[A] LFM Herald of the Titans

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We're a few people from my guild interested in doing this achievement, and therefore we're looking to fill the remaining spots in our group.

Experience with Algalon and especially the achievement itself is a major bonus, but seeing as it's completely nerfed (Time limit removed, DPS doing ~10-11k DPS in contrast to ~5k back in WotLK and tanks taking no damage which completely voids the challenges of the fight), we're happy to take anyone willing to spend the few days it takes gearing up for this to get it done as soon as possible.

We currently have 1 Tank, 1 Healer (or DPS, not yet decided) and a rogue and a mage, all from our guild.

Date will be decided soon.

Leave a reply here or (preferably) contact me in-game on Outland (Jahmella or Ikkun).

EDIT: Current setup

Jahmella - Warrior, Salpimienta - Death Knight

Flówz - Shaman, Leero - Paladin, Diskky - Druid

Iridil - Elemental Shaman, Minipwnage - Mage, Sometime - Hunter, Firstaidspec - Shadow Priest, ___________

Group full for the time being, if you're interested in being a backup (lol), come see me in-game.
i can be interested with my priest if u give me the time to lvl up to 80, is now a twink 60! :P
Me ofc ^^, can't do this week as i am already saved, but next week would be sweet.
@Mirv How long do you think it will take for you to hit level 80? I'm not worried about the gearing process, just the leveling.

@Bavleto I wouldn't mind, but I expect fixing your gear up with gems and enchants is something you're already aware that you should be doing =)
i started boosting my priest lol 61 right now
So... When do you think you'll hit 80? =)
What do you currently need? Can come as Tank/dps will need to gear up for it first tho (could take awhile being on a dead realm)
gimme a week to level and farm some gear :P
Jaydess: we can figure out something. What class do you play? None of us need conqueror tokens for example. A tank would be pretty cool, but it doesn't really matter right now, we can fit in extra DPS.

Mirv: I'll see you in a week.

If possible, log on Outland, whisper me (Jahmella or Ikkun) and hand me your Real ID.
Would like to join on this char. trying to gear up atm. :)
Would be really interested in doing this on my rogue if that is 80 by the time you start farming gear, if not I could join on my priest as either dps or healer.
I could come help as healer, already got the title but willing to help any group (if I'm not already helping another one).

Stivgren: What spec are you going to be playing?

ßøßßxøxø: 3 rogues would be kinda overkill. Would it be too much to ask for you to play priest? =)

Friezed: Thanks for the interest. Going to take a brief look at the setup so I can determine if we're going to be needing you or not =)
Also, once again, all of you who are interested, please log on Outland and whisper me your Real IDs to my warrior, Jahmella before the queue kicks in.
Hey, not sure if you need another mage, still need alot of gear tho.
:O Is this still possible if you do it @ lvl 80? Nice.

*Just realised, to bad i aint got a single 80 on this Account..
Dps hunter here would like to join just wana know when
how long have we got to gear? got a 80 human mage on outland if you need one but 0 gear

would be interested
I can't stress enough that if you're interested, send me a mail or come PM me on my warrior Jahmella on Outland, so I can make a list of who's coming.

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