Any possibility to cancel the Annual Pass?

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Hi, I am sorry if this question already has been answered (as it probably has a million times - I can't seem to find it though).

I signed up for the Annual Pass when it was told by Blizzard that such a feature would be buyable. Things changed and now it was probably decided I won't play within the following year. Since I have not received the Diablo III game (since it's not released), the mount (since 4.3 is not released) or the first 6 month play-time (since my old subscription is still in action), is there any possibility to revert my Annual Pass? I did not receive any bonuses so I will not earn anything from it. (It would have been a different story if I already received the few couple of months).

I know it said in the contract that it's not possible, but seeing I haven't began my 12 month period, I'm just asking.

Sorry if my question bothers you or anyone else too much. I just thought it would be ok to ask, even if the chance is very slim probably.

Thank you in advance,
Greetings Nealia,

I’m afraid to say that if you’ve previously signed up for the WoW Annual Pass then you actually have begun your 12 month period (indeed, your own Annual Pass contract runs until the 22nd of October next year).

I can see that you’ve also already contacted our Account and Payment team on the telephone just prior to creating this thread, and that they regrettably told you it wouldn’t be possible to cancel the agreement in your case, so apologies for having to further confirm what you’ve been told on the phone.

I do hope you’re able to enjoy the game and the related benefits of the Pass to some degree, nonetheless. :)
Learn to read before you agree to terms and conditions....
That there isn't really necessary, is it? There's nothing wrong with asking, and the guy obviously knows that he can't make demands. Go lay into someone who actually deserves it, and leave the ones that don't alone.
20/11/2011 01:12Posted by Animalia
Learn to read before you agree to terms and conditions....

Did you read these before agreeing by posting?
Empty your bank account for cash should work i believe. or close it
i made a mistake buying annual pass myself, wow isn't working on my computer just get displayer driver issues and it forces me to restart all the time and i i've done everything to try and fix it. and i'm not really playing wow anymore cuz it's started to become a very depressing game, and blizzard are milking people for money for character transfers to keep the realms populated, there are many dead realms out there with like 20 people on alliance, blizzard ain't doing anything to help out...
Emptying your account does not cancel the legally binding contract that you have agreed to. However, as stated above you can call Account and Payment through the links supplied and they canc heck if they can shoow some leeway in the specific cases.
Please avoid posting in old topics.
As for the problems you're having playing the game, have you tried the tech forum - ? Or calling Tech Support - ?

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