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Argent Dawn
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Ordgar: Awesome! Will you join as an Alliance-loyal unit or a mercenary unit?

Angelus: It’s possible. Read especially “Leaving and entering the campaign” (3.4) well. It’s not expected that all units fight from beginning to the end. Also, if your allegiances are unsure, you could sign up as a mercenary unit.

Akru: The Borderlands Campaign gives both factions a good chance to push through the enemy resistance and improve their positions. If your interests are on a southern invasion, I suggest that the Hand of Agony puts focus on Arathi Highlands and Wetlands area. If the Horde is victorious, it would give a very solid reason to push forward, deeper to the Alliance lands. But with active enemy strongholds and camps behind your lines, a campaign to Khaz Modan would end before it would even get started. Your case is an excellent example of how the goals of separate units of the same army can be vastly different. Some other units might consider Silverpine Forest a region of great importance.

Baladan: You are absolutely right. It is entirely possible for a Forsaken unit who wishes to press the advantage to Wetlands to deploy to Hammerfall and move directly to Wetlands in the first week. If they’re equipped with artillery, they could even stay there to bombard the Alliance settlements with poison after all missions in the region have been done – leaving the bunkers of Dun Algaz and Menethil Harbor pillaged.

General word: Although I haven’t yet added any guilds to the list, there’s already about ten large/reputed/active roleplaying guilds that have expressed their interest to join, here or privately. That is to say, many of the awesome guilds I hoped would be interested in this are already joining the effort!

When you sign up your unit to the campaign, remember to mention if you would like to sign up as a mercenary unit instead of your faction unit if its allegiances to the faction aren’t clear. Also, tell the name of the unit’s commander. If the unit is only a part of a larger guild, tell the individual name of this unit. When I have all this information, I will add your unit to the list.

All this will make it easier to organize.
I will again say you try to balance the forces abit, Waywatcher.
Its not fun to be outnumbered 2 to 1 before you even got a chance. I trust in your ability however to do so.

That is a mere tip, not a request, mind.

You are not outnumbered, Akru (or, at least not in inferior position through the game mechanics). In fact, the positioning and initial deployment favors the Horde - although I'm not yet sure how heavily. This is because the Horde has gained (in the game lore) a better grasp of the Borderlands area during the last year or so. I don't go to details, but trust me. The deployment, currently, favors the Horde.

Putting more Horde interest to Wetlands would not be balanced at the moment, though, because there are active Alliance fortresses in Arathi Highlands and Hinterlands. Something must be done to those before the offensive can turn its full attention to the southern border. That is what this campaign is all about, if you take a look on the Horde missions that involve Hinterlands-Arathi-Wetlands triangle.
I don't mind "losing" half of Arathi and Hinterlands. As neither of us can alter Blizzards lore.
I will discuss with my officers and check into this a lot firmer to get a better grasp of the situation.. As I do like Hinterlands, Wetlands and Arathi but am way to tired of Silverpine, Hillsbrad and all of the plaguelands to continue any sort of battle there for at least a few months.
Was planning one without PvP myself, after the thread I made. But, I suppose I'll delay it somewhat. Good luck with this.
Unit Name: Crimson Dusk

Unit Commander: Adaeron

Allegiance: Alliance

We would likely desire to start in the Wetlands, arriving in Menethil Harbor by boat from Valgarde.
Come @ me, Akru.

Why am I wearing no clothes, you ask? It was time for a bath, that's why.
We'll be there, of course!
Unit name: The Second Brigade.

Commander: Creic. (I'm his lackey.)

Allegiance: Alliance.

Don't mind where we fill in, but if there's space we'd love to come!
Unit name: Mardenholde Dawn.
Commander: Koriandr.
Allegiance: Argent Crusade (neutral).
Start us out in Silverpine, maybe, close to Hearthglen as can get.
...Would there perhaps be any room for spies here? Perhaps as scouts who remain away from the main fights or people who gain intel from the enemy.
Unit name: Darkshire Brigade.

Commander: Captain Aedahn Emberlocke.

Allegiance: Alliance - Stormwind Army.
Unit name: Blood Knight Guard, unit specialty - cavalry.
Commander: Champion Elzarius Sunstealer.
Allegiance: Horde.

I do not think people should rush with reserving the places of where they want to be.

And here comes the idea of staging a Horde War Council event for the Horde-side guilds that will participate. I think the location should be in the Ruins of Lordaeron, and the date from somewhere mid to end of February, maybe the beginning of March and either a Supreme Commander should be appointed on this meeting or a Council formed, for dealing with our tactics and strategy. OOC discussions will take the major part of course.

So, Horde guilds that will be participating, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we'll arrange the event.

P.S. Also, Waywatcher, a compliation of guilds participating should be nice, somewhere on the front page.
Unit Name: Kargoth

Unit Commander: Kargoth

Allegiance: Mercenary

Yeah, he's joining for himself unless the Chains are also joining this thing. Or something...
I'll take a chance to fully read through this after me event, but so far, the Moklohn can be considered in!
Elzarius: Aye. The list of participating units will appear to the second page. I’m adding the currently announced units there right away. And what you said about war councils and such, it’s probably a good idea – on both sides. Although there’s hardly rush yet, since the event start is yet months away.

Reinhardt: Certainly. Read the section “Messengers, spies and prisoners” (2.8).

Good examples of unit sign-ups here. Like Adaeron did, you can already decide your point of deployment in the start of the campaign if you like, if you’re already sure where you’d like to start. You can also choose this closer to the event’s start. It’s no biggy yet.
Unit name: Hellscreams Vanguard
Commander: Legionnaire Tazkram
Allegiance: Horde.

Rakshu: Yeah, I know it's not a very quick read. Take your time and we'll get back to it!

Tazkram: Added you guys to the list as well. Excellent!
19/01/2012 17:49Posted by Adaeron
Come @ me, Akru.

NO! You come @ me!

Also, Waywatcher, put us up on the maybe list. We still got plans to do beforehand but I say its a maybe, a 50/50 chance for now.
If allowed, I'd like to sign The Gilnean League up - under Matriarch Adelaide Moore. :) This sounds brilliant.
Unit Name: Bayerleyn Retinue.

Commander: Lord Shonn Bayerleyn.

Allegiance: Alliance - Kingdom of Stormwind.

Starting position: Not sure, have to doublecheck on the boss for that. I know in his previous attempted Summer Campaign (same map moving around but pvp focused) he was fond of the idea - if possible - of Purgation Isle as staging point and landing ashore in Hillsbrad Foothills, with oversea supplies (considering Kul Tiras would be just south of there.) Do not take this as definitive.

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