Failed to download information about the next patch.

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Check your network connection.

Hello, I've been having the same problem wednesday with 4.0.6 but I managed to get the patch at a friends house.

My server just got downed for an update and I have the same problem again. So how do I fix this?

My firewall is disabled, WoW & Launcher are allowed to run...
I checked my internet settings.

Running stuff in Administrator mode?
Hi Acefire

Can you go into Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options> Connections> LAN settings and make sure that you Select Automatically Detect settings.

And make sure that you haveUse Automatic configuration Script and Use a Proxy server not checked.
I'm getting this issue too.

I've tried what you suggested with Internet Explorer and it's made no difference, I'm still getting the problem.
OK if that's not working, can you try to patch in Safe Mode with Networking?

A guide to rebooting into this mode is here:
I just tried that and still receive the same error. "Failed to download information about the next patch."
Can you try going to your World of Warcraft / Data / enGB / folder and open your file with a text editor, and make sure it reads as follows:

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal eu

I have checked, and it does contain exactly that text.
I am also having the same problem, it happened when i tried to update between the previous version and 4.06.13596. it just suddenly worked after running a repair but i have run 3 now and it just says there are no problems, i followed all the instructions and tried pretty much everything that is advised

I tried switching off my firewall and running the repair but it still came up saying

"failed to download patch information. Check network connections"

surely if the repair tool is able to run as it states "This program requires an active internet connection" then the game is able to connect to the internet??
even tho i have internet connection, it says check your internet connection cant download the patch... please help???
As always with wow downloads for me the only way it works is to dissable any firewall and run in admin mode.
Sometimes i have to use the repair function too.

I suggest if you have not already tried it you dissable any firewall you have
my firewall is disabled i tried repairing it too... I was playing it fine yesterday night but after this patch this problem appeared... I mean we are paying tons of money to this game and cant get even a reply that they are working on this issue... I (obviously) have internet connection and whenever I open WOW it says check your internet connection, its not about downloading the patch, i cant reach the download screen... it closes itself automatically...
I just don't understand how the repair tool is able to access the internet and run to check the wow program but the downloader is unable? I tried running the wow.exe and it said there was a patch required to play so it is able to connect to the internet and I can't see where or what the problem is?
thats what i dont understand either, launcher doesnt work and i tried starting the game from .exe too but because of the patch it goes back to the launcher and i get the same problem saying that i should check my network connection... repaired, restarted, did everything written above but no luck...
i had this too done what blue man said and worked fine make sure your internet explorer isent set too offline, sorry for bad english
I've tried all of that and it still isn't working.
it really isnt working... and still no reply from an official... thank you blizzard!
is anyone even looking into this?
no they are busy partying and spending our payments for the game...

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