Profession trainers in starter zones


Today I was bored and decided to start up a new worgen toon. As I went through the starter zone, I didn't come across any profession trainers other than fishing and first aid - I assume there aren't any other ones because I couldn't have missed them all. On the other hand, I saw herbs and mining nodes scattered across the map, taunting me.

Is this really the case, that there are no trainers in the worgen zone (and presumably in the goblin starter area, haven't played that yet)? If so, I would like to suggest adding some, because it's a bit of a pain in the arse having to take a step back to other starter areas to kickstart professions.

there are definately gathering trainers, (i think its all one guy) i got mining on my worgen in the start area but couldnt use the shedload of ore & stone i found until i left and trained BS in SW
In the first village you get to right after finishing the first chain (When you get turned to a worgen) There's a guy inside the inn-building. He can train you any profession. Forgot his name though.

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