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The Slang Dictionary - For New Players:

Dictionary? Looking that up in the dictionary, I'd say this was more of an alphabetical list...:)

Letters T-Z have been moved to due to a post limit of 5000 words.
Also at the bottom of that page is a list of dungeon and zones abbreviations - they're also in the "dictionary", but just there as a summariser sort of thing.

WARNING: This post may contain some strong language.

So we all know World of Warcraft slang, more than half the player base uses it because they're too lazy to type with proper punctuation and grammar. (No offense meant.)

I am going to keep track of slang (post if I've forgotten any, or you want to make a contribution). This includes in-game slang like Org (Orgrimmar) etc.

^^ = See above (I agree^) means I agree with the post above, (I agree^^) means I agree with the post two above.
2 =To/too/two.
4 = For.
5m = 5 man.
10m = 10 man.
25m = 25 man.
40m = 40 man.
1h = 1 handed.
2h = 2 handed.

AB = Arathi Basin (Battleground available from level 10).
Achiev/Achi = Achievement.
ad/add = Additional monster.
afk = Away from keyboard, Not at computer.
Afaik = As far as I know.
Aggro = Focus of monsters aggresion.
Agi = Agility (stat).
AH = Auction House.
alch/alc = Alchemist (a profession you can learn from a trainer).
alli/ally = Alliance (the faction).
alt = Alternate character (your main is your account with the highest level or most achievement points, or possibly the one you're leveling the most at that time, the rest of them are alts).
AoE = Area of effect (a spell that effects multiple targets within a radius).
AoP/AotP = Aspect of the Pack (hunter spell).
AP = Attack power.
Archi/Archm = Archimonde (Final boss in "Battle for Mount Hyjal", burning crusade raid (I think...?)).
Asap = As soon as possible.
Atm = At the moment.
AV = Alterac Valley (battleground unlocked at (level 40?)).

B4 = Before.
Bb = Bye bye.
Bbl = Be back later.
Bbs = Be back soon.
BC = Burning Crusade.
BE/Belf = Blood elf (Horde race).
Bf = Boyfriend.
Bg/Bgs = Battleground/Battlegrounds (Unlocked at level 10).
BiS = Best in slot (Eg. You have 2 chest pieces, one has 58 armour and the other 20. The 58 armour one is BiS).
BL = Blood Lust (Shaman move).
Blizz = Blizzard, the company that made World of Warcraft.
Blue = Blizzard employee poster, basically on the forums they're the people who's text is blue!
BoA = Bind on account.
BoE = Bind on equip.
BoK = Blessing of Kings (Paladin buff)
BoM = Blessing of Might (Paladin buff)
Boomkin = Moonkin (Balance druid shapeshift spell).
BoP = Bind on pickup.
BoT = Bastion of twilight (Cataclysm raid).
BoU = Bind on use.
BR/Bres = Battle Ressurection (only available to some classes).
Brb = Be right back.
Brt = Be right there.
Bs = Bladestorm - warrior move / Blacksmith (a profession you can learn from a trainer).
Btw = By the way.
Buff = Beneficial spell.
Bwl = Blackwing lair.
Bwd = Blackwing Descent (Cataclysm raid).

Cata = Cataclysm (3rd expansion pack.)
Cba = Can't be ar$ed.
Cbt = Closed beta test.
Cc = Crowd control.
CD = Cooldown.
Char = Character.
Comp = Composition (of whatever it may be), usually used in arena.
CoT = Caverns of time.
Cow = Tauren.
CP = Conquest points Conquest points (Awarded for arena and completing battlegrounds at max level) /Combo points (Rogue and Feral druid only).
Crit = Critical hit.
CR/CRes = Combat resurrection (only available to some classes).
CS = Critical Strike / Counterspell (Mage ability that interrupts an enemy casting a spell).
Cya = See you.

Dal/Dala/Dally = Dalaran, Wrath of the Lich King major city.
Darn/Dar = Darnassus, Night elf capital.
Dc/Dc'd = Disconnect/Disconnected.
DD = Direct damage.
Debuff = Reductionary spell that has an undesirable effect on the player.
Ding = Level up.
Disc = Discipline Priest (Priest healing spec).
DK = Death Knight, Wrath of the Lich King "hero" class.
Dkp = Dragon kill points (used by some guilds for looting system).
Dmg = Damage.
Dnd = Do not disturb.
Dot = Damage over time.
Dpm = Damage per mana.
Dps = Damage per second. (You want this as high as possible!)
Dru/Drood = Druid.
Dtps = Damage taken per second.
DW = Dual wield/Don't worry.

Efc = Enemy flag carrier. (Applies in battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks).
Ele = Elemental Shaman (Shaman ranged Dps talent specialization)
Epgp = A point-based loot system used by raids and parties.
En/Enc = Enchanter (A profession available from trainers).
Enc/Enh = Enhancement Shaman (Shaman melee Dps talent specialization).
EoS = Eye of the storm (battleground).
Er = Entangling roots (druid spell).
Expn/Exp/Expan = Expansion, like Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade. EDIT: And now Mists of Pandaria!
Ex/Exd = Exodar, Draenei capital.
Exp = Experience gained in-game from killing monsters, handing in quests and completing dungeons and battlegrounds.
FBG = Failed Battleground.
FC = Flag carrier.
FD = Feign Death.
FFA = Free for all.
FFS = For Frak sake.
FM = Focus magic.
FML = Frak my life.
FL = Firelands, Cataclysm raid, patch 4.2.
FP = Flight point.
FPS = Frames per second.
FR = Flag room.
FTA = For the Alliance.
FTH = For the Horde.
FTK = For the kill.
FTL = For the loss.
FTLOG = For the love of God.
FTW = For the win.
FR = Fire resist / Fire resistance.

G = Gold.
G2g = Got to go.
Gank =To abmush or unfairly kill...
Ganked =To be unfairly killed (most common form being ambushing).
GB = Guild Bank.
GC = Guild chat / Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer of WoW).
GCD = Global Cooldown.
GD = Good duel.
Gdkp = Another raid and party looting system were the highest bidder gets the best item.
GF = Girlfriend.
GG = Good game.
GJ = Good job.
GL = Good luck.
GM = Game master/Guild master/Gold Mine (Available capture point in the battleground Arathi Basin, unlocked at level 10).
GN = Good night.
Goml = Get on my level. (Get on a character which is my level).
GoS = Kill on sight (well, gank on sight).
Gr8/Grt = Great.
Gratz/Gz = Congratulations.
Gryv/Grvyard = Graveyard.
GS = Gear Score.
Gtfo = Get the Frak out.
Gtg = Good to go / Got to go.
Guildies = Guild members.

H/Hc = Heroic.
Hax/H4x = Hacks.
Heals = Healer.
Hero = Heroism, Shaman move.
Hfc = Hellfire citadel (Burning Crusade dungeon).
Hfp = Hellfire Peninsula, Outland starting zone.
Hh = Honor hold.
Hk = Honorable kills.
Hlp = Help.
Hm = Hardmode.
HP = Honor points / Hit points - Amount of health.
HP5 = Heals per 5 seconds.
HPS = Heals per second.
Holy = Holy Paladin.
HoL = Halls of lightning (Wrath of the Lich King dungeon).
HoR = Halls of reflection (Wrath of the Lich King dungeon).
HoS = Halls of stone (Wrath of the Lich King dungeon).
HoT = Heal over time.
HS = Hearthstone.
Huntard = Hunter (usually said to a hunter whom is under performing).

IAMF = It's all my fault.
IC = In character (used by role-players).
ICC = Ice Crown Citadel (WotLK raid / place).
ICD = Internal Cooldown.
Idc = I don't care.
Idd = Indeed.
Idk = I don't know.
IF/Iforge = Ironforge, Dwarf capital.
IIRC = If I recall correctly / If I remember correctly.
Ikw/Ik = I know.
ilvl = Item level (gear has a level, the mean average is your item level).
Imba = Imbalanced.
Imho = In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion.
Imo = In my opinion.
Inc = Incoming.
Ins = Instance - 5 man dungeon / Can also be a proffesion - Inscription.
Int = Intellect (amount of mana).
Intr/Interpt = Interrupt.
Inv = Invite.
Irl = In real life.

Jc = Jewelcrafter.
JK = Joking/Just kidding.
Jking = Joking.
JP = Justice points (awarded for killing bosses in high level dungeons and for completing them).

k = A thousand (Eg. 1k gold (1kg) is 1000g) / Ok.
Kb = Killing blow.
KJ = Kil'jaeden (boss from Burning Crusade raid - Sunwell Plateau).
Kk/K/Kay = Okay.
Kos = Kill on sight.
KT = Kel'Thuzad (raid boss).

L@U = Laughing at you.
L2 = Learn to-.
L2P = Learn to play, usually meant offensively.
L2Pyc = Learn to play your class.
L8 = Late
Lawl = Laugh out loud, like "lol".
LF1M = Looking for 1 more.
LF = Looking for.
LFD = Looking for dungeon finder tool. (Press I by default)
LFG = Looking for guild / Looking for group.
LFM = Looking for more / Looking for member.
LFR = Looking for raid finder tool. (Press Ctrl + I by default).
LK = Lich king.
LM = Lumber mill (in the battleground Arathi Basin).
Lock = Warlock (class).
Lom = Low on mana.
Loom = Heirloom.
Lore = Background story (Eg. The story behind how the orcs got to the planet and whatnot).
Los = Line of sight.
Lrn2 = Learn to-.
Lvl = Level
LW = Leatherworker.
lmao = Laughing my @$$ off.
lol = Laugh out loud.

M8 = Mate.
Mancow = Cow, usually male tauren when used in-game.
Mats = Materials.
MB = Mana Break (meaning stop and wait for a DPS or the healer to regenerate mana).
MC = Molten Core, Classic raid.
MDps = Melee Dps per second.
MD = Misdirect (Hunter ability)
MH = Mount Hyjal, Cataclysm zone, level 80-82.
ML = Master looter, a type of looting system were one person chooses who gets the item.
Mmog = Massively multiplayer online game.
Mmorpg = Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
MM = Markmanship Hunter (Hunter talent specialization).
Mob = (Mobile object), usually monster.
MoP = Mists of Pandaria - The new - and fourth Warcraft expansion!
Motd = Message of the day.
MotW/MoW = Mark of the wild (Druid spell).
MVP = Most valued poster, on the forums their text will come up in green! (Check out Lethan's post (scroll down the page)).
Naxx = Naxxaramus, Wrath of the Lich King raid.
Neffy = Nefarion, Cataclysm raid boss.
Nelf/Ne = Night elf.
Nerf = To make weaker. (Get used to it).
NN/GN = Night, night / Good night.
Ninja = A player that steals loot.
Nm = Never mind or Nothing much.
Nvm = Never mind.
Nn = Night night.
Noob/Nub = Newbie, new to the game, unskilled player or long time player who refuses to learn, often meant offensively.
Np = No problem.
Npc = Non-player character.
Nty/Noty = No thank you.
Nr = Nature resistance.
Nuke = To deal damage very quickly, often popping all cooldowns, sometimes whilst ignoring, threat, aggro and some tactics.
Nw = No worries.
Nyi = Not yet implemented.

Obvs/Obv = Obviously.
Oc/Ofc = Of course.
OP = Overpowered/Original poster.
Omfg = Oh my Fraking god.
Omg = Oh my god.
Omw = On my way/ Oh my word.
Ony = Onyxia (raid boss).
One shot/One shotted = One shot kill.
Ooc = Out of combat / Out of character (used by roleplayers).
Oom = Out of mana.
Oor = Out of range.
Oos = Out of sight.
Otw = On the way.
Og/Org/Orgie = Orgrimmar, capital of the Horde.
Owned = Defeated easily.

Pala/Pally = Paladin (Class).
Pc = Computer / Player's character / Parental control.
Pk = Player kill / Player killer / Player Killed.
Pker = Player killer.
Pl8 = Plate armour (available only to Death Knights, Warriors and Paladins).
Plox/Plz/Pls = Please.
Pm = Private message.
Pmsl = Peeing my self laughing.
Poly = Polymorph (mage ability, common form of crowd control). Turns target into sheep for 1 minute. Can only be used on enemy targets.
Port = Portal.
Powned/PWNED = Owned, killed quickly and easily, dominated.
Powning/PWNING = Dominating
Proc = Using an off cooldown item, having a talent buff active (such as sacred shield for paladins) with an effect.
Prot / Protadin = Protection Paladin (Paladin tanking talent specialization).
Pull(er) = Attack a group of monsters first and then keep them attacking you (or you pull mobs).
PuG = Pick up group - randomly assembled group of players, such as those formed through the Random Dungeon Finder.
PvE = Player versus environment.
PvPvE = Player versus environment, versus player. (A battleground called Alterac valley is a great example).
PvP = Player versus Player.

Q&A = Questions and answers.
QFT = Quoted for truth.
QM = Quatermaster.
QQ = Qry-Qry (tears).

R = Are.
Raid = A group of 6 or more players.
Rap = Ranged attack power.
Rbgs = Rated battlegrounds.
Rdps = Ranged damage per second.
Rdy/(R, sometimes) = Ready.
Re roll = Switch to a new main character.
Rep = Reputation.
Respec = Swap to a different talent tree or specialization.
Res/Ress/Rez/Rezz = Ressurect.
Resto = Restoration Druid / Restoration Shaman (both healing specializations)
Ret/Retadin = Retribution (Paladin Dps talent specialization)
Rhc = Random heroic.
RL = Real life / Raid leader.
RNG = Random number generator.
RoF = Ring of frost (Mage move only).
Rofl = Rolling on the floor laughing.
Rofllmao = Rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off.
RP = Role playing.
RQ = Real quick.
RTG = Ready to go.
RW = Real world.

Sec = I'll just be a second (usually more like 3 minutes).
Sfk = Shadowfang keep, dungeon unlocked at level (17?) or heroic at lvl85 with 333(+) item level.
Shat/Shatt = Shattarah city, major Burning Crusade city.
Shammy/Sham = Shaman, a type of class.
SM/Smoon/Smc = Silvermoon, capital of the Blood Elves.
SM = Scarlet Monastery, classic dungeon (redone in Cataclysm).
SoA/SotA = Strand of the Ancients, Wrath of the Lich King battleground - unlocked at level 70 (also, you must have the Wrath of the Lich King expansion).
Soz/Srry = Sorry.
Sp = Spell power.
Spawn = Where monsters re-spawn (reappear), also definition of re-spawn.
Spec = Talent specialization.
Spi = Spirit.
Sp = Shadow Priest (Priest Dps talent specialization).
Stam = Stamina (stat that determines how much health you have).
St*fu (without the *) = Shut the Frak up.
Str = Strength (stat that detirmines how hard melee classes hit).
Sub = Subtlety (Rogue Dps talent specialization).
SW/Swind = Stormwind, capital of the Alliance.

End has been moved (Due to post limit) to:

(Letters T-Z^^)
Looking good, i'm sure it'll help alot of people.

PvE is Player versus environment, by the way! :)
I'll update this post from time to time and try to keep an eye on how far you've updated and replace those you've used in the list.

UPDATED 09.30am, June 20th

Lore - Background story
BiS - Best in Slot (best item to your class and spec)
GoS - Gank on Sight
Blue (I read a blue / blue post) - Statement from a Blizzard employee

I'm running out of input as the list grows - but that's a good thing.
- btw check and correct spaces when the list changes letter.
imo = In my opinion
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lmao = Laughing my a$s off
br and cr should be on there as other abbreviations often used for battle ress/combat ress. Actually never seen bres used at all, not that I question that it may be used, just never seen anything but the two I mentioned.

exp or xp for experience in game.

dkp= dragon kill points. A form of pointsystem often used by guilds to distribute loot in raids. The points you earn you buy loot for.

gdkp = Gold dkp, a system sometimes used in raids where you have to bid gold for all items that drop and the highest bidder wins. The gold gets paid into a pot that at the end of the raid gets split equal amongst the raid.

epgp = A form of pointsystem used by some guilds to distribute loot in raids. EP stands for effort points and GP for gear points.

mats = crafting materials.

proc = for when abilities or items with a chance on equip ability triggers. (perhaps you can explain that better)

gn or nn = good night
Add 1 more :)

PvPvE = Player vs Player vs Envirioment

Alterac Valley is a great example of that :)

It basicly means that next to PvP fights you also have PvE goals. Since PvE involves NPC, Alterac Valley is PvPvE :)
RP= Role play.

Ninja = someone who takes loot they can't or won't use. Not really an abbreviation I guess but I've had a lot of new players ask what a ninja is so it seems to fit.
Good stuff, updating @ around 3pm tonight.
I seriously wonder how you could not see a sticky with this? O.o
I seriously wonder how you could not see a sticky with this? O.o

<a href=""></a>

Great. =). Although that is technically true, there is another post like that, this is slightly different. While the other refers mostly to classes and professions, I am doing everything - PvP to insults.

EDIT: And thanks for the sticky vote.
19/07/2011 16:03Posted by Deathdruidii
mostly to classes and professions

Just saying, it's not :P
<---- is the author
Nice guide=D. Sorry I didn't quite get what you meant by your post. =).
This one looks a lot longer....

Evidently you've put a lot of work into this, great job, I really like it! ^.^

Roughly done on all the letters, only editing suggestions now - or anything else I can think of.
18/07/2011 16:12Posted by Deathdruidii
Mob=(Mobile object), usually monster.

I guess I learned something today, too! Brilliant! :)

Neat list, Deathdruidii, keep up the good work! I will add this to the Helpful Newcomer Reading sticky atop the Newcomer section.
Mob=(Mobile object), usually monster.

I guess I learned something today, too! Brilliant! :)

Neat list, Deathdruidii, keep up the good work! I will add this to the Helpful Newcomer Reading sticky atop the Newcomer section.

Oh, Lethan, how I've missed you!
Anyway, now that my other post is kind of rendered useless, why don't you remove mine from there and put his up instead? :)

18/07/2011 16:12Posted by Deathdruidii
MotW/MoW=Mark of the wild (Druid spell).

I usually just say "Mark", when there's a group with a druid in :)

I updated my sticky to direct towards yours, so it'd be easier to get to.

And a big thanks to you too, Deathdruidii, for merging our works together!
I better head off to roleplay now.
I guess I learned something today, too! Brilliant! :)

Neat list, Deathdruidii, keep up the good work! I will add this to the Helpful Newcomer Reading sticky atop the Newcomer section.

Thanks Lethan!
I added MVP on there now, forgot! *rolls eyes*

20/07/2011 07:05Posted by Chilana
I updated my sticky to direct towards yours, so it'd be easier to get to.

Thanks Chilana!

I will continue to work on the list but I will probably eventually run out of space!
Thanks Chilana!

I will continue to work on the list but I will probably eventually run out of space!

Argh, no problem! Do as I did, edit a
or something into it and make a new post :)

Suggestion: Maybe you should make a little space between the letter and = and the meaning.. Like..

AoE = Area of Effect
Just an example to make it easier. Maybe highlight the abbreviations with Bold text
Just some ideas :)

(EDIT: Failed at spelling)
(EDIT 2: Added some suggestions)

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