TCG problem - Couldn't validate code, please try again

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I have been trying to redeem the Ogre Pinata. I have inputed the code from the card on the website:
I has been successfull: You have successfully entered your promotion code for the realm "Frostmane" (Europe).
Your in-game code is: bla bla bla
But when i try to redeem the item ingame lando gives me an error:
Couldn't validate code, please try again.
The code is correct and im picking the right item from landros menu. Please help.
Have you tried Copy / Pasting the code from the browser into the game window
Thanks, yea i was doing everything correctly. The issue is resolved now. Turns out that although i received the error message i have successfully redeemed the item. It has gone to my mailbox instead of my bag. Please close this topic.
Nice. Gratz on the find Mesk!

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