Why is low lvl hunters so overpowered?

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After this new patch, so have hunters been so overpowered...I'm a pala and i can easily be shot down by a hunter thats 4 lvls lower..It's unfair, or what?
Would you like an indepth answer explaining in terms of abilities and relative powers of each class or would you like a more cynical answer?
The shortest please ^^
Aimed shot got buffed to 200% weapon dmg so it will instantly kill you.

They will nerf it to 160% weapon dmg, but only at lvl 80+

So it will still 1 shot you below lvl 80.
my 81 hunter 2 shots anything that moves ^_^
It's sick:O but cool...
Because Blizz fails at ability scaling?
Think about all the "bloopers" Blizz have done..
To make up for sucking at 85. :D

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