I give up :=(

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I sent you a message ingame Simorae
Kidja, thank you for the response :)
But I'll be going Horde then! Is there a spot for me?
04/02/2012 11:50Posted by Sakka
Outland is Misery battleground, yes? I consider faction change and realm change only because of this

You can join from all english eu servers =)
I'd like to join on my horde warlock. How can i get involved?
04/02/2012 15:43Posted by Gibz
I'd like to join on my horde warlock. How can i get involved?

Just /w Simorae
joined this group, works awsum!
634 HK in my first AV <3

Thanks guys !
<3 the Way Simorae leads raids keep doing it and pew pew for the kills :D
This is so awesome. Easy to rack up with Honorable Kills! :D
This is sick. Leader is very knowledgeable.

632 hks in about 30 minutes.
I am jelly :/
Over 700 HK in the last AV..... Me gusta.....
Epic runs <3 brutal awesomeness!!
I'm ret Pala ready for some BG, got 4700 resilience.
I was told to spread the love.
Great run tonight got over 2k hk's in no time, Simorae knows his stuff.
High warlord (2700 rbg) 2300 (3v3) Kóngor here for duty !
So many people wish this was alliance :X
iirc last night, a guy was on his alliance toon and like everyone else got farmed to hell and back so he logged his horde toon instead and joined the fun.

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