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Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media Resources Hagut4
26 Sep 2013
[Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System Shammoz696
Patch 7.0.3 Common Issues ★ Patch Notes ★ ★ Known Issues List ★ ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to patch 7.0.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here’s what you are contacting us about the most right now: Demon Hunter Early Access If you prepurchased World of Warcraft: Legion from the Shop, and your game is fully updated, you can create a new Demon Hunter around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17 globally). Visit our blog post for more information on early access to the Demon Hunter. Quest: The Invasion of Tanaan If the objective "Meet with Khadgar" does not complete automatically when you stand next to him, please leave the shipyard zone and go back by land, don't use a flying mount. You can also try to relog standing next to Khadgar to see if it helps Quest: A Burning Path Through Time If you are unable to turn in this quest after completion, please contact Customer Support. Boat/Zeppelin Issues We are investigating issues related to boats/zeppelins not working correctly at this time: Red/Incompatible realms Please exit the game and restart the Desktop App to allow it to patch the game to the latest version. Interface issues Rest your interface like this. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal! Natryndon10
28 Aug 2012
Abrupt GM response My son who's been playing WoW for 10 years without problems has an issue with his account he cannot get rectified. Ticket he opened was closed abruptly and cannot be re-openened. Is there an email address or contact form he can complete to complain? Drudtz4
Armory is the Armory gone can not find it now on new website Qysa10
LVL 100 Boost Garrison Resources Bug I boosted my char with legion boost gift. But not auto generate garrison resources like other chars. And gazlowe first garrison mission still there. Like "A Gronnling Problem". Slain 8 Gronnling. i cant do that. Because there isnt any gronnling. Garrison is there. Sorry my bad english :) Snaru3
Legion physical box refund Being the fan of WoW I am, I want to experience the Demon Hunters as soon as possible. They just announced that those who pre-order legion will get early access on August 9th. But being the fan of WoW, I also really want the physical box to my collection. Is it possible to pre-order Legion and then buy a physical box and get some kind of refund for it? Azneo1
55m 1h 1h
NEW EXPANSSION Hi today I log in find a 20gig update and wait till its done to find as I thought its the new expansion downloaded well 30th august its not but hey now is good my problem in I think this must not be live yet as I can not level up unlock new tallents and no quest for artefact weapons am I right in thinking this is the pre release to ge used to the new abbilitys or such or is it my end that I can not level to 110 Beaau1
Dungeon Deserter How come if I get 'removed from group' during a 5 man because I wasn't fast enough for the squishy tank who chain pulled... I get 30 min deserter debuff when I couldn't do anything about it and I didn't quit the group ? Dillon1
Trying to get my guild back Hello, back in 2012 I created a guild on Arie Peak called Zero Tolerance II. I am wondering if it's possible to have it back. I am unable to take it back myself, because I gave GM to my husband, but he is now quit the game and discontinued his account. The guild is abandoned at the moment, because we moved to Moonglade in the end of MoP. I would like to have GM back and transfer it to Moonglade so we can use it once more. Will that be possible? Thank you in advance! Megie10
Opening ticket doesnt work Reporting errors using open a ticket doesnt work. The help system on screen is so complex that it doesnt work. Vlaflip3
2h 4h
RAFing myself, no Xp boost,everything else works Hello everyone. As the title already says, i have RAF'd myself and i get no XPBoost. Now first of all to my setup. I have 5 WoW accounts. WoW1 Raf'd >> WoW 2 and 3 WoW 4 Raf'd >> Wow 5 Yes im multiboxxing. I have started a new set of charackters, they all have WoD enabled btw. >I have invited everyone into a group. >They are obviously running around very close to each other >All of them always kill/target the same mobs >All of them have always have the same quests active >I dont do any greyed out low level quests "The ability to summon your "friends" is an indicator that its working" That is the case. WoW 1 can summon WoW 2 and 3. WoW 4 can summon WoW 5. I also have the option to grant a level. "What makes you think its not working" Because when i scroll over the Xp bar with my mouse, it either says "100% of normal xp" or when im rested "200% of normal xp". I have also added every char to my friends list. Any help is appreciated. Spoderpig4
Vanilla with a dreanor account? Hello all, i have an account updated fully to dreanor, my pc blew up, i am having to revert to my old laptop, (which i used to play wow on up to wotlk,) i have hard copies, but it shows i need up-dates due to missing files, , when i update it says i have missing files, i installed cata + pand + dreanor, then i have full access, but it makes the game useless on my crap laptop, i just want to run new toons on vanilla until i get a new pc, is it because my of account status?, please advise, ty in advance. Calyril1
5h 5h 5h
Authenticator Why is it that I need to enter my authentication code everytime I start WoW, since the last patch? I'm on 250mbit fiberoptic connection with STATIC IP. I haven't cleared any cache in WoW or anywhere else in the system. I'm not using a router, just a switch without NAT/Routing. I haven't changed any settings anywhere. This occurs without rebooting or anything. If I close WoW and start it again - you guessed it - I have to put in the authenticator code again. Caridwen3
draenor account but want to just play vanilla Hello all, i have an account updated fully to dreanor, my pc blew up, i am having to revert to my old laptop, (which i used to play wow on up to wotlk,) i have hard copies, but it shows i need up-dates due to missing files, , when i update it says i have missing files, i installed cata + pand + dreanor, then i have full access, but it makes the game useless on my crap laptop, i just want to run new toons on vanilla until i get a new pc, is it because my of account status?, please advise, ty in advance. Calyril1
Can't Transmog to the Saronite War Battleplate? Hi, I got the Saronite War Battleplate set (blue set from DK starter zone) on my new DK. Its level 60 right now and I have equipped all the pieces. But when I try to tranmog my Heirloom gear to look like it I can't find them. I see them in my "Appearances"-tab, but theres a red line around them. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Adloquium8
5h 6h 6h 6h
Demonic Gateway doesn't work Oke, I've tried reloading UI, turning off addons etc. but my Demonic Gateway spell isn't working. Not for me, not for anyone in my party/raid. I can cast it. I can''t click it. I can't click either of the portals, nothing will happen. Powerpuffdot7
6h 6h 7h
Guild cant be dethroned, all members in power inactive On one of my older characters I belonged to a guild which I was in for the social aspect, today I logged into that character again to find almost all members of the guild inactive for 1 year+ including all members who have any power within the guild (Officers, Guild Master). So I assumed the guild could be dethroned because of this but there isn't an option present, is there any reason that I've missed? Like can certain guilds be exempt from this rule? The guild is called BloodPact on Frostmane and my character in there is called Iisgonnakill (Old character, old name). Thanks in advance Wizkhahealer6
7h 8h
Exhilaration bug? Marksmanship's Exhilaration isn't healing for the correct amount in bgs. According to the tooltip, MM's version should heal for 50% as opposed to the 30% when specced BM or Survival. Outside of bgs my Exhilaration heals for the correct amount: with a maximum hp of 360k I get healed for 180k (50%). However, in bgs this is not the case. With 529k hp, I get healed for only 158k (30%). Kolniður1
Appeal to reverse a 6 month suspension Hello, i'd like to again appeal for a reversal of the 6 months suspension. The suspension was for win trading in RBG, now i was not aware that the team i joined which was one i joined via trade chat was using such exploits, had i known i would have left the group immediatly. We were winning all the game however i assumed that they were simply extrmely good players, we even used TS to make plans & they would give me directions as to where to defend & such. I feel astho i am being punished too serverly when i have been a very loyal customer to you for many years & have never had any problems with my account for such activity, i am firmly against botting & exploiting as i know how much it ruins the fun for other players & truley the only thing i am guilty of is being unaware of what activitys there were up to during the games. This game also helps me deal with alot of mental problems i have & had since i was a child, i suffer from very high anxiety & depression & playing world of warcraft is my only way to escape this & be with freinds & without it i feel lost. If not a reversal then perhaps a lesser suspension would be more fitting if i absolutly need to be punished for this altho i feel as tho even that is unfair. I hope you can see & understand my point of view on this as i am a loyal player of your game & only want to continue my adventures & playing with the people i care about altho i will never again join any random groups in trade because i never want this to happen again. Thank you for your time. Äcë4
Wow token from gold on multiple realms I understand that once wow subscription has expired there is a present option to purchase a wow token with gold that you have, but will I be able to purchase a token if 50k toward a token is on one realm and 30k is on another? Wizkhahealer3
End Time - forever the same I'm trying to get the belt for my transmog from the End Time instance. For some reason it always follows Ruby shrine -> Emerald shrine. The first two encounters are supposed to be random, yet they are not. I've not seen other bosses for a week. I'm not sure if I'm unlucky or it's a bug. Ellarianna2
Weapon not saving in Appearances!? I just recently bought Claymore of the prophet - On my hunter. (They can now use 2handed swords) But when i log on my Warrior its not there. Please help :) Schooper2
CS Lounge Three (but technically 4) In what is becoming a bit of a trend CS Lounge 2 was getting a bit full and taking some time to load and so before Lurdle got his hands on it we decided to let it retire and instead start a new lounge. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee, eat a cookie, post and relax! Tiogaradh1917
Mastery:Ignite incorrect dmg Hello I just received the passive "Mastery:Ignite" and all it does is 1-5 damage per second im dealaing over 50k damage and its still does only 1-5 damage every second Any one knows why its functioning like this? Overblaze2
Links on forums Hi, I've done a bit of research about links on the forums. However, I still have some questions about this. In what extent are you allowed to post links on the forums? In the Code of Conduct there is some information about this but I think it is important to have more information. Like: Are you allowed to post links to websites that give information regarding a question that someone asked? * Is posting links to particular threads on the Warcraft forums allowed? * = For example a link to Wowhead for a particular quest or an item? Or a YouTube video where information is given about a particular quest or achievement (like a guide). Any chance to recieve a bit more information about the guidelines on posting links? Just to be clear ;). Obviously this only goes for links to websites that make sense on the topic, have a friendly environment, are not offensive in any way and are not against the Code of Conduct. Recently I started spending some time on the Customer Support section and it happens more than once that I want to post a link but I am not too sure whether I'm allowed to or not. Thanks in advance, Az Azolian2
Greedy Goblin Landro Longshot I would really appreciate an ETA on a fix for Landro holding on to his loot for dear life. Doesn't have to be an exact moment in time but an estimate would go a long way. Are we talking hours,days,weeks,months? Thanks for the help Barem41
Botting So, I've seen this guy bot for 3 days in a row, I've reported him 3 days in a row, you would think he'd be banned by now, but... nothing ofcourse. Why don't you take any actions to people that ruin others gameplay experience? Dontpickme4
12h 12h 12h
Quest tracker on tooltip not working properly? Hey guys, Since the 7.0 patch, I'm having issues with quests not tracking properly, especially on the tooltip. It doesn't indicate that a mob is tied to certain quest, by not showing the quest name and the progress made on the tooltip. Here are 2 screenshots showing what I mean (with some additional info to explain it better). And to compare what it's supposed to look like, here's a small screenshot of a tooltip that works properly. Is it a bug? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help. Pride6
12h 3m
the vanilla pvp set. just something that is lil odd whit it. I can transmog hole set on my new hunter including the bow, but if I buy the the xbow on that hunter I can not transmog it. does this meen that if I enter whit my high level hunter whom got rank 8 in vanilla that she can learn the bow, and I then can use it on new hunter. Waleria2
Bonus Objective Progress Bar is missing As the title says, the bonus objective progress bar is missing. Sometimes it is there but 90% of the time is it not. I have tried clearing my cache/WTF folders. Reloading my UI, disabling addons but no success. Is anyone else having this issue? This issue was mentioned on the US forum, but no answer there either Freyrocks4
Can't transmog Chemist's Smock I was going through my list of cloaks when I spotted Chemist's Smock which I have most definitely unlocked and wanted to use that to transmog my cloak, but when I visited the transmogrifier NPC it would not select it. Selected every other cloak to use but would not let me select that one. Pallygirlci4
Auction house incoming value/sold phasing issue Can you explain/fix Auction house incoming gold/sold auctions problem, as nothing shows if you've been phased realms And can you not delete my post again for no reason, as it's not on the 'known issue's page'? Hsbcdirectuk2
13h 14h
Collector's Edition: Panda Today I seem to have earned the achievement "Collector's Edition: Panda". So... do I get a panda, or do you remove the achievement so it doesn't taunt me forever with my missing panda? ;-) I asked in chat, and I am far from the only one with this peculiar 'problem'. Saga19