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Hey there peeps,
Could anyone link me some strategy guide regarding Morchok HC?
So far, only thing I could read was that at 90% he splits in 2, and both do the same abilities.
Things I cannot figure out though, are whether they share the health pools or not (some people said from the ptr, that they killed him and looted before the twin died), and also how should tanks handle his crush armor, if they are unable to swap?

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06/12/2011 05:43Posted by Cazad
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Could you be more specific and link to me the direct url to the strategy?
Seems I cannot find it on my own.
there is no crush armour on Heroic, tho im still searching for some tips for this and others myself
Two groups 5 & 5. Each group has 1 tank 1 healer & 3 DPS.

First you need to decide who will take the dbl damage attack in each group. Rogues are good, as are locks & shadow priests. Anyone with damage reduction would be most appropriate for this job. The remaining three people take the crystal every time.

That's all you gotta decide then it's just a case of repeating it & trying to heal through the huge damage. The tank doesn't move the boss, he just stands still the entire time while the DPS (or healer) take the crystal.
Found this link with some info regarding the first 4 bosses in HC mode.
HC mode has been up for like 24 hours in America.
You can either move them really far apart and act as individual 5 man groups - but then 1 healer can have a hard time keeping everyone up; or you can stay close, have people group up for stomps and heal up quickly, but then you will have very little time to get to the crystals before they explode.
There was also a strategy with 2x 5 man groups with 2 healers in each, but that's clearly not intended.
We did some really close attempts on 25 man. We just spread them far away. One group had 3 healers and second had 4.

First group: 1 tank - 3 healers- 9 DPS
Second group: 1 tank - 4 healers - 7 DPS

Second group took more dmg from stop due to 1 less raid member in group so thats why we had 4 healers there.

We used rogue in every group to be 2nd soaker at stomp besides tank.
He was always at boss. ( tbh he was standing in it to be sure he was closest to him )

All other dps and healers went to crystal AFTER stomp.

Thats it, you can kite them together at 20% when he will soft enrage ( 20% more dmg and 30% more haste ), if you do that, raid CDs should be used for every stomp ( you might get 1-2).

And ranbged DPS can still DPS behind pillars ( between gaps). It will help you beat enrage timer.

Overall its pretty easy boss fight. ( except the healing which might be tough some times )
What we did after 10 wipes or so was switch our 2 healer setup completely and used the following setup;

Group 1:
Resto Shaman
Disc Priest
Feral Druid - Tank
Frost DK - Absorber
Fire Mage

Group 2:
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Prot Paladin
Feral Druid - Absorber (bear form switching)
Affliction Warlock

We used 2 Ventrilo groups and it was pure cakewalk once we got used to the crystal/stomp times. This pic might be weird but it shows you how far away we were as an example;

08/12/2011 14:29Posted by Velayna
Funny that Shambulance, we went with a resto shaman/disc in 1 group and a holydin/druid in the other but after a few wipes we swapped the holy/priest around and it worked better, meh.

Can understand that since Shammies give 10% bonus to max HP as long as they maintain a heal on that target every 10 secs whilst Priests absorb. Saying that, the feral druid using bear form was enough to soak the stomps so it worked in the end ^^

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