Ulduar 25, off meta achievements. (A)

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I will gladly tag along to do the off-meta achievments
Btw which day/time are you planning on running this?
a mage ready to throw nether's twisting powers at your disposal.
fury warrior
Fire Mage here very interested in joining future runs for off-meta achievements. Almost always available.
Disc priest up for meta achv if need
Very positive mage available here :)
Unholy/Frost DPS
With the new real ID feature coming out soon, I'm making a list for Ulduar 25. I need the rest of my fragments, and , like many others, the off meta achievements.

This is a list for people who would like to join Ulduar 25, mainly going for the off meta achievements. We will also be doing 0 lights aswell ofc. ^_^

So if we take 2 tanks, 5-6 healers, and 17-18 dps heres the list so far.

Available tanks: Neylia, Paladinbeast, Ishuffle, Furyel, Guenivere, Entangle, Gaudium, Seiná, Demonsavior

Available healers: Loubykin, Vyil, Kaylía, Padrearnhand, Melentix, Ohhealno

Available dps: Anesthesia, Neylia, Apeox, Paladinbeast, Apnthrwpos, Vyil, Ishuffle, Furyel, Elmarc, Guenivere, Nrn, Gaudium, Leandriel, Seiná, Bóng, Warriorista, Iqb, Demonsavior, Kiay, Khaas, Prospector, Tiken, Mairiae, Bloodcountes, Ekani

An In-game mail will be sent to the players, with my Real ID, as soon as I know when i know the date. (gotta have the patch first ofc.)

If the group is filled on the first run, and you're not in it, do not lose hope. I'll be doing plenty of runs, as it seems like im not the most lucky person in the world with these fragments :P


Is this for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievements, or the ones that aren't on that list as well?
Is this for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievements, or the ones that aren't on that list as well?

As said in the title, this is mainly for the off meta achievement (the ones that arent needed for the drake). Ofcourse we will be doing as many hardmodes as possible, but for example on Kologarn, we will be going for other achievements than disarmed mainly :)
I'm interested too:)
Count me in DW Frost
i am interested in this
Resto druid here, id very much like to be part of this. Keep the thread updated if you decide to put down any dates // establish connection over IRC or such
im up for this on my mage - Typhlosion. hes going to be decked out in full gear soonish ^^
Seems like the patch is going up this wednesday, so dates and more info will be coming up soon ^_^
Affliction Warlock available. Willingly to change spec for achievements.
I'm already done with the achievements but if I'm online while you do it, I'd love to come just to keep me raiding.

Holy/Shadow Priest.
Blood/Frost DK
I just need the non-meta achievements.

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