Bloody Rare achievement point query

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So, I finally got the Bloody Rare achievement on this character, but I'm a little confused by the achievement point amount that it awards.

My activity feed shows that I received 25 points and mousing over the achievement name also shows 25 points:

However, my Outland achievement list shows it as giving 35 points:

Not a massive issue, but I'm just a little confused (not that it takes much to confuse me).

Does anyone know if it should be 25 or 35? Or am I being blind or daft or something?
You get 10 for doing the Medium Rare achievement (killing one rarespawn from the list), and then get another 25 when you get Bloody Rare. Since Bloody Rare overwrites Medium Rare, it shows the combination of 35 points in your achievement list.
Ahh, that'd make sense. Thankyou :)

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