WTB Ragnaros HC Mount

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still looking for an alliance guild that is willing too sell the rag hc mount for 100k gold, contact me ingame or reply here if u like.
If you will be xferring one char to trade the gold, have you thought about buying some items to sell on the new server?

Epic gems, shadowmourne/tcg items sell well and fast.

As Luun said, SB can do it for you for 200k! :D
i wont xfering any char, ill make one char on any server where the guild who sells it is, and then ill trade the offered gold (100k), i realy cant effort more then that, and i honestly cant believe there aint any guild there who is willing to do it for that ammount? 100k should be enough too devide amoung urselfs id say, ether way, like i wrote earlier only reply if ur willing to make this deal happen, all other replies are kinda pointless :)

regards Kazumí
good luck with this mate <3

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