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06/01/2012 08:21Posted by Elledain
Kazzak isn't as bad as TN, AA and SM, still livable.

Al'akir still livable, your kinda clueless

atleast they seem to get blue's

I think he meant that Kazzak is still livable and the rest is out of control. Read between the commas.

@ Glittra: I think you're the first one who actually recognizes the problem on this server. The rest has been ignorant and just have been trolling around. You got my vote.
I was gonna make a joke about glittra's text but then i took an arrow to the knee.

I think Elledain is actually considering taking Clarity to alliance tho, good news!
06/01/2012 17:37Posted by Veeneh
@ Glittra: I think you're the first one who actually recognizes the problem on this server. The rest has been ignorant and just have been trolling around. You got my vote.

Thanks? ;p
06/01/2012 17:49Posted by Milkmehh
I think Elledain is actually considering taking Clarity to alliance tho, good news!

Meh i just want to get out of this retiring mode and gank again.
Incalcando, no of course I wasn't serious, it was purely a joke. I would never suggest such a thing for real, it's really evil and deals with real life money. I am sorry if I wasn't clear on that being a joke. I tossed in the Nobel thingy just to make it less serious.

Why I don't faction change. Well I played horde since 2005, had some brief pure pvp alliance thing back in 2007, but it just wasn't the same.
I always wanted to be horde and UD (but the racial kinda got me in the end) cause I have a thing for zombies and ugly stuff.

And yeah we could move, we got our team kinda solid. The only thing that would hurt for a weirdo like me, is the loss of the specific horde-achievements, which I just can't for my life do again. I really hate that place.

And, us being a Swedish and all, won't do much good for the hungry alliance that wants to raid. It is a very limited market so to speak.
I did not really make it clear enough. I didn't mean to say you should transfer to horde. I was merely pointing out that as much as you do wish to change this situation, there's nothing that can be done by us at the moment, since some of us are too attached to the horde in general like you, some actually want to but the rest of their guild want, or in my case, it is a risk to transfer a whole guild to a dead alliance side.
Lets hope cross realm raids and BG's can at least help us out in some way...
More horde to the slaughter please.
There is something we actually can do. But that would take some commitment from a few guilds.
If some guilds, like 4-7, agreed to change faction, and we could make some sort of agreement on that. I, or someone, could bring this suggestion to blizzard, and we'll see if they can't make this a free transfer.

This will both repopulate the alliance side a little bit, make a buzz and be a solid ground to build on.
Sure, it will be a little hard in start, but I actually see this as a fun challenge. The economy will be hard in the beginning, but we could stack up and "help" each other out in the start by trading among guilds. Also, we as a guild, among other guilds, are pretty much self sufficient, with all professions, materials, recipes and so on.

They have had this offer earlier to other guilds on server that had this problem. Tho if we are the ones making the suggestion, I think it is another story.

So what do you think?
And also, if the blue color start to pop up on the progress ladder, with TN being a really successful server, I think it will be noticeable to people on other servers. Aka a good marketing strategy.
If I may speak master goblin

I think it's a good idea, in theory. But I don't think these guilds will stay for a long time. The transferring guild will need to rely on a solid reliable team, when few people fall off (due to irl issues or other problems) they'll need a certain replacement for that person. And believe me, you won't find it on the current alliance side or you will need to ask members of other transferred guilds. This last option is good for few times, but it's not a durable solution.

Cause face it, even if there are 5 to 6 guilds from horde transferring to alliance. They will be the only ones, I don't see previous alliance or other people coming back because they see TN alliance is getting active again. Maybe for a few players but not much. The ones transferred away from TN alliance are probably sitting high and dry on their new servers/factions and don't have the intention of coming back.

This will only work if we get around 10k players instant to alliance side, and alliance will still be outnumbered, but the fact that we're outnumbered isn't a problem. The fact that we can't do anything is.

IF this will work, i'll be all supportive. As I am since the beginning.

Just my 2 cents
10k players? That is asking for a lot.

I think this could work. When the moving guilds start climbing on the server ladder, which we should. This will created a buzz, making more alliance move here. Many guilds/players keep an eye on TN, I know that for a fact.

But it will take a little time ofc, patience is a virtue.
I'm not sure, Method (ranked 6th in the world) resides on Xavius and yet it attracts little to no players, even with FCM. The realm stays on 5k players.

Alliance players will go to alliance servers, or at least where they are not extremely outnumbered. Even if the ratio will get better thanks to horde transferring to alliance side, let's say 15-100 A-H, then it'll still be difficult to get more and more players here.

It's a long shot to make it work.

I remember blizzard making free migrations from magtheridon to other realms while ensidia was playing at magtheridon they can do something like that in inverse way where migrations to tn ally is free.
TN is a sad place indeed. I do not know how many times I've shouted out that my guild is recruiting an I get no answer. Even the LFG thing is as silent as a graveyard.

There has been a few good ideas on how to better the situation for alliance, but we all have to face the hard facts: We either need to merge with a heavy favored alliance server, or just live this sad life we do into oblivion. Cause free migration from horde to alliance will, and I guarantee, not bring anywhere close to the number of players we need to the alliance side. This is because people KNOW the alliance side is dying, so there is no point wasting time transferring to a faction that horde farms 24/7-365...
I saw an alliance player yesterday. Had to take a screenshot... And unfortunately put him out of his misery :'(
17/02/2012 04:53Posted by Lemasive
I saw an alliance player yesterday. Had to take a screenshot... And unfortunately put him out of his misery :'(

You realized you prolly killed an horde alt do you?
Wow. I can't believe this thread is still alive. My Twisting Nether heart is crying out in happyness 8')

I moved my Death Knight and other alts to Outland, but I still miss my old team mates, and those who showed me the first basic ropes of the game.

I sometimes visit my rogue still stuck there in Twisting Nether, Angelica is still in my heart. But it's getting harder to come back every time, seing it shrinks more and more for every time. It was fun seing Trained by Chuck Norris is still up and running, makes me sob a little in happyness. Though I could not find any of my old guildies of "Killed Kenny" )'8

I will bump this old thread I once made in hope there is still a shimmer of hope that Blizzard will do something, and rise my "homeland" up from the unballanced grounds, and give Alliance on TN a chanse again.
it was dead untill you posted, actually.
24/02/2012 17:11Posted by Milkmehh
it was dead untill you posted, actually.

Considering how old this post is, I wouldnt think 5 days is dead. And since you keep constant watch over it, it has to mean something to you

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