Uldum Quest Line... Wow!

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Just came back after a long sabatical, and went for the Uldum Quest Line, and I have to say Wow - no, not World of Warcraft, but Wow, that was interesting, engaging and exciting!

Why can't you make all quest lines like that? I would have stayed previously with a quest line like that to enjoy. Please, make all future zone additions like Uldum, with one of those nice quest lines that goes with the flow, updates what you see with what you're doing, and nice cinematography really made it interesting.
everyone likes egyptian themes
I loved Uldum, Hyjal, Deepholm, and Twilight Highlands!

Vashj'ir I didn't really like so much. But there's amazing quest lines in this expansion. So many people have really overlooked them, but I loved saving Hyjal - for me, that's the best questing experience since the lead up to Wrathgate in Dragonblight.
They sure did a nice job! Hopefully they'll continiue with that theme.
Uldum <3
24/05/2011 11:00Posted by Hunterette
I would have stayed previously with a quest line like that to enjoy.

Wrathgate and taking back undercity anyone?
All the new quest lines are excellent fun. The Silverpine remake where you join Sylvannas in the battle vs the worgen is tremendous fun.

The new plague lands quests chains (western - reclaiming back from the scourge / eastern - the long caravan journey thorugh the entire zone) are fantasitic.

Never been a better time to roll and enjoy an alt
Uldum is very, very boring, never finished it. No, we don't need such zones anymore.
Vashj'ir was definitely my favourite, the immersion when you first came in and helped the soldiers go from one grotto to another, saving demi-gods, killing twilight, assuming the past rolls of Naga, the submarine battle, so epic.

New questlines are all awesome, until you hit Outland...
Seeing as Uldaman and Ulduar/Storm peaks had Norse styled Titans I had imagined this was what Titans were like. Pillars, beards and stone. Uldum just seems like an excuse to shoehorn some Egyption mythology in there with a pile of terrible Indiana Jones references.

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