Bloodsail Piracy Buff

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I am hated with Bloodsails atm and the 'at war' box is greyed out. I have this 'Piracy' buff though that says the Bloodsails have taken me in and as a result they are friendly to me. I'm at 47/60 cape of STV quests and need this buff gone to open up more quests - anyone know how i get rid??

actually you need that buff to open up the quests the undercover questline is a big part of the zone and once its done the buff will be gone and bllodsails will be back to trying to kill you.
Thats ace thanks man, trouble is i srsly cant find any quests in the zone anymore apart from the pvp one in gurubashi - anyone know the names of some of the quests or npc's??
head to the bloodsail ships off the southern tip of the zone the quests are there starting with captain keelhaul

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