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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
2d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 2d
28 Aug 2012 Patch 7.0.3 Common Issues ★ Patch Notes ★ ★ Known Issues List ★ ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to patch 7.0.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here’s what you are contacting us about the most right now: Quest: The Invasion of Tanaan If the objective "Meet with Khadgar" does not complete automatically when you stand next to him, please leave the shipyard zone and go back by land, don't use a flying mount. You can also try to relog standing next to Khadgar to see if it helps Quest: A Burning Path Through Time If you are unable to turn in this quest after completion, please contact Customer Support. Boat/Zeppelin Issues We are investigating issues related to boats/zeppelins not working correctly at this time: Red/Incompatible realms Please exit the game and restart the Desktop App to allow it to patch the game to the latest version. Interface issues Rest your interface like this. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!Natryndon10 28 Aug 2012
2m OMG this dc i driving me nuts Since yesterday its dc after dc plz get your !@#$ together people pays for a serviceSendoxi1 2m
3m Demon Hunter - Still can't loot Pandaria world bosses Killed all Pandaria world bosses, bonus rolls worked, and i was able to loot Sha quest item, but nothing else.Zatteh3 3m
15m Can't hand in 'Emissary of War' quest. As per title, my group of 5 all have it completed but we cannot turn it in, the quest NPC just has a dialogue option. The event is still active.Warning30 15m
34m Bugged invasion gear Hello, I have been working very hard to try and get full warforged gear from the invasions on my level 10 warlock twink. The warforged gear is 25 item level and the normal gear is 15 item level. However, I have also received bugged 15 item level warforged gear that should actually be 25 item level not 15. This gear is VERY important to me as I am a rather serious twinker and I need my gear to be best in slot. I need to speak to a dev or a high up GM who can fix this problem for me. I have been talking to a lot of people within the twink community who have made tickets about this issue and got different responses from GMs who clearly did not research the issue. One even started talking about Coalesced Fel which upgrades weapons and didn't even seem to know what warforged meant. As I said this is very important to me and I need this fixed (aka the 15 item level warforged gear to be upgraded to 25 item level, you can send it to everyone via the mail or just globally replace it or something). Thank you for reading and sorry if this seems aggressive but this is something I am very passionate about.Dárkness6 34m
34m Armory displaying character as wrong race I'm a bit unsure which of the forums I should post on, but in a CS ticket I was asked to post on the forums about the fact that my 4-5 year old female blood elf character is currently showing up as a male gnome. And while the moustache is fabulous, a lot of people have been wondering why my armory is showing that! This started a few weeks ago, and I assure everyone reading I have at no point ever transferred or considered transferring a character and making it a gnome. Any ideas or suggestions?Lyriae11 34m
47m Question about advertising on the forums Hello! I've read the Code of Conduct and about Advertising, it says: ... Just to clarify this before I make a post... The Web Site I want to write about is free to use for everyone, it has no advertising and is a place where World of Warcraft Character Data downloaded from the armory is published in an unique way (it's a kind of ranking site). Am I allowed to write an informative post about this Web Site on a Realm Forum? Best regards, /MoreMoreaulf5 47m
1h Refund digital purchase after adding physical edition I was wondering if you still refund digital purchases (around expansion launch) when a physical edition (standard or CE) is added to the account. And in what way do we get the refund? Refund on my bank account? Or as Balance? Or as something else? The reason i'm asking this is because i've ordered the CE i have to wait. Which i don't want. So i'd like buy the digital upgrade to Legion so i can join upon release at midnight.Raydr1 1h
1h Bought token, Auctioned it, Got booted So I just bought a WoW Token for the first time, and right after I put it on the auction house I got booted from the game. Now I cannot login to the game or even the Battle.Net app. This is specially annoying because I was going to buy a second token for my other side but now the value keeps dropping as I cannot login. The error on the Battle.Net app I am getting is BLZBNTBGS80000011 (73) And according to the support page this (73) means there's too many accounts or parental controls are out of whack, neither of which should be an issue.Timóthea2 1h
2h Please remove achivement Ok, first allow me to explain. I made this toon with an intention of getting ZERO honor kills, I have avoided Pvp like plague i refused to even queue for bg or flag for Pvp and have been for years since I made this char. Today during the invasion event I died. Spirit healer ressed me and the moment that spell was casted I got (honorable kill) achievement! I was not in party, i was in PvE realm and I was not flagged for Pvp. I believe this achievement was earned due to a bug and I am pleading you to get it removed please and reset my honor kills back to zero. Thanks in advance.Filth7 2h
3h cant lgno on I can't log on help! I have severe fissures and am bed ridden and unable to move, staring at THE LOGON SCREEN HEEEEEEEEEELP HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!Koningroos2 3h
3h You have been disconnected. (BLZ51900073 Hey, So earlier today i was able to login to wow without any problems and i was just playing with a friend and decided to buy Legion. and then right after getting Legion i couldn't log back into WoW and basically says ''You have been disconnected. (BLZ51900073) I have tried some options but it didn't seem to work at all. (Sorry for my broken english)Zoltarc3 3h
3h Level Help can i get lvl 100 without the Wod expansion ? what if legion comes out and if i buy it can i lvl up to 110? please help if no one anwsers i wont play the gameSmango19 3h
4h Freed up character names So I'm not going to talk about the horrendous system blizzard has for freeing up names. but my question is: Did the names already get freed up or I still have to wait for 30th of august for the full release? I know inactive names that haven't logged for 2 expansions are the ones that can be claimed. But when? Thank youIs10 4h
4h exact release time of legion we all now legion will release at 30th august but so many people inculding me and my friends want to play it directly so we also want to know exact hour and time zone because it fall on 29th august or 31 august in our country. It may common knowledge among players but we dont know it so if u share this detail with us we will be so happy .Midgetyoda6 4h
4h Character Transfer and Name Change Hi! I have a Human Monk Arthurux-Ravencrest and I lvled a human monk Kharazin on Aggra to play with other people. My idea is now moving Arthurux from Ravencrest to Aggra. So my question is: If a create a lvl 1 character names Arthurux on Agga (to trigger a free name change) and delete Kharazin on Aggra and then pay Character Transfer to move Arthurux from Ravencrest to Aggra, will I be able to change his name to Kharazin or that name on aggra will still be blocked? Thanks :) And I hope that I made my self clear :|Zalaer2 4h
4h WoW Token not available? I'm not sure why but the WoW token option in the store is no longer available for me? I could be wrong but I could have sworn I was able to purchase WoW tokens on EU before. I've read some forum posts saying I might not be able to purchase them if the country on my account is not listed in the EU. It's currently set to Canada but I am unable to change it because I am not an EU citizen, although I live in the UK, and I do not have any utility bills to show since they are all under my boyfriends name. The only thing I have with my name and current UK address is amazon prime deliveries and loot crate. Is there anyway I can purchase a WoW token on EU or am I out of luck?Shadreith2 4h
4h Cant log in it says 'Log in server is currently busy.' I have had this for a day now and its starting to get annoying is anyone else getting this problem and is their a fix for it.Solddreams2 4h
1h I feel this is my last option..... For I don't know how long now I have been reading, commenting and agreeing with a lot of the negative posts on the hunter forums both Legion and class forums with not a single reply from the devs to address the one thing most people want now...and that's an explanation of their thinking when they redesigned the hunter for Legion. I won't go into the issues that most people are reporting as the thread will probably get moved to the class forum (probably will be anyway....) But I still haven't bought Legion and while this may seem sad and others will say that that it's just me being bored with the game, it's not that, I had a lot of fun on the beta with my Shadow Priest and found the questing fun, the 110 world content to be plentiful and different and can't priase Blizzard highly enough for it But I have been a hunter for all my year sin WoW...I love the class, the fantasy behind it and these changes and subsequently the lack of communication from the devs has made me less excited about Legion to the point where I don't know if I will even get it (chances are I will but keeping my sub in the long term will probably be an easier choice) So here I am looking for something...some ray of hope that what I believe is happening (the devs taking onboard all the feedback and looking at these issues) is in fact happening and what they were aiming for initially. Regardless of what anyone (Community Managers included) think of this thread, having anyone not excited about an expansion is a bad thingArchermit5 1h
4h CS Lounge Three (but technically 4) In what is becoming a bit of a trend CS Lounge 2 was getting a bit full and taking some time to load and so before Lurdle got his hands on it we decided to let it retire and instead start a new lounge. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee, eat a cookie, post and relax!Tiogaradh2134 4h
5h Question regarding transferring a DH Hello, As I am unable to find an answer to my question I decided to post it in here, Currently I am only eligible to have a DH on draenor, However I rather play her on a pvp server (stormscale) Now, am I allowed to transfer my DH to a realm without a level 70 character? Also howlong would it possibly take to get a character transferred? Thank you for your time. ~PkersPkers3 5h
11h Ported on the edge of the instance Hello, I joined a Random BG and got Strand of the Ancients. After accepting the call and being ported to the battleground, I was placed on the very edge of the instance/map, as seen in the screenshots. This is the second time it happens. It also happened on my druid. I could see another Paladin player with me. He was taking damage, being crowd controlled and casting healing spells to other players. I think only I could see him there. I had a similar problem with disappearing boats and zeppelins (Legion invasions have me travelling). They just poofed mid-air thrice on me and could not move. Log-out/Log-in solved it. Is this something on my end? I had some graphics issues and I opened some tickets about it a few days ago. They seem to have been resolved now, though. Could this be related?Loukri0 11h
18h Level 100 boost Why can't i purchase the lvl 100 boost, it says ''Purchase denied'' ?Dunlock4 18h
18h Follower Retraining of Pre-assigned Skills Hello, I've noticed that since the pre-Legion patch I cannot retrain the pre-assigned skills of my followers (i.e. Ka'la having "Evasion" and "Leatherworking"). In addition, if I had previously rerolled their skills to something else (pre-patch) and retrain them a third time (post patch), their default skills return. If this is intentional then it seems to be a particularly odd change, coming as it does at the end of the expansion and that the Tavern still exists to hire followers with particular skills. It is also now possible to duplicate the pre-assigned ability when retraining (i.e. Ka'la getting double "Evasion"), which is incredibly annoying. I like being able to retrain my followers to my preference, as most (if not all have) of the default followers have unique dialogue and players interactions and I don't want to deactivate them just because they came with useless (to me) skills. So, if it's a bug, please fix it. If it isn't, and being able roll duplicate abilities is a bug in the "new" system, well then please fix that. Regards, JoJodok0 18h
19h Report feature is gone? Since today, I can no longer report people at this forum? Anyone else, experiencing this problem? I rarely reported people, but I already miss that feature as we sadly have a lot of people here, who are not very kind.Testora1 19h
19h Combat and heal text does not seem Anyone help me? My character combat and heal text does not seem. 2 weeks past but did not help anyone. I contact support 5 times but doesn't answer me anyone. Please help me this issue...Anvel2 19h
20h Zepplin from UC to Org not appearing ever. Steamwheedle Cartel server... the last few days I cannot get on it because it doesn't seem to exist.Valoric2 20h
20h [Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver] [Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver] [Replica Staff of Gul'dan] what is point of these items now as they can not be transmog manually and there not in item list and allaince versionShivster0 20h
21h Rate Limiting? Am I being rate limited? I've noticed that as I am browsing various forums, periodically I am getting "Site not found" or "Unable to connect to" errors, as if I am being temporarily "blackholed" by your servers. Is this a new rate limiting thing, restricting how many page loads you can have before getting blocked or a time period?Wolferlin2 21h
21h Returning to the game I played from 2010 to 2013 I think can't really remember, I left because after an update I kept lagging and I had no idea why (didn't knew what FPS was or how to change video settings lol) before that update I could play fine with 1 GB of RAM. Anyway I'm returning and I wonder will I get access to my old characters? I wasn't very good in the game I had like one 45 level mage and a level 80-90 because I bought some expansion but still I would like to use my old account.Deadknightlo5 21h
21h Forum/Armory Avatar Bugged This isn't really an in game problem, but my character has appeared as a blood elf demon hunter for a few days on the forums (and the armory), while it's actually a female pandaren warrior. What's up with that?Shuang11 21h
22h Level boost after Legion launch Hello! I would like to ask whether the character boost that comes with legion pre-purchase will be included for post-launch buyers or not.Donspinach2 22h
1d if I did something wrong i will not do it again we played blood duel i give him gold why banned he swore to me and i threw you wrong message pls i cant speak eenglish pls i want the play game if I did something wrong i will not do it again :(Floziee3 1d
1d Delete forum thread Hello! I would like for this forum thread to be deleted, since I've since posting it been accepted to a guild I applied to beforehand. 1d
1d ilvl why is my ilvl this low ? 1d
1d Felshroud vest giving agility and stamin stats only I have a problem with my felshroud vest, it gives me agility instead of intellect. All the other gear shows two stats, either agility or stamina depending on spec. The agility one is grayed out while I'm in balance spec. I even looted a warforged Felshroud vest with the same issues. Seems weird to me, I even have the same issue on my mistweaver monk.Keiri3 1d
1d Ships and Zeppelins What is the ETA for fixing the ships and zeppelins? This is not a biog report as you don't handle those. This is also not a petition or suggestion as you don't handle those. This is a question about "in-game issue". Edit: and why there is a huge lag in forums, so that my posts don't show up before I have already made a duplicate thinking the first post was lost again?Veny2 1d
1d I ask to change the name of following characters I ask you formally that it is required to change his name to 32 characters in europe who have the SAME name I gave to my Character : Even at 45 in America : The 2 in Korea : The 6 In Taiwan : This is because , since I consider discrimination , that only I should change it according to the rules on the names , if there is a rule you have to apply to everyone .Dio18 1d
1d RACE CHANGE Please let me do the race change. I paid 15 euro for the appearance change which was a big mistake, it should have been race change. Then i pay 20 euro to do that and then it just says "pending" please make it go through..Aütism4 1d
1d Zeppelin issues The Zeppelins to Orgrimmar, Vengence landing and Grom'gol are having issues with showing up when they arrive, the zeppelin to Org took 10 mins to actually show up despite the NPC announcing it's arrival 3 times, I also seem to get somewhat pinned to zeppelins when they zone and I can't move for about 10 seconds.Taeldorin5 1d
1d Portals to Cata zones all gone On my Warrior Ellra I cannot see any of the Cata zones portals from the main city anymore since I hit 100, but they are there for all my other chars, what is going on with my warrior? Used to see them and use them just fine yesterdayKarglat4 1d
1d Loosing Holy Power, when engaging a boss. Hey, I have noticed, that if I am at 5 HP when I go into combat with a raid boss, I loose 4 of them instantly. So I tried it out on a few other classes, Rogues, Feral Druids, Warriors and DK's - do not loose their combat resources, when going into combat with a boss. Shadow priests, and Ret paladins, are the only ones loosing it. Is this a bug, or is it intended? Thanks in advance.Dawnwalkér1 1d
1d Invasion WF Gear Any fix planned for the bugged gear that are trying to convince us that they are indeed Warforged, while having exactly same stats as non-Warforged. Rly frustrating trying to farm BiS gear, when the drops are bugged. Ty.Kíri6 1d
1d Invasion Loot Bug So, I've been doing a lot of invasions on several of my characters, and have had no issues until today. Before I got a piece of armour in every single box from Invasions, and now I'm getting nothing at all on this new character. Four boxes, with nothing but shards, while my leveling partner has gotten loot in every single one of his. Is it no longer a guaranteed drop, or is this just badly bugged for some reason?Ros3 1d
1d Activating with gold Hoi, some questions, about reactivating my account with gold, Have about 65.000 on my account what i know off. but activating cost 69.000. * must all gold be on one toon or does all toons count? * Can a friend mail one of my toons gold and that still count? Thanks for anwsers!Zeol10 1d
1d Massive Flight Path delay when landing Hi there! So, ever since I'm levelling some alts since the pre-Legion patch, and can't use the convenient portals my mage can... I'm using flight paths! Oh yes! But each time there seems to be a massive delay when landing, standing still in front of the flight master (end point) for about 4 - 5 seconds. This caused me to miss my boat to Ratchet once... :( Anyway, aside from that one time... It is getting a little bit frustrating... ^^ Thought I'd pop it up here, cuz I haven't seen anyone else post about it yet. Blizzard, please help me with my minor struggles in life... Cheers and thanks!Kychahh1 1d
1d How do you link items in the updated forums? Used to be able to with [item="itemid" /], not any more. I've seen people still linking items though, how? :oHarlee2 1d
1d Any news on monk fix, tonight maybe? Are monks getting fixed tommorow, still having major major problems with roll and serpent kick, its getting incredibly frustrating now been going on for months with bug reports and posts in the monk forums, like a full class is unplayable and it hasn't taken any priority whatsoever to get fixed, i know legion is coming up but surely all classes should be fully capable before they bring out a new expansion edit: thought it was tuesdayNephixia1 1d