hey there how do i get to do the burning crusade?

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how do i get onto the burning crusade quests? (level n location please) n i'm also in the badlands at the moment only quest available is the story 1 where i have to punch a load of earth elementals n then have a knife fight with the cata boss (darkwing i think) n also could you tell me what level n location i need to be to do wrath of the lich king n catacylism please?

any help would be appriciated n yes i do go to wowhead
You need to be level 58 to access Outland quests (which I supposed you mean by Burning Crusade). There are portals in all major cities - you can ask the guards for mage trainers or portal trainers to get near the location. Also, you get a quest with clear instructions from Hero's calling board in those major cities directing you there. Dark portal (to which the portals in the cities take you) is in Blasted Lands (southern Eastern Kingdoms).

If you have ran out of quests in Badlands, I think you can continue to Searing Gorge for more. They might require level 48, though, so Tanaris and Felwood are good options, too (both in Kalimdor).
To follow up on Rautarouva:

Northrend quests (Wrath of the Lich King) will be available when you reach level 68 (you can also buy Coldweather Flying at this point, which you'll need if you want to fly in Northrend). Northrend has two starting zones; Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. You get to Borean Tundra by taking a boat in Stormwind Harbor (4th dock?). You get to Howling Fjord by taking a boat in Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands (Eastern Kingdoms) if my memory serves me right.

Cataclysm quests will be available when you reach level 80. Upon reaching level 80 you get an automatic quest that tells you to go to Stormwind, it will also provide you with a one-time hearthstone to Stormwind. Cataclysm also has two starting zones; Vash'ir and Mount Hyjal. You can reach Vash'ir by taking a quest at the Call to Arms board and boarding the ship in the follow-up quest. You reach Mount Hyjal via a quest in Stormwind Keep.

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