Argent Dawn

10 Oct Wildhammer Shaman RP questions Hello! I've recently created a brand spanking new Wildhammer Dwarf Shaman, and I'm looking to get into Rp with her. As it is though, I'm stuck on a few minor things and was hoping for some help. Firstly, I was rather hoping to narrow down what she has specialised in, if that makes any sense. For instance, some shaman class themselves as Tidecallers, or Storm-Binders, etc etc. As a shaman focused on healing through water spirits, what would she be classed as? In terms of her Wildhammer origins, I've been struggling to find information on the iconic tattoos. Are the tattoos symbolic of anything, and given for specific reasons? Also, I read somewhere that Wildhammers are often taller than their Bronzebeard and Dark Iron cousins, yet when looking up roleplaying stats, there isn't really a definitive answer as to what this height generally is. Apologies for any vagueness, and any help would be appreciated!Agnissa5 10 Oct
10 Oct Dwarves! We need you! "The Iron Bearers" (RP) - Run down: A Dwarven Militaristic order inspired slightly by Warhammer Fantasy. The Iron Bearers will be a stout group of Dwarves bound by the unrelenting stubbornness of their kind. Harboring hate for any and all that have ever wronged and belittled the Dwarven kind. In their hold, one of the many abandoned forts that lurk around the world of Azeroth they will defend and create a fortress to behold. With a strong zeal for the culling of all the creatures and foes that have ever wronged the Dwarves, Trolls, Troggs, Orcs, Ogres! The list goes on. We require Dwarves of all stature! Fierce plated warriors, hardy riflemen! Armor-less berserkers! This is a brief description just to get the name out. Should you have any more questions or queries don't hesitate to message me in game or drop a comment on this post. Much appreciated. We vow to bring some more life in to Dwarven roleplay! These Dwarves never forgive, never forget!Torhad30 10 Oct
10 Oct What would your guild do when legion arrive? About my guild, the Order of the Sage? Jenna will learn about the legion`s arrival in azeroth again, she will put her students in the back-burner, especially the offensive magic/Arms mastery students and healing arts to the back-burner, extra training, and will do anything to train them to be able to join the fight for the future of azeroth, and also increase the security in the academy. What would your guild do when legion arrives?Xesmeni35 10 Oct
10 Oct [Legion] Race focus? So, basically, which race/races do you think will have the spotlight on them for the expansion? I think there is always (sadly) an argument for Orcs. Though with the model changes to Slyvannas and Genn, I know some people are hoping for some Forsaken and Worgen lore. I personally hope the expansion focus' on Draenei. Though, I expect Blizzard will either focus on the Elven races because Demon Hunter and Orcs because MUH REDEMPTIONSPríncess95 10 Oct
09 Oct Does your Death Knight's former class come into play? ... I imagine a lot of you have a Death Knight out there, some having a former class. Question is how often does this come into play for your character? Does your Death Knight adopt and combine abilities they once knew in life? Were they once a caster who now uses a sword? There are people who frown upon multiclassing, but is this not a thing that would be quite common for a Death Knight? I doubt most simply forgot what they do or choose not do use it (with exceptions of Light wielders such as Paladins, Priests etc), and we all know there are some who will roleplay a class as another (for example warrior battle-mages). There may be many Death Knights who were simply warriors, and I assume a lot of Death Knights choose to be from this stock; but what of you that don't? Finally, how you juggle these things in your roleplay from being over powered.Tootz22 09 Oct
09 Oct RP is dying (for me anyway) HELP! Hello AD community, I love RP, in fact it's the only thing in WoW I enjoy doing atm. Unfortunately I feel as if RP is dying on my character, walk-ups just seen impossible to find, or at least to get any decent character/peer relationship development going on, and also, my guild isn't RPing much these days, but it doesn't make much sense right now for him to leave. I almost feel lost without the enriching and warm feeling of good quality RP. What I'm asking you folks is 1. Do you know any good hot spots for RP, that isn't Stormwind? 2. Can you give me any advice on how I can get more RP for my character. I just don't feel like my character is going anywhere atm, and I really want him to go -somewhere-, or do -something-. Thank ye very much. -DastanDastàn14 09 Oct
09 Oct Vald wants... Currently: Bloodvine 14x Will pay 2k each! Dont C.O.D please! (I am not Warkey)Valdríkr0 09 Oct
09 Oct [H-RP] The Electrofish - Several leagues under the sea! ... Ranks Captain When taking command of the submarine, which he later named after himself, Rizzal Electrofish aimed to live a life of freedom that wasn’t bound by terrestrial restrictions. Adopting the title “Captain”, he retreated into the Ocean where he guided his crew on a series of epic subaquatic escapades involving shipwrecks, Giblin looters, salty wenches and huge quantities of treasure. First Mate Professor Gadzook Fizzbubble isn’t your average Goblin Biologist. After being discovered on a secluded beach, collecting crab droppings, Professor Fizzbubble joined the crew and quickly rose to the Captain’s close second. Demonstrating a passionate obsession of marine life (and a total disregard for terrestrial life), Professor Fizzbubble’s brain and loyalty is great asset to the crew. Navigator Most likely to be found bent over a series of maps and charts, the Navigators are in charge of laying the course through the Oceanic maze. Nobody else has the skill to match theirs as they plot out a tangle of meaningless lines that depict currents, undersea landscape and nearby chipshops. Diver There are none more daring, courageous or foolhardy than the Divers. These are those individuals with the insatiable lust for adventure. Whether their intentions are study, looting or hunting, the Divers will find any excuse to pull on their overly-tight divesuit for a quick undersea hike. Security What we call “security” is simply a collection of thugs, misfits and genuine enforcers who all share the same passion for action. Maintain safety is their job description, but they all secretly hope to be attacked by a giant squid, just for a good fight. Shrimp Whipper Operating a submarine like The Electrofish is hungry work! With a name derived from an old kitchen horror story, The Shrimp Whippers don’t just whip shrimps, but any sea creature dragged to the kitchen. They create culinary masterpieces from every resource and are subsequently the most popular amongst crew. Technician Sometimes, the Ocean doesn’t want to be friendly. In these circumstances, a great number of things can go wrong and it’s the responsibility of the Technician to fix the issue. The danger of this job may be underrated, but any Technician will tell you that flooding isn’t pleasant. Enlisted Crew Many newly joined members don’t know where their specialities lie. This is no problem, because all that matters is that you’ve made it into the finest submersible vessel to swim these Oceans. OOC information • The Electrofish is a submarine with the opportunity to support a diverse collection of character archetypes. That is to say that any character-type of any race may join, as long as they have a good enough reason to be part of a submarine crew. • Though we are basically submarine Pirates, our legal alignment is questionable, meaning that we accept characters on either sides of the law • Though we are not a military guild, you will occasionally be required to follow orders. If you tend to be a bit more defiant, then it’d be advised that you keep your defiance to a reasonable level • We do not enforce any strict uniform code. You may outfit your character however you wish, however it is suggested that your set should be a little more down-to-earth (i.e colossal glowing plate shoulders are slightly ill-favoured) If you’re interested in undersea adventures on The Electrofish then show your interest here or send a whisper to Gadzook or myself ingame... I look forward to hearing your feedback!Rizzal51 09 Oct
09 Oct Evil / Demonic RP Guild? So i am currently looking for some Evil / Demonic roleplaying Guild and was wondering if there's any on horde? Would be awesome to hear some suggestions, <3Kalgras2 09 Oct
09 Oct Light boxing Hello everyone first of all i am sorry for my bad grammar in this post I have been rp on my priest for a while now and have come up with a new fithing style for it. I have searched around and also asked around and this could wurk IC and lorewise a bit I am talking about boxing while using the ligth to increase your punches and protect them. It is a idea i am wurking on for the moment and would like to hear what you all think of it and if it could be possible to do I chosen Discipline for this new fithing style since they wurk more with shielding, Where you would normaly summon the ligth to hit your enemy at far you would know keep this ligth and focus it around your fist. This way you can deal more damage as well protecting your fist, this way you bring the danger of holy ligth to them. When i was rp on my priest i watched monks figth hand to hand combat and watched how holy paladins blessed there weapons with ligth to kill there enemy, Also lore wise paladins have more then once blessed there weapon during a figth with ligth to kill there enemy (Or so i was told) IC i went to study the figthing style of the monk but adding the ligth to it so it would be more deadly The fithing style would be like a monk using hand to hand combat but with out using there feet The downside of this would be It cost lots of energy since while you figth you have to keep the ligth into your fist You only can wear cloth so you arent well protected This is what i got so far. Feel free to add anything and if this could wurk or not And again sorry for my bad grammar Thank you for readingBatt24 09 Oct
09 Oct Back after 2 years Hello all on Argent Dawn, I have decided to come back to Wow after a break of about 2 years. Over the past 2 years I have been on and on Wow and have now come back permanently. Looking forward to getting back into RP with you all SinSinoria1 09 Oct
09 Oct 2 Day Raiding Guild Heya Checking if any 2 day raiding guilds knocking around will be playing mage and best guess around 695 before requesting to join team just checking options early will be ready soon Able to raid any days other then Wed / Thurs / Sun 20:30-23:30 ServerAltiar0 09 Oct
09 Oct [Teaser] Duskwood Terror Campaign ... A Frozen Covenant production.. As the realms of the living and the dead begin to come together, the dead begin to move. From cemeteries all over the gloomy glades and beyond, a dark menace will rise to contend with the living for their realm. Let the screams begin.Irondawn6 09 Oct
09 Oct Plate sets that look like mail Hey, I'm after plate sets (specifically for transmog on a plate wearer) that resemble chain mail or light armour in game. Any suggestions? I'm pretty rubbish with this stuff.Linwood11 09 Oct
09 Oct Cosmetic glyphs you'd like to see. So I was sat on my priest and I turned on my chakra, I miss the old animation it showed. I'd like a glyph to make that show again (and I'd also like the ability to turn chakra off without changing spec). Anywho, I was wondering what other cosmetic glyphs people would want to see. I was thinking of things like: Glyph of Shadow Mending (priest) - all healing spells take on a shadowy effect. Glyph of the Apprentice - Your water elemental appears as a Kirin Tor (or something) apprentice. Glyph of the Ursa Totemic - Your bear form now resembles a furbolg.Banthir109 09 Oct
09 Oct WTB [The Shoveler] Paying very well Edit: Found a seller. Thanks for the help guys!Jacob2 09 Oct
09 Oct [A]Church of the Forgotten Shadow ... Note: Well aware that the IC objective is unrealistic, the point is not to achieve it but to roleplay toward it. Conflict, character death, intrigue, espionage, theological debate will all be prevalent therefore a good grasp of these subjects is in my opinion essentially. The group, while initially won't be anti-Alliance as such will likely tread down the path of being oppressed and attacked by the numerous Alliance Light orders whom often take the law into their own hands [fine, as long as it remains in-character] and an obvious progression for such a Church would be to find it's way to collaborating with other users of the Forgotten Shadow be they dead or alive. Commitment to the concept will rely solely on yourself and capacity to contribute therefore it will be both organized [in a way to keep clerical ranks and encourage progression from Novice-hood to priesthood] but also disorganized in the sense that it will largely be a free for all among clerics of the Divine Shadow, where they preach and to some degree what they preach [as long as it's the Shadow]. An emphasis will be placed on achieving social justice for the dredges of society and introducing some notions of equality. Such a Church would work very well with: Defias Characters Angered Westfall citizens Disillusioned Nobility Locality in Darkshire who have had no chapel for over a decade and seek a different faith. Please post here if interested. ... ... 09 Oct
09 Oct Characters For Hire! Hello, lovely people of Argent Dawn! I am writing to you to tell you that I want to rent out one of my character slots. Meaning, if you need a certain character for your plot line (be it a simple messenger boy/girl, a servant, sacrifice or otherwise), I can be your woman. I love filling plot-fulfilling roles for other people, and with little else to do right now I thought I'd offer my services. Feel free to send me an In-game message or mail about any request! Yours truly, Vx.Lancèra17 09 Oct
09 Oct I have also saved you Argent Dawn. Smitelol10 09 Oct
08 Oct Is there anything for a level 20 character to do here? Once my trial runs out I'll be seeing what veteran status does, just wondering if theres any guilds that would welcome a perma-low level RP'er.Raszero3 08 Oct
08 Oct Guild focused on the Timewalkers. This server desperately needs a guild centered around members of the formed Timewalkers faction. They haven't been given much lore, but combined with all the information there is about the Bronze dragonflight and the infinite etc, there should be possibilities. Anyone else sharing my particular interest? Discuss.Netley11 08 Oct
08 Oct [RP] Anything interesting for you in Legion? Besides demon hunter roleplay, I was wondering if there will be anything interesting happening for your character/guild like an important piece of lore for either of the two that should last through the expansion. I know I'll be attending any fight against the forces of eeeevaaal, but I'll also be going to Highmountain to chill out with my newly discovered sub-race, the Highmountain Tauren.Carbek70 08 Oct
08 Oct [H RP] Offering Frostwolf Family Ties The Brief ... -- Hello, Argent Dawn! In hopes of provoking more interaction and networking on our realm, I've decided to start looking for (active) players whose orcs might turn out to share a family relation with Nazkra here. As the Frostwolf Clan had been exiled from the Old Horde, her time until the Third War had been spent with the clan under the chieftain Durotan and - following the chieftain's assassination - Drek'thar as opposed to an internment camp. Her mate, a brave warrior, deceased a battle before Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer met his end. This leaves room for existing children. By the founding of Durotar she had already been walking the path of a shaman for quite some time. Years have been spent in and near Orgrimmar, one campaign in Silithus under the Might of Kalimdor. She followed the calls of war to Hellfire Peninsula under Nazgrel's command, and to the Grizzly Hills under the Warsong Offensive. Warchief Garrosh Hellscream's reign - which began opposing more and more of her own principles as time passed - then slowly sent her drifting away from the Horde until she finally threw in with the rebellion. Weeks later she had been convinced to strike a mercenary's path and has regularly been sending part of her earnings to her family in Orgrimmar. -- Now, as for personality, Nazkra had always been a brawler at heart, which will likely have reflected upon any siblings, cousins or children of hers. She enjoys sunsets, water falls, thrill-instilling activities, and among those a good fight. Oh, and having fun. Most people enjoying having fun. I don't think orcs are an exception here. She prefers her fish and meat grilled and thoroughly spiced and will eat almost anything (although the 'almost' may be a lie). She has an aversion to alcoholic brews. (gasp and shock!) I cannot think of anything to add, so as a conclusion this leaves the following possibilities for family ties: prrrrrobably no insanely old grandparents, I think a mother a father deceased mate's mother/father cousins siblings children that got/are getting out of their teens (currently 1: Razh Wolfeye) unsure about nephews yet - but I would rather it depended on siblings (currently 2: Kara Voidclaw (Duskherald), Nadosha from sister Sorka (deceased)) I think I'm done. Replies including but not limited to queries, go!Nazkra8 08 Oct
08 Oct Nashaka Stormheart Well met! I have returned from a long hiatus from WoW (Left early Cataclysm) and I have returned to my roots on Ravenholdt. I feel it might not be the server for me any longer even though I spent many years there to begin with. What I am looking for is an RP guild with strong ties to Tauren lore or close to it. My shaman is not quite Tauren but their distant cousins the Taunka. She is a Spiritwalker returned from the dead by the Earthmother to do more good in the world until her time is up. Kind-hearted, strong spirited, loving, gentle and giving yet also ferocious and relentless when defending those she loves. Might there be a place for the likes of her here?Nashaka20 08 Oct
08 Oct Uhm... Did the servers just go down or something...dced cant connect again...anyone else?Rakatra2 08 Oct
07 Oct Uhm...hi?! Hello Argent Dawn! I am Arzal and I used to RP every now and then and after a few months stopped. Now I came back, realizing most of my friends stopped playing, and was wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in playing with me? A random person... You know...pvp, old content? chilling around? whatever really...just trying to find some new friends to play with. The game itself is starting to get boring for me when there is noone around. And no I do not really want to cancel the sub untill Legion arrives.Arzal12 07 Oct
07 Oct [H-RP] A Dawn Reawakened Greetings! I am a returning played to WoW after many years of absence. I used to play on Ravenholdt for many years prior to my hiatus. Mostly with my character Nashaka Stormheart, a Taunka Spiritwalker. I had her killed off just before I stopped to kind of end her story then and there. But as I return I feel I cannot really connect much to any other characters I have created and I return to her and her story. But I had killed her, how could I make this work? I am sorry if it might sound forced but she is very far from a Mary Sue as it will be revealed as I develop her story from this point on. I have only just recently transferred to AD. Actually the transfer is still in process and not quite yet complete. A Dawn Reawakened Just a spark, only a thought, a mere blink in existance. We are really nothing but specks of dust yet every tiny star brings something to the whole. We all belong. Her consciousness felt as if being far away, so far as to not comprehend her own thoughts. She felt distorted and lost. Tiny stars seemed to shine brightly into her mind, then they all disappeared. How did she know she was female? She could not say. More images...or were they memories? So much at once, so many things lost so much love and yet so much more tragedy. Was she crying? How could she cry? She lacked a body. How much time had passed? Wait? What were these thoughts? Were they her own? Who had she been? What was happening? A jumble of emotions passed through her incorporeal being. It felt as if she was being shocked into existance by something or someone. Earthmother? That felt familiar? Earthmother. A warm embrace, a golden sun and a shining silver moon. Her eyes. Her soul felt a warmth pass through it. LIFE She was breathing? But how does one breathe? It came naturally now. Each deeper than the last. Now eyes opening. Such a bright light. Like a thousand suns. The smell of water drops in the grass, a heavy forest, large body of water. She could hear the wind now, small forest animals. She remembered this place! BREATHE A loud gasp escaped her throat as she was thrust back into the world. Falling to her knees she tried to catch her breath and focus on anything. Her hands came into view, three digits only. Arms covered in a soft, white fur. She dared look up and found herself in a moonlit glade. All was quiet save for her ragged breaths. AWAKE She looked down upon her body and found she was unclad in any garment, like a newborn babe yet a fully grown female. A female what? What was the name? T.....Tauren? No, she was related to them, Taunka. Yes, she was an adult Taunka female? Why could she not recall her name? Why was she here? What had happened? PENANCE The word hit her like a rampaging herd of Kodo (what were Kodo again?) but the creatures were lost in the jumble of terrified thoughts that came unbidden to her mind. She had commited a foul deed that this Earthmother had deemed her unworthy. Yes, she had been returned to the living. She remembered now. Her heart hurt, her head spun. She fell to the ground in a fetal position. Crying softly into the grass. Why was she so sad? It was all so confusing. Then more memories came calling to her mind. Her eyes flew open and tears welled in her eyes. PAIN Her anguished cry of despair could be heard through all parts of Feralas. All the loss she had suffered came back to her in a rush like a waterfall. She grasped her head in a vain attempt to block it all out. It was too much! She felt herself falling to the ground and everything turned dark. REST A soft, blue light enveloped her as she slept throughout the night. She did not wake again until the sun started to rise. With it she rose as well, watched as the sun started to fill the woodlands with it’s warmth. She gazed at the sun for a long moment before making her way out of the hidden glade. REAWAKEN Nashaka Stormheart, The Dawnbringer, had been forcibly returned to the land of the living.Nashaka0 07 Oct
07 Oct LF a guild for my draenei Hello! Since I am very active on my mage here, it would be fitting to actually find a guild to devout myself for. However, I do not want a race-specific draenei guild, nor a military guild. The preferred would be a guild which is morally good that travels around quite a bit. Any suggestions?Nasurah15 07 Oct
07 Oct Broxigar, ain't he so bloody cool? I am an avid elf RPer, i literally have one forsaken, one orc, two humans and twenty odd elves, but Broxigar, he made Orcs one of my favourite races in lore, i won't RP one, but i love them, An old as hell orc sent back ten thousand years with two other awesome lore characters, Given and axe MADE BY CENARIUS and to top it off, the crazy bugger leaps into the portal to slice Sargeras!Luciferae36 07 Oct
07 Oct The Blinding Ritual - DH Discussion Just a brief one, something that's been bugging me for a few hours now. We know that Demon Hunters are in essence, blind. We know that they use magical energies to see. Now, if this is limited to just energies, how do they traverse the world? I think it's a bit lame to use echolocation. Is it all a grey dull splodge? Blurred? Illidan Stormrage's sight is described as even better than his usual sight, if he focuses. But is that due to Sargearas passing the power off or just what the ritual does in general? He can make out every detail of Azshara. Shouldn't every DH be able to do that given enough time? I think that they see due to the world being coated in mana, but I also want to know the realm's view on it. Their own personal interpretation on it, seeing as we don't have that much lore on the specifics just yet.Agtherian15 07 Oct
07 Oct [H-RP] Crimson Reliquary - Glory to the Sin'dorei! Our Argent Archives: ... The Crimson Reliquary, in short, is a group of like-minded individuals who wish to assist their kingdom by both finding powerful relics and eventually putting an end to the magical addiction that affects their people. Operating within the Reliquary itself, and among affiliated orders, the task of the Crimson Reliquary is to scour lands known and unknown for lost artifacts with promising properties. Not always the most enticing area of work, the order's exploration and archaeology often takes its members out of their comfort zones, traversing the most remote areas after their leads. Having to spend weeks within a desert is no new story for them, nor are predicaments of more magical means. Though a new order within the Reliquary, with their planning and skills the Crimson Reliquary expects to continue their work with passion and efficiency. How does the Crimson Reliquary operate? As previously stated, the Crimson Reliquary is an order within the Reliquary of Quel'Thalas, seen as a branch of the main organisation. The reason for an order within an order is simple, it helps direct members of the Reliquary to different areas of Azeroth or beyond and increase the area that their expeditions cover. To lead this order in particular, a council of established Reliquary members was formed by Lord Oseric Rais'lan - It consists of himself, Lady Aedira Rais'lan, Lady Anië Sunwhisper and Zanthean Quel'Aranal. This council serves as the Crimson Reliquary's representatives, working together with their members to make the necessary decisions for their order. The order is made up not of ranks, but of many different departments which each focus on a different aspect of work that will be required either at home in Quel'Thalas, or out on expeditions. Departments of the Crimson Reliquary - Examiners: The backbone of the Reliquary, Examiners are the archaeologists and archivists that lead the research of any artifact or area. They are skilled, whether their talents lie in the digs or library, and the Reliquary's store of knowledge would not grow without their hard work. No matter what background they have, each examiner in the Crimson Reliquary has an avid interest in archaeology and using it to assist their people and Quel'Thalas altogether. - Crimson Blade: While the Crimson Reliquary proclaim their neutral attitude when it comes to other orders and factions, it is wise to expect anything from others. As such, the Crimson Blade is a vital part of this section of the Reliquary. These are the blood knights, rangers, spellbreakers... so on and so forth, those who protect the Reliquary when on expeditions and otherwise help in whatever form they can. - Magisters: Researching artifacts of a magical nature, it is only right that the magisters would take an avid interest in the work of the Reliquary. In fact, many magisters work for the Reliquary itself, using their deep knowledge of different magical schools to aid the work done. With these two organisations working closer together for the good of Quel'Thalas, it only shows how important their work truly is. - Outrunners: A necessary part of any expedition, the outrunners are the scouts, exploration experts. They survey all lands the Reliquary travel to, noting potential threats and reporting back to their command so suitable plans may be made. These men and women are talented when it comes to remaining undetected and surviving in the wilds, making life so much easier for the examiners who will soon be entering the same areas. - Apprentices: The newest and potentially most valuable members of the Reliquary, the apprentices are the new blood, as it were. Trainee examiners, warriors, scouts... All find themselves in this rank to begin with. In the Crimson Reliquary in particular they may have previous experience, though until their skill and final destination within the order has been decided upon they remain here. - Mercenaries: As with any order that deals with exploration into unknown and dangerous lands, sometimes more help is required. In such cases, the Reliquary hires mercenaries. Not always Sin'dorei like the majority of the Reliquary, the mercenaries hired can be from all Horde aligned races, all skillsets covered when necessary. Class and Race Information A part of the Reliquary shown in-game, it is no surprise that the Crimson Reliquary aims to be a mostly blood elf order. Their primary aim is that of helping their kingdom, though the horde is a second to this. As such, other races are permitted within the Crimson Reliquary - however... for the time being they are limited to the mercenary rank, though not to worry. This does not mean they are beneath anyone else. Then with classes, again, all are welcome within the order. Again there is a 'however' on the subject of death knights who will be limited to the mercenary rank no matter what race they are. (Both of these points are subject to change on an IC basis, depending on how other races/death knights prove themselves within the order.) What's next? The roleplay the Crimson Reliquary aims to offer will be primarily adventure based - expeditions across Azeroth, Outland, Draenor... you name it, they're probably going there. Of course there will be downtime too, in which case social roleplay will be very present. If you wish to contact us at all, there are several ways to do so. Firstly, this forum thread, it's handy and will be checked on quite regularly! Secondly, whisper or send a mail to one of our officers in-game! All of our council members will be able to handle whatever you ask of them, as well as recruitment information if need be. And speaking of recruitment... All of our recruitment will be done in character, though feel free to speak to us in advance to arrange a time/place and other details. Thank you!Aedira10 07 Oct
07 Oct [Fun Chat] What zone you want In-Game and Why? Hello! So i was wondering to see what zones you guys are interested to see for the future of wow, xpacs or patches? I would love to see a Cured/Cleansed Gilneas, with Worgen starting area, revamping the whole place for only Worgens ( Just like a small area for Worgens, like Coldridge Valley/Deathknell/Northshire where lvl 1-5 worgens would lvl till 5 then go to actual gilneas for 5-10 lvling. Revampign some places for RP purposes such as Keel Harbor, and the other areas, where the water didn`t cover it. There could be some good RP, with Gilnean based , worgen only guilds, fighting the Forsaken guilds , or you know. What you guys want ? ^^Xesmeni14 07 Oct
07 Oct Karazhan Crypts, Are we allowed to RP in there? I have a thought last time i went inside there, it would make a great Cult type RP zone, hell maybe even something else, But it's closed off via bars, and there is no legitimate way to get in without Glitching, So, Are we allowed in there? To further expand, what would happen if we went inside, Would we be banned? I doubt it, That area is such an amazingly awesome place (Along with deadwind pass in general) What action would be taken again us if we decided to go in there? Let me know in the replies! thanks all.Ddraîg31 07 Oct
07 Oct Argent Dawn is the best realm for you if... <fill in> you are looking for open and welcoming communities.Sammy32 07 Oct
07 Oct Whats up with all the Warlords? Walking around Orgrimmar and reading peoples flagRSP descriptions, there seems to have been a recent influx in people who take the title "Warlord" on themselves (not through the old honor system). I mean really, there's warlords left and right! There's two definitions on the word: a military leader, esp. of a warlike nation. a military commander who has seized power, esp. in one section of a country. Obviously in WoW, the title is mostly used in the first fashion, but even then, it's actually a pretty big rank on Horde side. And I see tons of people with it, left and right. In yesterday and today I think I've spotted a good 10'ish Warlords walking around Orgrimmar. I also see one or two "High Warlord"'s now and then. Most of the people with it have so far doesn't seem to have any particular pvp'ish experience, and seem mostly just to have taken the title on themselves (I'm sure exceptions apply), without doing much to earn it. I must admit that it bothers me a little that so many people walk around with such a tall rank, seemingly just because they can :STardon257 07 Oct
07 Oct Want to Trade: Death Stalker 4 Draenei Destroyer Hai, Wanna kill me over and over? Let's get together near a spirit healer, get nekkid, and slay the **** out of each other 500 times. Anyone interested?Maarod2 07 Oct
07 Oct My wish for the male orc race. I know that it most likely will not have anything to say, what I say here. But that does not mean I will not say it. There are many wishes for all sorts of things. But I'd like to discuss my wish here, see what others think about it. My wish is eyebrows for the male orc race, the ladies have it already. Is my wish unreasonable, does it violate the lore? I don't believe so. I find it strange to see long hair and beard, but no eyebrows. It's not like it's a race thing because the female have it. So when I made my male orc, I found the lack of eyebrows poorly done consider it is such a minor artwork thing to do, and that they had the chance to do so.Sammy25 07 Oct
07 Oct [Forum Fun]: If you could take inspiration from anyone. As the title reads, but with some elaboration. If you could take inspiration from anyone, in games, movies, books, anywhere, to make a character, who would they be? Lets throw out all sense for a minute, and indulge our creative sides. You can list up to three! To start off: 1: A witcher based off Ciri from the Witcher 3. 2: A storyteller and charlatan with a badass gun or crossbow ala Varric from Dragon Age.Kínzy47 07 Oct
07 Oct Can you recommend a guild? Looking for a guild for a character of mine. He's a veteran knight/nobility so either a military guild or something suited for a noble (not the b.s. wannabe "house" guild variety, if possible) in Stormwind would do. Thank you very much in advance!Larrec60 07 Oct
07 Oct Footman [old thread] New thread: Footman is a military roleplay guild on Argent Dawn EU Alliance, seeking to nurture and maintain a professional military atmosphere within the confines of the game and lore. This thread is out-of-character and contains the bare minimum information, as the vast majority of our guild, roleplay and activity exists in-character and we prefer to keep it that way. Argent Archives: Recruitment Video: ... - Roleplay within an infantry unit that adapts to its members, operating at a scale appropriate to the member base. At swords team level, expect raids on kobold infested mines and clearing gnoll encampments. At section level, defending villages against bandit raids and security operations. At platoon level, full deployments against enemies of the Alliance with appropriately-scaled operations. - Incredibly immersive and professional atmosphere. We strive to operate on a level of professionalism similar to the real world military, making your character feel like they really have enlisted into the official armed forces of Stormwind. Everything from supplies to equipment is inventoried and carefully managed to make sure no detail is overlooked in the realism of our roleplay. - A roleplay system that allows you to take control of your own career path in the Stormwind military. Auxiliary to our main events, we operate a 'Quest Board' (in the post below). Members of the appropriate rank (notated in the requirements) are invited to pick up these quests (dungeon-mastered by their giver) and complete them for extra credit, resource bonuses and medals. - Roleplay that tackles classic themes associated with the military from broad subjects such as death and orders-over-morality to sensitive ones including collateral damage, friendly fire and PTSD. - A gaming community that is both mature and welcoming, allowing all of its members to join a vibrant circle of friends that exists over more than one game. - Incredibly disciplined and efficient military roleplay with high standards and a solid work-reward system - recruits must work very hard to prove themselves, and those that earn it are rewarded. Enlisted ranks have prestige in the company, and prospective officers are tested in many different ways to ensure they are capable and the absolute best of the best for their job. - Dynamic combat roleplay utilising tactics to win in both RP-PvP and -PvE augmenting the classic formation-based style with mortars & demolitions, landscape warfare, traps, battlefield preparations, advanced infantry manoeuvres and much, much more - all down to the decisions of the players and the amount of work they put into their preparation. - Colourful military atmosphere - become a part of the 71st Infantry Company and write your name in its history. - Active on Argent Archives, with a guild website in the works. and, above all: - The insistence that roleplay comes above everything else guild-related. When the guild recruits in Stormwind, the company is seconded to the local law enforcement to allow members to casually roleplay as soldiers without being gated to a particular building or area. As military roleplay is officer-driven, officers are always on hand to drive the momentum of local roleplay and keep members occupied. To this end, the guild avoids the use of garrisons and practices collectively known as 'bubble RP'. ... The guild recruits all human warriors and paladins of suitable background and character. The only pre-requirement is that the character purchases a sleeveless guild shirt from the guild vendor - requiring Honored reputation. Those with the desire to maintain control of their appearance need not apply, as upon joining recruits will have their hair cut, facial hair shaved and be given a training uniform. All recruits must obtain the Stormwind transmogrification set from the Dwarven Bunker before they may be promoted to Footman. ... Trials: Recruit - Trial rank - recruits join an organised 'troop' and initiate basic training together Enlisted: Footman - Guild member Veteran - Exemplary members and/or members that have completed three full tours of duty Corpsman - Medics (ranked PVT/1PVT) given a separate rank due to their different uniform Non-commissioned officers: Lance-Corporal - Executive section officer Corporal - Section commander Sergeant - Senior officer & recruit troop commander Sergeant Major - Veteran sergeant (vanity rank) Commissioned officers: Second Lieutenant - Company commander All guild members must maintain short haircuts. Enlisted men (Footman +) are permitted to grow facial hair. Non-commissioned officers wear Imperial Plate Shoulders, corpsmen wear Ornate Pauldrons and commissioned officers wear suitably ornamental equipment. ... Footman thrives on roleplay between guilds. We are available for hire for criminal events such as bank heists and robberies, as a security force for suitably official events and as an escort force for diplomats and nobles that can afford it. We are not mercenaries, but we can bring an element of the Stormwind Army to your event or roleplay. Get in touch with an officer to find out more and discuss the details. ... Contact an officer or post in this thread with any questions you may have about our roleplay or recruitment. Thank you! [quote][/quote]Harlocke335 07 Oct
07 Oct A couple of Themed Transmog Sets! Right! I didn't see many transmogrification sets other than the <Rate Above> thread and a trillion advice threads in Search results, so I figured I might dump some of mine and my favorite themed transmogrification sets/costumes, and feel free to share some of your own! I'm mostly going for ones that try to fill a role, and aren't just nice looking thingies. Knight of the Silver Hand - Plate - Lordaeron Nobleman - Cloth, Priest - , Fel Orc Grunt - Plate - Orc Far Seer - Mail, Shaman - Wildhammer Bear Shaman - Mail - Fel Mage, That "no Shoulders" look! - Cloth, Mage - Krainz's Blood Mage - Cloth - Dwarf Rifleman - Mail, Hunter - Night Elf Druid, Keeper of the Grove - Leather, Druid - Pandaren Monk/Rogue - Leather - That last one is a bit stereotypical by now, I reckon. Anyway, I pretty much spend all my time fiddling around with transmog sets but I know it's all very subjective what people like. Some like it simple, some like it elaborate. But, does anyone have any more themed costume-like transmog sets to throw out there? So far I've tried to keep 'em transmoggable, so haven't listed any costumes that mixes armor types. But, I'm open to all!Thalaras45 07 Oct
06 Oct Cheating in RP-PvP. Greetings, fellow roleplayers of this lovely community. Please do review this video for yourself and see what is wrong with it. I'd appreciate to hear your thoughts on this Shaman dodging the sleep abilities so well. Perhaps he equipped PvP gear while about to attack? Who knows.Valloren15 06 Oct
06 Oct Should we worry for the WARCRAFT movie explosion A question I had in mind earlier today, when the Warcraft movie comes out, it can only mean that we will be bombed with thousands of new players that come here based on what they've seen in the movie. Should we worry?Nurir34 06 Oct
06 Oct Weird RP ideas: Should I do it? And what are yours? So, Straight to the point. After a short while of thinking I've decided it could be a lot of fun to have a character simply there to be RPed as a legion-aligned (Hoping for a guild here) double-headed ogre magi. I have the means to do this I simply want input on if I really should do it... And perhaps a guild to join with him. Now to the second part of this thread! What are your crazy RP ideas? Have to keep this thread interesting somehow and honestly, I know most of you are pretty crazy.Marians63 06 Oct
06 Oct [Forsaken RP] The Rotgarde looms... [Thread #5] ... ... ... ... The Rotgarde is still recruiting Forsaken to join us in loyal service to the Forsaken nation as we march joyously onwards towards a reunification of the seven lost kingdoms of mankind under the omnibenevolent Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. As well as portraying an aggressive & nationalist segment of the greater Forsaken army (including frequent RP PVP events, both restricted or otherwise) the Rotgarde's fervent support of the Forsaken regime serves to place them as a minor power vying for political favour amongst the Dark Lady's court, where they hope their heroism in battle might elevate them to dizzy heights. This opens the door for RP based around politics, faith, factionalism, etc - so there is (hopefully) something for everyone. We have an AA profile over at that has further information For recruitment purposes you can contact Perroy or myself, though I'm sure any other member could point you in the right direction.Rexezy499 06 Oct
06 Oct Query: Cenarion Circle and the newer Druidic races So basically, I'm trying to find out how the Cenarion Circle treats/accepts Worgen and Trolls. I understand that Tauren have a decently long good relationship with the Circle, and are in fact members but from my limited exposure to Druid Lore I've not seen how well if at all Trolls and Worgen are accepted. I know Worgen are often considered Harvest Witches, and during their questline, they run into Night Elves (Druids?) who help them with the curse.Príncess5 06 Oct
06 Oct [A/Interest Check] Something Something Adventure! ... I believe this says it all. I've been mulling over this idea (exact details remain to be seen) for some time now, and have a small handful of interested people already in line. I feel there's a huge lack in generic adventurers on AD, and I'd like to see that change. Thoughts? Suggestions?Kaeryth3 06 Oct
06 Oct a moTHERLY visit (( 2rd part of emotinal rp )) here is the sequel to the last story please read you will find it somewhere i wrote it thank you here you go my fan a motherly visit as soon as joram finish the leter he mum come in.... with strange man. "come in honeypot." she sighs, and then a man enters. "ello..." says the worgen man speaking in the !@#$ knee accent."o'i dew n'at wesh tah tur'ble ye mate, eh' dent kin w'at dosay..." he worgen sighs sadily. "hes name is gen greymane he just broke up with his ex and is now with me" he chukles "aw aye h'eh h'eh ehh h'eh i's wos'er name wus' sylvanus windwaker an' she wus an rayle wagon" sudenly the sun was blocked out becase there were draenei flying crystal saucer space ship in front of it. a draeneiparashooted down and came to jorram. it pin jorram to the ground and say "im your real mother." his fake mom made an oh no face. "i should haves see this coming it's true!! cries his mom. " "IT'S NOT TRUE GET OFF HE'S MINE!!" sreeches his mum jumping on the dranei but the draenei pushes her into the bin and is impaled through the hart by the letter from the deat father and also dies. on the letter from the dead father. "YOY KILED MY MOM!!" HE SCreamed in such a rage. "HOW YOU CAN BE MY MOM??" the drenei moved jorram's beard so you could see his chin tentacles "oh yeh....." said jorram, snififfng. "i alwys thoght these were chin diples" "now you now... son" "mother" smiles jorram as the hold tentacles together and dipsate into the sunset "thanks gen Greymane... or should i say gen zyxZzIXxz" says the draenaei through the comunication crystal. "no problem..." says gen , revealing all the tentacles under his fur "i wil be home in a minute roger that braker braker" he squishes out of the room and meets up with his son LIAM. "that was such a good idea dad fakin my death so everyon thinks im dead and not a worgnaei. "hehe i kno... ah here i your mother" they smile as sylvanis walks up to them. "hello dearest sylvanas." "hehe , please...... call me squidvanas" the end edit hat to change spelling moist stakes sorry fansJorram31 06 Oct
06 Oct Necromancy and the Arcane Greetings Argent Dawn! I have a brief question regarding the Schools of Arcane Magic series. As noted by the title, I wish to discuss Necromancy. Going over the Schools of Arcane Magic, I just realized that Necromancy is not associated with the Arcane and yet it is listed. So my question is: Is this a mistake similarly to the missing Evocation book or purposefully written by the Archmage in a series which will easily spread amongst students of the arcane - what are your thoughts? Apologies if it has already been discussed. In addition to that, I want to learn more about the actual school of Necromancy. It realized that I have always known that Necromancy is some sort of shadow magic ("Dark Arts"), but since it has never really been of interest to my roleplay, I never went further than that. From my understanding through a quick research, Necromancy does not fall under the "Shadow school", for such a thing does not exist, outside of gameplay. Instead, 'shadow' is marked as being part of the 'Void' - the opposite to the Light. For roleplayers that do use such dark powers in their roleplay - how do you do it and what are your views on this matter? Thanks in advance! Reference links being: 06 Oct
06 Oct Hearthstones So I've been thinking about hearthstones lorewise recently. We've seen them being used a few times by for example Anduin after a visit to the SI:7 to peek at files regarding Major Samuelson, and I'm fairly certain there's been one or two other times as well where they have been used, but none that I can recall right now. I had checked wowwiki about hearthstones to see if there would be any lorewise information on them and as it was stated there, that in the novel Stormrage, they were depicted to be very rare objects; that King Varian Wrynn believes them only to be a legend, “Things heard only in stories concerning magi…or elves.” - although he should know better by now, I think. It also reads ... which makes me think: Is Jaina able to create hearthstones? Perhaps. It also makes me think, that should one get a hearthstone on their hands and seeing as they are items/objects of magical nature, would they need to be magically knowledgeable in any way, shape or form to use them? I guess we can only really speculate things in regards to these things lorewise. What are your thoughts on this matter?Khaz15 06 Oct