<KLR> Casual Raiding Group recruiting - 8/8H 10-man DS

Even though we might not directly have an opening for your class or spec, we always keep an eye out for exceptional and motivated players. If you count yourself among these, don't hesitate to apply.

Current class openings:

1. Exceptional casual players
2. Pai

Who we are:
- We're a casual raiding group within the Kill Loot Repeat guild, mostly formed from former KLR raiders, officers and their friends. We try to bring together experience and dedication with less raiding days.
- Our focus is mature, effective and intense progress oriented raiding with less raid days (2, very rarely 3 in our case)
- Our ultimate goal is to clear the content through effective use of raid time, while doing what we all enjoyed so much - challenging raids and content

What we can offer:
- Progress with like-minded players, effective and performance oriented people with significant past raid experience
- Mature raiding environment, no loot drama (no DKP or looting system either), focused play with experienced players and leaders
- Experience all 10-man heroic modes with a less time-consuming raiding schedule
- Enjoy the benefits of being part of a big, progressing guild
- We supply pretty much all required raiding consumables for now. (Flasks via cauldron, feasts, we sponsor enchants) - this does NOT mean you don't have to bring your own along.

- We raid 2 days a week. Thursday (19:30 - 23:30) and Sunday (19:00 - 23:00), sometimes we swap days and raid Tuesday (19:30 - 23:30) instead of the other days.
- Ideally, you'll be able to attend all raid days and as many raids as possible, not because you're forced to, but because you enjoy raiding as your free time activity.

What we expect from you
- You want to have PvE as your main focus. We need people who are motivated enough to progress and have the needed "drive" to do so with a no-nonsense approach to raiding.
- You enjoy raiding and the end-game. You do it because you like raiding itself, not because you like the loot or current content. You consider raiding among one of your favorite free time activities and you treat it like that.
- You should be competitive and analytical in your approach towards the game and raids. You're active when it comes to preparing for raids. You constantly try to improve your play, and contribute to discussions. You communicate with the group/guild when it comes to devising strategies for current bosses, improving past tactics and generally have and able to express your opinion on current problems/difficulties the group might face.
- You're skilled, but also go beyond your own class. You're aware of your surroundings and go to lengths to not only do your job in raids to the best possible extent, but go beyond that, helping the raid and co-raiders. Your reactions are fast, you're able to improvise and adapt to unexpected situations.
- You're never satisfied with being the "average Joe". You constantly strive to improve your play.
- You're a social person and able to fit right into the social interaction in our group/guild both in-game and on forums.
- You're reliable, mature and willing to communicate with the group to schedule our limited playtime as effectively as possible

Additional information worth noting:
- We do NOT expect 5 raids a week from you, we only expect 2-3 days a week with you being prepared properly for these raids, focused and in control of your time during raids
- We do NOT want immature drama queens, loot%!*%%s, crybabies, unreliable people - our focus group are older players past their school years with a stable job and organized life who like progress oriented raiding as their favorite past-time
- This is NOT your failsafe stepping stone into the KLR main raiding team, nor your free invitation to the guild. You will get kicked if you behave badly and endanger the reputation of the group/guild.

How to apply:

Visit: http://www.klr-guild.eu/casual-raiding-recruitment/ for a direct link to our casual recruitment subsection.

Fill out the application form there, mail it to the e-mail address given on the website and wait for us to contact you.

Should you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact Zarakiteque or Noobiisa in-game.
Any chance for your casual group to go 25 man in a near future, or you plan to keep it as 10 man?
Any chance for your casual group to go 25 man in a near future, or you plan to keep it as 10 man?

We have no intention to ever expand this to a 25 man raiding group. We will keep it a 10 man raid with a good rotation.
updated our needs.
we really could use that boomkin/resto druid and some reliable DPS.
Couple updates to the first post.

1. We only raid 2 days a week. Thursday and Sunday (we sometimes raid on Tuesday instead of one of these days if circumstances force us to do so). We no longer raid 3 days a week and if we do, it's extremely rare.

2. We pretty much provide all the raiding consumables (flasks via cauldron, Feasts for food buffs, necessary potions) and we also sponsor expensive (currently) enchants and even crafted/BoE gear where we deem it a good investment (DMC:Volcano, tanking shoulders, etc.)

There's currently some 11-12 stable members in this group, we're looking for some 2-3 more.

Primarily a boomkin/restoration druid. If you're an experienced veteran player from the old days and can play a balance AND restoration druid, you're probably exactly what we are looking for. Either apply directly or talk to me, noobiisa/koveros or Rawrina in-game, ideally during our raid times.

This doesn't mean we're only looking for boomkins/resto druids, other classes we might have use for are listed in the first post.
Filled the Boomkin/Resto druid spot for now.
And we are 4/12.
And 5/13
In need of an exceptional warlock (as in exceptionally skilled to even get a spot in the raid) and an exceptional healer of any class.

Exceptional =! T11 geared (but does mean dedicated to getting gear available to you outside of current raid content)
Need healer, tank and a warlock. Possibly other classes as well.
We need a healing priest. Disc/holy, whatever works as long as you have a functioning brain, we'll gear you up from scratch (even if you're a reroll or something).

Other types of healers can apply as well.

Tank (preferable prot paladin or feral druid, but warrior works as well) + warlock are still needed.
Looks like a copy of <Rinse>.

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