Teamspeak or Ventrilo?

Raid and Guild Leadership
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Mumble everytime!
Hey, ever since I moved into uni accomodation, My ventrilo and TS3 server has been blocked. Only skype works?? can u guys kno of any alternatives. That mumble ur talking about, will that be blocked as well if i install it? Just because of not having any voice chat i cant go for raids :(

Wanted 2 kno if u guys can gimme sum infos or help me out.

Teamspeak 3 = Mumble > Ventrilo 3

I would rank them like this. Ventrilo 3 is really outdated, it has high delay if people are talking.
If any1 wants a free vent channel just go to the vent homeepage and order a channel, works just fine and with the correct mic settings, you can get the best sound! :). Have a nice day!
Dont go for mumble, you will spend half your time explaining to folk how to use it.

Vent not clear enough

Teamspeak3 , clear and good :) Vote TS3

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