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Sorry if this has been posted before, but haven't been able to find any feedback yet about this issue. The Glyph of shamanistic rage dispells magic effects that effect the player. Now this glyph is very powerful imo, since SR has a 1 min cd. I did run into something strange though.

When a pally stuns me with his Hammer of Lolness, i can dispell it with shamanistic rage while im stunned. I am also able to use it when a rogue/feral dr00d jumps me. In short, SR is usable while stunned, and it actually dispells the Hammer of justice stun, allowing me to continue kiting.

Now i tried fighting priests and warlocks and i thought i would be able to use the glyph when feared. Sadly, when i press the button when feared, it just says: can't use that right now/when feared/when horrified, etc. Is this intended? Also, the glyph is unusable when polymorphed by a mage.

Shouldn't the glyph dispell Fear/Poly/etc?


It's because shamanistic rage can be used while stunned, but can't be used while feared etc.
08/03/2011 4:45 PMPosted by Khronics
It's because shamanistic rage can be used while stunned, but can't be used while feared etc.


Shamanistic Rage can be used while stunned. So when used while stunned the glyph will remove any magic debuffs on you including paladins hammer. Since you can't use Shamanistic Rage while feared or poly'd you also won't be able to dispel the magic via the glyph.
GoSRage will remove Hammer of Justice, Deep Freeze, DoT's, Magic Snares and Slows - You cannot, as above has said, use it while Feared - Yes it is a dispellable debuff but you cannot use it when incapacitated by any means other than Stuns - It'd be like asking why we can't use it to remove Sheep/Hex/HungeringCold etc

You are not stunned therefor the ability to activate the glyph is not allowed. If it was, that would pretty much make it identical to a 1min PvP trinket WITH 30% Damage reduction ie. Ridiculously overpowered Glyph.
You can't use it while silenced as well,some mages will silence you before deep freezing you,just trinket that DF.
it says everything u need to know in a tooltip tho.

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