'service is not available' comes when i try to login

Technical Support
I have just experienced a very 'scary' thing, I tried to log into the game and an error message came up saying that my account been frozen and cannot be accessed, also an e-mail been sent to my address to inform me, well that did not happen at all. Also when i tried to log into my battle.net account on the official website 'This service is not available' message came up.

I use proper security system, all I can think of is battle.net servers failure.
Please give me a response to this Thread to let me know whether my account is 'screwed' or this issue comes from the server side.

This has happened to me recently - I was really worried someone had hacked my account. I telephoned the number on this website and they sorted it out there and then, i had to change some details as they thought someone was really trying to hack in! Good luck.

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