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Will Demonology warlocks once again be able to use the Felguard (the signature spell they gain by putting points in the tree) outside of heavy AoE settings, or is it intended that he is such a dps loss compared to the Succubus on single target, despite its Demon Soul effect having a much better sinergy with the tree?
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If (or when) you would ever do account wide achievements, would that mean we would have access to our main's titles, pets and mounts on all our alts, or would we just have the achievement on the alt without the title/pet/mount?
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Could you please add more customizations to the character creation?
Why is it that fire mages are so dependant on DoTs now but have not been given any dispell protection like other DoT based damage dealers have (spriest /afflic warlocks)?
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Are there any plans of seperating PVE/PVP talents?
(like sheep full duration in PVE and shortend in PVP)
Are there plan's for the future to add a cloth tank, i mean the tanking situation is really bad on my realmpool, a tanking tree for warlocks would really help... ?
What kind of process do you Developers go through when making a final Boss encounter (Picking abilities, environment, voice, quotes, display id, etc)?
As i play on many RP realms, and we face the problem of RP crashers, lollers and people who just like to hate us.
I am curious when servers get to full and needs to get some players free-transfer, can you make RP realms connect to each others, and normal servers. One of the most used arguements for the "lol u rp u failz" is "Cba bother paying to leave" And it would be quite lovely to actual get those people away so we can do what we paid to do, be on a realm to RP.
I dont say all who dont RP on RP servers need to go, just those who clearly come just to annoy us.
Will you fix the Eject button of my X-53 Touring rocket ? 4.0.6 death of eject?
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What is the reasoning behind the design of daily tasks in WoW? Daily quests, daily random battleground, daily random heroic, etc.
Have you considered a weekly deisgn instead where people would have more freedom to schedule their playtime as they wish?
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Is there any plans to update the flightpaths to take more direct routes between each flightpoint?

Especially since cataclysm introduced a lot of new flightpoints, even though we now have flying in azeroth it's still beneficial sometimes to take the Flightpaths, but some of the chosen routes are far from direct, i dont mean during the flight, i mean choosing between which Flightpoint to go via, for example:

Marshall's Stand to Uldum goes via Gadgetzan and Gunstan's dig, instead of going directly from Marshall's Stand to Uldum.
What is the intent behind the stealth buffs in 4.1? While stealth is flawed, reducing the cooldown and making it as good as walking isn't the fix required.
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Are there any plans to bring back old skirmishes?
can u make it so u auto dismount when interacting with npc? or stand them on a box or somthing so there above every1. theres nothing worse then trying 2 talk 2 a quest giver or take a flight and some idiot is stood on the npc while mounted
4.2, as of now, has only one raid instance announced which looks rather small compared to Ulduar, Icecrown, etc. Is that a model you want to go for in the other Cataclysm raid tiers as well? Or will we see the return of one huge instance (such as ICC, Ulduar, etc.) per tier or of several smaller raids per tier (such as Tempest Keep / Serpentshrine Cavern and Bastion of Twilight / Blackwing Descent / Throne of the Four Winds)?

I would like to ask specificaly about paladins and Holy power mechanics.

I would like to ask if you are planning to add new ways to generate and use Holy power so that you have more game play choices. It seems a mechanic with a lot of potential but atm it feels more like a cooldown on certain abilities than interesting changes in gameplay that would make paladins unique.
Considering the change that reduced bleed damage by 10% (making mastery flat out worse as a stat) and buffed Mangle (Cat) and Shred damage by an additional 100% weapon damage (making haste slightly more desirable), are you happy with Feral Cat scaling at higher gear levels in relation to other classes in PvE?
In the first raiding tier of Cataclysm, you made 3 different raid instances, instead of one, like Icecrown Citadel in Wrath of the Lich King. Will you continue to follow that raiding model or go back to Wrath of the Lich King one?
Are you planning on creating a battleground that will be more rewardfull so I don't have to play like 10 bgs to get the honor. Maybe a battleground that would take alot longer time?
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Originally minor glyphs were supposed to introduce cosmetic changes to spells, like Glyph of the Penguin for Mages, or Glyph of the Treant for Druids.
Will we see any more cosmetic glyphs being added in the future for other classes, or are you satisfied with the glyphs as they are now?

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