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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
2d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 2d
02 Sep Ticket Response Times Hello everyone, Since the release of Legion we have been experiencing an increase in ticket volume which is resulting in a longer than average wait time. While we understand this can be frustrating we appreciate your patience while we work through these tickets. We also ask that you do not create more than one ticket on an issue, or create a second ticket asking why your original ticket has not yet been answered as this merely serves to inflate the queue further, resulting in longer wait times for everyone. Before submitting a ticket, it might be worth checking the WoW Legion - Common Issues sticky. Last but not least, any threads created regarding the current wait times will be redirected here and locked, to make sure the forums are kept tidy and similar issues handled in one place. Thank you again for your patience, and we're sorry for the inconvenience caused.Hagut0 02 Sep
28 Aug 2012 WoW Legion - Common Issues (13.09.) ★ Patch Notes ★ ★ Known Issues List ★ ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to patch 7.0.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here’s what you are contacting us about the most right now: Unable to do Dungeon Quest when Mythic Loot locked WORKING AS INTENDED: We see a number of players reporting trouble with looting certain quest items. Please keep in mind that you will be unable to loot quest items from dungeons you are loot-locked to already. You will be able to loot the boss normally, including the quest item, once the lockout resets. Remember that some quests can also be completed in Normal difficulty! Withered Army Training: Killed and not receiving rewards KNOWN ISSUE: We have registered a spike in reports from players being killed and not receiving any rewards in this scenario. We plan on implementing a fix to this issue with an upcoming patch. Unfortunately, customer support is unable to grant any rewards or compensation. Obliterum Forge not giving Obliterum Ash KNOWN ISSUE: Using the Obliterum Forge will remove the obliterated item, but not spawn Obliterum Ash. This issue is currently being investigated. Error: Retrieving Item Information KNOWN ISSUE: We have received reports from players that are unable to pick up or use an item, specifically items picked up from the mailbox. We are currently investigating this issue, but preliminary tests suggest the problem may resolve itself after a few hours. No Loot from completed Mythic+ Dungeons NEED MORE INFO: We have received reports from players meeting the requirements yet still not receiving loot from bosses or chests at the end of Mythic+ dungeons. Most of these cases seem to be due to player confusion, but if the chest does not appear at all for you, please be sure to submit a detailed report via the in-game "report bug" feature. Please not that customer support is unable to compensate missing loot. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the “Submit Bug” option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
2m Elerethe Referal HP buff Hello, has Elerethe Referal on HC got a major buff? We today started and it had 950M HP. And after 6 pull the HP changed to 1.6B!!! We tried to reset the instance but it didn't help. I checked the logs of other guilds and during this reset everyone had around 950M... Relevant log: 2m
20m Faction change - Can't join guild. I recently (I think about 12 hours ago) did a faction change from Horde to Alliance. I did this with this character I'm posting this message. (the guild name you see under my name is the horde guild, but I am already alliance). I can't be invited into any guild. I understand that there are limitations like not being able to do dungeons for 24 hours and other things. I've read about that. But I can't find anything about being invited to a guild or not able to do so. I have read on the US forums that this is a bug and that you should be able to join a guild after a faction change. Can anybody please help ?Arthyric8 20m
47m Account Wide Achievements.. Hello all! Im having a pretty bad time in Legion at the moment and i pretty much just log on and stand there and log back off.. The problem im having is that i made a Demon hunter as i cant stand Rogue anymore.. im not a fan of daggers and i hate the fact that im a Pirate.. Anyways before Legion came out i spent weeks and months on getting achievement points and getting this Rogue which i loved at the time a lot of points.. now i do not play it due to change i do not see why i should feel the need to do everything again on another class... its so annoying logging on my Demon hunter and having Azeroth, Northernd etc all un-explored and having neutral reputation with everything! worked hard to get so many achievements and feel wasted as i do not have the patience to play the character i got them all on.. They should all be Account Bound and if you have a character that has Exalted then i should be able to buy a heirloom from that faction and allow another char to get that rep for him/her too same with Exploration should be able to see everything and shouldn't need to explore it again.. Factions trust my rogue as im exalted so they should trust my other characters. No idea if im making any sence but rant over.. still not playing rogue and membership has been un-subscribed.. SighValentine0 47m
1h Faction change i payed for faction change but got nothing. pls help. order number 217177306Tíno2 1h
1h Class hall mission dissapeared hi, about an hour ago I checked my legion app and I had the rare mission "facing our fears" popped up. I started some other mission and was planning to do it later but now it does has disappeared completely. Normally missions disappear if you don't do them for some time but this one had just appeared so it does not make sense that it disappeared so quickly.Kyrst1 1h
1h Achievement title lost after character transfer Hello there! I am writing here looking for a solution to my issue. Few years ago I earned the titles of High Warlord and Hero of the Horde on this character by unlocking the relevant achievement of rating in Rated Battlegrounds. After a couple of years during which my account was froze, I came back to WoW for Legion and transferred my character to the newely opened Italian servers. To my surprise both the titles went lost, despite the fact that I still have the achievement. A GM in game told me that those title expire after a certan time, being PVP titles, but I find this not to be correct, as I also reached back in the days the same rating on my alt character, which still happen to be on my original server, and I still have my High Warlord title on there. Now..since I do have the achievement listed as obtained, even by reaching the required rating again..the title won't unlock anymore. Can you please provide me with a solution on how to have my title back, OR, how I can work towards earning it again. As a paying customer I feel I should have the chance to access the whole content of the game, without being limited by a bug after a character transfer. Thaaanks! :)Zagar1 1h
1h Login Stuck-UAE Server After success login, it takes very long time to access the game. If so, a huge latency is observed. I am using UAE_Etisalat internet connectionYazann3 1h
1h Missing Levels Hey my name is Greggorey and I wanted to partly main a rogue in Legion. Therefore I prepared for my journey and set sail towards Val'Sharah. I completed the area which didn't take too long and I only missed 1 bonus objective. I got my ilvl 800 chest and looking at my lvl of 103 I was happy. The next week I logged on again and to my shock my rogue was lvl 101. I instantly logged on and discovered that I still had the chestpiece and no quests in Val'Sharah. I was confused and contacted Blizzard. It is now 3 days ago and I still haven't gotten an answer from them :/ I wonder if other people have encountered something similarGreggorey1 1h
1h *Transfer Aborted* Withered Army. I was queing for Withered Army Scenario only to get booted saying *Transfer Aborted* instance not found. i have submited a ticket and a bug report. it happened @ 16:33pm GMT, Emerald Dream on this character. My last experience doing this scenario i had kill points of 662 and 4 chests only to get disconnected on my way back to teleport out. Is this even worth the time n effort farming the mana, then also having to try ur luck to ENTER the scenario let alone complete it for the Rep/Toys/Hidden skins/Artifact power and whatever else u can loot from there. The way im seeing this atm is the Worse time sink ever. On top of that after the*transfer Abort* issue my Raid quest from class hall mission table went as well Corrupted Egg fragment. ( which only popped on the table today) Lol anything else u want to take from me while you are at it.Uniqueartz4 1h
1h Can't use keybind ctrl-tab Hi, i've had this problem for a while now where i can't use the keybind ctrl-tab which I use for Marked for Death. I am wondering if anyone knows the reason why or could help me out since I had been able to use it before since vanilla but recently I haven't been able to. I don't know if it's because of my upgrade to windows 10 or because of the new patch. I can assign it to a bind but not use it.Gødmõdë5 1h
1h Customer Support/Ticket Delays Evening all, I raised a ticket 12 hours ago which is yet to be acknowledged. Is there any idea on how long it may be till someone picks this up?? Has anyone else had a delayed response?Starkillarg5 1h
2h Compensation Hi, Is it possible to get compensation due to the fact some people have no lag / problems logging in, and some people have had it everyday this month. Share the problems about or pay for our wasted month.Procul0 2h
2h Cannot find raid group at lvl 100? People are saying raiding is not possible unless you have legion and are lvl 110, is that true? Will I be able to raid at lvl 100?Zayd4 2h
2h Missing gold from AH auction I put up Samnoh's Exceptional leggings up for sale, i went to check if they sold and they had disappeared from the ah and i got no gold. edit: durr i was not aware of the change they made to not showing the time left on sold auctions.Opaque2 2h
2h Cannot find raid group at lvl 100? People are saying raiding is not possible unless you have legion and are lvl 110, is that true? Will I be able to raid at lvl 100?Zayd1 2h
2h Shadow dance flare bug Hi Shadow Dance is instantly removed when inside a hunters flare. Obviously this is a bug as Sub is literally nothing without it, would just like to know if devs are aware of this and are working on a fix.Rivik1 2h
3h Not getting quest rewards. I was just doing a quest called Nature's call in Val'sharah and I didn't get any quest rewards. This has happened on some quests with my lowlevel paladin, too. Kinda frustrating when you need the gear and don't get it.Marileen0 3h
3h Outlaw legendary wrists bug Hello! Recently I was lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you wanna see it) and received these outlaw legendary bracers: They're not that amazing but I was hoping that with my 25th trait, Blunderbuss, things would change. The problem is that Blunderbuss is not being affected by the 400% extra damage buff from the legendary This makes no sense at all and I assume is a bug and it happens because Blunderbuss replaces Pistol shot when it procs, but that shouldn't be affecting the extra damage proc. But that's not the only problem, what I just explained above would be "mild" and easily fixed by making blunderbuss synergize with the proc, the worst part is that even tho Blunderbuss is not being benefited by the proc and not applying the extra 400% damage, it DOES consume the buff, punishing me twice for trying to use the legendary. Hope that's enough to look into this, if I'm missing something I'll be happy to add more information, logs, or whatever is needed. Thanks.Javiier1 3h
3h Withered Army Training Fury Problem Hey guys i already wrote 2 In-game Tickets and a Bug report for this issue but always got the standard "Withred Army Training response". There seems to be a problem with the fury artifact weapon and the hidden ability "Gaze of the Val'kyr". When you die in the Withred Army Training you don't actualy die but get ported out of the area to the beginning of the Scenario where you get your loot. As a fury you also have a chance that "Gaze of the Val'kyr" procs. What that does is that it applies a 8 second buff on you. While that buff is active you can kill the opponent that killed you and you don't die and get 50% health back. If you don't kil the opponent you die. The problem with the Withred Scenario is, that you get the 8 second Buff then get instantly ported out of the area (without the ability to kill your opponent) and then in the start area of the Scenario your buff runs out and you die. But if you actualy DIE in the Scenario you can't get to your loot because as soon as you release your spirit you get kicked out of the Scenario and that's it. This issue cost me the loot of 3 Army Trainings and the only "fix" i found was to kill your self before you start the Scenario until "Gaze of the Val'kyr" activates and then Hope that it will be on Cooldown during the Scenario. Or maybe unequip your weapon shortly before you die might also work?Gromnak2 3h
4h CS Lounge Three (but technically 4) In what is becoming a bit of a trend CS Lounge 2 was getting a bit full and taking some time to load and so before Lurdle got his hands on it we decided to let it retire and instead start a new lounge. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee, eat a cookie, post and relax!Tiogaradh2318 4h
4h New cpu Finally bought me a new cpu, I get files from old cpu back in few days, but can't wait to play wow that much, so downloading it now (though it might take that time with my connection :/ ) But wondering now, if the rest of the games (sc2,diablo3,hs,hots) will work on this new cpu, when I just get my old hard drive here, or do I need to download them? Because I had win7 on that one and now win10, so this must be easy to nerd or even seminerd...I just play with these things, so dunno ^^ :blush:Leiska1 4h
4h Support Times? Can I please ask what is going on with the support times at the moment I've waited up to 5 days for one ticket to be answered and my current ticket is on 11 hours! I never normally contact you but when I do I expect a timely response, especially as you've removed phone support and trying to find your live chat well good luck! I personally feel you support times are unacceptable and my customers would not allow me to treat them this way! they are on the phone if I haven't answered their ticket with in 45 minutes!Imdur7 4h
4h Character locked for transfer due to payment issues. Hey so i tried transfering my character but had to sort out some payment stuff first. So i cancel'd the transfer, but now my character is ineligable for a transfer. Do i have to wait for 3 days or what? Thanks in advanceIolbesartlol1 4h
4h No Soul Shard Regen + Agony Ramp Up Bug Reporting a bug! No Soul Shard Regen with Agony in Combat + no ramp up Stacks on Agony!! Please fix this, game is unplayable like this!!!Escobär1 4h
4h Support Times? Can I please ask what is going on with the support times at the moment I've waited up to 5 days for one ticket to be answered and my current ticket is on 1 Day I never normally contact you but when I do I expect a timely response, especially as you've removed phone support and trying to find your live chat well good luck! I personally feel you support times are unacceptable and my customers would not allow me to treat them this way! they are on the phone if I haven't answered their ticket with in 45 minutes!Imdur12 4h
5h 2 WoW Accounts on 1 BattleNet Acc With the launch of Legion I decided to give WoW another try. My old WoW-Account have not been active since 2012, and since it was cheaper to buy a new BAM Starter Edition, than put gametime into my old account i decided to do that, given I was starting on a new server with some new friends. Now that we have been leveling I would like to gain access to the old heirloom items and mounts from my old account. They should be Bnet-Wide Bound, right? I've been trying to use this button, but I cant remember my old account name. Is there someway to see it, or have it emailed to the registered email? Best Regards MaintMaint4 5h
6h Can not release spirit I recently died on Madness heroic and it would not let me release spirit, according to the game i was still in combat even though the encounter was over. I tried reloading, relog, and even /script RepopMe() but nothing worked. Any chance I could get some help or contact a gm?Dinnerplate3 6h
6h Valeera Sanguinar kills my mates Hello. Wrote many times with no success. Am I wrong, or Valeera poisons should refill life not kill everyone after mission? More precise: If I place Valeera with newly bandit or pirate, they all would be killed after mission, netherless it was ended with success or fail.Кериан0 6h
6h Priest lvl 10 Hello What are you doing with disco priest lvl 10. They camp the rebel camp in Strang and shoot any one whatever our level (25/45). My hunt 44 is camped by one priest lvl 10 in Strang and I can't do quest. He shoot me in 5 sec... Same thing for my others characters. You're extension is very good ! When a lvl 100/110 shoot him several times, he repop instant at the cim since recharging time.Miniclou0 6h
6h Mythic+ Chest Bug At the end of my mythic plus dungeon I could not loot any of the chests. The dungeon was Vault of the Wardens and it happened around 5-10 minutes ago. Please help ! Thank you !Illidarus1 6h
6h Reporting abusive players I think you need an option in your report system to report generally abusive players. I think someone just whispered the wrong player or is confused about the mechanics in the expansion but he literally spammed me with about 20 messages worth of rather horrendous abuse about how he thinks my mother should have gassed me and he hoped I got cancer because I was hacking (which obviously I wasn't so either he got the wrong guy or doesn't understand something about the mechanics). This is, in my opinion the worst of all the kinds of offences in the chat that players commit. Generally being abusive and toxic, it's not the spamming or the language that is the main problem (although that's a problem too), it's the generally toxic abusive attitude and it isn't really possible to report it properly with the in game player reporting system. It has it's own separate category in LoL for instance and I think it would be worth adding to the WoW report system.Taiye17 6h
7h Quest not Appearing Hi there. Ive just recently started the 'Assault on the Dark Portal' quest line so i can open up my garrison and Ashran for my DH. However, i did the first couple of missions, up to the one where you have to burn down the huts and then meet Khadgar further into the zone. I completed this ok, and handed this quest in. But once i have handed it in there is no new quest anywhere to be seen. I cant leave the area without Khadgar teleporting me back to his location so i definitely am in the right place. I also submitted a ticket yesterday, but it says a 3 day wait time which is kind of annoying so i thought i would ask on here too. Ive reloaded my game many times, restarted it, turned my computer off and on, cleared the Cache, disabled my mods. Would much appreciate your help. ThanksJainas2 7h
7h Missing profession recipe Leatherworking.There are two quests for Battlebound Hauberk."Too Good To Pass Up" gives you rank 1 recipe while "Testing the Metal" gives you rank 2 recipe.I did rank 2 quest before rank 1 quest and now my Battlebound Hauberk is stuck on rank 1.The recipe is not sold by the LW vendor, nor can I learn it from any trainer.I also bought the 800 gold tome that re-learns any recipes but I can't use it...Altoir6 7h
7h Affliction warlock problem Hey! It seems that Affliction warlocks are having a bug right now. Agony wont ramp up & I literally earn 0 Soul Shards during a fight. What the ... ?Xnc0 7h
7h World Quests not showing up on Map After 2 days I noticed that World Quests doesnt show up often like they did in Beta. I thought first it was a nerf but then later discovered they did show up and active but you can't see them on the map.Sakurafish60 7h
8h Garrison mission player XP item not working I need clarity about this before sending a bug report: Since, dunno, maybe a couple of weeks or days, the XP items I get from garrison follower missions, the purple one that add player XP ... they don't anymore. I get zero XP for successfully completing such a mission. Didn't work on any of the several chars I did it with recently. I remember that it used to work. I also remember an oddity a while ago that could occur where the character receives an XP item in the bags instead of it being auto-applied. But currently I even hear the sound of the item applied without any XP being added.Dowlphin3 8h
9h Dargrul and the Hammer - Quest Bug, I can't progress Hello, I had trouble with Dargrul and the Hammer quest 2 days ago. I have successfully exit the cave and meet with Spiritwalker Ebonhorn to deliver the quest, however ? stayed grey. I did a relog and tried again but doesn't help. After that I've decided to abandon the quest and re-do it. Now on my map I can see a "!" but when I go there (the cave entrance) there's no NPC to give the quest. I'm totally stuck. I've sent a support ticket 2 days ago and it was saying 3 days 12 hours and after 2 days now it says 3 days 20 hours.Maraudine2 9h
10h Friendly with stormheim Yes well ive just got myself to lvl 110 and need to be friendly with suramar and stormheim the only problem is that my stormheim "starter" quest is gone and i have 0 quests to take in stormheim... is their any other way to get rep with them or what should i do?... best regards TimColasti4 10h
11h my character is locked i was about to buy a faction change on my character but it says my payment was unavailable but somehow it says it changing my character and my history says i dident buy a faction changeLeafflower1 11h
11h my character is locked i will faction change my character but its says my payment was unavailable but somehow is it transfor but my history dosent say i bought a faction changeLeafflower1 11h
11h Final quest Rogue class hall "The Imposter" Bugged! Hi This quest is bugged. The last quest in the rogue class chain is to go to Stormwind and enter S:17 courtyard. Problem is i don't get this objective finished wherever i go in the courtyard itself. I can kill Detheroc but nothing happens after that. The game doesn't recognize me finishing the quest. There several people with the same problem and it might have something to do with a faction change? This prevents me from getting my third relic slot.. My ticket doesnt get answered and tips or tricks to get through this?Frithz1 11h
12h Wow Armory App auction bug Hello I tried to sell from the Armory App auction house and says that this account is logged in to the game. But it's not. please helpDemonage3 12h
12h Agony not ramping & no soulshard gen Several warlocks reporting: Since today Agony isnt ramping (stays at 1 stack), stacks can be applied by recasting it on target. Also no soulshard gen. Making Affliction Warlocks UNPLAYABLE (Yeah, even worse with what Blizzard came up with). Being unable to cast unstable affliction (& no agony ramp) reduces our dps to like 50k lolDáèmon7 12h
12h Backdraft(talent) Hello, i think find a destro lock talent bug. Backdraft(talent): Casting conflagrate reduces the cast time of incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30% for 5sec. So, when i use this talent only give me for 3sec. cast time reduce, not 5sec.Kaszabolock1 12h
12h How can u release something like this? Hello there, this is a re-post from the US forums about all the warlock bugs, some even make our artifact traits to not work at all. It buggles my freaking mind how they STILL HAVENT FIXED ANY THIS! Since today Our main dot, agony is also broken and cant stack anymore, and no SS generation. Beneath i will now post all the bugs wrong with locks. Its beyond me how blizzard can release a spec this unfinished and broken. Agony will randomly fail to ramp up and generate soul shards. Affliction Warlocks have an ability called Agony which deals increasing shadow damage over time and has a chance to generate a soul shard. Specifically, Agony Inflicts increasing agony on the target, causing up to [(32.4% of Spell power) * 10] Shadow damage over 18 sec. Damage starts low and increases over the duration. Refreshing Agony maintains its current damage level. Agony damage sometimes generates 1 Soul Shard. However, its ability to "ramp up" (i.e. increase damage as time passes) fails frequently. Additionally, it's ability to generate soul shards will also fail when it loses this ramping mechanic. For an in-game illustration, see the screenshots provided in the link below: When this bug occurs, relogging does not fix the issue. Going through loading screens, entering dungeons and raids, etc., also fail to fix Agony's incorrect behavior upon its occurrence. I cannot provide information regarding how to reproduce this bug consistently. Multiple threads have been made concerning this issue, as it renders Affliction presently unplayable. 2. Sweet Souls fails all the time. Sweat Souls my fail to increase the healing done by Healthstone. See for more details. I would greatly appreciate it if Blizzard could at least acknowledge this 8 month old bugged existed. This was a bug reported since Legion Alpha, yet it just happened to me again the other day: 3. Grimoire of Service fails all the time. Warlocks have a talent called Grimoire of Service which permits the Warlock to summon a second demon for a short duration. Specifically, this ability (depending on the Warlock's spec), reads Grimoire of Service Summons a second demon which fights for you for 25 sec and deals 100% increased damage. 1.5 min cooldown. The demon will immmediately use one of its special abilities when summoned: Grimoire: Imp: Cleanses 1 harmful Magic effect from you. Grimoire: Voidwalker Taunts its target. Grimoire: Succubus Seduces its target. Grimoire: Felhunter Interrupts its target. Grimoire: Felguard Stuns its target However, a even the most cursory play testing will reveal that this ability fails more often than it succeeds. The pets won't do what they're supposed to (e.g. the Felhunter will fail to interrupt the target), or they'll fail to attack the target, or both. Here's this bug occurring in an Arena match: I Grimoire: Felguard and the axe toss does occur (see Gladius), but the Felguard then remains stationary, never attacking anything. Now, this pet hits for 100k a swing and lasts 25 seconds. So losing its attack thanks to a bug is a significant DPS loss. Having tested this ability extensively, I can very easily tell you when it's going to fail: If the target is at max range, Seduce, Taunt, Interrupt, and Stun will virtually always fail. There is no range compensation to account for the target leaving the pet's range in the intermediary period between pet summon and interrupt/stun/taunt/seduce. Instead, the pet will be summoned, and then attempt to chase after the target without ever attempting a Seduce, Taunt, Stun, etc. If the target uses any mobility mechanics (e.g. Shimmering in the middle of a Polymorph), the pet will never attempt to interrupt or stun, even if the target remains both in LOS and within range throughout its movement. If forced target resets (e.g. Feign Death, Vanish, Shadowmeld, etc.) occur as the pet is spawning, the pet will not stun, interrupt, or even attempt to attack the target. In other words, Grimoired demons have really bad target reacquisition AI. Pets will always fail to Stun, Interrupt, etc. if vertical terrain irregularities exist between them and the target (see below). 4. No Path Available. No pets summoned. This has to be the most infuriating of all the bugs posted here. If minor vertical terrain irregularities exist between you (the Warlock) and the target, pets won't be summoned. Instead, upon attempting to cast, you'll see the red error message "No Path Available." This occurs frequently in PvP, and completely gimps Demonology's ability to do literally anything in certain maps. I reproduce below some of the worst examples for Demonology Warlocks. If a Warlock stands in the 4 point secondary ring of the Temple of Kotmogu, they cannot Call Infernal, Call Observer, or Call Fel Lord downward into the 5 point ring without receiving an error message. (Call Dreadstalkers and Hand of Gul'dan still work). This also applies to casting upward from 5 point primary ring into the 4 point secondary ring. Warlocks cannot cast Call Infernal, Call Observer, or Call Fel Lord in Blades Edge Arena if the target is either: above them, below them, or on a different ramp than them. Because there are so many abnormal height variances in this arena between Warlock and target, it's often better to talent out of this abilities in Blade's Edge. In Black Rook Hold, all demons besides Dreadstalkers and Wild Imps cannot be summoned if the Warlock stands on the upper ramp to the left of the statue so long as the target is below them off the ramp (and vice-versa). Attempting to do so yields an error message. 5. Dreadstalkers fail to jump to the target. Unlike the previous bug, Dreadstalkers are far more forgiving with their pathing. Nevertheless, if significant terrain irregularities exist between them and the target, they will fail to jump to the target without the aforementioned warning message, "No Path Available" preventing the cast. For example, This occurs rarely, however, when it does occur the Dreadstalkers just stand still, never attempt to reach the target, or even attack a new one*, thus wasting the Soul Shards for no reason. * I believe this is not an issue with Dreadstalkers generally but instead instead an issue with pet AI specifically. All pets are really really really bad at PvP target acquisition, often just bugging out and doing nothing. 6. Pets will keep you in PvP combat forever. Upon telling your pet to attack a player, you'll enter PvP combat. This makes sense. Clearly if I'm issuing a pet command to attack something I probably want to enter combat. But what happens when I want to leave combat? Well, if your pet has anything to say about it, you're not leaving combat any time soon. A pet will "stay" in PvP combat quite some time, even after the Warlock themself has left combat long ago. This permits the use of PvP talents and scaling, which can be helpful sometimes, but it also leads to really unusual circumstances. See the screenshot below: In this instance, my Felguard still has Principles of War following a Battleground, consequently, the Dalaran guards attack and kill me. This happens all the time. Just make sure your pet is attacking something when a Battleground or Arena ends, and upon leaving Guards will kill you. (I have to queue for arenas and bgs far away from towns and cities to prevent being killed). 7. Pets still get stuck in the Dalaran Arena pipe. I used to believe, in the days I was naive, that I'd live to see a day where Blizzard would finally fix this bug. But now I sincerely believe I will die long before that day ever comes, long before my pet ever leaves that pipe. 8. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester's artifact traits improperly trigger combat. DoTs don't keep players in combat. They're not supposed to. Nonetheless, Ulthalesh's on-dot-tick artifact traits trigger (e.g. Compounding Horror, Harvester of Souls, etc.) force the Warlock to enter combat when they occur. See the screenshot below. I resurrect, the immediately enter combat because Harvester of Souls (Corruption has a chance to heal you) triggers on a DoT I applied as a died. This means that Warlocks may remain in combat for 40 seconds longer than they should (this happens so frequently I stop trying to mount in certain BGs). -/-/- If you need anymore information concerning these bugs, what they do, or how to trigger them, I'd be happy to help. Thanks.Obnoxxilokz1 12h
13h Disconnected during Withered Army Training My character was disconnected and i was returned to character selection screen during withered army training at Suramar. I farmed 2k Ancinet Mana to start it before hand and while i was midway through the scenario i got disconnected and sent into a graveyard. I couldn't get any rewards or couldn't get back in aswell. And when i tried to make a ticket about it 3 times in a row your system said something went wrong on your end. Time: 11/9/2016 10:10-10:22 server time Edit: After some more errors i filled up ticket on Web at least. Thats something.Aelarin22 13h