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Why is it you only just can get 4000 honor points?
because theyve scaled down how many honor points each item of pvp gear costs, works out to about the same as it was when we could get 75k honor
I wish they would have just let honor stack to a higher point and then reset it with the end of the season. Simply because if you gear up and spam your honor on over priced mats to avoid wasting it sitting at cap then for what ever reason you want to change spec you have to grind out the thousands of honor again.

I know it doesn't take long to get full thirsty blues if you're active but if you want make a change that day rather than a week later you should be able too. It's your honor, you should be able to store and use it as you please.
If you do RBGs like me, you get honor capped every day -_-
It's primarily to stop people instantly gearing up every season, I'd have thought. New season, free next pvp tier bumping up stats easy

As illustrated by Squiji, that could be avoided by resetting JP/Honor at the start of every new Season/Major Patch (Where new loot is added to vendors, nothing was added in 4.1)

20/05/2011 17:01Posted by Squiji
I wish they would have just let honor stack to a higher point and then reset it with the end of the season.

Keep the VP/CP downgrading into Honor/JP and give those who have the points wasted atm a small monetary gift. At least VP capped players (By this I mean with nothing else to buy) can sell off the boots for a bit of money, CP capped players can't do %##! compared.
yeh but tbh, ya shouldnt be able to be like " oh i fancy a different spec now"....ka-ching ful pvp suit for ya new spec in one day..it should take a while
Already bought 6 shoulder enchants, 5 head enchants and 5 maelstrom crystals on this char :/
20/05/2011 16:46Posted by Jakoli
Why is it you only just can get 4000 honor points?

You can get more by buying justice points with honor to 'uncap' yourself, you lose heavily in the conversion to and fro though. e.g. 1125 (3 x 375) hon points = 750 (3 x 250) justice points = 500 (2*375 jp) honor when back under the cap (i.e. when spending your honor at level 85)
The biggest problem with the cap at the moment is for those who level and gear up via PvP. At 60 it's fine, you can get all the Marshal/Grand Marshal gear and accessories well within the cap. Same with legacy Arena gear at 70.

The problem happens at 80 with the Wrathful gear. It's just about competitive at 80, though by 82 it's easily outclassed by Cata gear, despite the lack of resilience. The problem is it costs something like 16k honor to fill all slots, so by the time you could buy it, it'd be well out of date unless you're XP-locked.

To be honest, it's probably another issue altogether. The 80 gear needs updating and reducing in honor.
I understand youp point, though I don't have a problem with 4k being cap.

I'd say, if you have no more use for honor, try going for a new challenge, try setting up a rbg team, go for conquest instead of honor, since I'd say you play for fun.

then again on the other hand, I can understand people not wanting to go through all the trouble of doing that, and people who don't want to play arena if they don't get conquest anymore, since they already reached cap...

if you fall under that category, keep buying enchants :(

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