BG Premade, done, closed.

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Done, close please :)
I need [Stormpike Perfection] and the EOTS one.. been missin them for over 1.5 year now :P

So im inn : )
Hello! I am very interested in doing the difficult battleground achievements! So I am more than happy to join!
Where does it say that you need to be from the same battlegroup in order to do bg premades?

"You can now form same-faction raids with Real ID friends, allowing you to enter Raid Finder in groups larger than 5, run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds. You will not yet be able to run normal or heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm raids of Real ID friends. "

That's all I found on this.
25/01/2012 01:31Posted by Battlebeard

I need [Stormpike Perfection] and the EOTS one.. been missin them for over 1.5 year now :P

So im inn : )

same minus the 1.5 year part :P

id be in also
Well, I am not sure, but according to the person making the Horde 250k kill farm thread, he says you have to be on the same battleground, and he seem to know what he talks about :)
nOPE Did it whit a friend from a another bg last night )
I need [Perfect Storm] and [Resilient Victory].
i need resili vic, mine, alter blitz and storm perfection
Nice to see people interested. Will update when the patch airs, to set up groups, times etc.
I am interested, need everything and also will bring more people with me if this premade happens. But I am on Rampage/Saccage. Hope it works...
I'd be in for sure!
signed !

i need mine btw but i'm in for everything :D!
Hi, I would be up for this.
402 PvP equipped Ret Pala

I need:

The Perfect Storm
Eye of the Storm Domination (2/10)

Save The Day

Defense of the Ancients


Edit: I dont think you're limited to Battlegroups now, but I might be wrong.
I am interested, specially resili vic and Storm perfection
I'd like to join you for this, on crualty BG but as has been mentioned, I think it should still work.

I've listed the achs I want below, but I can join up for other achs as well, still need wins and HKs ^^

I'd like the following achievs:

AB: We had it all along *cough*

IoC: Mine

BfG: Battle for Gilneas Perfection
Newbs to Plowshares
Don't get cocky kid

Personal achs (adding just in case):
WSG: Ironman
I am in for all of em!
I would like to join to, for the semi-hard ones like:

AV: [Stormpike Perfection]

AB: [Resilient Victory]

Eots: [The Perfect Storm]

BfG: [BfG Perfection], [Don't get Cocky], [Jugger Not]

Twink Peaks: [Double Jeopardy]
Hey, how's it going with the premade?

I would like to join too. The achievements I miss which came to mind are:

AV: Stormpike Perfection

AB: Resilient Victory

IoC: Mine

I can, however, still help with the other achievements. I'm fully capable of listening, my gear is 100% PvP & gemmed and enchanted. If you allow me to come I am coming as a Restoration druid.
Time and dates I am free most of the time, so whatever suits the team best.

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