What constitutes an honourable kill

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I've never done any PvP so excuse my ignorance, but what does constitute an Honourable Kill?

My Level 61 DK just killed a Level 62 Night Elf Druid in The Stadium but I didn't get any achievements. They were flagged PvP and trying for the flag which my DK also wanted. Does this not count?

1x Honourable Kill
1x Night Elf Honourably Killed
1x Druid Honourably Killed
My English might not be great, but I should be able to explain it.
You gain a Honourable Kill when you kill an opposite faction member within your lvl range (meaning the target's lvl is green/yellow/orange/red/skull).
It also counts as a Honourable Kill if you assist someone inside or outside your party with killing an opposite faction member. If you're in a party any kill within a certain radius of yourself counts, wether you assisted on the kill or not. (I'm guessing a ~100 yard radius here)

Seems like you encountered a bug, you should get a Honourable Kill.
Yeah HK's are weird in battlegrounds. you can be on defense in Warsong Gulch, standing there and hoping no DK's storm at you when suddenly a number of HK's pop up because a bunch of hostiles got killed by raidmembers. Range is pretty big as far as I can tell
Did he have res sickness? or any other debuff enabling him not to give a HK?

Sometimes when you phase in/out of places you get a 30second buff and killing them rewards nothing
Yeah may have been res sickness.
What Oshorn said is true, yet there are 2 more factors that count in:

The first one is Ressurection Sickness. You will award no honor to the enemy, as it is to easy to be killed

The second one can occour at a few times. Its a debuff that you get when:

- You just joined a battleground

You will see an blue-head icon on the player, saying something like:

" You just entered a battleground, you are not worth honor to the enemy when killed "

That debuff wil mostly stay for 20-ish seconds and can occour on many different times. Joining a battleground is one of them.

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