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I keep getting this message when I try to queue for a random Cataclysm dungeon. My average ilvl is more than enough & I've already discovered the dungeons. If I try to queue for them by selecting one, and NOT using the 'random' feature, then it works, but I can't queue for a random one.

Any idea why this is?

Well I see you just hit 82 like I did, so I guess I know whats the problem.

Since you are 82, you can join instances like Stonecore and Vortex pinnalce.

Discovering Throne of the tides and BRC isn't enoguh for level 82.

So you MUST discover one of these instances first, then you can Q up for a random instance again.

I was wondering for hours whats the problem is as well, lol ;).
If you don't meet the requirements for just one of the dungeons or haven't discovered it, you won't be able to do randoms until you can/have discovered it.
So I have to discover Stonecore & Vortex Pinnacle? I've already discovered BRC & Throne.
Oh man i was having this same problem, haha! thanks :D
thx guys ;D
had the same problem !!

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