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Hey guys.

I'm after a macro that casts lava burst but when I hold shift and press said macro again it casts unleash elements then let go of shift and swap back to lava burst.

I've googled and copied a few and tried to modify them but they don't seem to work.

Any ideas?
What about this one:

/castsequence [modifier:shift] reset=combat, Unleash Elements, Lava Burst
/cast [nomodifier] Lava Burst

This does exactly what you asked. The macro "resets" when you leave combat. Allthough you could add a timer for reset, or a "when you change targets" trigger if you want to.

A minor sugestion: i prefer my macros to funcion depending if I click them with the left/middle/right mouse button instead of "shift/alt/ctrl" modifiers. Just change the [modifier:shift] with [button:2] and the [nomodifier] with [button:1].

Hope it helps. Cheers'
/cast [mod:shift] Lava Burst; Unleash Elements

If it doesn't work, check that SHIFT+<the button> isn't (key)bound to something else.
Oh, Unleash Elements doesn't trigger GC? Then you don't need the Cast Sequence...you can use what Lonia says in her post...
/cast [mod:shift] unleash elements; lava burst

edit: yay for forum lag :O

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