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I've been looking to start raids (as i'm still grinding on Burning crusade until the Illidan quest) and wondering if i've missed out on all the fun because of starting so late with wow???

Anyone have any insight to this or even a proposition to start raiding?

Any feedback would be great, thanks!!!!!!!!
if you mean that you want to start with tbc content yes then you are a little to late since old content never is the same anymore as it was when it was hot.

if you lvl up to 85 you will find some new nice raids to and if you enjoy pve you will find what you are looking for.

if you are trolling > lol
There are quite a lot of people who still want to do these raids, however you will have to make them yourself.

I suggest looking here for starting your own raids:
Thanks folks, think i'm gonna just upgrade and play catch up with everyone. Tanking a deathknight should help. Someone in my guild setup a raid for me but as the raid topic mentioned, there just wasn't enough interest :(
19/05/2011 12:33Posted by Ibalthori
Someone in my guild setup a raid for me but as the raid topic mentioned, there just wasn't enough interest :(

even if there is interest and you go as 70 it won't give you any satisfaction, to many new gear is in the game and you realy can't compare it anymore like how it was back in tbc, that counts for everything. you see people going on that they are great at 80 and don't want to lvl to 85 etc but if you check them out they all have cata gear on them.

so if you want real raiding you'll have to lvl to the max lvl and start their with gearing in dungeons and hcs, it may take some time but i'm sure your more xp guild members will be happy to help you out. also do some research about the class you are going to play with (rotations,stats,gems,...) no idea if you can link other sites here so i'm not going to do it but if you google stuff or ask in your guild they will redirect you for sure.

just don't go in blind, it will be painfull people will yell at you in pugs etc (they always will but if you are prepared and have some knowledge it will be less often :-)) once you have a clue about your class and the gameplay you can start going with your friends,guildmates to bwd etc and you will have raid experiences like they should be in the current content without having real overgeared gear etc. that means you will have it harder but i think nobody plays this game to stand still and use 1 button to kill a boss:-)

anyway have fun in discovering wow :-)
Yeah for me I thought a paladin's a great all rounder but have now realized the raid system looks for specialists........good advice that has been taken so gonna concentrate on tanking a death knight. Dungeon finder can drag for damage so healers and tanks seem to have a nice advantage in that area.

Catch you on the field >;-}

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