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Hi ! i would like if you guys can make that the raid finder can search for more raids like firelands, bastion of twilight and bardin hold, just a thought that could be fun :) with best regards stentuff :P
Because this would need a new loot level per raid (which would be entirely redundant) they wont back-date LFR.
They should.... Alot of ppl are whining about LFR, but actually its a big succes.
Have played some runs now with different chars and roles and I really liked it... sometimes an unnessecary wipe, but hey, who cares... ppl will have to learn to play it right..

As I started playing wow a few weeks before Cata, I have missend all raids from before that time and I would love to see them... If blizz wants to attract new players they should not only focus on end game content (wich comes and goes pretty fast this way).

should not be that big of a deal to creat some new loot when they change some stats slightly... The looks can stay the same.

I would love it
I want them to make a lock on LFR so ppl with pvp geare cant do it.. its saad to se ppl in boe blue pvp gere doing sadly low dps and winging rolls ower ppl with full pve.
They should make a dkp system for LFR imo :P Then you dont get the rng rolls, and you wouldnt get people needing on more than 1 item (like if 2 shoulder tokens drop etc).

Over all i must say i enjoy LFR too.
doesn't matter to me, the pvper need to get their pve gear somewere
the raid finder is not the best at all

is destroy the game abit is to easy now to get gear and that where is the challange?
accually i posted a possible solver to the problem we players have had with raid's as of late the link is here
15/12/2011 14:23Posted by Stentuff
Hi ! i would like if you guys can make that the raid finder can search for more raids like firelands, bastion of twilight and bardin hold

Yo sup, not gonna lie. Im kinda wondering why they didn't do that from the start. RF DS is awesome.. kinda boring after a while but if you doing normal and hc with your guild then pretty useless, non the less good way to learn tacs, getting gear and meeting new peeps. By making more RF raids characters can start building up there item level for harder future raids ect, instead of even doing random dungeons they could just do "this" and earn JP and VP on the same cap like Dungeon Finder (1000vp weekly), and not to forget more acievments for LFR. But not just cata raids though i would say starting OS, RS, ICC, Ulduar and then hit Cata raids. In the end cool idea I rate ill defiantly enjoy that, but you never know :P cool topic though peace
they would have to make "raid finder level" of loot and decrease the difficulty of the encounter, remove or dumb down a lot of tactics etc
Ive been thinking the same. Pugging Firelands is a pain, as most people only want DS now. It would make alot of people happier i think.

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