Firelands Heroic 7/7Clear (H) . 17/02/12

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Hello guys, welcome to a new reset. This is a scehudled run for Firelands Heroic full clear, this is a weekly group farming the Egg. Minimum req is 6/7Hc and a brain with mic. Post your Real- ID below or send me a mail in-game. The run is scehudled at 18:45
What we currently got:
Supersayian -
Ribragé -

Bybass -
Elladin -

Noxnoctis -
Ashelyne -
Spyzed -
Velayna -
Paskimus -

We are currently full, but don't hesitate to post your name and char below. Might need replacements.
I'm interested, Melee DPS / Tank 396ilvl as dps and 393ilvl as tank, would like to know which day you will go for though, got raid on wednesday and sunday

I've killed 6/7 on hc but I got good knowledge and some experience from ragnaros heroic aswell

real ID -
Blood Dk 399 - Frost 390
Killed Ragnaros heroic Pre-nerf 30/10/2011 on my warrior Tank -
Wish to obtain mount/title on this as I have switched mains
If I may ask, at what time is this run starting? If it's somewhere in the aftrenoon I would be very interested.
I edited the post, read through it again, it's scehudled at 18:45.
add me on Real-ID .
Bump 1 melee ( frost dk ) and 1 ranged ele shaman/ boomkin
- Misspost!
Siftyday, your alliance
Have fun with the guy that pulls bosses with no tacs and lets others explain Rag HC to him :)
Mad? No no, when he left we actually killed rag :)

17/02/2012 22:44Posted by Velayna
Great success.

Come with dedication,persistence and patience, thanks everyone for a lovely evening. see you all next week.

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