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Recently resumed leadership of my guild, and noticed that I am unable to set a daily repair level from the guild bank for myself.

As it stands I have unlimited access to the gold in the guild bank for repairs, as I do not see myself as the owner of the guild, merely its custodian, I was wondering if this can be addressed because its really annoying to have to go back to the guild bank so often to deposit the cost of my repairs.

If not possible to set a daily repair limit, can it not default to the same amount as the maximum allowed for the next rank in the guild below Guild Master.
As guild leader you can't really lock yourself out of can however use the other repair button :)

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If you deposit the costs of your repairs anyway, why don't you just repair your gear from your own wallet to begin with? :)

As a guild leader myself, I don't use the repair function because I don't want it to look as if I'm milking the guild, even though I'm one of the biggest contributors to the cash flow :)
Well I dont get any of the other options to repair from, I go to any repair vendor I get fully repaired automatically from guild bank funds.

Opened several tickets about this yesterday and was told it was an addon, I dont use auto repair addons.

Upshot of the ticket responses was the usual delete cache wtf and interface, use the options (which are greyed out so not available), and I am considered to own everything in the guild bank (which is a view I do not subscribe to).

And the final ticket response was to come here, post in this forum for the developers to look at, and something about it being a known issue.

Another point in this bit about auto repair, the previous person to have Guild Leadership also had the same problem, so this looks more like a shortcoming in the Guild UI or a bug of some kind.

Yes Alrathor I do deposit most of my repair costs back into the guild bank, its just a pain in the neck to keep doing it.
Oh well that's crap then. I'm gonna assume you tried disabling all your addons? I guess your guild is just bugged! :-\

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I would advice you to post about this in the Customer Support subforum. If you do you will get in contact with Game Masters who can help you.
I suspect it will be down to an addon, that you didn't realise included this functionality.

Disable your addons, and see what happens when you try to repair, if you can repair normally, its an addon problem. Then the fun is to work out which one, or which combination causes the bug. For me that takes a damn long time.

Good Luck
Do you use TukUI or any modification of TukUI such as ElvUI? Because those UI addon compilations have built in auto-repair features that you can disable in their respective options.
Here's a suggestion for a work-around:

Create an alt, and make the alt the real GM (Get help from a trusted guildmate)
Create a new rank for your main, and give that rank all the permission, you need on a daily basis.

I solved this by not using it at all when the others didn't have access to it, and when they got access to it, they got an unlimited amount. Either way, I couldn't fail. But I agree, I too would want the option to cap my repairs as well.

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