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Hello fellow GM s ,i have had problems recruiting since day one ,before cata tho it was a bit easyer since people were in a standby status so they didnt care much if they were in a guild or not ,but now ,since the expansion ,i havent been able to recruit one soul ,and note that the only thing i require atm is maturity .In the past the only way i managed to recruit is to wisper unguilded people and have a talk with them to see if they fit my requirement ,if any of you have had this problem and solved it please share .

Thank you in advance
Varro-Neptulon Eu
Hi Varro,

Without knowing more about your guild it is difficult to make a precise recommendation, but some things to consider are:
- sometimes there are just dry spells and no one joins your guild, you just have to wait for the rain.
- Cata will result in less movement between guilds, so targetting non-guilded players is probably your best bet! You are doing that already, so good start.
- If you have had problems recruiting since day one, perhaps reconsider what your guild offers to new members? Guild repairs? a sociable guild? Active guild chat? bank tabs?
- Are other guilds on your realm having the same problem? Check the realm forums, there might be a shortage of non-guilded players atm.
- If other guilds are recruiting easily, what are they doing or offering that you are not? Is your guilds vision/purpose strongly defined and known by the members?
- Do your members have the ability to invite to the guild so that they can share their awesome social scene with their friends and family or people they are meeting on their travels through Azeroth? A lot of our members join this way.

There are more but I think that is enough now, don't want information overload. Consider the above and if you would like more information you can search the forums. A interesting read is below:

Good luck.
I'm against mass-recruitment because it usually leads to guild imbalance...

Got an article about recruitment below:
Personal advice here, is have people in your guild you would like to play with...

This sounds so simple its silly but, its honestly the best way. if you quest a lot and do it with some regulars on your realm see if you can get them to join you, or battlegrounds if you pvp.

Do any IRL friends play?

i wouldnt spam trade channels, and people only do that because no ones on the guild-recruitment channels. Maybe flash an add up once an hour, but every few minutes makes you seem desperate.

From some experience picking up random people only has you kicking the majority of them 3 or 4 days later because they arent as 'mature' as you thought, or they hit top and leave for a 'raiding guild' anyway.

you tried the guild recruitment forum on here?

*edit* Good luck too! ;o)

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