What does KFC mean?

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Sorry for a newb question but what exactly does it mean?
kung fu cleave
30/03/2011 22:42Posted by Linkraven
ung fu cleave

So its basically a melee arena team?
30/03/2011 22:44Posted by Infectéd
So its basically a melee arena team?

Hunter Warrior Shaman, so not exactly a melee team.
What is "Aids cleave".. I have to play it!
It means you´ll have to trinket charge stun or with a bit of rng you´ll die in it^^
KFC is the latest rage in arena. Everyone and their dog are playing it and exploding me in seconds.


And takes real skill to play too!
kentucys fired chicken XD
KFC, simply put, means a horrible death.
[sarcasm] The wort zerg since retridins got skillcap. [/sarcasm]
31/03/2011 10:57Posted by Goblina
I call Shadow Priest, DK and Resto Druid for Aids cleave. Since I cant kill it and I *#*@ing hate it. Smash your face on the keyboard and get glad.

Both comps are retarded and needs to be nerfed back to be non-viable
kentucky fried chicken.What does that or kung fu cleave have to do with the setup i dont know tbh

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