(A) Rogue LF a new home

Chamber of Aspects

I'm currently lvl 85 and still gearing and grinding rep. ofcourse and I'm looking for a decent mature raiding guild.
I had a 1-2 month semi break before Cata hit but ready to rock again and explore the new content blizzard is throwing at us.
I have experience with Raiding all the way back into classic, my available raiding days are Sundays - Thursdays.

Any questions feel free to post or ask in-game.

Armory Link : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/sengira/simple



Seems we gonna have more of those singel ads on the forum!

I am afraid to tell you that no decent mature raiding guild will take you when you are not making any effort in looking for them on forum ads or in-game looking for guild channel!

Please try making some effort in joining the looking for a guild channel in-game, trade and most of all browsing the guild's ads on the forum instead of making such topics!
As each guild's ad tell alot about them and what they are looking for in a player.

This is the laziest way to write a mass application to all guilds cause your not bothered!

good luck!

Most are copy and past from my othe reply :P
^Ironic that you complain about people 'not putting in effort' when you openly admitted you copy and pasted most of what you said from your previous post... :x

xD oh well...

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