Lvl 19 twink best class?

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What is the best and funniest class for 19 twink?
Hunter :-)
Hunter. Rogue works as well to some extent but the moment you're out of stealth you get one-shot as well.

Hunters get 1-shot by rogues if they don't put a mark on them before they stealth, but rogues are entirely relient on their stealth to get the 1-shots off. Hunters aren't.
Okay i will try hunter i think
As long as you apologize to every innocent clothie you kill, you may.
Just FYI, the level 19 community tends to take a pretty dim view of FotM hunters.
i play endgame just as much as my 19 twinks, because i love my 19's for everything to do with twinking theres

i have a tiwnk rogue, paladin and a hunter. yup but thats mee, a hunter people flame me for playing them because they are slightly overpowered doesn't really matter that much to me anyways, but people care so don't roll one, you'll be hated..
a paladin is pretty good imo but yeh i'm a wannabe because i wanted to be like böllo and kaelling (renamed to Ericah)
my first twink i started was a rogue, not because they were OP or something, i kept him level 1 for about 5months, and loved to duel with 800hp vs a twinked 19 lock, wich i could beat at some points but if you want to take a rogue be prepared, BiS rogues are expensive 2x ShadowFang is pretty expensive,...

after all it comes down to what you most like to play, who cares if a class is OP or not yeh, you will get hated/laughed at for rolling them but if you enjoy your class, the people who troll/laugh are just idiots, not all 19 twinks are about Battlegrounds that much
Aimed shot EVERYTHING!
Also, tame one of those spiders in the Draenei starter zone. Not only does it have the classic Spider Web, but it also shrieks when it fights adding intimidation to it.
Trust me, intimidation works. Its the reason I can roflstomp a Blood Elf Warrior yet I panic and run when I see a Tauren Warrior.
Hunter. Rogue works as well to some extent but the moment you're out of stealth you get one-shot as well.

Hunters get 1-shot by rogues if they don't put a mark on them before they stealth, but rogues are entirely relient on their stealth to get the 1-shots off. Hunters aren't.


Hunter: aimed shot nonbuffed: 700 - 800 crit @ lv 14 + slow effects + retreat

Rogue: shs = 1 ambush + 1shs => 1-2 sinister & some whitehits....= 500 dmg?


Anyway, have fun!
I think i will try the hunter because i love playing them :)

Thanks for the helt all!
Nobody has explained why hunters are fun...

Note: I have a level 19 hunter as well as this priest.

I consider winning the battleground being the fun part. I'll pass on gy camping anytime. Checking HK, most dps, most healing done, etc.? Meh, pointless.
But that is all a matter of opinion of course.

So, if fun is smashing one or two buttons and going for most HKs, please go as a hunter.

My perspective: until you hit the twink bracket, your hunter will insta-kill anything. Skill-level below zero. Then you lock your XP and join the other twinks. OP drops to op. You'll take out warriors, shamans, no prob. The rest is a bit harder, some are near impossible. Good luck taking down a healer on your own :). One on one, hunters will beat the dust against a priest or pally healer.

Hunters will still be awesome in a well-functioning team of course. But that goes for any class really.

Fun to me is versatility and/or difficulty. I like rogues for the different roles they can play in WSG. I love my priest for being able to heal and dps to my liking. A warlock is probably the hardest to play at this level, therefor fun to play as well.

Best class. Hmm. When I enter a battleground, I check to see if Phonebook is on my team and if Ericah, Histeria or Ath are on the other side. If it's just Phonebook I smile. If she's not there and one or more of mentioned hordies are, I start a serie of curses. If both Phonebook and one of the others are there, I know it will be a very fun, sometimes even epic battleground. All before mentioned names belong to paladins (holy if I'm correct). And that concludes my opinion that holy paladins are probably the best class in the 19 twink bracket. But those same pallies will most likely admit that without any decent support, they are just as vulnerable as any other class...

Whatever you choose, good luck and enjoy.
I totally agree with Marhi, locked is a different cattle of fish, when you enter as a hunter for instance.. you know you could 1 shot someone.. but that someone will not be a player like Phonebook or other very good players like him.. so be prepared to face (you will almost see the evil grin on their face) that player runs at you after you gave it your best shot .. and just hope and pray your swiftness potion is ready at hand to get you closer to your team.. and some friendly face will notice the sheer horror and mess you're in as you run into every wall or bush on the way (cuz your head is turned backwards and watching your death getting closer) and starts to help you.

This is my first rogue in lvl19 locked as I always played a hunter.. and I admit I am still learning to play a melee (nightmare so far).. but a rogue (and I am talking in VERY general terms here) is in my opinion much safer to play in this hostile enviroment than a hunter.. you could choose to remain stealthed but continue to be useful to your team.. slow down the healers or their best players etc. etc. until the right time comes when you dish out ( with a smile ) that very important ambush.
Warrior used to be fun...but with cata we are ruined...

Would help if they would bring back hamstring, revenge and shield block. But right now we are just mostly sitting ducks with the poor range of charge and the looooong range of hunters and all their slows.
I think that hunters are too op but if u know how to play as sub rogue u will own that huntard
try pally....nearly as op as hunter and not as hated.
I'll go against the vein and say disco, really powerful spec that can tank FOTM's pretty easily.
Hunter and rogue for DPS

Holy Pally for Flag Carrying

Disc Priest for Healing

I've played pretty much most chars to lvl 29 (fully heirloomed and twinked out with the best enchants), and these 4 classes are brilliant fun.

If you just wanna Pwn folk, then hunters are the way. Rogues are great fun as you can 1 shot people then vanish again.

Holy Pallys are impossible to kill

Disc Priests, fully twinked are v hard to kill cos of the shields and healing.

All great fun though.
So sad to see the most OP classes are "the most fun" ones according to the replies here.
But I guess that's what most people think as when I level up alts in bgs all I see are priests and hunters(and some rogues)... not holy paladins though. Is it spamming Exorcism that is good or do you mean holy paladins that actually heal?
How about some challenge? Which class would be not too UP, not too OP?
Hey! just took the liberty to translate Best into Strongest.

if best = most fun...go with anything but those 3 classes (hunt,rogue,pally)

except warrior...they are just so painfully crippled at low level its impossible to have any fun pvp.

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