frequently held to discuss Militia affairs and as means of organizing deployments. Council members are appointed by the members of the Militia and serve a term that lasts 3 deployments. A new voting session will take place after to decide who will join the Council, who will leave and who will remain. During deployment, a field Commander is appointed by the Council and will function as the "Overseer"/Commander of the Militia during the deployment until said deployment ends. This is the cool part. You DO NOT have to join the guild OOCly. As said, the Militia consists of regular people coming from different paths of life. There is no such thing as a full- time member of the Militia. You will sign and become a member of an external organization to that of the guild that you might currently be part of. Obviously due to certain circumstances this might be problematic, but it's worth a try in my opinion. The Militia in the near future Basically, this is a concept of sorts that, I believe, has been around before. I wish to offer a certain kind of RP that is casual, aka is not your main path of RP- playtime. From time to time a threat of sorts will come to life and the Militia will once again be called upon to deal with it, offering it's members the chance to partake in what will probably be mini RP- scenarios that will last a few days or so. As for now I am expecting feedback on this, I am expecting a few brave souls willing to give it a try. Slowly but surely, if this proves to be something good, it might eventually become something proper. I ask for patience and understanding since this is a "casual rp concept" that will happen every now and then and will probably take time to put into practice properly. Casual, I say? Why not 24/7? Too much of anything is bad, that's why. Plus, most of us have many other things going on, be it in game or in what some strange people might refer to as... real life. Anyway, fire away with comments in regards to the concept!Gebhard15 03 Nov
03 Nov (A) Keepers of Sanctuary, Raiding guild Recruiting! Ladies and gentleman, after the previous guild I was in dissolved due to bad leadership I have created a new guild for a nice social raiding environment! In here we only accept people who are friendly, enthusiastic and well nice. Basically we accept everyone who is accepting of others! We won't tolerate intolerance, and that is a personal promise. There is no need for experience, or achievements, or absurd item levels. A bare minimum score and a little knowledge of how to raid is all you need! We're happy to teach all the tactics, styles and will even help gear you up if you need it, we're just that nice :D At the moment it's brand new so we are quite empty inside, but that is only because you aren't in it yet! Once we start filling the ranks we will be a social, vibrant community who raids twice a week, and has fun in between. Down to business! As we are brand new more or less all raiding spots are open and available! of course it would be preferential if you had backup characters you'd be happy to raid with but I'm sure we can make it all work. Our main need is for dps and healers so please come to us and be a part of the beginning of a new guild family. Please send a message to me in this thread, or add my (Allitair#2720), ot contact me on my website here If you'd like to shoot straight through and apply there is a thread on my website in the forums so apply now! I'd be happy to discuss or answer any questions. Happy raiding!Apperture0 03 Nov
03 Nov [Leaked] Warcraft stills My feelings are mixed.Telvaan63 03 Nov
03 Nov War in Draenor Hey guise, was wondering if there's some kind of server consensus regarding when Archimonde will fall/has fallen. Anyone knows?Nek22 03 Nov
03 Nov Preach Covers Wings of Twilight RP Campaign I don't usually watch Preach's podcasts but he did one with Ghost that had stories from Argent Dawn and I was pretty surprised to find out he covered the Wings of Twilight campaign back from MoP. It brought back some fond memories and was also freaking hilarious so I figured I'd post it here. 03 Nov
03 Nov [A-RP Guild Concept] Ebon Blade styled Guild! So as the title above states, I've been thinking about making an Ebon Blade guild. However I wish to throw my ideas to the great void of darkness that is... The internet. So what kinda Ebon Blade guild do I want? Well I want a pure Death Knight guild which is more of a "Good" force than a "bad" force. Now I shall explain what I meant by this! In my opinion the Ebon Blade, or what's left of it, are a band of brothers who have done some messed up stuff (Killing of Scarlet Enclave citizens and what not) so they decided seek redemption and vengence in the goal of killing off Arthas Mene-poo. But what now? Well this guild will try to fill that void in the form of making sure that any former Ebon Blade Knights or Scourge wannabes don't cause any trouble in the form of a boot to the backside! Comparing this to an Ebon Blade or Death Knight guild that are more cruel and less "Knightly" and more "Deathly". (Perfect example, I know *Flicks hair back*) How will the Guild be run? Like IC ranks and structure?! I've thought long and hard on this in the shadows of my room, scrolling through ancient and forbidden texts that foretell the world we live in of Azeroth. *Cough* Wowpedia... *Cough* What I discovered is a mix of both nobility ranking and military, with some being called Duke, Duchess, Baron, lady or Lord-Commander and... Dread Commander? Mhm... Anyway the point I'm trying to make of this is that I'll try and find a healthy mix between these two styles of ranking. Structure wise it will be very basic: A gm taking the role of leader with minions who oppress the live stock the world calls "Guild Members". Keep in mind that this is a very early idea and may change. Pssss If you're still here then the second reason for this was to find suitable officers. If you're confident in recruiting and you have a mind for common sense then hit me up for test. Lots of love, Loriean the pretty.Loriean2 03 Nov
03 Nov H/Warlock RP - Coven of Xerrath "My lady, a new piece of history has been discovered that has been hidden from the ears of the Warlocks for so long, Xerrath, a planet that was destroyed by the Legion. Not much is known about this world, but we know that this world was obliterated in a show of power by the Burning Legion, a planet reduced to ash left in the void above." "Xerrath it is called? Xerrath... A world reduced to history." The Coven of Xerrath is a group of Warlocks that consist of the races of the Horde that aim to expand their knowledge and power to defy the Burning Legion with their own flame. The Coven was named after this broken world in defiance of the Legion, to show that from the ashes they have created, a stronger flame rises against them. We aim to harvest the Burning Legion of their untapped power and secrets to empower the Warlocks of the Coven ready to turn their demonic flame against those who threaten our world, Azeroth will not burn. Ranks: The Supreme - The Supreme is the current leader of the coven, considered the strongest Warlock within the Coven but with it comes the responsibility to safeguard the coven and excel them down the path of power and knowledge. The Overseer- The Overseer is the Supreme's eyes, her most trusted advisor and acts as a ruling member when the Supreme is not active. The Seeker - The Seekers are the Covens elite, most powerful and most loyal. The Seekers actively hunt down threats that hold the knowledge to expand our power. The Blood Bound - The Blood Bound are those who are deemed worthy to join the coven, who have shown commitment and loyalty. Those who have taken the bounding ritual. Examiner - The examiner is a Blood Bound who oversee's the acolytes in their joining process, the ones who guide them till they are seen fit of joining. Librarian - The Librarian holds all of the documented studies of the Coven. We are a new guild, and with a new guild comes time to get everything prepared so if you are interested keep that in mind. Feel free to whisper me in game for any questions.Talinora10 03 Nov
02 Nov [Interest Check] A Burning Blade cult guild? Greetings, people of AD! For some time now I've pondered whether or not to make this guild a thing, so now I turn to the forums for advice. I'll try to briefly sum up the idea behind the guild. The idea behind this guild is that The Burning Blade is active once more with the new found legion activity in Draenor (AU) and the reinvigorated belief in the Legion (with the coming of Legion and what not). So, the way the guild will operate is that the cult will do it's cult-y things such as rituals and adventures and the like whilst retaining the outwards image of a respectable warband who are loyal to the horde. Example: On sunday night there's an event for 20:00 where we will do a sacrifice in the name of the legion before going out, hopefully with the blessing of our lord and saviour Sargeras, to hunt down some do gooders. Then, on monday afternoon-evening we can hang around Orgrimmar swapping warstories with other warbands and generally being swell guys. The idea is that they'll hide behind a good image and cautiously try to manipulate the horde, or horde alligned guilds, into making bad moves that will leave them open for an assault from either the cult or the Legion itself. I also hope that we can interact a lot with Sixteenth Legion if they are willing for some fun arrpeh. The reasons I've been pondering whether or not to make this guild a thing is mainly because: 1. I fear people will look at the guild tag and metagame them knowing/suspecting us as cultists without any ic reason. and 2. I fear that not enough rpers are interested in Legion rp to make this guild sustainable, mainly because of Blackfire Coven. Blackfire Coven is an already established Legion rp guild with an active playerbase so I fear there aren't enough rpers for both of us to thrive. (I'd just like to mention that I've spoken to Gelnash, the gm of Blackfire Coven, and he was very friendly and helpful. He did make an offer that if the guild would not be self-sufficient. we could merge the two. He's quite the swell guy) So, dear forum readers, I'd love to hear your opinions on the subject and advice on whether or not it's doable, something that should or should not be done at all and etc. Thank you :) Edit: Oh! And feel free to ask questions. I'll be here for another hour or two before having to go for a bit. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities.Grellok5 02 Nov
02 Nov The Stormwind Guard Force: Turn in your badge. Ashren Hain Captain of the Stormwind Guard stood amongst his fellow Guardsmen and sheltered within his blue cape to protect himself from the cooling summer night's chill. Ashren looked across to his target a small estate fortified beneath strong walls manned by Archers and what Ashren could assume were siege engines of some kind, Ashren gave a sigh and not for the first time that night wondered if he was taking the right course of action, he nursed the cigar resting in the corner of his mouth protecting the tiny flame. Ashren's attention was turned away from the Estate to the expected sound of hooves. approaching from the East was a single rider bearing the sigil of Stormwind Defense. "Orders from General Clay." The rider snapped "He demands that you and your men return to Stormwind now and cease this action or it will cost you all your badges." Ashren looked to his gathered guardsmen, poised and ready for battle then across to the Blacklocke estate, for the final time he wondered about the cause of his actions. "Tell the General he can have the badges in the morning!" Ashren spat out his Cigar and drew his sword turning about his mount to lead the charge.... ....Several hours later Ashren staggered through the broken and burnt ruins of the Blacklocke estate, though Ashren could no longer see his vision stolen from him by an attacker within the Estate from the smell and the sound Ashren could sense the destruction the battle had wrought on the land. Ashren leaned on the arm of one of his Officers who guided him away from the fallen body of one of his men, but despite his vision being gone, despite being blind Ashren could never remove the memories of the vile and terrible things he had found within the Blackloke estate, the vision of the bodies and the blood around the fel altar within the heart of the Estate. Staggering through the darkness Ashren made his way back to Stormwind..... ...."A Mockery of all we stand for!" Cried out one of the voices at the Court Marshal, Ashren winced his vision still had not returned to him but he could easily picture the scene that was painted before him, Ashren stood shoulder to shoulder with all the Guardsmen who less then twenty hours before abandoned their direct orders and charged the Blacklocke estate, in front of them gathered together were superior officers of Stormwind Defense, General Clay and representatives of the noble houses of Stormwind. The court marshal had gone on for several hours and had consisted mostly of insults and rending of the Guard's collective characters. The insults often stung Ashren who had always considered himself an honorable man, he struggled at times to deal with people questioning his character but deep down in his heart Ashren knew he and the other guards had done the right thing.... ..."what are we of doing now?" Tallat's thick Draenei accent resounded around in the constant darkness Ashren now lived. "I suppose there's no chance of me returning to the army now." Grumbled another unseen voice, "I may jump aboard one of the boats setting out to Pandaria I would very much like to observe some of the Titan technology that was uncovered there." chirped up a small Gnomish voice Ashren for one remained silent and with the help of one of his companions continued forward his Dishonorable discharge from the Stormwind Defense irked him and the loss of his command was difficult to bare but not completely unexpected, Ashren was conflicted upon his "fall" from power within Stormwind Defense but as he walked on into the unexpected he knew that in his heart he had done the right thing and that had brought justice where others would not..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all Roleplayers of Argent Dawn. It is my duty to inform you all that my guild <The Stormwind Guard Force> is coming to an end. It has been a very eventful six months for us on Argent Dawn we've had our highs and our lows and seen the best RP the community of Stormwind has to offer as well as the worst, we had laughs a pleanty, we've had tears, joys and sorrows and now we feel that it is time to put the guild to rest and step out of the way for the other RPers who wish to take up the Guard's mantle. The choice to end the guild has not been an easy one but is not a sudden one, we came to Argent Dawn six months ago to give our old server companions a home to live on in Argent Dawn while also trying to meet as many Argent Dawners, we feel that we truly gave it our best shot and while we may not have always got it right every time we tried to give a consistant level of quality, activity and enjoyable RP for everyone who saught us out in Stormwind. However in the past few monts many key memebers in the guild have become tired of the RP, some of the officers feel that the very large OOC managment issue of a high maintence guild like a guard guild was distracting us from the IC aspects of the guild and was preventing us from providing a standard of quality internally and externally that we used to. Many memebers of the guild simply wanted to move onto new projects and explore new areas of RP, new communites and oppertunities that a guard guild simply could no longer provide. As such the guard had it's final event on Saturday the 2nd of August marking the end of the guard's IC presence and the guild has already begun moving onto a new project we feel will provide the wants the members of the guild currently need. We would like to thank the RPers of Argent Dawn for an eventful and interesting six months, it may not have always been perfect but it has never been dull. Thank you very much AD, good luck to the Crown Bulwark and the other guard guilds to come in the future we wish you all the best. *Salute*Ashrén32 02 Nov
02 Nov If you could make a Gnome & Goblin themed expansion... If you could make a Gnome & Goblin themed expansion... how would it be? What would the storyline be? Where would it take place?Sammy15 02 Nov
02 Nov On the brain and the soul Okay, so, I've been pondering something. This is pretty complex, but bear with me. In WoW, the soul is what defines a person, presumably created somewhere between conception and birth, and continuing to develop as the person does. When the person dies, the soul remains as a 'snapshot' and retains the memories and personality it had in life, and can continue to act in the form of a ghost. However, the character can continue to learn, reason and change as a ghost, even though there is no brain. On the other hand, the brain clearly has an effect on the soul. Say that the brain has some kind of disorder, disease or damage, such as dementia, then the soul (and therefore the ghost) seems to have dementia as well. Is this a part of the basis of the soul? If the dementia is cured (Magic™!), does that mean that the soul also lacks dementia as a ghost? And what of injury? It's a similar principle but on another scale. If a soldier dies in battle, he can become a ghost, retaining his personality and memories of life. What if he died of brain damage? Do we get a braindead ghost? Can you prevent someone from becoming a ghost by targeting the brain? If someone suffers a severe psychological trauma just before death, it will remain on the ghost, no? What if the brain is just damaged a little (impairing speech, for example) as a result of the death wound, will the ghost have impaired speech or will that be ignored because the brain is no longer linked to the soul? If it is ignored, does that mean the soul is based off an earlier 'snapshot' of the brain? Why? When is that 'snapshot'? Does that mean that the person has no memory of the events between that 'snapshot' and their death? Which changes and/or damage to the brain are transferred to the soul and which are not? How is the brain and the soul linked?Ashiraya14 02 Nov
02 Nov [Event-RP] Fablewind's End AA link: Greetings! One may argue Hallow's End is the greatest time of the year.. and what comes with great? The Fablewind Faire of course! Don't miss out and join us on an interactive story telling investigation. Where did you say? -Darkshire, Duskwood When is this again? - 31 October 2015 What time was it again? 21:00 server time Do I have to come? -Yes Click on the AA link for more information! And if you feel like confirming your presence, by all means, please do so! Yours truly, Nayee Director of The Fablewind FaireNayee40 02 Nov
02 Nov Why are you playing your specific race + class combo? Good people of Argent Dawn I am having difficulty choosing my main. I have one of each class as well as several max level characters. I want to settle in to a single character and learn how to RP with it while waiting for Legion. Some class and race combos *just feels right* and *makes sense* to me, some don't. Off course there has to be a connection between you and your character. Why do you play the characters that you do? Please can you comment on the RP potential of the following 1. Male Middle Aged Worgen Hunter Beast Master - Full on afflicted Worgen, never changes back to human form. Uses Skoll or Gara as main pet and wolfs for Stampede. As close to a full on wolf himself. DnD True Neutral toon. 2. Male Middle Aged Draenei Protection Paladin - Vindicator of the Draenei people and protector of all that is good and righteous. DnD Lawful Good toon. 3. Male Older Aged Human Frost Mage - Intellectual book wise stereotypical wizard character, think Gandalf not Khadgar. DnD Chaotic Good toon. 4. Male Middle Aged Human Affliction Warlock - This guy would be pure intelligent evilness. No idea why the Alliance would even think about allowing him in their midst. Finds loop holes in everything to exploit for his own benefit. DnD Lawful / Neutral Evil toon. 5. Male Middle Aged Dwarven Protection Warrior - Typical dwarf fighter blacksmith character. Prides himself on his self made armory. Will die to protect his clan. DnD Neutral Good toon. 6. Male Middle Aged Worgen Rogue - Open for assassination contracts as long as no women and children are involved. Just trying to make a living in an unfamiliar city. Tries to blend in as much as possible and only shifts into Worgen form when absolutely required. DnD Chaotic Neutral toon 7. Male Older Aged Shadow Priest - Semi-insane older character that hears voices and only ever dabbles in shadow magic. He is as close to Chaotic Evil as is possible without being a dumb beast. Could be difficult to RP due to the chaotic responses. As a noob to RP which one of the above (or something entirely different) do you suggest.Adoff33 02 Nov
02 Nov [A-RP] {EVENT} Baking Class! (Next one: 30th October) My character is a professional baker and I want to teach people the tricks of the trade on a specialty of hers: Large Scale Baking I've been holding small-scale baking classes ICly with a small group of friends and I thought about inviting others! Basically she bakes event cakes, like Wedding and birthdays. Her signature bakes are life-sized sculptures of people, or cakes that are wired with simple technology, like lights or sound machines or little confetti canons. In order to make Eastern Kingdoms, or at least Stormwind, a sweeter place, she's decided to teach a few tricks of hers on making large scale cakes for big events! If people are interested, it'll be on the 24th of October. I'll keep this thread updated with more info if I see people are interested!Jessikka33 02 Nov
02 Nov [A]Looking to get into RP (and a bit of raiding) Hello I'm looking to get into RP. I've never done it before and am looking for a place to start for my Night Elf Monk. If that guild would raid and had a space for a healer that would be great too (but it's not that important to me) I raided a bit on blackhand on my [url=""]DK[/url] beforeEleondra6 02 Nov
02 Nov Tokidoki <A> Ravencrest 6/13M recruiting! Hello! Tokidoki is a mythic raiding guild which strives to be the best it can be in every tier, achieving good progression in a stable and friendly environment. The guild was founded in 2011 and began raiding in Firelands. Over time we have built up a strong core of experienced raiders from all over Europe and are always open to finding new team members who fit with what we are looking for. We made the jump with our core raid team from our old home of Auchindoun to Ravencrest in August 2015 in order to search for more players for Mythic progress. We are currently recruiting an experienced DPS & healer, but applicants who feel that they would be a good fit for our team will always be considered, so please feel free to get in touch if this sounds like it’s for you. We raid for nine hours a week, Thursday, Sunday & Monday from 19:30-22:30 server time. Invites start at 19:15 so we can be ready to pull at 19:30. What we expect from you as a raider You should have a positive attitude and be team spirited, thinking of others as well as yourself and working well together. You are mature and motivated to raid, making as much effort as you can with what you bring to the raid. You should know your class well, including any off specs. You should be clued up on the relevant raiding content and be prepared for each new boss ahead of the raid. You should be able to attend every raid. Obviously we understand that sometimes unexpected situations IRL may occur but we ask that you will communicate with us and let us know as much in advance as possible. You need to be able to understand and communicate well in English on mumble during our raids. A working mic is required. You accept that you are not solely in the raid to obtain loot, but because you enjoy raiding and want to down bosses as part of a team. Your gear is fully gemmed and enchanted to the best level. You bring consumables with you to the raid. In return for this we offer Consumables for raids Steady progression with a view to clearing the content Weekly alt runs A pleasant and friendly guild environment A chance to meet like-minded people who also enjoy playing other games together outside of WoW, such as Minesweeper. If you have any further questions, please feel free to add us for a chat in game. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Malliage - andreas#2682 Kaonashi - fantisera#2403 www.tokidoki.infoKaonashi2 02 Nov
01 Nov [A/H-RP] A Bunch of Roleplayers Hello! I've been somewhat distant from the WoW roleplaying community as of late, mostly due to work and the stress that involves. I've had a look at a bunch of guilds, and let's just say that I can't seem to stick around any of them for too long. So, I decided to go with something that I've never done before, and that's to start A Bunch of Roleplayers Not a very inspiring name, is it? Well, it's not supposed to be. What is ABR? The whole point of ABR is to be a cross-guild roleplaying group. We go out, we adventure, we drink, we kill stuff. That's pretty much it, really. You don't have to leave your guild, you don't have to swear an oath of loyalty. Hell, you don't even need to be on the same character! This group exists purely to allow people to roleplay with each-other and make events. What will ABR do? ABR will be doing events among ourselves, made by our members, for our members. These events will be short-term and will not last longer than two or three days at most for the really long ones. Long-term plots are for guilds, and that's not what this group is for. There's no attendance requirement for events. If just two people turn up to the events, the event will go ahead. You don't get punished just because everybody else neglected to turn up. Will I need to commit a character? Nope! In fact it may be better if you don't, as your main character might be deployed somewhere with their guild and be unable to attend events. So, bring your alts! Bring your alt's alts! Bring as many characters as you like, because there's only one of you, and I don't see why I should stop you participating in events due to IC circumstances. Sure, I'm not going to stop you from committing a character if you really want to, but if you've got responsibilities to your guild, you don't have to worry about leaving them. Is there a rolling system? Only if the DM needs one to do their job properly. I personally will be using a rolling system, but it can be explained really quickly: "Roll for defence when I say so. Attack whenever you like, but roll for it and /w me with a summary of your emote and the roll." That's it. Long !@# systems just get in the way, and if the players know each-other well enough, there's probably no need for a rolling system at all. It really depends on the players. What do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing! You get the benefit of reasonably friendly people and the opportunity to take part in a whole bunch of new RP, as well as make some of your own. But, you don't get any of the drawbacks and uncertainty of joining a new guild. You get to keep your current RP and get a whole bunch of new stuff! Hooray! What do I have to do to join? I may make a website in the future, but at the moment, just send me some ingame mail or /w me when I'm online.Teraiyn0 01 Nov
01 Nov [H-RP] Xipil's Mascot Event! 1st of Nov, Costume Party! Argent Archive Link - ((Dodgy Youtube Link, Xip's offline!)) Youtube Event Trailer - Event Date and Time - November the 1st / 8:00PM Realm Time. The Set Up A lone goblin sits within a musty, run down office based within the city of Orgrimmar as his old wooden chair creeks and floorboards groan whilst he curls his fingers around his communicators charging cord, his patience fading as he discusses a pressing matter with a rival and partner in innovation. "What do you mean I gotta do your advertisements for you!? It's a little short notice for them and me, don't you think!? Hey! Xippy! Let's get this straight, I'm not your messenger boy, you get rope some other mook into helpin' you push ya product! I ain't doin' nothing without gettin' paid fer it! You hear me!?" " ... What photos? Oh ... those photos ... Heh, err ... Umm ... what I mean to say is ...Sure, sure, I'll free up my diary for you! Just err ... maybe get rid of those, okay? You want me to help you run this thing to? Urgh you!- ... I mean, of course, of course! I'll be there! Loraderon right? First of next month, right? Whatever, ALRIGHT, I'LL BE THERE!!!" The goblin slams the communicator down, taking a deep sigh as he reaches out across his desk, to the cold ale resting there waiting for him. "I'm going to need a few of these ... why do I always get roped into these things?" Event Information! Xipil's Mascot Event! Hi Argent Dawn, Xipil loves to run public events and although we've been absolutely spoiled with those on the Horde side this time around (Thank you Rotgarde/Ravensun for hosting and everyone else for taking part!), the Xipster wants invite everyone to join her for an evening of silly festivities, bringing out a goblin's take on the Forsaken adopted celebration! Xipil will be running a costume contest within the East of Lordaeron's Ruins, in hopes to find our new mascot for Xipil & Co's latest product catered to Forsaken tongues in particular! Three winners could earn themselves a portrait made by Xipil's trained furbolgs! (We promise they're trained ... don't believe us, watch the video!) The Xipster needs all the help she can get to make this event a blast, so if you'd like to set up food and drink stalls for the living! Sell your own costumes on site or trade in trinkets and oddities themed around Hallow's End, don't ask for permission, just set up shop on the day and join in on the fun! If you'd like to enter the contest, you'll have an opportunity to register here on the forum or I'll take entries as Gosmic before the contest takes place! Quick Q&A: "Hey ... She said Halloween! It's Hallow's En-" Xippy noticed this and felt gutted in the end! Due to the close deadline, I've recommended that we push it out as it is, especially with the technical difficulties experienced with recording. "Can I help out with my own stall?" Yes. Feel free to turn up and get comfortable without permission. The more the merrier! "Is this a Mirthbrook Commonwealth Event?" No. All credit goes to Xipil for coming up with the idea of running this for everyone. I'm helping out because I love these kind of events (Who doesn't!?) "Will there be anything else other than a costume contest?" I'm going to mess around with this idea. I'm thinking something along the lines of a toy battle royal, but if you would like to host anything with us, again, please throw your suggestions into the thread and we'll include it in, if it fits the theme! Thank you very much for reading through this! I hope we catch you there on the 1st!Gosmic11 01 Nov
01 Nov Deathknight guilds? Hello i am making a DeathKnight on argent dawn and im going to make a deathknight. I would like to know if there is any guilds out there who mainly focuses on Deathknight roleplay. If there is i would be really happy if you will let me know. Thanks!Ylyie5 01 Nov
01 Nov I'm going horde, help? Hello there Argent Dawn, been RPing casually on Alliance side for a few years now and I'm finally going horde but I'm not sure what I'm looking after, or what class or race I actually wanna play, which guilds I find interesting. Perhaps you guys would help me out? Which class,race should I play? and any guilds on horde side you can recommend? thanks and I wish you all nice evening and happy Halloween!Zakkay10 01 Nov
01 Nov [H-RP] Looking for help! Hello Argent Dawn, I hope you're all well. I am currently leveling a troll druid of whom I intend to RP on in the near future. Currently at level 75 and looking to hit 90 shortly. What I need help with: I've never RP'd on the horde before and browsing the forums is fairly tedious as threads don't always offer an unbiased opinion, so I look to those who know better than I. Could you point me in the direction of guilds that accept trolls (the race that is!) and i'm not looking for race-specific guilds only. I would prefer a small-sized guild though i'm not picky about that and looking more towads not being in a static location but again, it depends on the concept of the guild! Thanks in advance for any advice / help!Vrisha7 01 Nov
01 Nov Argent Dawn General Containment Thread #142 Bringing home the true name. post 502 isn't meant to be possible what's happening to me!!!!Kagra11 01 Nov
01 Nov A beginner needs some help with RP Hello, everyone. I'm new to this realm and I am trying to find somebody, who will be able to help. I used to role-play erlier, but doing it in another language... I'm not a native speaker of English, but I think I know the language rather well. Is there anybody, who can try to role-play with me, so I can adapt to the conditions faster? I also need someone, who can tell me more about the basics of the RP here. Thanks a lot!Leorendar7 01 Nov
01 Nov Happy Halloween! Just a quick post to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN ARGENT DAWN! I hope you all have plans for the evening, be it partying, trick or treating, watching some scary movies, tucking down with your guildies to survive a night of horror. Or simply spending some time with your loved ones. I for one will be spending time with my Girlfriend. Pray tell what you have planned :DGaldrick20 01 Nov
01 Nov Looking for info on Troll Mages. 'Ey mons o' Argent Dawn! I've been looking to try out a troll mage lately, and am using Darkmoon faire to get a good layout of a character. Problem is, I know very little about Troll lore. Not a complete scrub, but still quite lacking in knowledge of it. As I know Argent Dawn has quite the community of Trolls, I was wondering. Is there any lore out there about Troll Mages? Like, what roles they fill, are they called/considered anything special, like witch doctors, or Hexxers, how do they view the Arcane, so on and so forth. If it helps, the character concept I was aiming for was a "Mojo Mage", an arcanist who uses Mojo to enhance his spells and creations. Really any information would be appreciated, as I haven't found a shred of helpful info anywhere about them. Also... he's a Darkspear, so would there be any loa he could worship, that would fit his proffesion? Thanks in advance mon's. Spirits be wid ya!Jebanza14 01 Nov
01 Nov LF Guild - RP Hey, Levelling a Paladin on this realm (F - Human), was just wondering if there were any guilds that did active RP sessions involving Paladins or Priests, would be cool to see what was available :) - RadRadnar62 01 Nov
31 Oct [H/RP] Hallow's End Festivities- 24th Oct onwards! ... Hello fellow forum aficionados, With Hallow’s End just around the corner, it wouldn’t be right for us not to celebrate the most important festival of the year (according to the Forsaken, at least…) in style. With a few people wanting to run stuff themed around this holiday we’ll be combining our efforts to run almost a week of stuff in the area to better represent the bustle of the celebrations and to develop the one-shot events into something a bit grander. What: Blizzard’s official description of this celebration is “Hallow's End is a spooky celebration of the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge.” A traditionalist / religious angle to this would be pretty significant to undead characters particularly & probably some of their allies, with the more commercialized 'Halloweeny' form peddled by goblins appealing to a wider crowd, so it hopefully we can portray a good mix / contrast of those themes Where: We’ll be situated in Deathknell for most part since our usual haunt of Brill will have the horseman bombing it 24/7 When: 24 - 30th of October Who: Basically any Horde-aligned or neutral group is welcome on an OOC level, though some concepts may be met with disdain/hostility depending on how overt they are in their dealings Without further ado, here is the big schedule: ... Keep an eye on this thread for any updates & catch you on the flipsidePerroy124 31 Oct
31 Oct Favorite World of Warcraft soundtrack? When I RP i always use ingame music and sound because i think i gives RP a more "feeling" not sure how to put it but i find it more enjoyable. So my question to you guys what would be your favorite World of Warcraft soundtrack. Feel free to - Tell us in what zone or location we can find this ingame sound/music - A link to the soundtrack My favorite soundtrack by far would be And cool thing is you can only find it at the Stormwind Cemetery, atleast that's where i've only heard it. Hope you have a good evening and take care! :)Yåaslå57 31 Oct
31 Oct Active social guilds? I'm fairly new to the server and was wondering if anybody here could direct me towards any active guilds that at least use their chat channels and talk to each other? I'm looking for a medium sized guild i.e not over 400 characters that actually talks to each other with a community feel since I've found on many realms that this is difficult to find these days especially as a newcomer I feel as though people here may know better for this server. Whilst I'm at it I've also got a level 60 Gnome Mage called Zankus so I'm looking for guilds on both Horde and Alliance. Don't really mind so much what the guild is into (RP or PvE) as long as they are willing to accept me and are active.Reyfur0 31 Oct
31 Oct (A/RP) The Preservation Plan Greetings all! The Preservation Plan, runners of the Golden Keg's Bottom floor, are seeking anyone to help around the Plan and the Keg! We're looking for anything and everything from Bartenders to Bouncers, Tinkerers to Handymen! Got an idea for a job in the plan, name it and we'll try and work something out! The Preservation Plan is aimed to preserve RP in quieter sides of the City! Encouraging folk to come and revisit these old places! The Golden Keg is currently our project but we have plans and ideas to expand into more! Got a Business deal IC, come find us! Got an idea for a shop, Do tell! We're friendly, casual Rpers! Accepting of even the Newest of RPer with a hint of willingness to help! We're open to all sorts! (No extortion, Bad Unioners! Bad!) Interested, find me, Hapton* Whizbolt or Lester Melsted* IC or /w us OOC! We've also got an AA page**: And an Enjin Page**: Bottoms up! * Bold and Italiced are the OOC names of the Chars ** work in progress, but up!Hapton22 31 Oct
31 Oct Want to sell Silvershell Legguards! They have been sat on AH for months and i need the gold so i look for someone that wants to buy this item. Whisper or mail me offers in game or reply to the thread.Párzival0 31 Oct
31 Oct [A-RP] The Creed - Hearts and pockets of gold. The Creed of Remembrance What we are The Creed is a collective of influential people of all parts of society who share common interests and a goal. This goal is to better the Kingdom along with their own conditions. Be it the pursuit of fame, power or wealth they will work together in its acquisition but retain a proper moral code. These members of the Creed are called Masters and they have followers, servants or employees who may or may not be affiliated with the Creed itself. Through aiding the Retinue they belong to they are able to provide for the Creed in their own way. The Creed's members could infact be everything as long as they provide for the Creed. From Lords to Mercenary Captains to a gangleader of beggars and courtesans. What is our RP concept Haven't there been moments where regular military RP or event-driven storylines with no room for choice become dull? Haven't there been times when something sudden and spontaneous happens while casually Roleplaying that gets you unexpected interest and excitement? We seek to promote this kind of Casual RP. We do not want to restrict anyone, instead we advocate the pursuit of their kind of RP. This means that every master is infact a master of his own enterprise, as if owning a guild within this guild. This brings many sorts of roleplayers together and fleshes out mismatched and unusual relationships between the associates of the Creed. What we also promote is in-character strife. Some of us are looking to bring down any sort of threat in the city. From criminal organizations to corrupted nobility. One of our major activities is the acquisition of such intelligence which we share between the members of the Creed. Civilian RP. Love it. We advocate it to the fullest and infact seek to provide you not only a decent business somewhere in the City (This could range from a stall to an entire shop) but we'd also do our utmost to promote your business and enrich it with ideas and people to RP with! We're looking to help you guys out there, you ambitious businessmen and women! What we offer -A very social RP environment, we do not stick to events and machinated activities. We encourage Casual RP with the ideology of it being the most precious kind of RP. Join us and make your relationships! -A Mature Playerbase. We like to keep RPing with people who in the least understand the world of adults and play through it competently while also allowing those of younger ages to seek us out freely. -Realism. Anywhere that it is possible. We do not find ourselves omnipotent and that is a good thing about RP. It provides tenuous struggles to the character that he needs to overcome. Be it lack of food or drink or being ganked up by opponents, we'll keep consequences truthful and severe. -Comfort. We do not obligate anyone to for more than they want to. You can RP with us however much you like and then go your merry way, we do not look down onto such activity and we do not seek to punish those who are not online 24/7. -Constant Roleplay We never stop. We are not the guild that has events as the main source of RP. We're the exact opposite. We're looking into providing RP opportunities at all times and will indeed poke around any random people we find as to create it. A businessman will seek to make his business flourish. A tavernkeeper will seek his usual banter with others and a Knight may do his usual protecting of womanly virtues or keep a squire! Although the quality is not lost on this, with event-like formula's taking place, however doing so spontaenously for the most part. Recruitment restrictions We recruit Humans, Worgen, Dwarves and Gnomes of all classes except DKs primarily as we're an organisation based in the Eastern Kingdoms and thematically the line of work fits them more clearly from a lore perspective. However, we are willing to accept all classes and races should they prove to be an exceptional roleplayer with good justification for their desire to join the creed. Ranks The ranks in the Creed are kept into two categories. Those of the actual members of the Creed and those who are directly associated with them. Creed Ranks Grand Master Conductor of the Creed's collective movement, enforcer of the tenets and Keeper of the Grand Seal. Paragon Every Master who's trust was proven to the fullest is given a seal. This seal is the Master's keepsake and it comes in the form of a signet ring. This seal is what allows the person to send confidential letters to the Grand Master and his peers without the slightest of worry, for whoever owns a seal is provided with the Creed's aid. The Creed's seal is a responsibility of its own. A master must carry this keepsake and protect it. Master A person who possesses mastery over a field of expertise. This could infact range from a craftsman with an apprentice or a budding merchant to a Knight, it matters not who he is as long as he is deemed worthy. This person is influential and preferably charismatic; capable of completing specific tasks through his own or his associate's efforts. A master keeps to his own company, commonly known as retinue, which he must take care of on his own. The responsibility of the Master is to provide for his retinue and keep it operational for the Creed's gain. A master is also sworn to uphold the Tenets to the fullest with the outcome of dismissal where he to not adhere to them. Retinual Ranks Associate The Associate is exactly as the name entails, the person who is associated directly to a master and serves/follows/works for him in some capacity. Were the master to be a Knight, the Associate could be his Squire. Were the master to be a Businessman, the Associate could be his attendant.Anything goes. It's up to the master. Man at arms The Man at arms is a military retainer of the master. This would include a bodyguard, a soldier for hire under his employment, or even a soldier vassalised to him through either gold or oath. Unaffiliated Not a formal employ of the Creed or any of her businesses. This rank could literally count anyone who's acquaintanced with our members and wish to follow us. ... The Tenets. -Pledge your life to the Creed. -Safeguard Stormwind and her allies. -Retain mastery in your field. -Promote the Creed's interests along with yours. -Keep a company worthy of you. -Remember those who came before. Tread the road our ancestors have paved for us and line it with specks of gold for the children that come after. This is the Creed of Remembrance. Contact info: Recruitment Officers: Cârola Theodorium GalbartCârola16 31 Oct
30 Oct Spirit of Fire needs for players for the RBG team! Hello everyone! I made a similar thread back on a different forum. Spirit on Fire is looking for more dedicated players for its RBG team and the guild. RBG's are currently on Mondays and Thursdays from 20:00 - 22:00 server time. Any class and spec can join however we are more specifically looking for: - Mage. - Warlock. - Warrior (off spec tank). - Enhancement shaman. - Restoration druid. - Restoration shaman, - Mistweaver monk. - Balance druid. - Rogue - Deathknight - Guardian druid (off spec feral) We are not lacking members, just specific classes for comps and maybe for setting up a second RBG team, it especially helps to have many players since sometimes people can not show up and we would prefer not to pug. You do not need any experience as we are all trying to learn together. From experience with the guild I can tell you that it is a really educational and easy going RBG team with a fun atmosphere, no one to stress you out. The team is currently sitting at around 1.7k MMR and we are moving up rating slowly since it is a process of everyone learning. If you are joining the guild then it is very important to check the calendar invites for the RBG days and you must give a response to them 2 days in advance. Must have requirements: - 726+ Pvp Item level. - Team Speak 3 - Working Microphone - BattlegroundTargets Addon - - BigDebuffs (mainly for healers) - Don't hesitate to /w anyone from the guild or myself. My real id is: #Colaax2792 Pvp officer: Yugee Have a nice day everyone :)Hample0 30 Oct
30 Oct [A-RP/Guild] Hatir'kaari Greetings everyone. There are plenty of threads with people advertising their guilds already, so for the sake of brevity i'll try to keep this brief. The Hatir'kaari (Hatir Kaari being the technical spelling) is a recently founded Draenei guild; the result of several ideas that were mulled over during the past few weeks. The general concept, thus far at least, is for the guild to be a small, elite sect of highly skilled Draenei who will have served alongside one another since the Burning Legion's fated invasion of Argus. Our primary intent, as will be the case in Warlords of Draenor as well, is to focus on the much neglected 'sci-fi' element of the Draenei race; and to that end, one of our primary motivations will be technological in nature; the reclamation and adaptation of latent Naaru technology to meet our ends, in the same way that the Mogu had claimed/repurposed Titan technology on Pandaria, and the Sin'dorei in turn who claimed/repurposed said Mogu technology. As well as this, there will also be a significant focus on what is deemed to be the Orcish threat and to a lesser extent, the Horde at large; though this will be further developed when the next expansion is upon us. Though we look forward to the Warlords of Draenor expansion with great anticipation, that is not to see we would be inactive prior to the expansion's release. Below is a little information for those who may be interested; OOC: We are a Draenei-only guild, and accept all classes; however Death Knights, should they wish to join, unfortunately cannot be Death Knights in-character. Anyone, regardless of their gender, nationality and race is welcome to apply; provided that they adhere to Roleplaying Realm T&Cs/Guidelines. For new recruits, there is a trial period for the benefit of everyone; in which both ourselves and you can gauge whether we are on similar wavelengths both in-character and out-of-character. With regard to the guild's lore, it is assumed that all characters/members have a pre-existing knowledge of one another; though if you find this to be problematic, then we can certainly discuss and try to find a compromise. For those who are curious, we do have a Argent Archives page (though it is currently under construction); Our ideal guild size would be approximately 5-10 members, in accordance with the Hatir'kaari's story (that is also currently in progress). With that in mind, please don't be offended if things don't work out; but more importantly, don't hesitate to apply! Feel free to whisper me in-game should you have any questions with regard to the guild; we look forward to hearing from you!Nuaada30 30 Oct
30 Oct Argent Dawn General Chat Thread #141 What do you people buy with all the excess honor?Vidya501 30 Oct
30 Oct [H] Draenor-Carpé Noctem are Recruiting (1-13M,13-13 H) Carpé Noctem is an adult guild with most members above 20++. Most of us have been raiding since vanilla. We are playing together in a mature social environment, with a friendly atmosphere. Searching for RANGED DPS - Hunter, Boomkin, Shadow for our Core Raid Team, 700ilvl [ono] Building for MYTHIC & LEGION : Raiding Wed/Thur/Sun 210-000 Using EPGP, TS./w in game We raid 3 days a week:Wed, Thurs, Sun 9-12pm Officers Aryami, Anatomikal, Ahkaru, Kracen Aryami : Ary#2146 Anatomikal: Mik#2409 Ahkaru : fatboy#2202 Kracen :Kracen#2392Lilybee16 30 Oct
30 Oct Looking to get back in to RP Hello, everyone. I've been out of the RP scene for a while now -- not since the end of Cataclysm -- and am looking to start anew. My German friend dragged me back to WoW and on to the EU servers, and have been casually PvEing for a month or two now, but lately I've been having the RP itch. I used to play on the US server Moon Guard in the past, and had quite a few fun adventures. Except Goldshire. We do not speak of that den of filth. The itch I feel is unrelated, I assure you. :p I've heard Argent Dawn here is pretty happening as far as popularity goes, but I have a few questions before I decide for sure: How lively is the RP on the Alliance? The Horde? How is the RP distributed? Is it mostly concentrated on the cities, is it common to find little hubs in various settlements, etc.? I know I probably don't have the best timing, especially with the winding down of this wreck of an expansion, but I'd still appreciate any feedback I can get. Cheers.Rhaji7 30 Oct
29 Oct WTB leveling boost (got RaF) Hello there, like the title says, I want to buy a boost. I've got RaF so it will go kinda quick. Please add me on: Utiliser#2634 or answer here to discuss a price per level or a price per hour/half an hour etc.. Thanks in advance!Cesctra2 29 Oct
29 Oct [A][LGBT-friendly] Keepers of Sanctuary is recruiting Hello players of Argent Dawn and beyond, the LGBT-friendly raiding guild Keepers of Sanctuary is looking for new players. Many of us just went through a guild split, so we created this new guild as a safe haven, called Keepers of Sanctuary. We are now looking for tons of new people to create a great raiding enviroment and be a safe space for people of all genders, sexualities / romantics, ethnics aswell. Bold statement, but what makes you special? These are our main goals: Safety We were primarily founded as an LGBT safe space guild, giving a home to all kinds of marginalized people that do not feel safe in other guilds, but we want to stress that this guild is for everyone. No matter who you are, we want to make sure you are in a safe enviroment. In this guild you don't need to fear being ridiculed for being gender non-conforming or prefering non-binary pronouns. Same obviously goes for place of origin, skin color and ethnics. Raiding Next to making sure everybody feels safe and welcome, we want to create a strong raiding enviroment. If you are interested in Raiding with us, look at the Recruitment Tab below. Our Raiding days are currently planned to be Wednesday and Saturday, but are still subject to change. Recruitment Miminum item Level is 670, based on the previous tier's (Blackrock Foundry) normal mode gear. You need a Mumble Client to talk to us during raids We are looking for these classes / specs in particular Death Knight - DPS Druid - Heal, Melee DPS, Range DPS, Tank Mage - DPS Monk - Heal, DPS Rogue - DPS Shaman - DPS, Heal Warlock - DPS Warrior - DPS [7.11]Update: We are currently completely full on Tanks. We cannot give out any tank spots (pun intended) at this time. Of course every player can apply for our guild, no matter the gear, we are always looking for amazing players and people that fit our roster. Or just people that need a safe place to be themselves. Contact Interested? Great, this is how you can reach us. Website: Facebook: InGame: Allitair#2720 (guild leader) Eventide#2908 (me: subscription currently inactive) Thanks in Advance [i][/i]Kharinaa0 29 Oct
29 Oct How would you prefer your character to die? Lets make a discussion, How would you prefer for your character to pass away? Honorably in a battle, accident, or old age? I`d prefer my character die of old age, she is not a fighter, she knows how to fight very well, but i`d prefer her to age, get old by teaching her students, and try to train as many young people as possible. Die in her bed by old age.Xesmeni89 29 Oct
29 Oct Looking for danish Guild Greetings. Do any of you guys know of any Social guilds with purely Danish members or at least a majority of Danish players. Thank you all :)Thario6 29 Oct
29 Oct Coin of Many Faces This toy transforms people into random members of the opposite faction for an hour. Now, I've seen several people using it to roleplay Horde characters inside Stormwind as 'visitors.' Is this acceptable? I'm not sure any guard would let members of the Horde into Stormwind, or vice versa. They aren't at peace, it's just a truce. Just because you can appear as a naga, arakkoa, ogre, murloc or whatever doesn't mean it's okay to roleplay as one whenever and whereever you want.Goodfield27 29 Oct
29 Oct The Darnassus Militia. <THE DARNASSUS MILITIA> A newly formed RP guild are looking for members to help fight for Darnassus. We are an RP and when we have enough high level members we will be doing a Raid Night. WE NEED YOU NOW If you want to join whisper me Svnup, Lieutenant Sírfluffy, or TalonaaSvnup17 29 Oct