Lvl 70 frost mage pvp spec

Battlegrounds and World PvP
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A spec to help 70 (twink) frost mages if you're stuck with choosing your talents! If you already have a spec that works for you. Dont bother copieng this :)

2/2 Early frost 3/3 Piercing ice 2/2 Shatter
3/3 Icefloes 2/2 Improved Cold of Cone 0/2 Piercing chill 2/3 Permafrost
0/2 Iceshards 1/1 Icy veins 3/3 Fingers of Frost 3/3 Improved Freeze
3/3 Enduring winter 1/1 Cold snap 3/3 Brain freeze
0/2 Shattered Barrier 1/1 Ice barrier 1/2 Reactive Barrier
0/2 Frostfire orb
1/1 Deepfreeze
Good luck!
Not to be an arse or nothing but, why post?

70magespec picking seems pretty darn obvious and even if you completely misspec its still an easy 2k rating ^^
Im talking about for world pvp. 1v3s or something like that :)
stop hating so much and give him some support.. and reroll a pvp server Qazi
I tried and it worked for alterac valley but can be dangerous at warsong
I prefer Arcane than Frost
thx for the info dude :D

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