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Looks like something that dances at campfires and drinks mojo well into the night. 9/10
The helmet diminishes your otherwise (surely) magnificent face-tentacles. The set isn't bad, but it does give off the impression of your character having a small head / skull.

I hate... BE's with them masks on...


Yeah, I know. I only have a suit. And a SW shirt I think. So what?
Seems quite strange in my eyes for RP, 3/10
Some evil little devil you are! >=))) 9/10
Big badass worgen with a large sword and dark armor. Seems legit. 7/10
WELL. The set matches really well with itself. And I guess there's some story to it, considering it's you. But I still don't think it should be on a DK xP.

7/10 though! For match.
That particular set is far from unique but it matches and fits the Troll Shaman description perfectly. 7/10
work in progress?
like how the colors already match tho
Verry nice worgen look

The colours of the axe, awesome model though it may be, don't really fit well with the rest of.. well everything. It seems out of place, you know?

Rest is awesome though, fits the character model itself very well.

Orginal outfit aswell as hunter like

Looks scary. Goggles seem out of place on the face, and robes on Worgen are... not good. At all.

Also, I'm not even in my RP gear. Rate my Mog gear, gaize! :D
Uhh... Normal black/brown leather, i guesss its allright. 5/10
<-- is servant.
Very little matches. 4/10.
Fits for an old ,grumpy orc I assume your character to be.

Dat be Scary mon! 10/10 XD

Amos here is a High elf
As close to a Super Saiyan as I think you could get at level 27. About what you would expect, not bad, not amazing either. 6.5 for the outfit fitting a Human, but the combination of the Hair, Mage-ness and listed Race as High Elf, I think might pull it up to a 7.

All around an even 7/10 :D

Edrix Thunderhorn, Warrior of the Horde! Rawr :3
Warrior of the Horde exactly. I'm not too keen on the sword, but I like the headdress to remind me of the Tauren in you.

A robe for combat? or are you supposed to be some sort of japanese fighting woman... Either way, Atleast your gear matches, which is something I rarely find!

6/10 Above average from this Indubitable gnome! Now, to dig for fuels to power my engineering!

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