(H) Herald of the titans

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Im looking for geared people that want to do Herald of the titans.
Im joining as DK tank and then I have a warrior tank friend, we are both geared.

I will try to see if I can get enough people, to be able to do it to night.

So if you're interrested please list your class/role or mail me ingame Thylenna - Outland
I've got an 80 Warlock which I've been gathering some Heralds gear for. I'm about halfway done.
I'd love to join in. I'll send you an ingame mail with my real ID.

Take a looksie here:

I got a lvl 80 rogue I want to join on. Though it doesn't have any gear so far.
I got a lvl 80 Shaman with almost full naxx 25 / uld 10 gear, I also got a lvl 80 hunter and would be very intressted to join on either of em.
oh god, hi!
Alright I have made a list with you guys in it and I got a couple of friends joining aswell.

I would like the name of the character tho, so i would appreciate if you could write your char name here or mail it to me ingame.

Our group so far is:

tanks: Dk(me), Warrior.

Melee dps: Rogue

Ranged dps: Hunter, Warlock, Mage.

Not sure what spec you are on your shaman Loffolawl?
Sent you a mail ingame with my email address to add. Got it?

Ain't got any friend request pending.
I'd love to join with this boomkin. I'm in the process of gathering the gear and I'm about halfway there.
I got a warrior lvl 80 on kazzak, rly no gear for it tho. would love to come as dps
To those that want to,
Feel free to send me an ingame mail with your email address, could do some heroics / raids together then already.
My priest who already have herald of the titans, level 80, can dps or heal, I healed it this week in shadowgear, so I'm able to do it :) but since I got 4 set shadow I can do whatever.
Yo i'm interested, contact me in game on Norgag (not this one) or something :) I'm just missing a ring and bracers but I can farm them easy so other than that i'm geared

Edit: Can play ele or resto
Alright everyones whose realID I dont got, please give me a whisp on Mirie - Doomhammer.

I'll be online on that char for most of the day, even if im afk then whisp your realID anyways.
gogo log on! :P
I am.
Bump for new edit.
is the run tonight or when is it?
Tank or dps here
also have a hunter friend
It wont be to night since my internet is making fun of me for some reason, so I can barely play at all.

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