lvl 70 rogue twink questions about gear!

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Hello so im lvling a rogue to twink at lvl 70 61 right now but i see everyone with pve gear (70 twinks) isnt it better to just use pvp gear? and why do they use it

Depends on the PvE gear.

Some of the 2/8 or 4/8 set bonuses on TBC gear can be really potent, especially when mixed with each other.
Same for all classes, but rogues in paticular don't benefit from resilience very much. You would do better just stacking pure +20 agility gems in every slot, every enchant +agility, and Mongoose on weapons.
so i should get all items pve or just a few to get pvp set bonus?
All items PvE if you know what you're doing.

I don't know any amazing 70 rogues, so ask on the Rogue forums what 70 PvE gear is best for rogues.

Get the full Brutal set to start with, though. It's a good place to start at, and is at least better than greens or wotlk blues.
ok so start with full brutal and work your way up to pve if needed :p thanks :)
It's all about socket spots, pve gear is better than pvp in all cases for rogs imo. Most stuff tho aint a big difference, just a question of survival or nuke. What is, without question, better is:
1 The fist or dagger from KJ depending on specc.
2 The oh fist with 2 gem slots from sunwell trash.
3 The leather legs from sunwell with 3 red sockets.
4 The ring from M'uru -it only exists one pvp ring for rogs-
5 The cloak from KJ.
6 The thrown from Sunwell trash.
I would say you should use full
Blade of the Unrequited from kara is bis for off hand weapon
Don't get more than 3 pieces of pve gear. You'll drop in seconds with no resilience. I play holy Paladin and have 800 resilience. I know what I'm doing.
go full pve gear if you want to kill people if you go for pvp gear good luck to kill someone like me or people with resilience.
one good sample is this
so thats a good geared rogue?
Aye, he seems to of done his research. Getting items even if the ilvl is slightly lower, for the added sockets etc...
If caught out of stealth I would imagine him to drop in a few seconds.
Well, rogs should hardly get hit :P
Nice wintraded title
I aint really to sure about the whole 3 gem slot dagger thing? tbh i reckon crux in mainhand and glaive in offhand is prob best? i cant notice much difrence in damage i can agree that the gun with 2 gem slots is by far the best in slot though.

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