Boss's quotes should be more cruel and rude.

Raids and Dungeons
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Something like:

"Why dont just crawl back to your capital and stay there? You look good enough... no need for my trinkets"

Killed player by void zone:
"You must be really dump to stand in fire... It makes me wonder how did you managed to survive up till now"

Killed player by 2~3second casted "move out" spell:

"I dont recall rooting you..."

Killed by adds
"What?! You though Im alone here?!"
16/01/2011 4:54 PMPosted by Dzudzadzo
16/01/2011 4:54 PMPosted by Dzudzadzo
how did you managed

You though Im alone
Or the bosses should be able to kick bad players in the face and they'd get ported out with a 1 hour deserter.
16/01/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Heenk

Why dont just crawl

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